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Crosses Corner, Windsor

Good day Cheekymrt...! I thought it was time I replied to your latest message! Sorry for any confusion last year (...or was it 2013..) i may have mixed you up with another pub! Well done for continuing to show the live football, and other sporting events. That is important, and there's not enough pubs doing that in the area. Well done. While I've got the 'mike', can I mention a couple of things. Sports fans, and in particular footy fans like their lager. Kronenburg is ok, but a choice of premium lagers would be nice. "Meantime" beers would be splendid !! Now, you advertise outside the pub as being a "Sports bar", showing 'live' sport, etc. And that's great. And the last Saturday that I was in your pub, there were a dozen blokes (mainly chaps..) avidly watching the football on the TV screens. So, why...was the surly young lady serving behind the bar, put out, when someone asked for the music to be turned off and the sound for the football to be turned on...!?!? And, why wasn't the sound for the game already on, for the start of the match...?!? Ok, she might not like football, but the pub was fairly full with blokes who wanted to see the game! I do hope she's not going to be like that for the cup final, or other major sporting event..!! Keep up the good work!

21 Jan 2015 15:00

The Cricketers, Richmond

"The Cricketers" - I am quite amazed that no-one has reviewed this fine pub in the last 24 months...! Does no-one use this pub..?! I must admit, I don't, anymore. I was put off by inexperienced barstaff who didn't know the difference between a Chardonay and a Sauvignon Blanc (...they're white wines, for all the lager drinkers out there...!) and I also got fed up waiting at the bar trying to get their attention; and for other reasons which I won't go into, on this forum! Basically, you get better service, and better food, and better the pub next door!! So that's where I go, and it seems that's where everyone else goes aswell, now! I may be being harsh here, you may love the Cricketers, and its tiny dimensions. I could never get a seat when I wanted, let alone a table if there's more than one of you. They didn't favour decent white wine. And the last time I had a look in here, they weren't serving "Meantime Brewery" beers (from Greenwich) which is a very popular brand at the moment. However, in the summer, when the sun is shining & cricketers are cricketing on the Green immediately outside...I can see the pub would appeal to many! And why not, on a nice sunny day. But until then, I shall continue to use the best pub in Richmond, next door...! The Princes Head. Howzat..!

21 Jan 2015 14:35

The Duke, Richmond

Ah, the ol' DUKE...used to be one of my fav pubs on the Richmond circuit, until it became a restaurant...with a pub attached on the side. Maybe thats putting it harshly, but as 'BeerBelly' so eloquently puts it, The Duke is lacking in atmosphere & identity, whenever I visit now. Don't go in on a Monday afternoon expecting hot food! That's when the kitchen gets a thorough clean. And at 4.00pm you will be the only person in the pub! Mind you, I have been there on other days and at other times and still the place is empty..! Me thinks they are doing something wrong here, and there are 27 other better pubs in Richmond that will better tick your boxes! :o(

21 Jan 2015 14:16

The Kingfisher, Chertsey

The Kingfisher has had 'another' refurb, been closed for a couple of weeks. But management assures me this will be to everyone's benefit. They have improved their wine list apparently. I will have to check this out. :o) TJ

6 Aug 2014 17:56

The Britannia, Richmond

Yes indeed, a quirky little pub down an alleyway, off the main shopping street in Richmond. Strangely enough (...I never knew this) it has a "garden area" at the back, which is nice on a sunny day. You could here the "but" coming... well, its a tad pricey. A simple drink like gin+lime+soda will cost you £1.40 more than other pubs nearby in nicer locations (..on The Green)...!! I am regrading this pub from 6/10 down to 5/10. :o( TJ

6 Aug 2014 17:42

George and Dragon, Dartmouth

An 'interesting' pub. Front yard looks like a market area, and I thought it was a fish&chip shop..! Lots of outside tables and seating, but if you get past that there's an actual pub up a few steps, with an 'L'-shaped main bar area. Barman told us it was 'heaving' at lunchtime, but then it empties, and at 7.00pm the actual pub was totally empty! Just a few patrons on a few tables outside enjoying the remaining rays of sunshine. Not sure I'd revisit, there are better pubs, in and around the boat-float, and along the estuary. 6/10 TJ

6 Aug 2014 17:27

The Cherub Inn, Dartmouth

Lovely little pub. Original old beams, low ceilings, and not a level floor or a straight line in the whole building! Luvvit. Smallish ground floor bar area, seating 25 people at a push. Small restaurant above, and toilets above that, via windy staircase (mind your head)! Had a luvly pint of 'Proper Job', a zesty, fruity ale. Just the job on a hot afternoon. I recommend this hostelry, if you're in the Dartmouth area. 8/10 TJ

6 Aug 2014 17:17

The White Horse, Sunbury on Thames

Popped in the 'White Orse' the other evening. Pleasantly surprised (newly decor8ed..?) & staff friendly. Will pop in again.
Word to 'Pubspy69' - I always try &avoid GP's if I can...! :o) TJ

29 Apr 2014 21:49

The Phoenix, Sunbury on Thames

I "had a view" in The Phoenix the other night...! And very pleasant it was too! A tidy bar, which you can walk around, has 2 main serving areas (..don't wait by the raisable counter, staff access - 'cos u won't get served there)!
I can't comment on food here, but their selection of New Zealand wines needs boosting (from zero to sumfing..)!!
I think the Phoenix is the best pub in Lower Sunbury, at the moment. But the pub opposite (White Horse) has had a bit of a refurb lately, and could 'poach' some custom, if they play their cards correctly! watch this space :o) TJ

29 Apr 2014 21:37

The Fox, Twickenham

The Fox: yes, I can't help but agree with Lipster (26/9/13) about the polite, but inexperienced staff. I don't think anything has changed much on that front in the last 7 months.
I had a nice little drinky here, not long ago, but the actual bar area at the front is quite 'pokey', with not many seats to choose from. If there's a group of you, you may not get a seat.
I noticed an old wooden money-box secured to the bar itself. It has some old-fashioned name ( Ebenezer..!) inscribed on it & Billingsgate fish market...!! So i asked one of the young barmen what this box was all about. He looked quizically at me, and then informed me, he'd been working here for 2 years and never seen the box before..!! :o( TJ

29 Apr 2014 21:23

The Mute Swan, Hampton Court

Mute Swan: nice little pub. Brand spanking new! Very nice. Bar staff were good. Nice location, right opposite the main gates of Hampton Court Palace (nice neighbours)! Beautiful sitting outside the front, tables on the pavement area, on a sunny day. Luvly
:o) I'm gonna go with the flow here, and mark it 7/10 TJ

29 Apr 2014 20:55

Ash Tree, Ashford

I went in the ol' Ash Tree last night (Friday) it was heaving. I've never seen it so busy (...maybe that little bit of sunshine in the afternoon helped bring people out...!) They must be doing something right there, to be soo busy. The Thai restaurant attached always looks empty when I walk passed...(that's passed with an 'a' not an 'i'...!) The pub could be a LOT bigger (and maybe better) if they got rid of that restaurant that no-one seems to use. That's just my humble opinion. The bar staff always seem good when I go to the Ash Tree, quick off the mark, and fairly friendly. I'll up my rating to 5/10 TJ

22 Mar 2014 16:20

The Boat House, Chertsey

What on earth has happened to the Boathouse...!!! :o(
It's not what it used to be, or should be..!!
I found it sterile, no character left, the serving bar is 20% the size it used to be, and you now get 80% less the service you used to get. Choice of drinks has also decreased.
I have not eaten here recently, and I'm probably not likely to...
when there's the Kingfisher just over the bridge (3 mins walk away), which is a prime example of what a "good pub" should be...!! Try there instead. :o)

25 Nov 2013 17:45

The Kingfisher, Chertsey

My new 'fav' pub...! I've had 3 meals here in the last 2 months and all of them have been "v.good to excellent"...! The staff are actually very good (...or well trained, or both)! Welcoming you as soon as you come through the door (...that's unusual)!
A large 'L'-shaped bar; large 'restaurant' area; and 1/3 of the ample space is for use by 'drinkers-only', which is nice if you only want a drink. There are a couple of real log fires, which are excellent for these cold evenings (..or afternoons). One fire place you can "walk around" and enjoy from the other side!
A large bar area ensures you can usually always find a table, or a comfy seat somewhere, and staff are quite happy to help you get settled. One member of staff here recently commented how nice it was working with such a good team of people...!! How often do you ever hear that.... anywhere!!!?
I'm increasing my rating from 7 to 8/10. :o) TJ

25 Nov 2013 17:33

The Thames Court, Shepperton

The Thames Court pub - where do I start...!
A fantastic location, on the river, right near Shepperton Lock. Lovely on sunny days! Wonderful oldey-worldy building, with dark oak beams inside (watch your head!)
A good long bar, enough for 20 people to stand side by side, but for some reason the managers don't want that! You have to queue up, in single file at the first till (for some unknown reason) like in the dinner queue at school...!! Sometimes this queue, for drinks or food, is out the main door....putting people off coming in! Where is the sense in this...??!! Please explain management! It doesn't make any sense. If you only want a pint, you have to queue 20 mins with all the folk queueing for meals. I'm sorry....but that's just daft...!!!
Last year I waited 40 mins for a sandwich here! It kinda puts you off coming back. And I never get even a smile from the manageress or bar staff....there's something very wrong there.
(I will have to reduce my rating from 8/10 to 6/10, and that's purely because of the fantastic location)! Get my drift...! :o(

11 Jul 2013 12:47

The Kingfisher, Chertsey

The Kingfisher is not really as bad as some of these latest comments make out (and bear in mind they were 2 years ago). I like the ol' Kingfisher, its a lovely location right on the river. I think it's better than its competitors 'The Boat House' (opposite) and The Thames Court, half a mile down the river. (Don't get me started on the Thames Court...!)
The Kingfisher food is good, I had a lovely chicken salad here last week. If you're a wine lover:- the Chilean sauv/blanc was not fantastic, certainly not NZ standard, but the Pinot Grigio was much better. Half the tables outside in the sun are reserved for customers ordering meals. There is an area for smoking outside and to the right. I like this pub! (Top 5 in Chertsey area)!

11 Jul 2013 12:30

The Prince's Head, Richmond

Lovely pub. Popped in here again the other sunny afternoon. This pub is always busy - the sign of a good inn! If you are partial to the odd glass of white wine in these summer months, may I recommend their 'wonderful white'...
"Riebeek Cellars" chenin blanc, from South Africa. (£5 for a large glass....but it IS worth it.) DO try it, it is extraordinarily good. Well done landlord choosing "Riebeek Cellars", top notch. :o) TJ

11 Jul 2013 11:46

The White Cross, Richmond

Still one of the best pubs in Richmond. A 'must visit' on a sunny day, or when the river is at high tide! (which is every fortnight, or lunar month). Mentioned in the book "Strangest Pubs in Britain" because it has 2 x fireplaces underneath windows..! :o)
I have a soft spot for this pub. Landlords come and landlords go, but the White-X stands alone, on the bank of The Thames. Forever serving the good folk of Richmond, and any passing boat trade, or walkers on the busy towpath.
You can travel a few thousand miles around the globe to find a location like this, glorious on a sunny day! Enjoy it. :o) TJ

11 Jul 2013 11:36

The Jolly Butcher, Staines

Popped into the Jolly Butcher the other evening (mid-week) and it was very quiet. About 6 people inside and a similar number outside. They have a large enough area at the side and back of this pub, but they don't make the most of it. Outside seems very "concretey & car parky"... I caught the last knockings of the sun before it went down, on a table outside. Pleasant enough bar staff, but will I re-visit again this year...? Probably not.

11 Jul 2013 11:17

The Angel and Crown, Richmond

I did pop in to the Angel & Crown once, to check the football scores. An interesting little pub. Folks do well to find it, tucked away off the main high street down an alleyway to the church. Apart from the frontage, this pub has no windows.

11 Jul 2013 11:01

Crosses Corner, Windsor

Most sincere apologies Cheekymrt...well done for spotting my comment though...even if I am in error..!!
I do hope we are talking about the same pub though, on the corner of Peascod and Clarence Rd. Goodness, I feel bad if I have mislead custom from your welcoming tavern...!! I used to use 'Crosses Corner' specifically for the sport. Did you close for a refurb or something this year...? TJ

18 Apr 2013 17:58

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

Ah, The Chandos - one of my favourite 'watering holes' of all in London! I can't help but visit whenever I'm near Traf/Square. Which isn't often enough..! DO pop upstairs though, to the 'Opera Room' its worth a look. Downstairs is massive and impersonal, but upstairs is smaller, with a Gentlemans Club feel about it...only, ladies are in fact allowed! Leather sofas, and window bench seats give it charm & character. Sam Smith may save you a bob or two, the students certainly appreciate that. I did see a 'scholar' reading what looked like an encyclopedia upstairs here you may encounter more learned drinkers here..! On the other hand, you may bump into me....! 'cos i luvvit 'ere
Rating: 8/10

18 Apr 2013 17:41

The Wellington, Strand

Popped in The Wellington for first time yesterday. Nice enough pub, bright and airy! Good vantage point to watch London go by! Staff were helpful & attentive. A bottle of NZ wine was 19 quid... but it was extraordinarily good! (and I was assisted with payment..!) :o) Nicholson's ale hit the spot, according to "Laid-back-Ron"! Rosie enjoyed the camaraderie...!! :o) me2

18 Apr 2013 17:27

The Marquess of Anglesey, Covent Garden

Popped into the Marquess yesterday for a quick half! Nice looking pub, on corner of Bow Street ( famous for the 'cop shop' & court house!) Clean&tidy, plenty of windows to sit and watch London go by! A pint of ale and one G+T cost just over Ten Quid...!! Extortionate! So we went to The Chandos, 10 minutes walk away, and got 4 x drinks for same price. :o)

18 Apr 2013 17:18

The George, Sunbury on Thames

The George has been closed down for about 4 years now...!!
It may be longer. (..Just doing some Bite site housekeeping..!)

2 Apr 2013 20:43

The Sun, Richmond

Hmmmm..... do I go for a pint in The Sun.... or do I go to The Cricketers or The Princes Head down the road a bit....??!!
Decisions, decisions...!
'The Sun' certainly is a bee-yew-tiffle pub tho' Bernard, I'll say that. And popular with the rugby fraternity (...and thats not a rude word, by the way).
But is The Sun eclipsed by the Orange Tree pub nearby?
Who knows...? The pudding will have to be proven...!! :o(

2 Apr 2013 20:08

The Duke, Richmond

CAN I JUST CLARIFY...."The Duke" pub is NOT closed..!!
I believe the 'closed' bit refers to the previously named bar 'The Racing Page'. [BITE managers to note] :o)

2 Apr 2013 19:38

The Duke, Richmond

"The Duke" always seems to be quiet whenever I visit. Unless you go on an evening after Richmond Theatre turns out...then it can on occasion, fill up and get quite busy with 'luvvies' from the theatre trade, and the bar becomes an extension of the theatre.... interesting! I enjoyed this pub more before it became The Duke, I'm not sure what to make of it now, apart from a quick-half stop, before going on to a better pub elsewhere..!! Sorry staff - but as CharlesS helpfully points out - its a restaurant (trying to be fancy..!) with a pub attached. Thats it. I will have to reduce my rating to 4/10. :o(

19 Mar 2013 20:42

The Prince's Head, Richmond

I must agree with 'Jonny', probably the best pub in Richmond! And that's quite an accolade, as there are SO many blooming nice pubs in the Richmond/Twickytown area! Well done 'PH' staff, making this such a good establishment. :o)
Lovely traditional bar (L-shaped), efficient staff, good ales and good food, and what a view out the front, over-looking Richmond Green..! Get a seat by the window and envisage a village green cricket match; or if its cold out, checkout an armchair near the log fire! And not only that....they show live sport on 2 x tv screens for the sports fanatics. How do they 'tick' all these boxes...?!! I love the Princes Head :o) 9/10

19 Mar 2013 20:28

Crosses Corner, Windsor

They don't show live sport anymore! They don't show anything anymore...! The Crosses Corner is no more, its closed down. :o(

19 Mar 2013 20:15

The Henry VI, Eton

Visitors to the area may be pleased to note.... this pub is in an historic area, and no more than a few yards from the front door of this fine drinking establishment, is a set of ancient stocks in the pavement..!! You may not notice them, as they appear part of the frontage of the shop they are outside. Take a look next time you're down Eton high street. :o) 6/10

19 Mar 2013 20:12

The Henry VI, Eton

I called in at the ol' Henry 6th midweek to catch the Champions league footy match, but unfortunately they don't show sport here. Which is probably why I was the ONLY customer in the place at 6.30pm....!! Quaint. Lovely pub, friendly landlord (well, he'd have to be...I was the only person there....for half an hour or so. Which the locals might like, a few (....5....!) came in around the 7pm mark. You wonder how a business can survive? But maybe its rammed at weekends and on warmer days. I will return another time, but its a bit of a hike from Windsor train station, and there are SO many other pubs along the way, I may get distracted (sorry cfc Shed man!) :o)

19 Mar 2013 20:06

The Royal Oak, Windsor

The Royal Oak pub is right opposite the Windsor&Eton train station (S.W.Rail service) and therefore they do get regular clientele from the station. They do show football and rugby games on 3 screens in here, so if you don't like footy or rugger steer clear on match days. Always a pleasant drinking stop, before going home on the rattler! The barstaff were efficient and polite, even if one did insist on calling everyone "Sweet" (...Hello Sweet, 'ows it going?...) which could actually become quite annoying after once or twice...! (Manager to note please)!
A lovely pub. With now some kind of 'cafe' bar arrangement on the station side, presumably to entice thirsty tourists in for teas or coffees during the day. Whatever floats your boat!

19 Mar 2013 19:54

The Carpenters Arms, Windsor

Popped in the ol' Carpenter the other night to watch the football game. Barman informed me they no longer have a Sky Tv licence as the annual fee was doubled from £7k to £14k....!!! :o( Had a nice little drinky with some locals from Dedworth (or as they like to call it "West Windsor"...!) V. pleasant evening :o)

19 Mar 2013 19:39

The William Web Ellis, Twickenham

I've been in the Webb Ellis (...something to do with rugby...!) twice recently. The bar service was fine both times, maybe 'Pheasant', they've dealt with the staffing problem. I do like the long bar here. But watch out for the Eiger of a climb to the toilets...! After 2 x ESB you won't make it...!! :o( 6/10

19 Mar 2013 19:17

The Twickenham Tup, Twickenham

This is now the 'Royal Oak' pub. :o)

19 Mar 2013 19:07

The Kings Fairway, Ashford

If you pop into the K/Fairway on a sunday evening now, you can apparently get ANY bottle of wine in stock for £8.00 !!
Now that might be worth doing, especially if they've got some 'Cloudy Bay' handy...!! :o)
(Gotta get the punters in somehow...!) TJ

1 Feb 2013 01:34

The White Swan, Richmond

Mrs TJ dragged me in to this little boozer the other day...! The White Swan never ceases to amaze...! You can only seat about 40 people in the main bar area (front part) and that would be a cosy squash..! But they have 2 x open fires, for those cold wintery evenings - how splendid! But, how can such a small pub, so far off the main track, survive & make a trade...??!
Because people love it, and keep coming back! And there's no riff-raff...!! :o)
Okay Paul from Norbiton, your meal was luke-warm, that is not acceptable, really. BUT, what a nice pub it is, hey..??!!
Wouldn't you want this as your local..? I would! :o)
After a long riverside walk, forget the Slug+Fettish, and the noisey pubs in the high street, get your sat-nav working, (or compass if you're old-school..) and RVP in this delightful pub, if you can find it...!!

1 Feb 2013 01:18

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill

Had a Christmas drinky here recently (....well it only seems like last week...!) The 'craic' was good! Mulled wine could have been a bit hotter, but apart from that, all was well with the world. HNY to all you 'young bucks'...!! and does :o)

1 Feb 2013 01:02

The Lofty Turtle, East Sheen

The 'Turtle' bar/restaurant has been renamed & reopened as the "Lofty Turtle" a New York style loft-bar apparently!
Sounds interesting (...but probably pricey...!) :o) TJ

1 Feb 2013 00:54

The Three Horseshoes, Laleham

Ah, the "UUU" what a delightful pub! The term 'gastro-pub' comes to mind, as the food is bloody good!! ('scuse my french, but expletives are sometimes called for when excellence is experienced!) As I said before, the staff @3 Horsey-hoofs are first class, you will not find better service anywhere else...!!!
There's a challenge for you! Always a pleasure venturing in the "UUU", and did I mention the New Zealand wine...exxy, but delicious! Recommend heartily. :o)

1 Feb 2013 00:38

Baroosh, Staines

If you find yourself in Staines ( did i get here...??!) and you want a 'posher' pub, "Baroosh" is your bag baby..!
Generally good staff, good service. And you can get a nice glass of wine in there. Food is good, probably better than average for the Staines area. It does lack a certain atmosphere, especially during the day, so it's best to take some "atmo" with you when you go in here! It's fairly close to the Vue Cinema complex, so must get some clientele from there. I like the Baroosh (...used to be 'The Angel' pub, 10 years or so ago. And if you stand outside the front door and look up 2 storeys, you can just make out "The Angel" still showing in the design facia...bit of trivia for you there!) :o) TJ

1 Feb 2013 00:26

The Swan Hotel, Staines

Luvly Pub! - beautiful in the sunny weather. As previously mentioned, this old pub is part hotel, part restaurant (towards the bridge end of building) and 1/3 bar area. Which makes it an interesting place.
They have a couple of TV screens up for sports enthusiasts, but if you want to watch the football you will have to do so with NO sound! Rugby is ok, or cricket, you can have sound then! :o(
Service is generally quite good. Food is generally ok. Drinks prices are average for this part of London/Surrey...!

1 Feb 2013 00:11

The Twickenham Tup, Twickenham

No longer the Twickenham Tup. :o)

1 Feb 2013 00:01

The Three Horseshoes, Laleham

Luvly pub! A cut above the rest. Food is very good, but you'll have to pay about 11 quid for beef burger+chips! (but they were very nice..!) Slightly older age group in here, hence the slightly higher prices, and not so popular with the young folk.
You will be hard-pushed to find better bar-staff anywhere else ( there's a challenge for you!)
"huntforbeer" is right, the elongated car park at rear can be full at times, especially if there's a wedding or birthday party going on. (They can feed up to 100 people at a time...! takes some doing - but they do it!) But I would walk a mile to this pub, its by far THE best in the area, in my humble opinion!
If this was my local, I'd be in the "UUU" every day..!!
Hence my 9/10 rating! :o)

24 Jun 2012 19:07

The Swan Hotel, Staines

Early 2012 the 'Swan Hotel' had a refurb & paint job! I suspect a fair bit of money was spent on this project.
The location is gr8, with a partial 'walk-around' type bar. The actual premises are quite 'historic' (and I'm not being rude, but factual) one third restaurant, one third hotel, the rest ground floor bar (with small, almost cramped patio area, outside on the river side - nice in the sunny weather)!
Presently they have a medium sized Tv screen (maybe 40" screen..?) at the end of the main bar area, and a small screen in the smaller 'annex' bar. So you can watch the Euro 2012 football, if you like footy! England v Italy in 50mins...!! :o)

24 Jun 2012 18:53

The Boat House, Chertsey

NOW the "Boathouse Hotel" refurb about the end of 2011. And not for the better! this pub is more like a hotel foyer or airport departure lounge character anymore!
The bar is a quarter the size it used to be, and the prices of the limited selection of drinks are a lot higher than they used to be!
Have I put you off drinking in here....?....I've put me off....!!
So I am down-rating this pub from a 7 to 3. :o(

24 Jun 2012 18:39

The Two Brewers, Windsor

Ah, the Two Brewers, what a nice little pub. But if you are not vertically challenged, mind your head in the low doorways!
Landlady was very welcoming, and ensured me+my friend got a free table outside in the glorious sunshine! (whoopee-doo..!)
She reminds me of someone, on the telly maybe...? A cross between Davina McCall ('Big-Bro') and that actress who played thing-a-me in that period know...!?
I digress. Yes, the menu is a tad pricey, so we favoured a thick sandwich (v.good) and the chips came in your own small chip-frying basket - a quaint querk! Nice. And what a neighbourhood, right next to the Castle gates. I wonder if Queeny is ever tempted by those chips in the basket...?!! :o)

16 Aug 2011 00:24

The Cricketers Arms, Berwick

Just look at that pub garden photo! Marvelous. Staff were helpful & friendly. Harvey's ale excellent. But my meal (tuna steak) was poor, half the steak was 'sloppy' and not very appetising. And the salad had no invention to it, as if thrown in a bowl by someone who doesn't eat or hates salad! (No dressing, no onion, just limp, lifeless, tasteless green stuff!) I would drink in there again, if I'm lucky to be in that lovely part of the world, but I will be wary what I choose on the menu next time. The neighbouring tables' chips looked &smelt good tho'! TJ

16 Aug 2011 00:05

The Beachy Head, Eastbourne

Fantastic location for a pub. A bit dark when you walk in.
A long bar, with plenty of room, but it appears not enough staff when the coach-load of 'grockles' arrives!
I was lucky and walked straight up to the bar and got served, but when i took my drinks the nice looking young bar girl ignored the chap next to me who'd been waiting patiently! Strange, i thought eyesight was a necessity for bar staff...!
Got a nice seat by a window (and there are a few) and over-heard the older lady on a nearby table say "They don't have any sherry, nor any Worcester sauce! What sort of a pub is this...!!" Manager to note. TJ

15 Aug 2011 23:50

Lamb Inn, Ripe

Had a cosy little drink in The Lamb last week. Recommend it.
Beat the missus on the pool table, after a couple of drinks. But the barman didn't like wife-beating, and threw me out..!
I returned to apologise the following day, and she forgave me, good 'ol Mrs TJ. :o)
When i'm next in that neck of the woods i shall imbibe there again, if only to find out what that strange pub-game is in the corner of the bar! A small set of 2 wooden drawers, with a lead top, with a coin-sized hole in the middle...! ??? TJ

15 Aug 2011 23:37

Lewes Arms, Lewes

Oh! did i mention....
The Lewes Arms serves excellent meals.
But NOT at 5.00pm on a Sunday afternoon though!!
(The kitchen closes at 5pm on The Lords Day)...
Bother & blast!

15 Aug 2011 23:22

Lewes Arms, Lewes

Was recommended the Lewes Arms by a rather arty-farty type!
And we had a simply splendid evening there recently, refreshing after a hot, balmy day in the sun! (Not often you can say that in the UK...!) Interesting folk gather here for repartee, discourse, good food, and liquid refreshment.
Did i mention the excellent food..?!! I had one of THE best meals i can remember in a public bar. It was fantastic! (The chick-pea curry was absolutely splendifferous!!) :o)
Love the pub, love the food, love the staff, love the people!
I'm not sure you can recommend higher than that..!!
I would love this pub to be my local - saddly, i live an hour and a half's mad drive away in W.London. Boo-hoo! :o( TJ

15 Aug 2011 23:17

The Good Intent, Puttenham

The hand-written 'sandwich-board' down the road says:-
"The Pub which is a Pub"....!
Yes folks, and what a nice little local pub it is too.
Cosy bar (i like the wine-cork notice board, v.clever!)
Luvly pub! Can't wait to chill out there again, soon! :o)

15 Aug 2011 22:54

The Archduke Restaurant and Wine Bar, Waterloo

Yes, me again! Its that time of year, annual report...!
(Am i the only person who uses this bar...?)!
The new-look "Archduke" is looking good...! Spick+clean inside. Good bar staff (that always helps)! :o)
They do need a speaker or two outside tho', at the back, so that folk using the tables there,(looking towards the spectacular 'London Eye') can hear the lovely live jazz music in the evening, whilst sipping drinks & admiring the view. (Manager to note; it doesn't have to be loud, just enough to be appreciated. AND it might encourage passers-by to investigate...!) Tj

9 Jul 2010 01:08

Royal Hart, Ashford

The dear ol' Royal Hart is closed down, and boarded up, again!!
:o( :o( :o( :o( :o( :o( :o( :o( :o( :o( :o( :o( :O)

9 Jul 2010 00:52

Sunningdale Lounge, Sunningdale

Discovered the "Sunningdale Lounge" when looking for a pub in Sunningdale just recently. MY they're short of pubs in Sunningdale, this was the only one I could find...!!
It looks new. New bar, new chairs, new everything really! Two large tables (seating about 12 peeps each) were reserved by the front door when I visited, and there seemed to be a distinct lack of chairs/or seating in the main bar area. I had the chicken ceasar salad. It was a child-sized portion! I had to order something else to feel filled. And the food seemed a tad expensive for what it was (a few lettuce leaves, half a small tomato, a few bits of diced bacon fat, oh and a miniscule amount of chicken..! and some dressing (about 10).
The lagers were expensive aswell, but my mate said the Courage Best was ok.
There were a few high bar stool/chairs around some high bar/tables, dotted around the bar; but the small Tv screen on the far wall needs to be higher up, you can hardly see the screen 'cos of all the folk on high chairs in front of it (Manager to note)! No good if you're trying to watch the game, or the tennis, or the match! Ho-hum; apart from that, its 'chique', pleasant enough, more restaurant than pub, and no-one got hurt! (Dusky manageress in black dress needs to relax a bit more!) This could be a 'jewel' in Sunningdale. :o) Tj

9 Jul 2010 00:44

The Up'n'Under, Twickenham

The "Up'n Under" is closed. It is no more! Alas, alack! :o(

9 Jul 2010 00:07

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

I popped by the 'Barmy' the other day, to check out the World Cup football scores. The tide was over the tow path (a car nearby had wet wheels....and was getting wetter...!) The pub was busy, outside, but I was surprised to see black-board signs up declaring this pub "Football Free Zone"...!!
So i sauntered around to the 'Eel Pie' and watched the Brazil game there instead....! :o(

9 Jul 2010 00:04

The Duke William, Lincoln

Hmmm....! Interesting place this. Not sure I would actually want a meal there tho'. Staff behind bar also 'interesting', and looked like customers on a night-out having a quiet drink...!! (Sometimes not so quite)! I was viewed with suspicion by the male behind the bar when ordering drinks, as he obviously knew everybody else in there, but seemed unsure how to welcome others, and I felt slightly awkward. I watched some of the World Cup football on the only, and totally inadequate Tv screen, drunk up, and moved on elsewhere. Other pubs nearby were much better. I won't re-visit this small hotel/bar. 2/10

8 Jul 2010 23:54

The Magna Carta, Lincoln

I liked the 'Magna Carta' pub, clean+tidy, split-level bar area, good staff, with a Tv room upstairs on 3rd level (where i watched Argentina get tonked by Germany 4-0 in this years World Cup...! Even England put two goals passed Germany...!) I digress, nice pub! Nice town. Will re-visit. 7/10

8 Jul 2010 23:41

The Duke, Richmond

Have to agree with last review by TheoCC. Last two afternoons I've been in this pub it has been virtually empty, and devoid of any character whatsoever. Its a shame, its in a prime location close to the centre of Richmond, and near The Green. At least I had no problem finding a seat. I remember this pub as "The Cobwebs" (a while ago...!!) and more recently as the 'Racing Page', it seemed to be more popular then, and lunchtimes were always quite busy. But hey, we're in a recession, i guess. And the weather's been awful lately. Maybe 'The Duke' will pick up business in the spring/summer. Lets hope. :o) TJ

23 Mar 2010 17:28

The Half Moon, Putney

Popped in the Half Moon the other wet+windy night. Had a nice little aperitif, b4 mealing with Mrs TJ around the corner. I could not help noticing the 20yr old lad sitting at the bar, in just a T-shirt and jeans! Both his arms, and what u could see of his shoulders and neck were all covered (totally) in tattoos! What possesses a young person to abuse their skin like that...??!! Will he still like the "artwork" when he needs a job, or wants a family, or when he's 50...??? (Mrs TJ always likes the wall-paper changed at least every 7-8 years....!!) And when clothes don't fit anymore, at least you can throw'em away, and buy new ones!! Ho-hum, as some elder spokesman once said, 'youth is wasted on the young'....!

23 Mar 2010 17:09

Brouge, Bistro and Belgian Beer Cellar, Richmond Upon Thames

I don't suppose any of u boozers remember the old 'Gaumont' cinema in Richmond, years back...? Well this is the basement! Every time i have a drink in here i try and recall what films i saw above that ceiling...! After the second drink, it doesn't seem to matter! (or just mak'em up!) Yeah, i saw Grace Kelly on the steps outside the cinema one time...she was in a full gorilla's suit so that no-one would recognise her...!) !

22 Feb 2010 17:46

Brouge, Bistro and Belgian Beer Cellar, Richmond Upon Thames

Popped "down" to the Brouge Bar recently. Had a gr8 session in there. And nobody knows you're in there...! There are no windows! The whole world passes by on the busy side-walk above, and no-one knows u r in there..!! In fact, not too many people know the bar is in there! Gr8 for clandestine meetings, or if u don't want to bump into the boss during lunch-hour...!! Gr8 choice of European beers &wine. 'If thats yor bag baby' ( Austin says!) Luvvit. Will def add this one to the Richmond circuit...!! TJ

22 Feb 2010 17:38

The Duke of Cambridge, Tilford

Had Sunday lunch wiv friends (the Squire &his lady) here, splendid meal. Thoroughly enjoyed the game pie, recommend it. Busy little pub at lunchtime. Ample parking, play-area, and plenty of ground at the back for kids, or dogs to let off steam (in the warmer weather!) Staff were friendly and attentive. And the NZ wine was excuisite! We will certainly be going again...soon! TJ

22 Feb 2010 17:24

The Plough, East Sheen

Had sunday lunch here recently with Mrs TJ (...she's a very choosey lady!) And she was impressed with the food. Its a lot brighter in the Plough now, now that the old horses plough is no longer suspended over the bar...! (WOT...Elf &Safety made 'em take it down...?!!)
SMALL pub, 'L'-shaped bar, plenty of attentive staff (that's what we like..!) They've done-up the patio area at the front, it looks a bit more welcoming now, with plenty of brolley-tables, and white picket fence. Nice. Space to park the dog, Bentley, wife or whatever really!! Njoy.
I will re-visit & recommend! I guess it gets busy at weekends, so book early!
(I will up my rating from 4 to 7/10) TJ

17 Feb 2010 18:44

The Hare and Hounds, East Sheen

Did my annual visit to the 'Boudoir' recently... (H&H my old Dad's local. How its changed since then!)
Clean+neat+tidy enough, plenty of seats (all different) and plenty of tables out the back in an extensive garden area (no good at this time of year tho')!
East/European bar staff, pleasant+efficient enough, but my opening joke was totally lost, and any repartee will be brief! I enjoyed my lunch-time 'Morelli' beer. But thats about it.
Can i make a suggestion 'JB', rather than the Pig&Whistle, nearby, go a bit further uphill towards Richmond Park, and try 'The Plough', by far the best pub in the area. TJ

17 Feb 2010 18:33

Smollensky's, Twickenham


If u missed it first time round (...back in March 2006)! here it is again...!! One of the best 'ratings' posted on this marvelous Bite site. I only wish "anon" had declared who they are, so that they could take all the it is:-

This is a proper pub as it's nice and smokey. Not keen on the food but then I do prefer food with a bit of class. My husband said the burgers were a bit dry and his sausage was a bit on the short side. My melons were jucy though. I would say that it is a bit pricy for what you get though.
Report this for removal
anonymous - 21 Mar 2006 13:38

17 Feb 2010 18:18

The Three Horseshoes, Laleham

Wonderful pub! Well done to the new management. Luvvit! Can't get enough of it..! BEST PUB in Ashford/Laleham/Staines BY FAR..! I just wish it was my local !!
Some Friday/Sat evenings, if there's more than 2 of you, you may find it hard to find a seat (unless you've booked in the restaurant area). Love 'the Snook' area at the front of the pub, great for 'small' gatherings. Luv their New Zealand wine "Wairau River", try it, u might like it !

17 Feb 2010 16:12

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill

The Roebuck - I made it up Richmond Hill (from the Duke of York)! wow, quite a hike on a hot day...i was gasping by the time i got to the bar! Then this blond behind the bar asks what i'm having...the blond was kinda tall, with big hands, lots of make-up, and a funny dress on...! I guess it must have been student 'rag week' or something...! So, next stop, down we go to the 'Red Cow'...they had the sport on the tv...! Beautiful location the Roebuck tho'. TJ

29 Jul 2009 18:31

The Archduke Restaurant and Wine Bar, Waterloo

Time for my annual report of 'The Archduke' -
They've had a recent refurb, its a bit more minimalist, but neat+tidy. I love the flame-throwers either side of the entrance! Its still quite a small bar, because of the location (under railway arch, hence the name!) and the loos are quite pokey. I DO like the live jazz pianist after 8.30pm tho'. I took the 'luv-ov-me-life' here the other day, and it cost 11 for a small white wine and a coffee...!! 'Nuff said! I won't be popping in the 'Arch' as much as I would like to, due to their price hike! I'm gonna have to drop my rating from 8 to 7/10. TJ

29 Jul 2009 18:17

The Vine, Great Bardfield

Popped in 'The Vine' for lunch a short while ago. 1.00pm during the week and the pub was empty! Strange. But the steak was good (which they get from the excellent butcher a few yards away!) Picturesque little village! You should see it. I must stop by the Vine again one day. (Bring your own crowd tho')! TJ

29 Jul 2009 18:02

Cheers, Regent Street

Alas, "Cheers" is no more...!! (who's that cheering...!!) TJ

29 Jul 2009 17:42

The Victoria, Holkham

The Victoria @Holkham - Ah Yes, an 'interesting' bar/hotel/restaurant, with a 'Bohemian' theme, which kind of works, depending on how many drinks you've had! Plenty of room in courtyard at the back, or on the grass at the front (should you need any 'leaf' relief)! Food was indeed excellent, even if we did have to wait 40mins for it (& we'd booked!). The white Chilean house wine was disgusting! (Chap on the next table found a long hair in his food...and didn't even get offered a drink on the house..!) Oh well, its hard economic times I suppose. I would re-visit, but there are better places dotted around the north Norfolk coast, which is definately worth seeing. TJ

29 Jul 2009 17:28

The White Horse, Brancaster Staithe

The White Horse - gr8 pub! We couldn't get a table in the restaurant here last friday night, its that popular! We did get a bar meal tho', dressed crab, which was v.good. Nice atmo, good car park at rear, leading you down passed their chalets to a gr8 coastal path walk (before or after your drinky)! Recommend it!(if you're ever up Norfolk way..!) TJ

29 Jul 2009 17:15

O'Neills, Richmond

Popped into "O'Neills" the other week when Andy Murray was playing at Wimbledon (he's a tennis pro, not a pop guitarist..!) and surprised to see all there tv's were off! There were about 5 people in the pub! The foreign barman looked at me as if i was a foreigner when I asked about the tennis, and how Murray was doing! He obligingly turned one of the tv screens on...(but with no sound!) I finished my drink in silence..!! I know, tennis can cause problems and annoy the local residents no end, so they can only show it on one of their smaller screens! And the bouncers on the door are solely there to keep any tennis fans away...!! You know what they're like after a few Pimm's!! (Oh well, when does the footy season start again...?!!) Teejay

13 Jul 2009 16:29

The Royal Oak, Windsor

'ROYAL OAK' (Windsor) - right near the train station, Windsor. Yes, useful when you've got a half-hour wait for your next train. Okay beers. Neat &tidy inside. A 'deck' area out the back, and restaurant/conservatory area on the side. Someone lovingly looks after the colourful hanging baskets out the front (which possibly draws those visiting thirsty tourists in!) The final stop on the 'Windsor' crawl...! Teejay

13 Jul 2009 16:13

Crosses Corner, Windsor

The Crosses Corner - (unusual name for a pub)! One of the few bars near the shopping centre which shows 'live' sport (football/rugby/cricket/tennis,etc) so useful to know when the other half's on a shopping spree..! Popped in to catch-up on the England cricket Ashes score the other day...needn't have bothered...the bloody Ozzies were on 675 or something...!! Stick to footy guys! Teejay

13 Jul 2009 16:03

The King and Castle, Windsor

Had a flying visit here the other day, you can't visit Windsor without popping into 'The King & Castle'..! The premises extend upwards and sideways and down to a garden terrace area at the back aswell. (Plenty of outside areas for smokers too!) The food is ok for a quick snack 'on the hoof'! But if you want a real meal there are plenty of good local restaurants nearby (spoilt for choice). And if you can afford 'Browns' down by the river, try a meal, or just a drink in there! (Add this to your Windsor crawl)! Teejay

13 Jul 2009 15:54

Browns, Windsor

'BROWNS' - near the river @Windsor. Fantastic bar/restaurant!
A tad pricey, so don't go in every day! A lovely long, polished bar greets you, attentive staff, cloth-covered tables (and plenty of them), and a pianist playing a grand piano..! (Now, you don't get that in Feltham..!!)
Quite large premises, with a 'deck' out the front in the sun, looking towards the river, but you will get a better view of the boats from the balcony upstairs (if you can get a seat up there, its always popular)! We love 'Browns'. Go for a special occasion! Or when you're feeling flush! Teejay

13 Jul 2009 15:37

The Carpenters Arms, Windsor

CARPENTERS ARMS - Popped in the other day for a beer with the Squire, there were no seats free out the front (on the cobbled street...note the "Crooked House" opposite..!) but the barman kindly referred us to the back entrance (up the stairs) where we did find a free table in the sunshine in the parallel street! Brilliant! We had an excellent view up the cobbled street directly to the main gate of Windsor Castle! Amazing! You can check on who's coming in and out! And if you're really lucky, get your photo taken with Anne Boleyn, or Henry XIII, or some other fancily-clad local! Now you don't get that in Feltham..!! Luvvit! Teejay

13 Jul 2009 15:26

The Victoria Inn, Richmond

THE SMALLEST PUB IN SURREY !! (Or so the barmaid insists!) I believe her. The 'Victoria Inn' is the darned smallest pub I've ever been in, that I can remember...and I've been in a few that I can't remember too..!!
The staff make you welcome as soon as you step inside, be prepared with your precis life-story, but don't take the secretary or anybody else's wife in'll be all round Surrey before you get home!!
If you want to be amazed by this small pub, pop along. But its standing room only some evenings when the office workers have a 'do' or you get unavoidably caught up in an office 'crawl'. Can be interesting. Definately worth a look at unbusy times during the day. Luvvit! Teejay

13 Jul 2009 15:10

The Swan, Walton on Thames

THE SWAN pub (Walton)...what a great pub on a sunny afternoon!!
I'm not quite sure what 'Sarahfc' (May'09) expects of a pub...(the Cordon Bleu food at the Hilton, Park Lane, is quite nice...!) but I found the 'Swan' to be excellent! I would seriously recommend it. The BBQ'd chicken was good; the menu choice was above average; the service was better than most you get these days; there were sufficient staff on duty, and ther ones I spoke to were polite+friendly (a good sign..!); the place was clean, neat &tidy; the clientele were all well-behaved and in good mood; the garden areas are spacious (no problem finding table in sun!); and the view down over-looking the river, watching the boats going by was exquisite!
What more can you ask of a local pub! It was absolutely splendid.
'Sarahfc' do you want to borrow my rose-tinted specs...?!! Teejay

13 Jul 2009 14:56

The Swan Inn, Staines

SWAN INN (Staines Moor) closed about 16months ago...! Now a private house.
What a shame. Such a great location. Maybe one day it will re-open (if we get thru' this economic 'down-turn'...!!) TeeJay (sad)!

13 Jul 2009 14:43

The Archduke Restaurant and Wine Bar, Waterloo

Treated Mrs Teejay to a little drinky here the other day. Did i mention how good the 'Paulaner' (German beer) is..? Watched the 'London Eye' go round, and the busy world go by..! And Mrs TJ got a bit squiffy! Great bar! Live (free) jazz from 8.30pm during the week! What more could you ask... Luvvit! TJ

26 Aug 2008 19:18

The White Hart, Pirbright

Gosh...! Some hard critics here! I had the good fortune of being introduced by good friends to the 'White Hart' pub(on the Green)on bank holiday Monday last, and not knowing the area at all, I was quietly impressed. Someone has gone to a lot of trouble with transforming the decor, and it works! It may not be "oldey-worldy" but it was clean &tidy, with plenty of new furniture to sit at. The staff were all 'young' but all very efficient and attentive. The food that we tried was excellent.
I'm not sure what the over-critical reviewers here want in a pub... The Hilton Hotel is in Park Lane, Mayfair.
But if you're in the Pirbright area, try this out for dinner, or just a drinky, you might be pleasantly surprised, I was. (Maybe I'm easily pleased or something..!!) I prefer neat &tidy and new, to 'spit & sawdust' any day...! I can't help it, i blame my parents!
White Hart, Pirbright - Luvvit !!! 8/10 TJ

26 Aug 2008 19:10

The Plough, Cobham

The Plough seems to be re-named "L'Auberge at The Plough" (going up-market are we..?) and there is a different phone number on the menu now, if you have problems with the number shown above here.
Try: [email protected]

30 Jul 2008 21:06

The White Cross, Richmond

Ah, the good ol' "White X"... you just can't stay away for long..! Even my sister went here at the weekend, now there's a recommendation!
This is one of my all-time favourite pubs, if Martians ever invade planet Earth, we will (Bleep!) NOT (Bleep!) surrender the White X...!!!
However, a little observation... since the new management took over, the food is passable certainly, but not up to the same high standard, although the food prices are the same...! (Maybe it was a bad day, or the chefs day off. I'll monitor the situation)!
Can't complain about the location tho', on a splendid sunny afternoon.
But cyclists, please be aware! The River Thames goes up and down, twice a day, every day! If you diligently lock your 500 bike to the rail opposite the pub, every 2weeks for a couple of days there's a "high" tide, and your new bike could get water-logged while you're in the bar getting merrily sozzled oblivious to the monthly lunar effects...
I've told you now! You are now Tide aware! TJ

30 Jul 2008 20:52

Rodboro Buildings, Guildford

Just passing by, popped into the ol' Lloyds Bar for a quick half and a quick bite. Met up with old friend Stella (always a pleasure). The Indian curry was a microwave special, but quite palitable and edible, and it conveniently filled the required hole.
Pleasant enough early evening atmosphere in the "Rodboro" so i stayed for another liquid refresher. Bar staff forgot to lock a side door, so when i went to the gents toilet on the ground floor i ended up in a broom cupboard...! (I got away with it at the time, so nobody knows...)!
Nice 'daytime' pub, 6.5 out of 10. TJ

30 Jul 2008 20:21

The Fairmile, Cobham

Passed the 'Fairmile' again today, en route to the 'Cricketers' on the green at Cobham. The Fairmile does look good from the outside, but not enough to entice me away from the superior cricket pub a mile or so away (it might be 2miles, but its worth the stagger..!!) Check it out for yourself. TJ

30 Jul 2008 19:59

The Plough, Cobham

Nice little 'country' pub. I like the hanging basket display out the front. Blink driving down Downside Road and you'll miss this pub. Small car park at the front for about 15 cars. Tv screen opposite the main door welcomes you in, do not be dismayed, there's a tv-less restaurant area over to the left side, or you can sit at tables out the front and collect car numbers...
Staff were friendly, and so was the manager despite a customer reversing into his car in the car park outside..!! I would not have been quite so understanding had it been my car...
An interesting pub, i would revisit if in the area, but eclipsed by the splendid "Cricketers" on the green down the road! 7/10 TJ

30 Jul 2008 19:52

The Cricketers, Cobham

What a lovely pub...! 9/10
Lovely location, right on the edge of the cricket green (outskirts of Cobham), plenty of tables outside on a sunny day to enjoy the wasps and the green outlook. I love this place. It was scorching today.
If you are over 5ft 10ins tall, watch your head inside, there are plenty of low beams to ruin your evening and spill your drink..!
There's a new cricket bat proudly displayed above the bar signed by Kevin Peterson. Perhaps he shouldn't have left it there as he only scored 4 runs against South Africa in the Test match today..!!
I did not test the food, but the Courage Best was ok. I will come back one Sunday soon to try their lunch.
Reviewers have only rated this pub currently as 4.6 out of ten. I shall 'up' my rating to 9/10 to bring the score up a bit to a more realistic rating. TJ

30 Jul 2008 19:39

Port Royal, Exeter

Stopped off at the 'Port Royal' for a swift half, the other day, en route to the main attraction, the 'Double Locks' pub a mile or so away along the canal path. You can walk the whole distance from Exeter quayside to the Double Locks pub, but it would be rude to pass this fine hostelry by without imbibing a tipple or two, and raising a glass to the good folk of yore who used to live in Port Royal, and who lost their lives on that fateful day... go on, have a drink to them! Gawd blessem! TJ

18 Jun 2008 01:40

The Double Locks, Exeter

What a cracking pub! After a 2 year absence it was time for a re-visit, and i see they have now added a 'barn' bar out the back. Good ploy, as the bar serving area inside the "Double Locks" is tiny, and getting served there can be difficult when its busy. So when the internal bar is full up, wander out the back, towards the massive garden area, and you may get served quicker in the 'barn' (which is actually a temporary, white plastic markee, attached to a barn where the staff serve you from)! But on a sunny day its brilliant. (But what was that awful noise playing in the barn bar..?? Was that music..?? I don't think so..!!) Fantastic location though. There must have been a hundred people sunning themselves in the grassy garden area at the back, beside the canal, and it wasn't crowded, thats how big the grounds are here! Kids can run around & play. Blokes can kick a ball around, there's even a volley-ball net set up. Plenty of wooden picnic tables strewn around, or seating by the canal to just watch the boats... idyllic. If you're living or staying in Exeter, its a 20 minute fast walk from the quayside to this ideal pub. But if you're really thirsty, or can't walk quite that far, you may get diverted into the 'Port Royal' pub on the tow-path along the way. Check out the plaque outside the 'Port Royal' anyway, its named after the town that used to be there, an interesting little legend is told about the area, which was apparently destroyed by a freak tsunami a few hundred years ago..! And now the pub is all that remains as a stark reminder...! Hope i haven't scared you off now...!! We luv Exeter! TJ

18 Jun 2008 01:27

The Double Locks, Exeter

What a cracking pub! After a 2 year absence it was time for a re-visit, and i see they have now added a 'barn' bar out the back. Good ploy, as the bar serving area inside the "Double Locks" is tiny, and getting served there can be difficult when its busy. So when the internal bar is full up, wander out the back, towards the massive garden area, and you may get served quicker in the 'barn' (which is actually a temporary, white plastic markee, attached to a barn where the staff serve you from)! But on a sunny day its brilliant. (But what was that awful noise playing in the barn bar..?? Was that music..?? I don't think so..!!) Fantastic location though. There must have been a hundred people sunning themselves in the grassy garden area at the back, beside the canal, and it wasn't crowded, thats how big the grounds are here! Kids can run around & play. Blokes can kick a ball around, there's even a volley-ball net set up. Plenty of wooden picnic tables strewn around, or seating by the canal to just watch the boats... idyllic. If you're living or staying in Exeter, its a 20 minute fast walk from the quayside to this ideal pub. But if you're really thirsty, or can't walk quite that far, you may get diverted into the 'Port Royal' pub on the tow-path along the way. Check out the plaque outside the 'Port Royal' anyway, its named after the town that used to be there, an interesting little legend is told about the area, which was apparently destroyed by a freak tsunami a few hundred years ago..! And now the pub is all that remains as a stark reminder...! Hope i haven't scared you off now...!! We luv Exeter! TJ

18 Jun 2008 01:27

The Rugglestone Inn, Widecombe in the Moor

Only 6 comments about this pub in 4 years..! Does that mean anything...?!?!
Actually, most of those comments are right, the "Rugglestone Inn" is a splendid looking oldey-worldy pub, lovely setting, beautiful surrounds, etc... AND the food is fantastic...! What more could you want, I hear you say. Well, what folk have omitted to tell you is, great as this pub looks, and it does..! Its really just a restaurant. There's no "pub" bit left anymore. Its actually quite a large place inside, but the two main bar areas are decked out like dining areas, you have to sit at a table... there's nowhere else to sit, and nowhere even for you to stand with a drink! This is most odd! If you're just going here for a drinky, you can't!! You have to sit at a table, and then of course you feel obliged to order food, because everyone else around you has! I did notice a bench outside by the entrance, but that was occupied, (and probably monopolised by tobacco enthusiasts most of the time...) There was nowhere else to sit &chill, or even stand &chill with a drink, apart from in the front garden, which is nice on a sunny day, but not ideal if you just want to relax. This is most strange, do you think..?!
I'm having a bit of a moan here, I know, because its such a lovely pub, but I've never come across a pub ethos like this before...! "Eat, by all means, but don't drink!" should be the motto over the door here! I would love to hear back from the staff on this, to get their view on things. Maybe the Rugglestone should be renamed 'Gourmet Restaurant' or something, so that passing punters don't get confused and think its a pub...!!! (i'm confused too now...) !!! TJ

18 Jun 2008 00:49

White Horse Inn, Moretonhampstead

I popped into the "White Horse Inn" last week, for some liquid refreshment, after a thirsty walk in blazing sunshine earlier (thats unusual for the UK..!) The night was still young, but the pub was empty, apart from 4 young locals at the bar. A bad sign for any visitor! I checked out the new restaurant area down a step and going from the back of the pub, it looked nicer & newer than the main bar area, but the half-dozen or so diners soon left, and at 10pm the place did feel deserted. Then the 4 locals were joined by a man and his dog, and they all went outside for a smoke...! That left just the two of us in the whole place!! Even the plump young barmaid deserted us..! I finished my pint (almost!) and we left at 10.45pm. We heard the front (main) door locked behind us as we stepped onto the pavement. Not quite the hub of the universe then...!! The piped music was awful, garage..or R+B..or something, I'm not sure what..!! 4/10 TJ

18 Jun 2008 00:23

The Bell, Moretonhampstead

Well..its time for "The Bell"s annual report...!!
(Don't many people use this place then..?) Well, what can you say about the Bell..? They serve drink and show football on the telly. Thankyou. TJ

18 Jun 2008 00:05

The Artichoke, Christow

"The Artichoke" - what a fantastic little gem of pub this is! Its advertised as a 12th Century Inn !! in the tiny village of Christow, a few miles from Exeter. Blink, or sneeze, and you'll miss it! Small, but beautifully formed. I'm guessing by the lack of reviews here (and this pub should have hundreds..) that its been recently taken over, renamed, or something. It has a newly refurbed dining area (enough for 20 people or so), and a long thin bar area for the locals (of which there were only 7 when i popped in the other day)!
A gr8 little country pub tho'. I had the rump steak and it was absolutely gorgeous (Mrs TJ had some vegetarian 'thing' and she said it was very good too)! We would certainly eat here again, if in the area - and Exeter is really a nice part of the world to visit, so we probably will revisit! They didn't have any local cider, which was disappointing. The chef intimated to us that he'd either been using this pub or working there for about 30yrs - now that's unusual in this day and age..!
The Artichoke is a splendid find, if you can find it down a tiny road, which looks like somebody's driveway..! Someone mentioned the beer garden, previously, but its more like a small yard, concrete, with half a dozen tables if that.. so don't expect anything too grand there. But not too far away, apparently, is the tallest waterfall in England (70m high..or was it 70ft..? Nah, metres sounds better!) and plenty of green country scenery. So this pub is a nice little haven tucked away, nicely, away from the hubbub of town life. We luvvit! Well done to owners Rob & Tess. Rating: 8/10 TJ

17 Jun 2008 23:59

The Marlborough Head, Marble Arch

If you're ever shopping in Oxford Street, and your lady over does the whole 'shopping experience' a bit... pop into the "Marlboro' Head" for a 'pick-u-up'!! It really is worth seeing (probably better during day-light hours though!) and check out the toilets in the basement...!! If you're easily scared, of a nervous disposition, or don't like the whole 'vampire' thing then STAY AWAY !!! Otherwise, i dare you to checkit out... just one drink shouldn't hurt...!!!?? TJ

17 Jun 2008 11:06

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill

CAMRA West London Pub of the Year, hey..!!!
My mate Len, who lives up "the hill" reckons the Roebuck is one of, if not THE best pubs in London!!
Well there's a claim. Is he right..? We shall just have to see...
The selection of beers on tap is extraordinary he says! I can't wait to try it. If you get there before me, save some room at the bar, ok! (I'm going to give this pub 7/10, for the beer selection alone...)!!
And the vista out front, well, it can hardly be beaten in Richmond, on a good day! Check it out! TJ

3 Jun 2008 23:57

The Cricketers, Richmond

Some sort of a hen-night here last Saturday evening, or masquerade party! Looked colourful enough. Plenty of folk outside on the pavement, enjoying the beer, the banter, and the evening air. Bumped into someone i hadn't seen for 20 years! Amazing..!! Abbots went down well, or was it the London (god, me memories going now, or is it me hair..? I forget! JB will probably know.) Nice to see full pints aswell, up to the rim of the glass, well done barman (you don't get that in the 'Slug & Firkin'...!)
Come to a 'Calvin Klein' evening here at the Cricketers, and you too might meet up with an old friend. Or you could check out the local baptist church, whatever your vice, the beer here is nice. Or, as an old Russian proverb says:-
"The church is near, but the road is icy. The bar is far, but i will walk carefully!"
I'll drink to that! TJ

3 Jun 2008 23:40

The Slug and Lettuce, Richmond

Hello are you today?
Dry, which is more than i can say about this bloody English summer...! How are you?
Yeah I'm fine and dandy thanks, fancy a beer down the Slug?
Why not, will there be room for us?
Of course, there's always plenty of room, we're the only two who use it...dummy!! Teejay, have you been on the booze again?
Nah, not me, i'm teetotal..!!

3 Jun 2008 23:17

The Britannia, Richmond

Friendly little pub. Emphasis on 'little' !! Blink and you'll miss this one altogether on your Richmond pub crawl. Down a cobbled lane (well, used to be cobbled) off the high street, towards The Green, its a tiny old traditional pub which probably seats about 20 people on the ground floor, so its cosy. There is a miniscule back yard open to the elements, and a bar on the first floor, with a lot more room. I believe they still hold their comedy nights up there, its been a while since i was last up there tho'.
Efficient & friendly bar staff make you welcome as soon as you go in, but then they can't miss you, 'cos the place is so small, can they..? This bar is a bit like marmite! You'll either luvvit or you'll hate it...! You decide. Me, i prefer the Cricketers or the Princes Head, just around the corner. JohnBonser...did i have a London Pride in here...?? I'm sure i had one somewhere that day!! It was a good day! TJ

3 Jun 2008 23:03

Orange Tree, Richmond

I had fish+chips here for lunch the other day, during the week, and it was very good. Washed down with a pint of London Pride. Mmmmh.. can you taste it..?!
The pub was busy, they're obviously doing good business here, we just managed to get a table in the 'restaurant' part, right at the back. Good service. I will increase my rating from 7 to 8/10. TJ

18 May 2008 22:06

Smollensky's, Twickenham

Smollensky's HAS closed down. That's official! TJ

18 May 2008 21:48

The Bear, Twickenham

Please ignore my last entry, 'The Bear' is NOT dead, but still going strong...!! I was confusing it with the nearby "Smollensky's" bar which HAS in fact closed.
Sorry about that all you Bear lovers! I trust i have not spoilt your enjoyment of this lovely 'bohemian' bar! (Bohemian in the nicest possible sense...)
(Sorry...i must've been three sheets to the wind...!) ! TJ

18 May 2008 21:45

Ash Tree, Ashford

Used to be affectionately known as the "Ash Tray"...!! but gladly they've tidied up and the pub is much better now. Efficient staff. 'Pride' and Carling on tap. Ok for live footy. Not that we're going to be watching much English footy this summer tho'...! ! ! (Bring back Sven...)!! TJ

12 May 2008 16:10

Rodboro Buildings, Guildford

What a big pub! I think SilkTork has summed it up nicely. Barstaff efficient enough. Plenty of room. But they didn't show live football, only 'Sky Sports News' when i popped in the other Saturday. Not sure i like the sound of the over-zealous 'door managers' in the evening though! Maybe i'll just stick to the George Abbott... 5/10 TJ

12 May 2008 15:57

Bar Med, Guildford

"Bar Med" . . . the name and the photo above sum it up! I was looking for somewhere to watch the footy the other day. I found "Lloyds" bar opposite, but they were only showing Sky Sports News. I asked the barman where i might be able to see the football. He was polite enough, and said:-
"Well, there's 'Bar Med' opposite, but i wouldn't go in there, its crap..!! Try the George Abbott by the river bridge instead."
His words, not mine!!! Don't shoot the piano player..! But I must say, I too prefer the George Abbott. 3/10 TJ

12 May 2008 15:47

The Duke, Richmond

Bring back the "Cobwebs"...! thats what i say...! TJ

12 May 2008 15:09

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

I like the 'HB' Munich-style beer, the Premium is particularly good, brewed to an old German brewing standard (The Bavarian Purity Law of 1516) which decrees only the purest water, and finest barley, hops and yeast are used in the process. Well, you've learnt something on this website today...! TJ

7 May 2008 17:30

The Bear, Twickenham

Sadly.. 'The Bear' is no more..! It has been released from its misery in the most humane way possible...!! The windows of its soul are darkened and empty. No life surges here anymore! The Bear is dead...! ! ! Perhaps 'McDonalds' will take it over...! (Have u ever tried bear burgers..?!?!) 0/10 TJ

7 May 2008 17:20

The White Cross, Richmond

Ah yes, Bank Holiday weekend on the Richmond Riviera..!! The tow-path was packed on Monday, where were you..?!! I haven't seen so many folk down here for a long time, fantastic weather, brings 'em all out! You know, those cyclists wot can cycle on water..!! And the geezer on the mobile phone, paddling thru' 18inches of water, towards the slipway(!) who suddenly disappeared in the drink up to his shoulders...! "..I've just fallen in the river..!!" he exclaims to his phone mate..!! Priceless!! If you're reading this mate, well done! How you kept a straight face in all of that, I'll never know! Has your phone dried out yet? If you want a copy photo for your wall, i can email you one..!!
Haven't seen anything so funny for a long while..!!!
Pub was busy,but there was more folk outside watching peoples antics...! See'ya nextime..! TJ

7 May 2008 17:03

The Old Ship, Richmond

What's that i hear... Peroni's nice this time of year..! Indeed. So i did, and it was... TJ

7 May 2008 16:57

The Slug and Lettuce, Richmond

(Am I the only patron of this humble hostelry..?)!!!
Ah yes, Bank Holiday weekend on the Richmond Riviera..!! The tow-path was packed on Monday, where were you..?!! I haven't seen so many folk down here for a long time, fantastic weather, brings 'em all out! You know, those cyclists wot can cycle on water..!! And the geezer on the mobile phone, paddling thru' 18inches of water, who suddenly disappeared in the drink up to his shoulders...! "..I've just fallen in the river..!!" he exclaims to his phone mate..!! Priceless! If you're reading this mate, well done! How you kept a straight face in all of that, I'll never know! Has your phone dried out yet? If you want a copy photo for your wall, i can email you one..!!
Haven't seen anything so funny for a long while..!! TJ

7 May 2008 16:36

The George Abbot, Guildford

P.S. - does anyone know what Jonathan Sewell (14th May'07) is on about...! ? ? ? ? Or should i lay off the doubles...!?!?

7 May 2008 16:22

The George Abbot, Guildford

The 'George Abbott', a great bar to watch the football live. It gets pretty crowded on match days tho', so get in early if you want a seat. Bar service was good, polite & efficient despite the crowded bar area. I haven't eaten here, so can't comment on the grub, apart from it looked like standard pub-chain fair, and smelt ok to me..! (But then Mrs TJ says i'll eat anything anyway...!)
The above site photo carefully avoids the usual array of wheely-bins and recycling bins, and the car park at weekends is usually full of cars (pay & display). Although i think that's changed recently, i think its now 'permit holders only', which is a bummer for us plebs who don't live locally! (I'll get the train next time..) Nice pub, but if you want a quiet pub, try the 'White House' opposite (you have to pay extra for the 'quiet' tho')..! TJ

7 May 2008 16:15

The White House, Guildford

The 'White House', nicely refurb'd, deceptively spacious ground floor (looks smaller from outside) and a quaint 1st floor 'landing' area big enough for a small party (you could squeeze 20 people in there, but you'd have to be good friends..!)!
Decor is dark but tastefully done. Seating was comfy, but get in before the office workers, or you won't find a seat! Lots of photos of 'old' celebs on the walls upstairs (folk like Steve McQueen, James Bond, 60's singers, etc). I liked the jokey pictures in the loo, depicting "Monica and Bill" outside The White House!! Fantastic!!
Excellent food, although i only plumped for the bacon burger. It was tastefully presented on an 'oblong' plate, and came within 10mins of ordering (that was at 6.30pm), pretty good really.
I like the venue, right on the tow-path, i bet that's lovely in the hot weather. There is a 'deck' area outside at the back which over-looks the river (Wey). The White House gets 8/10 from me, when i want to be 'posh', eat reasonably, and entertain Mrs TJ! If you want to see the European football you'll have to go over the road to the 'George Abbott' the nearest sports bar. Which i can also recommend..!! TJ

7 May 2008 16:02

The White Swan, Richmond

Ahh, the 'White Swan'... like seeing an old friend..!! A welcome break from the busy town centre, if you can find it..! And that is the challenge.
A truly lovely little (emphasis on 'little') pub, 300yds from Richmond Green (the far corner, where nobody goes..!!)! and 300yds from the River Thames. An ideal drinking stop if walking the tow path.

If you want a fantasmagorical meal, or an argument about the meal, go and see Gordon Ramsay, I'm sure he'll oblige with much vigour! If you want a casual drink, with what sounds like on odd occasions "interesting" and colourful people, or just a quiet ale to wash the worries of the day away, may i recommend the ol' White Swan in Richmond. It was once an 'ugly bird' but now has matured to its current beauty...! No ducklings here, dear...!!
Well done to Richard, held your ground very well there, well put. You can't please everybody tho'. The test will be, will the disgruntled customer return one bright and sunny afternoon in the future, when all the staff have changed & moved on, and the food will all be different again... but the SWAN stays the same. A drinking haven for 500 years or longer! Such eminent neighbours as King Henry VIIth and VIIIth & Queen Mary lived nearby in the palace! Those sort of qualifications won't ever change! Lets hear it for the 'White Swan'...hurrah! Well done staff, keep the log fires burning and the liquid refreshment coming...for many years to come... that's OK with TJ.

30 Apr 2008 13:13

The Grey Horse, Sunbury on Thames

The 'Grey Horse' certainly is the dark horse of Sunbury, tucked away behind a raised section of road bridge(to Sunbury-X), hundreds of drivers probably drive right passed it every day, not knowing it's there...! I can recommend the 'Twickenham' ale, and then you can always fall back onto ye ol' 'London Pride', or the floor, which ever comes the sooner..!! We like the GH, its quiet often, peaceful, comfortable, and sometimes 4/5ths empty, but never boring.
Boat club meeting again in 2 Thursdays then, ok..?! TJ

30 Apr 2008 12:22

The Legless Frog, Ham

Ah, the Frogless Leg...what a fine hostelry! Small, but beautifully formed, with a small garden/patio area at the back for 'al fresco' revellers (and we don't see many of them in England in April... even though it was St Georges Day!) Nice little pub, right opposite the lovely Ham Common (& pond). We saw 2x enormous orange hornets in the back garden here, near the fish pond/feature, thingy! They were gigantic...!! One of them had a frogs leg in its mouth...!! I'm lergic to wasps, so we couldn't stay long. I'll get my Ozzie-Mozzie hat (with the net) for next time! (Maybe the French eat hornets with a soupcon of garlic..) ! TJ

24 Apr 2008 02:25

Boundary, Staines

Popped in2 the Boundary this evening for a 'St Miguel' on tap, as barstaff in the 'Town Hall' were too busy to provide me with any bar service at 8pm!(It wasn't terribly busy in there either!) i got served straight away in the Boundary! Staff were particularly on the ball here tonight, as 2x girls who looked 16yrs (but were probably even younger) were refused service and shown the door!! (now that's unusual isn't it)! There were a few upset Man United supporters in the pub, because apparently Ronaldo missed a penalty against Barcelona...! Oh dear. TJ

24 Apr 2008 01:38

The Cricketers, Richmond

Apparently...according to the girl behind the bar on Monday, 660ml is a 'pint'..!! So, if I were you, I'd get down to the Cricketers as fast as you can, get hold of one of 'em German stein glasses and take it along to this pub, and get it filled up with your fav beer, quick...before she changes her mind!! TJ

23 Apr 2008 14:31

The Feathers, Laleham

The Feathers is closed down!! Closed by the council or the Health &Safety people...! something to do with excessive noise or something!! TJ

23 Apr 2008 14:24

The Anglers Retreat, Staines

Its funny... you pop into a nice little boozer by the riverside in Richmond for lunch one sunny day, with your 17 and 3/4yr old lad, who was 6ft 2ins (and with his Dad!) and he gets asked for his ID and then refused a beer!! Ho-hum.. never mind..! Then you pop into the good ol' 'Anglers Retreat' on a Friday night with the lads, and there's kids running around all over the place, climbing on the backs of sofas, making a lot of noise, tripping customers up with drinks, etc..!! Its a funny ol' world isn'tit...!! Oh how we laughed..!! TJ

23 Apr 2008 14:18

The Magpie, Sunbury on Thames

I notice the 'Magpie' now do a Quiz Nite every first Thursday in the month, at 9pm.
I like the ol' Magpie, a nice place for lunch on a sunny afternoon. But business may suffer a bit now that the 'Phoenix' down the road has had a 1m refurb! Let the battle for custom commence..!! TJ

23 Apr 2008 13:58

The Phoenix, Sunbury on Thames

I heard a rumour they spent over 1m re-doing the Phoenix!! So i went to check it out... what a different pub it is now! A lot of work. More space inside. Clean &tidy. WOW!! Look out 'Magpie'...! TJ

23 Apr 2008 13:14

The Fairmile, Cobham

Just passing the Fairmile today, popped in for a meal and some liquid refreshment. Disappointed at the look of the menu, so had a quick pint of Adnams (Suffolk)bitter, and then continued on our way to Ripley instead. (See 'The Anchor', Pyrford Lock).
Nice enough surroundings at Fairmile. A real feeling of space and countryside. The building itself is quite nice, 3/4 walk-around bar, lots of nooks & grannies, they also have a cash-machine(ATM) inside the pub. But food-wise, it seems to be lacking in quality. If all you want is a 'harvester' type micro-waveable meal, this will do fine..!! I like the Fairmile, the venue is good, the bitter was fine, but the food looks only 3star..!

13 Feb 2008 18:20

The Flower Pot Hotel, Sunbury on Thames

Yes, a nicely done refurb! Welcome to the Flowerpot! A pleasant, welcoming bar greets you on entrance. Then there's a mauve/purple wall, and 2 x fishtanks, to take your mind off the stresses of the day! They have about a dozen small tables dotted around the bar, with 2 x brown leather 3-seater sofas, one large table by the far wall with a 6-seater wall sofa! At the back is a small restaurant area (where the loos used to be!) with 6 or 7 small tables. So its geared to food this pub, no room for milling or spilling your pints! I hate to say it, (but it does make sound business sense..!) this pub is aimed at the more 'mature' clientele, with priorities of good food rather than drink alone. And the background music was good too, not a rapper or drug-spoiled brat screamer in sight! (..or hearing!) Definately no chavs aloud!
I do like the tiling in the new toilet-block extension! Tastefully done. (Any rival landlords checkout the loos here, see how it should be done..!!) 8/10, just lacking that bit of 'pazzazz' at the moment, that could make this pub 'the best' by far in the area..!! (There's a challenge landlord/or lady)! The sort of bar that 'does' grab you, and makes you want to stay for that extra drink..!!! Fine job staff, keep up the good work!! TJ

31 Jan 2008 12:03

The Three Fishes, Sunbury on Thames

Popped in the ol' 3Fishes the other night for a quick pint and to watch the footy. Only trouble is, they don't have Sky Tv anymore..!! GP you're right, they do have different staff every time i go in there, but they've always seemed helpful & efficient to me. I may return, if the Sky licence returns... otherwise i'll be in The Flowerpot. (i have increased my rating for the 3F's to 6/10 for friendly bar staff)! TJ

31 Jan 2008 11:25

The Admiral Hawke, Sunbury on Thames

Well, well... 'Hawke' landlord, are you listening..?? (See lastest comments by Aggymonster and TheGP..)!
I popped in the Admiral to see the footy recently, but it looks like they no longer have Sky Tv. The pub was reasonably busy (8pm) but not bussling. I would have stopped, but i had a match to catch! It did not have the feel of a bar that "grabs you" and makes you want to stay for a polite half! So i tried the "3 Fishes" down the road instead. No doubt the 'Squire' will invite me back to the Admiral soon, and I'll report more fully then. Meanwhile, can somebody give the landlord a computer, so he can see these reviews here..!! Ta (reviewed rating now 5/10) TJ

31 Jan 2008 11:10

The Hare and Hounds, Donkey Town

Is there really a place called 'Donkey Town'...!!! ?

28 Jan 2008 01:11

The Half Moon, Putney

The Half Moon! What a boozer! What a lot of history! Anybody who's anybody has sung live here! I sang here in the wc once! Didn't get asked back though! If you're ever whizzing thru' Putney/Barnes area, checkout this musically historic milestone of a pub!!! (And can i seriously recommend "Emile's" restaurant nearby, in Felsham Road, for a splendid meal aforehand) !! TJ

28 Jan 2008 01:07

The Slug and Lettuce, Richmond

The sunset here on Saturday was amazing! Deep crimson red! And you could make out the silhouettes of cormorants and herons high up in the trees on the opposite bank! What a picture..! And as the bar filled with jovial eaters +drinkers, the tow-path outside slowly filled with 'Old Father Thames' who came to enjoy a quick drink at the 'ol SLUG...! And then to disappear once more back into the gloomy glime whence he'd come..! Blimey I'm in the wrong business! I should have been a beer-taster for 'Shepherd Neame' or Wetherspoons or somewhere..!! Does anybody else visit the SLUG+LETTIS..? Or are you all marooned in the White Cross next door, again..!!? TJ

28 Jan 2008 00:27

Azzurro, Waterloo

Couldn't help but stop off at 'Azzurro' the other afternoon, for a spot of liquid refreshment after trooping around London for most of the day! Its thirsty work! I couldn't help recall sitting here, at the same table on the forecourt(pavement), some three July's ago (2005) on that seventh day, drinking after work and thinking...i could have been on that tube!! And i wouldn't have made this pub review now! Sobering thought isn't it!! Sorry...i digress, lovely bar! Keep up the good work. Keep serving the good folk of Southern railways, etc. Where would we sit, and mull, and put the world to rights..? In the Archduke, around the corner i guess..!! I'll give it 6/10, because the food was kinda ordinary... edible, but standard fare! (Bar chappy was from Brazil, and he was keen to get the correct jargon, etc...!) You could have fun there, yes? But lets not be too cruel on the guy!! TJ

27 Jan 2008 23:57

The Anglers, Walton on Thames

Had a simply splendid Sunday roast here today! Yummee! We luckily got a table on the ground floor straight away, as some folk vacated, and only had to wait 40mins for the meal. That's good, we had time to savour our drinks and idly chat! The place was buzzing, not a spare seat in sight, upstairs was crammed full too!! And the chef was working full throttle all day..!! Well done to the chef! Mrs TJ's beef was gorgeous, (and so was Mrs TJ by the way..!) And my roast pork was beautifully prepared, and stacked high with a rather large Yorkshire pud! Fantastic! I love their selection of lagers on tap:- Kroenenbourg; Hoegaarden; Paulaner; Staropramen; Fosters... I didn't see the ales, but there was one called 'Red Breast'(Jennings?)..apparently. Staff were numerous and attentive, which is good, for us the penny-pinching-paying-public! Well done all at the Anglers! Had a great walk after, along the river in the sunshine, wiv me best girl by me side..!! Can't w8 4 r next trip 2 drop anchor at the ol' Anglers. Luvvit! 9/10 TJ

27 Jan 2008 23:39

The Cricketers, Richmond

Ahh, The Cricketers, Richmond Green...! Splendid! There is really not much to this little gem. Ok, they have a large screen at the back for the cricket (oh, and rugby of course..!) and a small tv at the front. The front of the pub 'opens up' on those sunny days, to ease access to & from the bar, for those who like to drink al fresco (its cheaper than Pinot Grigio..!)! A quiet little pub, the bar can't be more than 15ft long (thats about 8 people, elbow to elbow)!
A long thin pub. I dig the groovy yellow+blue tiles in the loo! I wonder who chose them. Retro, baby!! TJ

27 Jan 2008 23:17

The Boat House, Chertsey

The Boathouse. Well, i think its a nice pub! Friday night we had a good craic in here..! Mrs TJ even ordered a 10pm...and we got of charge..!! How's that for service!! (Mind you, we did spend about 50 on drinks..!!) Gr8 pub! Roll on Spring/Summer, when i can drive the launch down there.. and moor up wiv the toffs..!! I understand the comments from 'huntface' and 'Isaac Hock', but a bar is what you make it!! Take a bit of atmo with you, and you can have a good evening in your back yard...!! I'll drink to that...! Ciao4now TJ

20 Jan 2008 22:24

The Anchor, Wisley

Excellent meal. Good service. Comfortable environ. Tanglefoot beer was good; the Hoffbrau (HB) was excellent! (4%.. 4.3%.. or 5%) Just upped my rating to 8/10. TJ

20 Jan 2008 22:11

The Anchor, Wisley

Do not confuse this pub with the other 'Anchor' pub in Ripley high street, not far away...!! (I wonder who thought that up..??!!) TJ

20 Jan 2008 13:09

The Anglers Retreat, Staines

Pop into the 'Anglers Retreat' just for a half, in passing, and admire their tropical fish...!! Where do they keep'em...? In their tanks (i said tanks, not pants..ok) ..of course!! The fish tanks are quite something. Unless you have a fish phobia...then that could be a problem. What do you call a fish with no eyes..? ..Freddy!!

15 Jan 2008 10:59

The Fox and Hounds Restaurant & Bar, Englefield Green

I do hope the management at this lovely pub sort their staffing problems out quickly! AND get a good chef back in too...!! This place is far too good to let standards fall, and vitally important to walkers/visitors/tourists to Windsor Great Park, and Saville Gardens nearby, not to mention all the royal connections in the area and the good folk who actually live in 'WGP'...!! GET A GRIP MANAGER, AND QUICKLY...!!! (We love this special place too much!! Used to be 9/10 but last visit was 6/10 !! TJ

14 Jan 2008 23:51

The King and Castle, Windsor

My favourite pub in Windsor! Bar none! The good ol' King+Castle! We luvvit! A big pub, with 2 or 3 levels (restaurant bit on top floor, with an interesting walk-way across the open area above the main bar..!! You can look down, and see virtually all the ground floor from that lofty height! Try it! Its kool!!
Staff were particularly professional, and adhere to strict rules like no under-21's, and no trainers, etc. (But thats good, so long as you know the rules).
They have a first floor terrace out the back, and now quite a large garden area down below (used to be muddy car park! But now paved & tabled,etc). A great pub, with such salubrious neighbours!
Windsor is a good place to go shopping at weekends. I can recommend the 'Thai Square' restaurant nearby (if you like Thai food) 100yds further downhill...then into the King+Castle for a nice evening drink, and boogie the night away downstairs, if you're feeling 30 !! And why wouldn't you...!!! Ace pub! 9/10 TJ.

14 Jan 2008 23:38

The Town Hall, Staines

A friend told me 'The Town Hall' building actually features in the block-buster film "Gandhi" ! There's a piece of Bollywood trivia for you..!!
Its a great building, and you won't bang your head on the ceiling...!
Its a "Smith & Jones" pub, one of about 20 or so around the UK. So a certain standard of food & drink is maintained. (Its better than Burger King..!) If you're clever enough to obtain a Smith+Jones loyalty card, you can get 20% off food, wine, & champers! ( could be someone's birthday couldn't it..!!) Good bar to watch the footy or rugby in, but it will get crowded for the 'big' games, but adds a 'live match' feel. You should be able to get a good view of one of the dozen or so tv screens, even if you can't get a seat. Its better than 'The Boundary' pub next door (which used to be the 'Blue Anchor', if you remember it). There's a town square type feeling outside this pub, with those large 'Stella' umbrellas its almost European..!! Which will no doubt be busy in the summer. So if you want a quieter, more casual drink.. try "Baroosh" in Staines high street (before 10pm!) or pop over the river to the 'Swan Hotel'. I like the TH, I'll give it 7/10. The foods OK. TJ

14 Jan 2008 22:52

The Victoria, East Sheen

Well,..."gastropubs" that your first name or your surname..??...we appear to be the only souls who visit the dear old 'Vic'..! How's she fairing these days? Business good, now that 'The Plough's been all ploughed up..!? And what happened to the lovely football table..?!! Oh well.. back to the 'Slug & Firkin' down the road again then...!! Happy 2008.

14 Jan 2008 01:33

The Plough, East Sheen

'The Plough' is re-opening soon as the "Slug & Firkin"... by popular demand..!!! The old sticky carpet is being brought back in, along with some of the old furniture still attached to it! Muddy boots will be compulsary at all times, along with that faithful old smell of wet dog..!! Non-smokers will have to sit outside in the rain, on wonky plastic chairs, with rain diluted wine, and soggy sandwiches. All ties & briefcases will have to be surrendered to bar staff, and collected at the end of the visit.
We hope this does not interfere with your social drinking enjoyment, and we look forward to seeing all our regular patrons back in 2008. Happy New Year from the development team, "Reckitt & Sting'em"

14 Jan 2008 01:16

The Kings Fairway, Ashford

Quiz night at 'Kings Fairway' is at 9.00pm on Wednesdays, when 'Becks V' is on special offer at 1.99 a pint!! (And I think they have quizes some Sundays too). Still the best pub in Ashford. Well done staff! Had some "Rosey Nosey" here the other day, aswell as another 'seasonal' ale (Santa obviously brought too much..!) The London Pride was good. Their lager selection is not big at the moment, Becks Vier, Stella, and Fosters (or is it Carling..) are the main ones, or bottled 'Peroni', but thats exxy!! 7/10 TJ

14 Jan 2008 00:40

The Anchor, Wisley

Country pub opening times apply! They close around 3pm and open again around 6pm, or something like that. Just be aware, if you're walking 5 miles across country and are gasping for a drink..!!
Lovely setting for a pub, right by the River Wey canal. Lots of narrow boats, and river activity. On a sunny day you can't beat it!
Large restaurant area with tables inside, and outside on terrace. Lots of kids & dogs at weekends, so not ideal for a 'quiet drink', and not much 'bar' area for chatting, hanging around, or drinking. But pleasant enough. 7/10 TJ

14 Jan 2008 00:14

The Fox and Hounds Restaurant & Bar, Englefield Green

Re: last comment by 'anon'...
I have to agree...! Went back to Fox & Hounds for Sunday lunch and we had to wait 55 minutes for sandwiches..!! Very poor service. When it did come it was ordinary! Nothing like the last steak sandwich we had had there about 3 months ago. Very disappointing.
For a busy little pub in idyllic location, the bar was seriously under-staffed today, hence the poor service. Just waiting for a drink at the bar took about 10mins..! I saw one chap waiting to be served, but he obviously couldn't hang around indefinately, and he walked out the door! I have changed my rating from 8 to 6 out of 10. We would go here again, but just for drinks next time. Most people can't afford to wait an hour for 'cold' food !! TJ

7 Jan 2008 02:04

O'Neills, Kingston Upon Thames

I'll have to vote with the manager on this one! Because if you don't agree with his policy, you won't get to see the match! And anyway, do you really what some no-brain screaming & shouting obsenities in your ear all the time when you're trying to watch the game..?! I don't think so. One of the reasons why people don't go to the actual football grounds anymore... Where's the 'Mill' by the way..? Sounds like an interesting bar!! As for me, I'll vote for O' sounds like the only choice in Kingston for footy-fans! TJ

2 Jan 2008 11:46

The Anglers, Walton on Thames

Popped into the 'Anglers' last night, what a nice pub! A good selection of beers & lagers, including Paulaner (Munich light beer, 4.9%), and Hoegaarden (Belgium, 'white' or wheat beer, 5.0%).
Nicely furnished, with comfy leather 'tub' chairs and sofa by the open log fire (excellent on those cold evenings), and taller 'bar' chairs & tables. Look up and there's an unusual feature, an oval 'cut-out' in the ceiling revealing glass chandelier and upstairs glass-walled balcony...interesting! The upstairs floor is also quite well done, with good view out across the river Thames. Bar staff were attentive and helpful. I expect this bar is well-loved by the locals, and heaving in the sunny weather! I must check it out then! Adequate parking outside, on the rivers edge, and nearby street parking. I'll give it 8/10, with potential for increased rating! TJ

2 Jan 2008 10:51

The Kingfisher, Chertsey

Couldn't get in my local pub last Friday night (absolutely 'heaving'...) so came to the Kingfisher instead. It was 3/4 empty..!! The week before Christmas! Strange... anyhow, we got a seat ok! Food was good, as usual. Luv the Amstel glasses! Staff always helpful. Good pub for a quiet drink! TJ

28 Dec 2007 03:18

The Black Dog, Ashford Common

I heard a rumour that the 'Black Dog' is going to be put down...!! Any truth in that..? TJ

28 Dec 2007 02:54

The Druid's Head, Kingston Upon Thames

Great name for a pub..! Sneaked in here, while the missus wasn't watching, for a pre-Christmas drink the other night. The footy was on the Tv, splendid! You have a choice of 2 Tv screens upstairs, however... the layout of the pub upstairs is not 'footy-friendly'..! If you are lucky enough to find a seat, people are constantly walking passed the screen, or standing infront of the Tv...!!! You CANNOT watch football (or i guess any favourite sport here..!)! What's the point in showing live sport, if your view is constantly bombarded by others not interested in seeing the game..!! GO TO O'NEIL'S AROUND THE CORNER INSTEAD, OK! They normally have plenty of room. Shame that...i quite like the Druids Head, just not on a European game night! TJ

28 Dec 2007 02:42

Baroosh, Staines

Merry Christmas Baroosh boozers..!! Staff, well done! Keep up the good work. May 2008 be an even better year! And don't let the Baroosh Barhumbuggers get you down..!! Hippy New Yeah..!! TJ

28 Dec 2007 02:23

Crosses Corner, Windsor

Aahh, another pub for my 'Windsor Castle' crawl..! Great little find, down Peascod Street (that main shopping street leading down from Queen Victoria's statue, in front of Windsor Castle itself)...keep going down-hill, passed 'Windlesora' (don't go in there, unless you're under 20yrs..)! and you'll find the 'Crosses Corner' right on that busy little crossroads junction. Small, but beautifully formed bar. Mainly tables & wooden seating, but neat & tidy. They also show live sport on a couple of tv screens, if you're in the mood for that. (Not many bars in Windsor central actually show the footy/rugger). 7/10 TJ

13 Dec 2007 19:46

The Carpenters Arms, Windsor

My favourite pub in the centre of Windsor, right near the actual castle, down a little cobbled street, just up from Queen Victoria's statue..! Tourists will love it! "Gee, does the majesty her Queen come in here for a beer..? Really..!"
Nice old-fashioned walk-around bar, different floor levels, plenty of nooks & grannies, so long as a bus-load of tourists hasn't just arrived you should be ok for a seat. Or sit outside on the cobbled street, and admire 'The Crooked House' opposite (now a well used little cafe) which just happens to be in the SMALLEST street in Britain!! (Thats official, according to the plaque on the wall). Nice pub though. 7/10 TJ

13 Dec 2007 19:32

The Windsor Castle, Windsor

Nice enough pub, just up the road a bit from King Henry's residence... If you start walking the 3-mile Walk from the castle, this handy little drinkery is only about 1/3 mile along on the right-hand side. Brilliant. Sandwiches were lovely. Of course if you do the Walk from the horse statue end, you'll need a drink or two by the time you get here..!! (Mind you, its easier walking down to the castle, than walking up to the monument). 6/10 TJ

13 Dec 2007 19:19

The George, Sunbury on Thames

Sounds like a great pub to take your dog!
Personally, those 'good reports' I'd heard previously about the George were either old news, or just totally false! The choice of beers & lagers recently was very limited. Staff, although polite enough, looked like customers who were just helping out behind the bar... did not portray a 'well-run' establishment..! I would not risk a meal there myself, but my dog might disagree there..!!! 2/10

13 Dec 2007 17:22

The Jolly Coopers, Hampton

A small, local, friendly pub, with old fashioned 3/4 walk around bar. I like it! Its like those tv pubs you'll see on the telly, a textbook bar, never too busy, never boring. If you like traditional pubs, with intelligent discourse over your pint, try it out... You can even get a plastic wrapped sandwich at 9pm, left-over from lunchtime if you're hungry, and if you're lucky! 7/10 TJ

13 Dec 2007 17:09

Que Pasa, Camberley

Went to 'Que Pasa' (Camberley) on a Sunday afternoon recently. A couple of adults and a couple of older teenagers, we only ordered drinks and snacky things. AND THE BILL CAME TO 90.00. !!!
I had a small pizza (which was ok, just about) and 2 bottles of St Miguel (because draught pints were off)! Where on earth did they get the figure 90 from? I didn't have that amount of cash with me, so I offered my bank card, but their swipe machine wasn't working..! I was asked to go down the road to a cash machine to get the money..!! On top of all that there was only ONE member of staff serving, and we waited 25mins for the menu, and then 25mins for the bill...!!! Needless to say I am not that impressed with 'Que Pasa' in Camberley! ON TOP OF THAT... I have also had bad experiences at 'Que Pasa' in Staines, a den I would NOT recommend to my worst enemy! WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING HERE...!!!!!!!!

13 Dec 2007 16:58

The Anglers Retreat, Staines

Ah, the good ol' Anglers Sanctum..! Gr8 pub! We had a Christmas meal here last Friday, place was packed. Food was good (watch the scallops tho'...!) I still love the fish-tanks! Watch that black spikey fish/urchin thingy..!! Its weird!! The French bar manageress is always helpful & efficient. Luv the AR.

13 Dec 2007 02:03

The Twickenham Tup, Twickenham

Interesting pub. 360 degree, walk-around bar (unusual these days). V young staff. Not many chairs on a rugby day though. If you don't like rugby, you must be that chap from Sixth Sense...aimlessly going from meeting to appointment, not knowing you're actually dead..!! One day you'll find out..that they actually play rugby in heaven...and if you don't join in, they'll make you one of the posts! Or if you're really bad, they'll make you the ball..!! Boomph..!! ooohh-aaahh..!!

13 Dec 2007 01:51

The Slug and Lettuce, Richmond

The 'Slug' has had a refit. get down here before Teejay drinks all the beer...!!
Call the Waterboard company...there's water all over the place..!! Waiter, there's a river in my beer..!!
I don't recall catching a boat to the pub...wait a mo' where's the bloody car gone..!!!...

13 Dec 2007 01:41

The Old Ship, Richmond

Yes 'Oolybel' the Kew Brew is particularly good. 'ilovedrink' I'm sorry to hear about your good lady, back in June'07, but because your lady has an allergy does not actually mean this pub serves awful food...!! from what I've seen, the grub has been quite good, and nobody died..! The Olde Ship is a prime location in the Richmond high street, a welcome oasis in the madness of a busy shopping centre! You can grab a beer & watch some sport on the telly, while the love of your life is trying on shoes..! What more can a man ask on a hectic shopping day!! Old Ship, we love you...always have, always will! If you want nut-free food try the vegetarian restaurant not far away... actually, Wagamama's, 2 doors away is good! Try their 'yaki soba' (chicken & noodles) delish! Then come back to the Ship and sober down..!!

13 Dec 2007 01:31

Prince of Wales, Hampton Court

Nice pub. Good size bar area. Plenty of TV screens to watch your favourite footy team..! Car park at rear. Walking distance from Hampton Court Bridge. Off the main drag, so only locals know about it! Average age in the pub = 29yrs. So i felt a bit old...! But it was pleasant, and the Carlsberg was probably the best lager I'd ever tasted in the world...!!!
(If you've never been in a 'Bluebeckers'...checkit out nearby, they do great steaks & burgers)!! TJ
(Trying earnestly to educate the world...!) !

13 Dec 2007 01:10

The Four Horseshoes, Chobham

What a fantastic venue for a pub! You drive out of the 'old smoke', find yourself driving parallel with the M3 (going SW)'re surrounded by greenery, trees, gorse bushes and common...and suddenly...there's a pub! The Four Horseshoes..! What a welcome sight to the hungry & thirsty!
This pub looks great. But wait a moment, when you get inside, its actually an empty restaurant, with a tiny bar added on the side, with enough space for the 'Cobham knitting circle' and one spare chair at the bar, if you're lucky...! Do you feel lucky..!!! Maybe I'm being harsh, but I've seen more bar space in a garden shed..!!!
The food was bloody marvelous though, I have to say! So, I'll probably go back. Great place for a quiet pint, on a sunny afternoon, emphasis on the word quiet...! Maybe it all kicks off after 6pm...!? I must go back there one day to find out...!!! TJ

13 Dec 2007 00:41

Que Pasa, Staines

My advice to all human beings is... avoid this place if you can..!! You can actually have a nicer evening head-first in a dustbin than come in here...!!!
Young people...there are better pubs & clubs on the face of this earth to go to than this ill-run den of iniquity...!!!!!!!!
Personally, I would rather go 10 rounds with Mike Tyson than set foot in this excuse for a pub/club!
Do not waste your money, your time, or your blood, on a dive like this!!
I will never set foot in a 'Que Pasa' ever again...! is that clear enough! Do NOT go there, if you value your health, your well-being, or your facial features!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God I hate this place...can you tell..??!!

13 Dec 2007 00:11

The Barley Mow, Shepperton

Can I just say what a brilliant evening we had at the Barley Mow tonight..! The live jazz was terrific, John Barnes on the sax was particularly good. The band were brilliant too. I cannot praise the music highly enough. If you're a fan of jazz, or even if you just like good music, get along to the Barley Mow on a Wednesday evening (8.30pm onwards) and have yourself a treat! Live jazz, you just can't beat it!! Even the dog seemed to enjoy the sound! Ruff-ruff!! Well done, the Barley Mow management. A great evening! TJ

12 Dec 2007 23:55

The Flower Pot Hotel, Sunbury on Thames

Looks like The Flower Pot is open for business again, just in time for the Christmas party rush..! We've missed you "Little Weed"...!!! (showing my age a bit there..!) TJ

12 Dec 2007 19:19

Royal Hart, Ashford

Oh dear...!! Judging by these reviews its back to the Kings Fairway then..!! (Maybe i should move to Guildford, there's some nice pubs down that way..) !! 3/10

17 Oct 2007 02:02

The Harte and Garter, Windsor

Have they opened the 'HART & GARTER' yet...? It was still closed when i passed last week. Have they kept the same name, or is it a 'Legless Frog' or 'Feasant Plucker' now...? TJ

17 Oct 2007 01:52

The Barley Mow, Englefield Green

Fortunately my experience was totally different to Lord Jason's (2/4/07)! Sorry to hear that LJ.
I like the BARLEY MOW... lovely setting, over-looking the local village green. In the summer you can watch the local cricket match, sipping your favoured tipple! Does it get much better..?!
I haven't tried the food here, but nearby tables looked and smelled delicious enough. I enjoyed the sultry music in the background too, definately an over 30's pub! No chavs here! Thats why I luvvit! And yes the Fox & Hounds up the road IS nice, but i found the Barley Mow more relaxing, ending a perfect day perfectly! Go there with someone you admire. TJ

17 Oct 2007 01:45

The White Cross, Lancaster

THE WHITE CROSS - a good old Lancashire pub! Recommended by my boy, so we had to check it out for ourselves! Nice meal. Decent enough pint, or two..! Pleasant enough bar, on two levels, roomy, with a conservatory area for dining. Barmaid served the biggest pair of pint jugs I'd seen in a bar for a long time. Must go back there again. TJ

17 Oct 2007 01:20

The Inn At West End, West End

THE INN @WEST END - not to be confused with any pubs up in London! This is West End village in the Surrey countryside..!
A large banner adorns this pub: "Gastro Pub of the Year"! So we ventured in to see if it was true...!
It has a v.small bar area, 20 people and you'd be shoulder to shoulder, but there's a small room at the back with a table or two, and plenty more tables outside in the garden and terrace area (ok if the weather's nice, I guess)!
The food was actually nothing to write home about..! Okay, but nothing terribly special, although the price was a bit special!! Staff were polite, as you would expect in a 'gastro-pub of the year' (!) but there were not enough staff on duty to provide 'service of the year'..!!! A nice place to go for a weekend drink (if the sun's shining..) but carry on along the A322 towards Guildford if you want a better meal somewhere...!! (Who chooses these pubs anyway..???!)! TJ

17 Oct 2007 01:07

The Weir Hotel, Walton on Thames

THE WEIR - is a lovely pub, with lovely river setting. Right next to Sunbury Weir (hence the name) on the Walton side of the Thames. Off the beaten track a bit, but well worth finding on a sunny afternoon/evening. I found the staff helpful and prompt. The food was above average. I saw no chavs, (or none making themselves obvious..) in fact there was a wedding reception going on in the garden, and all folk were very well behaved. I would recommend this pub, and I will re-visit. 8/10 TJ

17 Oct 2007 00:03

The Twickenham Tup, Twickenham

The rugby atmosphere in the 'Tup' has to be experienced to be believed. Go there on a rugby day (if you love rugby) and you'll be 'swinging low' before your first pint even..!! Watch England win the RWorld Cup here this Saturday! Bring your singing voice and your rugby mates and you won't want to leave...!! A great English rugby football hostelry.
England for the RWC'07!ok TJ

16 Oct 2007 22:54

The Oaks, Ashford

For a large pub, not many "Bite" site users seem to be using it...! Last time I went in 'The Oaks' to watch the footy they no longer had Sky TV, and there were more staff in than customers! (The massive restaurant area always seems to be 3/4 empty..!)?
Today I see the place is closed for extensive refurb. This pub has fantastic potential. I hope they do a good job of it.
(England for the RWC'07 ok)! TJ

16 Oct 2007 22:42

The White Cross, Richmond

Nice 'walk-around' bar, good bar service. Unusual open fire underneath front window..!! Excellent location, but...ohh bugger..! the river's come up again, we're marooned in the pub for another 2 hours..!! River water a good 14inches outside today! (May be higher tomorrow..!) I saw many a wet trouser leg, and a few wet socks, go by today..! Clientele all well behaved tho'... TJ

2 Aug 2007 00:28

The Slug and Lettuce, Richmond

Ah..the good ol' Slug+Lettis.. serves a luvly pint of Becks Vier (thats German for 4 incase you were wondering..) 4% lager. Then the river Thames came up to say hello..and we all got marooned in the pub for 2hours..! Oh boy, explain that to the boss..!! A lovely watering hole in the sunshine, you should see it.
River came over the bottom step of the pub today, and probably will again tomorrow (so look out)! But the really BIG high tide is in late September (26-29th) check that one out..!! We luv Slugs and lettis!! TJ

2 Aug 2007 00:14

The Lofty Turtle, East Sheen

Thought it was time for my annual visit to the Turtle, so popped in for a beer or two. The usual pilsner on tap was out of service, but the Morelli beer went down well instead. The bar service is always pretty good, but they only have about 12ft of bar to serve, so it should be! A pleasant brunette girl was serving. Most clientele here are "okay" yaah! But don't let that deter you from a good meal, or a pleasant drink. (Mind you, the bloke next to me at the bar stank of fish..! He could have had a wash before coming out for the evening!) staff, have a word with him...please!! TJ

2 Aug 2007 00:02

The Fox and Hounds Restaurant & Bar, Englefield Green

Well...if you've found the 'Fox & Hounds' next to Windsor Great Park, you've done well..! You'd never find this place without sat-nav and directions from a good friend! But what a find when you're there..!!
I couldn't care if they served beans on toast or the finest venison, the location is great! 30 yards from gates into one of the best parks in the country! And on a sunny day you just can't beat it. They have a bar menu, and a proper restaurant menu, but i think they stop serving at 2.30pm, so get there early for lunch. The bar menu will suffice. Have a few drinks, then wander off into The Great Park, its worth seeing the horse statue about 20mins walk away (Georgio Tertio)! Did you know, if a horse statue has both front feet off the ground the rider died in full battle. If the horse has only one front foot off the ground the rider died as a result of wounds received in battle... they made a film about King George III. What a fantastic back garden he had to roam in! And if you fancy a good long walk, try the 3 mile walk down to Windsor Castle. Lizzie might be in..!! TJ

1 Aug 2007 23:49

The Namco Station bar, Waterloo

OK..i was desperate! Ventured in the Namco again the other weekend to watch the 6 Nations rugby. It was an all important Irish game, ok, I had to see it!
I found the least smokey part of the bar, which on this occasion happened to be next to the pool tables, no worries. But I couldn't help but notice a homeless person sleeping in a comfy chair a couple of tables away! I thought, ok, staff will turf'em out pretty soon.. well can you believe it, I got moved by the staff..! 'Cos that area was booked for a party in an hours time, so I missed the second half of the rugby!! Its ok for a 'free-loading' tramp to sleep undisturbed there for 2hours or more, but a fair-paying customer gets moved on..!! Hey 'Namco' management, is that good business..? Sort your priorities out..!! TJ

25 Mar 2007 18:02

The Thames Court, Shepperton

The 'Thames Court' pub is now ALL no-smoking! Like its 'sister' pub the Kingfisher, by Chertsey Bridge (Pre-empting the nationwide ban which commences in July'07). TJ

20 Mar 2007 15:40

The Marlborough, Richmond

I had a pleasant enough lunch in here the other day. Barman was efficient. Choice of beers was plentiful. "Stumble on, brother..!"
And now that the loo's fixed, Mick Jagger has no more excuse not to visit..! TJ

20 Mar 2007 15:28

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

Having been unable to get IN the pub 2 Sundays ago because of the enormous 'throng' of people outside, after England beat France at rugby in the "6 Nations".. I decided to give it another go yesterday. What a difference! A quiet pub! No crowds 6 deep at the bar. No-one outside at all really! And I was one of two waiting at the bar. Staff were pleasant enough, except for the Italian looking barman who just looked at me as I waited to be served, and then decided to walk off without saying a word! Apparently rearranging menus on tables was more important than serving a customer..!) No, I'm not angry, just amazed that such poor bar service does actually exist. You hear about it occasionally, but when it actually happens to YOU it kinda makes you want to get up and walk around the corner to the 'Eel Pie' instead! So I did! Where I got served straight away by a smiling fair haired girl, half his age..!!)
Maybe I'll give the 'Barmy Arms' one more try next Sunday, they can't disappoint 3 Sundays running..can they..?? TJ

20 Mar 2007 14:56

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

When England beat France in the 2007 "Six Nations" rugby tournament two Sundays ago... what a night in the Eel Pie..!! The crowds filled the street outside, and the singing was fantastic! French, English, Italian.. you name it, all nationalities united in one big throng..!!
Not so good for the cars trying to drive through Church Street though..!! (Best avoid Church St, on rugby nights drivers..!?) TJ

20 Mar 2007 14:36

The White Cross, Richmond

The 'White Cross' is closed from yesterday (19March) until 31st March 2007, for refurbishment. It will open on Sat.31/3/07 as Richmond's FIRST no-smoking pub! (At least, that's what the notice on the door and window say)! Well.. there's progress for you! TJ

20 Mar 2007 14:24

The Marlborough, Richmond

Richmond Hill...what a location! Mick Jagger living around the corner...Ronnie Wood not far away either! This should be a really nice pub.
My meal was ok, the selection of world beers & lagers is unusual, and worth checking.
However, some people say you can judge a place by the state of the toilets...! If you suffer from asthma, or any other breathing disorder do NOT go in the gents loo...!! It has a serious DAMP problem, not helped by the centre urinal, whose pipework is still damaged, and has an unfortunate trick of 'peeing' back at anyone near!! (How embarassing.. explain that damp patch..!) Management, it needs sorting quick!! TJ

1 Mar 2007 17:06

Que Pasa, Maidenhead

Roomy. Plenty of tables, and space for small or large groups. Modern interior, polished wood floor (except for small no-smoking area at front by windows, which is carpeted). Not too smokey at lunchtime. If you prefer somewhere smaller, try The Bell pub opposite, on corner of Queen St. Pleasant enough. TJ

1 Mar 2007 16:40

The Swan Hotel, Staines

(I see 'Mcloj's latest comment was a bit too risque for the public domain..! Nevermind). Suffice to say, this is a nice pub, the food is good, and service was above average. (There is a large screen in main bar, showing latest Sky News reports, in afternoons, with the sound off.. to avoid interrupting polite conversation)! An outside terrace makes it very pleasant, drinking next to the river, on those warm days..! TJ

28 Feb 2007 18:10

The Marlborough, Richmond

Did I mention the list of 'world' beers on tap at the Marlboro..!:
Kirin Ichiban (popular Japanese beer); Liefmans Frambozen (thats Raspberry beer folks!); Becks Vier 4%; Heineken 5%; Belle-Vue Kriek (a red,cherry beer); Maredous Blonde (sounds French); Paulaner Munchen (a clear German beer); Staropramen (premium Czech lager); IPA Green King; Leffe (strong Belgium beer 6+%); Fruhli (is that strawberry beer...!!)! And thats just for starters, further down the bar away from the door are more ales & beers. A fair choice indeed. I like this bar! We will have to re-visit. TJ

16 Feb 2007 00:52

The Marlborough, Richmond

The Marlboro' is a no-smoking pub, up Richmond Hill. A far uphill walk from Richmond town centre, but as I discovered well worth it!
A long thin bar, with seductively dimmed lighting at night. A large soft leather sofa infront of a log fire at the far end (nice on a cold night). But there were hardly no more than a dozen people in there at 10pm (closing at 11pm mid-week, Midnight Fri+Sat) begging the question 'why'? The 'good lady' and I quite enjoyed it in here, the piped music was soft and 'bluesy' but not too loud. Clientele tended to be the over 30's, who didn't need smokes, weed, or raucous music! (Sorry if I've put you off now..!) But I would place the 'Marlboro' definately high up in my top 10 of Richmond pubs. Thanks Ben! TJ

16 Feb 2007 00:41

The Hog in the Pound, Bond Street

Article in Evening Standard(14/2/07) stating the 'Hog in the Pound' is one of about 20 pubs in London under threat of closure. It has been sold to a development company. Shame, I liked the old 'Hog', very useful for a quick nose-bag on the hoof! on one of those laborious shopping expeditions in Oxford Street. I felt as happy as a pig in s**t here! If the 'bacon is cooked', it will be sorely missed. TJ

15 Feb 2007 23:35

The Harte and Garter, Windsor

The good ol' Harte & Garter, terrific old hotel, with amazingly high ceiling as you walk in. Had a real 1920's feel to it, with potted aspidistra's and the lot.. but unfortunately no atmosphere, and very little custom just before Christmas last (2006) Hence its now closed for a total refurb. Judging by its "bad press" of late, i wouldn't be surprised if they changed its name, and changed its image totally. It needs it. I noticed between the scaffold poles, on the windows recently, notices declaring it opens again at the end of the month. I presume thats February'07. But work looked like it could take a lot longer. (Has serious competition 50yds away with the all-new 'King & Castle' in the high street further down the hill, so the refurb had better be good...!) It'll take some doing to better the 'K&C' tho'...! TJ

13 Feb 2007 00:02

Bells Of Ouseley, Old Windsor

A 'No Smoking' Harvester..!! Restaurant on left side (and main part of building) with bar area to the right, with a dozen or so tables (some low, some high) with bar stools, a comfy leather sofa, and a couple of 'stall' type nooks. Not so good for a large crowd of you, but ideal for small groups. I can recommend their BLT, for a quick bar snack. (Gents toilet stall did not have a lock..! Otherwise, clean and tidy). When in Old Windsor, or just passing on to Windsor town itself, a useful watering hole during the week, certainly, but avoid at weekends, I expect its manic, and crawling with kids! Not that i don't like kids.. but i couldn't manage a whole one..!! (Thats more of an N.B. for customers who prefer 'kid-free' bars.. don't grass me to the CSA now..!!) TJ

12 Feb 2007 23:32

The Railway Hotel, Hampton

Had occasion to use the train to Hampton the other day, so popped to the nearest pub 'Railway Hotel' for a late lunch & a pint. But not so..! Surprised to find out the pub doesn't open until 3pm on a week day..!(What!) This is Middlesex, London, is it..!?!?
So i ventured around the corner instead, to 'The Dip' (by the rail bridge) to the 'Railway Bell', which served a very nice lunch & a pint (..or two), the 'R/Bell' also has a no-smoking bar, if you don't like your lunch smoked! TJ

11 Feb 2007 13:28

The Swan Hotel, Staines

Didn't see any young naked nympho's 'Mcloj', but I will keep my eyes peeled tho'...! Nice little bar by the river, fantastic location in the summer no doubt. The bar strictly opens at 12noon during the week. Welcome real fires on cold winter days. (I have been in here one Saturday summer evening last year when it was extremely busy, and it was 3-deep at the bar, allow 20mins to get your drinks!) I don't get this side of the river often, me boat's lost an oar..!! Nice pub tho'. TJ

11 Feb 2007 13:09

The Railway Bell, Hampton

The Railway Bell, or "The Dip" is a small friendly pub, the whole of the left hand side of the building is 'no smoking' and popular for that reason. Handy for Hampton railway station, if you're ever inclined to use the railway. The food is good & reasonably priced too. Its nearby rival pub 'The Railway Tavern' doesn't open until 3pm during the week, so "The Dip" is the place for lunch, when in the area. I too will recommend this bar. TJ

11 Feb 2007 12:57

The Sports Bar, Manhattan

Over-looking the south side of Central Park, NY. Slim, walk-around bar (360) with high stools. Numerous tables surround, with a dozen or more Tv screens dotted around. You get a decent steak burger in here! There were 2 Scots and 1 Chelsea supporter at the bar, watching CFC win another game (Lampard scored)! Neat & clean bar, purely for sport though. TJ

5 Feb 2007 22:46

Kennedy's, Manhattan

A good ol' Irish bar (one of many!) in the middle of Manhattan, NY. Couldn't get a seat in the long thin pub, it was that popular. My brother-in-law knew the bar manager (small world indeed!) Apparently popular with celebs too, or was, if the old photos on the walls are anything to go by (spotted a very young Jodi Foster in one picture). Apparently open 7 days a week, and the bar's open 'til late. "A meal you will remember", they boast on their bar card, but I can't say, we couldn't get a seat or a meal! Bar had a good, busy yet relaxed atmosphere. The sort of place you could stay ALL night! If in NY checkout this bar! TJ

5 Feb 2007 22:21

The Heartland Brewery (Empire State Building), Manhattan

This bar is a must! At the base of the illustrious Empire State Building, in New York, after a heavy trek sight-seeing &shopping, this bar is a very welcome sight! And as Mr Monkfish states, the food is good, and ample! The Pale Ale is worth trying, but I preferred the Brooklyn Lager. Their Oatmeal Stout is award winning! The New York 'Daily News' claims the HB has the best beer in NYC! The New York Magazine says - Best Brewpub in NYC!
I'd be down here every day, if it was walking distance from home. I wish it was! Eclipsed only by the 'Hard Rock Cafe' on Times Square, but not quite as noisey! If you like NY you'll luv the Heartland Brewery. (Family friendly too).

5 Feb 2007 21:27

The Hard Rock Cafe, Times Square

Busy, bussling, loud music bar! Just what you'd expect the 'HRC' to be in NY. Busy large 'sit-at' bar, with loads & loads of tables sprawling all around. Separate restaurant area. Loads of pop & music memorabilia & celeb photos displayed on all walls. Bar service was good, and puts a lot of UK bars to shame!(And you get a smile with it!)
I can recommend the Brooklyn Lager. I'd be down here every day if this was walking distance..! Luvvit! TJ

5 Feb 2007 21:09

The Cardinal Wolsey, Hampton Court

Some people like pavlova, anon...! Lovely location for a pub. River Thames behind, Hampton Court Green infront, and the palace of kings+queens nearby!
This used to be Sir Christopher Wren's local inn apparently (according to an old regular...he didn't look that old, or that regular either..!)

1 Feb 2007 01:05

The Goat, Upper Halliford

Judging by all the reviews here on 'The Goat'... either not many people can find it, those that have are keeping quiet about it, or customers are disappearing in The Halliford Triangle at an alarming rate..! Its a nice pub. Try it, you might like it! TJ

1 Feb 2007 00:51

The King and Castle, Windsor

Had an excellent evening in the King+Castle at the weekend, with old friends. It was busy but the service was good. The choice of beers is adequate, and the food we had was above average. Well done Val, and staff at K+C. Oh, and we love the 'no smoke' too!! (Be warned though, the DJ can be a bit loud, in the ground floor area!) I will up my rating to 9/10. I always look forward to these little jaunts to Windsor! TJ

30 Jan 2007 13:09

The Slug and Lettuce, Richmond

SLUG Management to note:-
I have had cause in the past to speak to the bar manager on duty, about poor bar service in the SLUG, even when its not busy!
However, there is a barman here at the SLUG who does deserve some praise. He's white, in his 30's, with hair in a pony-tail, I don't know his name. BUT HE IS AN EXCELLENT BARMAN...! When he's on duty, you will get good service! Well done that man! I wish every pub had staff like him...! TJ

24 Jan 2007 10:22

The White Horse, Richmond

'JB' this is a place for eaters...!
Behold, the 'White Horse' gets a mention this week in The Times "Gastro Pubs 2007" ! You can get a 2-course gastro lunch here (Mon,Tues,Wed) for 15.00. Or an evening gastro meal on the same first three days of the week. What do we do for the rest of the week..? Have to pop down the hill to the 'Orange Horse' by the station, for a nose-bag..!! Hey, hay! TJ

23 Jan 2007 22:35

The Prince's Head, Richmond

Well, well.. the 'Princes Head' gets a mention this week in the The Times 'Gastro Pubs 2007'...!! Two course lunch for 10.00 (Mon,Tues,Wed). If it weren't for the cig/smoke I'd visit more often, my last visit (last week) you had to sit outside the smoke was that bad inside. Apart from that, a stalwart pub. (Roll on July'07 tho')... TJ

23 Jan 2007 22:23

Ash Tree, Ashford

Popped into the 'Ash Tree' the other evening in passing, as needs must, for a quick half. I was surprised to hear the pub does NOT have a no-smoking area... so I couldn't stay long, it was too smokey. For that reason rating only 3/10 I'm afraid. Perhaps they should open the adjoining 'Thai Restaurant' up as a no-smoking bar area, it was totally empty at 8pm...!! TJ

23 Jan 2007 21:44

The Swan Inn, Staines

"Do not cease to drink beer, to eat, to intoxicate thyself, to make love, and to celebrate the good days." - (Ancient Egyptian Credo).

So thats what we did, in the 'sleepy' Swan Inn...! Not all at the same time tho'..!!
Happy celebrations..! TJ

16 Jan 2007 02:25

The Namco Station bar, Waterloo

Yeah...this is a 'wild' place! Its actually the closest bar to the 'London Eye', so if you need a drink (or a loo urgently) after spending 25mins trapped in a slow moving tourist 'pod', this bar is quite handy. But thats all it is. If you can fight your way passed the 'MacDonalds' and through all the screaming brats on all the raucous slot-machines & video games, AND find your way down the right escalator, and then turn down the correct stairs, you may find the underground bar, but it is well hidden in the dark & down in the bowels of 'County Hall'! And all the noise may actually put you off, and scare you out of the building completely! Best of luck! And thats if you actually get to the bar.. there's no guarantee you'll get served if you even make it that far..!! (I was lucky, it was a cold day, not too many folk had ventured out, so I managed to get a drink!) Go here if you dare! You have been warned! TJ

16 Jan 2007 02:14

Azzurro, Waterloo

This Italian Restaurant and Bar is directly under Hungerford Bridge, opposite main entrance to Waterloo SW Rail Station (York Road side). Its had a recent refit, and been renamed "Azzurro"... I can't recall what it was called early in 2006, but I thought it had 'Arch' in its title possibly. (Not to be confused with the 'Arch Duke' bar 200yds away under the same railway bridge)! 'Azzurro' is adjacent to the base of the Shell Building 20yds away. Its a nice little bar for commuters using SW trains nearby. It has a tiny bar (shoulder to shoulder maybe six patrons at a time!) but the restaurant area goes back a fair way and probably seats 100 people maybe. Its nice, but not quite as nice as the 'Archduke' under the arch, towards the Festival Hall, thats a superior bar (they play live jazz after 8.30pm..)! Try it! Its good! TJ

16 Jan 2007 01:55

The George Hotel, Castle Cary

B & B will cost you about 40 a night here, but its probably worth it after a few flagons of Abbot ale! A neat little secondary 'no-smoking' bar is hidden around the corner, and could be missed by some patrons. When next in Castle Cary, do have a lookin! TJ

16 Jan 2007 01:39

The Tarr Farm Inn, Dulverton

I bumped into someone who'd stayed at the 'Tarr Farm Inn' recently, and she said it was a great place. The famous 'Tarr Steps' (an ancient stone ford across the river are very close by) are a tourist attraction, and great fun for young & old during the sunnier months (you will get wet though..!!) Great little inn, can't recommend it enough! A real haven after a sweltering country hike. Must go there again soon! Rating: 18/10! TJ

16 Jan 2007 00:59

The Exmoor White Horse Inn, Exford

Not too many folk seem to have found this pub yet..! But its worth it when you do! Popular with local families, and grockles alike! I liked it. TJ

16 Jan 2007 00:49

The Star, Hampton Hill those 'who are you' looks alright (Paul)! Wouldn't have minded if they were from staff, but there was no-one behind the bar when i called in one lunchtime. I waited for the statutory time, but no sign of any service..!! Perhaps its a 'do-it-yourself' pub..! So i went down the road to the 'Duke of Clarence' and got served there straight away..!
The 'Star' had a very strong odour of stale cigarette ash (not everyones cup of tea..)! This pub will definately not be featuring in the book of "Fav Bars" by I.P.Nitely

16 Jan 2007 00:23

Duke of Clarence, Hampton Hill

Yes, a quaint little boozer, smuggled among the shops in a busy little high street. Good service. A long thin pub due to its high street location, with a bit of garden area/patio out the back, for those fairer weather days! The 'Duke' is better than the 'Jenny Lynd' pub opposite I would say. TJ

16 Jan 2007 00:08

The Kingfisher, Chertsey

The Kingfisher is now an ALL no-smoking pub! The only smoking allowed are the logs on the real fire!
I had a splendid steak burger (7.50) in the bar today. And for a lager, the Amstel on tap has quite a good flavour to it. I will certainly be revisiting again soon. (Good view of Chertsey Bridge and the river from terrace tables outside, lovely in the sunny weather). 8/10 TJ

15 Jan 2007 18:14

Cheers, Regent Street

Revisited 'Cheers' last friday afternoon, after about a years absence. It was not too busy, but due to only 2 staff serving behind the main 'walkaround' bar, you still had to wait 5mins to get served. At 4pm I was still sober so I noticed there was only ONE person serving behind the bar..!! This is Regent Street, central London folks! Can someone tell the management that, please! Plus, it is a rather smokey place. At 5pm someone opened the starting gates and all the office workers in London seemed to descend on Cheers! I gave up all hope of ever being served again, and ventured on to another venue!
Thinking back, I wonder why people go there when the service is poor, the beer selection is minimal (Bud on tap or Stella, bottles are 3.30) the food's nothing to sing about, and after 30mins you stink like a stale ashtray..!!
Thats some fun night out 9/5ers!! 2/10

15 Jan 2007 00:09

The Bear, Esher

"Eat - Drink - Sleep" (thats what the inscription says above the door as you enter this pub)!
I only did one of the above, and a very pleasant lunchtime drink it was too.
For the lager buffs out there, who dare, the Bear has Stella, Star', Fosters, Hoegaarden and Peroni on tap. (The latter Italian beer was 4.30 a pint)! So we only had 6 of those..! (i jest)!
A walkaround bar, with smaller comfy areas off it. A restaurant area at the back, and a small (6 tables) 'no-smoking' area on right hand side (not as 'comfy' as the smoking room next to it though..! Roll on July'07..) All in all a nice pub. I don't get to Esher that often, but now I know where the 'Bear' is, thanks to 'Laid back Ron', I shall certainly revisit. Even Mrs TJ gave it the thumbs up (and she's a very choosey lady..!!) First impressions: 7/10. TJ

14 Jan 2007 23:50

The Druid's Head, Kingston Upon Thames

I can't help it..! I admit it, I quite like Mariah Carey.. in a Freudian kinda way! But I guess if the pub advertises 'Live Premiership & Champions League' football, they're gonna have to have more than 2 Tv screens. But 'Karloff' is right, do we need to see all that other dross showing on the Tv..?! Perhaps have the telly's on for the sport only..? Would that work? I don't know, its a difficult balance. Different folk have different ideals. The ladies like their soaps..etc, boy its tough being a pub manager, who'd do it?...all those bloody people coming in at all hours of the day, getting sploshed & enjoying themselves, and some football fanatics too..!! whoah...Hammers for the Cup..!! One nil! (I'll just leave quietly now..!)

11 Jan 2007 13:20

The Spread Eagle, Wandsworth

Popped in here with the 'Squire' for a bite before touring the famous 'Youngs' Wandsworth 'Ram' Brewery opposite (just before it closed last year)! We must have drunk 'em dry that day, 'cos the brewery closed soon after..!!
Really enjoyed the tour tho'. The 'Kew Brew' is good, and so was the 'foreign' extra strong lager that they only exported to the far East (no, thats not Romford, its a bit further than that..!) What a good day we had, but what a shame the brewery's gone now. And Mr Young himself 'went' soon after, lamenting his brewery! As the great Mr Sinatra once sang.."That's Life.. and don't you forget it!" TJ

11 Jan 2007 12:32

Cheers, Regent Street

Visited this bar one week day afternoon, liked the sound of the name.. it wasn't too busy! But you may find the staff behind the bar are too busy to serve you..!! After a little wait at the bar, a girl poured my drink, then she got involved in writing something, and totally forgot all about me.. for about 5 mins! Strange service.
(Management to note: must train bar staff to serve customers ordering drinks)..!

11 Jan 2007 12:10

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

Loped into the 'Chandos' again recently, lured by the local wildlife, and the Sam Smiths tall glass cool lager, nectar of the Gods! Good to see the landlord is opening the doors to all genre, including giraffes, etc.(see 19Aug06). We like the Chandos especially after a hard chase around the shops in central London. Here you can sprawl out on the comfy sofas upstairs, put your paws up & relax your claws a while! Signed:'Ravenous Lion'!

11 Jan 2007 11:36

The White Cross, Richmond

"Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants to see us happy!" - Benjamin Franklin (US Statesman)

10 Jan 2007 21:12

Orange Tree, Richmond

"Pub of The Year Award, 1976"... so there!
Even nicer now though. Called in at 4pm today, there was only about 10 folk in the whole pub, but 'cos half of those were smoking, i was surprised to find the whole pub stank of stale cigarette ash...not very appealing!! (STAFF TO NOTE PLEASE) Get the air-con working, or give the place an airing occasionally..!! For this reason i shall have to amend my rating from 8/10 to 7/10.

10 Jan 2007 21:07

The Kings Fairway, Ashford

Used the 'KF' a lot since Christmas, I must like it!! The artwork in the pub is worth seeing, its...unusual! How often can you have a beer overlooked by a life-size Mrs Buddha..? Ok your locals got one... but I wasn't actually referring to staff..!! The rump steak is good, and 'Laid back Ron' likes the scampi. London Pride, Bombadier, Santa's Little Helper (still), Carling, Fosters, Grolsch, Kronenbourg, Guiness, mulled wine & a few others on tap. Lunchtimes you will guarantee a seat, but Friday/Sat nights you'll probably have to stand, its that popular. As i keep tellin'ya, its the best pub in Ashford!! TJ

10 Jan 2007 20:59

The Archduke Restaurant and Wine Bar, Waterloo

If you like a bit of live jazz with your meal/drink pop into the 'Archduke' after 8.30pm and you may be surprised by the pleasant ambiance. The German weissbier 'Paulaner' on tap here is worth tasting, a strong beer that some say is better than Erdinger . Take a table by the large floor to ceiling glass wall, and you're in the shadow of the 'London Eye' all lit up at night, and quite a sight. This is a small but classy bar/restaurant. The food is good but more expensive than your local, but hey.. location is everything!! If you use Waterloo rail station, you really should check out this bar underneath the railway arches of Hungerford Bridge (its the bar nearest the Festival Hall, not 'Azzurro' next to the Shell Building, ok..) Excellent. TJ

10 Jan 2007 20:44

The Prince Blucher, Twickenham

Re-visited the Blucher on Christmas Eve after many moons absence... nice pub; small car parking area outside. There is a small 'no smoking' area at the far end to the right. But as 'GP' points out, i too came away stinking of smoke! Surprised the pub closed so early at Christmas! I will re-visit again as the Chiswick ale was good, but not until July 2007...! Happy New Year! TJ

1 Jan 2007 18:26

The White Cross, Richmond

"Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder"..!!
And this certainly is a beautiful spot here by the River Thames, and the White Cross.
If you've not experienced this little beauty, take note, and make a window for it in your social calendar..! And if you look really closely.. under that window, you may see a fireplace..! Now that's unusual.. and probably why this pub gets a mention in "The Strangest Pubs in Britain" (2002). TJ

19 Dec 2006 01:19

Trawlers, Shepperton

There was a 'fresh fish' van/stall outside 'Trawlers' yesterday, if thats your bag! And Karaoke appears popular here on Friday nights... mmmmmhhh!

19 Dec 2006 00:55

The Thames Court, Shepperton

If you live within a parakeet's flight of the 'Thames Court' (locals will know what i mean..) and have not been here before, you are missing out on a vital part of the meaning of life..!! Get along straight away now..!!
The Sunday lunches are renowned far & wide, but get there before 1.00pm, or you may have to wait 45mins for a table! Mind your head on the low beams if you're above average height! Even in winter its worth having a brisk walk along by the nearby Shepperton Lock, and then you've earned a hearty meal, some mulled wine, or a good hot toddy in the bar, and be warmed by a real log fire. (Even the wife likes it here.. bloody well done there Thames Court..!!) I would not be surprised if you bumped into someone you knew, an old friend, or someone you hadn't seen for a long time. I usually do! TJ

19 Dec 2006 00:49

Royal Hart, Ashford

I like the comfy red leather lounge chairs, with built-in drink 'station' on each arm! Brilliant! You can have 2 drinks on the go at once! They've kept the dark wood panelling at the back, but the seating area on the RHS is relaxed and smoke-free (I noticed staff upholding the smoking restriction too).
Nice re-fit, I was pleasantly surprised. I have upped my rating to 6/10. (At last the 'Kings Fairway' has viable opposition). Tonight it was fairly quiet, no problem finding a seat for the footy on the large screens. I didn't get beer spilled on my new shirt this time either, thats a plus..! I will re-visit. TJ

19 Dec 2006 00:25

The Anglers Retreat, Staines

Quite busy on a Friday evening. And you will be lucky to get a seat. The restaurant side is popular (although the toilets seem a long way from restaurant). The bar area is always smokey, but the barstaff are usually most efficient so you don't wait too long for your drinks. I like the fish-tanks, an unusual touch! For all the people that frequent this jolly establishment.. am I the only one with a pc..? (Memo to self: 3-monthly review due in March'07..!) TJ

19 Dec 2006 00:02

The Sherlock Holmes, Charing Cross

Met my old friend Dr Watson for a drink here the other day, great boozer. And the pubs good too..! It was sunny, but just a tad chilly. Watters insisted on smoking his pipe, so i ventured upstairs to their 'no-smoking' veranda.. room enough for about 12 people off the 1st floor corridor, but its 3/4 open to the elements, and I detected a bracing cold wind in the afternoon air, so couldnt stay there too long..! We adjourned to the good old 'Arch Duke' over Hungerford Bridge, on the South Bank. The Doctor got the orders in, he prescibed me a lovely Paulaner weisse beer, which worked wonders. I suggest you try it too. Doctors orders! TJ

14 Dec 2006 21:36

The Shakespeare's Head, Soho

Well 'JB' we certainly shut 'Mr Anon' up.. he hasn't answered any of our questions. I have revisited this pub more recently, and did in fact get served on that occasion. But i guess that's what bar staff are there for, aren't they..? If you visit this pub whilst Christmas shopping in Carnaby Street nearby, I hope you too will get served & not bard! Happy Christmas Shakespeare.

14 Dec 2006 21:13

The Duke of York, Richmond

Alas, the grand ole Duke of York (Richmond) has marched that hill too often, and is no more..
And we are the poorer for this loss. Farewell old friend. TJ

14 Dec 2006 20:55

Orange Tree, Richmond

Had a nice steak-burger in the Orange Tree last night, it certainly filled the hole. Lots of 'suits' clogging up the bar, I felt quite out of place in my multi-coloured kaftan! A busy little pub after 5pm, but service is efficient. The restaurant/no-smokey area was full, bar one table, by 6pm. Toilets are upstairs (for some reason - perhaps as a sobriety test..!)
The London geezer, older than anyone else behind the bar is jolly Roger, he's the new manager. (No pirate jokes please..) but he does like his rum..! TJ

14 Dec 2006 20:48

Royal Hart, Ashford

I paid my first visit to the ole Royal Hart for 5 months last Saturday, and yes they've had a tidy-up! It looked neat & tidy, and there's now a 'smoke-free' zone on the right hand side (with a couple of screens, so you can still see the game)! There's progress for you. The 'RH' is arriving in the 21st century (unlike a lot of pubs where they're dragging their heels on the smoking issue). Well done staff, good re-fit, good service, comfy new seats, and Mrs TJ didn't notice I'd been in (whilst shopping) for a crafty pint! A round of applause for the RH..!! TJ

11 Dec 2006 22:59

The Stone Horse, Mayfair

A 'sporty' bar for live screen sporting events. Fantastic for office workers in Oxford Circus area, and City slickers alike! Where footy fans rub shoulders with the briefcase &bowler brigade! A stones throw from Soho, handy for Savile Row, and not far from Piccadilly Circus.
A long thin bar, with a couple of Tv screens, a couple of nooks (for clandestine liaisons)! and pub food available until 9pm.
It can get v.smokey when busy, so for that reason I can only give it 6/10. TJ

11 Dec 2006 22:39

Orange Tree, Richmond

Come on 'GP', the OT isn't that bad..!
The food is better than average, but you won't get change from a 10 note for your lunch. The leather comfy chairs are comfy, but the 'no smoke' area (ie: the dining area at the back) is too small, with no place to 'lounge' (all tables). But that will have to change in 6 months time..!
I like the Orange Tree 'cos its different. I always find the barstaff helpful, and if you come early enough (ie: before 5pm..) you'll get a seat, maybe a comfy one! TJ

11 Dec 2006 22:05

The Kings Fairway, Ashford

You can get a reasonable lunch in the 'Kings Fairway' for under 5. They have a larger than average 'no smoking' area (half the pub) so you don't have to go home smelling too smokey. Largish car park at rear. 290 bus stop 150yds away. And topless darts on a Thursday.

11 Dec 2006 21:47

The King and Castle, Windsor

Very ingenius 'ajs400'.. i'll remember that little tip..! Great bar K&C ! I'd go more often if it was walking distance.
Apart from a dress code, they're also a bit picky about 'over 21's only' after 9pm or something like that. My friends 18yr old daughter couldn't even have an orange juice here one evening, and then staff refused to serve us (all adults over 40yrs!) with her in the bar..!! What sort of nonsense rule is that..?!! Staff would rather turn away 8 middle-aged customers, (who were already unneccesarily embarassed!) than serve a soft drink to one of our group who was 18yrs! Thats amazing customer relations for you. Is that what licensing laws were made for..? To bar law-abiding respectable patrons..?! (STAFF PLEASE NOTE..) ! Confused of TW2 !

11 Dec 2006 16:14

The Cricketers, Richmond

Ah, The Cricketers.. a nice little watering hole, and not just for cricketers, rugger & footy types frequent here, aswell as sporting ladies too! Many may not realise they have an upstairs 'salon' for those patrons who prefer 'smoke-free' drinkies..! (However, they forgot to tell the smoke not to use the stairs..!) Never mind, the idea was good! Nice boozer, specially when the sun visits. TJ

11 Dec 2006 15:45

The Two Brewers, Windsor

An 'Egon Ronay' good food pub! And if you don't know Egon, get down here and try his food! Very good grub! But you'd better get here before 2.30pm, that's when the lunch menu closes. It can get rather smokey in here, especially if the earl on the next table is chain-smoking cigars..!! Apart from that, a great little pub. Salubrious neighbours too! TJ

9 Dec 2006 20:27

The Slug and Lettuce, Richmond

The person standing next to you at this bar is more likely to get served before you, even though you've been waiting so long, you've forgotten what you went in there for..! Generally the staff are helpful, but too young to engage in intellectual discourse! Apart from that, its a trendy sort of bar, and if slugs and snails are your thing you'll like it here..
(just joshing.. luvit really!) TJ

9 Dec 2006 20:10

The Boat House, Chertsey

Go on.. push the boat out..! Have a drink down at the Boathouse. Never disappointing, always refreshing those parts we needn't mention!
Love the food, and the river aspect. Great pub! 10/10 TJ

9 Dec 2006 19:50

The Swan Inn, Staines

Not many people seem to have found this pub yet! So you'll guarantee a seat.. staff were friendly & service was efficient. However, you will need to get there by vehicular transport, its about a mile walk from 'Two Rivers' and the nearest bus stop, and nearer a 2 mile walk from Staines rail station. But well worth the effort!! TJ

9 Dec 2006 19:36

The Pelican, Addlestone

Fantastic little pub! Having been stuck in very slow moving Weybridge traffic for half an hour yesterday (4pm) I popped into this little haven! The rump steak was gorgeous, there were about 7 people in the pub so service was personal, and Dr Kronenbourg was at hand to calm my road rage!!
Great little oasis, you should checkit out, next time your passing Woburn Hill, Addlestone Moor. TJ

8 Dec 2006 17:04

The White Cross, Richmond

We seem to get a lot of people on this pub site who don't know who they are...('anons' all over the shop)! Never mind, Father Thames knows one & all, who venture along these banks, and this is one of the more favoured watering-holes in the area!! Long may it be so. (TJ)

30 Nov 2006 12:22

Boundary, Staines

Current managers have a strange policy for customers who prefer a 'smoke-free' pint... Some days of the week the far end area (with wooden flooring) is set aside as a 'no smoking area'. However, if there's a football game on, or some other sporting event, they let people smoke throughout the whole pub.
I don't understand this policy...2006 = "Non-smokers will have to lump it or like it"...but in Jul 2007 = "Smokers will have to lump it!".. Where is the sensible balance, and when are pub managers ever going to cater for both types of patron satisfactorily...??

30 Nov 2006 12:05

Arch One Bar and Grill, Waterloo

No worries 'Lottie25' it was me..! I got the wrong bar! I confused this with the bar opposite Waterloo station ('Azzuro')..we can all relax now & have a beer!

4 Sep 2006 16:59

Orange Tree, Richmond

Walked in here the other evening, the place was busy, people all over the place. Folk obviously like it here! Even so, I went straight to the bar and before I'd even made my mind up the barmaid asked me what drink I'd like! That's good bar service. (Better than the 'Slug & Lettuce' by the river earlier today, which took 5mins to be asked, and it was only half as busy as the 'OT')!! TJ

4 Sep 2006 00:44

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

It was 'heaving' last night anon (Sat.) you couldn't get in the door! Rugby supporters everywhere, but no trouble..! TJ

4 Sep 2006 00:33

The White Cross, Richmond

Nice to see the 'White X' is using the 'hard' plastic glasses again, for outdoor use. Who wants to sit inside on a day like today! Scorchio..! TJ

4 Sep 2006 00:30

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

Nice to see the 'man at the top of the building' is working again.. heaving beer barrels up to the top floor (for some reason)! Perhaps they could get him serving in the bar..!! We love the Chandos. TJ

4 Sep 2006 00:19

The Town Hall, Staines

Check out that photo again..! Have you seen a pub like that before..?! What a building. Check the high ceiling. Check the rather long bar. Check the various large screens for live sport. Check the upstairs balcony (opened when busy, or for large live sporting events on Tv) over-looking the rather large hall. This bar has a 'Wow' factor. It may not be everyones idea of a perfect pub, but there's certainly a place for a 'Town Hall' in every town..! Try it. TJ

2 Sep 2006 00:56

The Bull, Shepperton

Harsh words from our last reviewer there, but i found the pub ok. Not too much smoke, the regulars all behaved themselves, and the barmaid got our order right & served us promptly (a smile would have put a cherry on it..!) Saw a couple of locals playing cards, which you don't see very often in a bar at night. A handy stop off point if you're en route to the 'Barley Mow' down the road for a spot of jazz on a Wednesday evening! TJ

2 Sep 2006 00:42

The Barley Mow, Shepperton

Sampled the 'jazz night' on Wednesday, the pub was busy for a small place. The 'Tea' was nice, and the music was good, although I did not know any of the songs. Popular little place. The locals are lucky having this hostelry on their doorstep! TJ

2 Sep 2006 00:33

The Pelican, Addlestone

If your purchasing a new kitchen, at 'Howdens' on Weybridge Industrial Estate, spare 2 minutes to check out the 'Pelican' pub, which is about 10yds further down the industrial road (Hamm Moor Lane) and you may be pleasantly surprised. I was.
For low and behold, in the middle of this industrial estate is a little 'haven'.. a smallish pub with a large garden area at the back, right next to the river. There were probably 50 people at tables outside on the grass at lunchtime today, and the burgers, nachos, and chicken meals near us looked & smelt good. You can sip your favourite tipple whilst watching narrow boats pass a few feet away. And if you're really lucky, you may see a pelican..! A good find this pub! TJ

2 Sep 2006 00:28

Boundary, Staines

On the whole the re-fit has improved things here. How the management came up with the name 'Boundary' still remains a mystery though!
A long narrow pub, deceptively long in fact. You could easily go out on the 'lash' here and not see your missus with the hen party on the tables at the far end..!! But seriously, a nice pub!
(I had to send my steak back last time I was in here, but hopefully that was a 'one-off'. There was no quibble from the manager either, money back straight away - thats a positive)! When the football season is well underway, no doubt I will be drawn back, on those cold, dark, winter nights... ah yes, its all coming back now...! Summer didn't last long! (That's England for you..!) TJ

30 Aug 2006 14:59

The King and Castle, Windsor

(..don't ask a boy to do a man's job.. do it yourself I suppose..!) YES - 'KING & CASTLE' IS A 'NO SMOKING' PUB ! AND THE ONLY ONE I KNOW...! ! !
Well done Wetherspoons, taking the initiative, and producing a fine example of a 'smoke free bar'. This pub does have the 'WOW' factor..!! It hits you as soon as you walk in. Big bar area, airy high ceiling, plush seating, shiney polished bar, trendy lighting. All in all a job very well done! I cannot praise this bar highly enough. Go and see for yourself!
'Becks V' (4%) on tap, along with a good selection of ales and lagers. And what a location, over-looking the walls of the castle itself. I would not be surprised if 'Lizzy II' herself were so impressed that she just had to pop in for a royal night-cap!
At the back is quite a massive garden area, on two different levels with large table brolleys, for those patrons who would like to smoke!
This is a good pub! I saw no chavs here. That is why I have increased my rating from 7 to 9/10 ! Over to you now...!!! TJ

30 Aug 2006 14:39

Baroosh, Staines

BAROOOSHHH !!! Great bar!
Great in the afternoon. Great in an evening. If you're over 21 (and look it!) you'll have no problems here. If you're looking for a good traditional pub, this is not your bag, baby!
(Staff to note the last comment by 'Redhat'... another customer lost...?!)
Nice bar, I always find the bar staff efficient & helpful. You can get a latte coffee, or a tall Erdinger lager (German wheat beer) here at most times of the day, which is really useful if your shopping with the love of your life..!!
The bouncers at night I have always found also quite helpful and astute, and as doorman go, better than average! Baroosh does now have to compete with the 'Town Hall' and the 'Boundary' nearby (which are 2 fine establishments themselves now) but 'Baroosh' is still out front by a nose..! There is a raised area at the rear which is a 'no-smoking' area for those who may not like cigarette smoke, but when busy, this area becomes as smokey as the rest of the premises!! Begging the question, why have a 'no smoke area' if its not done properly..!? The bar food I have always found quite reasonable, if you don't mind 'trendy' food. I would probably go here more often, if there was a proper vent system, or a real smoke-free bar. A shame really, 'cos I quite like this trendy bar, there are not many like it in the area. But because of the smoke, I can only rate it 7/10..! TJ

30 Aug 2006 14:08

The Garibaldi, Staines

It appears the name outside this pub is still showing: "Gariba Di"... (probably since the windows were smashed last September..!) I like the sound of that, it has a Spanish ring to it! Maybe the landlord should keep it that way permanently! "GARIBA DI"...
A small pub indeed. Quite smokey (if you like your evenings 'smoked'..) but staff seemed helpful enough (I got a beer, so thats ok). The 'Gariba Di' helped me out recently, when I was refused entry at "Baroosh" (in Staines high st.) with my 17yr old daughter! But at least I was able to get a pint & an orange juice in here!! Well done the 'Garibaldi' for that.
(Were licensing laws brought in to prevent parents taking their 17yr olds for a 'sensible' drink in a pub...? I don't think so folks! Get a grip Baroosh staff!) Buenos noches amigos..!! TJ

30 Aug 2006 13:30

The Horse Pond Inn, Castle Cary

(An interesting and historic horse pond nearby, where in by-gone days horses complete with their coaches were driven into the pond to be washed!! Try that in your 4x4...!!) The pub looks nice too! TJ

29 Aug 2006 15:27

The White Hart, Castle Cary

A pub with a bar. Serves local ales & lager. Smokey! (Bar frequented by a black &white cat, although he has been barred, keeps sneaking in when bar staff not looking)! A couple of tables outside front on pavement. An interesting and historic horse pond nearby, where in by-gone days horses complete with their coaches were driven into the pond to be washed!! Try that in your 4x4...!! TJ

29 Aug 2006 15:24

The Exmoor White Horse Inn, Exford

Large, old hotel/pub. Substantial restaurant area, catering for families. Interesting bar, with 'barrel feature' built into it. (Fantastic display of local photographs, by the manager. Colour & black+white local views, and picturesque scenes. For sale, and well worth seeing)! TJ

29 Aug 2006 15:12

The Crown Hotel, Lynton

The Crown Hotel (appears also to be known as "Whip and Collar" Restaurant & Bar) - confusing to visitors! Nice location. Has a covered seating area outside big enough for about 4 tables. Inside is an old-style bar. Locals seemed well-behaved. There was a distinct lack of staff the afternoon I popped in (ie- no-one serving behind the bar.. a real problem if you're thirsty after a long hike..!) I did get my pint after a 5min wait, and then made it to a table outside just before a real down-pour!! Other patrons food did look and smell quite good though, so this may be worth sampling at some stage. Probably a good bar to frequent in the evening. TJ

29 Aug 2006 14:57

The Lion Hotel, Dulverton

Nice old hotel/pub, on the edge of Exmoor National Park. Quaint little village Dulverton, which has the only cash machine for miles around (hence this pubs address, Bank Square)! Useful to know if you're in the Exmoor area and your cash is waning..! TJ

29 Aug 2006 14:42

Trawlers, Shepperton

Went passed 'Trawlers' today at 6.30pm... it still looks as if its 'closed', there were no cars at all at the front. Maybe the manager could hire some cars from somewhere and make it look like people go there!!

25 Aug 2006 00:32

The Harrow, Charlton Village

The 'Squire' reliably tells me the 'Harrow' is in fact THE oldest pub in Surrey! Well it certainly is one of the most picturesque. It should be surrounded by green fields & rolling hills with sheep.. (and horses, and maybe a reservoir.. and a bridge, over a busy motorway..)!! TJ

25 Aug 2006 00:27

The Barley Mow, Shepperton

Nice little boozer! Hidden in the middle of a residential housing estate, I would never have known it was there if it wasn't for a well travelled friend.
Had a nice drink of TEA, went down well on a warm afternoon. Noticed they had 'Becks V'(4%) on tap, which is unusual. Also noticed an upright piano in the corner with jazz pictures & posters around it. Discovered the 'Barley Mow' has a jazz evening every Wednesday 8.30pm. This I must sample, now I know where it is! The bar itself was almost fully utilised and this was at 5.30pm suggesting most of the people were Sheppertonians, or they'd been there all day! Or both!! The guy managing behind the bar with long hair was good at his job (and I've seen a few bar staff!) and he wouldn't have looked out of place doing a concert with the Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd or somebody! The pub obviously has music connections. (No doubt somebody will enlighten me now..)! A good joint. I will revisit. TJ

25 Aug 2006 00:10

The London Apprentice, Old Isleworth

I had a nice pint of 'Landlord' in here on Sunday night with the 'Squire', 'cos they'd run out of London Pride! Nearly spilt the lot when the young bargirl with the low-cut top bent forward for something..!! Steady now..!
Not a bad little boozer. Difficult to get to if you haven't got wheels. (Couldn't take the boat.. its having its 50,000m service..)! TJ

23 Aug 2006 16:00

The White Swan, Twickenham

I thought you preferred the White Swan in Richmond Katrina..? TJ

23 Aug 2006 15:48

The White Cross, Richmond

I just happened along one Saturday afternoon.. ooh about a 4weeks ago now.. and I saw the biggest crowd I've ever seen outside the White X. A band were playing in their little forecourt area, by that little outside bar bit, and music was blaring and people were dancing and having a great time!! What a great idea! I had to stop and soak up a drink or two. You had to stand in the newly cobbled road to get a view! Nice to see so many folks enjoying themselves, on a sunny early evening, and at no extra charge!!
MANAGEMENT - Is this a regular event?! (Was there anyone famous in the band, they were quite good)!
It must have been very good for trade. TJ

23 Aug 2006 15:40

The Nobody Inn, Doddiscombsleigh

Dear 'Simmel'.. the reason you had to wait until 8am to get out of the locked pub was.. there was nobody in..!!

22 Aug 2006 01:32

The Double Locks, Exeter

Apologies.. to all readers..! It is in fact a canal here beside the pub, and not a river! (Its difficult for us townies to tell the difference..!!) And yes, I too noticed the notice, that was not really too noticeable, giving notice of a notice-worthy event coming soon to the 'Double Locks' if you notice...! an open-sided building or 'lean to' presumably to be attached to the side of the pub, for an increased seating area outside & under cover. That could enhance the venue in the good weather. I shall have to return here again, to find out. Happy drinking punters!!

22 Aug 2006 01:21

The Double Locks, Exeter

Ah, the 'Double Locks' pub. A great find by the river! Where have you been.. canooing probably!! We saw a two-man canoe capsize here last Wednesday.. right infront of the 2 swans & their 3 cygnets resting on the large 'step' beside this pub. But they didn't panic.. unlike the 2 teenagers in the boat! Still it was a nice day for a swim, I'm sure they loved it! As did I inside the 'DL' which has a very small bar (big enough for about 7 oarsmen to stand side by side at the bar..!) 'How strong is the local cider?' I asked, but the young bar girl did not know! Never mind, it tasted good ("Long.." something..)!
Apparently although quaint, according to locals, this pub is not as good as the 'Turf Locks' pub further up the river (a fair walk, maybe 3miles from Exeter quayside, so a boat or bike might be in order there)! TJ

22 Aug 2006 01:09

Port Royal, Exeter

Woah! - does no-one know the 'Port Royal' on the quayside at Exeter..?!! OK, you'll have to walk to it to find it, or you could hire a bike and cycle the 400yds along the towpath, and get there quicker. Its worth it! I met up with an old friend here last Wednesday, Dr Kronenbourg at precisely 16.64 hours in the glorious sunshine! The gulls were screeching over-head, you can smell the fresh sea air, and the sound of the water nearby is a relaxant! With your best friend at your side, what more could you ask..!
The plaque outside this fine establishment tells of the legend of 'Port Royal' a town that was here 500 years ago, which was completely destroyed by a freak tidal wave. The pub is all thats left as a reminder of the tragedy! (Hmmm.. maybe its safer inland a bit..!!) We adjourned to the Prospect Inn, at the further end of the quay - landlubbers!! TJ

22 Aug 2006 00:50

The Prospect Inn, Exeter

'Beermeup' if you can reach boaters on the river from a table outside the 'Prospect Inn' you have a fine bowling arm! Have you got the right pub..? It must be 100yds from the actual river. Monty Panesar watch out..!!
I love the Quayside at Exeter, its Englands' Riviera! Fantastic on a sunny day. Lots of people about, drinking in the bars & cafes, or sampling locally caught fish, or browsing in the many splendid craft & restored furniture shops, hidden in old boathouses along the quay! The Prospect Inn is a 'jewel' along here, a good find well away from the town centre, where you can relax with a meal or a pint, and you can lob your cares in the River Exe.. if your bowling arm is up to it!! Luvvit to bits! (It was a shame we had to return to London! Maybe I'll emigrate to Exeter one of these days! It would be worth it. You see for yourself, prospect if you dare! Once sampled, beware, all other locations may seem pale & dry!!) 10/10 ! TJ

22 Aug 2006 00:34

The White Swan, Richmond

Had a rendezvous with an old friend Dr Kronenbourg here the other day at 16.64 hours precisely..! He's so prompt. Had no problem getting served at that time of day, the office workers had not arrived yet, and no tourists had managed to find it that afternoon!
The barman assured me it got busy later in the day, and at weekends. I thoroughly recommend the White Swan, Richmond (NOT to be confused with the White Swan on the riverside at Twickenham, a couple of miles down river, opposite Ham House. These 2 pubs are often mixed up! I prefer the Richmond one)! TJ

22 Aug 2006 00:06

The Tarr Farm Inn, Dulverton

Fantastic little inn (5 star)! With a tiny little bar (one of the smallest anywhere, ever!) serving 'Warsteiner' lager (Germanys no.1 best-selling beer) on tap!! Mrs TJ was well happy too with the best 'cream tea' she had ever tasted (freshly baked scones; clotted Devonshire cream; and local strawberry jam!! Mmmm..!)! First class tavern! But you have a steep walk to get to it, car park is a good half a mile away! (Not good for Granny!) TJ

21 Aug 2006 23:51

The Slug and Lettuce, Richmond

Met my nutritionist Dr Heineken here for a little afternoon apetizer the other day. Very nice it was too! Then someone's car outside got invaded by 'Father Thames'...he'll never learn, he just can't help himself!! So if you're coming to the 'Slug' for a drink, don't park your car nearby, unless you've got one of those 'submarine' James Bond cars!

I saw a boat parked blocking the road outside the 'Slug' some months back, the high tide just lifted it up & then deposited it in the middle of the road, it was there for a couple of days and no traffic could get through! Marvelous! Could the local officials / wardens assist in anyway to sort this problem out..? Why, yes! They slapped a parking ticket on the boat for obstructing the highway!! Luv'em! Luv the 'Slug' too. TJ

21 Aug 2006 23:23

The District Arms, Ashford

Small 'local' pub, with large screen in Tv area at rear for watching the sport. (Usually very smokey). Some nights live music/or singer. No doubt frequented by staff from the ladies prison 200yds away. (No chance of a lock-in then..!)? TJ

21 Aug 2006 22:45

The London road, Twickenham

A change from the 'posher' Twickenham drinkeries! Good for watching the sport live on Tv. Do they still have those tall 'swivelling' bar stools..? A boon! TJ

21 Aug 2006 17:24

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

Hey 'Leafstar' - i did as you suggested, i visited the 'Eel' then the 'Fox' and then bounced back to the 'Eel' again! Fantastic! Repeat this process until all aches and pains have gone.. and you can't remember what you were worrying about when you came in, and the world seems a much nicer place when you go out..!! Highly recommended. TJ

21 Aug 2006 17:18

The Cricketers, Richmond

My lad seems to enjoy 'The Cricketers' well enough. There must be a nice young barmaid that he likes in there or something! Or maybe its The Green that draws young and old for miles around..!! Great place. TJ

21 Aug 2006 17:11

The George Hotel, Castle Cary

Looks a bit like an old pub from the front, and I've been informed that it was indeed an old Coaching Inn, dating back to 15th Century. Now mainly hotel, but there is a small bar (seating maybe 20 people) and an even smaller 'no-smoking' bar further back, where people can have meals at tables in less smokey atmosphere. Nice for families, olduns, and youngens alike! Rooms available in yard at rear of pub look good, and apparently cater for dog owners (useful to know). TJ

21 Aug 2006 16:58

The Admiral Hawke, Sunbury on Thames

The 'Squire' had a meal in here the other day, but he said the food on that day was not that good, and expensive for 4 people (62)! I do hope the ale was up to scratch... TJ

21 Aug 2006 16:20

The King and Castle, Windsor

Does anyone know... is the 'King & Castle' a no-smoking pub now? TJ

21 Aug 2006 16:14

The Town Wharf, Old Isleworth

I tried the lager in the tall slim glass last night.. beautiful! Suggested same to the 'Pope' (he's from SA) and he luvved it too..!! Great lager!
We were then invited to drink-up at 10.35pm (Sunday laws..) and proceeded to sit in the 'Rolling Stones' concert traffic-jam on the A316 (Chertsey Road) for 3/4 of an hour! Traffic solid! Jammed in all directions! Not a traffic cop in sight for the whole journey home! Well done Twickenham did you manage it...? Nice pub though.. (Gawd bless the 'Rocking Bones') !! TJ

21 Aug 2006 16:09

The Kings Fairway, Ashford

Best pub in Ashford by a long way!!
Check it out next time you're down Ashford way. TJ

21 Aug 2006 15:54

The Fisherman's Cot, Bickleigh

The Fishermans Cot has got to be in my top 10 of best pubs in the UK! I luvvit here!! On a sunny afternoon you'd be hard pushed to find a better venue in Devon..(unless you know better..?)!!
I didn't test the food menu, but nearby tables the food looked & smelt good. Its a big pub inside, you could get lost! The carvery counter looked apetising! The loos were new & clean (always a good sign)! I found staff helpful, and there were sufficient of them. Did i mention the view outside..? The old stone bridge over the wier/type ford/falls with gushing river is breath-taking, and easy-on-the-ear too! We watched a gull patiently fish in the river for 20mins or longer! You don't get pubs like this in London..! If i was local 'KCurtis' i would be down the 'FC' every day, whether the meat was curled at the edge or not. Its a great place! One to mark in your diary & tell all your friends about! We loved it here! TJ

21 Aug 2006 15:49

The Phoenix, Sunbury on Thames

The Phoenix is larger on the inside than it looks from the street. The front door on the pavement opens directly into the've arrived straight away!
A deceptively big terrace at the back, over-looks a small section of the River Thames, which is quite pleasant on a sunny afternoon/evening.. watching a boat go up & down, ferrying merry locals shouting playful comments to us on shore! Ah, but I'm sure we were the merrier though..!!
One to include in your Sunbury pub-crawl for sure! TJ

10 Aug 2006 13:24

The Bridge Inn, Calver

What an amazing little pub, picturesque location too! But venture in and be amazed by all the copper & brass memorabilia all around the place! Momentos of bygone eras. But hopefully the beer won't be that old! Nice part of the world. Will re-visit the 'Bridge' when next in those parts. TJ

10 Aug 2006 13:12

The Spread Eagle Inn, Stourton

Is this the little pub at Stourhead 'NT' gardens? If so, excellent little find, well done!! Lovely garden.
Great little place to unwind after a serious walk around the marvellous country gardens. (Cream tea for Mrs TJ, and a nice cold lager for TJ)! A must, if you're down Wiltshire way!

10 Aug 2006 12:59

The Butt of Sherry, Mere

Nice little pub! Lovely little country town Mere.. (At least the 'Butt' was open at 5.00pm... the George Inn opposite didn't open until 6.00pm.. us towny's can't get used to these country opening hours!!)
An old pub with 'nooks' and wooden beams(mind your head!) and what looked like old church pews in the corner! Marvelous. An ancient dart-board facility, a v.small open-air courtyard in the middle of the building, big enough for 2x small tables. Locals seemed jolly enough. I agree with 'anon' below, Mere is excellent place to visit, if you like NT gardens check out Stourhead at Stourton, and while there refresh your palate at the 'Spread Eagle' pub in the grounds (the sort of venue you only see in films and period dramas..!) Happy drinking! TJ

10 Aug 2006 12:48

The Kings Fairway, Ashford

N.B. for Management:-
Would it be possible at some stage to extend the seating area outside, in this hot weather there never seem to be enough seats outside. (Perhaps removing that 18" wall would be sufficient, it doesn't seem to serve a purpose, just confining the area for patrons).
Excellent job inside the pub though! First rate! TJ

10 Aug 2006 12:28

The Phoenix, City Of London

A Smoke-free bar; one of the few in London! Phew! TJ

7 Aug 2006 01:42

Ye Grapes, Mayfair

'Ye Grapes' - one of few 'No Smoking' pubs in London.

7 Aug 2006 01:37

The Grizzly Bear, Sunbury on Thames

At 2220hrs RVP'd for a reccy at target site the 'Grizzly Bear' stop. Backup covered side door as I broke cover and entered the GB stop. Encountered no resistance on entry, and surprised to find local civilians (mainly young caucasian males) enjoying a quiet pint in their local! Stop. No hostilities Stop. Suggest all previous 'intelligence' reports here inferring a Hezbollah stronghold are incorrect! Stop. Request for immediate 'cease-fire' authorised.
Had a quick pint, then re-grouped awaiting further instruction Stop. No shots fired, no casualties, no hoodies, no problem! Will RVP at 'GB' again when next in mufti, for a quiet drink & mingle with Sunburian clientele Stop. No WMD here!! Disregard all previous log entries. Thats an order soldier!!

7 Aug 2006 01:34

The Town Wharf, Old Isleworth

If you like lager try the Aylingerbrau (4.5%, 5% or 6% strengths). Then wobble home nowhere near in line with the crow or the bee..! TJ

7 Aug 2006 00:58

The Harrow, Charlton Village

A lovely thatched cottage of a pub! With VERY low beams and lintels.. so watch your head!!
A bit dimly lit inside, small & over smokey. But the chicken tikka +nam was good (5) especially with a pint of Abbots ale. Venture outside and there's a spacious beer garden to the side, ideal on a sunny afternoon. Small car park for a dozen+ or so cars, opposite the pub. The only buses that come this way are the 400 (that runs at such peculiar times) or the 574, the stop is a short walk away. TJ

7 Aug 2006 00:46

Smollensky's, Twickenham

Sadly, the last 5 remarks here are all bad! Does that say something about this bar..?
I think they celebrated their first anniversary of opening recently, with 1980 menu prices (or something like that), but you couldn't get a table then. Things seem to have changed a bit since then.
(Please check out 'anons' comments on 21/5/06... one of the funniest double-entendre's I've seen on this splendid website..!!) TJ

7 Aug 2006 00:31

The Oaks, Ashford

A good sized pub, with deceptively large restaurant area at the rear, and large bar area at front. Usually shows live sport on the telly. (Can get a bit smokey during live games). TJ

7 Aug 2006 00:19

The Magpie, Sunbury on Thames

Enjoyed the last knockings of sunshine on the terrace at rear of the Magpie the other night. A pleasant (if not condensed)river view, but not much river traffic.
We then moved on down the road 50yds to the 'Phoenix' who's rear terrace is slightly bigger than Magpie's.
Not much between these two pubs really. TJ

7 Aug 2006 00:11

The Flower Pot Hotel, Sunbury on Thames

Quite busy during the week - a good sign. Food I noticed was a tad more expensive than last time I visited (only a couple of months ago)so the 'Squire' & I hot-footed round to the 'Admiral Hawk' where you can get a servicable burger for a fiver! Dr Kronenbourg was as smooth & satisfying as usual though! TJ

7 Aug 2006 00:05

The White Swan, Twickenham

The White Swan (Twickenham riverside) NOT to be confused with the 'White Swan' in Richmond (off The Green, en route to the river). Fantastic location, over-looking a small (50yd section) of the Thames, you can just see a bit of the tow-path at Ham (passed the island) on the other side of the river. You climb about a dozen steps or so up to enter the front door (the toilets are down on street level, and can be accessed without actually going in the bar - unusual).
This weekend was the fun-day river raft race..!! (The 'Smurfs' won, but only 'cos they cheated...and had drunk more Magners cider than any other team..!!) Nice little pub though. It was hectic by 2pm, I had to queue 7 minutes at the bar for a drink (it would've been longer had I not pushed in on someone who'd been waiting only 3mins..) its a small bar, and it can't cater for larger crowds than normal. A fair bit of rugby memorabilia on the walls and round the bar. Folk sat on the kerb immediately outside the pub, but there is a 'small' covered terrace over the road outside, right on the rivers edge, seating 40-50 people at a squash. And it was a squash!! I suspect that terrace can flood during high tides. TJ

6 Aug 2006 23:57

The Anglers Retreat, Staines

The young barman tells me the live band play every last Friday in the month, and most Saturday evenings. I thought the girl singer had a particularly good voice, tackling Whitney Houston songs and other such tricky numbers!
A nice touch to an evening drinky. TJ

6 Aug 2006 23:31

The Admiral Hawke, Sunbury on Thames

Had a pint in here the other night. Very servicable pub! For 5.00 you can get a good size burger and chips (allbeit curly-wurly chips!) & feel satisfied. I will go again. Quiet at 8pm (weekday) had a pleasant enough drink with the 'Squire' and then sallied forth! TJ

6 Aug 2006 23:25

The Two Brewers, Windsor

Fantastic little pub. Blink & you'll miss it! Duck, or you'll hit your head! A small venue, which adds to its charm, with tucked-out-of-the-way seats and secluded areas. Love the bookshelves & other trinkets on the walls! Fascinating place. V v v close to Windsor Castle! You might see Fergy or Zara in here on a friday night..! Nah, just kidding..!!
Totally agree, a great little find. I only had the London Pride, so no complaints there. I will return, friday nights do sound interesting. TJ

3 Aug 2006 14:20

The Admiral Hawke, Sunbury on Thames

The Admiral..! God bless all who sail in her..!
I had a decent pint in here recently (first time I've been in for about 5yrs). Its a small pub, with a 'sit down' meal area at the back (didn't check out the garden). The football was on the Tv and the England flags were all getting an airing. Yeah, it was Ok.
(Hey 'GP', do you think things are changing.. pubs aren't the same as they were..? Is it a sign that we're getting older, pub staff are getting younger, and ideals & practices never seem to stay the same, for very long...??)! TJ

3 Aug 2006 13:36

The Carpenters Arms, Thornwood

I think this bar is now called 'Tas' (my drunken haze has now lifted..!thankyou Roz!) and its decked out like a trendy wine bar, if thats more your thing. Personally, i'll pop down to the 'Porterhouse' in Covent Garden...what a pub!! TJ

3 Aug 2006 13:18

The Porterhouse, Covent Garden

I like the Porterhouse, its different to the pub down my road! Its about 10 times the size, with 3 or 4 levels (maybe more, I couldn't discover them all!) It is a bit dimly lit, but its got character. Yes its lively in the evenings (and early afternoons sometimes) but it is situated in the middle of a busy metropolis..!! (If you want a quiet drink, come to my local...)! For a radical change, try the Porterhouse!!
I'll invite 'Jezz' and 'Paul B' to my next drinky... i'll leave the whinging pommies tho'...!!
Hey 'Barton'(Feb'06) they obviously have a door policy regarding under 18's, I presume your girls were (or looked young!). I know the feeling.. I've been refused entry myself with my wife & daughter at other establishments, but that doesn't make this a 'bad' pub.
WHEN oh WHEN is this country going to wake up its licensing laws...!! ITS OK TO TAKE YOUR FAMILY OUT FOR A DRINK! HOW ELSE WILL THEY LEARN TO DRINK SENSIBLY...?!! that's why the UK has drink problems with youngsters isn't it...!!
(N.B. to doorman everywhere - If they're 17, but with Mum &Dad... they should be OK... they're not gonna cause any trouble..!!)
Sorry.. I'll put that soap-box away now!! TJ

3 Aug 2006 13:10

The Victoria, East Sheen

Used to be a traditional old pub with two bars, now its a trendy restaurant/pub with a large conservatory area, and caters for about 40 tables. The bar area is now minute, catering for 20 folk at a squash! There is a lovely (new) table-football table, which all big kids will enjoy! Food is above average as pubs go, but the 'Vic' is majoring more on the restaurant side. Quiet residential location, v.close to Sheen Common, and a fair walk to Richmond Park (0.5mile). They serve Hoegaarden (Belgium)white beer. TJ

3 Aug 2006 12:37

The Shakespeare, Richmond

Hey 'Squatter' where are all those 'no smoking establishments' in the Richmond area...? Been looking for ages, can't find 'em.
(My lad goes in The Shakespeare with a mate who lives nearby. I'll have to tell him to look at these reviews!).. TJ

2 Aug 2006 01:02

The Watermans Arms, Richmond

There's nowt' wrong with old fashioned, old men pubs! So long as the food & beers not old, and the place is clean & tidy.
I'd like to know 'Squatter' where those "no smoking establishments" are, spreading across Richmond..? Do you mean the Racing Page..? Please enlighten... TJ

2 Aug 2006 00:29

The Triple Crown Inn, Richmond

I had a cold beer here in June (during that glorious World Cup month..!) my first pint in this boozer. I found it by accident, but I stayed longer than I intended. Small premises with 'big' heart. I liked the place, and so will you if you like beer and rugby!
Right next to Richmond Athletic Ground (Old Deer Park) isn't that where London Welsh play rugby..? You can smell the mud & turf from the bar..! TJ

2 Aug 2006 00:15

The Pig and Whistle, East Sheen

I knew this pub when it was 'The Bull' at Sheen (in another life-time obviously!) How you can now have such an obnoxious pub now, in such a salubrious area is beyond reason!! How do they do that? How dare they do that..!! I'm gonna have to side with 'ted' and 'chazzles' and all the others here, I went in the 'Pig' some weeks ago in the afternoon, service was almost non-existent, staff manners were non-existent! Locals in the bar looked & sounded ill-mannered. I will not waste time going here again. Harsh words from an ex-Sheenite, but life's too short to put up with dumps when there's palaces not too far away!! The 'Hare & Hounds' is much, much better. TJ

1 Aug 2006 23:58

The Sun, Richmond

Beer & Rugby, hey? Well The Sun's looking well on it, its always busy & over-flowing onto the pavement whenever I'm passing en route to the Orange Tree. Perhaps i will detour one of these weekends, to sample some ale and get some 'Sun'! (Just hope i don't get that glass that stinks like where the Sun doesn't shine..!! - that would not be good!)
(PS- can you get moonshine here..?) TJ

1 Aug 2006 12:56

The Slug and Lettuce, Richmond

..ahh, but the location is everything (and Hell's over-rated anyway..!!) TJ

1 Aug 2006 12:20

The Three Fishes, Sunbury on Thames

Well said Rachel (who likes to drink regally at this bar..!) Nothing wrong with a bit of regal drinking!!
3 FISHES = very handy for the 216 or 555/7 bus routes. Ideal, stops right outside!
A mate took me along to the England v Sweden World Cup'06 match here on 20th June, for a bit of national flag-waving & a couple of pints! We had a good view of the game on a big screen, and the bar soon filled. There was NO trouble! I thought the customers were all well behaved. The only rowdiness was the barman blowing a hooter when England scored!! (I wish he'd blown it 3 times..! We would've beaten them Swedes!) My only moan was the bar filled with smoke & there was no ventillation, and every time I left a back door open for a bit of air in the place, someone else closed it again! Unless the vent problem is addressed properly, i'll probably use the Admiral Hawk, or the Grey Horse in Sunbury instead. (PS- what happened to the thugs with the bat! Were they caught?!) TJ

1 Aug 2006 12:14

Twice Brewed, Hexham

Nice little boozer, if you're hiking Hadrian's Wall, which is within eyesight. Only pub for miles, so well frequented by YHA hostellers nearby. Great premises, long thin bar area, with a sort of 'comfy lounge' off the main bar where no food or smoking is allowed. Food was ok, but you may have to wait 30mins for it at busy times (after 6pm). They have a small terrace area at the back, for those sunny afternoons/evenings, which they really could improve and make much more of (it looked 'unfinished', work in progress I hope)..! TJ

1 Aug 2006 11:19

The Carpenters Arms, Thornwood

Me finks the Carpenters Arms pub has just recently been renamed with some trendy new name, which i can't now remember..!! (stupid boy Pike!) It'll come to me, next week..! A newly fitted trendy 'wine bar' type drinking hole! With comfy sofas & chairs, and I noticed the rather tasteful light/mottled granite bar top (unusual)! My mates into granite, and he complimented the barman on the nice bar, but he seemed indifferent, or just suspicious of strangers in 'that neck of the woods'..! (And what woods..!!)
We sat outside (front)with Stella, on the decking which is nicely done, but too much in the shade, and you've got that B1393 (Thornwood High Road) buzzing past your ear all the time, so not exactly relaxing, but a pleasant enough stop off. I have not been to Epping for 30yrs! and I wonder if this pub will still be there the next time I visit..? (If you're ever in Windsor, try out the 'King & Castle' pub in the high street; or Richmond, 'The Orange Tree' near the train station! 2 x brill pubs!) TJ

1 Aug 2006 10:53

The George, Sunbury on Thames

Heard good reports about 'The George' recently from locals. Someone said "the best pub in Sunbury..!" Checkit out! TJ

1 Aug 2006 10:19

The Grey Horse, Sunbury on Thames

Must sneak 'Laid back Ron' into this pub one day soon, its brilliant (don't tell Jackie tho')! TJ

1 Aug 2006 10:15

The Mitre, Hampton Court

Hey, don't worry about 'The Mitre'.. check out the rather trendy downstairs bar 'The Edge' next door. Right next to Hampton Court bridge (on the Thames). On a hot day, venture out the back to the beer garden, or better still if you can get a seat on "the deck" right on the rivers edge, you can watch the boats and Henry Hooray go by, sipping cold Pimms..!
EXCELLENT venue! You can't beat this scene in the sun anywhere for miles around! Yes, do remember your cheque book, but for that one-off special occasion, its gotta be worth it. And judging by the few reviews, not too many people seem to know this little 'oasis'... or maybe they're just not letting on about it..!! Crafty Hamptonians!! Luvvit here! TJ

1 Aug 2006 10:09

The Dog and Partridge, Staines

Large ground floor area inside; you'll not look out of place wearing a football shirt. Friday night is Karaoke night! personally.. i don't much care for sushi..! Nearest rival pub = 'District Arms' (4/10). The 'Dog' gets the bone, every time..!! TJ

1 Aug 2006 09:50

The Airman, Feltham

It can't be that bad here.. 'Laid back Ron' used to frequent this pub!! TJ

1 Aug 2006 01:02

The Sherlock Holmes, Charing Cross

'Laid back Ron' used to frequent this excellent boozer, many moons ago!! Its still excellent! TJ

1 Aug 2006 00:59

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

'Laid back Ron' used to frequent this marvellous pub, many moons ago!!

1 Aug 2006 00:57

The Croham Arms, South Croydon

'Laid back Ron' used to frequent here many moons ago!!

1 Aug 2006 00:54

Royal Hart, Ashford

Ah, the good ol' Royal Hart! Popped in to the bar at 11.20pm for a quick refreshment... but could i get a beer then... No!! Bloody UK licensing laws..! When are they going 2 wake up, and come into Europe..!?
You can get a beer in Vancouver at 1.00am..! perhaps i'll move there... best city in the world!!

1 Aug 2006 00:50

The Kingfisher, Chertsey

'Nunc Est Bibendum' - Now is the time to drink!
So thats what we did at the Kingfisher!! The 'Erdinger' weiss brau was gorgeous.. the glasses so tall & sleek.. you'll never get a short pint with Erdinger (the pint line is marked on the glass..!)
'Laid back Ron' enjoyed the venue (bumped into his neighbour Angela this evening..!) ..small world!
We luvvit at the Kingfisher. Bar staff excellent, good food too. TJ

1 Aug 2006 00:42

The Boat House, Chertsey

They have Kronenbourg, Saint Miguel, John Smiths, Fosters, Strongbow, and Kronenbourg Blanc, on tap. Fantastic venue, plenty of room, i spent most of the afternoon outside in the sun, overlooking the river & watching the ducks (and fighting the wasps off!).
Then 'Laid back Ron' and 'Phil the Fossil' dragged us inside 4 a bite 2 eat. The 20yr old bar chappy was from Vancouver (Canada)...great boys in Vancouver Island at the moment. If you've not been to Vancouver, i suggest u go. See the best city in the world! Bar none...!! (I luvvit there) Unless u know otherwise...!?! TJ

1 Aug 2006 00:33

The Ben Nevis Inn, Glen Nevis

Ahh.. the Ben Nevis Inn..!! What would we do without it!? On a cold day, when your toes iz froze, get along to this inn, excellent food, excellent ale, excellent staff, excellent facilities (log fire, etc) excellent view of 'Ben Nevis' (..that hill thing!) They even have a bunk-house, for patrons who cannot stand up for any length of time, after guzzling too many of their fine ales! What a place! What a pub! Every town should have a pub like this...!! I only wish it was walking distance from London...! TJ

31 Jul 2006 13:40

The Swan Inn, Staines

New 'No Smoking' pub! Recently refurbished, with 'country pub' atmosphere, offering traditional food, a la carte or bar menu. On the edge of Staines Moor, off the track a bit, behind 'Two Rivers' complex in Staines! But well worth the visit! A breath of fresh air. TJ

31 Jul 2006 13:23

City Arms, Wells

The City Arms is apparently Wells' old jail house, converted into a pub. It has an open, old cobbled courtyard, with tables & benches, and you can see old shackles, etc, displayed on outside walls.
Inside, there are two bars serving the 3 sides around the courtyard. I visit this 'watering hole' a couple of times every summer, when staying in Wells. I have been fortunate, all the guests I've seen behaved themselves. But if brawling becomes a regular feature here, the management should seriously consider re-utilising the stocks & shackles that served the town so well in bygone eras!! TJ

31 Jul 2006 12:56

The Water Witch, Lancaster

No comments for nearly a year now!
My son's at Uni @Lancs, and he reliably informs me the 'Water Witch' won some pub award recently (best pub in the country, or something) ? Can anyone confirm that?
We had a meal here earlier in the year. Food was good. Nice selection of beers. Venue is unusual, but tastefully set out (a converted boat-house perhaps..?) Couldn't appreciate the canal setting properly, as it was dark. Will re-visit certainly, next time I'm "Up North"..!! TJ

31 Jul 2006 12:38

The Grizzly Bear, Sunbury on Thames

Well, well... this Grizzly page runs and runs like a real life soap opera!! I have just got to try this pub to see if it is half as bad as some of these reviewers make out! (Why are they ALL anon..?? - Will the Sunbury Mafia, or the Staines Massif sort'em out if they declare their ID..!!)

The 'Grizzly Beer' cannot be as bad as all that!!
My mate lives v.near to the 'GB', so i'll drag him in there for a 'recon' one day soon! Looking forward to this...!! TJ

30 Jul 2006 12:53

Arch One Bar and Grill, Waterloo

Lottie25 - Are you sure you've got the right bar, there are two under the same railway bridge.
I've used 'Arch One Bar' quite a lot in my comings & goings to Waterloo B/R station, but i would not describe it as "cool & funky" which makes me feel that you could be describing the 'Archduke' bar (which is by the way far superior to 'Arch 1 Bar') or possibly somewhere else. Are you sure, now..?
Is the bar you describe facing the Royal Festival Hall, or facing the front of Waterloo train station?
(Ahh, now some of you are scratching your heads... I can hear it..!) TJ

30 Jul 2006 03:30

The Archduke Restaurant and Wine Bar, Waterloo

I'll give the Archduke 8/10. If you use Waterloo station this is quite possibly the best bar around! Check it out and see if I'm wrong. Its under the railway arches going towards the Royal Festival Hall, and a stones throw from it.
PLEASE Do not confuse this trendy (I was going to say 'Jazz Bar', because they do on occasions play live jazz here, or have it playing quietly over the speakers) music bar with the one immediately at the other end of Sutton Walk, I think thats 'Arch One Bar', and judging by some of the mixed reviews for 'Arch One Bar' it looks like people may be getting these two bars confused (they have similar sounding names, and are both under the same railway bridge, at opposing ends!) An easy mistake to make. But the Archduke is by far the superior bar, with split level floors, lots of solid glass about the place making it a lot lighter than 'Arch 1 Bar' and no doubt the food is better too. Pop in next time your hurrying to or from Hungerford Bridge, you'll be pleasantly surprised. The Paulaner lager's particularly refreshing on a hot day, I recommend it. TJ

30 Jul 2006 03:18

Bonapartes, Waterloo

Ah, Bonapartes Bar, Waterloo B/R Station concourse. What a romantic place to spend an evening, Roger & T.Anderson..!I jest! Its a busy central London train station. Its noisey, its hussle & bussle, its soul-less, its... a bit like a massive train station...!!
Bar 19 i used to call it, 'cos its right opposite Platform 19 at the end of the station concourse.
Stop and have a drink here by all means, but people don't stay much more than 2 drinks. And its not really inducive to relaxing, more just catching one's breath, amid the hubbub! A good place to sit and watch "the station clock at Waterloo station" underneath which many a blind date has rendez-vous'd! But do watch your bag though! And be wary of the inevitable beggar, some of whom appear docile but could be on 'crack' and could get violent without any warning (in this last year I've seen 2 of these urban sponger types do just that with unsuspecting commuters. Best to avoid them altogether).
For an altogether better experience, pop across the road outside to the bar under the railway arches, almost next to the Shell building.. i forget the name of it now.. its late..! (Not the 'Hole in the Wall' the other one, its a bit more tidy & trendy)! TJ

30 Jul 2006 02:53

The Polar Bear, Leicester Square

The Polar Bear. Right on the edge of Chinatown, and just to the north of Leicester Square, London, WC2.
A busy ol' neighbourhood!
I loved it when it was a 'no smoking' pub (get your facts straight 's9s') !! It was often frequented by locals from Chinatown, who were obviously have a break from the 'smog/smoke' you usually encounter in 'the Square'. I havn't been recently, but i'll take all your advice, and steer clear, until the Polar Bear breathes fresh air again..!!
There aren't many smoke-free bars in London now. TJ

30 Jul 2006 02:15

The Town Wharf, Old Isleworth

Note to management - do those patio heater things work on the downstairs deck? It can get chilly outside on the lower level in the early evening, and if the rivers high it can make it cooler than usual. (I would go inside, but my gas-mask is broken at present, and so I can't breathe in there!) TJ

30 Jul 2006 01:52

The Kings Head, Shepperton

PeteMeaden - have you tried the Warren Lodge hotel bar, 2 doors away from this pub? Now that's the place for a quiet drink (by the log fire, on a cold evening). Or there's some trendy bar around the corner, just up from Blubeckers restaurant (Edwins or something like that) have you tried there..? (It looked nice in passing..)! TJ

30 Jul 2006 01:42

Ash Tree, Ashford

Not as bad as it might look! Often have a big screen up showing the footy, so that can put some folk off!
Can be a tad too smokey some evenings. But possibly the best pub the locals have in that area. A lot of airport workers use the Ash Tree.
Personally, I prefer the 'Kings Fairway' about a mile away, going towards Staines. That IS the BEST pub in Ashford by far. TJ

30 Jul 2006 01:30

The Lofty Turtle, East Sheen

A friend of mine frequented the Turtle regularly. He had a 'tab' system going at the bar, which he paid in advance, only a few quid at a time. He liked the barmaid (was her name Donna, or something like that, she had lovely long red hair!!). Anyhows, for whatever reasons he had to leave the area for quite a long time. When he returned however, months & months later to the Naked Turtle for a drink, the staff remembered him and put his 6 on his table, which he'd forgotten all about! HOW OFTEN WOULD THAT HAPPEN IN A LONDON BAR..??!! I'm flabber-gasted! Well done staff at NT. Are the staff in your local that good..?? TJ

30 Jul 2006 01:17

The Kingfisher, Chertsey

A very pleasant watering hole..! Although 'IanBeer' I suggest you imbibe the beer next time you're passing.
As previously mentioned, you should get a decent meal here. Right next to Chertsey Bridge, and a stones throw from Shepperton Weir. What better location to sample an ale or two, or relax with a nice Chianti. Nice 'oldey-worldy pub' feel to it, wooden beams, natural stone & brick walls throughout, with a decent sized bar that you'll be able to find room at (us 'Towneys' aren't used to a place having room..!!).

Hard to imagine that this lovely refurbished old pub was only six(6)years ago all painted PINK with large black spots all around the outside...!! It was under very different management then, trying to attract the gay community! But, it didn't last very long, fortunately for us... and many more people can now enjoy this excellent river location, as a traditional pub. (A 'sister' pub to the 'Thames Court' just down the river a bit, at Shepperton Lock. Another great river pub!) My word, the people of Shepperton/Chertsey are spoilt for good pubs, aren't they..!! TJ

30 Jul 2006 01:02

The Boat House, Chertsey

The Boat House is an excellent pub for Sunday lunches by the river. I recommend it highly.
On a sunny day its great. Folks come by car, boat, & foot, to sample the delights here!
I've brought the family here a couple of times for Sunday roast dinners, and never been disappointed. You may have to wait 30mins at busy times at weekends to get your meal, but thats the sign of a good pub, everybody goes, and goes again!
If its too busy, try the Kingfisher pub immediately opposite on the Shepperton side of the river Thames. They're both decent pubs. See you there..! TJ

30 Jul 2006 00:39

The Pontefract Castle, Marylebone

OK, this is London! There are thieves about. Don't blame it on the nice pub though, unwary customers actually have to carry some responsibility here too! If you put it down, or leave it alone, it'll walk!! So don't..! Its one of the golden rules in London. I digress..
Nice pub! A lively place in an evening. If you like to watch live footy, here's a good pub for you.
Unusual spiral iron staircase rises up thru' the middle of this pub. There are 4 floors! Restaurant up top. Ground floor is where all the action is.
I was happily watching a Champions League match here, at the bar, earlier in the year. A gorgeous blonde (girl) came and sat on the bar stool next to me, in between me and the big screen, and started the whole 'grooming' routine, hair brushing, lipstick, make-up, the lot!! I missed the first goal..!!
That's central London for you! At least she didn't pinch my wallet!
(PS - JonBoy may have a point though.. who wants to go home stinking of stale cigarette ash..?!?) TJ

30 Jul 2006 00:18

All Bar One, Richmond

Oh, incase you're bored with the inside... that vine in the photo above, around the corner of the pub, was planted in 1840 !! And you can still see grapes on it today! Just think, Queen Victoria herself may have plucked grapes off that very vine years ago...!!
So, next time you're avoiding this bar.. checkout the vine outside!!
(There's a little history lesson for you!) TJ

29 Jul 2006 23:51

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

If you've never tried Sam Smiths beers.. where have you been..!! Ok, you may be sophisticated.. but give it a rest for a night, be daring and try SS's stronger lager! Mmm.. mmm! I can taste it now!!
Great Pub! GREAT TOWN ! Don't ya just luv London..!!
Ideal central London location, spitting distance from Trafalgar Square. We love the Chandos!
They had a re-fit in March'06. So the decor should be Ok for a while! Downstairs is enormous, and very smokey in the evenings. Unless your a party animal, can I suggest you venture upstairs to the 'Opera Room' which maintains a theatre feel to it. Upstairs there are comfy sofas & armchairs to recline in, and different 'stalls' and drinking areas, unusual in the modern era of Wetherspoons & Pitcher pubs which are a plenty nowadays. I like Sam Smiths pubs, they're different! Back in April, the Chandos maintained a "No Smoking" area (before 7.30pm) at the far end upstairs, a small part-enclosed area, seating 20 people at a squash (I know, we did it!) There were not many 'no smoking' bars in central London then. Are there any more now...?? (Don't say The Polar Bear, Leicester Sq., 'cos thats now gone back to being a fully smoking pub again!)
...You could always try the Chandos...! TJ

29 Jul 2006 23:41

The White Horse, Richmond

I have heard good reports about the White Horse, in Richmond, recently. Apparently the food IS good!
I'll try it, and let you know soon..!
The White Horse, if you don't know it, is right behind the Red Cow, on the main road out of Richmond going towards Sheen/Putney. (Its not far from the Black Horse (now closed) and nowhere near the Grey Horse which I quite like in Sunbury, or the Spotted Horse in Putney High Street! But no doubt, they may be related)!! TJ

29 Jul 2006 22:56

The White Cross, Richmond

My Dad first took me to the 'White Cross' when I was about 10yrs..! Thats a few years back now! He saw the beauty of this wonderful venue, and now so do I. But I moved out of Richmond and 'lost touch' with this lovely pub for 20yrs or more. Now, I will visit this pub as many times as is humanly possible in a week!! long as Old Man Thames keeps flowing, and the Pilsner doesn't dry up!!!
What will happen when 'Youngs' Ram Brewery at Wandsworth shuts down next year!? Will the 'White X' survive? Yes.. if you keep up your custom here, it will. (Despite all the best efforts of the staff & management, who according to this very review site, have an uncanny knack of upsetting customers, and even their own employees, without even trying)!
Don't worry, the Thames and the White Cross are a perfect match, and will long outlive any current surly encumbants!!! Check-out the river wildlife!
The monks really did a fine job inventing the White Cross ! Keep faithful now, but don't make a habit of it!! God bless all who sail in her!! TJ

29 Jul 2006 22:32

Trawlers, Shepperton

Now called "Trawlers" (as mentioned by eagle-eyed GP) my curiosity got the better of me, and in passing by yesterday I noticed a sign above the front/main entrance "Entrance to Restaurant", so presumably you can get a meal here now. But why you would want to.. is another matter!! Have the 5 bar-huggers been evicted now..!? In which case, it might be worth a visit.
The problem here is location. This pub is right in the middle of no-mans-land! You don't see it because the Upper Halliford Road is a fairly fast road, and nobody stops along there (unless residing or have business nearby) so only minimum passing trade. Unless recommended by word of mouth, regularly, this pub will never pull big crowds. And right now it ain't doing it!
Apparently there are 17 acres at the back of this pub, including an old large trout lake! And a small football pitch with pavillion. Surely a 'good' developer/landlord could make good use of such space??
Well, it hasn't happened yet... or will it..?? TJ

29 Jul 2006 21:57

The Anglers Retreat, Staines

The Anglers Retreat - a few blue moons ago was known as 'The Lucan Arms'. You may not see many fisherman here, but you will see plenty of fish!! Check out those fish-tanks, they're all over the place! Even an over-sized goldfish bowl on the bar..!
Deceptively big premises, currently divided into three main areas, the main entrance area (smoking area) has comfy seats & tables+chairs alike; then the long bar stretches right back to the restaurant area at the rear of the pub (often, after 9pm you can use the restaurant tables for just drinks, when they've stopped serving food - which is smoke-free). I like the restaurant, it is unique! Where else can you have a reasonable meal whilst watching all types of tropical fish (& other types - no I'm not referring to the staff!!) swimming around in various tanks all around you..! Fantastic! Unless you have a fish phobia, in which case swan off to the front part of the pub.
In the middle, there's a kind of lounge area, which is fine for relaxing while you drink.. unless its a friday night, in which case more often than not there'll be live singers or a band playing here, so it might be too loud for snoozing..!!
The live music is a boon, and worth coming for on its own. Recently, with great weather ALL the tables outside are full in the evening, so come early if you want a seat/bench outside.
One week I'm sure I saw Lord Lucan here in the bar, buts that's another tale...! What else can I say, its a great pub! I luv the 'Anglers'! Get down here & see for yourself. Quite a lively place at weekends, and quite civilised at other times too. Wifey says don't expect 'Cordon Bleu' cuisine, but hey, its a pub not the Ritz, and my steak+chips were fine thanks!
WELL DONE to the staff at Anglers Retreat, keep up the good work, and you'll keep filling the place week in week out!! If you find somewhere better in the Staines area please let me know!! TJ

29 Jul 2006 21:40

The Plough, East Sheen

Where do i begin..!? A kind-of 'L' shaped bar, with a real old cast-iron plough hanging directly above the main bar..!! (Be careful, underneath!!) Lovely old pub..! unfortunately, i have also experienced lovely old grub here! Haven't been for a year now though, so i do hope the carpets & general decor have been changed since then..!! I do hope so!! (is the plough still hanging in situe..?)
A traditional old pub, which many will not find (see John Bonsers remark). I too have frequented Richmond for a few years, and would never have found the Plough if it were not for a close friend, who loved it.
Yes i've had the micro-waved Thai green curry in here b4, and actually liked it!! Yes i've enjoyed many a kold lager or two (mainly outside the pub, because it has been too smokey inside!) but... along with the decor i do hope the bar staff have up-graded too, in this last year. Otherwise, I'd pop down to the 'Hare & Hounds (Upper Richmond Rd West) instead, if I were you !! [There's nailing my colours to the mast 4 u! Any staff reading this to note..!]
The potential for the Plough to be a great pub is there, i hope the new management do an excellent job, and then the good folk of Sheen will have that "excellent venue" that all of us are really looking for! And then I will go out of my way to return. Maybe the service at the 'Slug & Firkin' is better...?!?! TJ

28 Jul 2006 18:22

The Goat, Upper Halliford

Had a lovely bar sandwich & drink here in The Goat with Mrs TJ, it was very nice. A hard to find pub, right off the main track, and if you're not careful you could 'disappear' in the Halliford Triangle...!
Previously had a sit down Sunday lunch with family here, but its busy on Sundays, and you may have to wait 45mins for a table! Presumably, thats a good sign. Will go again soon. TJ

28 Jul 2006 17:36

Trawlers, Shepperton

I had some good visits in this pub when it was the Tickled Trout, and got 'pickled' on more than one occasion! In 2005 the food was excellent, particularly the fish dishes...but that was 2005 !!
Ian H. was a good bar manager.
Now the place looks 'closed down' from the road, but you can sneak in the left side entrance. If you want a cheap pint. I normally have a 4 minute rule.. if I don't get any eye contact from staff behind the bar, or get served within 4mins of standing at the bar, I usually walk straight out! And thats what I did last time I was in the TT ! And there were only 5 people in the pub at the time!! Serious staff problems. And 2/3 of the ground floor were not being utilised!!
Big Problemo !! (What went wrong Donna..?) TJ

26 Jul 2006 12:32

The Grey Horse, Sunbury on Thames

Couldn't help but return to the Grey Horse for a swift pint! Ventured outside the back to discover a beer garden big enough for 100 people..! Enjoyed the luvly July summer evening so much, stayed all night!! (Was that really the vicar at the bar, drinking London Pride..?) TJ

26 Jul 2006 12:08

The Kings Fairway, Ashford

Can I just say what an excellent job they've done on the Kings Fairway re-furb! Tasteful furnishings, comfortable bar chairs, and that v.long comfy sofa is brilliant if you're in a group.
Wifey luvs all the curtains, and the different chair styles and materials, and the trendy art-work dotted around the place. A real 'oasis' in Ashford town!
The beer selection's not too bad either!
Well done to all the staff at 'KF', making a trip to this pub well worth your while.
(PS: we love the coconut matting area outside!)

26 Jul 2006 11:49

The Shakespeare's Head, Soho

For info 'Mr Anon', how you can tell what a patron is like by his 'text-speak' English is beyond me..!! Are you staff at Shakespears Head by any chance..??
We were all smartly dressed in suits, etc, and half our party was female. How can any business-minded pub turn away groups of more than 4 people!? It doesn't make any sense, at lunchtime! Maybe at night, yes, but even that depends on the individual(s) and whether they've had too much to drink already, and that certainly wasn't the situation in our case. I defy 'Mr Anon' or anyone to make a judgement on a 'male in a suit & tie' after just 20 seconds. If you can do that you must be Superman, or bar-staff with 20years experience! Which one are you 'Mr Anon'..?? TJ

25 Jul 2006 22:08

Duke Of York, Mayfair

The Duke of York, is a small little 'old style' boozer, as 'Chief Idiot' points out it has an unusual spiral iron staircase in the middle of the floor (taking up half the pub!) If there's 20 people in there its full up, shoulder-to-shoulder beer drinking, and you're more than likely to get some of someone else's beer, it can be difficult to pass through to the bar when its busy!
However, most visitors put off by the 'footy' on the telly, or the bar full of ardent football fans, will miss the fact the pub has 3 floors! Ok, its a small pub but there might be no-one downstairs on the pool table, and you can get 12 people around the table easily, and watch what Tv you want to see without them upstairs knowing!! Some lunch-times the micro-lounge downstairs is empty, welcome solace from the hussle & bussle of Oxford Street! You can sip a drink down there, in peace & quiet...whilst mayhem rules in the department stores and high street shops a stones throw away!! Amazing. Try it out and see!! TJ

25 Jul 2006 21:51

Bonds, Mayfair

Ahh, the Hogshead...!!
A welcome hostelry for a mid-week pint!
It has a casual atmosphere, its a kinda Sports Bar, with Tv's showing footy/rugby/whatever sport is on! Mainly wooden tables & chairs (comfy sofa by the window, but that's always taken!) clean & tidy. A 'younger' clientele, but that doesn't make it a bad bar. I'm fast approaching mid-age (!) and i luv the Hogshead! It gets me away from all the Oxford Street and Regent St. mayhem! Have a welcome drink in the 'Hog' and if you feel too old in there, nip outside, directly opposite is a nice little boozer, The Duke of York, which maybe more to your taste..! TJ

25 Jul 2006 21:38

The Kings Arms, Mayfair

Luvvit at Shepherds Market!!
Any pub here will do, and if you don't like the Kings Arms, there's the 'Shepherds Tavern' or 'Ye Grapes' or O'Neills bar around the corner. One of these bars must suit you, sir!
There will be tourists, and Japanese with cameras, and the odd city gent propping up the bar, staring into his empty bowler hat & wondering where he left his head..!! But there will be 'nice' folk and 'salt-of-the-earth' folk too. The full multi-cultural mix! The nearest tube is Green Park, but Shepherds Market is walking distance from Piccadilly Circus, unless you're American..!(Apparently the yanks lose their walking gene very early on in life)! or your pissed & walking in the wrong direction!! TJ

25 Jul 2006 21:16

The Town Wharf, Old Isleworth

'GP' hits the nail on the head again..! A great little pub (not so little) with upstairs AND downstairs balconys over-looking the River Thames - fantastic! But a bugger to get to if you're using public transport (my bus journey took 40 mins!!) Still 15mins if coming from Richmond.
Its a SAM SMITH pub, so the beer prices are cheaper than your average bar. They serve lunches, but no food in evening on Sundays anymore (not even french fries)! If you like lager try the 'Fat Man' lager (German origin) and progress to the 5.5% or even 6% (Prince) lagers if you can stand the heat!!
I like the brown leather sofas & armchairs, cosy! But i don't like the cigarette/smog constantly hanging in the bar area!! (Lots of students from the two local colleges use this pub a lot, so you may get involved in a 'rag week' prank, or 'Toga Party' ritual, or some other student shananagans, if you're really unlucky!)You WILL have a sore throat next morning, and you WILL stink of stale smoke when you get home!! And the missus will know you've been down the pub again!!
GOD, WHEN WILL BAR MANAGERS WAKE UP TO THIS HEALTH HAZARD...!!!?? Split the pub in half, if people must smoke, its not fair on 2/3 of the UK population who don't...!! I'd come more often, and bring others too!! I'll kick that soap-box back under my seat now, sorry about that..!! Lovely pub! Nice boats! TJ

25 Jul 2006 04:17

The Shakespeare's Head, Soho

I went for a lunchtime drink with 6 office colleagues here (last year) the bar staff refused to serve groups of more than 4 people...!!!

So we went around the corner to the 'Claghan' and had a great lunch...!!!

STAFF AT SHAKESPEARS HEAD:- What the blazes are you playing at!! There woz 20 of us altogether, an office do, and you turned us all away!! WOT BUSINESS SENSE IS THAT..? !YOU'RE MAD..! AND THE MANAGER NEEDS HIS HEAD EXAMINED !!!

Apart from that, nice location, right on the corner of Carnaby Street, one of THE most famous streets in the world... but you can't get served if there's more than 4 of you...!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTE TWADDLE !!!!!!!!! TJ

25 Jul 2006 03:52

Ye Grapes, Mayfair

Thats the place to visit in the summer months!!
Ye Grapes doz not serve food, so you mite wanna try the Shepherds Tavern, or O'Neills bar around the corner if you're hungry. Either way, check out this whole area, narrow cobbled streets & alleyways, with an 'oldey-worldey' Old London feel to it.
Ye Grapes is good in an evening, but compare it with the other two pubs (literally a stones throw away) before settling down for the night. Hard to believe you're almost in the shadow of the great Hilton Hotel (Park Lane) a couple of blocks away! Nice area. Can u believe i found a 20 note on the pavement outside this pub earlier in the year! Whoever dropped it didn't miss it, the area smells of dollars..& Ferarri's..!! TJ

25 Jul 2006 03:40

Royal Hart, Ashford

"Calm down, calm down..!" Maybe 'Anon' is right..! Maybe there are better pubs in Ashford. But lets not forget the service the 'Royal Hart' has done for the younger drinkers in the area! Where else can teens go, if they're not mobile..?
I have had a pint or two in this pub over the years, sometimes to watch live football, or rugby, and sometimes just to wash the taste of a bad day at work away!! You may get an inch of froth on top of your pint, and when pointed out, you maybe ridiculed by a bar girl half your age...but thats the 'Hart'..!! you'll never change that. Unless they knock it down (which they threatened to do this summer..!) it will always be there, and the 'Hart' may well be serving YOUR kids when they're in their teens...! Now there's a thought..!! If you're over 30yrs, do not enter, unless collecting your drunken teenager, who's had one alco-pop too many!! We luv the Royal Hart really!! (but Shepherds Market in Mayfair is a lot nicer..lets be honest!!) TJ

25 Jul 2006 03:18

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

A good solid pub! They serve beer; and if you're inclined.. curry on a Thursday evening! Its handy for Feltham high street, and Feltham B/R station if you're travelling into town (London). Mainly salt-of-the-earth characters & Airport workers, relaxing after a hard shift at Heathrow (Yes, airport workers do work hard, I know, I worked at Heathrow for 8yrs, and enjoyed every minute!)
FELTHAM is under-going a 'renaissance' at the moment, & for our cockney friends that means re-birth! A lot of the old Feltham town centre has been knocked flat, and a completely new town is emerging! And the 'Moon on Square' has survived all the bull-dozing, and lives on to maintain a good service to old loyals & new patrons alike. Its exciting whats happening in Feltham at present. In the 80's I didn't like Feltham, and stayed well clear. Now... its a lot safer, there's more housing, and its a lot more civilised. Well done Hounslow Council, well done J.D.Weterspoon, and well done you people of Feltham! (I'm sounding like a councillor, but you don't witness the COMPLETE changing of a town very often, during a normal lifetime, but here is proof!) And this is the longest review I've ever made...that must say something!! Checkout the Moon, after work, and be pleasantly surprised!! The staff are good too, i will rate them 11 out of 10 !! The choice of international beers/lagers is good too. If you've never tried 'Zwiec' lager (Czech), try it here! Its cheap (under 2 a pint) and its smooth, and you'll dance home singing afterwards!!
(A barman told me a story of a stolen car which crashed into this bar through the main doors, about 3 years ago..!! Ask a few locals, they may remember it!!) But that sort of thing doesn't happen in Feltham anymore...!! Things are different now!! TJ

25 Jul 2006 02:45

The Anchor Hotel, Shepperton

The Anchor, is firstly hotel, and pub/bar second! I like the secluded location, in an old village square type atmosphere, but I visited recently at 8pm last friday, and the place was dead! Tables for 50 people, and there were 4 customers! By 8.30pm a small family group of 6 had appeared sitting outside. The bar-food was quite adequate (Chicken Ceasar salad & chips) and I like the dark wood panelling and old fashioned wood doors, etc. There's a small car park for patrons for about 12 cars at the back; or if you're lucky spaces at the front (but you'll be lucky!). There's a 'Blubeckers' restaurant immediately opposite this pub, and really, you'd be better off eating there, and then finishing in the Anchor for a drinky or two!
There's also a more lively pub opposite in The Square, where i guess all the action is (The Kings Head) i suggest you try that pub! TJ

25 Jul 2006 02:10

The Thames Court, Shepperton

Great Pub! Lovely location, right on the river at Shepperton Lock. Fantastic on a sunny day, watching the boating activity, or just walking along the tow path. A lovely old Inn, with old wooden beams, and low ceilings & nooks & crannies, ideal for Sunday lunches and mid-week meanders along by the river!
I love the Thames Court, on a summer afternoon it feels like you're on holiday! In winter you can be sure of a bracing walk in the fresh cold river air! Then a welcome drink in the safe sure surrounds of a pub thats been there for hundreds of years or more!

One of the oak trees outside this fine establishment, that had branches propped up by stays for hundreds of years was cut down last year, due to lightening or blight or something. Such a shame, that tree was part of the character of the Thames Court for hundreds of years! Still, its made room for more seats/tables in the front garden now, so more people can enjoy a meal & drink at this inspiring venue. Come by boat or by car or by foot, either way you'll have a warm welcome at this well established tavern by the water. We luvit! TJ

25 Jul 2006 01:47

The Pride of the Valley, Churt

Where have you been..?! You must check this pub out!
It feels a bit like an old-fashioned hotel when you walkin, thats because it is! Then you find yourself by a log-fire in someone's living room, and theres someone reading a book on the sofa from one of the copious book-shelves! Never mind that, move on through to the bar area, and you've arrived..!! Dragon lovers will not be disappointed! And the beers not bad either. They have a separate restaurant (all dark wood panels, etc) & you can book a table for lunch, but don't... stay in the bar area the foods just as good (only cheaper)! And its a lot nicer/brighter in the bar, with more character.
I love the area around Churt. This pub boasts Lloyd George (one time Premier of England) as a previous loyal patron! I havn't seen Tony Blair or Gordon Brown there on any of my recent visits.. maybe thats a good thing! An added bonus is the extraordinary 'Sculpture Park' immediately opposite this pub, which is well worth a visit during daylight hours (in good weather) give yourself over an hour to see all the outdoor sculptures, then if its warm, return to 'The Pride' pub for another drink to relax & appreciate the wondrous works of art just experienced!!
I can't believe this pub hasn't had more reviews. You must experience it if you're ever in the Farnham area! That's an order..! You will want to come back again & again (either to the pub, or the sculpture park..!) That's it, I've blown their trumpet enough now! I'm getting thirsty.. TJ

24 Jul 2006 15:33

Kings Head, Ashford

I popped in for a 'Marsdens' the other Sunday nite, and very nice it was too, went down smoother than Captain Nemo's submarine! They seem to have their TV licence back, as the World Cup final (footy) had just finished (remember all those Zidane headlines..!!)
The bar really is too smokey, but we managed to find an empty table tucked away down the far end near the toilets, not the best view, but at least you could breathe, which assists in downing a Pedegree pinta!

I agree with CleverSaz, they should reduce the restaurant bit and make the bar area bigger, maybe even have 2 bars..! One for people who like breathing Oxygen, and the other for addicts of various smokey-poisonous pollutants, for which I don't care for!
Apparently pubs are going no smoking next year, but there's no sign of any preparation for that in Ashford! Is Ashford in the EU, or is it exempt, because of all the airport fumes..!!? TJ

24 Jul 2006 15:04

The Kings Fairway, Ashford

A notice states the pub opens at 6pm today (having been out of service since Easter Monday, because of a serious kitchen fire!!) Can't w8..! Its been firsty wevver of L8..! This has got 2b by far the best hostelry in Ashford, check-it-out! What the blazes is this I hear..they do a nice bar-b-q here..? and have real fires on colder evenings. Perhaps thats why its an Ember Inn..! Did the manager get fired after that little incident..? Still, can't w8 for 'Burns Night' this year, hey!? Should b good... well I'm done..!A bit like the steak..! TJ

24 Jul 2006 14:43

All Bar One, Richmond

An interesting building, right on Richmond high street (or Hill Street, if your a local) on the up bit towards Richmond Bridge. Inside its clinical, if you gaze up while your sipping your drink, you might think you were in an industrial plant.. or your dry martini had just transported you to the set from "Dr No" !! (You're intrigued now aren't you..!)
Well the Czech beer & the weissbrau (German white beer) were good, but the atmosphere was a bit flat, no Bond girls anywhere! (Mind you, seriously now, I did see a Bond girl, Rosamund Pike, not far from this pub in the chip shop around the corner by D&J's earlier this year. She looked stunning all in black leather motor-cycle gear!) I'm drooling.. must remember which pub I'm reviewing..!? I wonder what pub Rosamund uses in Richmond..? Anybody know..? TJ

24 Jul 2006 14:14

The Flower Pot Hotel, Sunbury on Thames

I quite like Alan Partridge's girl friend! Does she pull a good pint..!! TJ

24 Jul 2006 13:29

The Cabbage Patch, Twickenham

An interesting venue, and you are more likely to find a table that suits, here, than most other pubs. The Cabbage Patch seems to be catering for all types. Or at least trying. It ain't half as bad as 'BeerHeaven' makes out!
The pub is in four enclosed parts, and a garden/terrace area at the back. So the whole family can go, and each be in different areas, without seeing each other! Fantastic! No other pub has thought of that! If you're feeling young & noisey, you've got the pool table & footy on the TV. If you're legless and want to boogy, you go upstairs! If you want a quiet drink, you use the 'salon' nearest the train station. A boon for rail travellers during the day; and boppy-revellers at night! I just wish the Cabbage was my local..!(apart from rugby days, when your paper's made soggy with lager, you can't see or hear the tv, and there's never enough staff to get you a second drink before the police arrive..!!) Oh, how we laughed..!! We love the Cabbage Patch! TJ

20 Jul 2006 14:57

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

A great little pub! (If you can find it, down the lane off the high street, going down to the river). Small-ish, but perfectly formed tavern, in a quaint almost 'villagey' part of Twickers. Chavs definately not allowed! Badger beer on tap (to annoy ALF & co)! You may well get drawn into intelligent conversation with the punters here, so be warned, if you've left your brain in another hostelry!
Will be heaving on rugby days though! Go on.. treat yourself, take a half-day, and spend the afternoon & early evening with a good drink in a decent environment for a change..!! TJ

20 Jul 2006 14:24

The Flower Pot Hotel, Sunbury on Thames

If you like 'Bill & Ben' you'll luvvit in the Flower Pot! Left-hand side of pub is now restaurant, right-hand side is the 'boudoire' with trendy decor and modern seating. Its not like your usual boozer. But that's good, it has a different persona!
I had a Christmas meal here, which was fine. I have more recently stopped off for a quick snack in passing, and the burger meal was very good.
The bar staff are intriguing, two girls were of Eastern European origin, smiled sweetly, but didn't understand much of what was being said! Makes it interesting when ordering drinks. I like the place. And I recommend you try the Flower Pot at your earliest convenience! (V.small parking area immediately outside, but there is street parking nearby). Hasta la vista! TJ

20 Jul 2006 13:43

The Magpie, Sunbury on Thames

Do not be misled by previous comments rating the Magpie as 'the worst pub in Sunbury', because it is not! Me thinks some reviewers here must have extremely high standards. As boozers go, this one is half decent. Stick to beer, and you'll be Ok. If you want fancy food, then go to a fancy food establishment! I had a sandwich & beer here not long ago and it was fine. The sun was shining so I enjoyed some 'air' in their garden/yard at the back (small), which overlooks a small section of the River Thames. Nice on a hot day, and if you like boats! I can confirm with 'GP' the 'Flower Pot' pub a 1/4mile down the road, is superior since their new re-fit. Checkit out!
(N.B.- Staff to note previous comments re:staff)! TJ

20 Jul 2006 13:23

The Hare and Hounds, East Sheen

Probably...the best pub in Sheen..!!
Now, you have to visit the Hare to see if I'm right!!
A spacious pub, clean & tidy (recent re-fit), with a massive garden area at the back, great when the weathers nice. The barmaid was extremely efficient, and friendly. I would pay for that alone, but it came with a beer - which didn't touch the sides, as it was an extremely hot afternoon!
I have not tried the Hare in the evenings, maybe you have, and can fill us in on the Sheen nightlife scene..! TJ

20 Jul 2006 13:02

The Lofty Turtle, East Sheen

No-one has commented on the Naked Turtle for over a year..!! Is that a bad sign..?!
I have had a meal here, with family, and it was fine. I like the idea of live music (in any shape or form..!) you can't expect Madonna, or Elton John in a small business in a small town!! I'll take the singing waitress every time! She was enthusiastic!

I've been back for the occasional drink at the bar, the staff are always polite/friendly (lets face it, thats rare in most places..!) but the bar area is a bit too small, so you might not get a seat! I do like their Pilsner on tap though, so I shall re-visit, when I'm next in Sheen (which is not very often these days). Marks out of ten for the staff... 12 !! TJ

20 Jul 2006 12:49

The Grey Horse, Sunbury on Thames

Nice little pub! Had a great St.Patrick's night here.. folks were singing & dancing! Someone did fall off a bar stool! (We had free nibbles and some 'shots' of a strange drink something like Baileys! But you couldn't have a whole pint of it)!!
Its right near the cop shop in Sunbury if you know it. A nice little "oasis" tucked away from the hussle & bussle & chaos that is Sunbury Cross 150yds away!
I'd go there more often, if I lived walking distance! TJ

20 Jul 2006 12:31

The Sherlock Holmes, Charing Cross

Decent boozer! Lots of 'history' attached. A good place for a clandestine meeting.. or if you fancy Miss Marples! Good beer. Good food. Good that the time..? Time for a drink at the ole Sherlock! TJ

19 Jul 2006 18:01

The Windmill, Mayfair

A good little pub to know, if you work in or around Oxford Circus, W1. But I'd stick to bar food & drink which are ok. I had a set meal there with office mates some weeks ago, and the service was bad. The meat was cold by the time the veg arrived. Our meal was vastly over priced for what it was. And the staff seemed a bit 'offish' when we mentioned these things. I did not like the attitude of the manager, but fortunately he's not always there! I've had a drink in there since, and it was fine, staff on that occasion were Ok, but I will not have a sit-down meal in the Windmill again. TJ

19 Jul 2006 17:34

The King and Castle, Windsor

An 'interesting' pub, on a big scale... at least it was the last time I was in there, before their latest re-fit. Busy at nite at weekends, but thats Windsor! A barman in 'King & Castle' told me last year (2005) that they were going 'No Smoking' at the end of 2005...!? I know they've just had a second re-vamp in 12months, but has it happened yet..? There's a serious shortage of no-smokey bars, anywhere, but maybe that would help keep out the 'pikey' element..?!
I love the venue, right opposite Windsor Castle! Not many pubs can boast a view as regal as that! (If only the customers were as royal...they'd make a mint!) TJ.

18 Jul 2006 17:06

The Duke, Richmond

Nice pub, very close to Richmond Green. I've always found the staff friendly & v.helpful. Fairly recently revamped (to keep up with the Orange Tree's & Old Ships on this parish)!!
I know last year (maybe earlier 2006) they had a young Thai chef doing special Thai meals, if you like that type of food. (I'm not sure if he's still there - but it was good)! Another 'long/thin' pub, a bit like the Cricketers (on Richmond Green) with slightly more room. Live bands on Sunday nites (& Saturday..?) if you're feeling young enough. If you're really young (!) nip around the back to 'The Lot', another bar 10yds away (behind Richmond high street). Most visitors to Richmond would miss the Racing Page, en route to more salubrious establishments, but a nice little bar, handy for The Green or Richmond Theatre if thats your bag! 5/10. TJ

18 Jul 2006 16:46

The White Swan, Richmond

A 'must' pub.. if you can find it..! Hidden off the beaten track, down a lane on the far side of Richmond Green, which leads down to the river. A cosy little pub. Empty some days, because only the locals know its there! Once frequented by King Henry VIII who used to live nearby..!!(Maybe thats why they ran out of food..)! Seriously folks, a good little boozer, especially before or after long walks along the river, which is about 150yds away (just far enough not to be troubled by the frequent high tides)!
If you want a quiet drink, here's the place. We had to stand outside on the pavement last Wed.(12/7/06) at 8pm, because all the tables in their small back garden (yard!) were taken (it was a sunny day). TJ

18 Jul 2006 16:21

O'Neills, Richmond

Poor ole' O'Neills bar...! Getting a bad press from reviewers here..! BUT... It is close to Richmond train station, and for that I am grateful! Commuters to note! There are nicer bars in Richmond, but if you use South West rail, here's a good 'watering hole' to start off in! I did get free shamrock green glasses & a huge Guiness hat last St.Patrick's day, so its not all bad, folks..!
Large walk-around bar (which I like), small & large screens showing the footy/rugby/tennis, whatever. Yes there will be young people there, but I guess they have to drink somewhere! Yes the toilets are a let down, and unless you speak Gaelic, you could end up in the wrong toilet..!!
I'll continue to frequent O'Neills during the day despite all the previous negative comments (which are probably aimed at the dubious night-time clientele!) Its a convenient bar, in between more salubrious neighbours.. in particular the Orange Tree, which gets my vote as No.1 pub in Richmond town centre.. (Ok, ok.. maybe I just like the barmaid there..!) ! TJ

18 Jul 2006 16:07

The Slug and Lettuce, Richmond

Fantastic location! Right on the river at Richmond. What I would call a modern bar, all-wood floor, roomy & lively! A 'top' venue ! 'Young' clientele. And younger bar staff who are not always the best at serving customers fairly & in order, but thats becoz it does get v.busy at evenings & weekends. They serve those silly flimsy plastic glasses for outside use, which if you're not careful will blow over on your lap when less than full, and cause you much embarassment! (The staff were good though, they gave me a fresh pint free gratis..!!) My favourite location bar none, outside the 'Slug' on a sunny Richmond afternoon, enjoying the water, sun & beer, and the friendly buzz of activity from passers-by and drinkers 'hooked' on the riverside, watching the boats and the abundant wildlife. You are guaranteed to see at least 50 Canada geese, 2 x herons, some swans, ducks, a black cormorant diving for fish, and other birds that you won't be able to name! (Bring your camera!) The night life is good here at weekends too, if that is more your bag!! (Large screen available for sporting events, which can be quite a crush & v.smokey!) I had to leave the pub during an England match in the World Cup recently, because I couldn't breathe with the cig/smoke...!!) N.B.- staff to note !! (TeeJay)

18 Jul 2006 13:40

The Old Ship, Richmond

A Good pub! Right in the centre of Richmond town. Ideal for popping in, on those laborious shopping trips the 'love of your life' might drag you on!! A deceptively spacious pub, with walk-around bar and a real blessing 'no-smoking' bar on the left-hand side as you go in (not many no-smokey bars in town centres)! There's a large screen at the back for ardent sports fans, and a couple of small screens also. Then there's a small courtyard out the back, ideal for a select drinking party (maybe up to 20 folk). There's also room for 50 people (or more..?) upstairs (TV screen also). I don't know why 'Algis' and 'anon' dislike this pub so much, I would recommend it to any Richmond shopper, & include it in any Richmond pub-crawl (you don't have to stay all day, especially when you have the river AND the Green nearby)! Youngs ale & lagers reasonably priced (for Richmond!) TeeJay.

18 Jul 2006 12:58

The Cricketers, Richmond

A good pub to know. Fantastic location, over-looking the magnificent Richmond Green, that is its best feature (but only when the weather is good!) I see why 'Matt of Ham' says its disappointing inside, its too small really (a long thin pub & bar) with no real atmosphere. Filled with office staff during the day, with a handful of loyal hardened drinkers. After 5pm it can be quite busy (due to its small size) with patrons having to spill onto the pavement outside, and of course over onto The Green itself. It competes with the 'Princes Head' a couple of doors away, which I prefer, but certainly a 'must' to include in any pub-crawl around The Green, or Richmond town centre. (TeeJay)

18 Jul 2006 12:43

The Prince's Head, Richmond

A 'useful' pub to know! Basic, walk-around bar at front; quiter, secluded & comfy seating at back. Shows most of the main sporting events on a couple of small screens around the pub. Tends to be used by the 'maturer' drinker, apart from when the footy's on the telly! By far the best feature this pub has to offer, are their table-benches outside the front, over-looking the magnificent Green, where in summer you can sip your favourite drink & watch a local cricket match, or just soak in the almost 'european' feel as people meet, mingle & revell on the Green! (TeeJay)

18 Jul 2006 12:29

Orange Tree, Richmond

Excellent pub! Nice leather arm chairs & sofas for reclining after a busy day! Restaurant & no-smoking area at the back to the left. Relaxed & roomy atmosphere. Quite a few 'Southern-hemisphere' staff are attracted to this pub, which tends to break-down any 'stuffy' British starchiness...! Very busy & noisey on RUGBY days, so unless an ardent rugby fan.. best to avoid those evenings!! Apart from that, i can't find many faults..! Oh, a pint of weiss beer (white beer) will cost you 4+ ..! (TeeJay)

18 Jul 2006 12:16

The Victoria Inn, Richmond

An amazing little pub! Emphasis on 'little'...! If you blink walking up Richmond Hill you'll miss it! If there's only one or two of you, you should fit in the pub ok! Any more than 4 people in your group, and you may find it a squash, but maybe you like that! But that's what makes The Victoria (Richmond Hill - as opposed to another Victoria pub in the borough, in East Sheen) such a quaint inn to visit. Definately an inn to include inn your bar tour inn Richmond inn the summer..(or winter)!!

17 Jul 2006 11:43

The White Cross, Richmond

Traditional pub, with 'walk-around' bar and a unique fireplace directly under a large window, over-looking The Thames. Splendid spot on a sunny day, good Youngs ales, and plenty of Pims on tap for the ladies! Tends to attract the 'more mature' drinker, so no Chavs or loud music or football here!
Visitors to the area can get caught out by the rising high tides, which occur fort-nightly, when the tow path immediately outside the pub floods during the time you've had your first pint..! Regulars are marooned by the river for hours some days..! Such is life by the river...cheers!

17 Jul 2006 11:27

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