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Old Plough, Stoke D'Abernon

They must have done a deal with Fullers now, as it's Fullers Ales, plus one guest. The guest is always going to be Surrey Hills Shere Drop (�3.30 a pint). During this visit, the Fullers were Pride, HSB and Seafarers. Apparently the Shere Drop is the most popular.

15 Apr 2012 17:02

The Running Horse, Leatherhead

Now up for sale!

22 Aug 2011 16:18

The Pilot, Chiswick

Attractive and welcoming pub. Obviously recently has had a makeover. But as a Fullers pub, it seemed rather expensive at �3.71 for a half of Pride and a half of Honeydew. It's only made down the road, after all.

22 Aug 2011 16:16

Old Plough, Stoke D'Abernon

It's now re-opened. We await to see if the new management will make it worthy of its place in the CAMRA guide.

14 Nov 2010 22:35

The Victoria Inn, Richmond

A local gem - not what you'd expect in this area. It's a tiny place, like being in someone's front room. Very homely - not pretentious in the least, like some pubs around there. A proper boozer.

We had the last two pints of Doom Bar, and Tanglefoot was off. They also had Young's ordinary and Hobgoblin. Can't remember the exact prices, but they were less than �3 a pint - �2.90, I reckon. Cheap for the area. Perhaps not a pub to go out of your way for, but worth dropping into if you are in the area.

10 Oct 2010 19:22

The Anchor Inn, Thornbury

Now in the 2010 CAMRA guide, and deservedly so. Have recently had a few meals there, and they are wholesome and good value. Hard to fault this pub now.

10 Oct 2010 19:18

The Anchor Inn, Thornbury

A big about turn for this pub since I used to frequent it. It's become a bit of a real ale haunt. The Great Western Classic Gold is great and Dursley Steam Bitter is also recommended. They also have a 5.2% IPA named after the pub. Each time I've been in in the last few weeks there's been five handpumps on offer (OK two are usually Bass and Marstons, but the others are more exciting local-ish beers). There's a 10p per pint discount for CAMRA members advertised as well.

22 Mar 2010 00:12

The Crown Inn, Churchill

This pub is definitely worth seeking out. I actually went up the lane past it first time - assuming it was a house, as there is no pub sign. It was only on my return trip down the lane that I spotted the casks near the back and decided I had found the right place.

The pub is like stepping back in time. The description is just as others say, so I won't repeat the obvious. Ales on offer (all direct from the cask) included Bath Gem, Palmers IPA, Tribute, Batch Bitter (not sure where that was from), something from RCH, Hewish IPA was coming soon. It's a pub that may not suit quite everyone, but if you drink ale, you can't go wrong.

1 Dec 2009 16:42

The Bree Louise, Euston

Made my first ever visit this week - but I'll be back! What a great place - about 15 different ales on offer, including about 8 (or even more) on gravity. CAMRA members get 50p off per pint, so most of them worked out at �2.40 or �2.50 per pint. I was only in for an hour, so just sampled Brodie's Amerilla and Sunshine. But my companions also went for Beartown Bear Ass and the new Sambrook beer (Junction, I think).

Several people were clearly there on a quick visit before catching a train from Euston. Most people seemed happy for a chat, so it was also a pleasant atmosphere.

13 Nov 2009 12:35

The Old Pack Horse, Chiswick

More of a traditional boozer than others in the area - but with a Thai restaurant at the back. Has standard Fullers beers (Discovery, Pride, ESB and Gales Winter Brew) on offer, mostly at �3.20 at pint. (Discovery was �3.10). It has three distinct bar areas and some interesting old theatre prints on the walls of one of the bars. All the beers were fine and the pub was generally clean and tidy.

10 Nov 2009 10:36

The White Hart, Grays

Good stop for a pre-match pint. They had a big selection of ales on my visit, but I only remember Brewer's Gold (�2.50 a pint) - which was in great condition.

It's a massive pub and my group had the right-hand (pool) bar virtually to ourselves. Cheese and ham rolls (�1 each) seemed to be the only food on offer on a Saturday lunchtime. Big TVs were showing live sport. There weren't many women in the pub (three customers in total, I think). The staff all seemed very friendly. A lot of hard work has obviously been put into the place, and credit to them.

10 Nov 2009 10:25

The Duke of Sussex, Chiswick

An obviously busy and popular pub. The menu has a lot of tapas-style stuff so you can have a couple of small dishes with your ale - or a full-blown meal. It's more restauranty at the back. The food is unusual and very tasty. We did have to wait a while to give our order at the bar - but not because the staff were slacking - they were busy!

Beers on offer were Greenwich Meantime IPA (new in cask), Wells Bombardier and Adnams Bitter.

6 Nov 2009 13:02

The Stag, Chiswick

Sorry - wrong pub on my post below, got mixed up. Have asked for it to be removed. Whoops!

6 Nov 2009 12:57

The Swan, South Acton

Popular gastro pub that is slightly off the beaten track. It has two areas, with the rear area more restauranty. Ales on offer were Otter, TEA and Pride at �3.20 a pint. Nice atmosphere and the food looked great, although I didn't sample any.

6 Nov 2009 12:55

The Beaufort Arms, Hawkesbury Upton

Great boozer. We only stopped in briefly for two halves (Bristol Beer Factory Sunrise and Wickwar Bob), but worth going back to. They also had a Wickwar Autumn Ale and a Wickwar Cider on offer, as well as Bath Ales Gem.

It's a really big place - lounge bar, public bar, restaurant and big room at the back with a dart board and skittle alley. Lots of old memorabilia on the walls to look at as well.

It's a brief detour from Westonbirt Arboretum for anyone who wants to stop after visiting.

2 Nov 2009 12:43

The Crown and Anchor, Chiswick

Now selling real ale from Purity - Purity Gold and UBU during my visit. It's now run by the same company that runs the nearby Barley Mow.

25 Oct 2009 18:27

The Crown, Stoke By Nayland

Very much an unmarket gastro pub, and a popular one at that! There is space for drinkers, but not much more than a few stools at the bar when we were there on a very busy Friday night.

Available beers included Crouch Vale Brewer's Gold, Woodforde's Wherry and Humpty Dumpty Little Sharpie. I tried the Crouch Vale and Humpty Dumpty and both were in good condition.

The staff were pleasant enough, but seemed run ragged serving the food. Not really a place for a quiet drink and a chat. It could be different on a midweek night, but I only made the one visit.

12 Oct 2009 15:15

The Anchor Inn, Nayland

Pub in a lovely spot that seems to have a good balance between being a gastro pub and a drinking pub.

Available ales were Greene King IPA, Adnams Best, Buntingford's Pargeter Mild and Mauldon's Mid-Autumn Gold. The food seemed popular, although I didn't try it. They've got a huge kitchen garden (more like a mini-farm) behind the pub along the banks of the River Stour and some of the fruit and veg comes from there. It really is in a good setting if you've got a nice day.

12 Oct 2009 15:09

The Brewery Tap, Sudbury

Excellent pub that I chanced upon as I drove through Sudbury on Sat afternoon.

I may have missed all the beers on offer, but they certainly included the following Mauldon's ales:

Silver Adder
Black Adder
Suffolk Pride
Micawber's Mild
Mole Trap.

A guest ale (from an Essex brewery - can't remember the name) had just finished. I had a half of the Dickens and the Silver Adder. The latter was superb, and both were excellent value at �1.25 a half (�2.50 a pint).

Great to see a dartboard and a bar billiards table in a pub - both in use during my short stop. Newspapers were scattered around for people to read. It was definitely a place you'd want to dwell in, and we were made to feel very welcome - were given a sample of the Dickens before we had it.

A lot of thought has clearly been put into the place, with forthcoming events including a Breakfast Club and a Pudding Club (sample something like nine desserts for �9.95). You can see some of the casks through a window by the bar, and some of the beer (perhaps it was the cider??) came straight from the cask.

I can't say I'll be this way again for sometime - but if I am, I know where to go! Oh yes, someone mentioned lack of parking. The pub is on a corner and I parked in the street next to the pub. It's a bit of a scary parking spot though as it's a dead end and you can't turn round at the end, or anywhere down it. The only way is to reverse back down and into the road at the front of the pub. That aspect aside, the pub is highly recommended and one worth taking a train to get to!!!

12 Oct 2009 13:59

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

As Wetherspoons go, this one is by no means the worst. I popped in last night and there was a choice of something like 15 real ale handpumps - that counts as a beer festival in some pubs.

I only had a half (of Burton Bridge Stairway to Heaven), but it was fine and cost just 95p. There were plenty of places to sit and it seemed reasonably clean and not too dominated by (to quote the reviewer below) "30-40 year-old oiks".

Perhaps it's a pub best frequenting earlier in the week, as I did. But if you want a pub that serves a beer range that's hard to beat, you can't really knock it. Apart from that, it's a bog-standard Wetherspoons, and you don't go in one if you want a quiet night with posh nosh.

29 Sep 2009 12:05

The Atlas, West Brompton

Popped in for a swift half as I was passing (used to be a semi-regular when I worked nearby a few years ago). Beers on were Deuchars, London Pride and Timothy Taylor Landlord. My half of Deuchars was �1.60.

Yes, it is a gastro pub - but definitely not one where drinkers are made to feel unwelcome. Unlike other gastro pubs in the area, the food is not all encompassing. So it still feels like a real pub, and the staff were friendly. It wasn't too busy (although a few were in the yard outside), but where is on a Monday night in late September?

Music seemed a bit spanish-y, and was not too over-dominant.

Overall, if you're in the area, I'd recommend it.

29 Sep 2009 11:55

The Wyndham Arms, Salisbury

Just what a pub should be - great beer and friendly staff. There's something like four separate areas, so you can feel part of the pub or keep yourself-to-yourself.

It was all Hopback beers during my visit - GFB, Summer Lightning, Spring Zing, Typhoon and Crop Circle. The Typhoon was the best, and all were reasonably priced. Interestingly enough, the Entire Stout, which is popular in their South London pub, the Sultan, was on a keg - not popular enough in Salisbury for a cask.

For those who've also been to the Sultan, it's hard to know which is best. Both have the same atmosphere and great beer. The Wyndham Arms is perhaps a tad smarter. But they are both homely and highly recommended.

28 Sep 2009 09:32

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Made first ever visit last night and there was a great range of beers on offer, also a big blackboard with some unusual beers coming soon.

I sampled the Dark Star Hophead and Dark Star American Pale Ale. Both were in excellent shape. Also on offer were RCH Double Header and one from the Cottage Brewery. May have been another - not sure though. For those interested, there was also real cider - served from a cask in a back room.

To be honest, it didn't look like what you'd expect from a real ale emporium and there were two TVs showing Sky footie - not that they dominated.

The pub didn't get anywhere near busy until gone 10pm (it was a Monday night though), and I noticed there were no women in the bar apart from the woman pulling the pints! But they were friendly staff and strangers would not feel unwelcome. The beer was also very reasonably priced - from �2.30-�2.60 depending on strength seemed to be the price range. I'll definitely go again.

15 Sep 2009 11:19

Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

Made first visit in a while last night. Five or six beers on offer, including Dark Star Best, Thru'penny Hop Bitter, W J King's Mallard Ale, and something from the Lymestone Brewery in Staffs (can't remember the exact ale). There was also a LocAle brew on, but can't remember that either!

I had the Thu'penny Hop and Lymestone. Both tip-top. Pub had live music on - she was an excellent singer - and was fairly full. We were made to feel very welcome. Highly recommended pub.

10 Sep 2009 16:07

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

As it's not on my doorstep I've only been in this pub about six or seven times (some football-related visits, some not), but I've always felt welcome by the landlord.

Last time we were in there, there was no food on and he was happy for us to go next door and order a couple of takeway pizzas to eat at the table. Can't say fairer than that.

9 Sep 2009 17:09

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

I was lucky enough to sample the Scottish beer festival. It was great to see such a range of beers that you never see outside of Scotland. Inveralmond Ossian is my favourite and I went off proudly with the pump clip (thanks, Scotty!).

Don't miss the alley to find this place, and don't worry if you don't get a seat. Hang around a bit, or risk your life with the stairs, and you should find a spot. It's a pub worth dwelling in. If only it were a bit nearer me!

The food is cheap and cheerful (toasties and Scotch eggs), but it's the beer that's important. In my half-a-dozen visits, don't think I've ever been disappointed.

19 Aug 2009 18:05

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

Three Greene King beers on offer when I visited, plus Milton's Pegasus and Mauldon's Silver Adder - both good, with the Mauldon's my favourite. I was disappointed the Turf Tavern's Summer Ale was off.

Interesting mix of post-work-drinking locals and tourists. It's a long time since I've heard orders that combined Pimms with real ale! But it's that kind of place. All round, a pleasant place to stop off.

19 Aug 2009 17:51

New Inn, Mayshill, Frampton Cotterell

Has just been voted Bristol CAMRA pub of the year, so thought it worth a visit. Beers on offer were Cotswold Spring Brewery's Codrington Royal, Marston's Pedigree and Wye Valley Brewery Hereford Pale Ale. The HPA finished just as my pint was being poured, so I tried the Codrington first. This was fine, but I was pleased when they put on the HPA within 20mins of the previous one going off. I was impressed that they did this at 9.30pm on a busy Friday night when all the diners were just finishing off.

It's definitely a popular eating place, with two big areas devoted to dining. The drinking area was a cozy spot with three tables near the bar. So it struck me as more of an eating place than a drinking one, but they obviously change the beer a lot. There was a list of upcoming beers, including Black Sheep and Lightning (not Summer Lightning, I think it said on the notice). Looks like the perfect spot if you want a nice meal out, but you like top ale as well.

1 Aug 2009 17:46

The Cross Hands, Alveston

Made my first ever visit after the Thornbury carnival the other week. It's obviously very popular. A decent selection of beer included Otter and Doom Bar. The manager/landlord seemed very friendly and we felt at home, even though we'd never been in before. The only downside was that the jukebox music was a bit loud, or perhaps I'm getting old! The food was obviously popular as well. I see what people mean about the decor, but it was like a real pub and was lovely and clean. I'm sure I'll return.

21 Jul 2009 17:23

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

TWG - indeed it is. I note your query went up a while ago - have you been in to try it out yet? It's highly recommended.

21 Jul 2009 17:16

The Running Horse, Leatherhead

It's now a Shepherd Neame pub, although managed by the same family. During my recent visits the only beer on offer has been Shepherd Neame, so the guest ales policy seems to be no more, which is a shame.

23 Jun 2009 13:17

The Speaker, Westminster

Made my first ever visit last night and will go again. Beers on when we got there were Youngs Ordinary, Spitfire, Nethergate and Hopback East Kent Golding. We drunk the Hopback dry and it was replaced by Harvest Sun from Williams Bros of Alloa. Not something I've ever seen before. It was a very quaffable 3.9%.

They also do basic-ish food and were all-round very welcoming. It's hard to believe you are just off Victoria Street. It had the feel of a friendly, back-street, pub.

23 Jun 2009 13:02

The Boot, St Pancras

Have been in this place a few times and it's never had real ale. It's friendly enough, and on mid-week evenings is a place where you have have a quiet chat as it's not busy and there's no loud music. There's also always lots of room, so you'll always get a seat.

The dartboard is famous for aiming your arrows through the plant foliage on the right-hand side!

It does have some backstreet charm and feels like an old-fashioned boozer. The windows are the traditional type. With decent beer, it could be great. I don't think it has Sky TV.

15 Mar 2009 17:31

Deri Inn, Rhiwbina

Seems like a nice pub - the kind of place where you could take your mum and still have some good beer.

They had about eight hand-pumps on offer when I was in yesterday (some sort Ember Inns beer festival, I think). They included: Morrissey Fox Blonde; Hancock HB; Yorkshire Terrier; Brains SA; Loddons Ferryman's Gold, Abbot Ale, Greene King IPA. The ones we sampled were either �2 a pint or �2.10 a pint. Compared with what I'm used to, those are cheap prices.

It doesn't have Sky TV, if you're bothered. They do show TV sport (the rugby was on BBC when I was in there), but it's in a kind of sectioned off-area and doesn't interfere with the rest of the place.

15 Mar 2009 17:25

The Swan Inn, Thornbury

Have not been in for years, but I noticed it's up for sale/rent.

27 Feb 2009 14:55

The Running Horse, Leatherhead

Beer selection has improved a lot of late. As well as the standard Youngs and London Pride, they also have Tribute as what seems to be a virtual regular, and also Adnams in the same way. There's also a rotating 'guest' on as well. the prices have not inflated by too much - ie less than �3 a pint (can't remember precisely the price - perhaps �2.75?). I was in last week and the 'guest' was an interesting one, but I'm blowed if I can remember it. I opted for the Tribute though, which is always a good pint.

They have a regular quiz night in the rear of the main bar on Tuesday nights. It seems to include free sausages in bread rolls.

27 Feb 2009 14:46

The Rugby Tavern, Clerkenwell

A pricey pint (�3.25), but in very good condition. The Early Bird ale was in tip-top condition and it was the only one I sampled all night. The Master Brew looked in fine fettle as well.

The upstairs area seems ideal for darts. But the dartboard and the lighting are not the best. May be times have moved on, but �1 for a standard size packet of crisps (albeit posh ones) seemed a lot.

Still, the beer is the main thing and that was very good. Good pub atmosphere as well, and friendly staff. I wouldn't go out of my way to it, but it's definitely what you'd class as a decent boozer.

27 Feb 2009 14:29

The Brewery Tap, Wimbledon Village

Around �3.20 a pint, but they do have a good range. We popped in for a quick pint, went out for a meal, then back again. In that time, they'd turned around about three beers. I wish I could remember them - they did have Matthews from Bath (I'd never heard of it - so asked about it).

It has a nice fire and a good jukebox. No complaints, apart from a tad pricey - but it's probably what you have to pay in Wimbledon Village.

9 Feb 2009 18:58

Willow Walk, Victoria

More often than not, they only have one ale on aside from the �1,49 (not 99p) IPA and the standard London Pride Fayre.

Best thing about it is its handiness for Victoria Station. Have never had any trouble here, but not the kind of place you'd go for a whole night out. Just a stop-off for a quick drink on the way to somewhere else or before catching a train home.

29 Jan 2009 13:37

The Jugged Hare, Pimlico

Full range of Fullers beers always seems to be on offer, which is more than can be said for some Fullers pubs. Outside the summer, it can be hard to get Discovery - but it always seems to be on here. They are always in good condition as well.

Although it's in a central-ish area, there always seems to be room to find a table and it never gets rowdy. Mostly populated by office-types and the occasional tourist.

Food is expensive for what it is (�5.95/�5.50 for a sandwich, plus �1.50 extra for a few chips), but it's fine, and you probably have to pay that kind of price in that area.

29 Jan 2009 13:33

The White Horse, Epsom

Best part about this pub was cracking food for the price, Meals are 2 for �10 (Weds-Fri, I think). Was a certainly a cut above standard pub grub.

Ale on offer included Tribute (excellent) and IPA.

It was a shame it wasn't very busy for a Thursday night, as it's quite a smart place and it's great to go somewhere for a good meal and a decent pint for a reasonable price. I'll go back, but hope (for their sake) it gets a bit busier.

16 Jan 2009 17:30

The Brewery Inn, Ashtead

Unexpectedly large selection of real ale on offer. As well as London Pride and Courage, there three others - Roosters Outlaw Wrangler, Wychwood's January Ale and Springhead's Polar Bear. It seemed to be down to a special Ember Inns January promotion. The staff said they normally had three ales on offer, but had been pressed for five, and it had gone down well. They were only �2.50 a pint.

Music was a bit loud, but as the pub has lots of areas, it is possible to avoid it. Board games were available, and being used. Some of the younger growd were in there, but they didn't fill the place out.

16 Jan 2009 17:21

The Wheatsheaf on the Green, Esher

A very pleasant boozer, with good atmosphere, good food offering and good ales. Beer on offer included Hogsback TEA and something from Pullman (I forget the name).

It has several areas, meaning you can watch TV in one area without disturbing others. They had a nice real fire going near the bar as well.

I had the �4.95 "credit crunch" fish, chips and peas. It was spot on for the price - I couldn't finish all the chips! The beer was �3.10 a pint. It also has a generous car park.

In short, no complaints at all - just a decent, proper pub.

9 Jan 2009 13:39

The Albert Arms, Esher

I agree with Trev. I was in there at 8.30pm and the large restaurant area was empty apart from two dinners. The beer selection was good (Hogsback Tea and Shere Drop, as well as others. The one I selected was off - which the friendly barman suspected and readily swapped. All the tables in the 'drinking' area were occupied - all by the kind of clientele you'd expect in a pub with signed rugby shirts on the wall.

The music was a bit too loud for my taste. Oh yes, the beer's now �3.20 a pint. It's certainly clean and smart, with a good beer selection. Just not exactly 'homely/pub-y' if that's what you're after.

9 Jan 2009 13:33

The Edmund Tylney, Leatherhead

You know what you're going to get in a Wetherspoons and this is no different than most. There are far better, and there are far worse. I've been in this place once a week or so for a good few years now and it's certainly had its ups and downs.

Reasonedview is right that it can be OK and the beer is sometimes very good, at the usual bargain prices. It's certainly in one of the better phases since I've known it. But you get what you pay for - and if you look for trouble, you may find it, especially later on in the evening. It is big enough to usually find a quiet corner if you want to keep away from the 'school age-looking crowd'. I just wish they'd spend a bit more money on heating - and all the smokers going in and out for their fags doesn't help.

23 Dec 2008 14:30

The Corn Dolly, Bradford

Popped in for a post-match drink and the two of us sampled Kelham Island Pale Rider; Bowland Sleigh Belle and George Wright Five Gold Rings. Black Sheep and Everard's Tiger were also on offer, plus at least another one or two other ales. All were excellent and the atmosphere was good. After a few mins, we even had a table to ourselves - although it was still busy, Highly recommended.

22 Dec 2008 15:22

The Cricketers Arms, Springbourne

Pleasant enough place, with two big rooms and a smaller area around the main bar. A couple of ales on offer (nothing exciting, London Pride was one of them), Staff were very friendly, but it was a shame they didn't do sandwiches on a Sat lunchtime, so we went elsewhere after one drink. I don't know if this is every Sat though, as they were clearly getting the place ready for a big evening 'bash'.

14 Dec 2008 17:51

The Sir Percy Florence Shelley, Boscombe

It's hard to think of plus points for this place, apart from it being near Dean Court and allowing away fans inside. Otherwise, it's about the worst of the Wetherspoons breed you'll find - you know the sort.

14 Dec 2008 17:48

The Edgar Wallace, Temple

Good selection of real ales on offer. It was a shame we were only stopping briefly on the way somewhere else. But we sampled enough to know we'll be back.

14 Dec 2008 17:40

The Sandrock, Boundstone

Went out of the way to get to this place, and it was well worth it.

It had a massive range of well-kept real ales and an interesting menu. We went for the haddock rarebit, and they had no had no haddock, so we accepted cod instead. It was unusual and very filling. We had no room for puddings.

The combination of decent food with excellent ale makes this pub worth seeking out. Some of the locals were a bit too loud for our liking, but it's a big place and we moved to a quieter spot.

14 Dec 2008 17:20

The Dog and Bone, Gillingham

This did the business for a pre-match drink. Good ale (I had Pitchfork), Sky Sports and double egg and chips for �2. What more do you want before a game?

27 Oct 2008 13:32

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

Lovely drop of Purity Pure Gold at not too bad a price - especially for somewhere so near the station. V handy for a quick stop if your night out in town ends earlier than planned and you've got time for a swift one before the train.

Was tempted by the pinball - but will try that another time. Someone mentions that the gents' are grotty. I can't comment on that, but the ladies' were fine.

30 Sep 2008 11:22

The Black Bull Hotel, Coniston

Great ale - you can see why it's an award winner. The Bluebird XB is a bit different, and recommended. If you don't want a sore head in the morning, try the Light/Pale ale at 3.not very much %.

Lovely pub, especially if it's warm enough to sit outside and there's not too much traffic.

25 Sep 2008 13:27

Dog and Gun, Keswick

Excellent ale selection (Two or three Keswick Brewery beers and the Coniston Brewery on my visit) and obviously very popular as we had to wait to find a seat on a Weds night.

Everyone seemed to be eating the goulash. I don't think they do a veggie version, so I can't comment on it.

I noticed it was 'jug' glasses only for the ale. But lager drinkers were on standard straight glasses. Interesting.

25 Sep 2008 13:21

The Kirkstile Inn, Loweswater

Go out of your way to find this pub. It's in a perfect setting and has great beer from its own brewery. I can't comment on the food, but it looked like a popular eating, as well as drinking, stop.

25 Sep 2008 13:18

Old Plough, Stoke D'Abernon

Pleased to see this pub has made this year's CAMRA guide, as the landlord has made a tremendous effort to get in there - all credit to him.

The beer is ever-changing and he'll welcome suggestions on your favourite ale tipple and do his best to get it in.

There's good food there as well, although it's the beer that really makes it worth stopping by.

23 Sep 2008 12:36

The Plough, Cobham

Realised my comments about this pub getting in the CAMRA beer guide applied to the Old Plough - not this one at all. So ignore my post!!!!

23 Sep 2008 12:35

Shackology, Chiswick

Back to being more like a pub now. Free wi-fi means at lunchtime it seems to be full of people on their laptops.

Has Youngs 'ordinary' bitter.

12 Sep 2008 12:58

The Swan, South Acton

Popped in for a quick half and found it to be a very friendly pub - not really the posh gastro pub I was expecting. I suppose it may have a different atmosphere later on in the evening though (this was 6pm on a Tues).

A good ale selection (St Austell Tribute and Harvey's Best were included), with a menu of 'forthcoming' beer. I didn't try the food and it was too early to see anyone else eating.

Is also a dog-friendly pub, if that suits you.

12 Sep 2008 12:54

The Duke of Sussex, Chiswick

Good beer selection and friendly, efficient, staff.

Excellent atmosphere, as it's not gone too upmarket, although it's very smart. High quality chips and dips that are worth returning for.

There were three different real ales on during my visit, as well as real cider. There's also a board of upcoming ales.

Nothing like the pub it once was a long time ago, so the present rating is NOT a true reflection.

12 Sep 2008 12:50

The Plough, Cobham

Pleased to see this pub has made this year's CAMRA guide, as the landlord has made a tremendous effort to get in there - all credit to him.

The beer is ever-changing and he'll welcome suggestions on your favourite ale tipple and do his best to get it in.

There's good food there as well, although it's the beer that really makes it worth stopping by.

12 Sep 2008 12:46

The Famous 3 Kings (F3K), West Kensington

Was very disappointed that the new manager won't reserve tables for groups planning to gather to watch specific matches. I don't know if this policy will pay off as they've certainly lost out on 20 or so big beer drinkers on what otherwise would be a quietish Tues night.

22 Jul 2008 13:27

The Harbour Bar, Kirkcaldy

A 'must-visit' pub if you're in the area. Two bars - a 'jug bar' and a lounge bar.

A great range of beers - four or five on offer when we were there, with one changing during our stop.

As you'd expect, it was quieter and more sedate in the lounge bar, with the jug bar looking lively. Don't let the outside appearance put you off, as you'll get a warm welcome inside.

7 Jul 2008 13:41

George IV, Chiswick

Not as upmarket as many of the pubs around Chiswick, which is no bad thing. Good range of Fullers Ales, but the service is a bit patchy. Getting for a receipt was a tricky affair and when they told me to return for it in 10 mins, I think they (wrongly) assumed I wouldn't bother.

However, there's lots of room and various nooks and crannies in which you can feel fairly cosy with your group.

I don't generally drink wine in a pub myself, but bought one for someone else and it was �4.35 for a 175ml glass. This struck me as expensive, but perhaps I'm out of date on that....

26 Jun 2008 11:59

The Horse and Jockey, Old Basford

Has a lounge bar and public bar. During my afternoon visit only the public bar was open and the racing was featuring prominently on TV.

The Castle Rock beer was excellent - and good value as well. Staff were friendly enough. Actually they offered to let us sit in the lounge bar, but as no one else was there, we declined.

26 Jun 2008 11:54

The Garricks Head, Bath

Seemed more wine-bar like. But a good range of beer, including Bath Ales and Arbor Ales. Plenty of space out front if it's a nice evening and you want to watch the world go by about their business in Bath. Right next-door to the theatre, so time to there in the interval instead of the theatre bar!

3 Jun 2008 13:33

The Raven, Bath

Excellent range of ales and friendly service. Good mix of clientele. Will linger for longer another time.

3 Jun 2008 13:30

The Old Mill Inn, Pitlochry

A year later and I tried it again. This time it was �3.30 for two halves of Landlord - more than you'd pay in London! It was much the same as last year, but a bit busier (with tourists, not locals).

26 May 2008 16:35

The Cherrybank Inn, Perth

Five or six ales on offer during a couple of recent visits. The second time I was only stopping for a half, but I was offered two large samples of beers I inquired about - very generous! Handy for the golf. I didn't try the food, but it look good and seemed to be going down well.

26 May 2008 16:33

The Devonshire Arms, Chiswick

Now an archetypal gastro pub. Much of it given over to expensive dining - you know the type. London Pride and Deuchars IPA on though. 'Drinking-only' tables are limited in number from my evening visit (I expect it's the same at lunchtime too). Full of the "Chiswick set" and obviously doing well, as was at near capacity on a Tues night.

30 Apr 2008 17:44

The Cock Hotel, Wellington

Top selection of beer and very friendly. Two distinct rooms, each with their own atmosphere. Am not a local, but have been in about five times and have never been disappointed. Have always wanted to stop for "just one more".

29 Apr 2008 18:18

The Bull's Head Hotel, Brecon

Very friendly pub and well-kept Evan Evans beer. During our three night stay in Brecon we tried all four Evan Evans offerings between us.

On each night we were made to feel very welcome. It's a clean place, with decent background music and 3 'separate-ish' areas. Will definitely go back next time we're in the area.

16 Apr 2008 18:33

The Glue Pot, Swindon

Best thing about this pub is the selection of ales. Hopback Beers are always tip-top. On my Sun pm visit, this place was quiet (only two other customers at first), but still friendly and the beer was not lacking.

18 Feb 2008 15:42

The Plough, Thornbury

Re-opened now. Still not a pub I'd go in though!

18 Feb 2008 15:39

The Fox and Crown, Basford

Popped in for the first time yesterday and found the staff very friendly and the beers superb. Selection of seven real ales (five light, one mild, one dark). Pub was clean and tidy, and we were made to feel welcome.

18 Feb 2008 15:37

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

Typical Spoons - but a vast one. Just what you'd expect - except because of its size, you can sometimes escape from the usual Spoons clientele. It has two bars, and the one nearer the theatre tends to be margially more upmarket.

One plus point is that it does have a good range of ales, sometimes some unusual ones. It's not really a place to linger, but can be OK to have a couple of pints before going on somewhere else. There are definitely worse Wetherspoons than this one, and they did have a decent ale festival in October, with two racks of casks on the raised area near the non-theatre entrance.

6 Jan 2008 17:39

The Plough, Thornbury

Been closed since before Christmas. Not a pub I frequent, so no idea why. But I pass it regularly and it's not opened for about a month now.

6 Jan 2008 17:22

The Express Tavern, Kew Bridge

I've driven past this pub 1000s of times and never been in. I was car-less after watching footie at Brentford the other day and was pleased to have set foot inside for the first time to see what it was like.

Excellent range of beer at good prices, and friendly staff and customers. Despite all the traffic outside, surprisingly tranquil inside.

Handy for the Kew Bridge Steam musuem if you fancy a post-visit pint. Quite a long walk from Brentford FC - but it's do-able!

31 Dec 2007 13:50

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Great pub, friendly landlord and clientele. The Thai food is good - especially for the price. Top range of beers. Football-fan friendly as well. If only I lived around the corner!

31 Dec 2007 13:46

The Cock and Bottle, Bradford

Fantastic boozer. Great range of ales and very friendly staff. A group of around five of us were made to feel very welcome. Interesting little rooms and obvious history added to the atmosphere. If I didn't live 100s of miles away, I'd make it my local. Highly recommended.

7 Nov 2007 18:15

The Sun Inn, Macclesfield

Great little pub for post and pre-match Macc games. Summer Lightning was on there at �2 a pint when we visited on Sat. And at 6pm a table full of free sausages, bread and butter and chips appeared - what more could you want?! I don't know if this is a regular feature though.

1 Oct 2007 12:24

Old Plough, Stoke D'Abernon

Made first visit since it changed hands. It took a LONG time to be served despite being the only person waiting - I don't know what the young staff were doing.

Ale range seemed to be as good as previous and at �4 for a pint-and-a-half of Cottage Brewery beer, it was a reasonable-ish price. They don't seem to have upped the prices.

The clientele seemed to have changed - it was actually reminiscent of a youth club. But it was 10pm at night, so perhaps it's a bit different earlier on? I was pleased to hear they are still playing the same 1980s CDs!

29 Jun 2007 15:04

Penny Black, Leatherhead

Has not been a Hogshead for sometime now - it's a Youngs pub, with their usual range of beers. Two TVs, and can be a bit dominated by them. Usually full of a young-ish crowd. Good TV viewing facilities if that's what you're after.

2 Jun 2007 15:33

The Golden Lion, Port Isaac

I love this area and stay nearby quite regularly. However, it's a different pub away from the main season. On out-of-season Fri and Sat nights it's full of teens - just like any other town - and I didn't feel particularly welcome.

I know it's different during the day though and I expect it's different in the season. But I only go out of season. The whole area is quiet out of season, which is why I like it - but this pub certainly isn't!

2 Jun 2007 15:18

The Moulin Inn, Moulin

I could be cruel and point out that when I walked in for my weekday lunchtime visit, it looked like a coachload of pensioners were just finishing their lunch.

But it's certainly a popular place - only one table with room for two people available around 2pm. It's also got a bit of atmosphere, with cosy booths and a more bar-orientated area near the bar. I imagine it's even more atmospheric at night.

The on-site brewery adds massively to its appeal, without this, I wouldn't actually go out of my way for it. I sampled the Braveheart and the Light Ale. Of the two, I prefered the Braveheart. The fact that the beer was brewed on the spot definitely added to the appeal.

It's set in a nice village, with a village museum across the road - making it easy to spend a pleasant afternoon in the area.

29 May 2007 16:40

The Old Mill Inn, Pitlochry

Did lack atmosphere during my visit during my holiday in Pitlochry - although I guess it improves during the busy season.

I was a bit surprised that it was �4.50 in total for a pint of Deuchars IPA and a half of Timothy Taylor Landlord. So I guess the prices might put some off?

Three of the four real ales during my visit were Deuchars, Landlord, Tetley and AN Other that I can't remember! Apart from us, there were a couple of people at the bar and one other group in the pub - at round about 10pm. Come 10.45pm and they were quite keen to see the back of us and get closing up. I suppose they were quiet though....

29 May 2007 16:29

White Hart, Wimbledon

It's still closed and being refurbished! The White Hart signs have been taken down and the external walls are being painted black. Can't see anything inside as the windows are covered up. The plot thickens....

4 May 2007 13:42

Woodies, New Malden

These up-to-date beer lists are very useful.

This pub is worth going out of the way for - not been in one quite like it. Beer is the top reason - but there's also a good atmosphere, a dartboard, TV football and sport memorabilia all over the walls. It's not too noisy though - good place for a pint and a quiet chat as well.

21 Apr 2007 17:37

Nonsuch Inn, North Cheam

Stopped off the other night (a Weds) and on the evidence of that visit, it's not a place for a quiet drink. True it was quiz night. But once quiz night was over it was still packed and with teens, who just kept piling through the door.

Quick food service, the usual Wetherspoons fayre. Several eastern European bar staff - one on her first day, didn't know how to serve Coke and Diet Coke.

Did have some slight different ales on offer (eg Deuchars IPA). All in all, a fairly average Wetherspoons. You get what you pay for.

21 Apr 2007 17:32

The Half and Half, Croydon

Worth going out of your way for - I can't think of any other reason for going to Croydon! There aren't many places like this, certainly not in London. Great choice of beer - bottled and draught. No sign of any food though, so line your stomach before you visit!

21 Apr 2007 17:16

White Hart, Wimbledon

Closed for refurbishment when I went past there on Tuesday. It doesn't seem all that long since it was done up before. Fine if you want TV footie and pool. Wonder what it will be like after refurb?

20 Apr 2007 23:42

The Charlie Butler, Mortlake

As I drove past it today, I noticed it was up for let. I think this is a new sign.

19 Apr 2007 10:27

The Halfway House, Barnes

Same comments as Dave. I've also driven past it 100s of times for years without going in (being in between work and home). Popped in for a quick look and liked what I saw and the half I drank. Friendly staff as well. Will definitely go back when I'm not behind the wheel one day. Please to see it's on a handy bus route! Will look out for the dartboard as didn't spot it during my quick visit.

17 Apr 2007 15:35

The Alexandra, Wimbledon

Not the same as it used to be following the refit. As well as the wine bar, there used to be three separate bars - each with their own atmosphere and clientele. It's now one big bar, with features you'll recognise from other Youngs/Wells&Youngs pubs that have been "done-up" in recent months. A real shame.

It's an OK pub and handy for the station. But not particularly one to go out of the way for.

17 Apr 2007 15:24

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

Faultless boozer if you don't want food and posh surroundings. Top-notch Hopback Brewery ale, plus a Downton guest. Go out of your way to get there. A locals pub, where you'll feel at home right away.

17 Apr 2007 14:12

Inn On The Green, Horfield

So many ales, it's like walking into a beer festival. A MUST for visiting football and rugby fans. I can't work out why the rating is so low (must be its former life). Highly recommended.

17 Apr 2007 14:06

The Anchor Inn, Thornbury

I think reviewer has the wrong pub here as there's not an upstairs gents to my knowledge.

Two bar pub, which can be lively in both bars - with a very popular Sunday quiz in the lounge bar. Get there early for a seat! Not the best place for a quiet drink at the weekend. It does show live sport, but not sure there is a pool table.

17 Apr 2007 13:59

The Black Horse, Thornbury

Big two bar estate-type pub (plus skittle alley) which can be lively in the public bar, with a sedate lounge bar as an alternative.

Has recently started having a rotating guest ale, which has improved the offering tremendously.

If you want a quiet drink and a chat, you can have just that in the lounge bar, and the staff are friendly.

17 Apr 2007 13:55

The Crown and Anchor, Chiswick

About to re-open (April 23) as a 'Gastro-Cafe'. Very Chiswick these days!

17 Apr 2007 13:47

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