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BITE user comments - PhilR

Comments by PhilR

The Bell, Boxford

This is a really nice pub. A couple of real ales from the West Berkshire brewery and the food and service is excellent. Well worth a visit.

29 Nov 2015 19:09

The Royal Sovereign, Eastbourne

May be a case of mistaken identity for the address on BITE, but the Town House at 12 Seaside Road has reopened this month after a thorough refurbishment, does good food and on today's visit offered Harvey's Sussex and Adnam's Lighthouse. Somewhere you'd be happy to take your wife.

21 Feb 2015 20:45

The Townhouse, Eastbourne

May be a case of mistaken identity for the address on BITE, but the Town House at 12 Seaside Road has reopened this month after a thorough refurbishment, does good food and on today's visit offered Harvey's Sussex and Adnam's Lighthouse. Somewhere you'd be happy to take your wife.

21 Feb 2015 20:44

The Old Brewery Inn, Ingleton

Visited in August 2013, at which time it had only been open a matter of weeks, the signage of its old name the Masons Arms was still intact. A great pub with good food and full range of beers from the Settle Brewery. Easily the best pub in Ingleton.

5 Feb 2014 12:05

The Five Bells, Wickham

Visited in August 2013. An excellent pub with not one but two beer gardens. No less than nine handpumps for beer (pretty much all microbreweries) plus three ciders / perries (plus an empty handpump on my visit today). Does food too and staff really helpful. What's not to like?

5 Feb 2014 11:52

The Squire and Horse Inn, Bury

The other beer on yesterday, Hammerpot Summer Ale, is a slightly cheaper £3.90. Prices still at the upper end of the spectrum though. Only a couple of drinkers in here on a weekday dinnertime, but the foodie area was very busy, which is where most of the staff's focus was.
All in all, a reasonable pub, just a tad pricey.

6 Sep 2013 09:54

The Rams Head, Denshaw

Surprised at the negativity on this one. A regular for my brother and his wife, but my first visit this week. No fault found from this reviewer, tidy place and food all good stuff and service fine. Beer just the Tim Taylor Landlord and Black Sheep, but in good order. Has a farm shop attached which is a bit unusual for any pub. Well worth a visit if in the area, for the unusual location if nothing else.

24 Aug 2013 23:30

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Ingleton

Beers on offer are Marstons EPA, Theakstons Best, and Wychwood Hobgoblin. Bare boarded pub, OK but one of the busier ones in town, and a likely venue for people staying at the local YHA.

24 Aug 2013 13:06

Three Horseshoes, Ingleton

I can see why the landlord may appear slightly less than ideally friendly. Dead quiet on a Monday night in August which was unexpected. Food OK. Thwaites beers, one dark on keg. Pub entertainment is a telly which is compulsory viewing if you like "You've been framed" and Corrie, a bit tiresome if you don't.

24 Aug 2013 13:03

Craven Heifer, Ingleton

Pretty average as they go, soft furnished interior pub. Slightly archaically closed in the afternoons. Nothing particularly special beerwise as a Thwaites pub, but have a beer festival.

24 Aug 2013 13:00

The Black Horse, West Tytherley

Excellent pub. Four beers on at the time of my visit, Hop Back GFB, a Bowmans and a couple of unusual ones. Bit surprised at the mention of a lack of seating... it must have been busy... there are a myriad of different rooms in this rabbit warren of a pub, including a skittle alley plus an interior courtyard garden. A past South Hampshire pub of the year and I can understand why.

18 Aug 2013 23:54

The Fisherman's Arms, Plymouth

Pretty good pub, neat and tidy as others have said and a welcome retreat from the mayhem on the Barbican. It still gets quite busy itself on a Saturday night though. A shame it only does St.Austell beers but at least it's an outlet for them if that's your thing, and they are well kept here.

18 Aug 2013 23:49

The China House, Plymouth

Surprised no reviews on here for so long. This pub is still reasonably good, though not ahead of the local competition as it once was, in terms of beers. Nevertheless worth a visit for the views.

18 Aug 2013 23:45

The Three Guineas, Reading

Now open again after a brief closure for a repaint and refurnish. Replacement of an area of conventional chairs and tables with higher chairs and bar stools won't be to everyone's taste (it's not to mine as it's where I sit on frequent visist) and makes the place look a bit cluttered, but at least the place smells a bit fresher. The good news is the changes haven't affected the beer range - still ten handpumps at a price of £3.60 across the board.

5 Aug 2013 18:09

The Royal Oak, Guildford

Echo the positive comments on this hidden gem. It's a Fullers pub but don't fear you just get the bog standard range, there is usually one or two guests or specials as well, and they have beer festivals every so often as well. Has an outside seating area, pleasant place on a warm summer's evening.

4 Aug 2013 22:46

The Rowbarge, Guildford

Now open again, under new management associated with the Guildford Tup, reported in the Surrey Advertiser.

4 Aug 2013 22:41

The Evening Star, Brighton

Decent pub, a bit spit and sawdust which may put off some but a great place to go if beer is your priority. Brodies and Arbor offerings alongside the Dark Star staples this week. A couple of minutes walk (if you are slow) from Brighton station so a great place to use as an alcoholic waiting room.

4 Aug 2013 22:37

The Bull Inn, Mockbridge

Roadside pub on the Horsham - Brighton route. Seems OK on a brief visit, beers available were Doom Bar and Harvey's Sussex, which was drinkable. Can't comment on the food as I didn't have any.

4 Aug 2013 22:32

The Keystone, Guildford

The Keystone does still do food, and very good it is too. Kitchen opening times per the Keystone's website are:
Sun–Mon Noon–3pm
Tue–Sat Noon–3pm & 6–9pm
... though I'm sure I've eaten there on a Monday evening. Anyway, key point is there is a gap in the afternoon which is presumably when the last reviewer was there.

4 Aug 2013 22:29

The Sun Inn, Dunsfold

Decent pub and I was served by a helpful memebr of staff. Good beer range. Seated accommodation outside across the access road, nice on a summers day.

27 Jul 2013 11:07

The Parrot Inn, Forest Green

Decent pub in a nice location with a view over the green, friendly staff. Good beer range. Recommended.

27 Jul 2013 11:04

The Bugle Inn Hotel, Botley

A decent pub which does pretty reasonable food, with good service. Beer range slightly on the interesting side of mainstream predictable, comprising Sharps Doom Bar, Tim Taylor Golden, Thwaites Lancaster Bomber and Gales HSB.

18 May 2013 22:09

The Trafalgar, Portsmouth

A bit of a rabbit warren of a place going back fro the pub frontage rather than the the usual Spoons style of single large room, so a variety of seating styles in this pretty well kept establishment. Only six handpumps so that limits the choice of unusual beers here somewhat once you take into account the inevitable one(s) not ready yet and those that are boring bog standards that don't excite the eyesight or palate.
That said, as a pub it does its job and the beer was in good form.

8 May 2013 15:52

Red Lion, Lacock

Decent pub which does food in this effectively preserved National Trust village. It's a Wadworth's house so don't expect anything too exciting on the beer front. It has a gravelled outside seating area. Service pretty good.

4 May 2013 18:40

The Bedford, Tunbridge Wells

Really good pub this. Ten beers on including a couple from the Goody Ales portfolio, a brewery I'd never even heard of, not being from the area.... so the provision of a dark beer in the form of Good Lord, a porter, gives this pub a higher score from me. Friendly and knowledgeable bar staff, still giving the option of straight or jug glass. Notice up pon th eblackboard suggesting recently under new management, and the kitchen is being revamped, so no food apparently as at earlier this week.

4 May 2013 18:36

The Dolphin Inn, Hastings

Good range of beers in this free house, and a reasonable food menu. It's worth trying the fish which comes ashore just across the road. Friendly bar staff. Currently cash-only but shouldn't be a problem to most as there is a cash machine on site.

4 May 2013 18:27

The Filo (First In Last Out), Hastings

Surprised at the last review, whatever was happening on the 27th wasn't apparent to us, as by the early evening of the 30th the bar service was excellent. Good range of beers from the Filo brewery and elsewhere in what is a nicely turned out pub tucked away in the old town part of Hastings.

4 May 2013 18:20

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

Traditional pub, a little tatty inside these days but the usual decent beers from the Harveys range and others. Food more than acceptable given the price, and passed the Mrs R test.

4 May 2013 18:16

The Sportsman 'Time Well Spent', Mogador

Well that was a worthwhile look at BITE this morning knowing we'd be in the Tadworth area and needing a pub, sold by the couple of recent positive reviews. Good pub and the landlord greeting arrivals if he happens to be lurking is a nice touch. Sunny day and loads of walkers and dog owners about, I have never seen so many dogs in a pub 'garden', not surprising though I suppose as it's on the edge of Banstead Common. They were all well behaved though (and so were the dogs). 4 beers on: Skinners Cornish Knocker, Sharps Doom Bar, Rev James and one other (can't remember, but nothing exciting). Food good quality but a little dear at £12-14 for a main, but not too long to wait given it was so busy. Service good. One to bear in mind for future, that's for sure.

21 Apr 2013 18:17

White Swan, Chesterfield

Excellent pub, surprised it's not already been discovered by BITE reviewers. Housed in a previous licensed premises opposite the famous crooked spire church, it has more recently served as a Chinese restaurant before reopening as a pub in July 2012. It has no fewer than twelve handpumps majoring in microbreweries, and does a good line in food, pitched more at the bar snacks market than anything particularly gastro - a decent burger and chips is £5.95 for instance. A clean environment, friendly staff together with the beer and food makes this one a must if you are in Chesterfield and like your real ale.

20 Apr 2013 19:46

The Mulberry, Farnham

Surprised this one hasn't had any recent reviews. Excellent pub with friendly staff and decent food including an inventively named range of burgers which are actually worth the slightly expensive-sounding £10-£11 a piece (with chips). Avoid the chilli that comes with Firehouse though or you'll be requiring huge amounts of one of the beers on offer to put said fire out, which last night comprised Mordue Bunny Hop (seeing as it's almost Easter at time of writing), St.Austell Trelawney and Green King IPA (fancy font version). The pub is right next to Farnham railway station so that form of transport is readily at hand if you have overdone the chilli and/or beer.

26 Mar 2013 22:55

The Harrow Inn, Compton

Paid visits here a few times in the past when my recollection was that it was a bit snobby, but not been for a few years. Seems a lot better now, food and service was excellent and not outrageously priced (mains around the £10 mark, afters £5.50. Beer as already mentioned seems to be the staples of TEA, Tribute and Doom Bar, so nothing desperately unusual in that respect.

7 Jan 2013 10:33

The Old Coffee House, Soho

Excellent pub. Spoilt for choice with the beers, given the five real and further keg offerings (of which the Big Mofo Stout was the pick, but er, not a session beer at 10%+). Previous comments may be in relation to the rather dour Scot behind the bar, I can see why some may be put off.
Would definitely return to this pub.

4 Jan 2013 20:19

The Imperial, Soho

Update on this one. Unfortunately landlord Chris has left in the recent weeks. Initital victim seems to be the beer quality.... not so good now...

30 Sep 2012 11:31

The Crooked Billet, Wokingham

A really good pub this. It's in a quiet area and is nicely laid out and obviouslys kept very clean. The beer, wine and food is a good range and standard and reasonably priced (10 will get you a decent main), with helpful and friendly staff to boot. There is plenty of car parking space and a nice open outside garden.
I am rather surprised by the low score shown at present, can only surmise this is a legacy of poor reviews in the dim and distant past... no way should this pub have a rating in the low 5s. Definitely recommended.

12 Aug 2012 16:12

The William IV, Albury

A pleasant enough pub in a quiet location in the lane in Little London, small garden at the front, nice in the afternoon sunshine. Perhaps the only quibble would be the price of the beer, 3.80 for a pint of Shere Drop seems a bit steep... there shouldn't be a lot of transport costs in that, given the brewery is only a couple of miles away.

12 Aug 2012 16:03

The King William IV, Mickleham

This is an excellent pub. Beer on offer on our visit was Surrey Hills Shere Drop, Hogs Back TEA and fff Alton's Pride. Can't speak for the others but the Shere Drop was in good form. Although the pub is quite small it has as much space again outside in the garden with some cover. The food is perhaps a little on the pricey side at 10-12 typically but is of good quality and quantity. The desserts are 5.25 but that's hardly unusual, most pubs get higher margin on the afters. Some of the reviewers seem to have been wanting a gastropub with pretentiousness to match, well they are in the wrong place, this is a good honest pub. The service was excellent too.
As far as parking is concerned, park at the bottom of the road just by the A24 (only a very short walk of 50-100 yards), rather than attempting to park by the pub itself, as if Byttom Hill is busy then turning round in this roughly surfaced road will be a "challenge".
A shame the crab seems to have taken centre stage as the principal moan on one of the reviews (and also on another pub review site, I notice), a pity that was allowed to overshadow that reviewer's visit but you can perhaps draw your own conclusions from the username poorpub2012, and ignore accordingly.

7 Aug 2012 21:17

The White Hart, Sherborne

Excellent pub. The food quality and service is absolutely excellent (at a very fair price too) and is largely served in the left hand room where possible so diners don't get in the way of drinkers which can so often be annoying in a pub. In that respect the White Hart trumps the pretentious gastro-pub type places hands down. Beer quality is good, although being the Hall & Woodhouse range, no darks on offer. Oh well, can't have it all I suppose.

1 Apr 2012 14:45

The Stag on the River, Eashing

A nicely located pub, which is its major strength and perhaps why it can get away with charging 3 or so a meal more than what might be considered good value, but as is a bit expensive for what you get. Beer was Surrey Hills Shere Drop and Hogs Back TEA, plus one badged as a Stag in-house one (not sure whether it was proper own brew, didn't ask, but suspect may not be). Great area outside next to the river including a base from which the catering staff do their stuff, ideal in the sun if the weather is good as others have said and as it was today. Disappointingly, we had the same experience as pold in October with respect to the soft drinks (lemonade in this case) being a bit flat... unfortunate coincidence or endemic problem? Pub is easily accessible off the A3, rail access is via a nice 25-30 minute walk from Godalming (or alternatively Witley). The clientele seemed quiet happy with what they were getting and whilst the committed experienced pubgoer may pick fault, this one does a job.

25 Mar 2012 23:58

The White House, Scraptoft

Pretty good Spoons, this one. The full refurbishment obviously helps, but the place is kept well clean, food and beer is good and staff are friendly enough. Nice garden outside. Not far off a bus route so is accessible by public transport.

24 Mar 2012 19:22

The Bow Bar, Edinburgh

Good pub, decent selction of beers including darks and a long list of bottled Belgians etc. Cask beers served by electric/air rather than handpump, bit different and makes for a slightly different taste. Characteristic shallow fixed tables, built for putting pints on. Pub arguably a tad tatty, but what the hell, it's what you get that is important.

12 Mar 2012 18:18

Cafe Royal, Edinburgh

Very good pub. Good servivce, decent food and choice of dark beers (Black & Tan and Black Gold).

12 Mar 2012 18:12

The Queens Head, Weybridge

Decent pub with very friendly, helpful staff. One end of the pub had the eggchasing on, the other end was gastro-food oriented, but still possible to find a happy medium between the two to stop by for a quietish drink after a walk along the River Wey, with the Twickenham winter beer in good form.

12 Mar 2012 09:08

Katzenjammers Bierkeller and Restaurant, Southwark

Quiet on a Sunday evening. Interesting concept, even if the beers available are fairly bogstandard at home, an opportunity for a draaught wheat beer in the UK should not be missed. Only a handful of customers alll evening. Food was OK, not outstanding but I've had worse value for money. Staff keen to close up from 9pm, it wasn't clear if that was normal sort of closing time on a Sunday or just the thin clientele but we were pretty much booted out of the door by 9.30pm.

12 Mar 2012 08:54

The Southwark Tavern, London Bridge

Reasonab;e selection of beers and the Wheat IPA was good. However rather disappointed that the staff let this place down. Barman didn't exactly display highest level of customer service, pump clips of the (at least two) unavailable beers not turned round. Seems rather pricey too.

12 Mar 2012 08:50

The Coach and Horses, Wimborne

A much improved pub now, complete with new thatched roof to give it the picture postcard look. Interior is tastefully refurbished and clean with a good roaring fire for the winter. Given the age of the building, it's perhaps understandable that anyone near 6ft tall will need to ensure they lower their head, but the beams are so low it's pretty obvious! Food is really good and excellent 2 for 8.95 deals available. Beer is in good nick though the range is a little bog standard - Sharps Doom Bar, Morland Old Speckled Hen and Greene King IPA this week. As already mentioned, the staff are really friendly and their commitment cannot be faulted.

10 Feb 2012 14:55

The Three Guineas, Reading

Decent station pub, with a large number of beers on, and great effort seems to be made to ensure that at least one of them is a dark. A sound place to go if you are waiting for a train. Steady trade during the day, the food is fine, and on a Saturday when London Irish are at home (at the Madejski), there is a diddlydee Irish band on.. but you can still always find a seat. All cask ales are priced the same - currently 3.40 a pint.

3 Feb 2012 12:05

Groves Company Inn, Swindon

Still tends to be the place for all-day dribblers and the like in Swindon, but in the evening their effect is diluted when it is pretty busy and regular after-work drinkers appear, to whom the "Airport Waiting Lounge" tag mentioned in an earlier review is a fair description. Reasonable pub, usual sort of Wetherspoons really, always got something interesting on beer-wise.

3 Feb 2012 12:00

The G W Hotel Bar and Grill, Swindon

Well known Arkells pub opposite the railway station in Swindon, it does what it does quite well without being spectacular. Having had a refurbishment around ten years ago to wooden floors etc., it's beginning to look a little in need of some new furniture, though not desperately so. Was called the Flag & Whistle for many years before that. As with many pubs, not as busy as it once was. Arkells 3B for 2.80 a pint this week... not too bad considering the 3+ pint is rife elsewhere.

3 Feb 2012 11:54

The Volunteer, Bristol

An outstanding pub now it has reopened with young enthusiastic licensee and staff. Top staff and excellent dark beer, it seems to be a policy to have at least one of (Cheddar's Totty on our visit). Beats some of the better pubs in Bristol. CAMRA members welcomed and discounts offered accordingly (no additional discounts for beards though). WIll be back.

28 Jan 2012 20:13

The Fox and Dogs, Four Oaks

Quite a large family-oriented pub. Food good and the two-for-one meals deal heavily pushed and better value and quantity than say a Wetherspoons. Also have a carvery option. The beer was disappointing though, just Greene King IPA and Wells' Bombardier... the IPA was well on the turn and had to be returned. No problem in getting it replaced though and the staff were friendly enough.

28 Jan 2012 20:06

The Half Moon, Melplash

Not a bad pub, friendly young staff on our visit at a Sunday dinnertime - which saw the pub full with diners. It seemed to tend towards the gastro pub market in this respect, and the foor was perhaps a little over priced (10.50+) but of good quality and well presented. Beer is the usual Palmers range (including Tally Ho! in bottles, for those wanting something from the dark side).

22 Jan 2012 15:51

The Merrymoor Inn, Mawgan Porth

Agree with the last remark, some of the earlier reviews seem to be on a different planet!
This is a decent pub, run by the Bennett family for donkeys years. Obviously a lot quieter in the winter when there aren't so many emmets around, but service is still top notch. Food decently priced and good quality and quantity is excellent. Not a gastro pub by any stretch of the imagination but still get dedicated table service anyway. Beer is usually staples Sharps Own and Doom Bar, St.Austell Tribute, plus a less common guest. The Tintagel Brewery often occupies this hand pump, the dark Gwaf Tan (Winter Fire) this week.

20 Jan 2012 23:45

The Red Lion, Cricklade

A pretty good pub, worth the trip from Swindonia for. 10 real on, just a bit of a shame the only real dark today was the Downton Port Stout. Food pretty good if you can catch it before it blows up for the afternoon at 1430, priced perhaps a quid or so over standard prices. Pub pretty busy during the afternoon. A couple of 'eccentric' locals but that's what keeps places going, visitors should live with it (and their dogs, which are welcomed, noted in the garden).

13 Jan 2012 20:38

The Keystone, Guildford

An excellent pub. Staff always professional and friendly, food good and reasonably priced, and the clientele are grown ups! Beer is always up to scratch. Triple fff Alton's Pride is the stock beer, with other standards being Wadworth 6X and Black Sheep Bitter. There is always a guest beer on - Wyre Piddle's Piddle in the Cold tonight. The pub has had a little internal repaint to freshen things up at the start of 2012. There is an open patio area out the back which is nice in the summer - and a refuge for smoking types in all seasons.

10 Jan 2012 23:15

The Glue Pot, Swindon

The Glue Pot has always been a source of a decent pint in Swindon. It went through a disappointing phase some time after HopBack took it over and stopped the poular free house philosophy which was a big shame... and the decline in clientele showed the effects. However, despite that, a couple of hardworking licensees later we have a pub that does the HopBack/Downton range with the occasional guest and manages to keep its head above water, although as Hodge says, it's not the cheapest. Today the HopBack Entire Stout was punctuated with Mauldon's Black Adder. You could do a lot worse!

9 Jan 2012 20:11

Sir Daniel Arms, Swindon

Weekday afternoon, pub reasoanably busy, beers OK with a couple of Box brewery beers on. A few chavscum in the smoking area outside as seems to be the norm here but avoidable if you are indoors. Reasonable interor and service pretty good.

9 Jan 2012 20:02

The Grantley Arms, Wonersh

Always worth a visit this, one of our favourite pubs in the area. Food is well presented and of good quality and quantity, though perhaps a quid or two more than you might normally expect to pay elsewhere. Nice interior and friendly enough staff and always a good range of beers on as others have said. Of particular note today was Orkney Dark Island.

8 Jan 2012 14:47

The George Abbot, Guildford

Another decent central Guildford pub. Clean and comfortable inside. Staff friendly and helpful. Not too busy on a weekday evening. Food is very good quality at a reasonable price. Beer is the usual Greene King range plus the 6.5% special at present, with Wadworth 6X as the alternative.

4 Jan 2012 15:02

The Britannia, Guildford

A decent Shepherd Neame pub and one of the better pubs in Guildford overall. Has been kept clean and tidy since the refurb and is well worth a visit. Food is good quality and reasonably priced. Staff normally friendly and the clientele tend to be grown ups! Recommended.

2 Jan 2012 18:49

The Willett Arms, Oakley

A decent pub, with a varied food menu at reasonable prices. Beer is well kept and the standard is Ringwood Best, but there is always some sort of interesting / seasonal guest beer on too. A big car park if you are coming by road and the Willett is just on the number 3 bus route from Poole into Wimborne if you are travelling by public transport. A big garden at the rear. There is an area more specifically for dining though meals can of course be taken anywhere in the bar. As a result of its close proximity to the local crematorium the pub is popular for wakes, for which the dining area is well suited.

1 Jan 2012 17:20

The Plough Country Pub and Dining Room, Galgate

Beermann's comments are about right. A fairly unexceptional pub, with a couple of real ales on - Lancaster Blonde was one, Black Sheep the other as I recall on my recent visit on 22nd Dec - in reasonable shape. Food is only at certain times, though that didn't bother me as only stopped for a beer. Big enough car park for any eventualities, and the pub is adjacent to the railway line, although the nearest station is Lancaster for those who like trains with their beer. Pub does not allow dogs.

1 Jan 2012 17:09

The Three Mariners, Lancaster

Recent change of landlord in the past few weeks here, but the spirit remains the same. Majors on beers from local microbreweries, with several on offer (although alas no dark, for my own selfish tastes). Traditional pub interior, warm and friendly and allows well-behaved small dogs (a bit of a rarity in Lancaster, from what I can gather). It isn't far from the railway station if you are only passing by, but is well worth a visit.

1 Jan 2012 17:01

The Britannia Inn, Plymouth

Just to give an update on the matchday situation at the Brit. A normal food menu has now resumed this season after a near-10-year gap, the pub getting too crowded in some of Argyle's more successful seasons in the early 2000s being the cause of the suspension. Use of proper glasses has also recommenced, with plastics only being brought into play when the numbers require it. The pub itself has had a fresh carpet and lick of paint in the late summer to tidy it up. Paula, Ruth and the staff run a good ship and in my opinion this is the best Wetherspoons in the country, although perhaps I am a little biased as it is my matchday local. Beer quality is never a problem here. In fact my only criticism would be that dark beers aren't available as often as I'd like, but then that is a fault you could level at most pubs.

17 Dec 2011 21:18

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

Good selection of beers in this legendary Derby pub, one counter has the full range of beers which are brewed out the back (Black Sabbath and the rather odd Damson Stout - which wasn't very stoutlike - tasted on our visit). The other counter has Everard's and guests. Does tend to attract a retired railway staff clientele - not that that's any bad thing of course! Nice warm fire on a cold December day in one of the multiple rooms in this pub. Does food and it seemed good value although we didn't partake.

15 Dec 2011 18:37

The Alexandra Hotel, Derby

Legendary Derby pub stuffed with plenty of railway pictures, locomotive nameplates and other memorabilia. Bit surprised with some of the recent negative comments, we found no problem on our visit. Beer quality was good, and they had darks to choose from.

15 Dec 2011 18:32

The Old Silk Mill, Derby

A good pub with an impressive range on... and capacity for more racked up at the side (which was where the Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild was kept on our visit). Friendly bar staff. Roaring fire. Not much more to say! Recommended.

15 Dec 2011 18:29

The Flowerpot, Derby

A decent pub with a good range on, Abbeydale Chocs Away being my choice and it was in good form. Quite a bit pub, so on a quiet day easy to find somewhere to sit yourself away. There is a rack of casks in the side room that is apparently brought into use at busy times and there is a music venue at the side/rear. Well worth a visit.

15 Dec 2011 18:25

Mr Grundys Tavern, Derby

A bit of a disappointing visit to be honest. Good range of own-brew beers with a First Wortld War theme but the darkest one (1914) was very much on the turn. Staff agreed with the quality issue and - although surprised - took it seriously and thus no problem getting something else. The alternative (No Nan's Land) was OK though not the best. Hopefully this is just a short term issue with the brewing side. Pub itself has a traditional carpetted interior with plenty of memorabilia including a very smart red phone box. They do food, and it smelt like it - probably the largish works Christmas party in one corner!

15 Dec 2011 18:18

The Greyhound, Derby

An excellent pub. One of the Derby Brewing Co.'s outlets, it's a clean pub that's had a fairly recent refurb with polished boards and good selection of beers. The Derby Silent Night Porter was on excellent form. The food was also good.

15 Dec 2011 18:11

The Imperial, Soho

Rather surprised by blue-scrumpy's comments, as I was in there the same week and found it much better than expectations. The Brewdolph was on good form and the staff were attentive, with 3 + landlord Chris covering all needs on what was an obviously a busy night at the start of the 'Once a Year Drinking' season. Definitely one to make a beeline for in the area in future.

11 Dec 2011 13:30

Wellington Hotel, Seaford

Picked this one out as the number one target when meeting up with recently-moved family in Seaford based on recent comments here and was not disappointed. An excellent ten beers on including as mentioned a good selection from Dark Star. Beer seemed well kept. Thoughtful selection of bottles (eg Thatchers perry / pear cider) for those wanting something different. Food was good quality and fairly priced. Two public bar areas, both of which were surprisingly quiet (early afternoon Saturday).

11 Dec 2011 13:18

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