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The Coach and Horses, Soho

I was recently told by a regular that the Coach and Horses was closed for renovation
and, remembering my visit of a year ago, I thought that the much needed decorations might be worth seeing .So being in the vicinity, I popped in a coupe of days ago and found that the appalling state of the place was exactly as before.
I defy anyone to name a pub anywhere in the world that has more holes in the floor covering. The few clientele were as scruffy as the decor; I kept expecting to see Bill Sykes walk in.
Definitely one to avoid even though it still does Leffe on draught.

24 Dec 2015 15:54

The Coach and Horses, Soho

A stone's throw from Leicester Square underground station, this is a fairly typical Soho pub insofar as it's grubby and full of tourists. On Wednesdays and Saturdays there is an old fashioned sing song around the piano, sometimes led by one or two old plonkers who should know better. This is OK if you are looking for a break from the usual pop rubbish but not conducive to relaxed conversation. The beers are reasonable and they are currently doing Leffe on draught. Apart from that, the 1950s East end feel of the place is a depressing reminder that all this talk of London being so wonderful is just so much bollocks. Sorry about the bad language but I'm not sure how to spell hyperbole.

28 Dec 2014 11:35

Wetherspoons, Victoria Station

After some years avoiding this Wetherspoons, I was very pleased to see that it has had a substantial makeover with much improved toilet facilities. The bar that was formerly about 12 inches wide and full of collection tins, baskets of inedible buns and various other junk has been cleared and considerably widened and the beer selection much enhanced. They even have ESB which must be a plus. The staff are uniformed and efficient and there are now a few small nooks and crannies where one can escape the throng. Best to go there before 4pm when the place starts rapidly filling up with the early crowd causing a jam at the bar. I never eat in pubs so I don't know about the food side of things but there were plenty of people ( mostly women) feeding their faces so the food must be reasonable. Unlike so many other Wetherspoon pubs, the clientele were respectable and well behaved.
For a station bar this is now quite an acceptable watering hole.

11 Dec 2014 17:09

The Prince's Head, Richmond

Went to The Prince's Head two days ago on the recommendation of this site. It was lunchtime and there was group standing at the bar making the rafters ring with their very loud talk. Unlike the terrible old plonkers of the Angel and Crown, they were nevertheless an annoyance to others in the bar. It wasn't until they left that I heard the usual pop noise coming from a speaker just inside one of the entrances. It wasn't loud but totally unnecessary as nobody was listening to it.
The same might be said for the TV screen that nobody was watching.
The interior of the pub is very nice with a proper pub feel to it and the ESB I had was excellent. Take away the utterly pointless and irritating speaker and I might go there again.

22 Nov 2014 16:29

The Prince of Wales, Wimbledon

It's a while since I visited this pub. It used to be so much better before the pointless so-called music started causing general distress. The last time I called in, there was a drunk sitting at the bar and when I asked the barman for a pint of Old Peculier, the drunk looked at the beer's logo and said: 'Some people are old and peculier.'
I didn't take it personally but it was the peculier noise emanating from loudspeakers that ensured that I would not be visiting again.

19 Nov 2014 19:07

The Jack Horner, Tottenham Court Road

After visiting the British museum just around the corner, a friend and I went to the Jack Horner. It was during the World Cup and the place was packed with fans watching a match on the TV. As football holds zero interest for my friend and I, we sat outside. I was very pleased with the ESB and had another, it's expensive but you get what you pay for.
The bar staff were efficient and they also had Leffe on draught, so with two of the best beers in town, I will probably pop in again when it's a bit quieter.

19 Nov 2014 18:37

The Oxted Inn, Oxted

I have occasionally used this pub in the past and it does depend at what time of day one chooses to visit. It's a large establishment with seating outside and during morning weekdays it's quite pleasant for a Wetherspoons, largely because it's possible to move away from any old plonkers who may be in attendance.
During the evening, however, it becomes the favoured location for fat females with tattoos and baby buggies accompanied by their equally fat and tattooed male counterparts wearing the ubiquitous baseball cap.
Oxted used to be a nice little country town inhabited by well turned out people but the barbarians broke through the economic barrier some time ago and Wetherspoons was their inevitable destination.

15 Nov 2014 13:52

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Although it's some time since I last frequented this pub, I could recommend the interior as being particularly interesting with its high vaulted ceiling and long bar. It's used by legal eagles from the Law Courts and affiliated buildings in the area and does get quite crowded during the evenings.
The killer though is Sam Smith's beer which must be the most watery brew ever concocted outside of Allied Breweries even though the the pumps claim the usual range of ABV.
The big plus is, as with all Sam Smith's pubs, there's no trashy noise coming from speakers, meaning it's great for conversation and it's free from the disreputable pond life that infests the Wetherspoons outlets.

12 Nov 2014 20:14

Greyhound, Maidenhead

ARSENALFAN36'S insanely repetitious teetotal comments on this site are symptomatic of marked retardation. So it's not surprising that one such entry reads.......Today Wednesday 8th October after i had Brought the Sun in Tesco ...
If he's like that on orange juice and pepsi, for God's sake keep him away from
the booze.

12 Nov 2014 17:46

The Kings Tun, Kingston Upon Thames

As with all Wetherspoons pubs this one is the watering hole of dimwitted old plonkers whose loud jabbering is embarrassing to those who prefer a quiet drink or good conversation. The beer is adequate and the service reasonable but the proliferation of Rab C Nesbitt lookalikes is likely to put the civilised drinker off.
Ideal for baseball capped, beer bellied neanderthals but otherwise another one to be missed.

11 Nov 2014 11:26

The New Inn, Ham

I have often been to this pub while visiting friends in the neighbourhood and it's a very nice place to relax with a pint or two. Being a Youngs house is, to my taste, unfortunate but they have London Pride so it's not a disaster. The interior is homely and minus the fruit machines, crappy music and other accoutrements that attract the wrong type of clientele. It relies on a certain amount of passing trade as it's set back off of a main road but there are a number of regulars who are
the antitheses of the Wetherspoons variety. There's a large garden at the rear and seating at the front. All-in-all a very good pub.

23 Oct 2014 12:08

The Angel and Crown, Richmond

I discovered this pub by chance a couple of years ago and was pleased to note that it was a Fullers house, as I'm partial to ESB , and I must say the beer is well kept. Unfortunately that's where my admiration ends, because the clientele are some of the most foul-mouthed old tossers I have ever encountered. It seems that the pub is the repository of the kind of English grotesquerie that one imagines died out in the 18th century. It's possible to sit outside in the narrow lane off of the high road but the plonkers, who make your average Wetherspoons plonker look like the Marquess of Salisbury, are not content to remain inside and are likely to be encountered in the small seating area outside.
Do not go there unless desperate for a pint of ESB..

22 Oct 2014 22:37

The Gazebo, Kingston Upon Thames

The Gazebo was recommended to me by a Kingston resident as being a quiet place where it's possible to have a drink without jungle noises from loudspeakers or loud-mouthed yobs. So I went there at 4.00pm two days ago and found it to be exactly what I hoped it would be. I walked up to the bar and saw that every single beer on draught was Samuel Smith's, possibly the most tasteless beer in England. The riverside setting is really charming but the beer kills it stone dead. A couple of passers-by looked in but noticing the name on the pumps, walked on.
I loath Wetherspoons pubs on account of the number of old plonkers who spend all their days there cackling and hooting inanely like the inmates of an asylum, but after a pint of Samuel Smith's I had to pop into the KIng's Tun for a pint of Leffe which immediately restored my tastebuds to normal.

3 Oct 2014 20:47

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

I have previously commented unfavourably on this pub on account of its clientele
who gather throughout the afternoon at the Wimbledon Theatre end and shout at each other in the most inane way. These old plonkers should be put out to grass or taught some manners, but another hazard of the Wibbas Down is when the theatre opposite has some tatty stock repertory company's performance of
some moth-eaten musical from the 1930s or 40s. The whole pub then fills up with an incredible array of ancient and largely female octogenarian coffee drinkers and the cacophony is reminiscent of a choir of pneumatic drills until, at 1900 p.m. they begin drifting across the road to the theatre to watch Top Hat or Annie Get Your Gun. Seeking to beat this monstrous regiment by going to the pub early, one then gets caught in the matinee mob leaving the theatre .
God help us all.

12 Sep 2014 18:03

The Druid's Head, Kingston Upon Thames

I travel some way to get to this pub simply because there is a dearth of civilised watering holes in London. By civilised I mean no children or TV. Although there is the usual caterwauling female coming from loudspeakers in the main bar, there is a snug bar without speakers ( who needs them?) in which the noise is insufficient to be an insult to the intelligence. Avoid at all costs on a Friday night when, presumably to attract the teenage element, the speakers are going full blast with the kind of noise that one might encounter darkest Africa.
Wetherspoons have a speakerless pub in Kingston but as with all their establishments, it's full of old plonkers rhubarbing away as the Fosters takes hold.

14 Mar 2013 13:07

The George, Croydon

This is a large pub with the usual tattooed, beer bellied and baseball capped clientele some of whom are, believe it or not, in their 50s and 60s. The conversation, which is loud, ranges from the banal to the pointless and is usually heard from the ubiquitous groups of old plonkers that are the most striking feature of Wetherspoons pubs . However, there is another bar at the back which is largely dedicated to eating and the atmosphere is rather more civilised. There is usually a good range of beers on sale and the staff are proficient. If only Tim Martins were to introduce a more up-market chain in addition to those currently on offer, it would be of great service to those who prefer a more commodious place to drink in.

24 Aug 2012 11:16

The Speaker, Westminster

This is the last real pub in London, by which I mean one that's for conversing, reading or just quietly enjoying a pint. It's tucked away off the beaten track and is not a very large establishment but it's got that long lost pub atmosphere that went out when the 1960's decreed that we must have inclusiveness (i.e. the lowering of standards to the lowest common denominator) and reduced all pubs to noisy exhibitionist yob shops. The greatest selling point is its no music or TV or any other unnecessary distraction and this attracts a better class of drinker. The gentle buzz of real conversation creates a civilised atmosphere that is not to be found elsewhere in London and there's a regular clientele that sometimes gets a little crowded but are not the loudmouth low life that often frequent Wetherspoons pubs.
The beer is well kept and the service friendly and although it's more expensive than some other pubs it's well worth the extra just to sample that long gone atmosphere of what a real pub should be about .

6 Jul 2012 20:39

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

I have finally stopped drinking in the Wibbas Down after giving it one more try. I don't say that it is markedly different to other Wetherspoons pubs, as they have a reputation for down-market hostelries, but in recent times the proliferation of old plonkers in baseball caps talking a lot of bollocks at the top of their voices has placed the Wibbas Down beyond the pale. When Wetherspoon first started opening pubs, they were a haven of tranquil drinking and good conversation until the pot-bellied plonkers discovered that the beer was cheaper than elsewhere; since when, they have converged on the pubs like a pack of Rab C. Nesbitts on speed. Nothing will return the pubs to their former glory except a reasonable dress code and an elocution test to be taken by all who enter.

28 Nov 2011 22:21

The Smith and Western, Boxhill

Occasionally I walk up Box Hill and make my way to this pub but only because there isn't another in the vicinity. It's an embarrassingly naff 1950s style Western theme pub. The last time I was there they were playing Rhinestone Cowboy and the name should tell you all you need to know about it. The beer is watery and only sold in half pints, Clint Eastwood would not be pleased, I haven't eaten there so I don't know about the food, but today I arrived at 11.42 a.m. and was told that there was no alcohol until (high) noon. I felt like saying "Smile when you say that stranger", but I simply turned left the premises. It really is a pity that there isn't another pub nearby.

28 Nov 2011 21:16

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

I happened to be in Wimbledon and decided to have a pint in the Wibass down
which I hadn't been in for a year. As it was around 2pm there were only about 5 or 6 other guys in the Wimbledon theatre end of the pub. It was nice and peaceful and I was enjoying my pint when someone who looked exactly like the tramp that used to introduce Monty Python's Flying Circus emerged from the other end and took up position outside for a smoke. Then he came back inside, and inspected the beer pumps with a magnifying glass before ordering one and disappearing into the far reaches of the pub. I was relieved to see him go and was about to order another when I heard the barmaid say "Hello Charlie". Charlie emerged from the same direction as the tramp, and holding a pint took up position at one of the tables; at which point, I made a quick exit. You see, Charlie seems to spend all his time there and is the reason I hadn't been there for a year. Because Charlie is the biggest bore in Christendom and will collar anyone who happens to be having a quiet drink and belabour them with his totally uninteresting life story. And this highlights a basic fault with Wetherspoons pubs in general in that they invariably attract weirdos on account of the cheap beer. This is a pity, because if you choose the correct time of day, it would otherwise be possible to enjoy a couple of pints in a civilised atmosphere.

20 Jun 2011 18:10

The Ship, Eastbourne

I visited this pub again today and there was pop music playing even though there were very few people in the bar. There was the choice of the garden which had quite a number of visitors but I wanted to eat and drink in the cool of the bar. What is it about people that they must have trashy music playing while they work rather than be at peace with themselves?. I shall not be returning, which is a pity because, as I have said in my previous review, apart from the unnecessary pseudo American whining coming from the speakers, it is an ideal pub.

2 Jun 2011 20:27

The Marine, Eastbourne

I went to this pub today at about midday b ecause I had read on this site that it didn't have music. It does so I won't be going back.

2 Jun 2011 20:14

The John Snow, Soho

Thank God it isn't named after that self-righteous prig of a news propagandist but someone who really contributed to the well-being of his fellow man.

18 May 2011 23:29

The Clachan, Soho

This was ,at one time, a superb London pub until, about 20 years ago, they decided to change the decor and have infantile pop music (?) blaring out for the oiks. Now it's impossible for anyone who likes what was once normality to use. As one socialist scumbag said in 1945, 'we're the masters now ' and this pub is as good an indication as any that the oiks are, temporarily it is to be hoped, in control..

18 May 2011 23:18

The Rose and Crown, Tooting Bec

I have been in here a few times and it is a very comfortable pub even though the selection of beers is rather limited. Occasionally there is the dreaded and totally unnecessary pop music to be heard but not constantly. Friday night's should be avoided by any sane person as that's when they have wannabe pop singers and karaoke . The best time is during the day when it is quite civilised and a good pub for a quiet chat and a bit of a laugh.

18 May 2011 20:41

The Dolphin, Betchworth

I first discovered The Dolphin forty years ago when I used to go walking in Surrey and I usually arrived there just in time before they closed at 3pm.
Now they are open throughout the day but I still tend to turn up there about the same time. I have never heard any foul language from the locals who are usually to be found in the front bar but perhaps those referred to arrive earlier or later. It is quite justifiable for people to object to swearing and if I hear any of it i when I am there, I shall write a very pointed letter letter to Young's head office. Swearing is the first resort of the inarticulate and should not be tolerated in mixed company as others may find it offensive. I am sorry to see that the current management of The Dolphin appear to be condoning it by omission, as it is an otherwise very nice pub, but I mean what I say about bringing Young's attention to the problem if I am offended by hearing it on the premises.

18 May 2011 19:43

The Ship, Eastbourne

I don't know all the pubs in Eastbourne but I doubt that there is a finer one than this. Tucked away in The Meads at the very end of the esplanade, it is an ideal place for those who despair of the yobbery that has been the hallmark of English pubs for the last 30 years or so . The rooms are spacious with fine leather chairs and a good selection of beers. The food is very good and the service also. I have only been there a couple of times on visits to Eastbourne and I definitely intend going there again this year. I don't know what the pub is like in the evenings but during the afternoon it has something of the civilsed atmosphere of a gentleman's club, which is exactly how I like it. For those who find it sterile, I suggest they keep to those many pubs in Eastbourne where noise is the major selling point.

18 May 2011 18:38

The Pilot Inn, Eastbourne

About 20 years ago I was on my way to the Downs close by and I spotted this pub and decided to have drink. It was absolutely brilliant, the car park, as it is now, was a garden with lunch tables packed with people enjoying their food. Inside, there awas a a fabulous array of food at one end of the pub and the rest of the bar was busy with serving an array of fine ales. Everything looked sparkling and clean and I enjoyed an interesting conversation with one of the locals who was a regular customer. Fast forward to last yhear when I decided to viisit it again and was aghast at the dilapidated state of the place which had only one other customer apart from myself. This is what happens when a pub changes hands from a committed owner or manager to someone who hasn't the faintest idea of how to run a pub.

18 May 2011 18:17

The Lamb Inn, Eastbourne

I occasionally go to Eastbourne and would have reccommended The Lamb previously, but it has been degraded to a remarkable degree as I discovered recently after having not visited it for a few years. The interior has been altered out of all recognition and is grotesquely at varience with the ancient history to of the establishment which originated in 1180. It has all the ambience of a down-market pub in the East end of London and I honestly don't know how they got permission to do such damamge to such an historic building.

18 May 2011 18:03

The Wheatsheaf, Tooting Bec

If you are leaving Tooting Bec tube staion at night you will hear an amazing caterwalling coming from this pub. Yes folks it's karaoke night at The Wheatsheaf. My last visit there many years ago ended in the biggest punch-up I have ever witnessed, making your average film bar room brawl look like a vicarage tea party. I was trapped in the bar by two of the many brawlers rolling in front of the entrance, but when I heard the sound of approaching police sirens I manoeuvered round them and made my escape. Needless to say, I never went back.

29 Oct 2009 19:35

The Sanctuary House, Westminster

I realise that one's view of pubs can be as subjective as anything else and much depends on imponderables such a the time of day and varying clientele etc. but I stand by my comments. I much prefer to drink beer than coffee and what is wrong with being able to converse or read in a civilised way with a pint or two? I can remember when many pubs had two or three bars, a public bar for those who wanted tp play darts or whatever, a saloon for those who didn't and a lounge where customers could peacefully enjoy their drink. So much more sensible than the " lets all be Jack the Lads" mentality that is now the norm. Nowadays it has become necessary to have bouncers at pubs because of the marauding bands of oiks that infest our city centres during the evenings.
You have probably gathered by now that I am English and you might also have gathered that I am no longer proud of the fact.

25 Jul 2009 09:48

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

Further to my recent comment, I popped into the Salisbury tonight (Thursday) and found the place packed to the gills. The noise from the customers was such that a dull thumping sound, which I took to be 'music,' could not, thank goodness, be heard above the din. I bought a pint of draught Leffe and departed about 15 minutes later. Question: Why have 'music' going when absolutely nobody can hear it or is remotely interested in it?
I shall not be spending any more money in this pub despite the fact that the interior is very attractive.

24 Jul 2009 00:05

The Moon and Sixpence, Soho

I used this pub for a number of years until Wetherspoons decided to pull out and on the first evening it reopened under new management I walked into the bar and was greeted with the uusual trash 'music' from loud speakers, so I turned round and walked straight out never to return.

23 Jul 2009 19:32

The Alexandra, Wimbledon

Thought I would have a few drinks sitting outside last night but unfortunately all of the tables were taken, there was a horribel noise coming from inside with speakers blaring out full blast and the bar full of kids. I went into anothe bar but the connecting passage to the kids bar meant that you could still hear the noise. So that's another pub I won't be using for evening drinking.

23 Jul 2009 16:47

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

Some years ago, I decided to visit this pub because I had read about its extraordinary decor. However, unbeknownst to myself, it was at that time a major homosexual hang out and they were literally wall-to-wall. Some years
later, when speaking to a colleague about the experience, he told me that they had all moved out to the Brief Encounter across the road. It would seem from the comments here that they have given up entirely on the Salisbury. In which case, I might give it another try sometime.

22 Jul 2009 00:40

The Harp, Covent Garden

On the strength of the reviews for this pub, I went there this evening and found all that had been said in its favour to be true. A great pub for ale drinkers although small and quite crowded. The clientele seemed, for the most part to be dedicated ale quaffers and the barmaids were efficient and suitably buxom.
It was , inevitably, noisy but the background conversation was genuine and not the usual "Look at me" exhibitionist chatter that one finds in pubs where the customers are oikish 40-year-olds or kids showing off. However, for the individual drinker, it lacks the privacy of a secluded corner to read a newspaper and, having enjoyed the experience, I shall be returning to one of the souless barn-like establishments where I can unobtrusively blend into the background.

22 Jul 2009 00:21

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

I avoided going to this pub on on Saturday because I understand that at weekends it gets full of kids and is rowdy. However, yesterday (Monday) I went there only to find there was a quiz night at the end of the bar where I had arranged to meet someone. "WHAT KIND OF SHOP HAS THREE HANGING BALLS OUTSIDE ?" were the words I was greeted with on entering the bar, and similar inane questions were boomed out during the evening. What is it about the English that they cannot go out for a drink and a chat without some pointless distraction going on in the background, be it ...Pop m usic, television, quiz nights etc. Having said that, the service was OK and if you sit near the windows you have enough light to read a newspaper.

21 Jul 2009 16:14

The Stage Door, Victoria

Called in here last night at about ten O'clock and there were only about four customers so I was served straight away . I normally drink lager because although I much prefer ale it's a sure-fire way of getting a beer belly. As I didn't have a lot of time, I chose the Greene King bitter, which goes down much easier than lager. It was fine and I was able to catch my tain with five minutes to spare. It is quite a nice pub although, like so many in London, unaturally dark inside and there was the usual strangulated jungle noises coming from a loudspeaker although not too loud that it couldn't be ignored. Imight pop in there again when I am next in the vicinity.

19 Jul 2009 14:46

Willow Walk, Victoria

The Willow Walk, like many Wetherspoons pubs , is not particularly inviting, unless you are one of those peole who likes to sit about gabbing about football and othe inconsequentialities against a background of over-loud voices. It does, however, have one enormous advantage over other bars in the vicinity in that, like most other Wetherspoons establishments, there is no ******* pop music.

19 Jul 2009 14:17

The Victoria, Victoria

I went to this pub yesterday evening (Saturday) and it was closed.

19 Jul 2009 14:04

The Sanctuary House, Westminster

I visited this pub yesterday evening and it is a marvellous replica of a spacious Edwardian public house; exactly the place that am looking for as a regular haunt. Unfortunately, apart from ther decor and the selection of beers, that's where all appreciation stops. Firstly, why, oh why, oh why is it necessary to have trashy pop music playing ? Secondly, at the othe end of the bar, there is the ubiquitous television set adding further to the noise, and thirdly, what makes your average Englishman such a cocky loudmouth, even allowing for the fact that the unecessary music/television noise isn't conducive to decent conversation? Get rid of the loudmouths, trash music and television, and you have got yourself a decent pub where civilised conversation can take place and it is possible to read a newspaper in peace.

19 Jul 2009 13:58

The Alexandra, Wimbledon

The best thing about the Alex is that you can sit outside in St Mark's place in the summer and watch the world go by . I can't comment on the food or wine bar or the area with televised sport, none of which intertests me, but the small carpeted bar would be perfect for the non-extrovert drinker if it were not so gloomily lit. If you are thinking about reading your newspaper during the daytime, don't forget to take a torch with you.

18 Jul 2009 13:28

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

Strangely enough, I actually had to transact some business in the building in the days when was a bank. When it was announced that Wetherspoons had taken it over I cheered thinking that it would be put to a more useful purpose.
However, although it serves its purpose as a pub, it is the venue for masses of Whitehall civil servants who stand around braying loudly at each other, which rather diminishes the plus point that there is no pop music blaring out.

18 Jul 2009 13:16

The Clarence, Mayfair

The last time I drank in this pub was a few years ago and reading the other more recent comments I see that it has deteriorated even further. When I first used to drink there, over forty years ago, it was a pleasant up-market place and often had characters in evening dress who had popped over from the Ritz to chat to the manager and his very charming wife. Although my friends and I were certainly not Ritz frequenters, we were treated exactly the same as those who were and it bacame a regular haunt of ours for quite a while.
Now, sadly, it would seem that it has gone the way of many decent pubs.
Marvellous thing liberal democracy.

18 Jul 2009 12:10

Hideaway, South Wimbledon

The hideaway is the right name for it. I went there this evening and walked right past it and had to ask a passer-by for its location. It's in a terraced row of shops and has the appearance of a shop entrance. It is very dimly lit and the actual bar area is very narrow and restricted, most of the seating being stools set into the walls. The clientele were generaly 40-year-olds going on twenty and there was the the usual inane pop music going on. I didn't try the food so I can't comment, but if you are looking for a dim, crammped, pop music type pub and have a shaven head and wear a checkered shirt, this is definitely your kind of pub.

17 Jul 2009 22:07

The Hand and Raquet, Wimbledon

I popped into this pub yesterday during a thunderstorm and discovered it to be full of television sets and incredibly noisy customers. However, I was served promptly and discovered that the pint of Carling was more expensive than in central London. It kept raining so I decided to have a bottle of Leffe but they didn't have it so I chose a double brandy with coca cola which cost �6.30.
So, if you like noisy highly overpriced and tele -prone pubs this is the place for you. Needless to say, I shall not be returning on all 3 counts.

17 Jul 2009 18:49

Wetherspoons, Victoria Station

I have been using this pub since the first week it opened about 20 years ago and it has definitely deteriorated during that time. I use it because there is no infantile pop music blaring out making conversation unecessarily difficult.
However, the presence of football yobs dujring major matches means that the police have had to be called in on more than one occasion because of drunkenness and disorderly behaviour. I can't comment on the food because I never eat there but the toilets are a disgrace. The bar staff come from every corner of the world and the staff turnover, with the exception of about four members, has become increasingly noticeable.
There is a long outside balcony but the idiotic over loud announcements on travel information and constant security advice about left luggage, make normal conversation difficult. However, despite the fact that tha pub doesn't close until midnight, people sitting ouside are told to go inside at ten O'clock when they start stacking the chairs away.I can't imagine any bar in Paris doing the same. All in all it is just about Ok for a quick drink but the less than welcoming management has caused me to finally give up on the place.

17 Jul 2009 18:37

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