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The Hop and Kilderkin, Winton

Think this pubs rating is being dragged down by older reviews. Had a pint of the St Edmunds Ale last saturday and it was perfect. Decor fine, a little boisterous for my liking but that's cos of the sky footie that was on. A solid 6 and would return here again.

1 Feb 2012 22:04

Dean Park Inn, Bournemouth

Good beer festival here last weekend [28th], and seem to have a cider fest coming up end march. This is easily one of the best real ale pubs in Bournemouth, and recommend it.

1 Feb 2012 21:56

The Junction Inn, Groombridge

Visited here on a trip on the Spa Valley railway. Nice enough pub just a few mins walk from the nearby steam railway station. Didn't have any food so can't comment on that, beer (the local Groombridge "Black Cat" brewery) was perfectly ok but price wasn't - 3.60 pint for something brewed a few hundred yards away ! Would probably have had another pint if not for the price. Could do with more beer choice too.

20 Sep 2011 21:58

The Lord Kitchener, Welling

Follow up on my earlier review, another internet voucher called for a 2.99 carvery. Less meat than before on account of a not so generous carvery chef however this was made up for by the Marstons EPA at 1 a pint !

20 Sep 2011 21:50

The Lord Kitchener, Welling

Visited here the other day as I had an internet voucher for a cheap carvery (2.99!). As its a part of the Crown Carvery chain the regular price is under a fiver anyway. The food was fine, I've eaten in here a couple of times and never had any issue with it and of course great value at the price. I went in here on a saturday afternoon so pretty quiet with some families etc, bar staff / clientele seems ok at that time of day. Real ales are now on here : three pumps with distinctly chain pub line up - bombardier, spitfire, marstons EPA which admittedly only seems to be in the crown carveries portfolio locally round here. That was 2.15 / pint and frankly one of the best pints of it I've had. Recommend here if eating, if not this is not exactly a drinkers pub, giving it a 6/10. Uploaded a photo too for this one but if delay in BITE uploading my photos is typical it may be added in a years time...

5 Sep 2011 22:05

The Red Lion, Leytonstone

Hi E17Bee, no reference to this pub but noticed your comment below, I've been waiting since early April for BITE to add a couple of pubs in Margate, they don't reply to the my emails asking why not added and also uploaded a photo over two weeks ago that still hasn't been added .... are the BITE team LISTENING ?? Get it sorted please BITE !!

5 Sep 2011 21:50

The Old Lifeboat House, Clacton on Sea

"Built on the corner of Church Road and Caernarvon Road, by A.&E.F. Cauler at a cost of 510. Later lengthened at an extra cost of 79.10.0d" - from their website. Had an excellent pint of Thornbridge "brother rabbit". There was another national brand ale on and another guest beer (not tried). If this freehouse was in any other town ie Chelmsford, it would be quite ordinary. However this is Clacton, and you have the wetherspoons and, er, thats it for any kind of half decent pub. So for that alone it is recommended on what may be a very short pub crawl. The pub is larger outisde than in. It does seem to be a locals place but no problem on that score, I think any visitors may get no further than the wetherspoons, as this place is a little hard to find if you don't know it is there. The landlord / barman was friendly enough. I think the current rating of 4.8 is a little low, I'm giving this a solid 7. What Clacton needs is some competition on the pub front !

28 Aug 2011 21:28

The Jolly Boatman, Newhaven

Good old fashioned local, couple of real ales from the smaller breweries. Definitely worth a visit if passing through. All the Newhaven pubs should be do-able easily on single day with room left for Seaford after that !

14 Aug 2011 20:52

Big Apple, Eastbourne

Half of the pub has set tables for diners which seems to be wishful thinking for a place like this. Having said that the harveys was ok if not outstanding. Seems to be called OSCARS now. Looking at the recent name changes how long before another rebrand. OSCARS sounds like a hollywood theme bar in, er, Great Yarmouth. Never mind giving this a 5 + 1 bonus point as the real ale was better than expected.

14 Aug 2011 20:45

The Waverley, Eastbourne

Indeed this pub is still open and recommended for a quiet drink fri / sat evenings (no chavs there!). Its closed sundays though. Seems to have it regular clientele of locals, always freindly and easy to strike up a conversation.
Hope this doesn't get demolished we are losing too many street corner locals like this for rampant consumerism.

14 Aug 2011 20:28

Terminus Hotel, Eastbourne

I've been using the Terminus for a few years now (not local on hols) and since they redeveloped the interior I think the place has gone downhill, mainly due to bar staff / or management. As mentioned in some other reviews it varies between disinterested to rude. On the beer front I've not personally had a bad pint - although I know people who have - but I'm prepared to cut them some slack on that. The foods ok, daily roast for a fiver. If only they do something about the staff, after all this is one of Harveys flagship pubs ! They need new carpets too if anyone brave enough to tell the staff.

14 Aug 2011 20:15

Gildredge, Eastbourne

I've been avoiding this pub (due to the shirtless / vest / football top wearing types drinking out front) for many years now, when coming to Eastbourne for my hols. Finally I decided to give it a go the other lunchtime. I am suprised the place did not seem as bad as I'd thought although I did visit during a quieter period. Real ales on offer were Harveys Best, and quite suprising to see Hopback Summer Lightning in the area. The Harveys was fine. In addition to pool table etc I noticed they have a bar billiards table. I'm giving this place a moderate thumbs up, probably best avoided Fri nights or whenever there's footie on though.

14 Aug 2011 20:03

Bar Via, Eastbourne

This place is now closed with workmen in there. Presumably will reopen under
different name after refurb...

14 Aug 2011 19:55

The Seven Sisters, Seaford

Visited here on 11/8/2011, ok pub but nothing really to stand out from anywhere else in Seaford. Tried the Harveys Best bitter, quality ok if not outstanding. A pub for a swift one if you are passing I think. Didn't try the food so no comment on that.

13 Aug 2011 10:33

Conqueror, Ramsgate

Excellent new addition to Ramsgate scene. Friendly & chatty landlord, great
beer, what more do you want ?

9 Aug 2011 20:14

The Jolly Drayman, Gravesend

Went to the beer festival here this weekend. Twenty odd beers and some rare ones, I like this pub. It has a cosy feel to it with the low ceilings. And a sexy bar maid which also helps.

15 May 2011 13:29

The Somerset Arms, Gravesend

When in Gravesend I usually eat in here. Its a pretty reliable pub for real ale, they usually have a few beers not normally found in the vicinity : on my visit, Hopback summer lightning, Otter Bright, Cotleigh Albatross. Didn't much likethe Otter beer but I don't like their beers anyway. The Albatross was fine at 6.5% abv. Food was good (better than wetherspoons for sure), 5.50 for a very large and well cooked all day breakfast. This is the best pub nearby the rail station.

15 May 2011 13:25

The Rum Puncheon, Gravesend

What a change (for the better!) from the days of the New Falcon. This is an excellent pub for a quiet and relaxing drink. Think I had Kent Brewery Zingibier, and quality was spot on. Definitely recommended. The owners also run the Park Tavern in Eltham and The Pullman in Folkestone and they are very good pubs as well.

15 May 2011 13:06

The Windmill, Dartford

Wrong info given to me .... this is now an funeral directors. Another one bites the dust !

14 May 2011 10:07

The Northern Belle, Margate

Good sheps pub, also new Lifeboat Ale house is nearby which is also worth a visit. Pub scene in Margate is looking up, what with the Hoy reopening as well [neither new outlets so far added to BITE]

12 May 2011 16:35

The Waverley, Margate

Still closed nothing happening here

12 May 2011 16:21

The Churchill Tavern, Ramsgate

oops meant fine pub NO complaints in below posting !

12 May 2011 15:28

The Churchill Tavern, Ramsgate

Had a pint in here on the day of the Planet Thanet beer fest a few weeks ago, fine pub complaints. Was quiet at time of visit on a saturday afternoon. If on a real ale crawl of Ramsgate then this place is definitely a must visit.

12 May 2011 15:27

The Windmill, Dartford

Someone told me this is reopening with a stupid name and won't be called the windmill... whats wrong with traditional pub names ???

3 Apr 2011 14:42

The Cressy Arms, Dartford

All I wish for is ... an interesting beer to drink
I was left with a choice of Lon pride or courage best
Frankly I was bored and the pride wasn't great
Improvement required here please !

3 Apr 2011 14:36

The Chequers, Dartford

As pub aficianado says this pub has frequently changed hands in recent years with no-one seeming to be able to make a go of it, hope the current incumbents fare better, they seem ok

On the beer front on my visit Doom Bar and London Pride were available, the doom bar was perfectly ok quality wise, but its not an interesting beer these days. A decent guest ale would improve things. Overall 7 out of 10 for the pub, 5 out of 10 for the uninteresting beer choice ... overall 6/10 then...

3 Apr 2011 14:32

The Countryman, Brighstone

Another one bites the dust... planning permission being sought to demolish the Countryman and build "THREE PAIRS OF SEMI DETACHED HOUSING WITH
PARKING". Isle of Wight Council website / ref P/00352/11 - TCP/27769/B. Regretting I never got the chance to visit this pub (ignoring the beer watering issue which is down to the licensee) now looks like I never will. RESIDENTS OF BRIGHSTONE RISE UP ! YOU ARE ABOUT TO LOSE ONE OF YOUR TWO PUBS BECAUSE OF A GREEDY PROPERTY DEVELOPER !

3 Apr 2011 14:06

Bacchus, Birmingham

Excellent decor (* its mostly fibreglass ..), not easy to find as in a hotel lobby cum shopping arcade ! On my visit there were two Thornbridge beers on both were excellent, well recommend this place if passing.

21 Feb 2011 21:50

The Brasshouse, Birmingham

Can't comment on when this place is busy, but on a friday afternoon with admittedly not many customers service was swift, tetleys cask 7 or 8/10, food looked ok but was eating elsewhere. Would recommend for a pint.

21 Feb 2011 21:45

Solomon Cutler, Birmingham

Sorry but this place is just bland and the ale choice ain't great either. If you like this sort of place the Brasshouse almost opposite is a better bet.

21 Feb 2011 21:41

The Canalside Cafe, Birmingham

On the basis of first and only visit to here I am quietly impressed. Mid afternoon and they were still serving food, had the 5 "special" and was more than adequate. Beer (think was Holdens Bitter) was one of the best ones i had on the pub crawl as well. Yes as ace1973 says the toilets are indeed basic but we I've been in much worse oh and they were clean enough on my visit.
Definetly recommended in my book.

21 Feb 2011 21:35

The Granville Arms, Rochester

Would have gone in here but it was closed on a saturday 0/10 for not even having any reason posted in the window.

13 Feb 2011 19:02

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

Great pub, one of the best in Rochester maybe even Kent. Couldn't fault the real ales tried and the prices are at the lower end of the scale for Rochester.
Well recommended.

13 Feb 2011 18:56

The South Eastern Tavern, Ashford

It is a mosque!

12 Feb 2011 22:33

The Riverside Inn, Ashford

Went to this place for the first time recently. Sorry, but with tables laid out in about 3/4 of the place for diners and not much space for drinkers : like about 2 seats, this place is barely qualifying as a pub. Real ale was ok (but unimaginative ie hobgoblin), prefer the locomotive up the road it is a proper pub

12 Feb 2011 22:32

The Jolly Caukers, Chatham

This place looks a little like "locals only" from the outside but really its ok. On a Sat afternoon it was packed so it must be doing something right. Had the only real ale on (Lon Pride) and was suprised - it was pretty good. This is not a bad pub, give it a try. Could do with a guest ale for the real ale drinkers - landlord take note please if you read these posts !

12 Feb 2011 22:21

The Tollgate, Dartford

The Tollgate has been refurbished and renamed the Clipper for sometime. TV screens have been disposed of, so the yob element has vanished - at least during the day. Food IMHO is better than wetherspoons. Real ale choice is limited to bombardier + changing guest (not normally anything interesting) but until recently this was 1.49 pint (probably more now) - and quality was fine. OK its a Smith & Jones chain pub but worth having a pint or two on an
afternoon. Rating : the Bombardier (on several visits) : not a beer a like but, 8/10. Food 7 /10. Good value.

3 Feb 2011 22:41

The Old Wick, Bexley

This pub has obviously been purchased by a property sepculator who decided to run it into the ground - as pub_aficianado stated open short hours and little beer choice I think..anyway boarded up now and planning permission requested for conversion to housing...the new owner should be ashamed of themselves. Still, get your objections in on Bexley council website this pub is in a conservation area. Rated O/10 as its closed

3 Feb 2011 22:26

Bird In Hand, Dartford

Reopened and recently had bombardier in there, average not quite undrinkable, better off going in the Ship up the road

31 Mar 2010 16:58

D:Ream Bar, Gravesend

Boarded up. Never a pub to really bother with, but shame its closed all the
same. Lets hope when / if reopens the new tenants will stick some real ales on.

16 Nov 2009 14:26

The Call Boy, Gravesend

Not the Call Boy anymore. Now called Liquorice and has had major refurbishment. One to leave off the your pub crawls of Gravesend ....real ale ? forget it.

16 Nov 2009 14:23

The Snooty Fox, Brading

Thankfully recently re-opened. Now called the Dark Horse. A major save from greedy developers. Will definitely visit in a few weeks time. Use it or lose it, as the saying goes.

16 Nov 2009 14:17

The Rum Puncheon, Gravesend

This pub has recently been refurbished and renamed, under new ownership.
All memories of the smoke fogged New Falcon are thankfully extinguished. Now renamed the Rum Puncheon. Six real ales were available on my visit and all the beer was top notch. If you are having a real ale crawl in Gravesend this pub, so far, should be on your list. No food at the moment though so eat first !

4 Nov 2008 17:01

The Shore, Eastbourne

Went in here on the airshow weekend whilst waiting for some planes to come over. Two real ales were on the bar, lon pride + spitfire. 3 halves of spitfire were ordered. Thankfully didn't risk pints. Opinion
was totally agreed, stuff was undrinkable. If you want to fill up with fizzy lager then I imagine this is as good as the next "bar" if you are after decent real ale then walk on by to the terminus or buccaneer

28 Aug 2008 17:08

The Fulwich Hotel, Dartford

Visited here the other day 1st time in years just to see if it has changed [it hasn't], not a place I'd put myself out to visit, tried the greed king IPA and
was expecting something undrinkable in fact quality was actually pretty good & price not too bad (2.40 pint)Apparently this still functions as a hotel...,
as the barmaid seemed to think I was a guest for some
reason. Located off the main dartford pub circuit but if you are passing, give it a go. We have to support back street boozers like this.

21 Jul 2008 14:53

The Lake Huron, Ryde

Nice multi roomed traditional pub off the Ryde pub circuit (about 15 minutes walk from top end of Ryde High Street.) Normally 1 real ale (Gales HSB and London Pride I've seen) plus I think Thatchers cider on keg. Worth the walk from Ryde. Believe lease currently up for sale as seen in Isle of Wight county press property pages - 11/7/2008. Don't think food is served, snacks only.

16 Jul 2008 15:39

The New Star Inn, Portland

Visited 12/7/08. Ordinary locals pub nothing special
but real ale on was a Branscombe Vale beer
(can't remember which one) quality was ok.

16 Jul 2008 13:18

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