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The Whittington Cat, Highgate

Something of a timewarp but that's a plus. Reasonably priced pints and a friendly atmosphere make this a great pub. Shame the landlord is having to close.

18 Sep 2013 02:37

The Islington Bar, Caledonian Road

Was here 2 days ago. Very reasonably priced pints served by the friendly landlady and barmaid. The pub has a good community vibe which is something a lot of pubs in London seriously lack. Good luck to all concerned ;)

13 Jul 2012 20:53

The Kings Arms, Wandsworth

Last year it became a branch of Grand Union and I went there and found the staff to be jolly and enthusiastic, an improvement on the Kings Arms. Alas on subsequent visits those staff have gone and the place seems to lack something, a shame all the same though.

13 Jul 2011 02:05

The Old Sergeant, Wandsworth

The new management seem to be doing something right. Had a meal there and it tasted great and the service was spot on too. Hope they make a success of it at the Sarge.

13 Jul 2011 01:58

O'Neills, Southend on Sea

Considering it's location (town centre, by the train station and a chain pub) it's the best O'Neills I've frequented. Friendly staff, good beer and air-conditioning made my visit to Southend an enjoyable one.

13 Jul 2011 01:52

Camperdown Place, Glasgow

Closed and boarded up to be another spoons.

3 Feb 2011 19:50

Crystal Palace, Glasgow

Great location, better than the Counting House.

17 Nov 2010 21:58

The Surbiton Flyer, Surbiton

Memo to Fullers, there's a woman who called on my workplace claiming to be the manager of this establishment. If her rude demeanour is anything to go by I wouldn't set foot in this palce.

22 Sep 2009 20:54

Gardeners, Southfields

This run of the mill Young's outlet has improved big time since my last visit. The chavy landlady and her favoured knuckle scraping clientele have gone, and the premises have acquired a long overdue makeover. The result is an airy establishment offering a good choice of beers & wines and a great menu too.,

7 Sep 2009 00:00

The Harp, Covent Garden

Came back here a few weeks ago and it's still a great pub with staff to match, shame it's not my local.

12 Aug 2009 20:41

The Puzzle, Earlsfield

larry1976 you've hit the nail on the head.

12 Aug 2009 20:37

The Coronet, Holloway

Had a good meal and drink here today, served by an ever attentive staff, especially Dan.

22 Jun 2009 23:47

The Gatehouse, Highgate

They'd ran out of fosters this evening but coors at 2.49 a pint is a worthy substitute.

22 Jun 2009 23:42

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

For a spoons at a train station the service was quick and I managed to get a seat aswell.

22 Jun 2009 23:38

Wellesley, Waterloo

Spent an hour at this place last saturday. For a station pub it was a pleasant experience, friendly attentive staff with air conditioning and carling at 3.15 a pint what is there to complain about.

22 Jun 2009 23:29

The Artful Dodger, Kingston Upon Thames

For a pub in the centre of Kingston, it's not bad. The barman on duty was friendly & the prices were reasonable too.

14 Dec 2006 01:26

The Telegraph , Putney Heath

Back in the early 90s this place was a decent place for a post work (i.e.early evening) drink before the local scum (some of whom I had the misfortune of going to school with) descended on it & made it a complete no-go area. I've read in the local press that it's resurfacing as a gastropub, something I wouldn't normally care for but on this occasion I'll excuse the management.

2 Aug 2006 02:00

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

A decent town centre pub nevertheless.

2 Aug 2006 01:41

The Mitre, Fulham

A decent place for drink, the locals I encountered were friendly too.

13 Jul 2006 22:29

The Woodman, Wimbledon Park

Had lunch there today & waited half an hour for the food to arrive (this was a combination of my freind ordering roast chicken & there appeared to be only one person serving food). Nevertheless this incident wouldn't deter me from returning as it's a nice location with a pleasant atmosphere, considering it's on Durnsford Road.

11 Jul 2006 21:47

Hare and Hounds, Tooting

Drove past it today @ 1200 it looked like it was open for business as usual. Maybe someone mistook it for The Plough across the road.

11 Jul 2006 21:26

The Boogaloo, Highgate

It's conveniently located near the tube station, where trains can wisk you in any direction to better watering hole than this media friendly dive.

20 Jun 2006 00:08

The Plough, Tooting

The windows are all boarded up, considering it's location I suspect this place is ripe for redevelopment.

18 Jun 2006 20:54

The Grid Inn, Southfields

The people go there because the beers cheap & JDW have an unofficial all is welcome policy, personally I would't be seen dead in this place or the nearby "Garage".

17 Jun 2006 17:54

The Duke of York, Richmond

Duke of York

14 May 2006 22:02

GJ's, Earlsfield

Nice enough place but I don't care for establishments that close for private functions, there not the only venue in the locale that's guilty of this. Still better than it's predecessor "The waggon & horses".

26 Apr 2006 23:28

The George, Croydon

Decentish post shopping pub, with 2 bars. I hope they've kept the rear bar a no smoking area as it's usually devoid of the ususal aged pissheads & the service there is more prompt.

19 Apr 2006 01:51

The Spotted Horse, Putney

Am I the only one that can't stand the front windows of this place, they're so out of character. Surprised the Putney Society didn't get out of their pram, maybe they don't do pubs.

19 Apr 2006 01:30

Finch's, Chelsea

Went there one saturday evening, there was live football on Sky being played to almost empty pub. For atmosphere the management seem to think it's a good idea to dim the lighting during the course of the night. Wouldn't care to go back to this place.

19 Apr 2006 01:23

The Coronet, Holloway

To set the record straight. it's a JDW pub on the A1, catering to Cockneys/Irish & Students from the nearby Uni. It's an oasis on Holloway Road serving cheap booze in a uniquely spaced out atmosphere, whenever I'm in North London I'll always head to this outlet.

17 Apr 2006 23:36

The Puzzle, Earlsfield

Ghastly gaff, it should be relocated to nearby Southfields. It may have been a shit hole when it was the Sailor Prince but a better place all the same (in those days you almost expected Regan & Carter to burst in).

Thesedays you're more likely to bump into Geo Cronje or Eugene Terre Blanche.

17 Apr 2006 22:09

The Hercules Tavern, Holloway

It's a town centre pub, nuff said.

17 Apr 2006 15:57

The Quays, Holloway

Once went there when it was BJ Burke's, a pub cum family restaurant. Better than the Hercules.

17 Apr 2006 15:55

The Crown, Upper Holloway

A decent ordinary pub on Holloway Road, you can be English,Irish or Martian and enjoy this place. I wish more pubs were like this place.

17 Apr 2006 15:49

Hare and Hounds, Tooting

A decent boozer on the frontline of that wasteland known as Plough Lane.

17 Apr 2006 15:20

The Imperial Pub Tavern, Toronto

Located near the Eaton Center, this central pub with it's uninspiring outside is a delight on the inside. It's on two levels and is frequented by locals, a must see if you happen to be in Toronto.

26 Mar 2006 21:12

The Imperial Pub Tavern, Toronto

Nice family run concern catering to a mostly local clientele. This bar is split into two levels and is only a short stagger away fron the Eaton center.

24 Mar 2006 00:29

Au Calice, Calais

A decent place for a drink & a bite to eat in this much maligned town. And not a cross channel day tripper in sight.

11 Mar 2006 18:10

The Ship Inn, Wandsworth

Jolly riverside pub that serves great food to a trendy crowd, apparently.
If you didn't go to the right kind of school, don't go there.

11 Mar 2006 17:51

Village Inn, Gatwick Airport

Going on holiday? Skip this place & wait till you arrive at you're final destination.
Note travellers to the Middle East, Scandinavia & Utah should ignore this advice and get tanked up at this JWD offering.

11 Mar 2006 17:09

The Leather Bottle, Earlsfield

Like so many places in Earlsfield its not the welcoming place it used to be, unless you're a young professional who can't afford to live in Clapham. Former landlords Jim & Bev were tops as was Kathy who worked behind the bar.

10 Mar 2006 01:58

The Earl of Spencer, Southfields

Formerly known as the Earl Spencer, Spencers, the Merton Inn, Bofs & the Earl of Spencer. This could be the Cher of pubs in Southfields. Spencers was a delinquents hangout while Bofs was the only decent incarnation of this place. Recent press reviews wouldn't entice me to go there now.

10 Mar 2006 01:43

Gardeners, Southfields

Not mad about this place. A local pub for local people I suppose, which isn't a bad thing considering it's 2 doors away from the Earl Spencer.

10 Mar 2006 01:35

The Duke of York, Richmond

First went there in 1993 & found it to be a nice little local surprisingly in a town centre. Now its gone corporate & lost the cosiness that that made it appealing. But if you're ever stuck in Richmond its one of the better town centre pubs to be in.

9 Mar 2006 00:59

O'Neills, Leeds

I only went there because it was the only pub in Leeds that didn't have a door policy.

9 Mar 2006 00:50

The Old Crown, Highgate

If you want a literal downhill pub crawl start in the Village, stop off at the Old Crown before working your way to all the dives in Archway & Holloway.

9 Mar 2006 00:46

The Star and Garter, Wandsworth

I've been there & yes its a locals pub, but hey these locals have been marginalised in recent years. Because too many pubs in the area are run by people who are socio-economic facists, who couldn't give a f*** about having decent ordinary locals requenting their premises.

9 Mar 2006 00:26

The Mint, Streatham Vale

Back in the late 1980s I went there a few times with a former work colleague as it was his local. Would I be right in thinking it was then called the Mitcham Mint?

9 Mar 2006 00:07

Horatio's Bar, Brighton Pier

Was last here in 2004 & was astounded to see the bar staff, mostly East European, wearing name badges that stated their country of origin. Shame on the management are you nazis or what? Its overpriced, I bet the bar staffs wages aren't replective of this, and like everthing on the Palace Pier it's f****** crap to boot.

8 Mar 2006 23:54

The Duke's Head, Highgate

A nice little local in the uptight confines of Highgate Vllage. You never feel like an outsider coming to this place.

8 Mar 2006 20:06

The Gatehouse, Highgate

A decent enough Wetherspoons in Highgate Village, there never seems enough staff serving behind the bar. Local eccentrics & old Irishmen who obviously come for the affordable beer make visits here an enjoyable one. The pre-theatre crowd, half pints & orange juices all round, are best to be avoided if theres anything being being performed upstairs.

8 Mar 2006 19:58

The Phene Arms, Chelsea

Went there once in 2003 and what a find, an ordinary boozer in Chelsea, no wonder it was a favourite of George Best. Regretably I've read in the press that the Phene has had a refurb, Time Out readers must be relieved at the prospect, not me.

8 Mar 2006 01:12

The Jolly Gardeners, Earlsfield

Heard its changed hands & had a revamp. Simon says I should go there, well he does know the new owner. Nephron I think your Canadian barmaid once lived in Southfields & her dad is called Les.

8 Mar 2006 00:59

The Flask, Highgate

Went there on a saturday night & it was packed. Eventually found somewhere to sit & appreciate the Paulaner I was served. As a South Londoner I wouldn't normally advocate dinking in Highgate's pubs but this place is an exception. Get up there.

8 Mar 2006 00:53

The Florence, Herne Hill

Last summer after a sweltering day in Brockwell Park, I retreated to Ganleys for a few pints, heaven. Fine lager combined with a nice atmosphere made the visit a pleasant one. The manager who was on his break took time to talk to me about the Cavan-Meath game that was playing that day. Something I didn't expect but decent all the same.

8 Mar 2006 00:27

Fionn MacCool's, Toronto

In 1997 I heard this was a decent place to go to. But on arrival there I was subjected to the embittered rants of a young man calling himself Pat. I hope this guy has moved on & got therapy, then I may pay Fionn MacCools another visit.

8 Mar 2006 00:12

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

Their pints of Ayingerbrau are cheap by central London standards but I'd like to enjoy it more if I could get a seat, cause they're all taken by f****** non drinking tourists filling in postcards.

8 Mar 2006 00:02

The Mulberry Bush, Lambeth

A Youngs bar that tries to be a pub cum wine bar, handy place for a stiffener if you're on route to the London studios.

7 Mar 2006 23:55

The Harp, Covent Garden

A decent pub if you happen to be in central London. Many years ago I used to frequent it when it was called the Welsh Harp and run by a guy called Nigel whose dad I think ran before him.

7 Mar 2006 23:46

Tir Na Nog, Wandsworth

Appearances can be deceptive, it may look like an O'Neills nightmare but is actually quite a decent family run venture. Personally I avoid any nights when theres live music, but don't let that deter you.

7 Mar 2006 23:39

The Grosvenor, Earlsfield

With Maureen in charge & Mick on the bar this must one of few remaining decent pubs, i.e. good service, reasonable prices & no selective door policy, left on Garratt Lane. Long may it continue.

7 Mar 2006 23:18

De Hems, Soho

With friendly staff,good beers & ambience is this pub really in the West End.

7 Mar 2006 23:12

The Old Sergeant, Wandsworth

The Old Sergeant may have been an unfashionable place to be seen in, but it was all the better for it. Nowadays this revamped joint welcomes a new kind of local with it's almost antipodean staff. I too, like some other reviewers, found them to be more interested in chatting to friends rather than serving the customer. Outside I see theres a notice on the doors saying 'No Football Shirts etc..' why don't the management be honest and say 'No Working Class Please!'

7 Mar 2006 22:41

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