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Comments by MrBlue

The Plough, Bristol

I really liked this pub - not least because they let you bring your bike in. Good choice of beer and cider. Pub was very neat and tidy. A cool and laid back atmosphere - never felt out of place. Def worth a visit

12 Nov 2015 16:06

The Chelsea Inn, Easton

Not much changed from precious review. Loud punky music playing. Had a cider as didn't recognise the beers, tho' sometimes I feel adventurous. Most people were in the garden around a open "camp" fire. Seemed civilised enough but didn't hang around.

12 Nov 2015 16:03

The Sugar Loaf, Easton

Another great Easton pub. Very cosy, sofas etc. Impressive selection of gin and good beer choice. Got a very friendly vibe about the place. Go there.

12 Nov 2015 16:00

The Greenbank, Easton

An excellent pub. Good selection of beer and cider. A nice little beer garden and reasonably priced food (I haven't eten there but what i saw looked good).
It seemed a very friendly place, and rather more women than I'd normally expect. That may be down to the food? Anyway, I'm sure it contributed to the civilised atmosphere.

12 Nov 2015 15:58

The Greenbank, Easton

This has reopened, sometime in 2014 by all accounts (or Trip Advisor more precisely).
I will check it out shortly.

9 Jul 2015 15:20

The Kings Arms, Bath

Due to reopen on Friday 29/11/13.
Will probably be a bit Gastro (aren't all these refurbs?).
Will post an update shortly.

26 Nov 2013 16:35

The Bear and Swan, Chew Magna

A good pub, pleasant ambience and would suit if you wanted to eat or just a drink. A pleasant garden area out back. I stopped for a Sunday lunch a few weeks back and had a very good meal. Beef perfectly cooked and good service. Fully recommended.

1 Oct 2013 14:18

The Richmond Arms, Bath

This excellent pub has recently fought off an attempt to turn it into a house. Of course this might only be a temporary reprieve as other examples have shown. So go now while you still can

1 Oct 2013 14:12

The Rose and Crown, Wick

Very pleasant pub, cosy and welcoming, comfortable inside. Fair choice of beer. Food choice looked good, but can't coment as I didn't eat. I was there at 6 on Saturday night and heard 2 couples getting tables to eat, both had to be out by 7.30 because of bookings, so it seems popular, which is the best recommendation. Part of a chqin, but none the worse for it. Well worth a visit.

24 Oct 2012 14:02

Rose & Crown, Pucklechurch

Pleasant pub. Good choice of food tho I didn't eat so can not comment on quality. Reasonable beer selection. Friendly atmosphere. Nice to find somewhere that's not paer of a chain.

24 Oct 2012 13:55

The Golden Heart, Winterbourne Down

Popped in on a Sunday afternoon. Very warm and cosy. Welcoming atmosphere, comfortable seating, perfect for whiling away the afternoon with the Sunday papers. Food choice looked good, but can't comment.
Large garden for the summer. Well worth a visit.

24 Oct 2012 13:53

White Lion, Frenchay

Reasonable beer, pleasant enough surroundings, friendly staff. Food was ok, tho' I wouldn't go there to eat as such - definitely not a gastropub.

18 Oct 2012 14:01

The Belvoir Castle, Bath

Now reopened and renamed the Victoria Works. Not a bad little boozer out of the centre. Reqasonable beer, good for watching sport,

3 Apr 2012 17:50

The Victoria Works, Bath

This pub has now been up and running for several months. It's a little out of my way but I've popped in a couple of times to watch some football. Although it's quite a small pub there are about 5 screens, including 1 large. Just don't go there when Man Utd are on as it's way too busy. There was some decent bitter.
It seemed a friendly enough place - tho' admittedly this was the afternoon, it may change in the evening. It just seemed fairly smart so I'm just assuming the landlord will keep any rough stuff out.

3 Apr 2012 17:48

The George Inn, Longbridge Deverill

Perfectly pleasant pub, neat and tidy inside, if a bit lacking in character.
Acceptable beer choice.

25 Aug 2011 16:45

The Bell Inn, Wylye

A lovely atmospheric pub with covered beer garden - tho' this is quite small so might easily fill up with smokers. I got there mid afternoon, so it was quiet - only 1 other punter. Interesting beer selection, but I was gasping so had a pleasant pint of cider.
Food menu looked reasonable but can't comment on quality. Staff seemed perfectly pleasant. Finally, open all day, which is a big plus for country pubs. So well worth a visit.
(As regards Trainman, I'd say he'd be within his rights to be a bit upset with the lack of notification re the cancelled booking, but it does seem harsh to suggest the staff weren't being honest - I know I've incorrectly written down the odd telephone number.)

25 Aug 2011 16:41

The Prince Leopold, Upton Lovell

The interior is mostly pine and minimalist - not a style I like, tho' there was 1 room off the bar left in the old style with a couple of sofas, much more like it. I suspect food is very much the thing here. I got there just before closing at lunch time, so it was empty. Beer selection was fine. Lovely riverside garden. I probably wouldn't go out of my way to visit, but it was perfectly acceptable.

25 Aug 2011 16:19

The Dove Inn, Corton

Nice local in a lovely village. Reasonable beer selection. Food seemed pricey but can't comment on quality. Inside has been tastefully decorated but without being to gastro. The lunchtime I went there seemed to be plenty of drinkers, so not just a dining pub. Pleasant garden. Worth a visit.

25 Aug 2011 16:12

The Angel Coaching Inn, Heytesbury

Pleasant pub, open all day, which def earns it a bonus point. Staff seemed pleasant. I had a Thatchers Gold cider to drink, which hit the spot, but the beer selection seemed reasonable. Attractive interior and good beer garden, well worth a visit.

25 Aug 2011 16:07

The Woolpack, Sutton Veny

This place has had the gastro treatment, and while from the outside it looks like a local inside it seems more like a restaurant. Those who have strong feelings on this subject have been warned. Still, I suppose that's the only way most country pubs can survive, so I won't knock it.
I got there just before it closed after lunch, so can't comment on much as it was empty. Bar maid seemed pleasant, and the drink was welcome.

25 Aug 2011 16:03

The Bath Arms, Horningsham

A pleasant country inn with spacious patio. I didn't eat, so can't comment except that they serve food most of the day, handy for visitors to Longleat I suppose. Beer choice not extensive. Last time I was there I had a Budvar at 4.20 a pint. Ouch! So don't get caught bying a round there. All in all worth a visit.

25 Aug 2011 15:56

The Crown Inn, Frome

It was Sunday afternoon when I paid this place a visit - so perhaps not representitive of it's normal atmosphere. It seemed very much a locals boozer, nothing fancy about it. That said it seemed friendly enough. Fair sized beer garden. I had Bass (the only beer) which was fine. I probably wouldn't give it a go on a Saturday night, but fine for a midday drink.

25 Jul 2011 18:52

The Blue Boar Inn, Frome

A bog standard pub, and nothing wrong with that. Reasonable beer selection, a patio area for smokers. I suspect there are better places in Frome, but fine as part of a crawl.

25 Jul 2011 18:45

The Cross Keys, Blatchbridge

Popped in on late on Sunday afternoon. Smallish bar, but neat and tidy. Good mix of customers, old and young. Seemed friendly enough. Plenty of pub quiz machines, juke box, big TV ( I assume for football). Also a darts board, which is perhaps dubious given the size of the place. Couldn't comment about the food. While I wouldn't make a special trip here I would have no qualms about stopping if passing by.

25 Jul 2011 18:37

The Royal Oak, Corsley

Handsome pub, plenty of pannelled walls and prints, comfortable seats.
Good beer selection, friendly staff, nice garden. Menu looked good. Well worth a visit

25 Jul 2011 16:28

The Cross Keys Inn, Corsley

Popped in late on Sunday afternoon - so it was quiet, tho not empty. Beer was good but limited choice (6X + Henry's). Menu looked good, and they serve food all day which could be handy. Bar staff seemed pleasant. Nice garden and comfortable interior - well worth a visit.

25 Jul 2011 16:23

The Horse and Groom, East Woodlands

Rolled up to this pub on a lovely summer afternoon and sat in the garden - very pleasant. There was a fair choice of beer (tho' being hot I had a lager).
Menu seemed comprehensive and reasonable (I had sandwiches with me).
Well worth further investigating.

15 Jul 2011 12:36

Archangel, Frome

Popped in for another swifty, impression much the same as before - very pleasant, upmarket pub/restaurant/hotel. Tho I should warn that it is expensive - 3.90 for a pint of larger. I don't expect to pay that in Chelsea, let alone Frome.

15 Jul 2011 12:29

The Garricks Head, Bath

It's a while since I reviewed this, so just an update. A pleasant bar serving good beer and comfy seats. The outside drinking area has increaed dramatically, which is a good thing if we ever get any sunshine. The food is expensive and not really worth it in my opinion - try the Vaults if you're going to the theatre. The last time I ate here the service was very slow - not a problem for some but it does irk me.

8 Jul 2011 14:56

The Tram Shed, Bath

I couldn't stand this place when it was the Ha Ha - No bitter but plenty of loud music.
Now as the Tramshed it is more of a dining destination, but with a fair amount of seating/space for drinkers. There is also plenty of seating outside, and well away from the fumes of Walcot St.
Good beer selection, and fair selection of other drinks also.
I've been to eat a couple of times, with a good selection of tasty and reasonably priced food. The service seemed friendly enough both times. At lunch time it was efficient and quick, not so in the evening (there seemed to be only 1 barman for example). It is fairly early days, maybe this aspect will improve, but certainly a big improvement on the Ha Ha

8 Jul 2011 14:48

The Kings Arms, Monkton Farleigh

Nice pub to pop in to for a drink, good choice of beer and lager. Nice garden (if we ever get a summer). The food is ok, rather than great, and pricey.

8 Jul 2011 14:32

The Tuckers Grave Inn, Faulkland

Well, another one bites the dust. I missed the annoucements about it's demise and turned up on the 3rd June gasping for a beer, so you can imagine my disappointment when Glenda told me the news.

7 Jun 2011 17:32

The Wheatsheaf, Combe Hay

As other's have commented - this is a Top Gastropub, Michelin rated etc.
So great food and not cheap - though compared to eating out in Bath not a rip off. The beer is ok and the beer garden is great - if we get the weather to enjoy it. Inside does feel more of a restaurant than a pub - but at the prices they charge that's fair enough. Well worth a visit.

7 Jun 2011 17:26

The Fox and Badger, Wellow

Nice country pub, feels very much like a locals place, it hasn't been gastro'd yet. The beer's perfectly fine. Maybe not a destination pub, but worth popping in if you're passing.

7 Jun 2011 17:16

The Vobster Inn, Lower Vobster

Good country pub. Friendly staff, decent beer and tasty food. What more would you want.

7 Jun 2011 16:59

The Talbot, Mells

As others have said - great traditional country pub, good beer and appears popular for food (tho' I've not sampled it myself. Lovely garden and courtyard. Well worth a visit

7 Jun 2011 16:58

The Bell, Buckland Dinham

A pleasant country pub serving decent beer. Nice beer garden.
Can't comment on the food.

7 Jun 2011 16:53

The Farmers Arms, Spring Gardens

Still closed

7 Jun 2011 16:50

Archangel, Frome

Paid a quick visit to the Archangel on my 1st ever visit to Frome.
By all accounts it used to be a bit rough, but that's certainly changed now.
It's been given the fully Gastro treatment - hardly recognisable as a pub.
Still as a watering hole it was quite pleasant - Art on the walls, lots of Sofas etc. It was a baking hot afternoon when I appeared and 99% of the clientele were in the garden having lunch - it looked rather good but I made do with a M&S sarnie (I know others who have praised the food, and it's been featured in the national press). Couldn't comment on the beer - I was gasping in the heat and had a lager - I'll try it again soon.

7 Jun 2011 16:43

The Wheelwrights Arms, Monkton Combe

Well, I made my first visit of the year on Sunday and the pub seemed unchanged. The decor is minimalist - no knick knacks, tho' the odd bit of art. Small beer selection but what I had was fine. The beer garden is gravelled and adjacent to the car park, but the furniture was in good condition. We got there at 2.30, after the lunchtime rush, tho' there were plenty of customers - a good mix of diners and walkers. For a change I had lunch. The prices all seemed to be around the 12 mark - just about ok for a Roast but a bit pricey for fish and chips. The food was fine but I wouldn't make a special trip there for the food. Well worth a stop for a drink tho' especially if you're on a bike/ramble (it's about a mile from the Dundas Aquaduct).

14 Mar 2011 12:47

King's Arms, Chelsea

I liked this pub. Good beer, cosy atmosphere, nice decor (not some ghastly modern refurb). Food menu looked to be standard Youngs affair, tho couldn't vouch for the quality. Large TV screen for footy fans.

8 Feb 2011 14:11

The Hollywood Arms, Chelsea

Well I would say this is a good pub. Limited beer choice, Bombadier and Youngs bitter, but quite tasty. Menu looks inviting, if pricey, and it's plenty of seating. No beer garden - congregate outside if you want a fag.

8 Feb 2011 14:03

The Ifield, Brompton

Well I had a look at the weekend and the refurb looks to be nearly over.
The bad news is that it looks like it's been converted into a house.
Shame, as I quite liked it, but that's the way things are going, esp with sky high property prices.

8 Feb 2011 13:59

The Finborough Wine Cafe, West Brompton

I popped into the finborough last season for a swifty and it wasn't too bad. Quite a decent refit, tho def a bit of a restaurant feel.
Anyway... It's all change again. It's now been reinvented as the Finborough
Wine cafe. Must confess I didn't pop in, being in the mood for a pint of bitter. Still, at least it's still open, which is something these days.

8 Feb 2011 13:55

The Northend Inn, Batheaston

Yes, shut again. The owner has wanted to convert this to a house for some time, and had shut it previously. The council refused the change of use (which makes a pleasant change) so she reopened it.
Whether she gave it a real go or just went thru the motions I couldn't say.
A shame but there you go. So over to the council again.

17 Nov 2010 16:25

The Harwood Arms, Fulham

I think I'd have to agree with Red's review, having had exactly the same experience. Of course you can go in and have a beer at the bar (I did, and the beer is quite good) but who wants to go drinking in a restaurant.
The Atlas at West Brompton has got the balance about right.

5 Oct 2010 14:44

Tichenham Inn, Ickenham

Standard Wetherspoons format (which I think is a good thing), interesting range of beers, comfortable surroundings, reasonably priced food.
Not a destination pub of course, but if you're passing though then you can visit with confidence.

1 Oct 2010 14:05

All Bar One, Bath

Well, I'll have to admit my previous review was based on a visit some while back, and I hadn't been keen to repeat the experience. I popped in at the weekend and was pleasantly suprised. 2 good beers on offer - Doobar and St Austell Heritage. Comfortable with a good atmosphere. The menu looked good/reasonable, tho' I couldn't comment beyond that. Worth considering, especially for women.

20 Sep 2010 14:50

The Star Inn, Hullavington

This pub doen't seem to be open midweek lunchtime. It's a neat enough spot, with no Gastro pretensions. Good sized garden. There's nothing wrong with it, tho unless I was desperate I'd probaly go to the Neeld in Grittleton or the Vine Tree at Norton.

30 Jul 2010 13:53

The Saladin, Little Somerford

This pub is CLOSED. And by the looks of it has been for a while. I did see a placard by the road "Save our Saladin", so maybe the council haven't signed off on a change of use for the pub. Fingers crossed.

30 Jul 2010 13:47

The Radnor Arms Inn, Corston

Reasonable pub. Good sized garden. Standard food choice - tho I didn't eat. It's best recommendation - it's open all day.

30 Jul 2010 13:42

Lambrettas Bar, Bath

Pleasant pub centrally located. Good beer, comfortable seating. It used to have far to many tables and chairs but they've thankfully thinned things out. There are tvs to watch sport, and streetside tables for a bit of people watching. Worth a visit.

20 Jul 2010 16:50

The Catherine Wheel, Marshfield

Pleasant pub in unspolt village. It's been refurbished to a high standard.
It is a bit gastro (tho' I've not eaten there), but they're quite happy if you just want a pint. Good beer. They've also created a little beer garden which is a welcome addition. Well worth a visit.

15 Jul 2010 17:26

George Inn, Bathampton

This is ok for what it is - a touristy pub. A lovely building in a great location, and a pleasant stroll from Bath. The beer is ok. Tho' I wouldn't go there to eat myself the food is perfectly alright. The staff are pleasant.
It is a bit pricey, but then so is a lot of Bath. Gets very busy at weekends, and as there is only the 1 queue for food and drink be prepared to wait for your thirst quencher

13 Jul 2010 17:21

The Northend Inn, Batheaston

Well, I finally got round to visiting. Pleasant little spot, comfortable seating, with reasonable beer selection. Great beer garden area out the back. Unfortunately not open at lunchtime during the week, but extended opening hours at the weekend.

13 Jul 2010 17:13

The Alehouse, Bath

Pleasant and cosy little bar. Good beer. Can get a bit cramped, but there's more space in the cellar bar, and I believe there is a room upstairs as well. Well worth a visit.

29 Jun 2010 14:17

All Bar One, Bath

I guess this place is a bit like marmite - you love it or hate it.
As a bitter drinker it doesn't really cater for me, tho' it's freat for lager drinkers. I'm not a great fan of the layout. The ambiance is pleasant enough. It always strikes me as a place for the girls.

29 Jun 2010 14:14

The King of Wessex, Bath

I couldn't see myself staying here for any length of time, but it's ok for a brief stop on a crawl. They generally have a couple of interesting beers.
Service can be slow. The food is cheap and I can recommend the Breakfast. By pub standards (which admittedly is pretty low) their gents are first class.

29 Jun 2010 14:06

The Bath Brew House, Bath

Poor beer selection. Not much ambiance. There is some seating in the car park. And a big screen to watch the footy. All in all there are much better pubs in Bath.

29 Jun 2010 13:58

The Vine Tree, Norton

An excellent pub, serves a good choice of beer, a pleasant interior and nice outdoor seating area. The food is tasty, with a good choice, and most things can be had in starter or main portions, which is handy. It's not cheap, but then outside of Wetherspoons/Harvester type nothing is these days. The staff seemed pleasant and efficient. In short I could not fault it.

25 Jun 2010 14:22

George and Dragon, Rowde

I went here for lunch the other day and it was very nice (again). Good beer, cosy bar, friendly staff, all good stuff. I suppose the only proviso I'd make is that it's very fish orientated, a lot more than previously. So if that's not your thing you might want to think twice about eating there. Well worth a visit.

3 Jun 2010 17:08

Somerset Arms, Semington

Went for a couple of beers at the Bank Holiday w/e.
It's had a very nice refurb. There was a mini beer festival going on with an interesting selection of beer and some live music. Pleasant beer garden.
Good choice of drinks. Don't know about the food - they were only doing burgers on the day - which were fine. Well worth a visit.

3 Jun 2010 16:57

The Oakhill Inn, Oakhill

I've been for lunch - good food but as others have said a bit pricey. Good selection of beers. Staff were pleasant, but it was fairly quiet. Pleasant enough decor, with a garden. Worth a visit if you're on a splurge.

26 May 2010 17:28

The West Gate, Bath

A big improvement on the Rat and Parrot. It's had a good refurb with lot's of nice touches - sofas, armchairs, tasteful lighting etc. But most importantly it now serves decent beer - tho' a bit pricey. The menu looks appetising. Upstairs has plenty of TVs for sport, 2 big screens and 3 or 4 smaller. No garden. Good atmosphere and well worth a visit.

26 May 2010 17:18

The Cork, Bath

After several failed revamps I think they've finally done a reasonable effort.
The menu looks good (haven't tried it yet), reasonable beer selection, great outdoor area, well worth a visit.

26 May 2010 16:55

The Griffin Inn, Bath

As other recent reviewers have commented, a tasteful refit and good beer selection make this nice little pub well worth a visit. A massive improvement on the old pub. Of course the limited lager choice will probably deter the young crowd, which may be no bad thing. The menu looks interesting, tho' I've not tried it yet.

5 Jan 2010 17:38

The Rat and Parrot, Bath

This place has had a complete refit. Like other reviewers I gave it a wide berth - no beer only lager, loud music etc etc.
Now it's quite smart inside. sofas, armchairs, fancy light fixtures all add to the atmosphere. The music doesn't give you a headache. The toilets are fine - tho' unisex, which might unsettle some.
Most importantly, they have some good beer on offer. Doombar, which I'm partial to and some Czech lagers served in the appropriate glasses. A good selection of spirits, can't vouch for the wine.
The food menu looks pretty good, tho' I've not tried it yet.
Upstairs are 2 big screens which can show different games, so handy for football watchers.
I can't think of much negative to say. No garden for smokers. And perhaps a little more pricey than some - 2.95ish for the Doombar, but at least you can see what they've done with the money. Well worth a visit.

5 Jan 2010 17:26

The Northend Inn, Batheaston

Well the pub is now open for business, which is good news.
I haven't been in yet, but will do so shortly, weather permitting.

5 Jan 2010 17:04

The Sporting Page, Chelsea

Decent beer, nice enough inside and plenty of seats outside. I generally pop in as part of a little crawl and as such it's very pleasant, tho' I wouldn't fancy staying there for a sesh.

27 Nov 2009 15:48

The Morrison Bar and Lounge, Fulham

Good choice of drinks if you like lager, but as a bitter man the only option is speckled hen, which is disappointing (esp at 3.50 a pint).
Went there for a beer at about 1pm on Saturday. Chelsea were at home.
They had the Liverpool game on (there are screens everywhere) and the place was packed - uncomfortably so, so be warned. On the other hand, if the weather is ok there is a great garden. They were doing a pig roast that looked tempting. So a good pub, recommended.

27 Nov 2009 15:43

The Legless Tup, Fulham

Popped in for a pint on Saturday. It's now called the Rose, and had a refurb. Quite smart. There was only one bitter on, but it was decent.
There were no TVs. That might explain why it was so quiet.
1.30 on a Saturday with Chelsea at home and it was half empty, and those there didn't seem a football crowd - tho' it can be hard to tell these days.
I'm not complaining - immediate service and an armchair to sit in.
A pleasant change from the Morrison which was rammed.

27 Nov 2009 15:34

The Miners Arms, Farrington Gurney

I can confirm that it is now a Indian restaurant - The Spice Dunes

23 Sep 2009 18:14

The Northend Inn, Batheaston

A correction to my previous post. The application for a license has gone in
and is being processed. I'll let people know when it reopens.

24 Aug 2009 13:28

The Northend Inn, Batheaston

I've just seen a note Hash House Harriers site that this pub has newly reopened, which is great news.

17 Aug 2009 17:33

The Shapway Inn, Evercreech

Hasn't this place been closed for a year or more? I'll double check.

31 Jul 2009 17:07

The Bear, Holwell

I can't comment on this pub, as I went on a wednesday lunchtime, about 1pm, but it was shut. Opened about 4pm. So best check opening times before visiting.

23 Jul 2009 17:35

The Sun Inn, Whatley

Still closed and no sign of anything happening.

23 Jul 2009 17:22

The Seymour Arms, Witham Friary

A lovely old building, good beer, big garden, very pleasant landlord - well worth a visit.

23 Jul 2009 17:20

The White Hart Inn, Trudoxhill

Nice atmospheric pub, decent beer, well worth a visit.

23 Jul 2009 17:18

George at Nunney, Frome

Lovely old historic building in a pretty village. Just popped in for a swift drink while on a bike ride, so can't make any in depth comments. The bar was comfortable. The rest of the clientele were "mature" and there for lunch, so the food may be worth a try. The nerby ruined castle is worth a look.

23 Jul 2009 17:15

The Tuckers Grave Inn, Faulkland

Great pub, good beer, nice garden, well worth a visit.

15 May 2009 14:15

The Fleur De Lys, Norton St Philip

Not as spectacular as the George, but a very good pub none the less.
Good beer choice, comfortable bar area. Had the atmosphere of the locals pub (as opposed to the George, which would be more for tourists).

15 May 2009 14:12

The George, Norton St Philip

Great location, very atmospheric. Beer choice ok. Haven't eaten myself, but have heard good reports.

15 May 2009 14:10

Red Lion, Woolverton

Have popped in here for a swift half while out cycling. Good seating outdoors. Fair beer selection. Not to keen on the refurb - too much polished pine, just personal preference - but it's all neat and tidy.

15 May 2009 14:07

The Mill At Rode, Rode

Pleasant spot for an alfresco drink. Seems to be open all day, which is handy. Food is ok - not great but perfectly edible. I've only eaten here once, sunday pm a few weeks ago. Very busy, but the staff coped and seemed perfectly pleasant.

15 May 2009 14:02

The Establishment, Fulham

More of a bar than a pub, with an extensive cocktail list and impressive spirits selection. Nicely furnished. Definitely one for the ladies I might suggest. Quite pleasant, but I think I'll stick to the White Horse.

14 May 2009 18:37

The Harwood Arms, Fulham

Tony Harrison, what a cynic you must be.
Popped in last weekend, very nice place for a civilised drink. Didn't try the food, except for a very tasty scotch egg. Decided to do a quick internet search to check the food. Good recent reviews from the Independant and Guardian, features in Time Outs Best 50 London Restaurants, both under English and Gastropub entries, and just awarded 2 AA Rosettes for good food. So, although I can't say it personally, it seems the food is pretty good. The beer was also good, and reasonably priced compared to some nearby gastropubs (Marquess of Salisbury.

29 Apr 2009 18:16

Chateau 6, Fulham Broadway

I've only been in at lunchtime or early evening, so couldn't comment on posts below. Must say, as a bar it's ok, but I'm never tempted to stay for more than the one. Not a great beer choice, no garden (a conservatory, but you can't smoke). Could be easily missed.

29 Apr 2009 18:09

The Slug and Lettuce, Fulham

I normally give this place a miss - there are plenty of better pubs nearby.
Poor beer selection, slow service, very noisy.

29 Apr 2009 17:59

Brogans, Fulham

Not a bad place for a pint of the dark stuff. Lots of nooks and cranies.
Food is ok but nothing special. Alas poor beer selection if you don't like guiness, and no garden.

29 Apr 2009 17:56

The Jolly Maltster, Fulham

Well, it's certainly changed quite a bit since the makeover - very civilised. Some may think this is no improvement, but I quite like it. Decent beer in a pleasant atmosphere, well worth a visit.

29 Apr 2009 17:53

The Jolly Maltster, Fulham

Well, a massive change since it's been done up. Much more civilised - some may not think this a good thing. Personally, I quite like it. Good beer in pleasant ambience. Well worth a visit.

29 Apr 2009 17:51

The Mitre, Fulham

Good pub, civilised. Great garden and good beer selection. Reasonable food, but no gastropub. Well worth a visit.

29 Apr 2009 17:47

The Norman Arms, Fulham

This pub has now gone. Went looking for it last Saturday. Not sure if it burnt down or was demolished, but alas it is no more.

29 Apr 2009 17:43

The Frog Inn the Bedford, Fulham

A bit tatty on the outside, but cosy inside. Plenty of comfy sofas. Pool and snooker, and nice little beer garden. Good beer well priced. Well worth a trip.

29 Apr 2009 17:39

The Salisbury Tavern, Fulham

Very civilised pub, spacious, nice staff, good beer. Very food orientated. No garden, and 3.80 for a pint of bitter - ouch.

29 Apr 2009 17:37

The Marlborough Tavern, Bath

Popped in the other night (Weds) for a swiftie after dinner in town (about 10pm). It was full of people eating, only a couple of tables spare and very few drinkers. Unfortunately the noise generated by the tables of women dinners drove me into the garden, and then the St James' Wine Vaults for a quieter pint.
Obviously a good choice for food tho.

15 Aug 2008 14:43

Somerset Arms, Semington

Nice pub, good beer, friendly staff

13 Aug 2008 16:16

The Linnett, Great Hinton

Nice place, very much a Gastro Pub with small drinks area. Good beer and tasty food. We had no problems with the staff.

13 Aug 2008 15:58

George and Dragon, Rowde

A great pub, with cosy bar that feels like a pub should, with fireplace. Good beer, nice garden (tho didn't use due to heavy showers). Seperate dining room, tho as we arrived late (2.30) we ate in the bar.
Food was excellent, with good choice. Fiendly staff.

13 Aug 2008 14:17

The Three Magpies, Sells Green

Excellent little pub, good beer, nice garden (tho it was to wet to use) friendly atmosphere. Well worth a trip, esp if the barge is running true to form (crowded and slow service).

13 Aug 2008 14:09

The Royal Oak, Bath

A good local boozer. Great beer selection, and I don't think I've ever had an off beer. Friendly atmosphere. Nice garden. It ticks all the boxes.

8 Jul 2008 17:30

The Wheatsheaf, Combe Hay

This is a rather nice gastro pub. Excellent garden, if only we had some sunshine. Food is good - Restaurant standard, and prices. Beer selection was fine. If you just wanted a few beers I'd probably suggest the Packhorse at South Stoke, the Hope and Anchor at Midford or the Fox and Bager at Wellow,
all very close by.

8 Jul 2008 17:22

The Hop Pole, Bath

Excellent pub. Very welcoming, nice decor, excellent beer, good food, tho a little pricey. Great garden.
Interesting mix of clientele. Can't think of any reason to fault it.

24 Jun 2008 16:44

The New Inn, Bath

Pleasant pub, friendly atmosphere, good beer. Nice Dog. No outside seating. Also prone to shutting very promptly, which can catch one out at lunchtime.

24 Jun 2008 16:36

O'Neill's, Bath

Very poor beer selection (tho plenty of lagers).
Can get very crowded/noisy in the evening. Has big screens upstairs and I sometimes watch sport there - otherwise I wouldn't bother.

24 Jun 2008 16:30

Gascoyne Place, Bath

Pleasant spot, opposite the theatre. A gastropub, food is ok, but nothing special. Beer is fine. Quite large interior with basement tables, but no outside seating.

24 Jun 2008 16:26

The Marlborough Tavern, Bath

A good gastropub. Good beer, tho drinks can be pricey. Excellent refurb, previous incarnation was rather tatty and depressing. Excellent garden.
Worth a look.

19 Jun 2008 18:40

St James Wine Vaults, Bath

Rather cramped but friendly pub. Good beer, pool table, would make a good stop on a pub crawl

19 Jun 2008 18:33

The Richmond Arms, Bath

A very civilised little pub, quite upmarket, gastro.
Beer good, food excellent, pleasant garden out front.
Worth a visit, tho it's well out of the way, so a destination pub rather than as part of a pub crawl.

19 Jun 2008 18:29

The Hare and Hounds, Bath

Lovely garden, great views. Beer ok, just. Somewhere that you could take your mother perhaps.

19 Jun 2008 18:26

The King of Wessex, Bath

Compared to some JDW this place has no character.
On the plus side, good selection of beer, reasonable prices, great toilets, which is very rare in a pub. Ambience can be poor, not just the aircraft hanger room, but some of the clientele attracted by cheap booze. OK for a swiftie, but I wouldn't hang around.

18 Jun 2008 19:08

The Griffin Inn, Bath

Not much choice of beer. Very much a spot for the older set, but friendly enough. I'd probably try somewhere else.

18 Jun 2008 19:03

The Green Park Tavern, Bath

Nice friendly local, good beer. Can be busy, but big enough to cope, lots of stuff going on. Well worth a visit.

18 Jun 2008 18:59

The Tuckers Grave Inn, Faulkland

Good beer, pleasant garden. Nuff said.

18 Jun 2008 18:57

The Fleur De Lys, Norton St Philip

Right opposite the George. If not as spectacular, building wise, still plenty of charm, beer fine, worth a visit.

18 Jun 2008 18:56

George Inn, Bath

Lovely old atmospheric building, loads of character.
The beer is reasonable, well worth a visit, a pleasant excursion by bike from Bath.

18 Jun 2008 18:54

The Northend Inn, Batheaston

Very nice little pub, quite smart, good beer. Off the beaten track, but well worth a detour if you're cycling in the vicinity

13 Jun 2008 14:26

The Waggon and Horses, Batheaston

Bog standard boozer, reasonable beer, extensive and reasonably priced menu (tho' didn't try food).

13 Jun 2008 14:22

The Larkhall Inn, Larkhall

A really nice pub, good focal point for Larkhall, friendly, busy, serving good beer.

13 Jun 2008 14:20

The King William, Bath

A pleasant little gastropub (run by the same people as the Garricks Head).

13 Jun 2008 14:18

The Curfew, Bath

Nice pub, good beer. Pleasant courtyard garden (down some steps). Good plasma screen for sport & pool table in room upstairs. worth a visit.

13 Jun 2008 14:12

The Rat and Parrot, Bath

I haven't had a drink here for years. I've popped in a few times, but never any proper beer to be had. Plenty of screens to show sport, but never any sound.
Sounds like I've not missed much.

11 Jun 2008 15:22

The Grapes, Bath

Not sure how best to describe this place, cheap and cheerful or rough and ready. Still, not a bad place to pop into for a pint. Plenty of TVs to watch sport in, tho it's quite narrow.

11 Jun 2008 15:17

Flan O'Briens, Bath

As other's have mentioned, this is one of the most expensive pubs in Bath. It is pleasant with a reasonable pint of Guinness, tho not much choice of beer.

11 Jun 2008 15:13

The Garricks Head, Bath

Good beer selection, comfortable bar area, excellent outside area. Food is OK, but restaurant prices, so personally I'd go to a restaurant.

11 Jun 2008 15:11

Sam Wellers, Bath

Reasonable beer selection. Decent enough pub, tho' lacking slightly in ambience.

11 Jun 2008 15:05

The Salamander, Bath

One of my favourites, excellent beer, friendly atmosphere. Don't know about bar food, but have eaten in restaurant upstairs which was good.

11 Jun 2008 15:01

The Raven, Bath

Excellent beer selection, a nice friendly pub. Well recommended.

11 Jun 2008 14:59

The Pulteney Arms, Bath

Good beer, pleasant crowd, outside seating. Worth a visit.

11 Jun 2008 14:52

The Crown Inn, Bath

Pleasant enough place, but nothing special. Outside tables, but on busy road.

11 Jun 2008 14:50

The Litten Tree, Bath

As other's have said - distinctly average and lacking in ambience. It's ok, but there are so many better boozers near by.

10 Jun 2008 14:43

Porter, Bath

Good pub, good beer, friendly. Well worth a visit.

10 Jun 2008 14:41

RSVP, Bath

Other than the name change there doesn't seem to be any difference. Another of those places with a great selection of lagers, but bad luck if you want beer.
Tables outside.
More of a bar/eating place than pub, which will suit some, but not for me.

10 Jun 2008 14:39

Revolution, Bath

Great place if you're a lager drinker or into vodka shots, and don't want to talk - the music is deafening. Otherwise avoid.

10 Jun 2008 14:35

The Pig and Fiddle, Bath

One of my favourites, good beer selection, generally efficient staff, great garden. Quite often watch sport there - they have a tv which you can watch from outside, a godsend to smokers.
On a negative note - at Christmas a mate got served a pint of flat lager, Could there be anything worse (ok, warm lager). When he asked for an exchange he was told to lump it - surely a cardinal sin in the pub trade.

10 Jun 2008 14:26

The Saracens Head, Bath

An alternative to the Christopher for sports, with TVs everywhere. Downside - it can take an age to get served. The beer is ok. If in the area for a drink I'd probably use the Pig instead.

10 Jun 2008 14:16

St Christophers, Bath

I use this place as a sports bar (3 plasmas & 2 big screens). Unfortunately the bar staff don't seem to be sports fans and turn off the commentry whenever they can in favour of music - even when a big game is on. That minor gripe aside - the beer is ok, and good for student discounts. They also do live music.

10 Jun 2008 14:12

The Old Green Tree, Bath

One of the better Bath pubs, Good beer, cosy atmosphere, tho sometimes cramped. No facilities for smokers.

10 Jun 2008 14:04

The Volunteer Riflemans Arms, Bath

Good beer and pleasant ambience. Well worth a visit.

10 Jun 2008 14:00

The Coeur de Lion, Bath

Great little boozer. Good beer, friendly. A couple of tables outside for smokers. recommeded.

10 Jun 2008 13:54

All Bar One, Bath

Have to agree with previous posts. No character.
A bar rather than a pub. Still, it seems to get plenty of punters in. One for the ladies perhaps.

10 Jun 2008 13:52

The Tram Shed, Bath

If you want a decent pint, then don't go here, try the Pig or Bell. If on the other hand you like lager and loud music (in the evening) then you will probably like this place. Can't commnet on food, and there is a decent patio area for alfresco drinks.

9 Jun 2008 14:24

The Star Inn, Bath

Great pub. Good beer selection, authentic and atmospheric interior. Can get crowded (smallish rooms) but friendly atmosphere. Recommended.

9 Jun 2008 14:16

The Grappa Bar, Bath

Lack of beer is poor. The place has more of a feel of a wine bar than proper pub. Maybe one for the ladies, but not for me.

9 Jun 2008 14:11

The Chequers, Bath

Very civilised pub, you could take your mother there.
Decent beer, couple of bench/tables outside for smokers. Bit of a gastropub (dining room upstairs), tho I wouldn't make a special trip for the food. But Bath is full of eating places.

9 Jun 2008 14:08

The Hop Pole Inn, Limpley Stoke

Good pub, good beer, great garden. The menu looked a bit uninspiring, so went to eat at Freahford, but if you want basic fare it might suit.

6 Jun 2008 14:43

The Wheelwrights Arms, Monkton Combe

I use this pub a few times a year while out cycling.
It has changed from a trad local to the ubiquitous gasto pub, which in many ways is a shame. Progress?
However, the beer is good. There is a nice garden.
They are open all day, unlike so many country pubs (a real godsend after a hot day in the saddle). Whenever I've been it's been quietish - don't know if they'd discriminate against drinkers at tables if there were people wanting to eat.

6 Jun 2008 14:41

The Assembly Inn, Bath

Nice enough pub, not to crowded or rowdy. The prices have gone up, but not expensive, just no longer cheap.
Beer choice is now much better.

6 Jun 2008 14:33

The Barley, Bath

Nice cosy pub, good beer. Decent size TV. Pleasant coutyard for smokers.

6 Jun 2008 14:27

The Boater, Bath

Decent pub. Cosy bar. Good beer. As others have said, rather sterile basement bar, and rather annoyingly they didn't have sound on when I was last there. Great garden for the summer, tho' can get crowded (and large no of steps to negotiate if a bit merry).

5 Jun 2008 14:46

The Alehouse, Bath

Nice enough pub serving generally decent beer, but nothing special. Can get cramped.

5 Jun 2008 14:37

The Bell, Bath

Excellent local, great choice of beer, nice garden,
live music - what more could you want.

2 Jun 2008 14:23

The Crystal Palace Tavern, Bath

Decent pub, excellent garden, esp for city Centre, beer good. As for cost - I'm sadly getting used to the 3 pint, so nothing unusual. I've never eaten here, so can't comment on food.

2 Jun 2008 14:21

The Trinity, Bath

Perfectly acceptable boozer that serves a decent pint.
That said, I generally go elsewhere.

2 Jun 2008 14:14

The Waggon and Horses Inn, Beacon

Visited a few weeks back, so it's certainly open again. Good food, tho' nothing to fancy (tho this was lunchtime, so that suited me).
A bit pricey perhaps - but that seems to be the trend everywhere. Nice garden, tho' to cold for me to sit outside. Worth a visit.

28 May 2008 14:52

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