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Comments by Mcloj

The Royal Oak, Knowl Hill

I went to this pub recently as I was looking for a country pub with food for a place to go after work in the area. Couldn't have picked a better place - cracking proper pub with a bit of history but now in good hands and looks like it has been for a while. Food is good and the locals use it (says a lot) and there were three decent real ales on of which all were good. A great atmosphere with a good set of locals at the bar, the landlady (who is sadly leaving soon) is delightful and is a real positive factor in the place. She will be missed, I will return, do yourself a favour and give it a go. I don't give 9's for nothing!

24 Apr 2014 12:54

Pond House, Maidenhead

Quickly becoming my local while I'm in the Maidenhead area. Polite staff, good turnover of locals, sports TV, at least two real ales which are fine and the food is good - new menu just launched. A good mix of locals and travelling folk working in the area and everyone is made welcome. I think the gaffer does a good job and his staff are well trained and well versed as the food and the real ale. I would recommend it. Give it a try.

19 Mar 2014 07:45

The Crooked Billet, Maidenhead

As opposed to Half Man/Half Biscuit, this place is Half Pub/Half Curry house - quite literally split down the middle. The young girl serving on was polite and helpful and told me all about the place and the Indian serving staff pop through to check on anyone fancying to mix their drinks with a ruby murray. You can eat the food in either place, the pub or the restaurant side and indian people do frequent the place so that sens out its own message. I'll go again, worth a trip.

19 Mar 2014 07:41

The Shire Horse Inn, Littlewick Green

I dropped by here the other night. It's a food pub almost hotel in size but it's clean, tidy, very presentable and the service is good. The young girl serving on was excellent - well mannered, conversational - knew her beers and the food menu backwards and her work effort was none stop. I'll go again - they do two meal specials and have 4 or more real ale's on including the Zeberdee and it was tasting fine.

19 Mar 2014 07:35

The Cricketers, Littlewick Green

I went here last night having caught the brown, tourist information sign back out on the A4 the previous night driving past. Come off the A4, go down the lane until you reach the pub by the cricket green. I parked up, walked in to be met by the two gorgeous household brown labradors (B & O). Stunning lovely dogs, loads of real good badger beer on and home cooked food. At last a proper pub in Maidenhead, welcoming locals, olde worlde style and obviously superbly located for summer evenings and the cricket pitch and view. It's small because its old (as pubs were in the good old days) so thats not a detriment. Its a proper pub and I recommend it. Top stuff, pay a visit.

19 Mar 2014 07:27

The Rose And Crown, Rochford

I do return here fairly often as the place has good management returned after a period of neglect and madness by the previous incumbents. The ale is now good, the atmosphere is back and it probably is the most popular pub in the town now. Give it a go - Saturdays and Sundays good and entertainment on Saturday nights usually.

3 Apr 2013 17:10

The Dartmouth Castle, Hammersmith

I visited here recently to go on a stag doo - a more mature affair than a hog/slog event so the ale was tasted and liked. Its not cheap and the service is strange rather than of lesser quality. I was fine with the night and only two brews to chose from and obviously with the food served as well then it seems to keep its trade. I'd go back.

3 Apr 2013 17:05

The White Hart, Crawley

Harvey's are a great brewery and from the only visit I had to the White Hart I wasn't dissapointed. Not top notch but satisfactory and pleasant enough atmosphere and service and format of pub that I would return. A friend uses this as his local so it won't be that far off the mark.

3 Apr 2013 17:01

Henry Addington, Canary Wharf

Possibly one of the very few Canary Wharf pubs you'll catch me in. I like it because the ale is of decent quality despite being a really busy place. Can't beat a bit of busy, it gets rammed out on Thursday/Friday late afternoon and evenings but the ale is good, the service fine and understandable on busy times and it's a decent furnished to a standard 'On the Wharf' pub.

3 Apr 2013 16:53

The Pheasant, Keyston

A fantastic location to a suprisingly lovely old pub. a gastro food pub tucked into the back of the little village hamlet of Keyston - the thatch coountry gastro pub is finely served with at least three different ales, good service at the bar and plenty of food trade tells me this place is a must for many to go back to from around the area. a lovely experience, good drink and fine quality. i will go back, you should try it. :-)

3 Apr 2013 16:49

Red Lion, Ealing

I went here a few years back after the day session at the Ealing Beer festival. I took the dog and some friends and had a fine time drinking decent ale, in a decent pub with decent people and even the wuffer loved it. Great place, very good would/will go back when in the area.

13 Feb 2013 17:24

The Hoop, Stock

I visited this pub recently with friends for a nice, easy relaxing Sunday afternoon meal with drinks. I'm suprised by a few of the negative comments as I found the place to be charming, good ale and plenty of choice, well served (the young barmaid knew what she was talking about), decent food if not excellent and well presented with great service from the staff. No complaints at all, I will go back and I never give 10/10s so this must have been good. Why not try it yourself?

14 Dec 2012 12:12

The Milestone, Rochford

The picture certainly does not do the pub any favours at all,its quite neat and tidy and very, very handy and up there alongside the best other pubs in the town. This pub has improved over the last few years - the younger part of the family have taken a grip of things and transformed into a pleasant boozer from an old type place which was in need of an update. It's got it and it works. The staff are friendly and well presented and attentive to detail and the ales are very good. The upstairs restaurant flourished but is no more - moved elsewhere. Normally there are up to four ales available and good price value across the competitors. Live music is popular at weekends, sport and dats during the week along with Thursday nights open mike night. Well worth a visit.

17 Oct 2012 11:39

The Cock Inn, Rochford

A pub on the village outskirts which has had it's problems over time with first attendances and second the flooding issues around the place locally. Last time in was Sundaylunch and it was busy and everyone was scoffing down the scra. The beer's ok and has two/three real ales - the last one wasn't the greatest but believe generally it's ok.

17 Oct 2012 11:24

The White Hart Inn, Hawkwell

Again not been here for a while but good in the summer to sit outside - the young lad behind the bar is good with service and know-how and the very regulers have a big sporting bias esp. the footie. The various real ales have always been good - worth a drop by.

17 Oct 2012 11:21

The Victory Inn, Ashingdon

Haven't been here for a while but the place seems to continue on serving the outer perimeter of the Rochford/Ashingdon community. I've ate and drank in here - the ale was good last time out and the regulers fine. Worth a drop by.

17 Oct 2012 11:19

Light Bar, Shoreditch

I occasionally pop in here after work. I've never had food so can't comment but the drinks are over-priced, it's definitely one of 'those' bars that put your changed on a plate, half-expecting a tip to be left and there is no real ale.
Busy nights are Thursdays and Friday and it becomes a bit of a cattle market and the service is slow - it's more reactionary than expectant which kinda winds me up - what else do you expect at a bar - bar people serving, drinkers drinking - not rocket science I'd have thought? Some of the crowd in here are stuck up their own dirt pipes, others are genuinely "Office Sarahs", others are thugs, other gents 'n' ladies. Everythings a bit stand-off-ish and so if you talk to someone you get glared at.

16 Apr 2012 12:40

The Water Poet, Shoreditch

There some truth in a lot of the comments here but I actually quite liked the place - YES, drinks aren't cheap but when I asked the barman for a handled glass he went off and got one which wasn't one from behind the bar. The staff weren't rushed off their feet on a wet Friday afternoon with a good of work parties in but the ale was acceptable to taste, the service maybe not as timely in parts as it could have been but the black lady behind the bar was charming and a very able if not beuatuiful replacement if you get stood up by Venetia Williams, Sonia Lannerman or one of the Pointer Sisters.

16 Apr 2012 12:33

The White Hart Inn, Margaretting Tye

A fantastic venue foir a fantastic pub - good food, good ale and the service is good and able - maybe a little to do between the servings but the rest excellent. A friendly place - good selection of ales and it all tasted right - not often I give 9/10 but this place couldn't be faulted much. Very much recommend it.

16 Apr 2012 12:23

The Enigma Tavern, Bletchley

Absolutely typical MK out of town boozer. 3 ales on sale but I got Hobgoblin which is not to my taste. Only remarkable bit here was that 40 years ago it would have been a cow field where young milk maids got their reputations ruined up against the old, Oak tree. Alright and I suppose some people have to call it their local but not my choice - ok en route to the footie at the Library Stadium MK.

29 Mar 2012 15:29

The Barrowboy and Banker, London Bridge

Well known boozer on the river at London Bridge. I've drank in here over the years, a lot of business gets done in here both bona fide and others from the leisure & entertainments industry? i'm no Fullers big fan, I can drink it but thats about it (ESB and Chiswick mostly). I watched an irish construction worker charm some piece in a business suit one night - when he walked off with her the penny dropped or rather the cash had been exchanged! Steady boozer, better at weekends when there's no immediate footie about.

29 Mar 2012 15:21

The Bricklayers, Colchester

Fantastic boozer, don't go anywhere else in town until you've sampled it here. Fred and the staff are very good behind the bar - old style mgr who knows his stuff and is charming into the bargain. We went here with a London Branch members club I'm part of and they made us very welcome and fine hosts. Really enjoyed the place, don't miss out and go treat yourself if you're in the area. Not often I give a 9/10.

29 Mar 2012 15:14

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

A well known boozer from yester-year. Definitely needs a face lift and a damn good clean - wouldn't be too happy eating in here but the ale is good and served well by the able staff apart from the bird with the long hair who has obviously taken a dislike to me and never does even if there's no-one else around. Don't know why as we've never even spoken so haven't offended her in anyway. Maybe me wanted to be served in a half decent fashion offends her in some way. I'll still go in but only if invited, not a place of choice for me.

29 Mar 2012 15:08

The Halfway House, Rickmansworth

Great big boozer, good ale, nice staff, serves food and plenty of Sport on. They seem to do a lot for community groups and having met the staff and management then I say fair play to them, "Good on". We enjoyed ourselves and were made very welcome as visitors from out of the area. I will return.

29 Mar 2012 15:03

The Chequers, Canewdon

Sad to see this pub go but the owners messed around with trying to sell it like it was part of the royal household and not just a pleasant village pub and eatery. i liked the place but the locals talked it up like it was a klondyke, run away success story which it obviously wasn't or it wouldn't have been sold. Nevertheless, a great old pub and a shame the food was good, great business on weekends esp. Sunday lunch and the ale was top notch mostly. A pleasant way to run out a dead & rainy Sunday or quality place when the sun shines.

6 Mar 2012 13:12

The Old Windmill, South Hanningfield

I've added this pub to my list as quite simply I like it very much - steeped in great history, a welcoming venue of a place for many a year and set in some of the nicest Essex countryside. Usually a pub of this size is too big for my liking and it really is an eating house first and drinking pub second but the several ales are of great quality - I think the staff should have one dedicated bar person serving ale and drinks only and the rest multi-tasking with food and drinks. The staff are casually dressed which gives off an easy atmosphere and relaxed setting, which it is. I think evenings would remake this pubg a more drinking establishment and weekend days as a food house. Excellent though, I will return and maybe someone else can drive so that I can really give the larrup a run for its money.

6 Mar 2012 13:07

The Vat and Fiddle, Nottingham

Excellent beer and brewery pub next and just off the train station for good location. Used by bikers, walkers, travellers and footie fans alike and has plenty of cracking real ales for all to enjoy. The bar staff are good and know the reason to be responsive and efficient of service and generally accomplish this - a nice layout, nice atmosphere and a stay in Nottingham for me would innevitably mean a good scoop in here. Excellent and thank you.

6 Mar 2012 13:00

Cliff Pavillion, Westcliff on Sea

This is a long bar used mainly by theatre goers at the back of the Cliffs Pavillion. I stood next toi Bill Wyman in threre not too long ago (sadly no Mandy). If there's a big or popular band, group or show on then it's a bit hectic and not the smartest at servicing big numbers of people but the staff do try and need applauded in this thankless task. It's functional and serves it's purpose and does very well bringing in talented music and comedy stars at regular intervals.

20 Feb 2012 12:51

The Brook Inn, Cleator

YEP - totally agree this is a great pub with it's staff very friendly and helpful esp the barman. The food is very good value and big portions and steady service with the three cask ales to choose from. Yates T.T Landlords and another guest and all finely served and great tasting. The landlord and staff know quality counts and thery serve it up in bundles - can't wait to return later in the month.

17 Oct 2011 11:52

Bellini's Bar and Brasserie, Leigh on Sea

Ventured here the other Sunday for a carvery and few drinks. All very pleasant and the food good and noticed they do Bombardier on the hand pump. Don't expect the high street brasserie bars to endorse real ale or keep it good but it wasn't to bad at all, so thumbs up.

17 Oct 2011 11:47

The Railway Hotel, Southend on Sea

I like this pub and have visited it several times to watch the live music and drink the very decent ale. It's all good and the clientele fine also with a few more mature women dropping by on occassion to hunt out the young, available meat. Fine building, plenty of history and a splendid facade, olden furniture look inside and the guy behind the bar does try with the ale and keeps it good. I'd go back anytime, fine place.

17 Oct 2011 11:43

The Britannia, Southend on Sea

This was the 1st pub I ever drank in, in the Southend area. I had a week spare and familiarised myself to the area and ended up getting rid of the car a having a few late afternoon beers in here. It's a locals pub and it has a few characters but the ale wasn't bad and the staff tried hard. I met Sarfend's two old bank robbers in here that day and that was a bit novel. "What do you do" they asked. "Work in London" says I. "Why, what do you two do?" asks I. "We rob banks for a living but have come out to go straight" was the architypal Ronnie Barker answer!! Turns out they have done two major sentences - 1 in 60's/70's period and having got released did it again and got a 70's/80's stretch. A real waste of a life when there's good real ale to sup but we all have our choices. Apparently there a load of seedy stuff going on at the back of the pub down the street but I never seen anything.

17 Oct 2011 11:38

The Railway Tavern, Prittlewell

I've been in this pub a few times and not just match days. Ideally placed next to the railway station then the Tavern does good ale, a big bar split into two with plenty of space and plays live music on certain Thursdays and weekends. Landlord was helpful and chatty and the staff well attended. It is a footballers pub but I'd recommend a stop off.

23 Sep 2011 13:42

The Builders Arms, Stratford

I used to drop in here on errant escapades across Stratford area at weekend afternoons some 10-12 years ago. It's not flash, in fact it was a bit grubby with standard beer and a barmaid that served you with full set of bazookers showing nicely. I watched a couple go from friendly pair to horrid haters one afternoon as he confessed to being out the night before with "Elaine" in the same bar. Princess was not impressed and took it upon herself to impress on her beau that the dirty, jagged edge of her cider pint glass might dance merrily across his throat if she found out there was more to it than just a few night before slurps. The bar maid didn't move and carried on exposing her top half. I left for a kebab.

9 Sep 2011 14:03

Fighting Cocks, Durham

What can I say about the Fighting Cocks - it's one of the busier pubs in the town - it's an old fashion disco type place where young and old mix relatively amicably - the drink isn't the greatest, I don't think there is any real ale but I've never had a bad night in there.

5 Sep 2011 08:23

The Crimea Inn, Aldershot

Friendly family run pub close to the football ground with a pool table, 2-3 ales on tap and well-priced pub grub available. There is a car park at the pub but those driving might wish to use the pay and display car park over the road. Cars get damaged in Aldershot esp. during footbal;l days/nights. Voted local pub of the year in 2010, the Crimea has been refurbished in recent years and has a good reputation and I was made very welcome by the locals. Landlord should sell beer in jugs as well as straight pints would be my whinge, thats all - the ales fine and the newly decorated pub is fine. I would return but other than the footie then Aldershot doesn't hold much for me. Has there been anyone famous or useful from Aldershot?

31 Aug 2011 12:44

The Rose and Crown, Bury

A great pub with a landlady who was willing to serve us all the food she had at quick notice on a Saturday before the football. We were travelling from the south and away supporters but the locals and the staff were pleasant enough and the chicken soup was to die for at £1.50 a go. Real ale a plenty and good quality at a good price - I enjoyed the experience and wanted to return after the game but the troops decided city centre Manchester instead. Don't ask a cabbie to take you there as there are 2 R&C's and they want to take you to the other as it's a bigger fare - this one's old Manchester rd and only 10 mins walk from the train station/tramlink place.

18 Aug 2011 08:08

The Cricketers, Milton Keynes

Been here many years ago as my uni mate lived over the road on the estate and we dropped in for a good few swifties. The beer good and the locals made me very welcome so it's gets my nod..

26 Jul 2011 12:33

The Hurdlemaker's Arms, Woodham Mortimer

A fantastic olde worlde, proper English pub that has most definitely survived the test of time and seems to be doing very well. I visited here at the weekend and the Sharps Honey Gold was as good a tasting of real ale as I can ever remember. not getting carried away but there has to be winners and losers and maybe I just caught it good but their ale was sublime and the place is really charming and not pretentious. This was the best beer i've tasted in many, many a year sio hats off to the landlady and landlord and the well groomed serving staff. Possibly a bit of heaven on earth, I loved it. Don't die first before you visit this pub, it's that kind of place to go, see and delight in. Magnificent.

26 Jul 2011 12:31

The Spinning Wheel, Northfields

Apparently this pub is now a Sainsbury's? I spent a lot of my student drunken years ending up in this place - met a lot of irish nurses, afro carribbean dance hall belly dance stars and once had the whole place to myself with guests Five Star, Rose Royce, Evilyn 'Champagne King, The Pointer Sisters, Patti Boulaye and the sensational Boney M. A bit of a suprize the the Boney's turned up I have to say with Maizee, Liz and Marcia propping up the bar all night on the guinness while the ex pron star Bobby (lover of the Russian Queen) gambling his money away on the Space Inader and Two Ball ZX Spectrum Squash.
Rain or Shine it doesn't do that in pubs and the green lino floor stood up the beat. I don't know about anyone else but those white, angelic hoodie jackets that the 'M's wore on Mary's Boy Child (the suprise, sensational SMASH hit Christmas UK Number ONE), well are they sexy or is the subject matter of the lyrics just to close to the Real Thing for comfort? The beer has never been great in here but it never stopped me getting abs. smashed and needing a cab home (If I ever knew where home was that night). a shame, a great meeting place in that part of west London that goes down as one of the all time greats for nights out thru the late 1980's and thru the 1990's. Good bye old buddy your wheel will be spun no more. Au Revoir, Adois and whatever Gaelic Irish is for goodbye. Maybe it's too late for goodbye but who brought young Julian Lennon into it!!!!!!!!!

21 Jul 2011 13:44

The Cornucopia, Southend on Sea

Used to drink in here years ago. Funny crowd got in - some serious problem drinkers, a few old slappers, a nice blonde piece with lovely up-top jose's and a modicom of travelling working crew boys. "No" I'm not a full galoot and want to buy you free ale all night nor am I interested in your Mrs, other sister.
"Yes" I'm sure you earn £10 a week and are really good friends with Sarfends great and good. Icouldn't be less interested if I was dead for a few weeks so bog off. They knicked the telly in here one weekend and the culprints (a couple of handy lad imigrants) were brought back to the pub for cross examination and a fairly decent kicking by the locals and there friends. not sure if that'll happen again now we've gone Digital.

14 Jul 2011 13:08

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

always been a fight for me in here where there's just too many getting/trying to get served and the staff can't service the demand. It's not cheap as a Weatherspoons and only is a success due to it's handyness for trains, Brick Lane and bangin enough down the swallow hole to make the McDonalds taste nice later on. Never seen Cheryl Cole in here nor Sam Fox or Brigette Neilsen but hopes always eternal. I think if Bobby Crush turned up and started knocking out the tunes Liberace' style thenm no-one would notice and the Essex ding-bats wouldn't understand. Still beats the 'Spoons at Forest Gate where if you have a death wish then you should go there. Rough as a grizzly bears you know what thats been sand blasted by an F1-11 third engine rear thrust unit.

14 Jul 2011 13:00

The Cork And Bottle, Leicester Square

I visited here many, many moons ago with two mates and a gaggle of nurses on a dull old Sunday where top of the order was to snaffle one of Florences bitches and get off home with it. Well I got totalled on the wine for the savvy and my leg touched up a ferw times but no tremblers of any kind apart from the stiff bill price at the end and the fact that only so many wanted to pay it.
Yes, it has wine and some of it's decent but expensive generally. I'm not a connosieur of wine but am of nurses and after several jugs of the stuff had gone down then Hatty Jacques could have turned up and got a sniff. Not for real drinkers. It was day time and no real beer so not really appropriate or likely to mark high on an ale drinkers site. Probably would have scored more if the nurses had been a bit more free and easy with their time off shift.

14 Jul 2011 12:41

Corney and Barrow, City of London

Have to agree - yes it's an upmarket wine bar as part of a chain.
It only serves bottled beers so no good for real alers. My companion and I took a bottle of wine, which was good and an expected price rather than reasonable price. The inside is modern and fairly pleasant with large bar and tables dotted around and stunning view of St Paul’s. Almost a tourist magnet then and full of jumped up suit types and their split skirt chicks who fall into two categories. Late twenties and upwards who are mildly acceptable but get drunk after 9.0'clock and act like precks. Younger twenties and under who should be exterminated by a Davros and his team on a shoot on sight policy with the dear old doctors around the corner at the real pub on St. Martins where Sheakespear and Oscar Wilde used to supp drinking decent gear. I got took on by one of the strumpet bar maids who can't read the wine price list and tried several times to charge me a few quid more than was advertised. On pointing out her obvious mistake of £2.02 over priced her parents entered the establishment and handed her over to me as my lifelong concubine and bequethed their next born to me or decent cabbages from their garden patch. Fair swap I thought but she needs to brush up on her Russian language skills.

14 Jul 2011 12:29

The George, London Bridge

Goty picked up here by some mature heaver on the pull for a young Brute a good few summers ago. She didn't mind me supping ale all night and liked a martini or two herself. I took her over to near the HMS Belfast area and the dog was given it's bone down a back street there. I'd say about 14 stone - heavy front plummage and soft Kent accent with business job in St. Thomas's area. i drank Landlord and shje moved onto the wine later on (which probably accounted for the night scoring a healthy 27/38). I haven't seen her fora while but it did leave me with the thought that this pub is an accidental pulluing joint on the quiet. Pity because the ale is good and it's a grand old place. My sinmgle days are through though.

13 Jul 2011 13:17

The Old Kings Head, Borough

I re-visited this pub recently to give it a second try. First time was years back with a mate visiting from Scotland. We arrived after work on the Friday and it was busy with workers and business types alike and the group we joined up with were a mixed bunch. The eye candy was over to the left was in a pink blouse and black skirt and suss's. She would have graced any flake advert and a fine stand in for Lilly Langtree or the crutch warbler off Poldark. The beer was King Richard something from Suffolk way and was tremendous. As the place filled up I ended up back to back with Ms Candy and the innevitable happened as she turned around and dribbled her two headlamps across my shoulder blades. All we needed was the soccer on the screen and Man Utd or Liverpool at least 6 down with NO minutes to go and I would have mistook the place for the doors to Heaven. Candy smiled on way back from the bog and retook her position poking her Catherine Deneuve into the small of my back. Ale was good, it was warm inside and raining outside and if it handn't of been for my Caledonian friend then Esmerelda was goingto get it big time.

13 Jul 2011 13:08

The Plumbers Arms, Victoria

Now this is a pretty great pub. Not totally convinced about the layout but the emphasis (everytime I've been in) is on getting the real ale served right and that the punters are happy. Two watchwords and thinking ideas for others to follow I shouldn't venture. I used to attend meetings here and the ale and selection was always good. You do get a variety of customers inc. high profile types, heavy businessmen(women) types, ale connoisseurs, visiting foreigners and tourists, blokes and totty on the pull. I've even seen members of the cloth and other faiths in there. I've had the Young’s Bitter last time in and it was most satisfactory. At a bit less than £3 a pint isn't bad and the service was good behind the bar and the girl glass collecting was doing a fine job.
The plasce gets busy regularly so the seating can be a bit of a havoc at times and the tiny gents toilet downstairs is a bit strange but it works. I would agree that it is not very Belgravia & more Victoria but there are several worse pubs in the Victoria area. my attention was disturbed as some business dressed woman kept eyeing me up and offering views down her shirt - it didn't make the beer taste any better but it was fantastic to see 100 great sporting moments flash thru my grey inertia while the man hunter shaked her tail.

13 Jul 2011 12:49

The Dog and Fox, Wimbledon Village

This pub seems to be more of an airport hanger for the nouveau Wimbledon clique than the proper pub it appears to be from the outside. They do serve real ale and have several options so fair play to them. I agree there's very little in the way of atmosphere or a smile and a welcome. The bar maid was wanting to be helpful but managed to show me more of her Y-Shaped thong, her cleavage, amply to massive breasts and her badly placed tattoo in the middle of it all. If she'd have been my sister I'd have twanked her one for the needless tattoo stupidity.I don't look like your average Wimbledon Villager but I didn't feel welcome either. It is far too expensive for what it has to offer and I'm sure there's cheaper service elsewhere for food, wine or beer but location, location, location - it is on a winner there.

12 Jul 2011 13:03

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

YES it is a strange shaped pub and yes like all other Weatherspoons it does attract the weirdo's and looneys because of the cheap ale prices. I was in here around Christmas and on ordering my first of several real ales (great selection, kept well and good prices) got chatted up by a long legged, drunken Russian bird with lovely everythings. Sadly she was hanging round with a Klitchko brother lookalike and as much as I wanted to congergate her entire verb then my head wanted to stay exactly where it was on my shoulders and rather than chance it with Alexei the bloody hard knock I gave it a miss. I did contemplate getting her outside for a 5min against the wall 'quickie' but even that chance faded as she returned back to the gormless, passport cheat. Good staff and decent boozer otherwise.

12 Jul 2011 12:51

O'Neills, Wimbledon

I've been here - it's alright. Drink the Guinness and check the skirt - thats about it.

12 Jul 2011 12:41

Walkabout, Wimbledon

If Carly Simon, Linda Rondstat, Patsy Kensit and Samantha Janus all rang me up begging for a serving up cos the were gagging for it and it had to be at the Billabong bar, Wimbledon then I'd still not turn up. This is as far away from being an english boozer as you can possibly get. Donate it back to Kevin Dunn, the Prisoners of Cell Block H, The Sullivans, INXS, Angry Anderson, O.N.-John and Ned Kelly and their likes as those pxxy hand wash supping ex convicts from darrn uuuunder mate seem to like this inane liquid pig sweat. Oh yes if Barry "DAME EDNA" Humpreys turns up then someone left hand the unfunny clout head.

12 Jul 2011 12:38

The Hand and Raquet, Wimbledon

Great location for a boozer - splendid selection of about 4 different ales but the quality isn't the same as next door at The Alex. The boozer is nice and laid out well and has decent punters that support the place - I've even had the food in the place and thats not bad at all - it's just the standard and quality of the beer isn't as good as the next door neighbour and even though my work mates prefer this place - it just grates me that a stones throw away I can sink cracking larrup with a beavy of well presented bar girlies. On saying that, I'd rather drink here than most other places on the Wim. Broadway where an attack from the Death Star can't come quick enough. I'd rather eat hay with a horse than supp the crap that they put out or mix with the pounces that frequent down there.

12 Jul 2011 12:23

The Alexandra, Wimbledon

Great boozer - splendid ales, splendid quality, great choice, decent layout and upkeep and ione of England's finest. Easily the besdt boozer in town for me and way above the local opposition. The Prince Charlie nearby is ok but not the same selection or as much. The rest I'd ask Saddam to point his slup cannon at and have a field day. Wimbledon village do have nice boozers but they are designed and frequented by the hoy-perloy and serviced for that type of market. You have a few beers up there and chance it with the frau-lines and you get rebuke after rebuke - it's not that they are wearing comfortable shoes or have a fixation for womens rights or anything - they are just from another world that rates DKNY, Gucci, the world of HELLO Magazine and all that mish mosh as something to strive after. Drink some ale and get on it luvvies -you don't know what your missing.

7 Jul 2011 12:53

The Wellington, Waterloo

I drop in here on occassion's as I'm commuting thru Waterloo station. The Brakspear and the ELA are ok and quite acceptable but please tell the management to keeop off the Cumbrian import Jennings Cumberland ale. If you're in Cockermouth at the Jennings brewery bar of the Bush pub on the High Street then there isn't a better tasting pint in the world. The world could end, Fu Man Chu could gain world dominance, women could take over the whole of world politics and Britney could pull out of the video world and i wouldn't care a stuff but west Cumbria and local to there is where Jennings is best and not some plausibly stagnant city bar for tourists and suitists alike, created out of good old London taverns that now represents the none genuine world of what the marketeers insist that we like. Leave it well alone me old mucker and thrice I say this. Stick to patchy old tripe and common or garden, middle of the road mixed option larup that the the fun loving averagers foolthemselves into thinking that this is the real thing. A mother and daughter combo provided the last entertainment when I was there. Her fella had ran off with her best mate and naffed the money bag too. The mother had never rated him anyway as he';d never worked and was idle - you see, exactky what I'm talking about as they devoured pint after pint of PREMIUM Pixx lager. On the other hand, the leggy African in the yellow shorts, big blouse and long braided hair was made the mead go down splendid as Djorkvic panned Nadal mid Sunday afternoon.

7 Jul 2011 12:39

The Tattershall Castle, Embankment

I went here the other night with a group of us meeting up before going elsewhere later in the evening. Things started bright with a fine pint of London Pride served up - I'm a northerner and like a full body and decent head and this was both. I've been to the Tattershal Castle on a few occassions before but mostly on company doo's and corporate nights and so wasn't used to the price/menu. I know it's the Thames - I'm sure mooring costs and managing costs are high and I can well believe that the upkeep and operating add-ons are expensive too but a few brown coins out of a tenner for one pint/London Pride and a single Bloody Mary (1 suingle vodka) is way too expensive for the place itself and the service standard they are acheiving. I'm not in Mayfair, Berkeley Square, The Strand, the top square mile establishments, pouncy Portobello or niff-naff Chelsea Harbour/St Katherine Dock so you need to watch the servings. I quiestioned the price with the young student barboy and he looked at me in disgruntled fashion. I looked back with a face that suggested swimming lessons might have been a great idea for him in his early teens. I'LL be back but not often.

7 Jul 2011 12:20

The Kings Arms, Liverpool Street

Entered here last night to watch the tennis and beat/miss the train chaos. It's a lovely bar and they have a decent selection - one thing about foreign beer servers is the language barrier - whilst most will make it work for a pretty young Slovak, Carribbean lovely, Aussie flousie, French continental tottie, latino babe, Skandi dropdead, Brazilian Miss World then the short sharp retorts of an eastern block young urk take a bit off the edge of things and don't make you feel at home. He warmed up after a few rounds and sitting outside in the sun that near to Liverpool Street is an absolute pleasure. That said I wish the African Queen had of got up and replaced him behind the pumps and started serving - made the beer well tasty - I'm sure I've seen her in films?

28 Jun 2011 09:38

The Rodney Inn, Little Baddow

Fantastic country pub at the bottom of the village street/hill in beautiful Little Baddow - an exquisite part of the world - super houses and real olde worlde England - a retirement dream place. The ale is good and the food of great quality. Maybe a little quicker serving time but I don't want to be picky because i thoroughly enjoyed my evening and recommend it for a visit, wholesale.

10 May 2011 12:51

The General's Arms, Little Baddow

Fantastic country pub at the bottom of the village street/hill in beautiful Little Baddow - an exquisite part of the world - super houses and real olde worlde England - a retirement dream place. The ale is good and the food of great quality. Maybe a little quicker serving time but I don't want to be picky because i thoroughly enjoyed my evening and recommend it for a visit, wholesale.

10 May 2011 12:48

The Colonies, Westminster

If you can find this place then you're onto a good number - I did on a packed Friday night and although I hate busy, busy pubs then the crack was good and the real ale flowed magnificently. It's not cheap but it';s that part of town and it's full of government types, civil servants and TFL/LUL bosses and management. Once it quietened down then it's a nice place to relax and enjoy the beers.

13 Apr 2011 13:00

The Victoria, Victoria

Half decent pub near to Victoria station. A bit too Weatherspoons for me but you are still near central London and bigger pubs tend to get like this. A couple of real ales on the bar and co-operative, helpful bar staff.

13 Apr 2011 12:54

The Brass Monkey, Victoria

Excellent independent little boozer just out of Victoria station area. A couple of real ales on the bar of great taste and quality and the bar (maid) staff are very courteous - possible antipadean? Too many Aussie bar staff are proper 'Sheilas' but this babe wasn't - cute, fit and knew her stuff about real ale. A few more down me and she'd have been given ten good reasons to swap into dual nationality. Get a seat and relax after a long week at work and this place is a good as any on that part of town. Go give it a whirl.

13 Apr 2011 12:50

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

Visited this pub recently stopping off both before and after going to the Exeter football ground. The ale selection, taste and quality is superb - a really lovely, old world style with a LOCO Bar. Tremendous place to go and loose and afternoon or three. Very much worth a visit and I'll be back.

18 Oct 2010 11:01

The Railway Inn, Newton Abbot

Returnbed to this pub after 23 years only the other weekend. We were on a stag weekend return on the Sunday wghen we stopped off and had a few pints before catching the train back north. It was a friendly little village pub then - it's SKY Sports, sports pub now with a more modern look which pobably needs a touch up. Lancaster Bomber, Directors and Courage Best on and the Courage was a fine pint. Never had time for the rest but the pub is near at hand for the station and seems to be doing ok. The football was on and there was a few in but more passing trade than bar regulars. I'd go back but won't leave it 23 years next time around.

18 Oct 2010 10:57

The Bree Louise, Euston

A great pub off the side of Euston and smashing if you've got an hour or so to kill. The beers are good and the place does great trade but innevitably with the location of Euston then the dregs of mankind can occassionally swan in. The irish bird looking for anything she can get can be annoying and the man with the stooped bad back and begging bowl does become irritating but other than that then the cross polunation of people folk tell you it's a creditable boozer and the beers good. Boozers and real ale will always be here with pubs like this.

17 Sep 2010 13:52

The Evening Star, Brighton

A great pub, handily located down hill from the Brighton main line station. Good beers and a good atmosphere where you feel you could lose an afternoon without any problems at all. Good people watching venue with the adult mag 'n' toys shop across the road. Teenage single mothers with double seat prams, tattoos and fagging it - what do they want in an adult shop? The pub is the place to be and the staff are friendly and courteous serving their excellent array of beers.

17 Sep 2010 13:44

The Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield

This pub will always be remembered for the meeting point for the CUFC away supporters who travelled to see Carlisle humble the Sheff Wendies in Sept 2010 (top of the league replaced by number two!) Yes it's a fantastic pub with great staff and a wonderful selection of beers, courteously offered through the Crown Brewery sat below the pub. The Hillsborough Pale Ale was good, the Stannington Stout nice but the Duke of "Whatever" tsted superb, an exceptional brew. Easy to reach by tram from the city if there's no big game on and a great view from the beer garden. I will be returning at some point.

17 Sep 2010 13:37

The Angel Inn, Shoeburyness

I rarely give anything more than a 8/10 and never give 10/10 so this 9 means it's one hell of a place. Clean, tidy, smart, refreshing with great service from the bar right through to the food service and the restaurant. The ales are great and well presented, it's just a bit more expensive than the down town Southend pubs. Otherwise, it's excellent.

26 Jul 2010 14:40

The Coach and Horses, Norwich

This pub was booked for the visit of the Carlisle United London Branch Supporters club and the last game of the season. The place was heaving but the beer is excellent, well presented and served and the staff were excellent in getting the masses quickly served. Very handy for the ground and afterwards and between here and the Jubilee they must be making a small fortune in the football trade. Don't know what it's like in the week but I'll be returning - the locals bought me two free pints as we talked and jibbered on pre match. Oh yes Carlisle won 0-2 to the Norwich League Champions - both goals inside the first 10 mins. With it's micro-brewery status then a CAMRA gold mine I would suggest. I'll be back, blue army, blue army...:)

10 May 2010 10:42

Rose & Crown, Coventry

A really lovely, locals pub before it got taken over by the chain group. I've been in plenty since then and the new pub seems to work and be accepted by the locals. The beer was always good and it was a family typre service. I think the new gaffers doing ok and the drink wasn't bad tasting last time I was there. Try it out.

21 Apr 2010 12:28

The Crosse Keys, Bank

I would agree with all the positive comments about the Crosse Keys. Yes indeed, it has to be my favourite Spoons mainly because of the huge range of ales on sale. The bar staff do need a mention because they do know what they're talking about and their serice is good. I met ma & pa off the train from up north and after a long old day travelling then they loved the place, the big grand room (ex bank from yesteryear) and the food was good.
The City after work crowd can be a mix of steady honest types too full blown lunatics who've missed a firing squad but on the whole it's a decent atmosphere in comfortable surroundings and handy for the get-away to the trains, buses and tubes. I too liked the touch of the ale listings on the plazma screens around the bar, just peachy. I don't give maximuns and rarely 9's so a very good 8.5 for this place.

20 Apr 2010 08:40

The Blue Boar Hotel, Maldon

I've been here a few times on rainy horrible days when I'm travelling in the area. I love the old historic place, it does seems it's a locals pub where many visitors drop in for the nose about. We were made welcome both times and the charming mgr/proprietor gave us chapter and verse on the variety of ales on sale. It would be good to stay somewhere near one time and really get stuck into a few offerings but on the whole I would say stop and go take a look, it's something heartening and a little bit different.

20 Apr 2010 08:21

The Coach and Horses, Kew

Great venue and area for a pub/hotel type establishment and the ales okay too. It's a Youngs pub and the quality is good but the price not cheap or the originality of service from a tied house anywhere near original. I'll go back, I liked the place.

18 Jan 2010 13:48

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Apparently Bents brewery tap built this magnificent place in 1829. It's changed it's name and ownership a number of times since then but the ‘Art Deco’ style really suits and even the 1968 Bass takeover hasn't ruined it like so many they remodernised to death to stave lowering beer takings during the 70's and 80's. In 1985 the pub was renamed The Falgship and my friends remember the fine old place throughout these years. The excellent choice of 13 hand pulls (Beers are excellent, served well & of great quality) + 2 real ciders and regular Beer Festivals makes this a marvellous venue and will hopefully stay the test of time thru this next recession. Liverpool’s premier real ale pub among so many good ones.

27 Jan 2009 12:34

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

As I was informed previously that this pub served up a full range of Cains beers and that the brewery used this as their city centre flagship boozer.
Dead handyfor Lime Street station and the out of town crowd.
The marble tiling and pillars in the through room to the far end of the main bar is extrodinary and the pub itself has an ambience all of it's own even though your not far from the real city centre. CAMRA need this in their regional almanac for sure - it's a lovely place and the ales really well served and of fine quality. This has to be one of the architecurally superior venues in Liverpool and I will visit again and again while on Merseyside.

27 Jan 2009 12:26

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Visited this pub at the weekend - the place is class and full of character and the punters know (like me) how good their ale is. First Class and what a cracking taste - we ate there and drank plenty - the staff are good and eager to serve and it was a most satisfying experience for me.

26 Jan 2009 16:49

The White Horse, Rochford

Popped in here recently to catch the football one evening and was suprised to see a fairly full bar (mostly younger ones) on a wet and cold week day evening. The real ale was decent but towards the end of the barrel in taste (so not fault, just bad luck timing). With drinks generally the landlord is doing his best on promotions throughout January with £1.99 pint drinks on a few brands and the decor isn't bad at all. I was fine with things and will return.

23 Jan 2009 09:59

The Woodman, Stanford Rivers

Yes to three previous comments - dropped by this place only last weekend and pulled over for a Saturday afternoon meal - food served all day was excellent and the ONE pump of Shepherds Neame ale was fine. Plenty busy and nice to see with good bar staff that were pleasant welcomers and able servers of food and drinks. I don't give ten points so nine is an exceelent score and eight here supports that. A delight to have visited.

23 Jan 2009 09:54

The Hand and Shears, Barbican

Simply a great place to go and have a beer. There's usually 4 real ale's on and Arthur behind the bar runs a great old ship, the girls are good behind the bar too and the regulars and locals earn it a good reputation and make it a nice place to settle down and forget the outside world for a wee while. I don't do 10 ratings but this like one or two others would get close.

9 Jan 2009 09:37

The Kirkstile Inn, Loweswater

What a view and what a location - that alone makes the place fantastic but add in fine beers and a quaint rural atmosphere and you nearly have utopia. The only problem is the out of the way issue so drinking and driving is a problem and taxi's to/from the place would cost you in the pocket. A lovely place though.

9 Jan 2009 09:26

Yankees Bar, Workington

One of Workington's landmark pubs on the front and right in the thick of it, if not the place for the young ones to start there town night time waltz around. Yankees has survived the test of time and it only remains to be seen if it survives more during this credit crunch time. It's a nice atmosphere pub and you do get young, old, family and the travellers visiting the place. Nice when it's not too busy.

9 Jan 2009 09:19

Red House, Workington

Not such a typical big town pub in Workington but it has it's customers. The difference here is the place has history and it's unconventional shape gives that little bit of difference to the usual route pubs. I don't think there's real ale but please correct me if I'm wrong, I know I had bottled stuff as I was showing my young cousins around. I like the place.

9 Jan 2009 09:15

Horse and Groom, Rochford

An excellent pub for young and old alike. Since taking over the management then Caroline and Danny have doine a great job in maintaining the food standards - I think it's very much on the rise now with some great offerings and selections. The real ale is of a very good, high standard with excellent choices and the clientele has grown because of the recognised effort and good works on festivals (beer, cider, music fests)from the new management. I'm fan and you will too soi get yourself along.
Beertaster59 couldn't be more wrong.

22 Sep 2008 11:03

The Birkbeck Tavern, Leyton

A fantastic pub in an area almost desert-like for otherdecent boozers. Yes, it's a Sports type pub and YES the Saturday's and mid weeks do tend to attract the Leyton Orient fans and a lot of away fans but the place has good, well served ales with a several selections - Rita's Special being exactly that, special but what happened to her namesake I don't know or why she got a brew named after her? Anyway, the friendly ladies behind the bar were great with their service and the sunshine and beer garden out back made the afternoon incredibly pleasurable and a place I will return. If you go, have a look at the building itself - it's almost unique and a lovely looking building.

26 Aug 2008 10:44

The Black Horse, Thurnham

A fantastic old pub on the Pilgrims Way. A lovely bar and restaurant with a great menu on both sides - locally made cider and wines and great real ales. Accomodation is available is the well equipped chalets next door and animals are particularly welcoime and accomodated. Great staff morale and service, good food and quality real ale bar. I want to retire here or a place just like it.

1 Aug 2008 14:13

The Bounty Inn, Maryport

As for a rating - well after a year and a bit in charge of the Bounty the live-in landlord deserves a huge accolade for what has been acheived. The place is wet pub with guest ales but benefitting from buffets and group meals when organised for the function room. Week days can include for darts rts following), dominoes, cards and quiz's. Live music is booked for most weekends. Sports is a MUST with a next door bookies office and racing throughout the calendar with all the usual televised sports events covered which are very well atended. It's a great pub with a super atmosphere and very down to earth and friendly.

1 Jul 2008 13:36

The Telegraph , Putney Heath

Very big boozer right in the middle of Putney Heath. Management and bar staff were very friendly and welcoming and the offerings of real ale and pub food are fine. Food a good credit to them but only on the menu and not the upstairs functions where the stuff is light bite buffets and over-priced but thats considering the area. I enjoyed and it's a nice location in the summer with a great front beer garden.
I go and will be back.

15 May 2008 13:08

The Royal Oak Inn, Beckermet

Excellent little boozer right in the village centre. Owners and bar staff are very friendly and welcoming and the offerings are great and to a superb standard with a main stream of Jennings plus guest ales as choice. Food a good credit to them and usually a fine standard. I enjoy most times I go and will be back.

15 May 2008 13:03

The Merchants Inn, Rugby

A fine pub with excellent selection of real ales and a good standard beer festival each year - pretty impressive but the big sized pub helps that along. A good service from the attentive staff and a mainly quality clientele make this one of the better places to go in Rugby. Often seen eastern oriental gentlemen here enjoying the ales by the bar as they chat away - glad you could join us boys now get supping!!

15 May 2008 12:59

The Victoria Inn, Rugby

As a visitor to the town I think the previous comments need updating - the pub is now well run with a fine (huge) set of real ales and the olde worlde victorian residence is in truth a fine building and premises. The bar staff are fine with the catholic priest sometimes stepping into serve the punters when required. There's a big lounge are with seperate snug and a pool room with it's own bar too. A need to get the regulars to keep dogs on leads while in the pub is something to enforce but as for service from the lovely Karen, the guys and el padre then it can't be knocked. Keep up the good work Kaz, you're a beauty.

15 May 2008 12:54

The Bitter End, Cockermouth

Another fantastic pub run excellently by the staff and owners alike - the real ale is always on form and top class and the food and helpings is usually very large and of good quality. I like the place - it's outside of being Cockermouth's best pub, its in a different league. I like a lot of the town's pubs, it's just with location and type of business that the Bitter End operates within then it's more a landmark pub and not just the usual locals and tourists thing.
Always try to get back when I can.

1 Apr 2008 14:34

The Ship Inn, Weybourne

Simply a cracking pub in a lovely location and away from all the hustle and bustle of town and city life which sadly makes it a culprit of it's own beuaty and quaintness. I liked the reception from the landlord and the regulars after spending a long weekend of not much, a holiday cottage nearby, the dog and regular trips to the pub. It probably suffers from a lack of trade at various ends of the calendar but with a magic wand in my hand - I change nothing, it's that good and the real ale is top quality.

1 Apr 2008 14:22

The Squirrel Inn, Rugby

Excellent little boozer just off the town centre and near to Rugby School. Landlord, landlady and bar staff are very, very friendly and welcoming and the offerings are great and to a superb standard. I enjoyed and will be back.

20 Mar 2008 13:26

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

Dropped on this place yesterday while looking for a watering hole around Brick Lane prior to the curry feast. Found it after a quick bottle bar place further up the street. The Pride is a gem of a place - landlord very chatty and obliging, the ales on selection were great and to good order and the locals friendly enough while the Sunday afternoon 'footie' was in full swing. I'll go back to this place. It struck me as odd that there's no big boozer on the Brick Lane to steal the market before the visiting public go off and curry themselves? and then I found this place. Well happy, nice place, proper boozer.

29 Oct 2007 10:22

The Lord Aberconway, Liverpool Street

Visited this pub yesterday and was reasonably impressed. Yes, the suits are out and about but you'd expect that near Liv. St and Bishopsgate. I'm a northerner by upbringing and I like my real ale. I have to say I've never had a decent pint of London Pride anywhere across London in my 20 years of working in/out of the capital. That was until last night - THE PLACED SERVED A BELTER. I was then mightily impressed. I watched the barmaid pour my friend a Pride and thought "HEY, that looks good and a head on it. I'll have one of them please and in a mug please." Both requests were dutifully observed and the lovely lassie quickly became Miss World with me the stand-in Pierce Brosnan!! A nice place and I'll be going back for more. Many thanks.

27 Sep 2007 12:18

Old Bridge Hotel, Huntingdon

An excellent pub/hotel - I liked it very much. Just somewhere you can take the foot off the pedal and come out of the rat race for blessed moments and relax away. Good standard of bar service and excellent range of drinks - good vodka, rum, wine and gin selection and 3 real ales on. Go on, treat yourself.

3 Sep 2007 12:18

The Counting House, Bank

I have to agree this place is a fantastic building through and through and hosts a pretty decent boozer.
I've always been when its busy so service is about catering for the onslaught of demand. It seems to work and I have no negative comments here. Staff are friendly and there is a decent array of Fullers. I'm no Fullers man sadly so not for me. Yep it's not cheap at £3 a pint but look where it is.
I'd go again and probably will.

24 Aug 2007 14:15

Ship, Monument

Visited this place last week and although very busy the place had decent ales inc. Timothy Taylors and so we got stuck into a few. Mostly foreign staff who wanted to be obliging and helpful and I was grateful for that. Nice place and I will be back.

14 Jun 2007 13:31

Red Lion, Monument

Only went in this place for the 1st time last week and I have to say I really liked it. It's out of the way but has it's busy times esp. Friday afternoon and the bar staff helped me with my big round to carry away. 3 London Pride's weren't bad either so I'll be back to try the rest. Thank you.

16 Apr 2007 13:14

The Bell, Horndon-on-the-Hill

I have to agree with all the 'PLUS' comments on here. My girlfriend suggested a Sunday afternoon drive out and so we ended up in Hornden on the Hill. She parked up and was taken away by the quaintness off the place and the views and then we entered the pub. What a smasher! The food looked good and plentyful with a full house of eaters and then the bar full again with admirers of the fine mead. I think the ale is excellent and well kept/served and the service well managed. A VERY ENJOYABLE PLACE AND WE WILL BE BACK. I never give 10 ratings so 9 is as good as it gets.

22 Feb 2007 12:18

The Flying Scotsman, Caledonian Road

First went in this place in the early 90's and didn't really know what I was letting myself in for. I haven't felt threatened or uneasy but that doesn't mean it can't happen in that part of town esp. I lost a few wallets over the years around there. I first knew the stunning 'Thereza' - a black angel who for some reasons liked my talk and we got on. Apart from the obvious she was kind and considerate and I had a liking for her. The beers average, prices not cheap and the place could do with a full clean and start again but you get what you get and the regulars seem to continue. HELLO 'THEREZA; IF YOU'RE OUT THERE.

29 Jan 2007 13:21

The Brewery Tap, Brentford

Excellent real ale pub I visited recently. Landlord was kind and helpful and the regulars more than accomodating of us non-locals pitching up. Nice atmosphere and gently away from the beaten track of townie pubs. Beer is good and the food fine with music in the evenings on some nights. I recommend it, well worth a visit.

29 Jan 2007 13:03

St Paul's Tavern, Moorgate

Utter crap. How anyone can serve Morlands Real Ale and attempt not to put a head on it (and make it look like a pint of beer?) when I asked for one is amazing. The only real anything was the cavorting couple having a good fondle at each other won't be bothered though - no-one to bother them but then they got up and left and so with my carona downed.......I left.

22 Dec 2006 09:06

The Hogshead, Barbican

We've just moved onto Aldersgate Street and have crowned this our new regular. It's alright and the staff for the most part are friendly and helpful and it's not their fault that some of the clientele are siding on the verge or are already gimpish nomarks. They do their best with the real ale and the reserved areas for parties is a winner. Overpriced but what do you expect for that part of town and extolling the only worthwhile virtues out of the suits & city slickers.

22 Dec 2006 08:58

The Fox and Anchor, Smithfield

This PUB is now closed and that can only be a sad thing. Lots of rumours going on for its future use including re-opening as a pub in the new year or converting to a Curry house restaurant. Such a shame as it was (and still has the potential) to be one of London's older and more genuine drinking establishments - a real miss, I loved the place.

1 Nov 2006 14:10

The Oakwood Public House, Eastwood

Only recently visited this place - quiet Thursday night with only a few in. The bar-lad was brand new that night but the governess (landlady/mgr?) marshalled him well and showed him the ropes. She was well versed in service and conversation and I got the feeling she thought we were the pub-inspectors. Very nice and the real is good and well kept. Lounge area is very large-pub-essex boozer but the smaller parlour side room is great, quiet and comfortable. "Please come back and enjoy us again" said the landlady and I think I will.

27 Oct 2006 11:31

The Butcher's Hook and Cleaver, Smithfield

I'm an advocate of enjoyable Fullers beers and their pubs. This is not a 'suits only' place but a lot of the business frequent here. The place is decent - clean, tidy and the service is regular and often with a smile. It is a similar theme to a lot of London chain pubs and thats my downside to it. I would agree though - it is one of the better chain pubs around.

27 Oct 2006 11:26

The Smithfield Tavern, Smithfield

Great handy boozer mid way between Barbican and Farringdon tube stations. Livelier crowd later on in the day/evening and exquisitely uncrowded straight after work so you can relax easy. Bar staff are good, presentable and well meaning and any latin words are a big help. Landlord's Irish and has the charm of a tray full of bacon butties at a jewish bolliemic society fastening evening. Nah, he's alright really and runs a good boozer.

24 Oct 2006 15:11

Bransty Arch, Whitehaven

As has been said "Wetherspoons is Wetherspoons". I remember my 1st experience of the pub brand way back when in Wolverhampton and it was aweful. This isn't and is the meeting place the young and old of the town - nights out on a weekend tend to start here but other less popular times are good also. Don't rate the food much but thats a taste thing and mine only and not my idea of a good range to be offered.
They aren't really pubs, definitely more of rendevous points where I've hadmany a pleasant drink.

6 Oct 2006 13:39

The Lord Raglan, St Pauls

Agreed as before. It is one of those pubs that you walk into and presume you won't like it and I didn't but after about 5-6 work doo's including a few free bar situations booked upstairs in the reserved area and a few sessions on the spur of the moment stuff I have to admit to liking the place. "Shakespear's local" is often touted and I wouldn't argue with him. Nice beer with usually hardworking staff who want to serve you quick and efficient style.

6 Oct 2006 13:28

The Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton

Used this pub as my solice in the town after work during my contracted 2 years in the city. Was a great pub and had a haunting, different atmosphere with a very obliging and charming bar staff - sadly moved on nowadays to the Perry Barr area and beyond.
I liked the beer, ate the food and regularly propped the bar up through the week and esp. on my return off the train on Sunday nights. It's off the well worn track for the city slickers and posers set and thats definitely to it's advantage but with the on set of Wolves becoming a student dominated nightlife scene then I'm the pretentious set get in these days trying on the student discounts etc. Happy memories.

29 Sep 2006 10:34

The Bedford Arms, Linslade

Was my local for about 6 months a number of years ago and it is true to say I never had a bad pint or meal in the place and was always made welcome. Dead handy for all the local amenities - tends to get a healthy tradesman bar at the end of the working day. Was great to see the stunning and huge white Alsation house wolf take friendly to me and the 'mrs rather than bury me in the pub garden which by the size and health of the thing - it could have done.

29 Sep 2006 10:26

Golden Lion, Rochford

Agree with all the comments posted. This is very much a down to earth small traditional no frills pub and the CAMRA haunt of the local area. Usually a good selection of real ales and a cider on.
Friendly banter with the locals ain't hard to accomplish. Brewers Gold (my fav) always on. The place is well worth a visit. Was the best pub in town for a good while but the other 3/4 real ale pubs have upped their counter and now there's a good choice and a fine stroll to be had.

29 Sep 2006 10:10

The Gosforth Hall Hotel, Gosforth

Excellent pub for both food and very much for ales too. Very old building and set in fine surroundings on the edge of lovely Gosforth village and on the very local gateway into the fells and mountains beyond. The management, staff, service and accomodation are very good and in keeping with the olden look. A must for visitors and walkers.

25 Sep 2006 14:33

The One Tun, Farringdon

Excellent pub - easily one of the best in the area with good management, regular and honest locals and ale of high quality. Service is usually first rate and offers oriental foods. Well worth a visit.

25 Sep 2006 14:02

The Barge Inn, Battlesbridge

Excellent pub - easily one of the best in the area with good management, regular and honest locals and ale of high quality. Very busy on Bank Holidays with a good atmosphere. Service is usually first rate. Well worth a visit.

25 Sep 2006 13:56

The Cricketers, Shaw

Excellent pub - easily one of the best in the area with good management, regular and honest locals and ale of high quality. Service is usually first rate. Well worth a visit.

25 Sep 2006 13:51

The Harp Hotel, Albrighton

Excellent pub - easily one of the best in the area with good management, regular and honest locals and ale of high quality. Service is usually first rate. Well worth a visit.

25 Sep 2006 13:47

The Crown Inn, Blencow

I think I've found Heaven when I return to this place. The surrounding countryside is beautiful and an excellent warm up to the near by lake district lakes and fells. The pub is smart, clean & tidy, well run and the ale is top notch. The staff are courteous and friendly and want to make your stay a pleasurable one and their food menu is very, very good and often updated by the resident chef and kitchen staff. It has it's lively moments during the weekend and the popular week nights with food but also those sublime, uninterrupted & quiter times when drinker and drink can be united together.

25 Sep 2006 13:44

The North Star, Ealing

Excellent pub - the best in town with good management, regular and honest locals and ale of high quality. Service is usually first rate. Well worth a visit.

25 Aug 2006 13:44

The Shepherd and Dog, Ballards Gore

Excellent pub - easily one of the best in the area with good management, regular and honest locals and ale of high quality. Service is usually first rate. Well worth a visit.

25 Aug 2006 13:36

The Fox and Anchor, Smithfield

Excellent pub - one of the best in town with good management, regular and honest locals and ale of high quality. Service is usually first rate. Well worth a visit.

25 Aug 2006 13:34

The Marlborough Head, Rochford

Excellent pub - one of the best in town with good management, regular and honest locals and ale of high quality. Service is usually first rate. Well worth a visit.

25 Aug 2006 13:29

The Kings Head, Rochford

Excellent pub - one of the best in town with good management, regular locals and ale of high quality. Service is usually first rate. Well worth a visit.

25 Aug 2006 13:28

The Ship Launch, Egremont

Excellent pub - the best in town with good management, regular and honest locals and ale of high quality. Service is usually first rate. Well worth a visit.

25 Aug 2006 13:26

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