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Comments by Maja

The Elephants Head, Camden

I use to go to this pub on a regular basis. However it has changed. The pub itself is fine, one of the best looking in Camden but the beer... Ohhhh. 3.15 for a pint of Fosters!!!! I wouldn't drink the stuff in there if i got paid 3.15 for it. The beer is digusting. And when i told the lady (think it is manageress) about the bad pint i got the most rude response. Telling me the pint's fine, even though it has no bubbles, and looks as if it has got a touch of milk in it and it smells. The taste is baaad! After she poured me the 2nd pint, she asked me to leave and don't come back. But at least i didn't have mould in my glass like the people at the next table who also complained not only about that, but also about the bad tasting flat pint they got. A shame really. Would be good to have people behind the bar who know at least when a pint smells and looks bad. As i said, it used to be absolutely fine pints in the pub. Maybe the management has changed.

2 Dec 2007 12:38

The King William IV, Hampstead

I totally agree with 'anonymous'. The pub is destroyed. Thank God they have kept the bar. Living in Hampstead I see the pubs disapearing like nothing else. A sad chapter in the village.
And Francis there are female gays as well AND its NOTHING special by being gay! Think you should spend more time in a spelling class than in the pub!

8 Oct 2006 14:04

The Albion, Bethnal Green

Friendly landlord. He wanted to impress with the super super cold Coors. As the crystals were not in a shape he was happy with, he gave us a pint on the house. The theme is definitely football! The pub has a good layout.

18 Aug 2006 13:47

The Ship Inn, Dunwich

The pub is fine. They have kept the original features. Nice little countryside pub. However i would not go there for the food. It takes ages to order it (not because it was busy), and we got all the four things we ordered (veg, potatos, our 2 mains) at different times. Strange. The Guiness we had was good and Adnams was also tasty. Without doubt one of the best pubs in the village!

11 Aug 2006 17:02

The Barfly Club, Chalk Farm

Perfect for Sunday drinking. Good music and the place itself makes perfect sense. Knackered wooden benches and chairs around. There are some good looking people there as well.

6 Aug 2006 18:45

Tommy Flynn's, Camden

The pub is under new mangement. I'm not so sure, but I got the feeling that they are a bit jealous of The Mixer up the road. Well, the boys behind the bar try their best to look cool. However the pub looks the same as before. They get a big plus for playing Morrissey and The Smiths on a regular basis. But, the pub serves Thai food... That should be illegal!

6 Aug 2006 18:42

The Royal Exchange, Camden

Yes, the pub is gone! Closed down a while ago. A shame! The pub was quite something. It was great!

6 Aug 2006 18:35

The Purple Turtle, Camden

Different! The music is loud! They serve McEwan's lager on draught. Nice one!

6 Aug 2006 18:32

Sheephaven Bay, Camden

I went in to this pub some time ago. It was good. A back street pub with some odd local people. When i went back a few months ago the pub was gone! It is now a "trendy" bar type of thing. Horrendous!! Just an other one. Yep, the big nice flowers were there as well, the sofas the whole lot! What a shame! My rating at my first visit would be 8, now it's 0.

6 Aug 2006 18:29

The Central Bar, Ayr

Another fantastic pub in Ayr. Perfect for daytime drinking when it's full of oap's. A weekend evening the clientele are more like Bet Lynch. Just spot on!

6 Aug 2006 18:10

The Steamboat Tavern, Ayr

Fantastic pub!! A favourite! Nothing has ever been done to this pub. It looks like a late 60s community centre, although it is quite small. There are a couple of tables and chairs. Probably taken from a school in the early 70s. I just hope that the ancient calor gas heaters don't set the place on fire.

6 Aug 2006 18:05

The Commercial Inn, Ochiltree

Amazing pub!!! Very local. When you walk in you can hear the silence and all the heads turns towards you. It is like a film in slow motion. Went in on a Saturday night. It was great, it took an hour or so before i was in "the pool gang". The pub itself is just great. Nothing too special about it. Just a pub which hasn't been refurbished. Thank god! The next day (Sunday) there was a queue around the corner to get in for the first pint of the day! If you are around the area it is well worth a visit!

6 Aug 2006 17:41

The Nicholas Nickleby, Stroud Green

Went in on a Saturday night. It was bright! I do agree, there a few candidates for the Jeremy Kyle show in there. Interesting! The pub is only 20 years old. Nothing remarkable about the decor. Quite plain, but there are some characters..

6 Aug 2006 17:31

The Bentinck Hotel, Nottingham

Opposite the train station. You can't get much better a start when arriving to a city. No refurbishment could be spotted. Great sign! Looking at the people in there, it does't look like that is a priority. Too much hard work. I hope it remains.

4 Aug 2006 23:39

The Cat and Mutton, Hackney

Demolished! The pub is gone. It's now another resturant, like the Horseshoe in Hampstead. I think they are called gastro pubs...

4 Aug 2006 23:25

The Lord Cecil, Hackney

I can't believe it! What a shame! But to be fair, it feels like a lot of them (pubs with character) are going the same way...

4 Aug 2006 23:19

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Nice location. A shame about the new buildings opposite. The pub must remain! Very sweet jazz band on Friday nights.

4 Aug 2006 23:09

The Greyhound, Peckham

Went in on a Saturday night. I didn't expect what i experienced. It was quiet with a couple of young white chavs and some pensioners. The actual pub is a very nice one! Love It! No refurbishment has been made. Thank God!

4 Aug 2006 22:58

The Victoria Bar, Leith

This is just a fantastic pub! It's a-nip-and-
a-half-pub. The Victoria is the first pub where i have ever had a lock-in in the morning (at 8am). The doors were locked, we knocked gently. The landlord opened the door just a touch, stuck his head out and looked around. 'Ahh you better come in boys'. (Me - a girl - and 2 male friends). As we came in to the pub, the oap's were drinking away like they had been there for a few hours. In we went and the doors were locked behind us. On the down side, it has been slightly done up. But i'm ever so delighted it's still there!

4 Aug 2006 22:47

The Dalmeny Bar, Leith

Another great pub on Leith Walk. A little local pub with great seats and a fantastic barman with photos of Joanna Lumley behind the bar. The jukebox is worth a go. Great for a first date!

4 Aug 2006 22:31

The Central Bar, Leith

Ovaooo!!! What a pub! Especially in the mornings! Great features, nothing has changed for a long time. You can also see the border between Edinburgh and Leith on the floor.

4 Aug 2006 22:22

The Gloucester Arms, Kentish Town

I would kind of agree with onthetoot about the bar staff. When the bar staff are there... I think this is the only pub i have seen where the punters are serving themselves pints and ?pays? when the bar man comes back. How ever, i haven't served myself, the regulars help you with that.
The pub itself is great. Really good seats and tables. The bar has got good features, a bit mixed up from 1930s to 1960s style.
But yes, the clientelle are quite something...
There is a nice beer garden, you get a bit of feeling of council estate as the kids play ball games on concrete in a cage. It's worth a visit!

4 Aug 2006 22:13

The Horseshoe, Hampstead

Oh, my Jesus Lord!!! What a disaster!! Can't see anything different in this new development from all the other houndreds of them around. Plain people with no character, but so is the pub. I went in, observed it and left. Fair enough if they brew their own beer, but i would never give a penny over that bar. The sooner they go the better! Make it in to a mini Iceland super market or Subway. It can't get any worse!!

28 Jul 2006 12:19

The Dew Drop, Battersea

Fastastic, little back street pub. Nothing seems to have been done to it for some time. Great! The new land lady said she has no plans to refurbish the pub, in other words demolish it. Well worth a visit!

28 Jul 2006 12:11

The Plough, Upper Holloway

Fantastic pub! Nothing has been done to it for years. It has got a little touch of roughness to it which makes it even better. The landlord has promised not to refurbish the pub. He said "where do you think these drinkers will go then?" More landlords should think about that before they 'refurbish' their pub!

2 Jul 2006 13:49

The Flying Scotsman, Caledonian Road

Fantastic! It's a bargain! It doesn't get more sleazy than this. Old fat men use to position them selves with their mobilephone cameras to get a pic of the girls.(Not allowed anymore).That was worth 50p on it's own! They have never asked me to pay, a bit of a disapointment since i probably enjoy it most. in my own domestic way. It could be that, if i do pop in to the pub, im in male company (also im stright).

5 May 2006 15:50

Monaghan's Tavern, Wood Green

Went in here last bank holiday monday, and i don't feel in a rush to return. The pub its self is in light (coloured) wood. No real character, apart from a few locals. It's irish, very irish! What was it like when it was Jolly butchers?

5 May 2006 15:39

The White Horse, Hampstead Heath

This pub has been totaly demolished. Just an other bar.. No character! Should be illegal! Still, have a look at the ceiling. It's very special. Also, i believe they kept some of the old lamps. I have only been once since it was 'done up'. It was horrifying. A few years back, there was a landlady called Liz, and the pub was always busy. On Fridays people didn't fit in the pub so they were standing outside. All the pubs around South End Green have gone the same way. But if you are in the area try to visit Westport Inn further down on Malden Rd.

1 May 2006 13:10

The Holly Bush, Hampstead

The pub has fantastic original features. The (inner)doors in to the pub are amazing and so are the benches inside. Again, the staff do not belong there. Once I asked for an vegetarian alternative to Sunday roast, and sausage was suggested. Also, there is no need to charge 3.10 for a pint of slightly watery Guiness.

1 May 2006 12:55

The Blackstock, Finsbury Park

One of the best pubs in north London. It has got great character! What a pub should be like.It mustn't change!!

17 Apr 2006 17:10

Quinn's, Camden

There is a wide range of beers, but it doesn't really matter since you probably need a degree in being-served-a-pint. Its hopeless!! At my last visit i managed (after some time) i thought.. The landlord took my oder, but when i had been waiting for an other 8-10 mins for my 2 pints of Guiness i gave up and left. On the top of that, the landlord is a very odd man. He comes across as very unpleasant! I wont be back as long he is there!

17 Apr 2006 17:02

The Parrs Head, Camden

The Parrs Head has not been refubished for years (only a few times in the last 80 years)which makes it really nice. You can clearly see the old original features. I'm not a man and I'm not Irish. Still, the punters suit me fine. At my last visit a woman came in and was desparate to get rid of 2 roast chickens and 2 easter eggs. The man next to us got them for a bargain at 8 for the lot. She was pleased and rushed out.

16 Apr 2006 14:03

Gertie Brownes at the Coach and Horses, Hampstead

The pool table is back!!! And the pub remains with its original seats. Still having two tv's. Only place to watch the football in Hampstead! Great!!

16 Apr 2006 10:32

The Royal Park, Leeds

Perfect for watching the football and meeting large groups of friends. The pub is located in a residential area, which is a bonus!

26 Mar 2006 17:02

The Fenton, Leeds

I used to go to this pub 1996-2000, it was then great. Fastasic seats! I'm scared now when i read that is has been refurbished and lost it's soul. Has it changed a lot? I can't rate it now but at the time i would have given it 8.

26 Mar 2006 16:34

The King William IV, Hampstead

The pub itself is really nice with original features. The bar is fine old dark wood (very heavy). I've been to this pub many times, and it's quite-very gay. But me being stright, i have never had a funny look even coming in with my husband. I was told that KW is the oldest gay pub in London. There are now rumours that its going to be demolished and made into a nice (stright) bar! What a horrible thought! They might as well close it down. It wont work!

25 Mar 2006 20:49

The Swan, Tottenham

Fantasic pub! It has got real character. A while ago there was a black lady behind the bar who looked like she was taken straight out of a 70's movie. Great!

25 Mar 2006 18:49

The Crowndale, Chalk Farm

The Crowndale is a fantastic kind-of-back-street-pub. It's very original, with a great local clientele. It's difficult to find these kind of pubs in these days. God bless this one. Got a feeling it will go soon though from talking to the drunk bar man a few weeks ago. It's one of the best pubs in north west London!

22 Mar 2006 02:03

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