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Username: Maja

Age: 53

Sex: female

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The Elephants Head, Camden

I use to go to this pub on a regular basis. However it has changed. The pub itself is fine, one of the best looking in Camden but the beer... Ohhhh. �3.15 for a pint of Fosters!!!! I wouldn't drink the stuff in there if i got paid �3.15 for it. The beer is digusting. And when i told the lady (think it is manageress) about the bad pint i got the most rude response. Telling me the pint's fine, even though it has no bubbles, and looks as if it has got a touch of milk in it and it smells. The taste is baaad! After she poured me the 2nd pint, she asked me to leave and don't come back. But at least i didn't have mould in my glass like the people at the next table who also complained not only about that, but also about the bad tasting flat pint they got. A shame really. Would be good to have people behind the bar who know at least when a pint smells and looks bad. As i said, it used to be absolutely fine pints in the pub. Maybe the management has changed.

2 Dec 2007 12:38

The King William IV, Hampstead

I totally agree with 'anonymous'. The pub is destroyed. Thank God they have kept the bar. Living in Hampstead I see the pubs disapearing like nothing else. A sad chapter in the village.
And Francis there are female gays as well AND its NOTHING special by being gay! Think you should spend more time in a spelling class than in the pub!

8 Oct 2006 14:04

The Albion, Bethnal Green

Friendly landlord. He wanted to impress with the super super cold Coors. As the crystals were not in a shape he was happy with, he gave us a pint on the house. The theme is definitely football! The pub has a good layout.

18 Aug 2006 13:47

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