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Swan Hotel, Maldon

hmmmmmm, all the entries below look suspiciously similar and it appears a post I put on here earlier has been removed. Anyway, I've been drinking in Maldon for 15 years and I always avoided this pub. I had the misfortune last year to pop in when my friend was staying in the hotel. This is a truly horrible pub, very DHSS clientele, rubbish pool table, and rude staff. Don't go in.

20 Apr 2007 17:04

White Lion Of Mortimer, Finsbury Park

Apparantly this pub has free wi-fi!?!? I have never seen anyone in here who looks like they know how to operate a laptop - but then it's not the kind of place where you want to look around at people... unless you're doing a thesis on the ugliness of Great Britian's underclass

6 Feb 2007 14:29

The Gaslight, Finsbury Park

total dive, the message below is clearly from the manager - don't go in here

2 Oct 2006 15:12

The Bar, Chorlton cum Hardy

lively, good food, nice bar staff - no football colours - so how come I always manage to block the toilets in this place?

29 Aug 2006 17:14

The Bowling Green, Chorlton cum Hardy

the changing of the seasons, the erosion of granite by flowing water - both pass at a far quicker and more interesting pace than a night in this hole. dull dull dull dull dull dull. No wonder you have to walk over gravestones to get down there, it's all the people who died of boredom in there.

29 Aug 2006 17:13

The Spread Eagle, Chorlton cum Hardy

This pub is a joke right? What is it, 90p a pint or something, my mate took me in here once, CHRIST!, I thought I'd walked into a hospital ward specialising in mental health, geriatrics, and A&E all at the same time (and not doing a good job of any). I do recommend you go in here so you can look into the chasm of pub-hell. Do not go in here a second time, you won't get the smell out of your clothes.

29 Aug 2006 17:09

The Trevor Arms, Chorlton cum Hardy

not too bad - plenty of other nicer places there. One for Chorlton born and bred locals, not the new Chorlton types

29 Aug 2006 17:05

O'Connors, Chelmsford

Always thought it strange that Chelmsford's Irish pub was called the Prince of Orange - were they taking the p*ss?

29 Aug 2006 17:01

O'Connors, Chelmsford

Those who remember the Prince of Orange will be a little let down, but they haven't ruined this place completely. The floor still sticks to your shoes and there's still usually a Irish guy in the corner playing a penny whistle.

29 Aug 2006 17:00

The Bay Horse, Chelmsford

I was kicked out of here over 10 years ago for filling a novelty water pistol (Squirty Bird) full of stale bitter and sparying a few barmaids. They generously allowed me to finish my pint before going and therefore earned my greatest undying respect. Good crowd, old decor, only a short walk from the institution that is Mr Ram's Kebabs.

29 Aug 2006 16:58

The Bell, Danbury

Bought my first pint in here - aged all of 15 years. Definitely a locals pub but it's Danbury for fricks sake, they're all locals pubs.

29 Aug 2006 16:54

The Blue Boar Hotel, Maldon

Don't care about the beer. This is the classiest venue in Maldon, and therefore not very popular. Old coaching lodge and very historic. Caters for the more mature (ie geriatric) residents of Maldon, none of those new fangler wurlitzers playing that Liverpudlian skiffle music. Lovely, lovely, lovely place. Kind of place to take your girlfriends parents to fool them into thinking you're respectable and will treat their daughter well.

29 Aug 2006 16:46

The Queens Head, Maldon

What has happened to the world! This used to be the number 1 sailors pub in Maldon. Twas full of wizened Hemmingway types who would wax lyrically for hours about how they once had to gnaw their own legs off to escape from killer spider fish or fashion a raft out of cabin boys. No longer. Now it's theme sailors pub. Still quite nice like, and also has a fit barmaid - although she did look a bit stroppy when I ordered my first drink - took a bit of warming up before she started smiling.

29 Aug 2006 16:42

The Railway, Finsbury Park

Not a bad pub at all. Directly opposite the station but doesn't allow in any of the pimps or streetlife who hang around the station (instead they have to walk 10 mins up the road to the World's End). Local feel, but Irish (welcoming) not English (threatening)

10 Jul 2006 16:46

The Finsbury Park, Finsbury Park

Pikey as hell.

10 Jul 2006 16:44

The White Horse, Maldon

Gone downhill over the last couple of years - full of maldon yoof adopting american gansta fashion but looking as whimpy as feck. Only redeeming features are it's full of young loose maldon girls and it's near the taxi rank so you can make a quick exit.

10 Jul 2006 12:20

The Jolly Sailor, Maldon

Very small - only genuine sailor's pub left in Maldon, still living on it's fame for appearing in an episode of Lovejoy back in the mid-90s. Bar staff tend to be a bit moody, and the toilets are very basic, given all of the above this is actually a very nice pub.

10 Jul 2006 12:17

The Flag, Crouch Hill

Food is appalling, ordered nachos with topping for 5 - got a plate of fecking Doritos, Tesco's value peeled plun tomato and some cottage cheese!

7 Jul 2006 17:59

Chapter One, Finsbury Park

Gone through more hands than a five pound note.

7 Jul 2006 17:53

The Blackstock, Finsbury Park

cheap! of course it's cheap - that's the only way they can get people in there. If you are used to having someone lock your bedroom door at night and going to the toilet in a bucket then you might like this pub. No need to build a time machine - if you don't know what pubs were like in the 70s, pop in, although if you are a girl the clientele will think you are a prostitute, even if you wear trousers and Doc Martens. This place gets a big fat zero

7 Jul 2006 17:49

The Worlds End, Finsbury Park

Don't use the toilets in this place, they reak. I was in here a few years ago playing a quiz machine when I was approached by a guy wanting to know if I wanted to buy any 'Bone'. Not understanding what he meant I asked he to give me more information, to which he replied 'a Rock, Crack bruv'. It's not that bad... but it's not at all good. It's trying so hard to attract a better clientele (new decor, comfy sofas, higher prices) but it just can't do it. The World's End always reverts back to being a run-down naff boozer where you end up feeling sorry for the bar staff for having to work there.

7 Jul 2006 17:36

The Enterprise, Holloway

Not for the faint hearted. Either you will love it's lively character and sense of community, or you'll be scared you're going to get beaten up for being a gay studenty type. Leave you middle class la-de-dah attitudes outside.

7 Jul 2006 17:25

The Stapleton Tavern, Finsbury Park

"Rolls Royce" - more like the redesigned Mini. People who buy it think it really modern, cool and trendy when they're got no imagination or style.

7 Jul 2006 17:21

The Stapleton Tavern, Finsbury Park

I can't believe people have posted positive reviews this pub. I'd rather have eye surgery with a rusty knife than drink in here. It used to be a right scruffy boozer but at least it had. Unfortunately when the baliffs come knocking they don't accept character. The new owners thought they were designing a trendy bar but unfortunately their idea of style is something out of Ikea. It's all stripped pine and bright bright lights..... and they've got their web address etched into the windows! Losers! The only reason to possibley go in here is that you are guaranteed to pick up a couple of single women who are nudging 30, sharing a bottle of wine and slightly overweight. It's the kind of soulless place where women who don't like anything more exciting than watching Hollyoaks pubs feel comfortable. This pub runs the local Wetherspoons (White Lion of Mortimer) and the Nicholas Nickelby close for the crown of worst pub in Stroud Green.

7 Jul 2006 17:18

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