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BITE user comments - Floyd

Comments by Floyd

The Abbotsford, Edinburgh

Interesting old pub with impressively knowledgable staff who know about beer. Good choice of ale.

29 Oct 2012 15:40

The Sheeps Heid Inn, Duddingston

Lovely welcoming historic pub with comfy seating and good choice of beer.

29 Oct 2012 15:37

The Cat Inn, West Hoathly

Very much set up as a restaurant with all tables laid for diners, but it seems to take beer seriously as well and it's a comfortable enough place.

30 Sep 2012 16:58

The Ardingly Inn, Ardingly

This seems a fairly down to earth sort of place which is quite refreshing when so many village pubs are so pretentious these days. Nothing special about it, but welcoming and seems to do all the basics right.

30 Sep 2012 16:56

The Eight Bells, Jevington

Harveys Bitter always seems to taste good here - maybe it's the long walk beforehand. Other than that this place seems to rely on it's location and maybe they think they don't have to try too hard. Food mediocre.

27 Aug 2012 13:46

The Beachy Head, Eastbourne

Considering its location and the potential for this to be a tourist trap, this pub manages to cater well for drinkers with several good beers available. Better than I thought it would be!

27 Aug 2012 13:42

The Plough and Harrow, Litlington

Very pleasant, well run pub with great choice of local beer.

27 Aug 2012 13:37

The Coach and Horses, Llangynidr

A good beer selection and great location make this a fine place to spend some time. Food was OK, only downside was sitting in the garden with all tables full of uncleared glasses.

29 Jul 2012 09:51

The Bear, Crickhowell

This seems to be a very well run place - it caters both for drinkers and diners with a great selection of beer and good food. Interesting layout and a lovely village make this an excellent pub.

29 Jul 2012 09:47

The Lamb Hotel, Aberdare

This place can't have changed much for many years. Small rather unwelcoming bar with no real ale when I visited.

29 Jul 2012 09:41

The Chequers Inn, Battle

Signs that the Chequers is deteriorating - overgrown garden and only 1 ale available. Gone are the days of changing guest ales it seems. Large TV screen now installed in bar area also suggests priorities for this pub are changing.

1 Jul 2012 13:21

The Red Lion, Stodmarsh

A lovely old pub, very interesting inside and with beer served straight from the cask. However, the pint I tried was not of the best quality, and not sure why there was loud music being played from behind the bar.

6 May 2012 19:12

The Vine, Pamphill

A perfect illustration of when you get the basics right all else is irrelevant. A simple choice of good ale and basic food in a lovely old pub in beautiful surroundings. This is a wonderful example of what a good English country pub can be.

15 Apr 2012 17:09

Swan Inn, Weymouth

As Wetherspoons go, this is pretty good. It's very clean, spacious and welcoming. Good selection of local ales.

15 Apr 2012 16:05

The Globe Inn, Weymouth

A very nice little local focusing on the basics - good beer and a welcoming atmosphere.

15 Apr 2012 16:02

Norman Arms, St Leonards on Sea

Nothing to recommend really about this pub, fairly uninteresting inside and only one ale on offer though it seems a friendly enough place.

13 Mar 2012 18:36

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

Brighton is a great place to wait for a train with this pub and the Evening Star so close to the station. Great selection of Harvey's beer, interesting clientele and friendly staff make this a fine pub.

9 Feb 2012 20:01

The London Trader, Hastings

This place seems to be deteriorating. Full of loud noisy drunks and the ale was undrinkable.

16 Nov 2011 17:30

The Duke, St Leonards on Sea

This used to be a nice little local pub with 2 contrasting bars. Now there is a huge TV screen in each bar both of which are on even if nobody is watching. Only 1 real ale, but this was very nice.

16 Nov 2011 17:28

Nags Head, St Leonards on Sea

A very pleasant little back street boozer. Strange choice of beer but the Hobgoblin was fine.

16 Nov 2011 17:24

The Oddfellows Arms, Hastings

Spacious pub with a couple of real ales on offer but otherwise nothing really to recommend it.

30 Oct 2011 12:29

The Still and West, Portsmouth

Great location on the harbour ideal for watching the boats come and go. Beer is pretty good too with a range of Gales beer on offer.

26 Oct 2011 19:42

The Crown and Anchor, Winchester

Was quite surprised by this place - expected to find a place for the tourists given its location, but this seems a real locals place. Also a Greene King pub with more than 2 beers on offer! Food seemed pretty good value too.

25 Sep 2011 19:47

The Bucks Head, Meonstoke

Not a huge fan of Greene King pubs with the restricted range of beer, but this is not a bad pub. Good to see space reserved for drinkers in an area where most pubs are mostly restaurants. Food pretty good value, too.

25 Sep 2011 19:44

The Shoe Inn, Exton

Seems to be popular for its food, but this is also a very pleasant place to stop for a drink. Good beers and nice loacation next to the river.

25 Sep 2011 19:41

The Shoe Inn, Exton

Seems to be popular for its food, but this is also a very pleasant place to stop for a drink. Good beers and nice loacation next to the river.

25 Sep 2011 19:41

Six Bells, Woodchurch

Very pleasant pub with good food and well kept beer in a lovely old building.

18 Sep 2011 22:31

The Old Oak, Caneheath

Very impressed with this pub, friendly and helpful staff ina nice location. 3 real ales on offer, one tasted rather sour to me but the other two, Harveys and Doom Bar were excellent. Game of Toad in the Hole available in the bar also.

29 Aug 2011 18:14

Robert Pocock, Gravesend

Seems to me to be an above average 'Spoons' pub. Interesting interior, not a huge selection of ales, but at least they keep some local microbreweries' beer.

15 Aug 2011 20:59

The Cock Inn, Luddesdowne

This is an excellent pub. Reasonable prices for beer, a great selection of ales which are in perfect condition. Add to that comfortable seating (welcome after a long walk), friendly staff and a pleasant location.

15 Aug 2011 20:57

The Golden Lion, Luddesdowne

I don't normally post a comment unless I have a drink in a pub, but I visited this place one lunchtime to find no real ale on offer and the soft drink dispenser had broken. So after a walk of several miles to get here we left for the Cock up the road.

15 Aug 2011 20:53

Royal Oak, Wrotham Heath

A Beefeater place with the emphasis on food. It did have London Pride on when I visited, but it wasn't good.

15 Aug 2011 20:48

The Moat, Wrotham Heath

Mixed feelings about this place, it's done out as a family dining pub which I would normally avoid, but it's been set out fairly well, and it has has kept a focus on a range of good beer which they look after well.

15 Aug 2011 20:46

The Swan on the Green, West Peckham

Lovely pub with excellent own brand beer and picturesque setting on village green.

15 Aug 2011 20:41

Pendre Inn, Cilgerran

This is a wonderful pub. Friendly atmosphere and great beer at �2 a pint when I visited.

8 Aug 2011 11:36

The Dyffryn Arms, Pontfaen

An incredible place, focussing on what makes a great pub - good beer and conversation. Truly a pub stripped down to the bare essentials in a fantastic location.

8 Aug 2011 11:32

The Ferry Inn, St Dogmaels

Lovely location on the river, the priority seems to be food here but good choice of beer in good condition.

8 Aug 2011 11:26

Webley Waterfront Inn and Hotel, Poppit

Pleasant enough place, choice of 3 ales though the one i had was undrinkable and had to be changed.

8 Aug 2011 11:25

The Hay Waggon Inn, Hartfield

Fair enough place, seems friendly with good beer (Larkins and Harveys) though a little on the pricy side.

25 Jul 2011 16:06

Bo-peep, St Leonards on Sea

Large, welcoming pub with friendly staff. Good choice of beer with Harveys, Ringwood and Courage on when I visited. The Harveys was very good.

29 Jun 2011 17:47

The Queens Head, Rye

I found this place quite a pleasant surprise - interesting layout, 2 bars with pool table & bar billiards and a 'library'. Comfortable seating, live music at weekends and a very interesting selection of ales and ciders make this an excellent place.

18 Jun 2011 17:54

The Buccaneer, Eastbourne

Well situated for theatre goers, and certainly a much better bet than the theatre bars fro pre entertainment drinks or (if you're quick) for interval refreshment. Also seems a pretty decent pub in itself. Only 2 ales on offer, but it seems there are usually more.

15 May 2011 16:01

The Jenny Lind, Hastings

Very busy when I visited with a good band playing and a fine atmosphere. Good choice of ale, all in all seems a reasonable place though nothing out of the ordinary.

4 May 2011 16:24

The Two Sawyers, Pett

A good stopping off place on a long walk. It's small inside but has a huge garden so it seems better when the sun is out. Good beer selection amd the Dark Star was superb.

25 Apr 2011 16:51

The Ferrybridge Inn, Weymouth

This place looks slightly forbidding from the outside but it's not a bad place at all. Good beer and friendly atmosphere make it it good stop on the coast path.

17 Apr 2011 17:17

The Three Horseshoes, Burton Bradstock

A very good pub with good ale which seems to keep its local feel despite being in a prime tourist area.

17 Apr 2011 17:14

The Chevalier Inn, Exeter

Ifind it hard to evaluate Weatherspoons pubs. They all seem to be much the same and you know what to expect. This one had slightly less beer choice than normal otherwise par for the course.

17 Apr 2011 17:12

The Fountain Head, Branscombe

A wonderful pub in a lovely situation with good beer from the local brewery.

17 Apr 2011 17:08

The Museum Tavern, Bloomsbury

Wonderful pub - good ale selection and no TV screens or music. Just a place to enjoy good beer and conversation.

20 Mar 2011 19:33

The Charles Lamb, Angel, Islington

Fine pub with good selection of beer and good atmosphere.

20 Mar 2011 19:31

The Princess Louise, Holborn

A fine interior - I hope it's a listed building because it would be a real shame to lose a pub like this. Even the toilets are amazing. Only Sam Smiths beer, but at �2 a pint I can't complain.

20 Mar 2011 19:28

The Lamb, Bloomsbury

A fine pub, good Youngs beer and no distractions such as TV, fruit machines etc. just the sound of conversations which makes a nice change.

20 Mar 2011 19:25

The Newman Arms, Fitzrovia

Very nice pub, good beer and fantastic food served in the pie room upstairs.

20 Mar 2011 19:22

The Pilot Inn, North Greenwich

A bit like an oasis in what is the wasteland of the North Greenwich peninsula. A fine pub, very comfortable, an interesting historic building and excellent choice of beer.

23 Feb 2011 18:03

The Anchor and Hope, Charlton

This place seems a pleasant enough pub, comfortable, lots of character and a great location. However, a pub with no real beer is lacking something and certainly missing out on custom.

23 Feb 2011 18:00

The Golden Galleon, Exceat

The location of the pub ensures it's busy at peak times even though there is a lot of space inside. Disappointing choice of beer - only 2 ales on, and the young staff were obviously struggling with the number of people.

2 Jan 2011 17:07

The Royal Oak, Langstone

Cosy, welcoming enough place in great location on the waterfront. Good ale selection, though dominated by Greene King beers.

21 Nov 2010 14:24

The Grove Ferry Inn, Upstreet

Pleasant location next to the river, and loads of space in the pub and the garden. All in all not a bad pub at all, beer was fine and staff seem friendly enough.

17 Oct 2010 12:48

Red Lion, Battle

Lovely unspoilt village pub with good beer and food.

4 Sep 2010 18:58

The Senlac Inn & Restaurant, Battle

A pleasant place to have a pint, 2 ales on tap, friendly enough staff and toilets that are surprisingly like a Victorian railway station. Good music venue too.

4 Sep 2010 18:53

The Junction Inn, Groombridge

Only Harveys Bitter on handpump, but it tasted fine. The emphasis seems to be on food, nothing wrong with that but I feel the pub could do with a few more comforts for drinkers.

20 Aug 2010 18:08

The Bull, London Colney

Pleasantly surprised by this place - it has a nice atmosphere and is a comfortable enough place with a reasonable choice of beer.

8 Aug 2010 17:33

The Bower House Inn, Eskdale Green

A very good pub, friendly staff, no frills just good beer and food with a wonderful location.

8 Aug 2010 17:30

The Duke of Edinburgh Hotel and Bar, Barrow in Furness

A great place to while away time waiting for a train. Good choice of beers and helpful staff, but rather uninspiring inside.

8 Aug 2010 17:29

The Evening Star, Brighton

A great example of a pub concentrating on getting the beer right. It doesn't matter that the wooden benches aren't that comfortable, there are no distractions, just a great place to enjoy good ale and conversation.

26 Jun 2010 09:24

The William the Conqueror, Rye Harbour

Beer (usual SN range) was OK here & nice situation on the river, but pretty basic inside & I was overcharged for the drinks. Also overheard a diner complaining that her pie was cold inside. Don't think I'll be coming back.

30 May 2010 17:06

The White Hart, South Harting

Very nice pub, very welcoming with good beer.

2 May 2010 18:30

Five Bells, Buriton

Nice comfortable pub with good ale selection.

2 May 2010 18:28

The Harbour Inn, Axmouth

Good place for beer and food with excellent service.

12 Apr 2010 21:07

Dolphin Hotel, Beer

Almost like 2 different places, a locals bar, limited beer choice but games available & pleasant enough, and a hotel bar and restaurant which looks much more plush.

12 Apr 2010 21:03

Masons Arms, Branscombe

Seemed more of a restaurant than a pub. All tables were laid for food with 'reserved' signs on. However, a lovely building and great choice of ales.

12 Apr 2010 21:00

The Wheelwright Inn, Colyford

Feels more like a restaurant than a pub really, though a good choice of beers.

12 Apr 2010 18:23

The Clock House Hotel, Chideock

Surprisingly local feel to this place given that is on a busy road. Good choice of ales and plenty of options for games available.

12 Apr 2010 17:44

The Tryst, Walthamstow

Pretty dire outlet opposite Blackhorse Road tube. No real ale, uncomfortable chairs and dreadful decor. Even the large screen TV was out of focus. Music venue next door a better bet for beer.

22 Mar 2010 20:24

The Moon Under Water, Leicester Square

Good ale selection otherwise not much else to say about this standard Wetherspoons.

22 Mar 2010 20:21

The Ship, Soho

Lovely little pub, no frills, just a good honest boozer. Good ales and good atmosphere.

21 Mar 2010 17:59

The Marquis of Granby, Fitzrovia

Average sort of pub for London, nothing remarkable & beer choice OK

21 Mar 2010 17:56

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Yarmouth

Rather stark interior, doesn't look inviting or comfortable. Fair selection of beers, but the London Pride was like vinegar. Can't see a reason to return here.

18 Feb 2010 16:00

The Bonchurch Inn, Bonchurch

A great pub, full of character and staffed by people who really care to provide a good service.

18 Feb 2010 15:54

The Cricketers Arms, Berwick

Beer served straight from the cask, and the Harveys tasted wonderful. This is a lovely pub. 9/10.

28 Dec 2009 17:40

Grand Central, Brighton

Feels more like a station waining room than a pub. Beer not that great and nothing to keep you here for long.

13 Dec 2009 13:02

The Sportsman, Amberley

A fine pub, excellent beer, friendly staff and nice atmosphere. One small problem is the lack of comfortable seating.

22 Nov 2009 20:15

Ship Inn, Langstone

This is a fine place to eat and drink. Lovely location on the waterfront, pretty good food, good selection of beers and very friendly staff.

7 Nov 2009 19:45

The Earl Of Burlington, Eastbourne

Pretty much the same as all the other Weatherspoons I've been in, but one can't fail to be impressed with the beer selection, I counted 15 real ales on. I wouldn't come in here for the atmosphere, but it's excellent value.

28 Oct 2009 17:31

The Royal Sovereign, Bexhill-on-sea

The Masterbrew I was served was undrinkable, the Spitfire that replaced it was OK at best, so I will be reluctant to drink here again. Other than the beer, it's an unremarkable place though handy for the station.

26 Oct 2009 20:08

The Royal Standard, Hastings

Has the atmosphere of a local pub even though it's right on the seafront. All in all an unremarkable place, but good for music with live bands at weekends.

30 Aug 2009 19:37

The Florence Arms, Southsea

"Glad you found the Florence" said the landlord as he served us our meals. We certainly were. This is a great pub, very welcoming, good beer and a fantastic place to drink and eat. It's obviously well looked after by the enthusiastic landlord. We will return.

26 Aug 2009 21:16

Old Ship Inn, Sidmouth

Has all the ingredients to be an interesting pub - good beers, historic building and right in the centre of town, but it seems to lack something. Not the most welcoming pub I've been in and seems a bit sad and dreary.

26 Aug 2009 21:08

The Kingfisher, Colyton

Good selection of ales with a menu of tasting notes if you feel the need to read about what your palate should be experiencing. The pub itself seems fine to me, there's a bar area for drinkers and a dining room for eaters & it was a welcoming enough place.

26 Aug 2009 21:03

The Volunteer Inn, Lyme Regis

A solid little boozer frequented mostly by locals it seems even on an August weekend. Great selection of beer from handpump and stillage.

26 Aug 2009 20:52

The George Hotel, Bridport

I usually find 'George Hotels' in the middle of towns to be fairly pretentious and dull places, but this one is full of character, serving as a local pub, eating house and coffee shop and doing it all rather well judging by its popularity. It's certainly fine as a pub with a good range of beer and a lively atmosphere.

26 Aug 2009 20:44

The Coal Exchange, Emsworth

This has the feel of a thriving village local, and it's not hard to see why it is popular - a good choice of beers and frindly staff.

7 Aug 2009 20:13

Star Inn, Matfield

Rather disappointing - looks interesting from the outside, but obviously concentrates more on food than drinkers. Also a bit put off by the loud music being played apparently for the barmaid. The Harveys was OK.

5 Aug 2009 17:42

The Bull of Brenchley, Brenchley

Not a bad place for a pint, but has the feeling that it has been somewhat neglected eg couldn't read the pub name because of the overgrown foliage. Good beer, though, comfortable enough and friendly locals in a lovely village.

5 Aug 2009 17:35

Swan and Rushes, Leicester

A wonderful place, exactly what I look for in a pub. Great ale selection, & staff who know their beer. Bar billiards table, but otherwise no frills, just a fantastic place to drink beer and talk. 9/10, would give it 10, but I'm saving that for my perfect pub. This comes pretty close.

3 Aug 2009 11:21

Sloanes, Leicester

Excellent pub, great range of ales. Very minor quibble - there is a dartboard but you have to bring your own darts!

3 Aug 2009 11:05

Marquis Wellington, Leicester

A large open plan pub which has obviously had a refurbishment recently presumably to attract the local student population. Nothing wrong with that, it just seems a bit soulless to me. There's a good choice of ales, and its an interesting building, so a pleasant enough place to spend some time in.

3 Aug 2009 08:46

The Criterion, Leicester

Not quite sure what to make of this place - it was very busy on my first visit with a rock band and a quiz on in the two bars. Seems very popular, and it has an excellent choice of beer. Apparently the food is excellent as well. Hard to find for a visitor, but all in all well worth the effort.

2 Aug 2009 11:11

The Globe, Leicester

Very good pub, friendly staff and good beer in an interesting old building.

2 Aug 2009 11:05

The Hind, Leicester

Average pub near the train station, nothing much to detain me for long, but an acceptable place. Good blues band playing while I was there.

2 Aug 2009 11:01

Barley Mow, Leicester

Fine town centre pub, with good range of Everards ales.

2 Aug 2009 10:57

The Lamb Inn, Battle

Feels more of a restaurant than a pub with most areas set up for dining. However, staff are efficient and friendly, there are two ales on, and the building is atmospheric and historic, so it's not a bad place to have a drink.

23 Jul 2009 08:19

The Gosforth Hall Hotel, Gosforth

Very interesting old building and a good place to spend some time trying the many ales on offer.

31 May 2009 16:13

The Screes Inn, Nether Wasdale

Great pub - no frills, just decent beer, comfortable surroundings and pleasant staff.

31 May 2009 16:11

The Bridge Inn, Santon Bridge

A lovely pub in a wonderful setting. Friendly, professional staff and an excellent choice of real beer that they take obvious pride in serving in excellent condition. Great place to eat as well.

31 May 2009 16:07

The Rose and Crown, Southwark

Very nice unspoilt and simple little pub with good range of SN ales.

18 May 2009 19:19

The Peacock, Goudhurst

A very nice country pub in lovely surroundings. Good range of Shepherd Neame ales. I tried the seasonal one and it was excellent.

3 May 2009 17:59

The Bull Inn, Benenden

Lovely pub next to the village green. Good range of well kept ale and friendly welcome.

15 Apr 2009 19:12

Ewe and Lamb, Rolvenden Layne

A very friendly and welcoming pub. Although a large part is given over to the restaurant, it retains an area for drinkers. Excellent selection of ales in very good condition. Not sure why its listed under Cranbrook though?

15 Apr 2009 19:10

Terminus, Hailsham

Quite a mixed crowd at this pub when I visited on a Saturday night. Good live music venue and the staff obviously take care of the place well. Only one real ale on (Courage Best).

12 Apr 2009 10:49

The Old Court House, Westfield

A very good pub, has a feel of being a hub of the community and obviously takes pride in selection and quality of real ales on offer. Food pretty good value for money, also bar billiard table.

8 Apr 2009 17:19

The Grapes, Limehouse

Lovely little pub full of character and good selection of real ales.

22 Feb 2009 17:44

The Pheasant, Shefford Woodlands

An excellent pub very conveniently situated near the M4. Good choice of local beer available. It clearly does well with its restaurant, but retains a bar area for drinkers.

30 Dec 2008 17:33

The Opera House, Tunbridge Wells

Had very mixed feelings about this place - a lovely venue, but to see an old opera house turned into a pub didn't seem right somehow to me. It certainly is interesting inside. Maybe it was the only way to keep it open. I'm certainly glad that Wetherspoons didn't take over the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill as was once suggested. I keep going back to Wetherspoons despite my misgivings, the choice of ales was excellent and food good value and promptly served.

22 Dec 2008 20:23

The Victory Inn, Brighton

Empty when I visited at lunchtime, not very friendly and looked as if it hadn't been cleaned since the night before. Perhaps it feels it doesn't have to make an effort due to its central location. Still, the beer was OK, and it had a certain charm so i'll give it a 6.

19 Dec 2008 10:40

The Brewers Arms, Lewes

Welcoming, comfortable pub with good range of beers available.

5 Dec 2008 13:42

The Kings Arms, Ninfield

This is more of a restaurant than a pub, the emphasis is on the carvery and it certainly seems to be doing well judging by the crowds in tonight. Harveys beer available though, and everything very cheap so I can see why it's popular.

25 Nov 2008 20:39

The Pull and Pump, Brighton

Quite pleasantly surprised about this pub - I wasn't expecting much considering the location in the shopping centre, but it's not a bad little boozer. Good selection of ales and a friendly atmosphere, but a little grubby if you look too closely.

23 Nov 2008 19:07

The Bright Helm, Brighton

Always hard to rate a Wetherspoons pub - they all seem the same to me and this one is typical of the rest. Rather limited selection of ales compared to others, and seems a little more raucous than others due to its location.

23 Nov 2008 19:04

The Wheel Inn, Burwash Weald

Comfortable pub serving excellent pub lunches. Only one real beer available (Harveys) but that was fine. Games room also.

28 Oct 2008 16:17

York, Bexhill On Sea

Spacious, rather unusually decorated and furnished, but otherwise very average. Only real beer was Harveys Old Ale, which was fine.

16 Oct 2008 13:04

The Anchor, Hastings

A pretty good old town pub in a nice location. Good selection of well kept Shepherd Neame ales.

29 Sep 2008 12:31

The Water House, Durham

Unremarkable Weatherspoons outlet, not the best beer selection I have seen, but OK and handy for the bus station.

1 Sep 2008 12:22

The London Trader, Hastings

A varied clientele, good music on Sat nights, friendly bar staff but lack of real beer - only Courage Directors when I visited.

31 Aug 2008 11:43

The Vine Inn, Tenterden

Has obviously been recently modernised, it didn't appeal to me very much as a place to linger, but usual choice of Shepherd Neame ales, and handy for the bus stop.

20 Aug 2008 19:51

The Swan, Wittersham

Agree with Manky Badger that the place seems a little clinical, though not having visited it before the refurbishment I can't compare. It is still a pleasure to visit a pub that obviously takes pride in the selection and quality of ales on offer - on my visit 6 ales and 6 real ciders available.

20 Aug 2008 19:47

The Smugglers, Pevensey

A pleasant and welcoming pub, Good Shepherd Neame beers on offer and good value bowls of nuts for �1.

18 Aug 2008 18:23

The Anchor Inn, Hartfield

Nice village pub serving a variety of local ales - 3 on when I visited. I thought the food rather expensive and average.

13 Aug 2008 13:01

The Harp, Bexhill-on-sea

Not a bad little bar, probably the best one in the town centre. Good atmosphere when busy on music nights. Harveys beer available.

27 Jul 2008 18:32

Gildredge, Eastbourne

Seems to attract quite a transient crowd, not surprising as there is little to detain anybody here for very long. Uninspiring.

23 Jul 2008 17:15

The Dolphin Inn, Hastings

Nice pub with a good terrace drinking area. Selection of well kept real ales.

16 Jul 2008 17:21

The Bell Hotel, Bexhill Old Town

This pub seems to be improving due to good efforts by the leaseholder Rik. Nice garden area at the back has been developed, and good live music on at weekends. Friendly atmosphere and 2 real ales on.

5 Jul 2008 13:20

Terminus Hotel, Eastbourne

Very nice pub with interesting interior, and variety of areas to eat and drink in. Serves the full range of Harvey's ales, food is OK, tailored towards the local OAPs.

3 Jun 2008 18:27

White Rock Hotel, Hastings

Excellent hotel bar with terrace overlooking the sea and a choice of 4 local real ales. Next to the White Rock Theatre, so handy for pre theatre and interval drinks - much better than the dire theatre bar.

10 May 2008 16:43

The Royal Albion, Hastings

Interesting wood panelled interior, but seemed very grimy and uncared for. Beer OK though, Harveys bitter was good, Bass on hand pump also.

5 May 2008 16:49

The Humphrey Bean, Tonbridge

Large open plan pub with good choice of ales. Rather soulless, as most Weatherspoons seem to be, but this seemed to be the best option for a lover of traditional pubs and ale in Tonbridge town centre.

17 Apr 2008 16:14

The Johns Cross Inn, Robertsbridge

An interesting old building done out in a very individual style. Drinkers are directed to a small gaudy games room with uncomfortable chairs, while the more interesting lounge is largely for diners. The pub is covered in artwork of a rather bizarre nature. 2 ales on offer (Abbott and Harveys. The garden sign says 'welcome to paradise' but I expect paradise is better cared for than this dilapidated area, though there are good views.

15 Apr 2008 15:21

The George, Robertsbridge

Laid out as rather more of a restaurant than a pub, but a very friendly welcome and good Harveys beer make it a decent enough pub.

15 Apr 2008 15:15

Trevor Arms, Glynde

A lovely pub with a real local feel, and excellent range of Harveys beers on offer. Food seemed to be good value too, though I didn't eat here. One thing left an bad impression - I was charged �2.20 for a pint of blackcurrant squash. I queried this but was told this was correct! I may return but not with anybody drinking soft drinks.

9 Apr 2008 18:16

Dorset Arms, Lewes

A well looked after Harveys pub with restaurant, but it still retains bar areas for drinkers. The game of toad in the hole is available in the snug bar.

9 Apr 2008 18:11

The Red Lion, Swanage

Excellent,friendly pub serving range of ales served from the cask.

10 Mar 2008 16:19

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

A real gem of a pub, full of character and an excellent range of ales on offer served from the cask. Interesting museum of local fossils incorporated in the pub. Great value pasties as well.

10 Mar 2008 16:17

The Harp, Covent Garden

An excellent drinkers' pub with 6 real ales on offer, served in good condition.

22 Feb 2008 10:29

Traffers Bar, Bexhill-on-sea

Not a bad little bar, always seems to have at least 2 ales on. Close to the De La Warr Pavilion, so a good alternative to the dreadfully expensive bottles only bar there.

16 Feb 2008 18:18

The Carlisle, Hastings

Great place for rock music, live and via the jukebox, but not the place for a relaxing pint. It is pretty grimy looking these days, we were a bit wary of sitting down in the rather dingy armchairs, but the beer is OK, and it's far better than the other dire outlets in Hastings town centre.

20 Jan 2008 19:59

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

Was pleasantly surprised by this pub considering its location. A good pint of Sam Smiths and a relaxing upstairs bar area.

4 Jan 2008 20:53

The Rose and Crown, Beckley

A wonderful country pub, popped in for a quick pint after a walk but could have easily stayed for hours. very welcoming, lovely comfortable chairs around a log fire and 5 real ales, 2 of which were being sold for �1.60 a pint. The food looked good value too.

3 Jan 2008 16:06

West Herts Sports and Social Club, Watford

Excellent sports club bar. Very friendly and welcoming, and a good atmosphere. Excellent choice of ales when I visited - 5 on tap.

30 Dec 2007 15:04

The Stag, Hastings

Visited on a Friday lunchtime and we were the only people there. Seems an interesting old pub though and the Shepherd Neame Porter was excellent.

28 Dec 2007 15:51

The Filo (First In Last Out), Hastings

An excellent pub, the best in Hastings for the real ale drinker. 4 ales on tap, 3 of them brewed on the premises. Friendly staff and a good atmosphere make this a fine place to drink in.

22 Dec 2007 15:07

The Walnut Tree, Maidstone

Very pleasant and friendly little pub. Serves Shepherd Neame ales - the Porter I tried was excellent. Nice to see nibbles on the bar at Sunday lunchtime too.

9 Dec 2007 17:20

The Bull Inn, Bulverhythe

A fine pub - very friendly and welcoming. Shepherd Neame beer, not my favourite but they are served in excellent condition.

24 Nov 2007 16:32

The John Logie Baird, Hastings

Seems to be a standard Wetherspoons outlet, rather soulless and lacking atmosphere. However, meals and drinks for 2 people for less than �10 and a good selection of ales served in good condition. Certainly the best option in Hastings town centre.

15 Nov 2007 14:20

The Robin Hood, Icklesham

Went in here because the Queens Head was crowded, and was pleasantly surprised. Bar draped in hops makes an interesting atmosphere, and the beer was fine, though only 2 ales on offer.

23 Oct 2007 14:16

The New Inn, Winchelsea

Pleasant enough pub, not a huge selection of real ale (2 on offer) but the IPA was excellent. Interesting to see what effect new management will have on this place.

23 Oct 2007 14:13

The Rooms Cafe Bar, St Leonards on Sea

A very relaxed place, visited on a Saturday night - a good live band playing, but hardly anybody there. 3 local ales available in bottles, no beer on draught.

14 Oct 2007 11:38

The Ypres Castle Inn, Rye

Good selection of beers on offer here in very pleasant surroundings. Sunday roasts were OK for the price.

10 Oct 2007 14:06

The Round Georges, Brighton

Busy pub with live music (I went in on a Thurs night)and a dazzling display of chrome beer dispensers on the bar. Only one 'real' beer though - London Pride, and that not at its best.

5 Oct 2007 13:33

The Golden Cannon, Brighton

Average street corner pub with only one real ale (Harveys)

5 Oct 2007 13:29

The White Hart, Catsfield

Nice country pub - visited on a Sunday night, very quiet but welcoming and good Harveys Bitter.

3 Oct 2007 20:15

The Quayside, Newcastle

Seemed rather dismal inside to me, also not the cleanest pub I have been to. However, great location next to the river and a fantastic pint of Geordie Pride.

3 Oct 2007 20:12

Ye Olde Starre Inn, York

Busy pub with good selection of real ale. A nice stopoff on a city tour.

3 Oct 2007 20:08

The Golden Fleece, York

Interesting old pub - good beer and historic feel to the place.

3 Oct 2007 20:03

The Star Inn, Normans Bay

First visit here for a few years, and although not as good an ale selection as there used to be the Harveys was good. Very family friendly which can be useful at times, but not if you just want a quiet pint or two.

16 Sep 2007 17:15

The Pilot, Maidstone

Very good welcoming pub serving range of Harveys Beers.

12 Sep 2007 19:37

Ye Olde Butchers Arms, Cardiff

Very friendly pub with a really good atmosphere. Always seems busy and serves well kept ales.

31 Aug 2007 22:24

The Castle Hotel, Newport

Large,welcoming pub serving good selection of beer. Nice to see skittles set up in the bar.

31 Aug 2007 22:17

The Bridge Inn, Amberley

Dropped in here after just missing a train, and I was glad I did. Nice atmosphere, good food and well kept Harveys beer.

9 Aug 2007 18:31

The Frankland Arms, Washington

I enjoyed drinking in this pub, a haven for walkers on the South Downs, but also has the feel of a village local. 3 real ales available.

9 Aug 2007 18:27

The Rising Sun, Upper Beeding

Has an air of having seen better days, a little frayed around the edges, but a pleasant place to enjoy a drink.

9 Aug 2007 18:21

The Prince of Wales, Tunbridge Wells

Friendly little pub with 2 real ales - Flowers and Harveys. Close to town centre, so useful for sitting in while others go shopping.

2 Aug 2007 19:19

Hurst Arms, Eastbourne

I like the contrast in the two bars at this pub. The public bar has games & TV while the saloon is quieter and more comfortable. Excellent beer as well.

27 Jul 2007 21:12

The Abbey Hotel, Battle

An average pub with friendly barstaff. Shepherd Neame beer - I tried 'Kent's Best' which was in good condition and served at a nice temperature.

25 Jul 2007 12:49

The Andover Arms, Hammersmith

An excellent pub, well worth the effort of finding it. Spotlessly clean, well looked after and serving well kept Fullers beer.

19 Jul 2007 09:28

The Chequers Inn, Battle

Very good pub with friendly staff. Excellent selection of 5 real ales, the Harveys bitter was wonderful.

12 Jun 2007 12:54

The Denbigh, Bexhill on Sea

The best pub in Bexhill for the real ale drinker. Three beers available, I sampled two, both served in very good condition. Friendly staff and a nice atmosphere make this a pleasant place to spend some time. Excellent food as well.

11 Jun 2007 09:40

The Sportsman, Bexhill-on-sea

Small, dull bar in the town centre. Harveys bitter on tap.

4 Jun 2007 09:57

Coast, Bexhill-on-sea

Now called the 'Mistral' bar, but nothing else seems to have changed. Pleasant patio area outside, inside large but uninspiring. Beer (Harveys bitter) OK but expensive.

3 Jun 2007 17:23

The Bell Hotel, Bexhill Old Town

The latest renovation of this pub is a real missed opportunity. An historic building in Bexhill Old Town, it has become another sterile outlet in a town crying out for a decent traditional pub. Good to see local White's ales on tap, but not served in the best condition.

8 May 2007 12:55

The Dorset Arms, Withyham Hartfield

Excellent village pub serving well kept selection of Harveys ales.

6 May 2007 20:27

Pissarro's, Hastings

Good bistro bar near the town centre with live music at weekends. One or two real ales available.

6 May 2007 20:25

The Ship, Deal

A lovely pub serving a good selection of ales. Felt a bit of an outsider though with all the locals monopolising the rather small bar area.

28 Apr 2007 20:53

The Bohemian, Deal

Busy pub on the seafront. Good selection of ales and nice atmosphere.

28 Apr 2007 20:50

The Rose & Crown, Bexhill On Sea

A bit tacky, but with some redeeming features. Beer is relatively cheap, and always 3 ales on. Good pub quiz on Thursdays.

27 Apr 2007 15:34

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