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Comments by Enigma35

Hallamshire House, Sheffield

Visited this pub the other evening with some work colleagues before we went for a curry around the corner. What a lovely pub... we sat infront of a lovely fire in a snug bar, I sampled a fab pint of brother rabbit which was in super order. The bar staff were chatty and friendly and they had some fab looking pork pies on the bar. They allowed dogs which is always a plus with me.... the Thornbridge ales were good and overall it was a warming pub on a terrible winters night... this pub is well worth a visit. Only thing I would love is a TV so that you could watch the footy results and the horse racing on a Sat, that would make it perfect !!

19 Feb 2014 23:08

The Cross Keys Hotel, York

Visited this pub at the weekend (very busy) decent atmosphere and there was a decent selection of ales on offer. I sampled a pint of Rooster and it was lovely. I only have one complaint, its another of those pubs where the gents are upstairs !! it drives me mad having to go up 3 flights of stairs for a wee....

9 Dec 2013 16:04

The Golden Slipper, York

A lovely pub to find when visiting York... a homely feel with various rooms. A well kept range of ales, I sampled the Copper Dragon which was in good order. There is food available. On a Saturday the landlord will let you sit in the front bar and watch the horse racing and then the football results, a lovely pub to sit and have some fine ales and watch the sport (No sky though)... One of my fave pubs in York...

9 Dec 2013 14:06

The Duke of Wellington, Norwich

This pub is well worth the visit when your in town.... its not near the centre, but well worth the trip. The ales were tip top, the staff friendly and it was a top night out... loved it !!

11 Aug 2013 20:58

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

Visited the Fat Cat about a week ago for a leaving do... although it was a damp Wednesday the pub was busy. The ales were superb and they kindly provided us with some hot food, chilli and veggie curry with rice and bhaji's.... overall the pub was great, the staff were superb.... and finally..... I purchased a small pork pie for on the way home.... crikey !! that was the best pie I have ever had... you must try them...

17 Jun 2013 23:48

Ye Olde Original Withy Tree, Bamber Bridge

Visted last night with some mates, fairly decent pub, sampled a pint of Hartley's XB which was in good order. I didnt see any other ales available... there are 2 better stocked pubs just down the road...

10 Feb 2013 19:57

The New Inn, Appletreewick

Called into this pub at the weekend on a walk from Grassington. A dog friendly pub it serves Dalesman ale (although it had run out) Black Sheep and Tetleys, I sampled a pint of Tetley and it was OK but nothing special. To be honest ever since it left Leeds its not the real thing anymore... the pub had a lovely real fire on the go, it had the racing on and then the rugby which was good... on the downside the bloke behind the bar was quite miserable... they were serving food which smelled and looked good... overall its a decent pub which could do with maybe one more real ale instead of the Black Sheep.... the pub also appeared to have rooms for rent...

5 Feb 2013 21:51

Craven Arms, Appletreewick

Visited this pub at the weekend, what a fab pub !! Lovely location, serving great beer. There was Moorehouse Blonde Witch and Hetton IPA, plus at least 2 more... I sampled a pint of the Hetton IPA and it was really good !! There was a real fire and it was a dog friendly pub.... this is what a local country pub should be and makes you feel proud to be a Yorkshireman !!

5 Feb 2013 21:47

Ship Inn, Tynygongl, Pentraeth

Visited this pub at the weekend, a very lovely looking and warm pub... the ale was Green King usual with one guest ale from Conway (Rampart) which was in good order. We ordered some food (sandwiches and chips) which arrived really quickly.... kind of took of us by suprise... The pub was busy and set in a lovely location looking out over the bay. The staff were friendly and helpful and let us have our dogs in which is a big plus for me.... well worth a visit if your in the area.

1 Jan 2013 19:52

Lamb and Lion, York

Visited here at the weekend and had a decent pint of Blacksheep.. there were other ales on offer, however, I was at the back of a pub crawl and so I didnt get to see the bar. I like this pub, it has a nice atmosphere and its an unusual shape and design... it can get very busy at the front and so if you can get a table at one of the rear rooms then thats the place to be.

10 Dec 2012 20:03

Harkers, York

A lovely looking pub there is something missing.... its hard to explain... the beer was OK, but there was an issue with atmosphere..... a large chain pub the really annoying thing is once again the toilets are down stairs which seems to be a modern thing. It was busy when we visited..... I would say it does no harm to call in but there are far better real ale pubs in town....

10 Dec 2012 19:57

Flare Path, Dunsville

A John Smith's smooth kind of pub.... tends to be full of locals who can be a little on the guarded side although there is hardly any bother.... basically 2 rooms with a lounge at the front and a large side bar.... pool table, darts etc... sky sports in the bar... the lounge tends to only open at night.... no real ales !!

3 Dec 2012 21:40

Yorkshire Grey, Doncaster

Called into here at the weekend and have been a few times over the last few months. It a cheap place for ale thats for sure and sometimes you can drop on to some decent ales. It has plenty of large screen for the footy, they do food and it can get very busy at weekends. Handy for the races.... its ales tend to be a lottery, sometimes great and sometimes awful... take your gamble... it has a fab table football and a popular smoking area at the back...

3 Dec 2012 21:37

The Hallcross, Doncaster

Called into this pub at the weekend and they didnt have any real ale on.... in fact thats the third time thats happened... do yourself a favour, give it a miss and head towards the Salutation or Cask Corner.... this pub used to be a belter in the 80's early 90's and was a fave with the rock and indie lot... superb ale and jukebox... however, its not like that any more !!

3 Dec 2012 21:28

The Goose, Doncaster

Crikey, who on earth has rated this pub as an 8 ??? modern town centre pub on the High Street..... very busy during the Friday/Sat for real ale, very basic !!

3 Dec 2012 21:25

The White Swan Inn, Doncaster

Visited this pub at the weekend. The Glentworth ale was well kept, however the barmaid was about friendly a bull dog with a sore head. The pub itself is a nice if odd shaped pub... the front bar was empty however there were a few people further down.. they did have sky sports which was great to have a decent pint and watch the Sat night game..... there are better real ale pubs in Donny, this one isnt that bad....but losing the high bar has lost its main feature...

3 Dec 2012 21:20

The Wellington Inn, Preston

This is a superb city centre pub without being on the main drag, if only they hadnt opened a skanky town bar over the road.,.. the Customers were a mix of young and old and it was very busy with a good atmosphere... well worth a visit. If only they had some TV;s on the wall to watch the footy results come in... I sampled 5 pints of Cockerhoop and it was very well kept... a great pub to meet in during the day for those tea time sessions !!

25 Sep 2012 22:57

The Lamb and Packet, Preston

I called in last week for old times sake as this was my fave pub when I was a student... its changed a lot and gone all plush, however, I quite liked it.. the Thwaites beers were really well kept and I enjoyed a couple of pints of Wainwright which went down well... good choice !!

25 Sep 2012 22:54

The Adelphi, Preston

Called in last week, has been done up, the music was very loud, the pub was busy with a decent atmosphere... there was some real ale on tap which was palatible if nothing else... a very busy student chain pub...

25 Sep 2012 22:51

The Bay Horse Inn, Winton

Visited the Bay Horse over the last 5 days, what a lovely village pub !! well worth the visit...its dog friendly !! The landlord was friendly and the bar maid was the woman of my dreams, such a shame that I am so old !! There was an organic ale on sale which was well kept and tasted lovely as well as Thwaits best, there appeared to be quite a few momento beer mats all the over the walls and so I reckon guest beers will be a regular thing. I didnt try the food but the menu looked fine... to me, this would be the ideal place to go for a summers evening walk to get out of town.....I tried it and was well impressed !! I might try and return to sample things on a crisp autumn morning.... excellent !!

2 Sep 2012 11:19

Kings Arms, Kirkby Stephen

Visited here over the last 5 days. The Dent Aviator is still on the go and is well kept, the Wainwright was OK... overall, a nice pub but can be very quiet through the week... the food appearded to be in order and overall it was a friendly and well kept pub. The front room area is the best to park yourself as its where people tend to gather. And its a dog friendly pub !!

2 Sep 2012 11:14

White Lion, Kirkby Stephen

Visited this pub over the last 5 days and I have to say for such a nice looking boozer its a real let down ale wise. With one selection of Jennings Best Bitter its poor. Although the beer was cheap, it was often warm, tasted awful and did not appear to be that well kept. Its only my opinion but this pub could be so much more if it stuck its neck out and put on some guest beers... when questioned the landlord said he would love to do that but that he would have to sell it within 3 days or it would go off... that told me all I needed to know !! poor beer and poor food !! such a shame....

2 Sep 2012 11:11

The Devonshire Hotel, Grassington

Still a great pub.... has various theme nights, a well attended quiz night.. sampled Moorehouse Peat Brown which was well kept... there were other local beers on offer.. it can get busy, but hey, it has an atmosphere and the landlord is a top bloke...

3 May 2012 22:35

The Foresters Arms, Grassington

Visited again yesterday and this is still a top pub... its dog friendly, the beer is well kept, there is a real fire..

The food is great, although a little pricey, but the fillet steak is to just great !! there is a pub table and they have footy on the TV... well worth a visit !!

3 May 2012 22:33

The Black Horse, Grassington

Visited this pub yesterday and found the new look to be quite appealing... the ale was well kept (Golden Sheep) and there were at least 4 others on offer. There was food being served and it looks like the landlord is really giving it a go.... well worth calling in... oh, and it still is the only pub in Grassington with a fruit machine !!

3 May 2012 22:31

Corner Pin Inn, Doncaster

Visited this pub yesterday and sampled a lovely pint of York Brew Guzzler... it was lovely and it was in a proper pint glass !! A very trad pub split into 2 rooms, with a central bar. There were 3 other local ales on sale at the time... a friendly place in "tasty" area of Doncaster... to get to this pub you have pass The Railway and The Leopard, both of which have cask ales... This has a large(ish) beer/smoking area at the back and an outside bar for the beer festivals that take place... bumped into a few Spurs fans who were up to watch Scunthorpe play.... there were some friendly locals.... well worth a visit if your traveling by train....its 5 mins walk away...

29 Apr 2012 17:55

Railway Hotel, Doncaster

In the good old days this used to be a "special" pub well used by the railway workers. I called in at the weekend and had a lovely pint of Golden Pippin sadly spoiled by the knoxhead Pompey fans who were waiting for a train back to London.... without them the pub would have been a lot quieter... This pub is really handy for the station and if they go they're act together they could get this place on a ale trail or something.... its literally 3 mins walk away.... I like this pub... always have done... however, the lease is up for sale once again... there are also 2 more decent real ale pubs around the corner !!

16 Apr 2012 22:46

The Three Cranes Inn, York

I need to be careful here as I actually do not like this pub, however, I can see its merits and so I need to be balanced. I have visisted it 3 times and its always been packed with very drunk people.... now thats not a bad thing to be honest... I have sampled Tetleys and also some guest ales all of which have been OK... it can take ages to get served in here and if you like pubs full of all walks of life then this is for you.... its basically a large room at the front and a smaller one at the back.... the toilets reeked something awful !!

Well there you go.... I go in here because its one of my brothers favourites when he is quite drunk.... personally, i think there are much better pubs in York....

16 Apr 2012 22:16

The Guy Fawkes Hotel, York

Visited this pub at the weekend.... the bar was in good order with some decent and well kept beers...however, its on the tourist trail and can get a bit busy at times. Its a large pub with lots of little rooms at the back, however, these are all candle lit affairs and not always aimed at gangs of people having a few beers.... its best to stick to the 2 rooms at the front.

16 Apr 2012 17:31

Ye Olde Starre Inn, York

If you are up near the minster/shambles area look for the iron sign to this pub over the road, the tiny alley is beside that for you to get to the pub. This is a lovely pub design wise.... and is what you would really class as a classic english olde worldy pub.... There were 3 guest ales on show, and I sampled one from the Ossett Brewery which was OK.... HOWEVER, this pub due to its design and look is firmly on the tourist trail... in other words if you are at the bar you might be waiting ages while the bar staff serve food orders and all kinds of coffee's etc.... and its not cheap either... I have always had this pub on my route mainly for its charm.... would be better with another staff member behind the bar...

16 Apr 2012 17:28

The Golden Slipper, York

Visited this pub at the weekend and I would highly recommend this pub if you are visiting York. There were 6 guest ales on show, TT Golden Best, Golden Pippin, Saltairre Blonde. These were really well kept and I have a lovely time watching my 2 horses sadly depart this world in the grand national. There was a goth wedding taking place down the road at the same time which was a bit surreal.. The pub was friendly, warm and tidy... and reasonable value to... there is a very small smoking area at the back.

16 Apr 2012 17:23

The Dove Inn, Barnsley

Visited this pub yesterday for the Hammers game... and we to won 4-0 maybe this is a lucky boozer.

Now owned by The Old Mill Brewery from Snaith this pub was a lovely place to meet before the game. The Landlord and staff were friendly, they organised a football card and the ales were well kept. There was Blonde Bombshell and the usual Mill beers, all were in good order. There was a nice mix of home and away fans with no bother. There is also a superb beer garden and a terrace where you can see the ground... Better to meet there than at some tacky chain pub near the station... this pub is literally 5 mins walk away from the ground..... defo recommended for visiting fans who like a decent pint and no idiots...

7 Apr 2012 11:48

The Wellington Hotel, Howden

This a cracking real ale pub in a desert of real ale Howden.... owned by Millhouse Brewery it serves some lovely Blonde Bombshell which is well worth it. Its quite small but cozy and it serves food during the day and at tea time. The staff are friendly and I would defo recommend you call in as there are very few decent ale pubs in Howden.

19 Mar 2012 20:48

White Horse, Howden

This should be the best pub in Howden. Its large, slap bang in the centre and looks lovely. However, the manager changes more time that Ken Barlows girlfriends and there is no real ale any more. Its the usual JS Smooth stuff... it gets very busy on a Friday and Sat night with lots of young people.... all looking for a fight or maybe some slap and tickle... I have to say that if this was actually a freehouse it would or could make a fortune.....they do basic food during the day.

19 Mar 2012 20:44

The Barnes Wallis Inn, Howden

This a great pub !! superb food, superb beer and a real fire !! and if you are really lucky there might be a beer festival on when you visit !!

19 Mar 2012 20:41

The Railway Hotel, Evesham

Visited here last night.... live music with a indie band. There was no real ale at all, just the basic stuff. It had a decent atmosphere and a kind of local feel to it. The landlord was quite off putting thats about all really, its nothing special... however, given some TLC this could be a decent pub.... nice pool table though...

19 Mar 2012 20:38

Plough, Worcester

This a case of why I love this website... I just wish that more people would write reviews. The Plough is a lovely warm pub..... great ales, great staff and a lovely wood burning stove in the bar. We sat and played cards, had a great laugh and sampled some lovely ales. If you are in town this must be on your list of pubs to visit... we even sampled a superb german beer that tasted superb... there is a fab little beer garden at the back. If you take my advice and visit the pub please write down your thoughts.....

18 Mar 2012 20:33

The Dragon Inn, Worcester

I visited this pub at the weekend and what a FAB place this is. We sampled all the ales and each of them were in great order... there were beers from all over. The food was lovely with really good chunky chips. There was a fab pub dog, a smoking area and beer garden at the rear. If I am ever in Worcester again I will make sure I call in..... there is just one down side.... there was no TV to watch the footy results come in.... apart from that... a superb pub...

18 Mar 2012 20:28

The Green Tree, Hatfield

Please Please do not class this place as a "pub" anymore....its a chain eating place that serves a cheap carvery. The food is actually quite nice and its cheap.... but the amount of dirty plates lieing around can make you want to gip when they are quite clearly full of food that couldnt be eaten... the real ale is basic but cheap.... The usual Green & King, John Smiths stuff.... very rarely will you get anything from micro breweries.... overall, you would be far wiser to travel on to Hatfield and sample the Bay Horse or the Blue Bell which are what I call local pubs.... and at a push The Chace which serves Doombar...

12 Mar 2012 11:53

The Masons Arms, Doncaster

Called into this pub at the weekend.... the front bar is great... a trip back in time to what tap rooms used to be like. The back room has as the previous post says been done up a little.... it was all very modern. However, if this pub had been in Manchester it would have been full and real ale and modern decor now seem to go hand in hand.. there is even a huge tented area around the back ready for summer ale festivals and groups etc. I sampled a pint of TT Landlord which was good order.... the pub was busy (ish) but appears to suffer because its on the wrong side of the market place as they say.... this pub should be full of decent people, having a decent pint and a good night out.... I will defo call in again and its now on my list of pubs to visit when in Doncaster...

12 Mar 2012 11:48

57 Thomas Street, Manchester

Visited this place last night on the back end of a pub crawl.... The range of ales was superb... the atmosphere was great with a very chatty crowd on both floors. Only downside is its too popular... and you struggle to get a seat, but hey, thats the price you pay for being a decent place. Oh I forgot, the annoying thing is that the gents are upstairs.... its a pain in the arse sometimes.... Overall, I would defo recommend this bar for a visit, the beer was great and it was lively and friendly...

5 Feb 2012 17:21

The Rising Sun, Manchester

I think the last posting has been a little harsh on this pub. I visited last night and had a superb time. The beer was spot on, Moorhouse Blonde Witch, a beer from Mosley called Navvie and 2 or three other ales. They had the rugby on, the staff were great, the atmosphere was spot on and I reckon this could be a hidden gem of Manchester.... only downside...its closing next week for re-furbishment for 3 weeks... I hope they dont change things to much... I will defo be going back !!

5 Feb 2012 17:16

The Circus Tavern, Manchester

Visited this very unusual pub last night. Hand pulled Tetleys was about your only ale apart from Smith's Smooth. It was packed and we struggled to get a seat, however, this pub defo has lots of character and atmosphere, even though it lacks the range of ales. No other reason that the bar is so small...there was a waitress service for the beers though which was a nice touch... overall, well worth a visit just to actually say you have been there...

5 Feb 2012 17:06

Cask Corner, Doncaster

I could not agree with South Yorkshireman more..... this bar (its not a pub) is often bloody freezing..... However, the ales are really well kept, they have lots of micro brews on from all over the UK... the bar staff are friendly and it is a quirky kind of place..I just wish it was warmer, or maybe designed in such a way to give it the impression of being a pub.... you have to visit the place to know what I am trying to say.

On the whole I would recommend this on any real ale pub crawl around Doncaster..... some of the beers are top quality !!

31 Jan 2012 23:45

The Bay Horse Inn, Hatfield

There is an update on this pub.... from Jan 2012 they will be doing Sunday Lunches from 12pm to 3pm....... be advised to book in advance if poss.

31 Jan 2012 23:39

Hatfields, Doncaster

I visited this pub to give it another chance late on a Sunday afternoon... and basically it was once again a let down. The real ale was not on sale, although there were some beer mats to indicate it had once been there... the draft smooth was awful..... and i mean awful !! I was hungry after watching the footy and so ordered a cheese burger and chips.... they say its "smothered" in chedder.... yeah right !! there was hardly anything.. the burger was tough...... basically this pub is what I called a "shame" pub.... meaning that you visit it and say its such a shame that such a lovely pub gives such crap service......

9 Jan 2012 22:31

The New Barrack Tavern, Sheffield

Visited this pub today attending the Sheff Wed V West Ham FA cup tie.... superb atmosphere both for home and away fans. Great selection of well kept local ales all in good order. They served the usual kind of food and looked and smelled great... there was a big screen to watch the pre match footy. There are three rooms with a small bar at the front... which was easier to get served in when it got busy. Overall this is a cracking real ale pub with a good atmosphere, well worth a visit. Ph and there is a fairly big enclosed beer garden at the back....

8 Jan 2012 21:59

The Ackhorne, York

I found this pub to be great !! loved, the beer was well kept, it was friendly and was just what we needed for a few beers on a Saturday afternoon. Although quite awkward to find, once you get there its worth it.

I sampled hobgoblin, Rooster and Deauchars all of which were in good condition. I didnt see any food being sampled... this pub will defo be on my list of York pubs to visit in the future.

19 Dec 2011 21:05

The Albion Vaults, Selby

I visited this pub on a miserable winters night recently. There were 2 well kept Old Mill beers on offer, the Blonde Bombshell was lovely... !! a top pint and well kept. The pub itself was really quiet, but the landlady was lovely.... it started to gradually fill up before I left around Selby this pub is actually quite good ale wise, I just wish they would add a "guest" beer thats all really......

19 Dec 2011 20:59

The Gatehouse Tavern, Coventry

Me and two mates visited the pub prior to the Cov v West Ham game... what a superb real ale pub... there was a selection of 6 real ales from all over the UK including BASS cask, Healey 3000 and 4 others that I cant remember !! most were well kept apart from the Healy which was a bit ropey....

The pub was empty when I arrived but was full of morris, irish and hamish dancers within an hour.... some dancing festival I assume. The food looked and smelt great... there is a superb beer garden and overall this pub is defo worth a visit when in the town. The bar staff on the whole were great and when I had eventually broke through the veneer of the "ice maiden" barmaid she ordered us a taxi to the ground and was really helpfull...

if you are an away fan reading this, great place to meet and get a cap to the ground.... as for getting back... good luck !! its miles away...

22 Nov 2011 23:11

The Tut 'N' Shive, Doncaster

I agree with the comments of Twineyboy... this is a lively pub and it does have sky sports on a big screen... the beer is well kept but the music can be a bit loud and it can sometimes smell a bit rough.... stale beer springs to mind.

However, dont let that put you off.... the Moonshine is a cracking pint along with a couple of other less well known ones. There is a nice mix of ages and its not really on the "idiot" scene so you can have a decent pint and watch the footy...

8 Nov 2011 23:41

The Plough, Doncaster

This is a superb of a dying breed of pubs... a small local boozer. The beer is well kept with Stones and Barnsley bitter regular along with rotating guest beers. It has a small bar and an even smaller lounge.

The bar is a superb place to call in and have a few beers and maybe watch a bit of horse racing and the football results. There are 2 TV's catering for each and betting slips on the bar... overall this is a real gem of a pub... the toilets are outside the smoking area small but the regulars are a friendly bunch and the beer is great !!

8 Nov 2011 23:36

The Maltings, York

The Maltings is a strange real ale boozer in that it has bouncers on the door... the main reason for this is that it might be the first point of call from those arriving by train before going into town and also the last. I called in last Sat night and the pub was indeed busy, but not to the point of being a pain. The beer was well kept and overall I would say this is a good pub to start and finish the night before getting on the train...

Always a warm and welcoming pub especially on a crisp autumn day with the sun coming through the windows.... well worth a visit !

18 Oct 2011 23:12

Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, York

I have visited the pub many times and if you like a decent pint, decent service and an overall top pub this is a must when visiting York.

Super York beers like Guzzler and Terrier supported by micro beers from all over Yorkshire. The Samba is always in good order and the others are just as nice !!

This place is well worth a visit....

18 Oct 2011 23:07

The Endeavour, Whitby

Called in for a quick and sampled an Adnams ale which was well kept and lovely and cold.... the landlord was a decent friendly chap and the pub had a happy atmoshphere....

There was no food or live music when i visited but there is a cracking Thai place next door that does great food !!

21 Aug 2011 22:23

The Station Inn, Whitby

As with the Golden Lion my first visit was during the regatta and it was full of pisxed up geordies.... all well behaved though !!

called in when the crowds had gone and what a cracking real ale pub this is... those CAMRA awards are well deserved. TT Golden, Copper Draggon, Doom Bar, Otley beers to name a few... and all really kept well. Didnt see any food as I was a night visitor.

There was music on the Wed and a quiz on the Thurs.... overall this pub is the best in Whitby at the moment and long may it continue.... !! the landlord was young, but friendly and hard working and really felt proud of what he had achieved....

21 Aug 2011 22:20

The Shambles, Whitby

Now I shouldnt have liked this pub !! but for some reason when I visited last week I took the plunge.

The viewing varanda was lovely, sat outside drinking some nice guest ales, reading the paper and having a fag it was lovely.... the pub was large and I can see it will be tough to fill for an atmosphere but from a beer perspective I thought it was fine. And what made it stand out is there were 2 micro brewery beers on there so that you were just not Black Sheep or Theakstoned to death.... I would say, take a chance with this one..... after all the view from the veranda is worth it on a summers night !

21 Aug 2011 22:15

Golden Lion, Whitby

Visited this pub on the last day of the Whitby regatta and when I walked in the pub was full of geordies all pixxed.... not a good sign. A small but lovely pub the beer (Skipton Copper Dragon) was actually quite decent and well kept...

When some of the geordies left the pub the landlady sprayed air freshener all over and made everyones beer flat.... she replaced them though which I thought was a great touch... overall I quite liked this pub..... it had a friendly atmoshphere but when its packed its packed.... the beer was well maintained...
oh and not all geordies smell either !!

21 Aug 2011 22:10

The Buck, Whitby

Visited this pub last week, the TT Golden Best was in decent order... the pub also appeared to be dog friendly... the atmosphere was fine.

The lad playing the bandit was a bit cheesed off when the collect button broke on the bandit and he couldnt get his hands on the 28 he had won....

overall, not a bad pub, but not what I would say was a top 5 real ale pub...

21 Aug 2011 22:06

The Board Inn, Whitby

This pub is a bit like Marmite......I visited on 2 nights recently, the first night the Deauchers was fine... the 2nd the young lad just didnt seem to be interested...

The food appeared to be in good order and the pub does have some great views...... on previous visits I have always thought this pub kept a decent pint, I just seem to think that young lads sometimes just cant give a xxxx

21 Aug 2011 22:03

The Black Horse Vaults, Whitby

Visited this pub last week when holidaying in Whitby. A cracking cosy, friendly pub with a decent range of well kept ales on offer. As well as the usual Black Sheep they had a guest beer from Black Dog brewery which was quite nice. All the ales were well kept...

The pub offers tapas style food during the day and is well run and clean etc... overall one of the best pubs to visit in Whitby.

21 Aug 2011 22:00

The Robert Gillow, Lancaster

Visited this pub last night on a pub crawl of Lancaster, only 5 mins from the station this Hydes pub is a great place to call in and have a few beers before nipping over the road to the John O Gaunt.

The atmosphere was a little dull but it was late when we called in... the place was clean, well kept and the bar staff were friendly. The Hydes beer was really well kept and I could have sampled a couple of more but sadly our train was due.... I would recommend this pub as a starting place to then move onto and then maybe call in for a swift one before getting the train again... well worth a visit !!

10 Apr 2011 12:34

The Borough, Lancaster

This is a really top quality place right in the centre of Lancaster. There were 5 guest ales a superb beer garden and it also served what looked like top quality food !!

If you are ever in Lancaster this must be on your list to visit. Its not really a boozer as such with posh leather chairs and setee's etc, but the beer is well kept and it has a great atmosphere, especially at the back where the food is served.

10 Apr 2011 12:30

The John O'Gaunt, Lancaster

Visited this pub last night.... nice atmosphere, superb beers.. sampled one called Golden Pippin and it was lovely !! there were 4 guest ales on and I was really impressed.

Only one small downside, there is no beer garden which in nice weather is a bit of a shame !!

10 Apr 2011 12:26

Hatfields, Doncaster

A chain pub.... very large with lots of space for seating and functions etc !!

has rotating guest beers that can be a bit hit and miss !! the food is fine as you would expect from a chain pub... the service at the bar is a different matter !! basically crap !!

Have tried Hobgoblin, Cockerhoop, Black Sheep, Adnams, Speckled Hen, Jennings beers.. all of them have been OK but nothing special.... nice and clean with tables outside for the summer sunshine... it could be a lot worse but with a true landlord it would be so much better !!

8 Apr 2011 12:04

The Ingram Arms, Doncaster

The Ingram Arms is the largest pub in Hatfield with a large lounge, TV/Pool room, traditional bar (dogs allowed) and a snooker room upstairs.

The pub tends to get busy at a weekend, especially a Friday night !! There is a mix of all ages in the pub, however, the bar is an absolute gem !! a traditional sth Yorks bar, no frills, superb for sport and most of all superb ales !!

Usual John Smiths Cask and smooth and then 2 rotating guest beers that are well kept and in tip top condition. The Landlord has a brother with a micro brewery who supplies beer on the odd week and thats great.... landlord likes to have Thwaites, Jennings, Black sheep, Adnams, Snaith Brewery is a fave at the moment... and every Sunday he has a cheese and beer afternoon with the regulars... where he matches local cheese to real ales.... although dont expect him to serve behind the bar, he is lazier than a mexican village at that... but as he says, the beer is what he is charge of !!

8 Apr 2011 12:00

The Rumsey Wells, Norwich

Visited this pub at the weekend. Not very often you get the chance to sample Adnams ales whilst listening to Brazilian Acid Jazz...

The place had a great atmosphere with large tables, lots of conversation and a young and trendy crowd. I didnt sample the food...

Sampled some Adnams beers, which were all well kept apart from the Broadside which really smelted off that night.. and tasted like cough medicine. The purity ales looked good but ran out which is a shame.

Overall, I liked this place, mainly for the cool atmosphere which is great when you want a night out with your mates and a good laugh.

27 Mar 2011 17:29

The Coach and Horses, Norwich

Visted this pub at the weekend. Very busy but superb atmosphere. Great Ales all brewed on the premises. The food looked and smelt great !!

This pub is defo worth a visit, lovely big tables outside for the summer time !! sampled three of the local ales, the CHB was really nice, so would recommend that as a starter !!

If I could own a pub I would want one like this place !!

27 Mar 2011 17:23

The Flight Tavern, Lowfield Heath

Called into this pub as I was booked into the close Travelodge. After the walk of death down an un-lit B Road I eventually made it to the pub.

Recently taken over as the previous owners went bankrupt (strange given previous comments !!). The pub is a large well maintained pub with what should be a fab beer garden in the summer. I sampled the Spitfire and the Doombar, the doom tasted fine but was flat as with all southern ales.

The food looked and tasted good, but whats it all about having your burger served on a wooden board ?? had to ask for a plate (cold) so that i could eat my supper !"! saying all that it was nice and defo home made so no corporate crap !! if this pub could attract customers and keep them then i reckon it could be half decent, nothing worse than a decent pub only a quarter full. Worth a visit I reckon in the summer time when hopefully the visa machine will be working !! oh and do anything to avoid the walk of death back to the Travelodge !!

21 Mar 2011 23:23

Windmill, Doncaster

Visted this pub about a month ago to find that it was a rather decent real ale oasis is a small town of John Smiths Smooth etc...

Sampled a local Thorne Brewery Mild which was lovely and creamy for a strong 4.2%. There was also Blacksheep on offer and cask John Smiths. The beer was very well kept and the pub was quite friendly. It had sky sports, a pool table and appeared to also offer food.

Thorne can be quite a tasty place if you are a stranger but this pub is a real gem !! if you can locate it...

14 Mar 2011 22:31

The Londesborough Hotel, Selby

This pub is terrible !! if anyone actually uses these reviews please take note !! the beer was awful and served in a warm glass !! its just a pit for lager swilling pixs heads with money to burn...

the service was terrible and overall this pub deserves to be visited purely and simply to see what sites like this are so valuable !!

17 Jan 2011 23:41

The Cricketers Arms, Selby

I actually agree with coverpoint on this one !! its a decent pub in a town crying out for a good pub... lovely warm fire was on the go and this pub was full of young people getting the most for they're money.

The beer was well kept and at 1.49 a pint what more can you say... and after the awful previous pub this was welcome !!

17 Jan 2011 23:39

The Masons Arms, Wickersley

I called into this chain pub last saturday and was really was really busy, had a welcoming atmosphere and all the trappings of a well looked after pub...

I sampled a pint of Moonshine from the Abbeydale brewery in Sheffield and I thought I had gone to beer heaven ! what a lovely beer,

Has sky TV's showing all the majoy sports without it being to intrusive... the bar staff were friendly and the food looked and smelled lovely !!

well worth a visit !!

17 Jan 2011 23:36

The Masons Arms, Gargrave

This is a cracking locals pub.... serves a superb pint of Tetleys and the food is also half decent. However, this place comes to life on a weekend night when the locals drop in to have a few beers and a good chin wag... as with a lot of Dales places the tourists can be seeking something a little more in your face but take your time and this is a superb village pub !!

17 Jan 2011 23:33

The Marble Arch, Manchester

This pub is a belter of a pub.... often call in with my mates and have 4 pints of Lagonda, just enough to get your cheeks having a rosy glow... the food is decent to.. well worth a visit when in Manchester and if you can get one of the window seats thats even better !!

I have to admit I have never ever made it past 6 pints of Lagonda ever....

25 Nov 2010 12:09

The Dispensary, Liverpool

I called into this pub along with some mates prior to watching West Ham get hammered at Anfield. West Ham were crap but this pub was superb. The barman acted like quality control and would not let any beer be dispensed without it being spot on in quality... and trust me it was !!

A superb range of real ale, sky sports and food what more does a man want eh... this pub is well worth a visit when in Liverpool. Not as plush as some other pubs it more than makes up for it with the beer...

25 Nov 2010 12:05

The Bay Horse Inn, Hatfield

This a cracking little pub... the food is spot on and the beer is well kept. They dont do Sunday lunches which some people find hard to understand but apparently it gives the kitchen staff a day off....

There is no swearing allowed in the pub which is actually a good thing these days..There is hand pulled Blacksheep and John Smiths Cask as well as the usual smoothflow stuff... as for the food, always take time to read the specials board...there is no sky sports although there is a big TV in the bar that will show footy matches when they are on council TV.

Rooms are available to book if you see the landlord... give this pub a visit if your a stranger in the area like I was... you wont be let down... apparently there is a quiz on a Wednesday and Sunday night...

13 Apr 2010 23:11

The Devonshire Hotel, Grassington

The Devonshire is a large pub/hotel right in the centre of Grassington... the landlord was a giant of a man !! so no messing with the man.... The beer was very well kept, with Black Sheep, Tetleys, Moorehouses Amber Rambler and another guest beer which was 7% proof....I avoided that one... The pub was warm and friendly with a great quiz night on the Wednesday and steak nights etc... the food looked and smelt lovely as it was taken out.

As any decent pub should be it did get busy at times in the early evening so get yourself in early to get a decent table. The landlord was a good laugh, friendly and well read about his beer... overall I would say that a visit to this pub is well worth it... in fact have a pub crawl around the town, there is plenty of decent real ale on offer !!

13 Apr 2010 19:20

The Black Horse, Grassington

The Black Horse seems to be the poor relation of the 3 pubs in Grassington which is a shame as I think it has a lot to offer the town. The beer was well kept with Black Sheep, Tim Taylor and Tetley's on draft.. there was also another guest beer on at the time. It has a lovely large open fire, a dart board and also has the only fruit machine in the whole of Grassington.

It has a large beer garden which should have been busier... however, for some reason the pub seems to be under used by both the locals and the holiday makers... I can't put my finger on it, however, the bar staff did appear to be a bit young and maybe it needs a proper pub landlord... you know what I mean...

The Horse does do food but I am affraid I did not sample any during my also has pretty good deals on rooms during the off season months.

13 Apr 2010 19:15

The Devonshire Hotel, Grassington

The Black Horse seems to be the poor relation of the 3 pubs in Grassington which is a shame as I think it has a lot to offer the town. The beer was well kept with Black Sheep, Tim Taylor and Tetley's on draft.. there was also another guest beer on at the time. It has a lovely large open fire, a dart board and also has the only fruit machine in the whole of Grassington.

It has a large beer garden which should have been busier... however, for some reason the pub seems to be under used by both the locals and the holiday makers... I can't put my finger on it, however, the bar staff did appear to be a bit young and maybe it needs a proper pub landlord... you know what I mean...

The Horse does do food but I am affraid I did not sample any during my also has pretty good deals on rooms during the off season months.

13 Apr 2010 19:14

The Foresters Arms, Grassington

I visited this pub over the Easter 2010 holiday and was quite impressed overall. The real fire in the evening was lovely, it was dog friendly which was a plus for me and Mr Mole. The beer was well kept with the Black Sheep and Timothy Taylor being spot on for a good evening session.

I had the most amazing fillet steak in here on the Friday night to.... I took a look at the food going out and it all appeared to be fine and smelt lovely. There is a pub table which can be a pain in the arse when people are eating or watching the TV for the sky sports... overall I would say this is a cracking pub.... especially on a nice day when you can sit outside... I would recommend it without a doubt...

13 Apr 2010 19:08

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