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The British Queen, Portsmouth

Reopening 12th december

9 Dec 2014 00:13

The Alma Arms, Southsea

Well, do you remember Steve lant taking over this pub? Well, the pub ended up being short lived, as Portsmouth Pubs, Ltd went bankrupt (I think) and has now permanently closed, suffered the same fate as the Neil Gwyne,

9 Dec 2014 00:10

The British Queen, Portsmouth

There are signs on the doors and windows saying it is closed until thurther notice. so i do not know why happened.

10 May 2014 14:35

Havana Cafe Bar, Southsea

It has been closed for over 5 years.

29 Apr 2014 23:27

The Compass Rose, Portsmouth

Update, Now had its license revoked and will close down on thursday.

16 Apr 2014 17:31

The Compass Rose, Portsmouth

Now banned from serving alcohol. Will close soon i think, this is now the new Portsdown Inn.

15 Apr 2014 13:20

The Froddington Arms, Fratton

Repost, Rumoured that Steve Lant is the landlord of this pub. Still says "To Let" on admiral taverns website. Lets hope it goes good again.

6 Apr 2014 21:14

The Albany, Portsmouth

Right, for this place, it is closed. This place was Converted into 2 shop units. One is Scoops Ice Cream, the other is Genting Casino, its alright...

20 Mar 2014 19:31

The American Bar, Portsmouth

This venue used to be The American Bar but A Bar Bistro does have some good fish to taste, best to visit on friday fort their fishy friday.

20 Mar 2014 19:28

George IV, Chiswick

cool pub also near fullers brewery and this pub serves a similar range to the mawson arms, London Pride, ESB, Honey Dew and Chiswick Bitter FRoM Fullers themselves, Seafarers Ale and Spring Sprinter (Seasonal) from Gales and Chimay from Belgium.

17 Mar 2014 22:13

The George and Devonshire, Chiswick

Nice looking pub and also near the Fuller's Brewery, Serves London Pride, Chiswick Bitter and Honey Dew.

17 Mar 2014 22:04

Mawson Arms/ Fox and Hounds, Chiswick

This place is the Brewery Tap for Fullers. London pride, ESB, Seafarers, Chiswick Bitter, Honey Dew and seasonal beers are the Beers, And Fuller's 1st larger, Frontier is also available as well as veltins pilsner.

17 Mar 2014 22:02

Trax / The Star, Havant

Now demolished and being replaced with a car park.

17 Mar 2014 21:58

The Perseverance, Havant

This place has reopened as "Red Chilli" and is a very nice indian restaurant.

17 Mar 2014 21:57

Tiger Tiger, Portsmouth

Worst Nightclub Ever

2 Mar 2014 21:07

The Brewpot, Gosport

Update: also functions as a bistro.

1 Mar 2014 19:37

The Brewpot, Gosport

Not really A Pub, but does Sell Oakleaf Beers, they sell Bottled Heart of Gold, Quercus Folium, Nuptu'Ale, T.S.B., Pompey Royal, Piston Porter, Hole Hearted, I can't Believe It's Not Bitter, Stoker's Stout, Blakes Gosport Bitter and India Pale Ale. Superb Place if you love Oakleaf Ales.

25 Feb 2014 22:33

The Old Canal, Southsea

Still Closed

25 Feb 2014 22:29

The Eastfield Hotel, Southsea

Currently got a "To Let" sign up, despite still trading

25 Feb 2014 22:28

The Sir Loin Of Beef, Southsea

One proper pub in eastney. Serves good ales and has a wine bar next door.

25 Feb 2014 22:27

The Bridge Tavern, Portsmouth

Good, but not as good as still and west. serves Pride, ESB, HSB, Honeydew, Seafarers and a seasonal.

21 Feb 2014 11:34

The Still and West, Portsmouth

Not Bad, serves London Pride, HSB, Honeydew, ESB and A seasonal ale, and brewer street coffee.

21 Feb 2014 11:32

The Clarence Tavern, Gosport

This pub is the Main pub to try oakleaf, as it is near their own Brewery and The Brewpot, which it their own shop.

21 Feb 2014 11:27

The Royal Arms, Gosport

Now a care home, but the Brickwoods livery and inn sign and EVERYTHING from when it was a pub is still there(and i mean the outside).

21 Feb 2014 11:26

The Kings Head, Gosport

Closed around 2010, converted into a Spar store, but is now a Londis after little than a year.

21 Feb 2014 11:23

Ship and Castle, Portsmouth

Good friendly pub, serves 2 ales even though the pub has 4 casks, but thats not too bad.

21 Feb 2014 11:20

The Sovereigns, Portsmouth


21 Feb 2014 11:18

The Eastfield Hotel, Southsea

Now reopened, New ales, new cider, etc

11 Feb 2014 21:33

The Alma Arms, Southsea

My Photo is upside down, oops

5 Feb 2014 21:55

The Owtback Bar, Southsea

Now called Ashby's gastropub and boutique hotel. a great moment from it's old name.

5 Feb 2014 21:55

Wheelbarrow, Southsea

Now The Cellars Coffee House.

5 Feb 2014 21:54

Angry Alys Wine Bar and Restaurant, Southsea

Once again called Angry Aly's.

5 Feb 2014 21:53

The Alma Arms, Southsea

Once again good thanks to good ol Steve lant. Maybe I could be friends with him...

5 Feb 2014 00:13

Stag, Portsmouth

Had the worst tasting London pride I have ever tried. Avoid this dump at all costs

5 Feb 2014 00:04

Fuzzy Duck, Portsmouth

Fun pub located on guildhall walk in the former nine elms tavern and Waterloo inn. Very good location(where Ellie jays and po na na used to be housed in). The nine elms is home to a stripper club called heaven sent. The drinks on their Facebook page are misleading(don't trust that they serve vodka, they serve other brand stuff) the floors are sticky and not really that good. 5/10

4 Feb 2014 23:55

The Eastfield Hotel, Southsea

Acording to Steve... the pub is reopening... and OH YES! MORE ALE MORE EVERYTHING!

2 Feb 2014 13:14

Brewers Arms, Southsea

Good pub, but more of a football pub. just started serving food and added a kiddie park and that is about it...

2 Feb 2014 13:12

Old House at Home, Milton

Awesome Pub. on my top 5 best pubs list ranking at no 4.

2 Feb 2014 13:11

Good Companion, Portsmouth

OK, but greene king ruined the pub... avoid.

2 Feb 2014 13:10

The Inn At Kew, Kew

Avoid this place at all costs if you hate toddlers or babies or KIDS. If you like noise, this is the best place for you.

2 Feb 2014 13:09

The New Clarendon, Southsea

Converted to a shop with student flats on top

31 Jan 2014 19:31

Taswell Arms, Southsea

now a private house

31 Jan 2014 19:31

Mermaid, Port Solent

The mermaid is now a harvester pub

31 Jan 2014 19:26

The Lyberry, Portsmouth

The same as bar me. now the lyberry

29 Jan 2014 21:25

The Winchester Arms, Portsmouth

Had a facelift last year, oakleaf beer is still available.

29 Jan 2014 21:22

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

Best pub in portsmouth!

18 Jan 2014 13:31

The Eastfield Hotel, Southsea


18 Jan 2014 13:17

The Eastfield Hotel, Southsea

UPDATE: pub is closing tomorrow. a new license will be found.

16 Jan 2014 21:09

The Old Canal, Southsea

i have been told that this pub will be converted to a shop, half of it being a drinking place under the old canal name and the top floor being flats.

16 Jan 2014 21:06

The White House, Portsmouth

now replaced with houses

16 Jan 2014 21:04

The RMA Tavern, Eastney

A former Gales pub. music usually played here.

16 Jan 2014 21:04

The Eastfield Hotel, Southsea

Good place, except there is a local who thought i was naughty. i am NOT, and why was there a car parked in the beer garden? there is a black and white dog (i think his/her name is hugo) who visits now and again.

16 Jan 2014 20:56

Marthas, Portsmouth

Closed and boarded since may 30th 2011

16 Jan 2014 20:46

The Mary Rose, Portsmouth

Now Mary rose and dragon, according to the reviews i have seen, the bar has a lot of foul mouthed people and the main area is bad.

15 Jan 2014 21:26

The Royal Standard, Portsmouth

Now Reopened

15 Jan 2014 21:22

The Albany, Portsmouth

This place has been converted into a Casino and a hair salon.

15 Jan 2014 21:22

The Hampshire Boulevard, Southsea

just simply shortened to just HB. a rubbish nightclub, this is how to ruin a pub. still a good place for gay people, though.

15 Jan 2014 21:21

Bar Me, Portsmouth

This place is now clued The Lyberry, is now owned by

15 Jan 2014 21:20

The Trafalgar Arms, Fratton

Very nice former brickwoods house, under the hands of enterprise inns, they have done a lot on this pub now.

15 Jan 2014 21:18

John Jacques, Portsmouth

This pub is a bit better than the rest, but it is wetherspoons, so you get quiet all the time, the only noise you hear are people talking.

15 Jan 2014 21:18

Smiffys Bar, Fratton

It has been closed and boarded since the cafe closed down.

15 Jan 2014 21:16

The Froddington Arms, Fratton

good pub, but not very nice landlord, none of the pubs down this 4 way are good.

15 Jan 2014 21:16

The Connaught Arms, Fratton

Avoid this pub at all costs!

15 Jan 2014 21:15

The Magpie, Fratton

The magpie is now flats

15 Jan 2014 21:14

The Electric Arms, Fratton

good local, good if you are on a pub crawl

15 Jan 2014 21:13

The Surrey Arms, Portsmouth

once again a small pub ever since lap dancing club wiggle took over.

15 Jan 2014 21:08

The City Bar, Portsmouth

closed and whitewashed, currently vacant

15 Jan 2014 21:07

The White Swan, Portsmouth

awesome brewhouse, brew 8 beers, The company is now opening new pub in dorchester on the eldridge pope site.

15 Jan 2014 21:06

The Walkabout, Portsmouth

Was known as Stadium Bar for a while, now a another sainsburys local, a shame.

15 Jan 2014 21:02

The Fleet, Portsmouth

A former allied pub, now owned by Stonegate pub company and is combined with POPworld on the top floor. best for the students.

15 Jan 2014 21:01

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