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BITE user comments - Dylarolla

Comments by Dylarolla

Lord Clyde, Canonbury

Nice old style pub. Airy with lots of tables and plenty of original features.

Only 2 beers on tap, and the Sussex Best which I drank was excellent. Food was very good, we had the roast and I was stuffed.

They have a beer garden which looks a terrific sun trap and the staf were very friendly and helpful.

The place perhaps lacks a certain spark but as I visited on a Sunday I could do with going there on a Thurs/Fri/Sat night to get a real grasp of its atmosphere.

Recommended, but it's unlikely to be the sort of place that'll blow you away.

27 Apr 2012 13:31

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

Firstly and most importantly, the menu of beer and cider available at this establishment is excellent, second to none. There were 9 real ales on tap when I arrived although this was swiftly reduced to 6 and remained that way until closing. Some nice pints the best of which was Crouch Vale's Yakima Gold, top drawer stuff.

But the pub confuses me, it has a bit of an identity problem. It's neither a pub, bar or restaurant, yet in another fashion is all of them rolled into one. The decor and lighting feels incongruous with the establishment's goal of providing a varied selection of quality ales and ciders. That isn't to say it's not nice, it's perfectly decent. Fresh, clean and airy but for me it's a long way from a natural fit for this kind of imbibing.

The food although pricey (11 for a burger and chips) was actually very good and fully satisfied my appetite. The staff were friendly enough although the bar felt a little small for the produce on show and the number of people queuing.

I would certainly recommend this place to people living locally and looking for a beer/cider emporium but for someone who had to travel some distance to get there I wouldn't regularly make the trip. There are plenty of other pubs that offer a better 'pub experience' elsewhere (The Southampton Arms or The Gunmakers in North London for example).

27 Apr 2012 13:23

Ryan's Bar, Stoke Newington

A decent place. Huge beer garden out the back which is a big sell for sure. Can imagine it's rammed in the summer.

2 ales on tap (Deuchars and Blooming Ale). We tried the Deuchars which although tasted reasonable, looked dreadful. No head and slightly murky. Well past its best.

Barman seemed to be working hard but was a little strange with his drinks. I asked for one white wine and one white wine and soda. He started by pouring out 2 full measures of white wine into 2 wine glasses. I said, 'one was a white wine and soda'. He replied, 'yes 2 white wines, one with soda'. I said erm, not exactly. We exchanged a few strange looks with each other and in the end I just let him get on with it. He proceeded to add a small dash/top of soda to one of the the wines. 'That's not a white wine and soda' I said. He smiled and looked confused.

He seemed to know his way around a bar so I can't explain the drink he thinks he served me. Very odd. Friendly enough however.

We ate there with a mixture of thai and classic pub grub. Pretty good generally although the food (and drinks) weren't particularly cheap.

A few big screens in the bar and certainly a decent atmosphere (Grand National was on).

Not sure what I feel about this place. Would happily drop in for a pint or two but probably wouldn't stay all night. Not sure I'd go out of my way to call in either. However, the beer garden is a big draw.

17 Apr 2012 10:38

The White House, Highbury

On the off chance I called in for a bite to eat with a friend and our kids. I had quite a shock.

In summary no. No, no, no. Well, to be fair, I guess it depends what you're looking for.

Not sure if there's anything positive I can say about. Oh hang on, there is a beer garden.

17 Apr 2012 10:18

The Pigs Nose, East Prawle

Great pub and offers far more than one might expect from a village pub. Interesting decor and layout and very pleasant staff and patronage. Good selection of ales (3 as I recall). Lots of free games available to play and we roped in some locals and tourists into a game of spoof. It was a delightfully bleary eyed walk home for us.

A very fun and lively place to be.

The reviews by katejosh and CustomerServiceintheUK's are absurd. In a sea of extremely high praise you two seem to be offering polar opposite reviews. I note that both of you have only posted one pub review, this one. These reviews should be ignored, they are clearly not genuine.

2 Apr 2012 13:20

The Millbrook Inn, South Pool

A simply excellent pub. It's quaint and cosy and has a lovely feel about it.

10 of us were walking through to East Prawle and stopped here for lunch. We pre-ordered the suckling pig and it was probably the best 'paid for' roast I/we have ever eaten and was very good value. Cost was 20 a head which for the quality and volume of food was superb. The meat was soft and moist and melted in the mouth. The veg was excellent and varied (carrots, brocolli, turnip, beetroot, red onion, potatoes, parsnip, cauliflower cheese)

We were all full to the point of bursting.

There were 2 ales on (Red Rock and Driftwood) and 2 ciders (Thatchers gold and Old Rosie). We tried the Driftwood and the Thatchers and they were spot on.

The brook outside the back is delightful and all the staff were not only very friendly but very welcoming too.

Can imagine it's very busy in the summer but that's ok, you can spill out onto the quiet street outside.

Hard to beat, highly recommended.

2 Apr 2012 13:05

The Start Bay Inn, Torcross

We walked up and over the steep ridge from Beesands to Torcross to find this pub. It was an excellent decision having come from The Cricket Inn in Beesands which although pertaining to be a pub is really a posh restaurant with a small bar.

Stary Bay Inn is an excellent, lively pub. Nothing special to look at inside or out but it's reasonably big, has an excellent atmosphere and it's cosy and warm. The bar staff were pleasant and full of smiles and the food was very good value.

4 real ales on tap, Otter ale, Otter Bitter, Bass and Tribute. All were excellent, hic...

Alan the barman was having his 40th birthday bash there and they were a very friendly bunch of folk indeed, plying us with vodka jelly. Spot on.

2 Apr 2012 11:43

The Coach and Horses, Stoke Newington

The best pub in Stokey by a country mile. Having recently moved to N16 I've been to virtually all the pubs in the area and this one stands right out. Everything your pub should be. Cosy, friendly, nicely laid out, good decor (mix of exposed brickwork and theatre/art furnishings), good lighting, good music, interesting and friendly patronage, good food and above all, good beer. 3 ales available last night, both the Tribute and Hophead I tried were delicious.

The food is good although not outstanding. But what sets this place apart is the whole package. Personally I could do without the TV showing sport but at least the sound was off. The music they piped in was excellent and the live brass band that came on later were brilliant.

This is what everyone's local should be like. Will come back here again and again.

17 Feb 2012 17:17

The Rose and Crown, Stoke Newington

Mixed feelings about his place. The good bits are that it's large, has a good range of ale (4 or 5), is lively and is friendly. But for me the interior is lacking. It doesn't have any warmth to it, not helped by the dull decor. The lighting wasn't quite right either, just a bit too bright and unsubtle.

Decent pint though and the food looked ok. Would drink here again but wouldn't go out of my way to do so.

17 Feb 2012 17:10

The Lion, Stoke Newington

Good pub. Could do without the massive screen showing football but there's a nice feel to the place. A younger crowd generally although I'd pitch it at around the 20s/30s.

It was busier enough for a good atmosphere inside but not too busy that it was hard to hear yourself or move around. 3 real ales on offer and we chose a lovely pint of Harveys.

In summary nice and lively, would definitely go there again.

17 Feb 2012 17:01

Defoe, Stoke Newington

Standard kind of a pub. Not really the kind of place you could endear yourself to. Has a chain pub feel to it, a little bit Wetherspoonsy. Perfectly good ale and the staff were very friendly. Just a little uninspirational inside. Relatively spacious inside however.

Ultimately there are better places to drink nearby.

17 Feb 2012 16:57

Auld Shillelagh, Stoke Newington

Salt o' the earth blah blah. I lke this place, a long thin pub, predominantly wooden. Had some great music playing (various Bowie) and at a decent volume. Lovely pint of Guinness and the staff were friendly.

The Man Who Fell To Earth was being shown silently on the big screen. Quirky but it worked.

Good place for an honest couple.

17 Feb 2012 10:59

The Enterprise, Holborn

Nice pub, smart and reasonably spacious. Decent range of ales (3) and reasonably priced. Probably wouldn't do a session in there but good for a couple of sharpeners.

17 Feb 2012 10:53

The Pakenham Arms, Clerkenwell

A nice enough pub on first impressions but actually fails to quite deliver. 12 real ales to choose from which is certainly great news for ale fans. Unfortunately they were all a bit samey. As there are 12 you can afford yourself the luxury of variety so they need to make more of the range. They certainly tasted good enough and seemed well kept.

The food was good and reasonably priced and the staff helpful and polite

The downsides are that it was rather cold. In the 4 hours I was there I still wasn't warm when I left. Granted it was a cold night out but it needs better heating. My 3 companions felt the same. The lighting was far too dim and the decor although ok was rather uninspiring.

Ultimately this place is perfectly adequate but it doesn't excite you in any way.

14 Feb 2012 11:18

Three Crowns, Stoke Newington

Should be a lot better than it is. Loads of potential in this place but it's not being fulfilled. Real shame. The decor's on the right track but it's a bit too dim/dull. The food was decent for sure if a little pricey.

Sadly the constant faint smell of bleached wooden floors throughout the place meant we weren't keen on making a session of it.

Harveys was nice if a little cloudy but the bar service was poor. A virtually empty pub yet the 2 staff managed to drag out serving just 3 of us to nearly 10 minutes. They were nice enough just had the classic Hoxton faff demeanour.

14 Feb 2012 11:01

Village Pub, Cirencester

Nice, modern, gastro-style pub. The food was good but for the prices one should expect very good and larger portions. Ale range was decent (3 I think including Old Hooky and possible Hooky Gold).

Stone beer garden is spacious and although the pub really borders being more of a restaurant than a pub, it's a nice place to eat and drink.

17 Aug 2011 15:49

The Railway Inn, Rutland

Excellent pub. Lovely beer (especially the 4.2% Phipps NBC - India Pale Ale, outstanding) good jukebox, pool table, dart board,very friendly patronage and a first class landord and landlady. They bent over backwards for us.

Had 2 consecutive nights of fun and revelry here, will definitely be back for more.

The kind of local we all crave.

17 Aug 2011 15:44

The Old Bush, Callow End

Really nice pub. Several real ales on tap and the food was excellent. Very good beer garden overlooking fields. Spot on.

22 Jun 2011 16:37

The Crown, Islington

This place seems to get better every time I visit. Very nice food, good range of Fullers beers (+ a guest ale) and a lively atmosphere.

It's also a very pretty looking establishment (inside and out) in a rather nice area.

14 Apr 2011 13:11

The Farmyard Inn, Youlgreave

Nice enough pub, and probably the most 'publike' of the 3 in Youlgreave. I personally didn't really warm to the place however. Food seemed to feature more prominently than a pub's primary service of being a place to drink and socialise. However, the welcome was pleasant and the interior felt warmer than the George or the Bulls Head.

A decent place to stop off for a pint and a bit of food but for atmosphere and a good night, the Bulls Head is by far the best option in Youlgreave.

28 Feb 2011 11:04

George Hotel, Bakewell

Hmm, disappointing. Potentially this is quite a good pub but as it currently stands it is bereft of the facets that make a pub good. Very cold and unwelcoming landlord, poor atmostphere, outdated decor, smell of old chip fat in the air.

The pub itself is very spacious and the beer was perfectly drinkable. The food menu was lengthy and although we didn't eat there, it looked predictable but fine.

In the right hands this place could be a good place to drink but right now it's a bit of a disaster.

28 Feb 2011 11:00

The Counting House, Bank

Fantastic building, fantastic beer prices!! Lovely place for a few pints and the pies are up there with the very best. Shortcrust pastry bottom, puff pastry lid and packed full o' meat, excellent.

Not cheap but a nice experience.

2 Feb 2011 12:09

The Blue Posts, Piccadilly

A cracking little boozer and a welcome relief for anyone in search of a decent (proper) boozer in Soho/Chinatown. 3 or 4 real ales (TT Landlord, Pride, Summer Lightning).

The food's decent and very cheap, the staff friendly and the quiz on Tuesday nights upstairs is great fun.

No frills but definitely recommended

2 Feb 2011 11:58

The Hop and Berry, Islington

Nice pub this. It's quite a smart gaff, not really the homely kind of hostelry but it's a very comfortable place to drink and socialise. Good selection of interesting ales which were all well kept (on tasting) and very friendly bar staff.

The food was excellent although overpriced. I had pig cheeks on mash with savoy cabbage. It was a small portion and whilst tasting excellent was far too expensive at 13.50. If you're reading this landlord, just upping the quantities of the mash and cabbage would make all the difference.

The chunky chips were brilliant and the sausage roll was as good as I've ever had.

All in all a very nice place to eat and drink.

@bobwillis - I simply do not believe you to be genuine, your review is practically diametrically opposed to everyone else's. It's so negative it lacks any credibility. I notice you have not reviewed any other establishments either. I smell a rat.

14 Jan 2011 11:14

The Coach and Horses, Weatheroak Hill

Nice country style pub. Beers looked great and the Golden Glow I imbibed was on top form. Wood fire on the go, a warm atmosphere and nice food in the offing. Beer garden looked good but not quite so attractive to me in the middle of winter...

3 Jan 2011 21:31

The Pear Tree Inn, Woodhouse Eaves

This place has changed quite considerably since the 90s. It's now really a restaurant rather than a pub. The place is now owned by an Italian family and they serve good quality Italian food during the week and British style roasts on a Sunday.

The decor is a little too restauranty for my tastes but if you want a nice feed it's not a bad place.

The major downside is that they serve no real ale. The only thing they had was Worthington Creamflow which frankly is about as bland and insignificant as one could host.

As a pub, 3/10. As a restaurant 7/10

26 Oct 2010 13:18

The Phantom, Loughborough

Just poor all round. Soulless and without many redeeming features. Oh well the barmaid that served me was very nice, there you go.

26 Oct 2010 13:13

The Griffin Inn, Loughborough

Don't know what to make of this place. Feels like a less charming version of the Unicorn. Nice enough inside, reasonable range of drinks and conveniently located in the centre of town but I wouldn't go out of my way to drink there.

26 Oct 2010 13:12

The Moon And Bell, Loughborough

Really quite decent Wetherspoons. Huge range of ales and the quality of the food was actually very good. Atmosphere is always a little odd in these places but the bar staff were very friendly and helpful

26 Oct 2010 13:11

Paget Arms, Loughborough

Spot on Boozer. Great range of ales, very friendly, good atmosphere, lovely barstaff, good banter, a great place to spend the afternoon/evening.

We spent best part of 5 hours there but could easily have managed an alldayer.

26 Oct 2010 13:09

The Swan In The Rushes, Loughborough

Oh we all loved the Swan in the Rushes last weekend. 15 years ago it was a cold, locals only juicer. Although it has retained a locals feel it has also broadened it's welcome to all clientele and this has resulted in a very diverse range of patrons.

The range of ales and ciders is simply excellent, easily the best you will find in Loughborough. They were even serving CAMRA 2010 Supreme Champion Beer, Castle Rock's Harvest Pale, a cracking drop.

They also had some lovely barmaids and a decent jukebox churning out good sound.

Great atmosphere, definitely worth a visit on the weekend although couldn't vouch for the week.

26 Oct 2010 13:03

The Hobgoblin, Loughborough

No, no, and no. Those halcyon days of the Black lion (as the pub was formerly known) are a distant memory now. Functionally it's a perfectly adequate boozer, although i guess that depends on what you look for in a boozer. it does have a large range of real ales, plenty of space, pool table, quiz machine, and sky sports. But in terms of atmosphere it is pretty awful and the decor sense of community has been totally lost.

A real shame.

26 Oct 2010 12:44

Unicorn Hotel, Loughborough

Wow, this pub is a far cry from the unwelcoming, locals only boozer of the 90s. Today it's a smart, comfortable pub/bar packed full of hotties on the weekend. It really was a smashing sight. As previously mentioned there is a minor chav element but all round it's not a bad place for a lively pint and bit o lady gazing. To avoid accusations of sexism I'd also add that the fellas weren't bad either.

Worth noting that the Unicorn is more of a late bar than a traditional pub these days but it wasn't cold like those sorts of places can often be.

26 Oct 2010 12:40

The Three Nuns, Loughborough

This place always serves good quality ale. The gaff itself is nothing much to speak of but there is a nice, casual and warm atmosphere. Often they have bands playing live.

24 Oct 2010 15:27

The Victoria Tavern, Loughton

A lively and welcoming pub serving good quality food and a range of real ales. The poor cider choice certainly needs some attention but the 5 ales (including Youngs, Landlord, Tribute) on tap were very drinkable and well kept.

The interior and decor is a little dated but it's inoffensive all the same. However the staff were warm and chatty and made us feel welcome.

Not sure I'd go out of my way to find this pub again (although the beer garden looks appealing) but it's a very safe bet for a comfortable evening's socialising.

19 Sep 2010 22:23

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

Excellent pub. Right out of the 60s in terms of look and feel and serving copious real ales and real ciders. Lovely pub grub too, pickled eggs, pork baps, sausage rolls, pork pies, cheese, blah blah.

If you like a classy old fashioned pub that serves good honest produce, this is yer bag.

23 Aug 2010 11:41

The King of Denmark, Islington

Oh dear.

Wandered in for an afternoon pint. Hardly anyone in there and when I asked the barman which ales they had on currently he replied 'none'. Confused I asked why and he stated that they don't sell enough ale and so it just goes off. So now they've stopped selling any?!!

Shame as the pub is actually rather nice and has much potential.

23 Aug 2010 11:29

The York, Islington

A very frustrating pub. As a real ale fan I am always delighted to see a bar littered with hand pumps. Indeed the spread on this particular day was very good.

The pub itself is nice enough, a little branded but comfortable and spacious.

However, what lets it down is the incredibly poor and inattentive bar service. I have been to this pub probably 3 or 4 times over the last year and every single time it has been the same issue. Not enough staff serving and the staff that is there having absolutely no appreciation for who is next in the queue. It's the most basic requirement of the job, inexcusably poor.

This Saturday I was with a friend who'd come to London for the weekend. He was blown away by the breathtakingly bad service. We stood for over 10 minutes on a Saturday afternoon waiting to be served. There was hardly anyone there yet everyone that came up to be served were served before us.

As I say this has happened every time I've been in and is no coincidence.

Try the much cosier and more aware pub, the Charles Lamb 2 minutes away.

23 Aug 2010 11:22

The Angelic, Islington

Nice looking pub, serving several real ales. Unfortunately my Oxford Gold was cloudier than the top of Snowdon and amazingly was served unnoticed.

Can't imagine spending a long time in this pub but it's a good meeting point with a lively atmosphere.

23 Aug 2010 10:59

The Charles Lamb, Angel, Islington

@ hb25

You realise Londonboy's comment was posted 4 years ago??! He may well have been wrong back then but I wouldn't waste your time referring to it 4 years later chap.

A pub is only as good as its most recent reviews (caveats apply obviously)

19 Aug 2010 16:52

The Old Bell Tavern, Harrogate

Nice pub, great beers. Perhaps doesn't have the character and charm of the Hales round the corner but a good array of beers and some excellent food served.

4 May 2010 15:43

Three Compasses, Hornsey

Nice pub. Good beers, decent folk and tasty food. Nothing especially pretty about the place but roomy and comfortable.

Great quiz on a Monday (not sure if it's every Monday), very enjoyable.

8 Apr 2010 12:28

Ye Old Cheshire Cheese, Longnor

Wow, what a terrific place. First thing to note is the wonderful fire raging as you walk in from the cold. As I watched people filter in from the bitter night, every single one of them let out a yelp of delight and relief at its presence.

The most impressive thing here is the welcoming staff. They just could not be friendlier and are extrememly good fun. We ended up spending the entire night there and their willingness to make us comfortable in any way possible was brilliant.

The food's good (except for the peas, what a horrific mistake they are!! Wonderful home cooked food served with tinned, dull green, tasteless peas. A truly baffling decision), the service excellent and the atmosphere a real surprise for a remote village pub.

We played darts for much of the night, and there was decent live music round the other side of the bar.

Perhaps my only criticism was that there was only one real ale available and it didn't look like they ever have more than one on at a time. Luckily it was a decent drop (Robinson's Unicorn), but really 2 real ales are an absolute minimum for a pub in the heartland of England's outdoors.

If I was considering a walking holiday in the Peak District again I would give very serious consideration to ensuring I was based in the vicinity of this pub for apres walk activities.

It's a blinder.

31 Mar 2010 17:49

The Horseshoe, Longnor

It was certianly friendly enough, and when you're in the middle of nowhere you'd settle for pretty much any drinking hostelry but, the beer was poor (Both Courage Directors and Marston's Bitter), the interior left me cold, and the huge screens showing live football just didn't seem right (given we're in the heart of beautiful countryside).

If there was nowhere else to drink, I'd settle for its faults and drink there but when you have the absolute gem that is Ye Old Cheshire Cheese around the corner you'd be crazy not to be there instead.

31 Mar 2010 17:38

The Gunmakers, Clerkenwell

Doesn't sound like your sort of pub kitriq.

There is a Wetherspoons near Farringdon station I believe.

16 Mar 2010 14:47

The Water Poet, Shoreditch

as_johnson your post is crazy. Are you sure you weren't in the Hoxton Pony on Curtain Road??

Your 'sewer' reference is odd. Have you an overactive olefactory gland? The 'Nathan Barley' comment is truly bizarre. Do you really know what a Nathan Barley type is?! If anything the Water Poet is white collar territory.

But you rounded it all off nicely with your endorsement for Dirty Dicks, I laughed out loud, thank you.

If you're looking for overpriced drinks, in a boring, claustraphobic environment and more suits than a Jermyn Street taylors, then yes you're quite right, go to Dirty Dicks you'll have a wonderful time.

But if you want friendly, smiling barstaff, good range of drinks, superb food (at cheap prices) and an environment that's warm and welcoming then you'd prefer the Water Poet.

Are you the Dirty Dicks owner in disguise...?

28 Jan 2010 17:08

Trafford, Old Trafford

Not for the faint hearted but great if your a united fan.

22 Dec 2009 09:48

The Foresters Arms, Dunster

A really friendly pub. Decor is nothing to speak of (and neither is the food sadly) but the staff are great, the pints well kept and the locals great fun. The sort of place where you'd be very happy to get a lock in and spend the night listening to the juke box, playing pool with the locals and stroking the parrot that resides there. Great stuff, we had a lot of fun.

22 Dec 2009 09:42

The Bree Louise, Euston

Hmm, nearly a very good pub. Excellent selection of ales, good food and generally friendly but the pub itself is nothing special. The layout doesn't sit very well and the decor dull and uninspiring. Can't fault the range of real ales however and good for its location.

22 Dec 2009 09:29

The Water Poet, Shoreditch

A good, large, stylish pub in the city.

Probably the best value pub food I have ever eaten, quite superb. I had a 2 course lunch for 10. I would have happily paid 25 for it, it was that good in terms of size and more importantly, quality.

The service was good and the Fullers ESB was spot on.

A gem in an otherwise appallingly bereft area of London for decent pubs.

2 Dec 2009 17:48

The Mucky Pup, Angel, Islington

Amen to the Mucky Pup.

Good beers, great jukebox (free), lively atmosphere, friendly staff/clientele, pool table, open late, homemade pork scratchings..

This pub reminds me of the halcyon days when pubs existed to serve the local community rather than make as much money as possible.

Long live the Mucky Pup, a dying breed.

14 Nov 2009 23:12

The New Rose, Islington

Excellent pub. Lots of character, roomy, interesting, warm, decorative, good selection of beer (Double Dark was exceptional), excellent music, polite and welcoming barstaff, great food.

To be served beer in proper old style mugs was a nice touch, good attention to detail.

The food is good albeit limited on choice. The burgers were great but the accompanying chips were out of this world. Not sure I've ever tasted a better chip, brilliant!!

Hard to find a fault with this pub as it ticks so many boxes, not least the fact that it's not full of Upper Street bellends.

11 Nov 2009 12:19

The Nellie Dean of Soho, Soho

My first visit to Nellie's for a couple of years left me truly agog.

On ordering 3 pints of 6X I was somewhat confused to find each pint was an inch short of a full pint. I questioned this with the bartender. He said, "the beer's ran out".... Amazed, I looked at the beer and said, "well it's clearly significantly short of a pint (not to mention cloudy), do you not have another barrel?" He said "no" and mysteriously took one of the pints and started pulling the pump again in the hope that it would miraculously generate more 6X. Having achieved nothing more than to blow air into my pint he then did something that I have never seen before and never, ever want to see again. Without even the remotest speckle of inconspicuousness, HE LIFTED UP THE DRIP TRAY, FILLED MY PINT UP AND PLONKED IT DOWN IN FRONT OF ME!!!!!!!!

I was truly speechless. So speechless that I struggled to form any words. Mere primal sounds were emitted. When I finally managed to gain my breath, I tried to articulate to the man why this was unacceptable practice. He really didn't see the problem with it. Agog I summoned the senior bartender and told him what had occurred. He was very apologetic but far from shocked. This worried me greatly. Firstly none of my barstaff would ever have done this (as training would have present) and secondly, were it to have happened in my pub, they would simply not have had a job any more. It's just unacceptable.

It is a sin to serve the last few silt laden, cloudy pints of the barrel anyway but it is a cardinal sin to top up a pint with drip tray contents!! I still can't quite get my head around it.

The pub itself is a nice little boozer but the pub's committed hari-kiri in my mind I'm afraid.

So basic. What a disaster.

6 Nov 2009 12:03

The Coronet, Holloway

Massive, interesting pub. Very nice bar staff and as you expect a ridiculously good array of beers.

Spent all day there and had a great time chatting. Nothing special but would definitely return if in the area.

2 Oct 2009 19:02

The Driver, Kings Cross

Surprisingly good. The bar downstairs is roomy, nicely lit and smart in decor. Drinks choice is modest but they do serve Taylor's Landlord. Food looks excellent. Roof garden is a bit of a trek but is a nice place to be if the sun's out although there isn't a view (unless you're over 6 feet tall).

Generally speaking the area is bereft of decent boozers and because of this, The Driver is definitely worth a visit. However it's unlikely to blow you away in any form.

2 Oct 2009 18:58

Coach and Horses Inn, Longborough

This pub's nothing special but is run by a lovely man and is in a lovely setting. The BB was great but sadly the SBA was poor. It lacked the gloriously creamy texture and was overly tart. Possibly an old barrel. Generally though a nice village pub, perfect for a stop off place on a walk.

20 Sep 2009 22:43

The Queens Head, Stow on the Wold

Nice pub serving the best SBA & BB in the area. On the small side but the food looked good and the beer garden is great.

20 Sep 2009 22:36

Red Lion, Ealing

Lovely pub. Good range of beers (if a little plain) and a really nice area out back. Great stuff.

20 Aug 2009 14:16

The Plough, Stretton-on-Fosse

Lovely pub with very friendly staff. 3 real ales on offer and the food was excellent. On the pricey side but very good all the same.

17 Aug 2009 13:20

The Fox and Hounds, Great Wolford

Didn't actually imbibe in this pub but discovered it on a reccy of the area.

Very attractive looking pub with an exciting food menu albeit really quite expensive. Ale range looked good (3 I believe) and the staff were very friendly.

17 Aug 2009 13:06

Coach and Horses, Ganborough

Ahh, we had a great afternoon here. We walked the 4 miles from a campsite in Moreton here and were not disappointed on our arrival.

It was a very friendly place and although the ale choice was limited, we all agreed that the Donnington's BB on sale was by far the best bitter we drank all weekend in the area. 4 pints later and the BB tasted as good as the first quaff. Magic. Given it's relatively low strength it has extraordinary depth and flavour.

The pub itself is a surprisingly bright, old fashioned pub. The staff were very friendly and played a Rolling Stones double album at volume when we arrived. We met a couple of locals and they too were extremely affable.

Although we were unable to eat, the food menu looked good and apparently they have a reputation for decent food.

I'll definitely be returning, it was fun.

17 Aug 2009 13:03

The White Hart Royal Hotel, Moreton-in-marsh

Bit too clean and certainly sterile in atmosphere. Beer was pretty dreadful too. Only one real ale option and it was farmyard foul.

Probably pretty good for food and coffee but not much else.

17 Aug 2009 12:54

Swan Inn, Moreton in Marsh

Best point about this pub is the county standard pool table, very impressive. Beer is good (Doombar & Tribute) and the jukebox was pretty good especially as the landlady had no problem cranking it up to high volume.

Pub lacks character or atmosphere really but it is open late and is fine for a drunk pool/music session.

17 Aug 2009 12:52

Redesdale Arms, Moreton-In-Marsh

Not bad, but sort of suffers from an identity crisis. Hotel, bar, restaurant, pub, who knows, a bit of all 3. Nice area with tables out the back and the beers whilst limited are decent. Hooky, Hooky Gold, Stowford Press etc.

17 Aug 2009 12:50

Bell Inn, Moreton in Marsh

I decent pub with a fabulous beer garden. Service was a little slow but the range of beers/ciders was excellent. We stepped outside to get in the sun and found a concreted seating area. Having sat down we then noticed a sign pointing to another beer garden area. When we investigated we were delighted to find a brilliant, large, grassy, flowery seating area.

The beer flowed and so did the laughter.

Aside from the fact that there isn't a massive choice in Moreton-In-Marsh, I think this pub is actually pretty good.

17 Aug 2009 12:47

The Basketmakers Arms, Brighton

Spot on. Great boozer with a large of array of fine ales. Food simple but nice. Tuck in.

27 Jul 2009 21:38

The Old Red Lion, Islington

I've set foot in the Red Lion several times over the last year. It's a decent, old fashioned pub with an excellent choice of beers that are kept well. The decor's tired and the layout slightly strange but the clientele are pleasant and varied and the bar staff very friendly.

A good place to quaff a few and have a natter.

27 Jul 2009 21:32

The Lion, Teddington

Nice enough pub serving good quality ales.

Quiz on a Wednesday is one of the best I've been to. Multiple discipline and of a level that sorts the wheat from the chaff.

10 May 2009 02:02

The Fly, Bloomsbury

As a pub, dreadful. It scores below average on almost every criterion. Most importantly, a truly awful choice of drinks (i.e. no choice) and all at truly ludicrous prices.

The only reason you should come here is for the live music downstairs. Although the layout of the room isn't ideal it's good for an intimate gig and having seen 10+ bands there, the sound quality is very good generally.

Therefore, drink beforehand in the Museum Tavern round the corner, then come here for the live music and to sober up.

10 May 2009 01:56

The Museum Tavern, Bloomsbury

Good pub, especially for the location. Truly excellent array of real ales for those of a hoppy bent.

Pub itself is nothing special but atmosphere is pleasant enough. Have been there several times over the last year and it has remained consistent. If beer's your main driver, it's as good as it gets in the area.

10 May 2009 01:47

The Harp, Covent Garden

Great pub. Fantastic choice of beers and ciders (proper ones like), very friendly and attentive bar staff, good atmosphere, great location.

It is small, it is busy and it isn't especially cheap. But as a place to meet in that area of Central London for a few cheeky pints, you'd be hard pushed to beat it.

10 May 2009 01:43

The Pig and Butcher, Islington

Nice pub generally although perhaps unlikely to get the heart racing:

- Big, roomy, airy, light, very comfortable
- Lots of nice wooden seating
- Decent beer (TT Landlord, London Pride)
- Live sport
- Good food
- Outside space (albeit on the road side)
- Good location (5 mins from Angel)

Pub is often a lot quieter than I feel it should be but then maybe if it was busy it'd just annoy me??

10 May 2009 01:36

The Steam Engine, Waterloo

thenationofjames - I think that is a very insiteful and accurate assesment of the place. I've not set foot in the Steam Engine for a few years now but when I used to live down that neck of the woods it was the perfect place for a Sunday all dayer repeat chance.

Good and loud music, free food, cheap pool table, cheap pints and really friendly bar staff and locals. In the 3 years I frequented this pub I have not a single story of any grief whatsoever. Sure, it's a little dated but for me I prefer these sorts of gaff to the overmodernised and overpriced refurbs that are ten a penny in London today.

27 Oct 2006 17:28

The Jolly Brewmaster, Cheltenham

Nice pub. Clientelle from across the spectrum with your early 20s 'first jobbers' right up to your trilby'd pensioners. Sadly it was updated (in a bad way) many years ago but thankfully it's finally starting to roughen around the edges and begin to resemble a proper pub once again. It has a ridiculous layout but the atmosphere is warm and there is always a superb selection of ales. (25/03/06) Cornish, Deuchars, Nine Lives, Hook Norton to name but 4. There were at least another 2 guest ales also. Great place to catch up with someone you haven't seen for an age.

28 Mar 2006 14:29

The Washington, Belsize Park

This pub used to be rather naff, with a 'media types' bent. However my last few visits have seen me change my opinion quite a bit. Seems to have a better blend of clientele, slightly more attentive staff and all round a better atmosphere.

More importantly, they serve Magners.

14 Oct 2005 12:21

The Sir Richard Steele, Belsize Park

A great pub. One of the few remaining that hasn't suffered insipid modernisation.

Great atmosphere, live music, superb food (Thai - try the thin egg noodle soup with chicken)), decent selection of drinks (Magners!!), genuinely friendly and interesting people, plenty of room, beer garden, open late, etc.

The only downside is the toilets which are certainly basic.

However, overall it's a belter of a pub and anyone who doesn't like this sort of pub undoubtedly likes the All Bar One chain and probably reads the Daily Mail.

14 Oct 2005 11:53

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