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Comments by DaveK

The Southwark Tavern, London Bridge

Handy location and I've had some great lunchtime drinks and evenings out in this place. It has attracted a very different crowd since the refurb (become one of these poshed up pubs now), but it has still managed to grow on me again.

Excellent for meeting up for a couple of drinks before heading on into town, good to mull around upstairs during a summers day, great for small groups to chill out downstairs of an evening (if you can get seats or a booth), had a really decent late breakfast with some old mates here the other weekend ... and I just try to avoid the dj nights.

Give this place a late licence, and I'd be relaxing here with friends nearly every night.

17 Jun 2005 13:34

The Slug and Lettuce, Borough

It's not bad in here, pretty relaxed and enjoyable enough, with good food, standard drinks and the staff have been lovely ... not a pub atmosphere, a little too polished (but these pubs and all bar ones are all like that) but good enough to relax with the little lady or a couple of friends for a long lunch or some such.

17 Jun 2005 13:16

St Christopher's Inn, Borough

For some reason I really like this place. Music gets really overbaring later on, and it gets jam packed ... but otherwise I've had some great nights out with mates in here.

17 Jun 2005 13:13

Belushi's, Borough

Not a friendly place ... only positive points are that it's local and opens late.

17 Jun 2005 13:10

Dover Castle, Borough

Could be a great place for a night out, even though it's small ... late hours made it seem like a great local spot for finishing up, good staff too, but the clientelle ruin it. Been 3 times and each time it's been crowded with pushy, abusive, ignorant w***ers. Real shame.

17 Jun 2005 13:08

Ruse, Borough

I used to walk past this place twice a day for over a year, thinking it was a sh*tehole ... then a friend organised a few of us to meet up in there one evening and despite being reluctant, it turned out to be a fine place inside and a fine night.

Friendly staff (although seem to change each time I go in there), food has been great on the two occassions we've eaten there, good drinks, and good and comfy (if you find a spot to the left of the bar).

17 Jun 2005 13:02

The Ship, Borough

Pretty seedy due to certain regulars, the food has been pretty rubbish, drinks are alright, the staff are usually lovely and friendly and it's still alright to relax back with a couple of mates and wind away the hours happily talking crap. Overall 'nothing special'.

17 Jun 2005 12:57

The George, Elephant and Castle

Not even the building or foundations remain. I mourn.

17 Jun 2005 12:49

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