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Comments by Dannythepubcritic

The George and Dragon, Altrincham

I have been in here twice. Each time i waited at least ten minutes but there was no sign of any bar staff so i left.

2 May 2013 17:32

The Old Market Tavern, Altrincham

I don't know how you can say this pub is the cheapest in town. The Malt Shovels, a 2 minute walk away is cheaper and so is the Wetherspoons.

11 Apr 2013 20:34

The Gardeners Arms, Timperley

Not the friendliest of places. The beer was average at best and they don't seem to like people they don't know. I won't be returning.

11 Apr 2013 20:27

The Station, Altrincham

Agreed. This is the most unreliable pub i have ever seen. It might be open, it might not. Today there was a sign on the window saying open at 2pm. Ridiculous way to run a pub. The cafe/coffee shop extension lasted about a month and now seems to be closed.

11 Apr 2013 20:22

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

Everyone should visit this pub at least once. The beer is well kept and there is usually a few good ales on offer. Its a bit pricey but that is because it is a tourist attraction. On a cold winters evening a pint with a rum chaser sitting by the open fire is pure heaven. If you ask nicely you might even get a tour of the caves.

19 Feb 2013 19:25

The Old Angel Inn, Nottingham

Probably my favourite pub in Nottingham. Great for heavy metal/rock fans. Gets very busy at weekends and service can be slow. But despite first impressions this is a friendly pub and a great night out. Just avoid the toilets and don't eat anything in here.

19 Feb 2013 19:16

Hooters, Nottingham

Gorgeous girls, overpriced beer, loud and more of a restaurant than a pub. OK for stag do or just for the experience. Best avoided on match days, especially if Millwall are in town.

19 Feb 2013 19:12

The Faulkners Arms, Altrincham

I was told Altrincham is a very posh area. This is completely untrue. This pub is the sort of place people go when they have been banned from everywhere else. Most of the customers look like they have just been released from Strangeways. I had one pint and left never to return.

19 Feb 2013 19:06

The Paramount, Manchester

One of the best Wetherspoons north of Nottingham. Good beer, fast friendly service, the locals are the usual mixture you get in Wetherspoons. The one bad thing is the wi-fi is a bit hit and miss. When i'm in Manchester i always have breakfast in here.

19 Feb 2013 19:01

Varsity, Manchester

This is a sort of Wetherspoons for office people. They probably sell more food than beer, but there is plenty of space including upstairs seating. It is clean and comfortable and the staff are helpful and polite. If you are out with a girlfriend or wife this is a safe place for a few drinks but if you just fancy a few pints on your own or with a friend you might as well go to the Wetherspoons next door where it is cheaper and there is more choice. Camra members get a discount here.

19 Feb 2013 18:55

The Salisbury, Manchester

Well this is a big improvement on the Grand Central round the corner (see my review). This is not so much a rock pub, more student/indie style. The beer is reasonable and the staff were polite and service was good. Despite my attempts to strike up a conversation with several people nobody really wanted to talk to me. But there was no hostility and next time i visit Manchester i will pop in again.

19 Feb 2013 18:42

The Grand Central, Manchester

The caveman is probably the pub landlord. A very aggressive individual from Portsmouth who doesn't know the difference between real ale and keg bitter. The toilets are filthy, the carpet is so old it sticks to the floor and the furniture looks like it was found in a skip. I wouldn't advise drinking anything on draught as the pumps are rarely cleaned. The one good thing i can say about this pub is if you like heavy metal/rock the jukebox is great. They do have a live band on Thursdays, some are better than others. There is a severe shortage of rock pubs outside of my native Nottingham and that is why people tolerate places like this. The staff are rude, the locals are unfriendly and the place has a very hostile atmosphere. If the health inspectors ever pay a visit this place will be closed down.

19 Feb 2013 18:26

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