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Comments by Apophis

Litten Tree, Retford

This is actually the Litten Tree, not the little tree! It is a garbage plastic pub.

22 Nov 2008 19:15

Albert Hotel, Retford

Now closed. Another dead pub.

22 Nov 2008 19:08

The Dominie Cross, Retford

Good beer, great prices, but Jesus, it is like an aircraft hangar; when it is any more than a quarter full, the sound reverberating off the high (very high) sloped ceiling really does hurt your ears. It is similar to the sound in the swimming baths, but more intense. Thank god there is a covered area outside to escape to.

27 Jul 2007 13:49

The Queen In The West, Lincoln

Yep, good boozer dude!

27 Jul 2007 13:34

The Cornhill Vaults, Lincoln

Yeah, what a pub! I used to go there when I lived in Lincoln in '86

27 Jul 2007 13:25

The Black Bull in Paradise, Masham

The brewery tour is most definitely NOT better than Black Sheep's tour. Why, because Theakston's is largely mechanised, with just a few people working; whereas Black Sheep Brewery is full of employees, and a lot more fun!

27 Jul 2007 13:19

The Black Sheep Brewery, Masham

Oh yes! All hail Paul Theakston!

27 Jul 2007 13:16

The Black Bull, Reeth

I hope it has changed hands, because the same family owned this pub and the one next door, the Kings Arms. Total wasters. The Buck was by far the best place to stay.

27 Jul 2007 13:14

The Anchor, High Offley

Ah, the Anchor...pleasant memories from 1985, drinking Wadworths 6X and numerous ciders!

27 Jul 2007 13:01

Coach & Horses, Stafford

Spent many times here in the early 70s, my mate's dad was the landlord. Good times had sampling Wee McGlen and other drinks in the cellar as kids, ha ha!

27 Jul 2007 12:59

The Waggon and Horses, Stafford

Has Stafford moved to Essex? The wagGon and horses site pertains to an essex pub!

27 Jul 2007 12:55

The Staffordshire Bull, Stafford

This place was ok when it wasn't here, and the whole area was Kingston Hill golf club.

27 Jul 2007 12:53

Picture House, Stafford

I used to watch films here. When I returned to my home town for a visit, I saw...Wetherspoons!!! They've dona a good job, kept original fittings, but food was naff.

27 Jul 2007 12:51

The Rose and Crown, Stafford

"There is a tavern in the town, and it's called the Rose and Crown"....used to play against these at pool when I lived in Stafford years ago, jeez, what a joke, you had to open the french windows to break (no space to swing a cat)!!

27 Jul 2007 12:48

The Malt and Hops, Stafford

Ah the Dirty Duck! It changed its name to the Malt and Hops in the 70s. So no real change seems apparent then, ha ha!

27 Jul 2007 12:44

The Albion Hotel, Barrow In Furness

Good place to meet my mates when I come up to see them; Alright Spud, Tobey, Chu, Matt, Mick, and The Coat?

27 Jul 2007 12:36

The Eight Jolly Brewers, Gainsborough

Top Pub!

17 Jul 2007 15:56

The Market Hotel, Retford

The Cattle Market (aka Market Hotel {but it isn't a hotel!}) is not representative of Retford! It is a shame, but it is a shadow of its former glorious self. Once there were 14 real ales, now very little. It has become a restaurant with a bar. Yes, the attitudes stink, which probably explains why not many people go there now.....

20 Feb 2007 14:14

The Rum Runner, Retford

This is my local. It was sold to Batemans some time ago, meaning we have some duff Batemans' beers to put up with. However all is not lost, as we get 2, sometimes 3 guest ales.

20 Feb 2007 14:09

The Elleray Hotel, Windermere

Great pub. This is the place to go to for cheap, good food at night, especially if you are staying at a Windermere hotel. Chris, the landlord, is a genuine nice guy. He does have accommodation too. Check out the chalkboards, excellent.

20 Oct 2006 15:54

Grey Wall Inn, Windermere

Well, well, well; what can I say? I came here with my now deceased partner, for over 17 years. In the late 80's it was owned by a family, the Yorkes. Then by various companies, latterly Honeycombe Leisure. In 2001, it was fine; good managers, Taylor and Mel, not forgetting Louie Benjamin; then when they left.....a huge downslide. I went in only last week for old times sake, what a dump it has become. They have ruined the "lounge area" by knocking the wall through, the beer is rubbish, and the atmosphere is terrible. Talking to a well known local landlord, the manager now is a failed staff of his, and the hotel has had a massive turnover of managers in the last few yrs. I wonder why, any ideas Honeycombe? Eh? Rest in peace, Grey Walls.

10 Oct 2006 01:49

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