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Comments by Andylk

The Red Lion, Stratford Upon Avon

Unexciting beer choice, unexciting overall really

13 Oct 2014 21:24

The Bear, Stratford

Nice selection of beers - Butty Bach, HPA and Hobgoblin available, plus a Bird's Brewery Stout that I enjoyed. Friendly staff and nice atmosphere - enjoyed the visit

13 Oct 2014 21:20

The Encore, Stratford upon Avon

Pricey - most expensive round by far of the weekend, and that means most of pubs in central Stratford. Beer was OK, but pub as a whole does not justify its pricing, especially when compared with Red Lion across the road

13 Oct 2014 21:16

Shakespeare Inn, Welford on Avon

Saturday lunchtime, 3 of us called in for a light lunch after a cycle ride. Excellent food, nice place.

11 Oct 2014 16:40

The Old Thatch Tavern, Stratford Upon Avon

Friday evening. Mop fair in town, almost in the doorway. Fullers HSB bitter rather nice

11 Oct 2014 16:36

The Stratford Alehouse, Stratford Upon Avon

Busy Friday evening, Mops Fair on in town, so had to wait for a seat. Nice pint of Pigs Ear from Uley Brewery,

11 Oct 2014 16:31

The Gallery, Pimlico

Staying at a nearby hotel, no dinner or bar, so saw Gallery as I walked from tube station. The food was great, and I then worked my way down the taps on the beers - also very nice. Sat outside to eat as was a warm evening, then moved inside as got cooler. Still a busy pub at 9.30, and doing good business

5 Oct 2014 20:42

The Chandlers Arms, Lutterworth

Called in today with group of cyclists - just as it started to rain so good timing. Radiators on so able to dry out. 8 of us ate from lunctime menu and food was good and hot, and also good price. Not many others in, so we probably tripled the expected takings but the service was fast enough. Nice find, my first visit in spite of living not that far away for last 16 years!

2 Nov 2013 19:29

The Pheasant, Salisbury

Tried to visit the Pheasant on a recent Sunday evening. About 9.30 in evening, stools on tables, lights mostly out, with that sort of welcome, gave it a miss. Sorry, if you can't be bothered to look as if you want business, then it is n't going to come in

20 Oct 2013 09:49

The George and Dragon, Salisbury

Not very impressive on a recent wet Sunday evening. Reasonable selection of beers - Doombar, Bombardier and Best, but atmosphere lacking

20 Oct 2013 09:46

The Red Lion Hotel, Salisbury

A traditional hotel bar, really for residents rather than wet wanderers looking for somewhere warm and lively on a Sunday evening. Beer fairly boring cjoice - Ringwood Bitter and Pedigree

20 Oct 2013 09:42

The Cathedral Hotel, Salisbury

Nice mixture of bar area and then lounge for families. Good selection of beers and probably the busiest bar in town on a wet Sunday evening !! Ringwood Bitter, Jennings Crag Rat and Hibgoblin all slid down well

20 Oct 2013 09:40

The George, Shrewton

Called in a week or so ago with some friends on a bike ride around Stonehenge area. Called in advance and found they did do lunchtime food. Large garden/outside area, and easy to park the bikes. Food was simple but good. We had passed several large fields of outdoor pigs and the menu reflected a heavy bias in favour of pork - ham, bacon and sausages were prominent features. As several more miles to cover, only a half of the bitter but nice and slipped down well with the meal. Good smattering of customers, old and young

20 Oct 2013 09:09

The Winchester Gate, Salisbury

Cider festival over the weekend and that seemed to be well organised in the back garden - marquees up in case of rain, good selection of ciders and Perrys and a decent crowd. Inside seemed to be different, some sort of raffle on in one room, and then a loud band on in other. I think that without the cider festival, would have scored much lower

18 Oct 2013 17:58

The Coach and Horses, Salisbury

Seems to be more of a food place, the beer was OK but not memorable.

18 Oct 2013 17:56

Ox Row, Salisbury

Three of us chose the Trator's Gate beer and wer every happy with that - nice pub

18 Oct 2013 17:55

The Market Inn, Salisbury

Over-priced "poncey" pub. Doombar and T Taylor was OK

18 Oct 2013 17:54

The Haunch of Venison, Salisbury

Three of us managed to get a seat in the "Horse Box" on a Saturday evening, nioe pints of Courage Best and GFB.

18 Oct 2013 17:53

The Old Mill, Salisbury

Called in last Saturday evening about 10 o clock, and the place was dead, about 10 customers. The Wetherspoons pub across the road had customers queuing to get in - something not right. Beer was good, had a variety of places to sit down, could not understand what was wrong - but lack of people means lack of atmosphere which probably then means less customers

18 Oct 2013 17:50

Blue Pig, Wolvey

Called in on a Sunday lunchtime a couple of weeks ago with a group of about 10 cyclists. New management, lick of paint and was doing good business. As it is on a side street in Wolvey, they are using directionals and sandwich boards to let people know they exist. Nice beer garden. Food arrived in reasonable time considering size of party, and the portions were good. No beer tasted unfortunately, not a recommended way to re-hydrate, but will return

13 Jul 2013 19:43

The Blackbird, Leicester

Believe has been taken over with new management. Called in a couple of weeks ago, and unfortunately all the real ales were off, so had a pint of draught J Smiths which was OK, but not what I was looking forward to. The beer garden is OK, except that it faces the main road; but better than no beer garden at all!

13 Jul 2013 19:39

Royal George, Cottingham

Called in on Saturday lunch as part of a group of cyclists. Made to feel welcome by bar staff who allowed us to take bikes through pub to beer garden at back. Service good and there was a good choice of food. One of group had TT Landlord and that seemed to slip down very easily. Rest of us were using non-alcoholic means of rehydration. Would happily come back again to sample more of menu, and also the beers

13 Jul 2013 19:31

Ye Olde Bulls Head, Broughton Astley

Recently taken over by an enthusiastic trio and renamed The Bull, this has changed considerably from what was a Brewer's Fayre sort of place - fine but not exciting. Now the place is now buzzing. There is a wide and interesting choice of food (although pricier than before) and there is a great atmosphere.

4 Dec 2012 22:06

Shambles Inn, Lutterworth

I have posted for this pub before, on a Saturday evening. This time I called in with a group of friends on a Saturday lunchtime a couple of weeks ago. It was fairly quiet, but then again was just before 12.00 when we arrived. Food for 5 was excellent and arrived quickly. Service was great. I still think more could/should be done with the place but am happy to give a higher rating this time reflecting the better experience

4 Dec 2012 22:00

Queens Head, Billesdon

Called in here last Sunday with a group of cyclists. As we were quite a large group of 9, I called in advance to make sure was OK. Landlord said to get there before 12.30, which we did, and found he had had the tables laid ready for us, next to a roaring fire - much appreciated on a chilly day. The food orders came quickly and were excellent and those drinking beer were happy with what they had - a nice pint of Tiger.

4 Dec 2012 21:55

The Punch Bowl, Woodstock

Friday evening, 2 huge telly screens, maybe a dozen clientele and then the DJ starts the halloween disco music and half the people leave within 10 minutes. Sorry maybe we hit the Punch Bowl on the wrong night, but looking at the other comments, perhaps not

29 Oct 2012 19:03

The Black Horse, Kidlington

Had Sunday lunch here this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. Service was quick and attentive, food was tasty and hot (and good value at �6.99) and the beer was perfect.

29 Oct 2012 19:01

The Plough, Long Wittenham

Called in Saturday lunchtime and had much needed bowl of soup after cycling into the chilly north wind. Staff made us welcome - from the young lad laying the table to the barman and lady - either a different set of people to experienced by Happyhippo, or he/she caught them on a bad day (or maybe they read BITE?)

29 Oct 2012 18:57

Three Goats Heads, Oxford

Please offer something else on the pumps apart from Sam Smiths. Called in on a Saturday night and went into the Cellar Bar - no atmosphere, or maybe there was an atmosphere - a definitely strange smell, and then the lack of choice on the pumps - we just turned around and sought a more inspiring selection elsewhere

29 Oct 2012 18:43

The Cricketers Arms, Oxford

Closed on our visit on Friday evening. No sign that this was temporary.

29 Oct 2012 18:38

The Woodstock Arms, Woodstock

called in early Sunday evening and for a while we were the only customers. Assured that had been busy earlier with the Sunday lunch trade. Roaring (not real) fire at one end of bar, so quite inviting - however it seemed that all the locals were probably down at the Black prince taking part in the Quiz and enjoying the beer festival. Add to that that the round we had here was the most expensive of the 6 pubs we visited in Woodstock

29 Oct 2012 18:36

The Crown Inn, Woodstock

Definitely open and doing good business this weeked. Called in twice - early Friday evening and late Sunday.

29 Oct 2012 18:33

The Kings Head, Woodstock

Quite a surprise. Down a side street, away from the shoulder-to-shoulder pubs and deli's and so on of the High St and Market St, this pub is bit like the Tardis and is huge inside going back quite a way. Pleasant atmosphere, lots of food choices and the beer was good too

29 Oct 2012 18:31

The Black Prince, Woodstock

Called in yesterday evening and caught the end of the Beer Festival. Also a quiz taking place - so not sure how good the anwers got as the evening progressed. We had a couple of pints each, sampling roughly half the beers on offer. The beers were good value and also a good range from chocolatey/coffee flavoured dark beers to light hoppy ones. Well run and buzzing for a Sunday evening

29 Oct 2012 17:41

The Cross Guns, Avoncliff

Stopped off on a pleasant Sunday afternoon cycling along the canal, fantastic location in the autumn sun. Nice beer (Funnel Blower) with lots of flavour.

14 Oct 2010 07:19

George Inn, Bathampton

Tried to have Sunday lunch here, we should have been warned off by the very full (and enormous) car park.. Having said that; having such a large car park implies they are used to getting a lot of visitors. So, having to queue for 10 minutes and then being told 60 minute wait for a meal, implies greed management- on the basis that people were unlikely to move on, and would tolerate the wait - we didn't. Note the comments about the Mill 200m away - by the river instead of the canal. Better staff, and a solution was found

13 Oct 2010 21:29

Bathampton Mill, Bathampton

Sunday afternoon lovely autumnal day, fancy a spot of lunch. Not that busy - and told 60 minutes waiting time for main courses. Sorry, Sunday happens every week. 60 minutes shouts poor planning. As it happened, I had a salad and my mate had a large starter and pudding to avoid having a main course, and the service was within 10 minutes.

13 Oct 2010 21:26

The New Inn, Bath

Main bar (saloon?) was so busy we had to go into snug, which was less colourful in decor and characters. However, nice pint of Wadworths on a Saturday night

13 Oct 2010 21:24

The Crown Inn, Bath

This waould be funny if it wasn't tragic. Called in after nice visit to the Barley opposite. Got through the door (just) into the Crown, noticed it was empty and barman (could have been manager) said "sorry, I am just closing" - and promptly did so. It was not even 9.30 in evening! I think we were saved, as I can easily imagine this is the the same character as mentioned in July 2009.

13 Oct 2010 21:21

The King William, Bath

Walked past this several times, and assumed it was mostly a restaurant. However, called in on Sunday early evening, and pleasantly surppised by good beer and nice atmosphere. Was going to fill up with tables reserved for diners later, but catch it early and you can drink without feeling you are in the way

13 Oct 2010 21:14

The Kings Arms, Bath

called in on a Friday evening, rock band playing - and popular. Lively enjoyable atmosphere, with the biggest beer bellies in Somerset on parade!

13 Oct 2010 21:13

The Curfew, Bath

Nice enough pub serving Wadworths., but so quiet on a Saturday evening - where were all the customers at 8.00? Only us 3, plus 3 "interesting" locals

13 Oct 2010 21:11

The West Gate, Bath

Quiet interlude ona Friday evening. Nice comfy armchairs for grumpy old men like my mates to sit in. Surprised to find seating at this time of night

13 Oct 2010 21:09

The Pig and Fiddle, Bath

Second pub on our tour. Nice to be able to sit outside (albeit on quite abusy road) on a sunny and quite warm autumn evening. Good choice of beers, and all enjoyed their choice.

13 Oct 2010 21:07

The Volunteer Riflemans Arms, Bath

Sunday evening, shall we try it, or shall we keep going - not many peiople inside. We decided to go in, and glad that we did. Barman was entertaining a small group of locals with various cocktails, the music was 70's/80's and very much enjoyed by all. I see others have not enjoyed the place, I think we caught it when we were in the right mood, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves

13 Oct 2010 21:05

The Star Inn, Bath

Last pub on an extensive and very enjoyable tour of Bath pubs. The Star was still open at around midnight, and buzzing.

13 Oct 2010 21:01

The Bell, Bath

First stop of the evening (or maybe late afternoon). Ordered a round of much needed sandwiches and was impressed by the excellent choice of beers. Locals a little entertaining, or maybe we were still getting accustomed to the local culture! Need to be careful I would imagine after a few pints as the stepped floor could be a challenge

13 Oct 2010 20:58

The Coeur de Lion, Bath

I had an excellent pint of VPA - can't remember the brewery - which is because this was early on in a very through exploration of Bath's pubs. . My mates did not have such a good pint, but apart from that an enjoyable boozer.

13 Oct 2010 20:53

The Griffin Inn, Bath

Visited on a Saturday evening - about 8.30. managed to get a seat (more on them later) so not that busy. Nice enough - although the seats/stools will probably deter punters from staying too long - bit uncomfortable and difficult to relax. The 3 of us had 3 different beers, and all were fine, just the atmosphere seemed a bit too new, almost sterile.

13 Oct 2010 20:48

The Red Lion, Gilmorton

Popped in for a quick drink a couple of weeks ago. First time in - friendly staff. Does a good range of food, although imagine can get a bit cramped

23 Aug 2010 10:13

Ye Olde Starre Inn, York

I used to work in this pub 30 or so years ago, but moved away from York, and now call in occasionally. I was very surprised to see, during Race week, how empty the pub was in the middle of the evening (9-9.30). It may be a sign of the changing times, but we used to have to have bouncers at the end of the alley to control numbers - now it looks as if you need someone at the end of the alley to persuade people to come in?

Apart from its age, and it having outside seating - what else would make this a pub of choice? Beer was OK, but the Olde Starre looks tired inside - fabric on some of the chairs looked like it hadn't been changed since I worked there!

23 Aug 2010 08:52

The George Inn, Hubberholme

Called in one weekday lunchtime last week. Reasonably busy with walkers and mix of ages. I note the comments regarding food, some other groups ordered and seemed to arrive quickly. Bar staff fine ( didn't see the landlord though).

23 Aug 2010 08:43

The Mischief, Norwich

Surprisingly busy for a Sunday evening, especially considering the torrential rain outside. Not bad selection of beers

24 Nov 2008 08:23

The Plasterers Arms, Norwich

Almost like a country pub in the suburbs. Full of local characters, a people watcher's paradise. Adnams and Abbots beers on tap.

24 Nov 2008 08:22

The Artichoke, Norwich

Small choice of beers - London Pride and not much else. Is this someone's lounge or a pub? Cocktail or milkshake - never mind, this was

24 Nov 2008 08:21

The Queens Arms, Norwich

Limited choice of beers - John Smith, Guinness and Thatchers Mild. Contrast with all other pubs visited this weekend, which had a variety of local and not so local beers, this pub was dead; although there was evidence of the landlord trying. No other customers in.

24 Nov 2008 08:18

Glasshouse, Norwich

Normally not a Wetherspoons fan, but Sunday lunch here went down well; combined witha real ale festival. Toad's Croak, Straw Dog and Wolf in Sheep's clothing all enjoyed, together with a decent shoulder of lamb roast. The Pie in the Pie and Pint offer was more pastry than filling, but there was nothing left on the plates, so can't have been that bad.

24 Nov 2008 08:13

Micawbers Tavern, Norwich

Reasonably busy pub on a Friday night, ticking over nicely. Woodforde's Nelsons Revenge and Adnams Broadside provided the ammunition for the evening

23 Nov 2008 22:47

The Belgian Monk, Norwich

Fantastic atmosphere on Friday night. Bar staff well briefed on the beers on offer. Golden Draak at 10.5% was very good. Kwack? also liked, there was another beer, but by this time the 10.5% was working

23 Nov 2008 22:45

The Reindeer Pub & Kitchen, Norwich

Very quiet on our visit at 7 on a Friday evening, maybe the news hasn't got out yet? Great selection of Elgoods. Timothy Taylor Totanic was good. Golden Newt not so good - fresh from a particularly flat and lifeless pond was how one of my mates described it. Hard to rate a pub highly which has promise, but no customers nor atmosphere.

23 Nov 2008 22:38

The Lawyer, Norwich

Expensive. More a restaurant than a pub. If gets busy with diners, no where for the drinkers. Adnams Explorer was however in fine shape.

23 Nov 2008 22:32

The Murderers, Norwich

Nice little city centre pub - so why all the TV screens - even in the loos?? Do people really want to watch TV in a pub on a Saturday night? Murderers Ale was pretty good

15 Nov 2008 13:29

Compleat Angler, Norwich

This is quite a large pub, but pretty empty at 8.00 on a Saturday evening. I think the clue is in one of the previous postings,. This is a pub to call in on the way to somewhere, and not a destination in itself. The TV was dominating one of the bars and deterring people from staying long. Woodfordes Nog was OK

15 Nov 2008 13:27

Queen of the Iceni, Norwich

Agree with previous comments, chav heaven - BUT we hit it when Wetherspoons were doing their Real Ale Festival, which puts a different perspective on things. Vikings Return (too stouty for me), and Bonkers Conkers were among a wide range of fine beers on offer

15 Nov 2008 13:24

The Adam and Eve, Norwich

Nice pub in unexpected location. Tables a bit small, just at right height to be hit by a knee and so likely to spill one of the excellent beers on offer. Mole Trap and Black Adder were appreciated

15 Nov 2008 13:21

The Wig and Pen, Norwich

Straw Dog and Moonrocket beers went down well in thus busy pub. Two TV screens were a bit intrusive - especially as were showing different things.

15 Nov 2008 13:19

The Crown Inn, West Down

Stayed in West Down at beginning of the "summer" and delighted to discover the Crown was only a few yards away. After a day walking or cycling, a pint or two here was very welcome. The guest beers were varied and interesting - as well as being very well kept. The staff always made us welcome. On the Saturday we had a great evening meal as well.

9 Aug 2008 21:55

Elms, Lutterworth

A new pub, tied in with the Travelodge next door. Visited on a Saturday early evening and doing good trade, and a nice pint. Part of my family were eating there whilst staying at the Travelodge, and they enjoyed the food.

15 Jun 2008 09:55

Shambles Inn, Lutterworth

Visted here on a Saturday evening. One of the quietest pubs. Seems to be a bit confused about what it is trying to be. A historic building, a village pub, karaoke bar or restaurant. As such, being a mixture of all, it doesn't really work

15 Jun 2008 09:53

Cavalier Inn, Lutterworth

Visited on a very busy Saturday evening, the pub clearly popular. Bizarrrely at the time we visited the pub was still serving food, and there was an area where diners were eating which seemed to be an island of calm in the midst of the chaos.

15 Jun 2008 09:50

The Fox Inn, Lutterworth

I believe the landlord has changed in last 6 months. Anyway, called in here on Saturday early evening recently. Although relatively quiet when we walked in, was busy by time we left one pint later. Good pint - if eating could be a bit of a squash as tables were close together

27 Apr 2008 11:14

The Little Angel, Whitby

A bit too bright for a Friday evening, but a good pint of Broadside.

17 Nov 2007 21:21

The Jolly Sailors Inn, Whitby

Must be the cheapest beer in Whitby. Apart from that, nothing notable

17 Nov 2007 21:20

The Black Horse Vaults, Whitby

Very busy on night we visited, hard to find a place to stand. Ended up next to the "soup pot" which was still switched on and still had something left in the bottom, and some nicely stale pieces of bread next to it. So I guess Sunday lunch will have been Turkey Casserole and Bread & Butter Pudding. Anyway, a good pint, and hard really to fault a place that was clearly doing storming business.

17 Nov 2007 21:06

The Resolution Hotel, Whitby

Agree with comments regarding decor. We did manage to find Old Speckled Hen hiding amongst the chrome lager and Tetley pumps, which was the saving grace.

17 Nov 2007 21:03

The Endeavour, Whitby

A little lacking in character, the beer was OK, but did not feel welcomed here.

17 Nov 2007 21:01

The Elsinore, Whitby

Years ago I worked in a Camerons pub during vacations. I cannot ever remember a pint of Strongarm as good as served in the Elsinore - on two different nights. The pub had a great atmosphere, and we found out why it was quiet in the other pubs on the Sunday as most of the pub goers were in the Elsinore listening to a pretty good rock band.

17 Nov 2007 20:59

The Wellington, Whitby

Unfortunately no one sat in bath of baked beans. That review was a hard to ignore invitation to visit this pub. On a very quiet Sunday night, this pub was burning its own hole in the ozone layer, every light that could be on, was, as well as the heating being turned up to high, and the music on the juke box/player was desparate.

17 Nov 2007 20:55

The Station Inn, Whitby

Echo comments made by others, this pub has an excellent, and wide ranging, selection of beers. In fact we enjoyed it so much, we went back again next evening, when we were bemused to see half the clientele dressed as pirates.

17 Nov 2007 20:51

Kitty Flynns, Cardiff

Good pint, and not bad - but slow to put back in seating after rugby match though, and toilets were dubious !

19 Nov 2006 19:52

The Model Inn, Cardiff

Visited on a Friday evening - and the place was in a sorry state trying to entice customers in with a Karaoke. 0/10 for atmosphere - but some interesting characters. Next day on match day (Wales v Pacific Islanders) walked past it and it was crammed full, so it cannot be all bad - or more likely it is a case of location, location, location.

19 Nov 2006 19:47

The Rummer Tavern, Cardiff

After a weekend in Cardiff drinking more than our fair share of every type of Brains beer we could find, thought we would welcome an alternative not serving Brains -but the HB beer on sale at the Rummer was not good. Pub itself OK

19 Nov 2006 19:44

The Cardiff Cottage, Cardiff

Well done on the smoking ban. Busy enough on a November Friday evening. As another poster says, pre-empts the ban, so better get used to it.

19 Nov 2006 19:40

Yard Bar and Kitchen, Cardiff

Visited The Yard on a match day - Wales against Pacific Islanders, and it was one of the more civilized places to have a pint before the match. Maybe it is soulless the rest of the time, but on match day it was buzzing nicely.

19 Nov 2006 19:37

Edwards, Cardiff

Wouldn't let us in because my mates' sawn off jeans (between knee and ankle) were deemed by Mensa champion bouncer as "shorts". No point arguing - plenty of other places to spend our money

19 Nov 2006 19:35

The Queens Vaults, Cardiff

Soulless - seems to want to try and please all and fails miserably

19 Nov 2006 19:33

Brendan O'Donnells, Douglas

Could not escape the horse racing. The one area which did not have the TV switched on, soon did have. Tended to dominate what was otherwise a welcome and well-served lunchtime pint

22 Nov 2005 18:46

The Falcons Nest Hotel, Port Erin

Busy on a Sunday lunchtime. Managed to get a table overlooking the bay. Carvery so good portions, other service a bit slow. Other than that, OK

22 Nov 2005 18:40

The Glue Pot (Castle Arms Hotel), Castletown

Two completely different experiences. Friday evening, buzzing. Sunday evening - we were only people ion place - apart from barstaff for about an hour

22 Nov 2005 18:34

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