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What can we do for you?

Below are details of the main services we offer.

Service Description Setup Price
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Standard account

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We create an account which allows you to login to your own personal admin area. You can then:
  • update your pub's details as often as you want,
  • update details of the facilities it has,
  • priority licensee support
  • write a description of up to 1000 characters (about 150 words), and
  • see all comments users have left about your pub, including those that don't appear on the public site.
Signing up for an account also activates a feature which allows users to send a message to you directly from the site by simply filling in a form.
FREE £11.95 £119.50
Please note: You can add any of the services below at anytime after you have signed up!
Jobs Advertise any vacancies you currently need to fill to users of this site. FREE FREE FREE
Occasions Promote your pub's plans for those special occasions - like Christmas, New Year's Eve, Mothers Day - for up to 4 weeks before the date. FREE FREE FREE
Events calendar Tell everyone what is happening in your pub, and when. Recurring events like quiz nights can be shown automatically every time they're going to happen.

[available soon]
Menus (standard) Show users what you've got to offer. Create an unlimited number of menus, choose any combination of 4 types (standard food menu, drinks menu, cocktails, wine list). Update your menus as often as you want. Choose from several default styles to suit your pub's image.

Our unique menu building system lets you create menus that can be indexed by search engines, without requiring you to write any HTML yourself.

Example wine list
Menu (premium) Same as the standard menu option above, but we create templates just for you from designs you choose - you can still update your own menus whenever you like, but they'll be styled exactly the way you want.

Example menu
£50 per template Free (standard menu account required) Free (standard menu account required)
What else can we do for you? If there's anything else you think we could do to help your business, just contact us and we'll be happy to give you a quote. We also offer discounts on multiple pubs! Prices exclude VAT. client signup: individual pub | group/chain pub