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Get your message across to potential and existing customers with a
BITE Licensee Account. Every week, over 250,000 different people use this site to find and talk about pubs and bars. You could be advertising directly to the people you want to reach!

Keep your customers informed...

We recognise that the details listed on BITE for a pub can, over time, become out of date as the facilities change. And if we haven't yet visited a pub, the details may be blank until we get there — and that could take a while. Not to mention the fact that until we visit a pub, or someone tells us about it, it won't appear on the site at all! Well we know that nobody gains anything from missing or out-of-date data, and that's why we now offer landlords and managers access to their pub page when they register with us.

Once registered you will be able to input and edit up to 150 words, as often as you want, about your venue. What you say will instantly appear on your pub page — positioned prominently by the photo, at the top of the page. Use it to mention quiz nights, race nights, sunday lunches, ... say anything you want, as often as you want! If we haven't got a photo of your pub yet, then you can give us one to put on the site. You can also add your Facebook and Twitter links!

(See the current list of pub facilities that we use on this site.)

... and let them inform you, too!

Not only can you keep your customers informed, but they'll be able to contact you too: as a registered pub, visitors will be able to leave private messages for you, contacting you directly when a public comment is unsuitable. Registration opens up a two-way channel of communication directly between you and your customers.

What will it look like?

Here are some of the pubs who have accounts already:


Access to this service will cost you just £59 per year, payable in advance. There is no obligation to renew your account each year. However, when your account expires you will not be able to update your pub page and links such as to your website, Facebook and Twitter will be hidden. You'll also miss out on our pub marketing tools! (such as events listings and others) For your benefit we run a renewal system with our payment processor. You can cancel (via a link at anytime you wish - no contracts, no letters, no reason, easy!)

Have more than one venue?

If you have more than one venue you wish to register with us then please get in touch. We offer an immediate 25% across all venues starting with just 2 venues! Contact us to find out more, here.

So how does it work?

When you register and your payment has been confirmed we will email you a login and password to our client area. From here, you can make any changes to your pub profile page.

How to register

If your pub is already featured on the site, click on the "Work here? Claim this business" link on the pub page. Then pay online (you will be transferred to our secure server to make your payment) and you can start using your account when we've verified your payment and emailed you your login details (usually sameday)

If your pub isn't on the site yet or you are having trouble finding it, just fill in the form and give us your pub details at the same time as you make payment. We'll email you for any details we need!

See the terms and conditions of this offer.

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