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Old Post Office, Chatham

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PS it''s now called the Thomas Wanker or something
baxterfish - 10 Sep 2017 18:22
Was lured here under false pretences as the beer guide didn''t mention it was a Wetherspoons and described it as having a wide range of Kent ale - there was one which in typical Wetherspoons fashion was ''available soon''. Only other beers were the usual suspects (GK IPA etc). There were only two members of staff serving a crowded pub - I waited 10 mins before walking out. It''s shit and has no place in the Good Beer Guide. The ''Prince of Wales'' over the road is much better but hardly great.
baxterfish - 10 Sep 2017 18:21
Now a JD Wetherspoon pub, which should mean a decent choice of beer and reasonably edible food. Nice and tidy, fairly busy for a weekday evening.
Hopefully, with decent door staff, they can start to weed out the morons of old as this part of town could do with a decent establishment.
Igwinder - 28 Jul 2016 15:35
This place has been closed for over a year.
SilkTork - 4 Oct 2014 16:13
all i can say is if ya cant find ya kids try looking in here. i stayed for an hour and not once did i see the staff i.d anyone... i know u cant always tell a persons age but come on have a little common sense. The toilets looked like they were regularly involved in a punch up and def not cleaned on a regular basis..... entertainment is available on a weekend but i wouldn't go out of my way to attend.... if i went here with a group of mates id feel like i was babysitting.. avoid if ya on the pull as ya might find ya self chatting up a minor....
Such a shame as i used to like this pub when it was the furkin
discodisco - 2 Apr 2011 13:01
The toilets are foul, yet the beer is OK, and is nice and quiet during the day, however can kick off in the evening
phonak - 17 Jan 2010 17:10
The Old Post Office baffles me. During the day it is absolutely dead aside from a few locals, passers by and pissheads. In the evening it is a little better, taking a leaf out of the Tap's book they now have different theme nights and cheap drink offers to boot, though again you still have a rather strange range of people, friendly bunch mind.
Fridays and Saturdays though are a different beast, probably the busiest bar in the high street area (though that isnt saying much) you get all sorts, good and bad. Mostly bad. The toilets are absolutely legendary, in that they seem to be almost always utterly destroyed, despite feeble attempts to fix them (it is as if the staff realise there is no point any more)
The staff tend to not stick around long, though once you become a regular it becomes apparent why, as there are only so many times you can get caught in a fight. That said the ones that have been there have been pretty nice, sometimes even quite friendly, though you get the odd moody one. Just don't get attatched.

With all the negativity though, the Old Postie still provides a good night out, christ knows how or why it just seems to manage it. That doesn't make up for the terrible beer quality however, and the fact that they always seem to run out of whatever they do sell.

Would be a great pub if they got consistent and down to earth door staff who dont act like it is their divine right to let you enter, cleaned their pipes and tidied the place up a bit.

And make the toilets bullet proof.
Beergod85 - 7 Jan 2010 19:04
A pub that has been poor since it was converted into a pub.

Many reasons - a) it is almost completely empty during the day apart from a handful of casual drinkers where it is very dark inside and the staff seem disinterested b) The toilets are legendary in the area - not only are doors, toilet roll holders, mirrors always broken and hanging off, the floor is always covered in urine night and day and people regulary actually take apart the BRICKWORK inside, physically knocking them out, damaging the walls to near destruction and leaving the remnants on the floor. Never seen anything like it. c) it is always very dead at weekends, particulary towards the end of the evening. d) Although the bar staff are generally ok, the doormen are of a very poor standard. e) it is a chain pub with no imagination, style or atmosphere.

Overall, is cheap but throughly below average chain pub. There is no real point in visiting.

Dunmall - 2 Jan 2009 04:38
This pub seems to be a pub for squaddies. Which would be a great thing, if at the weekend they didn't want to fight random people. During the day it's a great pub, at night it's sort of not a pub I'd like to stay in.
xkasabianx - 5 Oct 2008 18:56
no ales, no ciders, just lager, no juke box, no atomosphere. yuck.
Mattclary - 20 Dec 2007 11:57
The toilets are indeed disgusting. Bit of a drinking barn, but nice and cheap with a million TV screens. Would rather go midweek, than when there are bouncers on the door.
Trabbs_Boy - 16 Dec 2007 21:22
Very friendly staff and cleaner then it used to be, shame the toilets are still disgusting though. Food served all day which is a pleasent change also.
gandalf71 - 30 Nov 2007 00:29
Great pub. Best its ever looked, must of been a new manager - worth a look
Tyson1973 - 7 Sep 2007 00:28
I have been going to this pub for quite a while now and i reckon its the best pub in chatham.
The drinks are cheap and have a good range of drinks.
Food is served every day(until 9pm i think)with daily deals such as a curry and a drink or a beer & burger deal. The food is quite good and at a reasonable price.
The leather sofas are really comfortable.
The staff are really friendly and provide a great atmosphere.
Its good for a quite drink as well as a group drinking session...
inyanga - 13 Jul 2007 11:43
Agree with the previous comment re: music, but the weekend door staff are very friendly. This place comes into its own on a weekday evening or in the afternoon - it's ideal for a couple of quiet, cheap pints on the comfy leather sofas with a few friends. If you're not a footy fan, avoid it if there's a match on - Sky Sports football on the numerous screens.
anonymous - 18 Feb 2007 11:21
Never been here during the day or on weekday evenings, but go occasionally on Saturday nights. In all truthfulness, I can't see anything wrong with it. The bouncers seem okay; the drink is reasonably priced and I havenít witnessed any trouble. The music isnít too good though and is a too loud. There is a dance floor of sorts, but thereís no need to go into that.
HTM69 - 26 May 2006 19:47
This used to be a Firkin pub and served good cask ales and decent food. It was always busy, attracting a wide range of people. Now it is a keg only bar and no longer serves food. Pictures, plants and all other forms of decoration have been removed to be replaced with promotional posters and something like twenty tv screens. The place is dirty, loud and uncomfortable. Yet it is still very popular. The age of the customers is mainly teenage, though several older males like to hang around. The brown leather sofas are popular.
SilkTork - 22 Feb 2006 18:22
Large pub in centre of town with pool table and dancefloor area, one of the livelier places to go for young people and old men it seems.

Cheap drinks and not a bad atmosphere, just a little bit grotty in terms of decor.

Good if going out as a group for the night.
anonymous - 13 Feb 2006 13:23
Average big pub, but one of the only ones worth a visit in Chatham. Why is all the nightlife so shit in Kent!!
lwk198 - 26 Sep 2005 16:29
The best pub in Chatham! Youíre sure to have a good laugh me and my mates have been going to this pub now for a couple of weekends in row and it just so happens are mate have got the job as the DJ now! So the dance floor is always packed! The bouncers are fair but are ready incase anything kicks off! Thereís a pool table and large brown leather sofa to relax on. I would recommend checking this pub out!
pisshead04 - 11 Feb 2005 13:41
The best pub in Chatham!ive been to so far. Youíre sure to have a good laugh me and my mates have been going to this pub now for a couple of weekends in row and it just so happens are mate has got the job as the DJ now! So the dance floor is always packed! The bouncers are fair but are ready incase anything kicks off! Thereís a pool table and large brown leather sofa to relax on. I would recommend checking this pub out!

anonymous - 11 Feb 2005 13:38
I used to work in this pub for a short time. It had a great atmoshere and the dress code issue has been sorted out. The staff are great, by far the best being the wonderful Sherbet Sparky Dibdab.
Chi Chi - 13 Oct 2004 17:29
i have found it to be a very good weekend pub, has a very large out look, with beer garden, Entertainment runs from thursday to saturday. now thay have two lovely bouncers on the door Billy & Toby, to keep all the local trouble makers out, which boyz ur doing a great job.
Thursdays there is a karaoke run by two young ladies (karen & mich), which seem to play music from 50's - now time. thay seem to bring in a large crowed of singers this starts at 8-11pm, Fridays and saturday thay have DJ's on but one seems to only play what he wants to listen to (ben), put a request in and get ur song played two hours later. Staff are great but some thing has to be done with the dress code with the local old alkies. its a put off with them stare at u all night. it seems to be a all ages pub........
karen - 29 Sep 2004 13:24

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