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Old Post Office, Chatham

all i can say is if ya cant find ya kids try looking in here. i stayed for an hour and not once did i see the staff i.d anyone... i know u cant always tell a persons age but come on have a little common sense. The toilets looked like they were regularly involved in a punch up and def not cleaned on a regular basis..... entertainment is available on a weekend but i wouldn't go out of my way to attend.... if i went here with a group of mates id feel like i was babysitting.. avoid if ya on the pull as ya might find ya self chatting up a minor....
Such a shame as i used to like this pub when it was the furkin

2 Apr 2011 13:01

The Prince of Wales, Chatham

very much a sports bar, ideal if thats what ya like but a no no if ya have children as they will not be allowed in. there is a wide range of food available and the prices are reasonable... ideal for a meeting place before moving on. not the type of place id stay all day as there just not enough atmosphere everyone stays in there own little groups. Id say it more of a mans pub... there is security on the door in the evening, i know they there for a reason but some of the comments i heard them saying just were not appropriate especially when working... clean and tidy but not for me, ill be sticking to the other end of town from now on

2 Apr 2011 12:50

The Portland Vase, Chatham

out of all the pubs i visited id say this was 1 of the worst.... it dont open til the afternoon which cant be good for business, there was only 3 people in the when i was. dont know who the current landlord is but they have got some serious work to do to bring up to the standard of the more central pubs.. admittidly this is a back street boozer but still it could be better. the toilets were the biggest let down i didnt know if to pee in the facilities provided or just do it on the floor as the smell of urine was over powering. They might wanna tell the cleaner to apply a bit of bleach in there

2 Apr 2011 12:40

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