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Username: Dunmall

Age: 49

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Dragon Inn, Weston Super Mare

Not the busiest Wetherspoons around but it seems to take an absolute age to be served with the bar staff seemingly having no concept of who was next.

Also had food ordering difficulties - no meal was served after 45 minutes and when asked, was told that it had been sent to the incorrect table and that it would be another 15 minutes.

Food and Beer was the samem below average but cheap Wetherspoons Fayre. Atmosphere was better than the average Wetherspoon but still nothing special

24 Sep 2010 03:15

The Three Mariners, Rainham

A friendly pub which has had and maintained a good reputation for many years.

Very cosy and welcoming if a little out of the way, it is very traditional in style and has a friendly atmosphere. The staff seem to have time for people and the beer and food is of good quality; they really make an effort with this place and it shows.

It used to have Karaoke (and may still do) on a Tuesday which had been running for about 18 years there and is great for a decent night out.

Overall, worth making the effort to get there and you will probably want to go back. The owners deserve a lot of credit.

18 Jan 2009 11:20

Manor Farm, Rainham

A very average pub which focuses heavily on (poor) food.

The low-lit decor inside is your average Beefeater fayre with some character in fairness. The atmosphere is ok without being anything exceptional, largely due to the fact that most people are eating.

The worst thing is the staff. Unfriendly, rude and largely unhelpful - the place is full of acne ridden teenagers who flap around and often argue with each other in front of paying customers which certainly doesn't help things along.

People seem to be resigned to the fact that Rainham has a poor reputation when it comes to pubs in so far as that they have few and are generally of poor quality so it appears they head here as a "safe bet", even though it is of a low standard.

Overall, not worth it at all. The food and atmosphere are way below average and the staff are some of the worst in the area in my humble opinion. Take a train out of Rainham and visit another town with much more strength in depth.

18 Jan 2009 11:14

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