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Ebury Brasserie and Dining Room, Belgravia

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user reviews of the Ebury Brasserie and Dining Room, Belgravia

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I can remember when this used to be a pub (albeit not a particularly good one)
anonymous - 13 May 2011 21:26
Overpriced. Poor beer. Full of idiots who know nothing. However the food was superb.
nickyboi45 - 6 Dec 2010 20:36
This place is way past its sell by date... fully expect the impending reopening of the old orange brewery to put a stake through this sickly joints heart....
Todeva75 - 28 Jul 2009 23:26
This isn't a pub; its a restaurant with a bar in an old pub. Its inclusion on BITE is dubious
Planner_21 - 12 Dec 2006 21:11
They're onto a fast one here:

Starter £5
Main £16.95
Pud £5.50
Total £27.45

Set meal for 3 courses = £29.95.

You do the maths.
Cleversaz - 28 Nov 2006 17:11
Good lord. I'm just glad that last night’s dinner was on the company cos you wouldn't catch me paying £30 for the three course set meal. Admittedly the steak was delicious but the sole piece of potato (not even a whole one cos it’d been pointlessly ‘shaped’) and the three small shallots that accompanied it did not come close to justifying its price tag. But the piece de résistance was the starter. ‘Baby Gem Salad in Vinaigrette with Shallots’ was on the menu, shame about their superfluous use of the term ‘salad’ here – what actually arrived was two pieces of baby gem lettuce, I’m guessing about a quarter of a one in total, with about 6 or 7 very, very thin shallot rings and the slightest drizzle of vinaigrette. To serve such a pointless dish as a starter is seriously taking the piss – even for the pretentious sloanie ponies who seemed to make up most of its clientele. Vinaigrette aside, it wouldn’t even constitute a rabbit’s dinner. And because it was so plain, it wasn’t even nice. Just a piece of lettuce with a bit of vinegar chucked on it? Mmm-mmmm – my taste buds are tingling.

One of the waiters gave the distinct impression that we weren’t good enough to be there and served us with an air of hostility that seemed to begrudge our presence. And watch out for the obligatory 12.5% service charge that will be added to your bill. They use the word ‘discretionary’ but they clearly don’t know what this actually means – I suspect because their grasp of the English language is, at best, basic.

The food here is a splendid example of rip-off Britain, charging way, way over the odds for inadequate food in an attempt to look posh and expensive. The poorest excuse for a salad in the history of the world had a cost price of approximately 25p. Taking the piss. Check out the Salisbury Tavern in Fulham for a great example of how fancy, expensive food can also be tasty and filling. I have no objections to paying for excellent quality but The Ebury falls very short of the mark.

It seems to have been swallowed up by its location. It tries too hard and as a result, is pretentious, unwelcoming and actually something of a joke. The sofas are comfy tho and the decor’s nice. But if I ever see if again, it will be from the street in passing.

Cleversaz - 28 Nov 2006 13:02
Was in here last night (mid August).
Ordered 4 cocktails (2, twice). Waiting some 15 minutes for the two Aussie lads to make them - a mojito and a margarita. I accept that one lad was clearly having his first "experience" of working a bar and was learning the ropes, but the efforts of his more experienced mate were not very good - ice had melted by the time it was poured.

Second visit to bar saw girl with limited Englsih make a siilar hash of my mojito fruit salad - as it appeared.

Will go again, but will worry how the service will be on a more busy night.

lolwood32 - 23 Aug 2006 13:38
Great atomosphere at The Ebury - perfect for an afterwork bevvy. Love the decor. Staff are friendly and helpful. Definitely recommended.
Adam - 10 Jul 2004 14:30
This is not a pub. Developers seem to think that by sticking a bar in a restaurant, they can refer to it as a "gastro pub", tempting the likes of me into them. Yes, it looks like a pub and they do serve beer at the bar, but the prices...£13.75 for a trout fish cake - and that really is all we got. One solitary fishcake with some garnish. All great if you fancy haemorrhaging some cash, but if like most of us you eat in a pub to avoid spending £50 per head,you might like to try somewhere a little more genuine and less pretentious. Oh yes, the service is lousy, the furniture uncomfortable and the lighting awful. But amazingly, it still gets busy. Which makes it even worse!!
Jon - 29 May 2004 18:13
Over priced,rude staff,you need a swiss bank account to eat here.I was given a corked bottle of wine.When i went to complain i was told it was me who was wrong.Thanks but no thanks i wont be back!
melvin - 25 Apr 2004 20:54
For the second time in my life I refused to pay a serice charge. We got off to a bad start with me asking if the "fresh prawns" had ever been frozen. I was told they were fresh but nobody could assure me that they had never been frozen, including the manager who took our order. He said he would check but we never saw him again. At £10 for a starter I would have appreciated that assurance. I ordered rib eye stak at £16. What followed resembled the Fawlty Towers episode where a litany of complaints is followed by Basil saying
"But apart from ............................................................................................................... is everything else alright. The plate was cold which resulted in the sauce being congealed and the meat and veg being extremely unappetising. The ribeye I buy from Waitrose was far better. The waitress asked how everything was and when she was informed quoted Basil "But apart from that..................................
Why they ask when they so obviously don't want to know, nwver mind do anything about it beats me. My usual rule when I am unhappy with a restaurant is not to reply until I am asked at least twice, and then to give my honest opinion and just not return.
Go to Poule au Pot just across the road where you are made to feel your custom is welcome, the food is infinitely superior and about half the price.

The only thing that would bring me back to the Ebury was the excellent pannacotta or a severe attack of amnesia.
Tom Halpin - 2 Mar 2004 12:07
Went for a lazy Sunday afternoon lunch, and it was all I would expect of a 'gastropub' - thought the food was excellent (downstairs) and not extortionate, and the service was fine, in contrast to some comments below.

It is a fair point to say that I would not bother to got there just for a drink, though as the allocated bar area, though nicely upholstered, is far too small and would be a mare on a busy evening
Alex - 10 Feb 2004 12:55
Don't go here unless you want to eat. The space for non-diners is miniscule and the staff unfriendly. Even given its location it is spectacularly expensive. One to miss.
Clare - 1 Feb 2004 20:35
This is a really nice place. It doesn't deserve the name 'pub', as the management have aimed for something altogether more classy and sophisticated.

Like its sister establishments, such as the Waterway in Maida Vale, the owners have taken a rather run-down location (as attested to by the much earlier comments on this site) and transformed it totally into an upmarket, pleasant place to take someone for a drink. While the choice of beers may leave a little to be desired, the wine list is very full, presenting a wide range of the world's better bottles.

I have eaten at the Ebury on two occasions, and have found the dishes to be delicious twice. After waiting a little time for the food to appear it is nice to discover that the old addage that 'good food takes time to prepare' still holds true. The new chefs have put together a menu that appears deceptively simple and traditional, but if you try something, you will taste the difference between this and other equally priced establishments.

£10/12 for a main course downstairs in the brasserie does not warrant, I hope, a need to remortgage your house, as suggested by a previous commentator on this site. If you venture to the upstairs dining room you will find an excellent 3 course menu set at an inoffensive £30 in the evenings and a very economical £20 at lunchtime.

The decor inside is tasteful and the lighting very artistic. Almost as artistic as the service, which I have not found fault with on my visits. The staff are both friendly and helpful.

Highly recommended.
A John - 1 Feb 2004 19:47
Have been twice now and really like it. The food was very good on both occasions but as a non meat eater there is very little choice, apart from goats cheese salad! Can you put some more non meat items on the menu please. The service is very friendly but I have to say that it is not efficient! I do understand that you are fairly new and maybe still getting organised, but it could be so much better.
Kathy - 29 Jan 2004 12:15
Went into this place just after 8pm on Friday. Waited 25 minutes to get served, gave up and left. Given the disappointing experiences I've had at this place the past couple of times I've been there, I'll think very hard before going back.

This place is ridiculously expensive, the staff are rude and too few in number (service at the bar is shockingly bad) and they don't keep their beer at all well.

If it were possible to give a pub a negative rating, this place would get -4. Avoid.
anonymous - 20 Jan 2004 13:01
I think it's inappropriate to classify this as a pub - it's more a wine bar/brasserie and as such perfectly fine. The ambience is pleasant for those of us who are not pub/beer drinkers, the food, particularly at lunch was excellent and on the two occasions I have been I could not fault the service, apart from the need to get a side door opened to allow a wheelchair user access (and the fact that the upstairs restaurant is inaccessible to wheelchair users - a common grievance.) If you want a beery pub, this is no longer the case. If you want a civilised meal and drink, then you will find it here.
Sue - 13 Jan 2004 19:50
I didn't go in the last time I was neer - but if I'd time I would have. It looks really good (well expensive and posh) with an excellent sounding menu. It's not really a pub any more, at least not the sort you'd drop into for a night on the beer, but looks like somewhere you go for an impressive night.
paul - 6 Dec 2003 17:08
This place amongst it's sister pubs was described in the Evening Standard magazine last week as a "superior gastropub".

I can't comment on the "gastro" part of that description, as I haven't had chance to re-mortgage to be able to eat there. As a "pub" however, this place is shockingly bad. The service is slow and unfriendly, the beer is poor (all tasteless lager, and particularly tasteless tasteless lager at that) and the prices are ridiculously expensive.

It's obviously had a fortune spent on it during it's recent refurbishment, but it still looks tacky, and you feel like you're drinking in a goldfish bowl.

Not recommended. There's better places to drink nearby.
mike - 23 Oct 2003 11:42
The Ebury Arms has now reopened as the 'Ebury'.
ChrisA - 26 Sep 2003 21:58
There was a reasonable sized function room upstairs.

Above them, I think there may be some flats because there was a big "don't post anything through here, post it through the side door" notice on the front door of the pub. Not 100% sure though.
mike - 8 Jan 2003 00:11
Anyone know what the upstairs part was - accommodation for the landlord?
paul - 7 Jan 2003 19:53
Agree with the previous comment - this pub was an absolute hole when it was open, and it's better that it's closed now. However, the pub itself has so much potential - given a good refurbishment it could be great.
mike - 7 Jan 2003 19:31
i live opposite this pub and the critical comment is justified. It's gone from bad to worse and has now closed. yet someone could turn it into somewhere good.

my favourite night was annes leaving do when everyone helped themselves to spirits from behind the bar.

r - 30 Nov 2002 00:32
I used to live very close to this place - only went in it twice in three years, just to see what it was like.
paul - 11 Nov 2002 17:52
rating upped from 3 to 4 now that its closed, a definite improvement.
Darren - 11 Nov 2002 17:26
NEVER saw more than about 3 people in that place.
A worryingly deserted establishment,complete with IRA grafitti in the toilets!!
What a shit hole.

Max - 29 Aug 2002 23:57

got anything to say about this pub?

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