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Kings Arms, Hanwell

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Tuesday night was a first visit for me to this pub on the main Uxbridge Road. It now stocks a range of craft beers, in addition to a solitary real ale, which was Sambrook's APA. It's a fairly spacious pub, with a number of screens showing live football. There's several better pubs in the area.
blue_scrumpy - 6 Oct 2019 11:10
This is heaven's waiting room.
durrant - 15 Jul 2013 13:20
holy fuck how are pubs like this still going
newirish - 21 Jul 2012 20:47
formworker123 - 1 Sep 2011 12:05
When I was a kid, my dad Noel took me here a lot. It was alright, as a kid it was nothing special. Well its been though quite a lot of mangers since 1996 (when I first went) The place has never really changed. Though was closed down for a month to re furbish the place. A few new seats and new tables, and well nothing else really changed. the bar staff shifted over and they ripped out a row of seats. I think itís a one day job but hell thatís not whats important.

OK well I started drinking back there again, itsÖ actually quite boring and mundane for an Irish pub. Dark and has a strange feel to the place.
Its now owned by another local pub FLYNNS! Which again isnít a good pub, but Iíll explain that in another review.
The beer isnít that great, its always got that fizzy! Tonicy taste to it, on just the 1664ís and caslberg, I wouldnít mind if it was a cheep pint but its on the 3quid mark sometimes more sometimes less but Iíd say a tenner might see you for 3 drinks maybe.
The one staff member is ok, Only because I know her anyway, but the main barlass is unfriendly and just sits and chats with the regulars even when shes meant to be serving.
Its the RACING or at the races on the telly 24/7 or if your really lucky (sarcasm Ö..) a Irish football game on from two teams you have never heard of.
Now Iím London Irish and LOVE Irish pubs believe me just this one can be, waiting for the pearly gates. The ďmortuaryĒ comment is so true. It even smells that way.

Thereís a lot of OLD grumpy people there, quite If your not a local or not the son of a local GET out feel to it.
The beers are quite flat and a pint of Gunniess is such a gamble I mean I have had maybe 12 out of 22 pints that where actually pretty darn good.
Ok well its quite a critical review now so Iíll try and shine a tad of light on this dungeon.
Well if your into Irish folk, (saw doctors, Christy Moore, Galway girl) kind of music and some Irish country THEN maybe its pretty good, I like it. Sunday 7pm till 9 which reallllly is such a strange time for a pub.
Thereís sometimes lock-inís they stop serving when everybody is gone sometimes, Thatís a good thing I believe. If you are fella with your girlfriend and sheís aged between 18 too 4 I would say donít take her as youíd get 60year old Irish drunks drooling and staring and barging into you.

Personally I wouldnít recommend this pub, if your not a local. If you are then maybe you will be ok. I found myself watching my back after a few times, as the stairs and comments started flooded in.
Beer is poor, the price is HIGH, its not the cleanest pub, the atmosphere isnít that great.

Iíd say over the years this place has really gone down hill, the locals like it and thatís who they cater for. Even though itís a massive pub 3 bars with so much potential it wont ever be a good pub until its 100% new!
If weather spoons was to buy it it be a great watering hole.

Sadly no at great review for this pub but Alice Draven ha spoken and donít think Iíd want to go back if I can help it.

AliceDraven - 14 Mar 2011 20:21
Now Under new management. All done up inside and out ,, Beer good friendly locals ,, and a lot brighter now.
Boaby - 2 Sep 2010 17:11
littlejackhorner - 14 Oct 2009 18:41
littlejackhorner - 14 Oct 2009 18:37
This pub is a hole. Full stop. Why any self-respecting person would drink here is beyond me. Actually, only the dregs of humanity do.
tate - 11 Oct 2009 15:21
This is like heavens waiting room everyone looks like they are going to die. I would rather drink in a mortury
user2933 - 11 Jun 2008 16:57
Beer is terrible, interior smells and the service is as unfriendly as the clientale. I can't work out why they bothered rebuilding it in 1930.
jgill49723 - 25 Feb 2008 17:55
The Kings Arms is an old mans pub. It is shabby and dark and always looks like it could do with a bit of a dusting.

My overriding memory of visiting the pub during the day is the theme tune to "At the Races" - I am getting a bit depressed thinking about it right now.

The good thing about the pub is the people in there though. A great bunch of regulars (mainly irish and scottish) but quite a few old grumps as well.

EskimoJoe - 4 Jun 2007 15:35
Not a friendly boozer. If you are not a local face expect to be constantly stared at and "accidently" bumped into.
kowalski1 - 23 May 2007 16:25
nice friendly pub gorgeous landlady called kaffy a real stunner...beers good and a warm welcome
tommytucker - 7 Apr 2007 09:37
On the CAMRA National Inventory for its interior but unfortunately that is no guide as to how good the pub is. Also as it's been painted pink according to the picture above maybe its status on the Inventory is in question as well. Looked in there once but decided not to bother.
anonymous - 29 Oct 2006 07:25
The John Smith and guinness are genraly verry good. But the larger's are lifeless moast of the time,
Hot toddys are good,
Good staff, A gook clean pub!
jay - 13 Sep 2004 19:02
Having visited this pub a on a fairly regualr basis I would say the quality of the beer has deterioated a lot in the a lot 6 months.During weekend sporting events it is very noticeable.Eg No Life/Flat/ Fosters which is clearly not the amber nectar. Also Inferior tasting Guinness.It used to be a good quality old fashioned pub.My work colleagues and I now tend to avoid Friday & Sunday because they can be very slow to clean your table and sometimes have a don'tcare lazy service.Staff don't appear to have the imagination to switch off the televison and big screen which is often on a high volume and nobody is watching it.It has a loyal following of Irish customers.They seem happy to accept the below quality beer which is a pity.
A&P - 7 Sep 2004 01:20
Ordinary old fashioned pub.
Nothing special at all, but the beer was okay.
jane - 17 May 2004 09:56

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