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Feathers, Merstham

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Dining Pub... lunch time specials (not on weekends), standard pub fayre.

High number of real ales on and I asked for a sample of an Eton and Windsor ale. It wasn't good.

Stuck to peroni.

One of those places where you know exactly what you are going to get.

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Mappiman - 17 Jun 2018 11:29
Standard kind of pub though you can feel a bit of a spare part if not at a table. The Harveys Bitter was surprisingly drinkable.
anonymous - 28 Jan 2018 15:03
Closing soon - for major refurbishment.
wealdman - 20 Jan 2018 08:08
Nothing good about this pub. Stupid car park charging system, poor beer, disappointing food, uninterested staff, worn out interior. No going back.
JBanana - 31 Aug 2017 15:56
The last post, but one (eric) - is the accurate one. Avoid!
wealdman - 5 Oct 2016 14:10
Just over the road from the Railway the Feathers looks a lot more inviting from the outside & is a lovely pub internally.

Art nouveau fireplaces, old period furniture this pub looks like it has plenty of age to it but I couldn’t find out actually how old it is.

The bar had 5 hand pumps but annoyingly only 2 ales were on which were GK IPA and Sharps Doom Bar. The pint of IPA I had was drinkable but not that great.

A separate food area to the left of the bar with bar meals served all across the pub. The food looked good but I have no idea on price.

Large garden area to the side by the main road with benches and umbrella’s.

A pretty decent pub but I wish the ale choice on my visit was a bit more adventurous.

lezford - 11 Sep 2015 15:16
Discovering that The Railway does not currently have a kitchen, we decided against our better judgement to try The Feathers (previous visit see below). A bad move, kitchen staff trying to sort out the beer, queues at the bar, bored looking customers and the all pervading smell from the toilets. We made a rapid exit to find food and beer elsewhere.
If you thought this pub could not get any worse, think again.
ericstadd - 16 Nov 2013 22:41
OK, Geofff, the pub has a Pay and Display car park. Not too unusual - get over it.
tempest - 24 Oct 2013 12:50
They protect their car park with pay & a display machine, but their car park is near empty evenings & weekends

On a rainy Sunday evening, I was told after 10 minute wait they had no influence to stop the tow team they employ from visiting outside of commuting times.

Back to machine, but did not have right change in pocket or in car,

Back to wait at bar for change for their machine.

Faced the rain again to extract a ticket from the machine.

Back to the car to display it

Dripped at the bar for another 10 minute wait to get the cash refunded.

Judging by the empty car park, other customers agree it's not worth the effort if you are just dropping in for a passing pint.
geofff - 24 Oct 2013 12:38
Nice ancient pub, but staff so bad it's an entertainment. Huge waits at an empty bar. We agreed a crack specialist team have probably been brought in to try & close it for a housing development? After 2nd choice of beer offered came back 'sorry empty', resorted to asking for any beer-like liquid.

Next visit; Supervisor could not see my point that taking my touch card away to the till to be touch processed by her without even a printed receipt meant the customer had no idea what just got charged to his card.

Next visit; the only alternative to the vinegared beer was also returned as it was far worse.

Next visit; huge entertainment when a large table in empty restaurant found that most off the food just ordered was 'off'. We were looking for the comedy-show cameras, when the staff kept returning to say the replacement food & vegetables were also off. (More entertaining than the Python's 'do you have any cheese' sketch)

Next visit; Ever seen bar staff take your coins, and then thoughtfully wipe your beer froth level with a finger swipe. Me neither until this pub. Come along you'll be hugely entertained.

geofff - 24 Oct 2013 12:21
Weird pub, a lot of people from the local 'estate' seem to go there. Bar staff seem more interested in chatting up the local bar-flies than serving people. They can't seem to keep the beer properly, IPA, Doom Bar and London Pride all under-par. No atmosphere, lights far too bright. Sad place.... and pay to park in the car park!!
mhartes - 28 Jul 2013 23:34
Doom Bar tastes disgusting, what do they do with it !!
Miserable bar staff and bad service
mhartes - 14 May 2013 07:17
Had Sunday lunch the week after Mother's Day with our Mum's. The beer was excellent, the staff were attentive & friendly and the food was amazing. Downside was that the pub was cold but this was sorted when we asked for the heating to be turned on. I used to go this pub years ago and it has changed for the better
lolo9801 - 9 Apr 2013 17:49
One of those pubs that rarely seems to live up to its potential. A good mix of ages albeit self-segregated into different areas. Although the beer choice was decent enough, it was not kept especially well. Doom Bar and Ringwood Old Thumper were both a bit disappointing. Staff were plentiful but did not engage well with customers or, to be frank, show much nous. The location and the physical pub itself are positives, with an interesting interior and a sensible use of space. Probably best described as a fair place to meet up locally or to come as a large group, but do not travel here in hope or expect too much.
richythemole - 17 Nov 2012 17:50
Now refurbished and relaunched last night. If you were disappointed in the past, give The Feathers another try because the new management have thankfully saved this pub. The beer at the relaunch party last night had none of the horrid "caramel" taste that has plagued the Feathers for years (regardless of what beer you ordered) and in the end, forced us to drink elsewhere. I personally haven't tried the food since the bad old days but the food I've seen arriving on people's plates recently looks excellent. Also, now well-placed screens for Sky Sports etc. Well done to the new management.
clingonpig - 8 Nov 2011 16:00
I popped in for a quick pint on a Sunday afternoon after watching a football game nearby and was quite impressed. Nice enough interior, reasonable choice of beers (the ales were London Pride, Bombardier, doom Bar and something I've now forgotten), I had a couple of good pints of Doom Bar and there were TVs showing a Premier League game and the England test cricket match. It's not absolutely fantastic but it (combined with the pleasure of watching England destroy India) was good enough for me to decide to get a later train home to have another pint. Definitely worth a visit if your in the area.
ArgyleEd - 30 Aug 2011 23:28
Called in here after a Sunday afternoon walk across the Downs from Coulsdon. The attractive looking pub (apparently 17th century building but looks like it was restored in the late 19th c. or so) has a pleasant, roomy interior.

TV on showing sport, plus piped music on at low volume; both unobtrusive. Service was efficient and friendly.

Three ales available (London Pride, Bombardier and Marston's Pedigree). My companion and I had London Pride and Marston's and both were excellent.

Both food and drink were surprisingly cheap (food seemed not far above Wetherspoon's prices; portions generous but Sunday roast a bit overcooked).
beermann - 15 Aug 2011 15:14
Good news as this pub is at last under new and competent management, which in turn has heralded the return of its regulars. Staff are good and friendly and it seems to have a better atmosphere. Time will tell but already the beer tastes fine, there is now cleanliness and hygiene, food is served before you expire and the garden is now free of litter and dog mess.
alcohol1c_anonymous - 28 Jul 2011 21:33
The staff in here are too young and inexperienced to know one beer from another; not their fault as the management has not trained them to do anything but push the buttons.
Colourshifter - 2 Jul 2011 17:10
In here while the wedding is on. Spacious old coaching inn. Pedigree, Bombardier, Marstons Royal Union and a turned around Adnams Bitter. Old Rosie on draught too. Seems ok to me.
GuideDogSaint - 29 Apr 2011 12:21
Well, well, well....almost another year has gone by and the place is now even worse! It did have a slightly jollier atmosphere but I wiondered why as the beer was soooo awful. A wheatbeer was just acceptable but the (very pleasant) barmaid did not know it should be cloudy but marks for the proper glass. My second drink...the wheatbeer was "off".... looked like mud..I pointed out that whilst a wheatbeer should be cloudy a lager should be clear! I was going to add more but am not wasting any more time....please somebody help this potentially good pub before it dies. P.s. If the manager sees this...hint...clean your beerlines weekly not annually. Makes you wonder about the kitchen!
Insearchofthebestpint - 5 Mar 2011 15:10
Arrived here yesterday lunchtime, a nice sunday catch up with the girls, place was cold, dirty and expensive. Food average and took 35 minutes for a sunday roast x 4 to arrive, then two went back because the meat was raw in places.
Ruined our afternoon, very poor customer service. Don't know if the boy serving was new but he didn't have a clue, waited a very long time at the bar, it wasn't even busy.
After reading the previous quotes The Feathers really does seem to be in trouble. Terrible shame really to allow it to fall by the wayside.
Clairesuzy66 - 18 Oct 2010 13:57
After reading the last few reviews, it is quite clear this pub has had it's day.
Do not waste your money here, you receive little welcome and even less food !
I must agree with what previous people have said. I left hungry after my last visit, and no apology for the lack of customer care.
Expensive, slow service, dirty tables, unknowledgeable staff and NO food.
Butterfly10 - 14 Oct 2010 22:22
After a few enjoyable meals and times over the past few years, the pub has gone seriously downhill fast. Staff are slow and seem un-interested, have to wait an age to get served as usually bar only staffed by one person. In the three recent visits for Sunday lunch over the past 5 weeks, we did not manage to eat once! Despite asking if the meals were available when ordering and paying, took 10 minutes to come over and tell us that they did not have the roast dinners or sorry we have run out of vegetables! Unbelievable! 3 times! Staff then were unsure how to give us a refund! We left vowing that was our last visit to this once quiet, pleasant, clean, friendly, inviting pub.. such a shame it has ended up this way...
cardriver - 14 Oct 2010 21:32
Well there you go.... Who employs the people running it in to the ground?
I wouldn't. If I ran my dept like they run their kitchen I would be living in a box !

What nonsense.
greenfairyreturns - 12 Oct 2010 00:19

Too right. No bitter No Pernod Didn't know what aIrish coffee was, My mrs asked for 3 glasses of white before they had one. Idiots.
Wanted Nachos didn't have any sour cream or cheese.
Didn't have any ICE OR LIME. Some bloke wearing flip flops walks around doing nothing really, is that the manager?? Give it a serious wide berth Oh yea waited 50 mins for a burger that was so salty couldn't eat it, sent it back and got told thats what seasoning is. They are having a laugh at us.
givemeapintplease - 11 Oct 2010 23:46
Well hello there greenfairyreturns!

I loved this pub....NOT ANYMORE.

In simple terms I totally agree with you.....AWFUL my last visit was and I left also without eating, I also paid and was waiting for our meals, even had our cutlery brought over, then the young lad serving wanders over and informs us they only have one of what we ordered, three of us had ordered the same. It seems the cook cannot count!! Still he was hiding out in the kitchen.
No apology, no manager avaliable.

Waste of effort even thinking of returning....What has happened!!!?

And insearchofthebestpint.......the chance to eat would be a fine thing!

greenfairy1 - 11 Oct 2010 22:04
Oh dear where do I start....
After many happy evenings here I shall never return!
Disappointment is not the word, three times we have left without even eating, because they don't even have what we have ordered, only to tell us when we have paid and almost finished our drink.
Not to mention you wait a good 10 mins to be served in the first place.
One member of staff swans around without a care in the world, this could be the "chef" and we use the word loosely. Maybe if he spent less time propping up the bar drinking and more time ordering food in so his diners didn't have to go elsewhere, this once lovely pub could flourish.
Fresh blood needed me thinks......
greenfairyreturns - 11 Oct 2010 14:10
Ooops poor speling (sic) how embarrassing! Green fairy1...still eating?
Insearchofthebestpint - 11 Jun 2010 22:45
Dropped in again.,,.is it really over a year since my last comment..have been here in between but..this slow service...wheatbeer just acceptable but the Leffe was cloudy with lumps in it..tasted apology from the manageress who was more concerned in shovelling food into the embarassment of the (only) barperson....really really want this pub to get sorted....such potential...such disappointment, again.
Insearchofthebestpint - 11 Jun 2010 22:38
Been here a few times over the last few months, and this is the only pub I would happily come in to alone as a woman, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, nice seating, comfy sofas, quiet corners, or good seating at the bar.
Food very good, sometimes a little slow to arrive, but as your so settled you do not notice. Staff very friendly, although could do with a couple of extra serving at busy times.
Good mix of people, whether your in your suit or in your jeans, you fit.
A very good evening always had.
greenfairy1 - 8 Jun 2009 13:18
I am really sad to hear all the bad press about this wonderful pub as I worked there for a very happy 9 months in 2006 under the management of Caroline... The ambience and the service was second to none.

I don't know how many people drink down there now but I will have to visit very soon to see for myself.
Stelzar - 6 May 2009 12:53
What on earth has happened here? I used to pop in and enjoy a wheatbeer but the last time I went the staff were, I thought, utterly clueless. However having done exactly the same last night I now realised that I was being a little harsh as the current staff really are clueless! There seems to be an air of complete disinterest in the products and demotivation regarding service. The girl who served me had had no training whatsoever.....such a pity as it used to have attractive, attentive and very knowledgeable staff without which...well why should I return? Bye the bye the crisps were �1.10!!!! The owners of this pub should be wonder the industry is going to the dogs...completely barking situation.
Insearchofthebestpint - 17 Apr 2009 10:28
Visited this pub yesterday planning to have a few beers and lunch. We walked out. Although I felt sorry for the young, very inexperienced, girl, who was left alone to handle the needs of a reasonable Saturday lunchtime trade. I have no sympathy for the management, are they trying to run the pub into the ground?

Management like this do not deserve to survive in the current economic climate.
ericstadd - 29 Mar 2009 09:40
Went back a couple of weeks ago. It is now like something out of 'The League of Gentlemen' - the staff are rather peculiar - and the pub almost empty! Food was OK though and, unusually, didn't take too long.
antand - 20 Mar 2009 16:43
Nice enough pub but lacking in atmosphere, the staff are very friendly and the food was better than average and well priced. Our visit was only spoilt by some rowdy after work suit and tie types. OK if you don't mind a bit of strong language. We will go back and give it another try.
happyheating - 31 Oct 2008 15:17
I've recently moved to the area and went to the feathers for a couple on a tuesday. The pub was pretty busy with a pleasant ambience and the chap who served the first round was very helpful and pleasant.
willn - 24 Oct 2008 13:55
In case it is of interest, below is the text of an email from Charlie the manager regarding their beer festival.

"..we are looking to raise awareness of real ales further and so are holding a real ale festival running from 17th March - 28th April. The 1st 2 weeks will focus on stout and porter, the 2nd 2 weeks on IPA's and the last 2 weeks on golden ales."
GGG - 14 Mar 2008 12:17
Slightly quirky interior but very spacious - main draw of coming here was the Addlestone's cider they serve, although this seemed rather flat on second visit just before Christmas and quite a few of their normal good range of ales weren't available. Food good here too. Good place to spend an evening.
hikeboy - 3 Jan 2008 13:55
We went along last Tuesday...found it to be a nice pub with a good atmosphere - if somewhat cold (temperature wise). Food was slowish thats true and the menu was not as interesting as the last time I went a couple of years ago, but generally standard pub fare with a twist done well. Be nice in the summer.
Gave it an 8 mostly on the fact that it is nice a quiet and great seating inside
leveller - 8 Nov 2007 19:46
We went in there last night, a sunday,l and had a very nice experience. Things were slow, I agree, but still alright. The pub was not packed, but I'm not sure how one would expect that from a pub in a small town/village like Merstham - there's hardly a lot of walk-in traffic. There is a slightly bohemian feel to the pub, with lots of sofas and soft furnishings, and the drinks are ok - organic cider, Erdinger and Leffe and some reasonable bitters, ok wines and the food I've been told is pretty good. We sat in relative peace and quiet, the staff were polite and we had a good evening. Did not see the beer garden but I am told it is nice in the summer. Not bad at all.
cohenfain - 22 Oct 2007 15:37
Well, against my better judgement, went back there today. There were four of us and we ordered sandwiches - after over half an hour we chased up our food - and it arrived about 45 mins after we ordered it. Fortunately we hadn't ordered anything larger - and the place was virtually empty ( wonder why!)
anonymous - 28 Aug 2007 14:26
anonymous - 21 Jun 2007 12:32
going down hill fast. I moved here in august 2006 and have noticed standards in freefall since. I will not be back until I hear of some BIG changes.
KITCHEN - 21 Jun 2007 12:29

Decent selection of well kept beers, the usual ones, plus others including Kirin, Leffe, Erdinger & Frulli on tap. Also sells some bottled beers including the almightly Aventinus.
Large beer garden which is nice in the summer.
Food is good, but probably more expensive then it should be.
LowenBeerHold - 9 May 2007 13:44
I wrote to the management at the Feathers after this incident and at least the Manager bothered to call me back. She was defensive of her staff (unsurprising as she presumably employed them on the first place) - although she did eventually apologise.

As it happens last week I had quite a few (business) visitors to take out for lunch and/or dinner and we managed very well without The Feathers - and, yes Gareth, I did take one of our American visitors to The Garland on Friday night (even better for me as I live South of Redhill).

We have a member of staff who is leaving tomorrow to go on maternity leave - because of this experience she has invited people to the Railway, across the road from the Feathers, so I am sure there will be quite a bit of business coming their way tomorrow ( which would have gone to the Feathers otherwise).

As a point of information, the young man whom they refused to serve is actually 28 next Tuesday - so we are looking forward to celebrating that - but I know where we won't be going to do it!!
antand - 28 Feb 2007 23:05

very good comments and very well put.

I also am a local to Merstham, but for the reasons you so aptly put in your comments, I don't use this hostelry anymore.

I think its an overrated pub and the attitude of the staff leaves a lot to be desired!!!

Have you tried the Gartland in Redhill? ot that far away and a great friendly pub...

garethjones - 24 Feb 2007 19:35
I run a business in the area and we have supported this pub with our business for many years - this in spite of deteriorating customer service, an ever-shrinking menu and variable quality of food. I also am trying to stay off the beer and The Feathers offers a good selection of wine by the glass.

In the past we have had to wait up to 90 minutes for food to be served and have, on several recent occasions been served burnt ( and inedible) offerings when it has finally arrived.

However, this evening I took a group of staff (as part of a send off to one of our long-serving colleagues) to the pub for pre-dinner drinks. One of our staff, although he had been served alcohol earlier in the evening, was challenged re his age (this in spite of the fact that he is actually 28 next month). As company MD, and known as a regular supporter of the pub, I reassured the bar staff that he was in fact almost 10 years older than the legal age. In return, I suffered rudeness and, effectively, being told I was a liar by someone who barely looks 18 herself.

I realise that there are penalties , and rightly so, for serving alcohol to those below the legal minimum age limit - in fact, I acknowledged this in the 'discussion' with the young lady involved. However, she then indicated that because my staff member had reacted 'lairily' then she would not be serving him.

For me this is about general customer relations than about the issue itself.

As you may expect, we will not be taking any more of our business to this pub and, in a way, this incident has given us a good reasons to support some of the much better-run and more customer-friendly gastro-pubs in the local area.

It's a shame as I liked what they were trying to do - but it's really gone down the pan over the past couple of years - and what we suffered tonight was the last straw.

antand - 16 Feb 2007 00:38
I pop in here sometimes on the way home from work, Good range of beers, inc wheat beers. Bottled stuff a bit expensive though. Food good VFM not sure about the piped Jazz music??
scooterroy - 10 Feb 2007 13:54
I really like this pub. Comfortable, friendly staff and a good selection of beers. It's probably a good thing that it's not within walking distance of my hose or I'd be in there every night.
Bugbear - 18 Jan 2007 18:38
Great selection of British and foreign beers (ie more than just Fosters/Carling/JS/Guiness/Stella etc)
crobrom - 9 Aug 2006 11:04
Nice pub. Good beers, food is good although the portions aren't the biggest.

They also serve fruit beers!
Jessaranda - 12 Jun 2006 12:13
Good place really. Mixed crowd - young locals from the wrong side of the tracks mix with wealthier older set. Quite young generally. Good selection of ale and the food is good and of reasonable quality.
ARJH - 13 Apr 2006 13:00
You must go to this pub. I am local and it forms a big part of our community. It is a village pub but by no means is it stuck in the old times, its cosy, modern and very friendly. A good mixture of clientele enjoying the good selection of ales and freshly prepared food.
anonymous - 22 Nov 2005 22:33
A large old looking pub with plenty of cosy corners, bare floorboards, old leather sofas - feels a bit like a student flat. Decent selection of ales, I had Black Sheep Bitter - they also had Adnams and Bombadier plus Addlestones cider on a handpump.
Rich66 - 2 Aug 2005 23:34
Nice place. Think it's a listed building which might explain the "half done" comment below but I like the modern/old mix. Nice staff, tasty food, good entertainment and an interestingly mixed clientele. Worth a visit. 9/10
Claire - 15 Sep 2004 12:31
This pub has a lot going for it, great atmosphere, friendly staff, very good food, and above all else a good selection of ales. Great place for families on the weekend, also a non-smoking area.
Greg - 20 Aug 2004 10:49
All a bit strange really, the knocked through ground floor of the old hotel but it's all sort of half done. Maybe they ran out of cash. Anyway the beer's nice, Landlord last time we went.
Nick - 1 Aug 2004 01:52
A fantastic pub, an old building with a modern feel yet full of character. lots of nooks and crannies, and a great selection of ales on tap. Has a heated terrace for summer nights, and staff are great. A mix of young and old, regulars and visitors. 10/10
Tom - 4 Apr 2004 20:00

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