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The Globe Inn, Littlehampton

Seriously unpleasant breakfast. Chain produced great freshly cooked food. But this kitchen seems to have precooked everything at 8am, so by 11am, solid precooked egg with dark orange yoke, completely dried out and cold bacon, split crispy sausage, grim old hash browns saturated with fat, destroyed tomatoe. The toast arrived freshly cooked, but their machine was producing uneatable charcoal on one side. Kitchen solves this problem by serving it black side down. To try and finish on a positive note, they prepacked butter was the equal to many other other wetherspoons

8 Mar 2015 12:07

Old Gaol House, Winchester

When visiting a new town, I try & track down a spoons for some town history lessons on the walls & this one does well.

Would have stayed for more drinks, but driven back-outside by their ferocious air-conditioning. I'd foolishly dressed for a summers day on a summers day.

Take a duvet.

19 May 2014 14:54

The Nutley Hall, Reigate

It's a depressing state of affairs when the profit from converting just the small ground floor pub space into a 3rd flat is enough to persuade a cynical developer & an uncaring local planing dept to join together to kill a popular historical pub. I've fond memories of its cosy cramped spaces.

This local community hub got destroyed without even the lever of a pub car park that a property speculator could try & redefine as pre-developed land & therefore allowable for development.

Lets hope the shell is allowed to keep some of its character. Our planners seem to have a touch less contempt when dealing with Reigate's heritage than Redhill's next door. Converting Redhill's ancient Flying Scud (that was older than Redhill) into what could be a post-war polyfillered austerity prefab was a planning disgrace. Redhill's good looking historical Greyhound was similarly converted into a blank shell, stripped of its architecture & is now a souless tragedy of economy commuter flatlets that could have been knocked-up a botch builder at any date.

24 Oct 2013 15:34

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