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Age: 47

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The Bavarian Beerhouse, Shoreditch

So much potential. Good Bavarian beers (eg Paualaner & Lowenbrau), but whole place is disappointing. Its in a very big cellar so lighting is a bit gloomy. Traditional benches as seating is actually uncomfortable. You cant buy beer at the bar, and instead have to sit at the table and wait to be served, and then you pay at the end. It may be the usual thing abroad, but I am never a big fan of that as it gives major potential for arguments about how many drinks were had and whether the tab has been added to in error.

I was in there early on a weekday with a mate. It may well be better in the evening when you have a big group getting very very drunk.

9 May 2007 14:13

Broad Street Tavern, Wokingham

Has couple of fruit machines & quiz machine. Has 2 large TV screens - 1 of which is in a small secluded area where only a few people would be able to sit/stand in.

Beers are good. Has a couple of random ales, the usual lagers, plus Erdinger Weissbier.
Clean and comfortable pub with friendly bar staff.
They were not doing food when I was there (from about 4 on a saturday) but was told I could bring food in.

All in all, a nice pub to down many of those forementioned weissbiers.

9 May 2007 14:09

The Half and Half, Croydon

So many beers. Not too expensive when you consider other places offering similar drinks Ė eg Bierodromes.

Great place for those who want to taste quality Belgian lagers, German weissbiers, etc having a civilised conversation with others (and maybe a game of cards or something else) in peace. Definitely not for those who need to be entertained by music, fruit machines or anything else & it can be horrifically quiet. Downstairs is dingy and dark, but Iíve never had to resort to going down there as thereís usually seating available upstairs. Doesnít do food. Itís difficult to know when it will be open Ė Iíve been there at lunchtimes and its been closed. Iíve also been in Croydon to find it closed on a Sunday.

Now that Youngs have destroyed Epsomís Rising Sun, it is one of the few places to get decent selection of beers.

9 May 2007 14:08

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