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Eva Hart, Chadwell Heath

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user reviews of the Eva Hart, Chadwell Heath

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The Eva Hart was our first pub of the day for breakfast and a pint on Saturday. It's a large corner pub which feels very spacious inside. I gather Eva Hart was one of the survivors from the Titanic. Breakfast was fine and the ale selection was good - Nethergate Growler, Greene King Abbot & Abbot Reserve, Weltons Topper Mild, Trumans Runner & Budburst, Sixpoint Make It Rain, Morland Old Speckled Hen, Adnams Broadside, Sharps Doom Bar & Ruddles Best. Ciders were Old Rosie & Black Dragon. Service was fine too. No sign of any fights at 9am!
blue_scrumpy - 18 May 2015 18:14
If William Hill had odds on the 'pub most likely to have actual crackheads/glue sniffers in it', then I would re-mortgage my house, sell all my worldly possesions, and stake the whole pile of cash all on The Eva.

A seriously odd mixture of creatures; old alcoholics, sweaty-faced chavs in Diadora tracksuits, suited and booted city folk on their way home from work, and of course, your classic crackheads.

Every time I've been into this place, I've witnessed a fight of some kind. The most memorable last weekend was a group of coked-up young males, (all side partings and fake Ralph Lauren) who after a verbal spitting match, proceeded to punch the walls closest to them, repeatedly, in order to shake of that cokey damn testosterone. This, hilariously, ended in both of them bonding over collective broken fingers.

The house beer and wine are cheap enough, and the pub is nice and big, with active barstaff, so you'll never be squashed into sardine-like proportions, thankfully.

However, don't forget your 'GEEZA' coat when you leave for a night out here please.
foofoobooboo - 27 Apr 2012 03:40
Was really peeved over Easter when this pub with wetherspoons resources ran out of almost every draft. It's a great place normally - a morning clique maybe grumpy - but its a local, their local. But every time I go there, new faces can be found. Bar service can be slow at peak times, as I guess is true everywhere. New management understanding of shortcomings and looking to improve. Still the best of the bunch in Chadwell Heath, except White Horse - though that is expensive.
lobat - 7 Jul 2011 23:49
Sadly we do have the same problem with this pub as with most wetherspoons pubs, which is that we have the usual wetherspoons drinkers who go just for the cheap beer, and haven't learnt the concept of washing oneself. Yes there can be a large collection of chavs sitting outside with their bottles of wine, and annoying voices.

However the good point about this pub is that there are a lot more beers on offer, and their new manager had recently started who seems to know what he is talking about with ales. I had a good talk with him about the beers, and he admitted to there being a few problems, which he is sorting out, and was going through the ideas about setting up beers festivals, and getting certain beers in for customers. So I'd say that if you had a bad experience in this pub with beers then give it another chance, because from what I hear, this same manager had been in the pub in Hornchurch and the beers there were always good.
Spartan487 - 21 Jun 2011 15:12
Six pints retuned on five seperate visits. Take my advice if you like your ale AVOID this pub. As a CAMRA member I will pass my concerns to them.
largemick - 11 May 2011 15:48
Called in recently on a saturday afternoon. Served promptly and first pint topped up without asking, not that measure was particularly short to start with. Food arrived promptly and hot. Oakham Brewery promotion on at the time with beers at 1.85, all three sampled were in very good condition. Pleasant enough atmosphere although character of pub may change later in the evening but where doesn't on Friday and Saturday evenings. Would certainly call in again.
stoatface - 8 Feb 2011 21:27
Was in here on a early Saturday afternoon. None of the expected thuggery were present but I got the feeling I only had to wait an hour or 2 before they turned having walked past this place a number of times previously late on a Saturday night. Thuggish behaviour aside, this place isn't too bad. Spacious with a decent interior and the staff are pleasant and helpful.
telephones_and_toliets - 10 Jul 2010 22:28
gphillman - 2 Dec 2009 13:05
Went into this pub for the first time today for lunch with my family. It seemed a little busy but didn't wait long to be served. The staff seemed friendly if a little rushed.
Food was well cooked and tasted nice.
I would return to this pub again when in the area
tuckerpuss - 18 Oct 2009 23:45
Typical Weatherspoons, full of people you wouldnt want to drink with. Go top the White Horse a bit further down the road 500% better.
bigphilsmate - 6 May 2009 16:51
Always full of chavs and people looking for fights. Also a total drug den. To top it all off - the staff are SO rude. Steer clear.
ClaireBecket80 - 4 Feb 2009 06:21
I visited this pub last tuesday, and there was a bad smell coming from the tables at the front, the pub wasn't busy but the service was appauling. I will NOT visit this pub again. I went instead over the road to the Coopers what a different service, quick, polite, and friendly. If you drive past the Eva check out the chav's out the front!!!
Power83 - 17 Jun 2008 23:19
spent a very enjoyable day/evening on my first visit on Saturday despite being apprehensive having read previous reviews. Fosters was fine and only 2.20, bar service was very good even when the pub filled up later on ( the bald guy is still there).Dont know if it has been cleaned up but it seemed as good as most Weatherspoons, will definately return when next in the area.
thehappydrunkard - 25 Feb 2008 11:49
not a big fan of this pub. it needs a lot of work put into it for it to be bought back to what it was. very slow and you cant relax.
anonymous - 9 Oct 2007 03:11
I gave this pub another try last week and nothing has changed, ther place is still a dump, the staff are still rude and the beer was horrible, left leaving half of my pint unfinished. Awful!
bleeker - 18 Sep 2007 12:14
This pub is badly in need of decorating and is quite shabby, the staff can sometimes be a bit rude and will always serve their friends before anyone else, a shame really as it has the potential to be much better.
bleeker - 3 Sep 2007 12:49
This pub is the perfect example of the decline of JDW in recent years. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, you can expect hooligans with bad attitude wall-to wall. Any other time you can look forward to alcoholics getting steadily wasted until the giro runs out. Service is usually shocking and everything (I mean everything - glasses, plates, tables, toilets...) is filthy. A wide birth is recommended.

On the plus side. It ain't The Coopers, or the Chadwell Arms. And to be fair, there is one (only one) barman, a stocky bald Irishman, who a a total professional. Sadly, I can't see him staying long (Rated 3 - for the Irishman).
crazybaldman - 10 Aug 2007 22:24
Perfectly adequate JD pub. Well kept beers and cheap food.
JonW999 - 10 Apr 2007 22:56
Lovely Looking Big Offering From JDW. Decent pint of Brains, and a 1.49 jacket spud off the jan sale menu! If u are lookin 4 this place though dont go by the street number,its well confusing around here! 9/10 :-)
fat_beer_badger - 11 Jan 2007 16:43
A Big No No from me.
Went in for first time, waited to be served, was ignored bout four times while staff chatted to all her mates. Eventually got served with a dirty pint glass. Went to sit down but was stopped by spotty 17 year-ish old kid who thought id belted his mate outside last week... All in all an absolute terrible 20min spent there. Would rather drink in B&Q!
paulofchigwell - 1 Jan 2007 20:28
Generally well-kept ales and efficient service. Can be quite pleasant, but frequently let down by the many socially defective customers bawling and whining....
wobblybob - 27 Dec 2006 03:03
Not great anymore I'm afraid. When it opened, fine, but why have the management allowed their pub to turn into the Chadwell Heath 15-20 yr old Youth Centre in recent years??? Especially in the Summer, when the beer garden resembles a cross between a kindergarten and the Weat Ham supporters club? The average age of a drinker in this pub 4 years ago was around 25 - now it's probably down to 20 and dropping ...

Avoid like the plague unless you have just left school, and fancy a bottle of WKD.
redvarnish3 - 26 Aug 2006 11:05
there is nothing wrong with this pub that a little TLC wouldn't cure, a good selection of ales and 2 ciders to choose from, a pity they have took away the sofa and armchairs from the no smoking area at the back but a good idea they had was to put an eating area up stairs.
anonymous - 10 Aug 2006 16:12
All in all not a bad pub.They had a good selection of real ales.There is an upstairs area for eating only.the place looks a bit tired and could do with a makeover.Ok for a couple of pints then move on.
apa - 10 Aug 2006 08:12
Quite simply awful. This is , in my opinion the worst pub in the area.
For many reasons. Firstly the service was painfully slow, even when the bar wasn't busy. One of the barmaids preceded to ignore customers to chat to her mate.
Secondly there was a strong smell of sick in the pub.

One to go to when you've given up hope
anonymous - 19 Jul 2006 16:48
On the whole The Eva Hart is still a good pub, although looking a bit shabby now, (interior wise), could do with a refurbishment, (sooner rather then later!), 95% of the time the beer is still great though. Although it's my local I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole on a Friday/Saturday night as it's absolutely packed out - forget trying to get to the bar! Move on to the White Horse, further up Chadwell Heath High Road - good pub and a lot quieter on a Fri/Sat evening!
squiffy85 - 29 Apr 2006 02:58
This a decent little wetherspoons.. gets a bit packed but when its not too crowded, its nice and relaxing. i'm local so its a nice place to unwind when i get back from work..
Spartakoos - 15 Aug 2005 21:19
I am in this pub all the time! Its like my second home.. Me an mates are proper regulars and go in there most nights. The beer is nice and cheap along with all the other drinks plus the food is very good particully the steak. Would definitely recommend this pub to all espicially in the summer. Gotta go now, I need a pint in the eva!!! db
Deano - 5 Nov 2004 13:14
This is a great pub. Huge roast meal and a pint for 4.25 It has a nice friendly atmosphere. All good, I can't wait to go back.
anonymous - 5 Oct 2004 15:49
Eva Hart is the best pub in east london, its my local! and i would recomend it to anyone and plus the ladies in there are always fit!
the regular - 6 Aug 2004 18:58
Wetherspoon pub on Chadwell Heath High Road,cheapest pub in Chadwell heath,right next door to the Coopers Arms-the most Expensive-The Eva Hart is always heaving with people as a result,newly refurbished with new carpets and pictures of the Titanic above the Bar-
This pub takes it's name after Eva Hart,One of the most recent survivors of the Titanic Disaster who used to live in Chadwell Heath before her recent death.
Patrick A Banks - 21 Mar 2004 13:40

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