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Highlander, Windsor

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I gave this pub a bad review in Oct.2010, which at the time was deserved. Having been there a few times recently I have to say that its much better now and the beer is fine.
rickxlcr - 10 Mar 2013 13:23
After visititng the castle with my partner last Monday, we decided to go into this place(The Highlander) for a drink and spot of lunch to finish off the fantastic day! Really wish we didn't bother. I waited at the bar whilst the barmaid was serving another customer, I must of waited ten mins at least but this didn't bother me, she wasn't busy but was talking to her boss(i assume, as she was sat on the end of the bar on her laptop)..I was the only person waiting.Another customer walked straight in and she served him right away...I couldnt believe it.But ok I waited another 5 mins. After serving him the "boss" lady got off her chair and came behind the bar asking if the barmaid knew how to put the footie on the foreign tv channel(not bothering to ask if i wanted anything or to tell me the girl would serve me soon, after all this boss lady saw me waiting). They fussed about for another 5 mins...after 15 mins the barmaid just looked at me...I placed my order and she said nothing, turning behind her to oper the food lift and took out two plates to some other people, slowly walking back she collected some glasses on her way, went back to the lift and took out more food.(She had not done anything about my order in anyway)not even put it through. I could not believe what was going on.the "boss" then asked her to help find the right channel for the tv.No one spoke 2 words to me, they did not put my order through and never once said sorry about my waiting..I just walked out at that point. The place is an absulute dive, the atmosphere was terrible and who knew chavs excisted in Windsor of all places.Their customer service is a disgrace and I would stay well away from that place.There are plenty of great places in Windsor who care about your service so GO ELSEWHERE..this place should be ashamed
robmct - 24 Nov 2011 17:20
Used to use this pub some years ago, when it was the Highlander/Court Jester/et al, but moved out of the area.
Now I'm back in Eton I though I'd give it a look in - now called Malones, this has become a very rough pub.
If you must drink in here, I suggest you stick to spirits, as the beer is almost undrinkable.
Watch out for the tattooed vamp perched at the bar.
Plenty of other decent pubs in Eton and Windsor
Aledrain - 28 Jul 2011 12:55
What happened this used to be a nice put beer is the worst I've ever had and to say it's rough is an understament how did this what used to be a nice pub in a lovely area end up quite so bad aviod at all costs.
Local007 - 3 Jan 2011 00:05
Foul beer, the worst in Windsor, or just about anywhere else.
rickxlcr - 24 Oct 2010 18:48
what an absolute dive! went in there a few months ago to get confronted by a very aggressive customer. same one followed me out and had a pop at me in the street. the beer is awful, the customers, ditto. be advised to stay very clear of this once very good pub in town! :(
loves_pubs - 16 Jun 2009 09:36
Grotty, dirty pub in need of a good clean up. The Guinness was dire.
Seating area outside. That's if you don't mind sitting on sticky seats with unclean tables.
Tip for the Landlord. A warm soapy cloth wiped across your bar and tables at least once a year wouldn't go amiss.
alenut - 5 Sep 2008 20:20
No longer called the Highlander.
I've stopped going.
anonymous - 19 Jan 2007 03:35
This is a nice pub but barred by CARAP the Windsorsoup
Campaign Against Renaming Ancient Pubs. Originally the Ship it was renamed the Court Jester. Acceptable even though renamed. There is a stained glass panel inside the entrance showing the Jester.
But naff now. If I go to Edinborough I want Scotland. If outside the castle there is pub called the Cockney Sparrer with barrel organ music playing nees up muvver braaaan I am being ponced about. Same here with heelander Och aye.
windsorsoup - 20 Jun 2006 20:48
It's a nice pub, and now has extended hours. Lovely!
anonymous - 5 Jan 2006 16:10
Nice range of ale and on the cheaper side of Windsor's wallet-busting standards. Good atmosphere inside.
Quinno - 3 Dec 2005 19:57
Great range of beers ales and spirits i recommend this place to anyone that wants a top class selection
GlenMorangie - 18 Sep 2005 18:45
I have moved back to Australia.....but the Highlander was my Home away from home. The food was great (The Haggis is a MUST!!) the Guinness was cold (OZ was always written on top when I walked through the door....they never had to ask what i wanted...they knew.....and was really cosy on a horrible winters day!!!!
Will go back soon....either to drink or even get a job there........YOU HAVE TO GO.....see the castle then finish the day of right.
Rooboy - 14 Jun 2005 07:45
Great pub, good staff and cheap by windsor standards. Also footy and projector TV and grub top notch
eton regular - 3 Jul 2004 18:33
Great pub and the Banger & mash are to die for. Gets pretty rowdy when the rugbys on.
Aaron - 14 May 2004 04:02

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