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Username: robmct

Age: 39

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The Highlander, Windsor

After visititng the castle with my partner last Monday, we decided to go into this place(The Highlander) for a drink and spot of lunch to finish off the fantastic day! Really wish we didn't bother. I waited at the bar whilst the barmaid was serving another customer, I must of waited ten mins at least but this didn't bother me, she wasn't busy but was talking to her boss(i assume, as she was sat on the end of the bar on her laptop)..I was the only person waiting.Another customer walked straight in and she served him right away...I couldnt believe it.But ok I waited another 5 mins. After serving him the "boss" lady got off her chair and came behind the bar asking if the barmaid knew how to put the footie on the foreign tv channel(not bothering to ask if i wanted anything or to tell me the girl would serve me soon, after all this boss lady saw me waiting). They fussed about for another 5 mins...after 15 mins the barmaid just looked at me...I placed my order and she said nothing, turning behind her to oper the food lift and took out two plates to some other people, slowly walking back she collected some glasses on her way, went back to the lift and took out more food.(She had not done anything about my order in anyway)not even put it through. I could not believe what was going on.the "boss" then asked her to help find the right channel for the tv.No one spoke 2 words to me, they did not put my order through and never once said sorry about my waiting..I just walked out at that point. The place is an absulute dive, the atmosphere was terrible and who knew chavs excisted in Windsor of all places.Their customer service is a disgrace and I would stay well away from that place.There are plenty of great places in Windsor who care about your service so GO ELSEWHERE..this place should be ashamed

24 Nov 2011 17:20

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