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Endurance, Soho

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In a quite horrifying turn of events, I walked along Berwick Street last night with the intention of popping into the Endurance only to find the bastard's shut. And not temporarily shut - the restaurant next door is now twice the size and the Endurance is dead and buried beneath a mountain of sushi or sashimi whatever shite they sell in their nasty blue-light emporium.

RIP Endurance, you were much loved, and your jukebox will live long in our drunken memories.
cid - 16 Oct 2013 11:10
Excellent pub playing great music - but a very irritating bouncer.

I'm talking about the guy who stands around the side door in a hi vis jacket. He is constantly prowling around the pub, unsettling your customers, as if he's looking for a fight with anyone who sticks a toe out of line - this in the happiest, most unthreatening of pub atmospheres.

After last orders, his 'reminders' that it's now closing time are at best rude, at worst, abusive and threatening.

It puts a very bad taste in the mouth when you leave the pub.
Albion71 - 8 Jul 2011 10:14
A bit grimy and certainly not an inspiring pub - as others have said, there are much better pubs in the area. I recently spent an hour in here to get out of the rain and the only saving grace was the Deuchars.
BobOs - 2 Jul 2011 10:27
one of my favourite soho pubs. Dark and gloomy interior (which appeals to me greatly) and a decent, if limited, jukebox. Barmaid is generally chatty as well which is rare 7/10
stokes1982 - 7 Jun 2011 12:05
Decent pub - is very dark, not overly fancified which is a strong point. Deuchars and guiness well kept, food remarkably good - pricey but not beyond the norm for London.

It is very dark black walled which is weird, staff attentive - basically a good london boozer if quite a bare example.
parmantom - 29 Mar 2011 10:22
Visited on a Saturday afternoon recently. Very dark for some reason, but the bar staff were decent. Odd old selection on the jukebox which was played at The-Who-Live-At Leeds volume - not for the faint hearted. No major complaints though, other than I wished they had a telly.
superhoop - 14 Mar 2010 19:59
yeah it's not a bad option but there are much better in the area. Not sure what is going on with the ablutions but I've been there 4/5 times they're always being 'maintained'. One single male toilet for a pub isn't the most hygienic. Had Pride and Deuchars on the pull which were kept in reasonable condition.
Cholula_26 - 10 Mar 2010 11:44
This place is OK. Just OK. The Landlord and Deuchars varies in quality form week to week, left-of-centre decor and the taxidermy makes a nice conversation piece, especially if you're taking an out-of-towner there for an afternoon drink. Go in there of an evening from Wednesday to Saturday, and you're bound to get more than your fair share of whoppers to contend with. What do you expect, you're in Soho. not tried the food yet but I will soon, their stock-purchasing policy seems nice and it looked pretty good on the plate.

Limit your visits to lunchtimes/afternoons and early week evenings, and you should retain an untarnished view of the place.
shand83 - 1 Mar 2010 19:25
Arrived in here quite late in the evening - it was not that crowded but with plenty of signs that the number of clients had been higher earlier in the day with a lot of uncollected glasses and a general sense of grubbiness. Combined with dimmed lights and ear splitting music it was not a pub I found comfortable at all. Small noteworthy point is that is on the ground floor of the tower block pictured on the front of the Oasis album Whats the Story Morning Glory.

Tons of better options within 10 mins walk.
murgatroyd - 13 Nov 2009 23:12
Hadnt been in here since change from King of Corsica which was visited many; quite a difference to say the least. Utterly changed in look and feel and people - see review way back. Jolly young prof crowd, dark room made to feel plush, fancy drinks
Strange to still have the market outside without the King' to retreat to.
gonetolunch - 25 Jan 2009 08:28
Have been to this pub twice in the last two weeks - both visits were great! Big selection of drinks, friendly atmosphere as the staff are really attentive and efficient. A definite place to go for anybody who likes to go out in Soho and feel comfortable and safe and have a fun night out!
Maria5 - 14 Jan 2009 19:01
lovely pub, good beer and friendly happy staff. had a great time, will definatly be back and recomend to friends
dogchef - 14 Jan 2009 18:13
Love this pub! I go here all the time with friends or for work drinks.
There's always a good crowd and great atmosphere. They have a great jukebox you can use and the staff have always been friendly to us.
I've had lunch here before too and the food was lovely.
shones - 3 Dec 2008 10:55
A bit bland for Soho, really, neither grungy local nor alternative bar. Doom Bar and Deuchars on. Service was good though.
rainlight - 21 Oct 2008 20:44
terrible pub, run by a bunch of Basil Fawlties, was moved twice from tables to make way for dinning people (even though the tables had not been reserved) I saw a guy who had been waiting for nearly 40 mins for a meal, complain and be verbally attacked by the bar staff. ( I personally believe this to be a racist motive, but thats my opinion) When I intervened was told to mind my own business. The landlord was arrogant and unsympathetic. I've been to this pub before and always found the bar staff either slow or plainly rude, but returned and put it down to overworked staff. Very busy, tends to put more effort and time on dinning customers and ignoring drinking ones, which does not make this a traditional pub as some reviewers have stated. With all the decent pubs in soho just avoid. But if your palette is basic and easily pleased and don't mind being treated like cattle then enjoy.
theviker - 15 Feb 2008 14:58
Lovely pub, absolutely appalling bar people! Rude, no eye contact with the punters and soooo SLOW, SLOW, SLOW - even though there were 6 of them! Really nice mix of people in the bar and the now manic outside area with the smokers, but definitely not somewhere would rush back to...
P_London - 14 Jul 2007 14:09
Don't bother. Ever.
In the good old days this was the King of Corsica and one of Soho's finest dodgy pubs: druggies, market traders trannies and other fun randoms to blather to.
Then it became the Endurance, lost all character and managed to attract even more utter utter twunts out of the Soho woodwork than you'd have thought possible.
BigMC - 10 Jul 2007 17:07
Would have been nice to review this pub, but we didn't get a chance - they wouldn't serve us!

Why not? Because there was six of us! Yes, they couldn't serve six (reasonably) respectable gentlemen at four o'clock in the afternoon in an empty pub - ridiculous.

Still, their loss, we went to the Blues Posts down the road and give them our money instead.
Jumpy - 30 Jun 2007 22:25
My favourite pub in Soho, it's all about the jukebox, and the draught Kronny.
krsone - 8 Dec 2006 14:33
I have to disagree with some of the comments on here. I had a pint of Guinness in there recently, and it was absolutely foul. And as for the jukebox, it might be the greatest in the world for all I know, but it's rendered next to useless by what seems to the standard policy of never turning it up. I've been to the Endurance about five or six times, and I've never been able to hear the music. If you want a properly loud jukebox in Soho, try the Golden Lion instead.

Agree about all the Nathan Barleys in there, though.
binge_benefits - 29 May 2006 20:32
The name of the pub sums up what you'll need to spend time here. Full of l-love-me-loves.
Ferg_White - 9 May 2006 17:25
Fair comment that there are a few Nathan Barley types - but Guinness is as good as you will get in London.

Gets a bit crowded but the patrons are friendly, the juke box is a plus, and its cheaper than most places in the vicinity.

All in all not a bad place for a post work pint or three. Even better if you can get a seat!

PatrickBurns - 21 Apr 2006 13:13
Had a very long drinking session in here recently and from what I remember it was a good night. Much cheaper than the pubs surrounding it. Is it too much to saty an 'oasis in the desert', perhaps but still a great little pub.
Madcap - 17 Jan 2006 15:19
isn't this just a bit of a nathan barley hangout?
anonymous - 16 Jan 2006 15:19
The Endurance was a really pleasing lunch venue in the wastelands of Soho on a Sunday! Unlike other recent reviews we had the friendliest of staff, good comforting food served in good time and with much need fab Bloody Marys too. Will definitely go back.
pub_numpty - 16 Jan 2006 15:14
Spent many an evening here due to after work gatherings congregating at this etablishment. Painfully slow to get served by rude barstaff and unbearably noisy to even talk.
Its probably why its called the endurance.
Pat72 - 5 Jul 2005 16:43
we had a shocking display of rudeness too the other day after trying to climb on to and dance with the bear in the corner... he apologised to us though!
sifr - 24 Jan 2005 16:06
Was my 2nd favourite pub in Soho (after the Social) but on a recent visit was treated to a shocking display of rudeness by the manager after a mistake on their part over a tab payment. Off my list!
Ciarán - 16 Nov 2004 09:35
Love it, especially the stuffed bear. Must get there very early to get a seat at weekends!
Simon - 4 Nov 2004 16:42
A comfy pub which does great Guinness and has a darts board. Doesn't get much better than that round here (except for the Social which has an even better juke box)
Ciarán - 26 Aug 2004 16:42
Agree with the comments about the jukebox - excllent. Otherwise, nothing very special.
andrew1961 - 19 Aug 2004 16:21
We went there for a work lunch and the service was decidedly slow and the waitress was very stroppy and unhelpful. The food was mediocre. Garden was very nice though!
gemma - 5 Aug 2004 16:41
Possibly the last pub in Soho that still serves Scrumpy Jack! It's for this reason only that I come here. Does anyone know of anywhere else that still does Scrumpy?
cider boy - 27 Jan 2004 11:46
Much better when it was the old King of Corsica.....
John - 8 Jan 2004 04:14
Nice little pub, always crowded. Music a little on the Xfm side.

Hoegaarden on tap too, which is nice.
Ruby - 28 Dec 2003 14:21
Yep - the jukebox in The Endurance is the daddy of them all - where else can you hear New Order, AC/DC and Dee-lite follow each other? Class pub, good food, good ale - ne messing.
Papsnapper - 5 Dec 2003 16:17
From outside this looks like one of those horrible pubs that have been built into the side of a block of flats or some pre-fab shopping precinct (see 'Jack Stamps'). But inside it's a differant story. You feared it might be a haven for the market traders that pimp their wares on the street outside - we're in red light territory here so the play on words is deliberate. But no! While it wouldn't win many awards for interior design there is still the effort to make it look pub-like. But the killer is the duke box. Quite simply the best outside of the Heart and Hand in Brighton.
Good for: wanting to hear the Velvet Underground in a London boozer
James - [email protected] - 27 Nov 2003 13:38

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