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Kings Fee, Hereford

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user reviews of the Kings Fee, Hereford

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Pleasant enough Wetherspoons but on Saturday night I saw Something I have never seen before at a Wetherspoons. People queuing outside to get in! The place wasn't particularly busy but only 3 staff and a queue of maybe 30 people waiting to be served, presumably the reason for limiting access.
hollybush33 - 11 Sep 2022 15:58
Lunched here, and pleasant surprise. A former supermarket now a Spoon's with good service, and local beers (Hereford Brewery) as well as the usual nationals. Reasonable pint of Mutts Nutts 5%. Food was OK and quite cheap. A better example for this outfit.
justaquick1 - 26 Apr 2015 02:15
Visited here on a Thursday lunch time in June 2014. The interior and design is interesting, the service was good. Being a hot day I went for draught cider and there was a large selection of Hereford ciders on tap. The food was good value and we were asked later on if everything was alright. It was in line with a typical Wetherspoons pub and was an enjoyable and satisfactory experience.
gradav - 2 Aug 2014 17:59
The Kings Fee is one of Hereford's best pubs. Most of the others are fairly average or poor. The clientele were the usual Saturday evening Wetherspoon crowd - the old boys who have outstayed their welcome and the Saturday night clubbing crowd getting geared up to move somewhere more glamorous where undoubtedly the prices will be more and the drinks range will be poorer, but where your chance of pulling will be better! Rhymney Export, Everards Koroibos, Woods Shropshire Lass, Greene King Abbot & Ruddles Best were the beers. Westons Wildwood & Marcle Hill & Ross on Wye Farmhouse Cider were also available. Surprisingly for a Wetherspoons, there were plenty of staff and service was quick. Handy for the station and worth a try.
blue_scrumpy - 29 Jul 2012 21:23
Standard Wetherspoons pub with interesting design and modern decor. Food was average compared with some other of the chains pubs, but as usual, the ale was perfect. Good to see a couple of local beers too.
Mothroy - 5 Jun 2012 21:29
Regular sized spoons situated just along from the train station. Nice feeling pub with a large bar running the length of the wall on the right as you enter.
5 different ales on draught, a couple of locale brews and the 2 I had were perfect.

Raised area at the back with a large patio area with tables outside, this is a nicely laid out pub but as with all spoons just lacks the character.

Worth a visit though

lezford - 11 May 2012 13:48
Bog standard city centre Wetherspoons. Good range of beer but the east european barman can't pull a pint to save his life. Try and get one of the other staff to serve you if you can.
Ivan_Dobski - 31 Mar 2011 17:08
The usual appalling service you expect from JDWs. Barman didnt like it when I told him and asked "why do you come here then".Very good question to which I told him that one day I was hoping to find a Wetherspoons that was run properly.Beer was average quality but pleasant enough surroundings.
covman45 - 3 Jun 2010 19:19
The usual appalling service you expect from JDWs. Barman didnt like it when I told him and asked "why do you come here then".Very good question to which I told him that one day I was hoping to find a Wetherspoons that was run properly.Beer was average quality but pleasant enough surroundings.
covman45 - 3 Jun 2010 19:18
Weston's dry cider 6% @ £ 1.95 per pint pulled from the pump was very refreshing - very quiet at 18.00 hrs on a Saturday night - pub very clean and tidy
KeithP - 30 May 2010 18:28
Beer range has got very disappointing lately and as with all Wetherspoons pubs not enough bar staff. More than once I've decided what was on offer wasn't worth the wait and gone elsewhere.
JimmyRibble - 2 Feb 2010 17:37
Been away for five years and Spoons was the second pub of our night out. What can you say? basically its a bit posher than a northern Wetherspoons, with an eclectic clientele in the evening, tending to run a bit older than the Northern towns and less 'pissheads'. As an-ecumenical matter said the beer range was a bit disappointing, plus, unusally for a Spoons, the barmaid seemed to have no idea what she was doing. On the plus side, they had five different ciders, which were served from boxes behind the bar
jimbosmith - 3 Nov 2009 10:15
OH DEAR!!! In a few weeks the Kings Fee has gone from being a better than average spoons to a normal one. The 10 handpumps that previously had had an eternal extravaganza of ales are now 3 cooking ales(Ruddles,Abbot,Ped) doubled up,2 guests of low interest(Rev James and "Davenports" IPA made by Highgate,which was freezing) and 2 ciders!!!! I hope the cider is not actually in the lines as it never cleans out properly. And all this on the weekend of the Hereford Beer Festival. On enquiry the duty manager stated-"ale has to be sold within 2 days and we weren't selling it and cider is more popular". If the ale wasn't selling how come there was never a bad pint of it to be had???

an_ecunemical_matter - 4 Jul 2009 10:50
Been here before and again I can still profess to never having a bad visit. In actual fact I've never had a visit that has been less than "very good". Friendly staff,a great range ale and very tidy. Go for it,you won't be disappointed.
an_ecunemical_matter - 6 Jun 2009 13:42
Typical 'Spoons conversion, but with an interesting selection of ales. Primarily visited to eat on a long day trip for football on the 18th of April. Decent enough pint in the real ale festival and with the 50p off CAMRA voucher that's a pint for £1.19. Efficient serving staff and my pint was topped up before I pointed out it needed to be which is pretty good. Deserves a better than the overall 5.5 rating.
Monkdawallydahonk - 29 Apr 2009 13:47
Quite a unique frontage to a Spoons pub. I thought from outside it looked like it may have been a cinema in a previous life but apparently a supermarket. Inside it is like many spoons but not bad on a Sunday lunch time. It is all opened up and quite light during the day with raised levels. I thought I had missed this one all over the weekend as we dived in The Merton Hotel when we arrived with the other party finding this. On the way back to the station to make sure we had decent seats for the long train journey we allowed plenty of time. As I knew the group would save me a seat I decided a swift drink and tick here. In fact one of my mates gave me a Camra 50p discount coupon to use. As there were quite a number of beers for the Wetherspoon Real Ale Festival I decided to try three of the third of pints. I even managed to still use the discount coupon. I don't think I have ever had the thirds before but they write the number of the beer in the programme on a sheet inside the tray and place the beer on it. You then do not mix up the beers and you can drink in percentage order. You can then tick the beer in the program and write a tasting note if you wish. The helpful barmaid even let me borrow her pen to allow me to do this. A bit of a rushed visit under the circumstances, but all the beer tasted good. I know they had twelve hand pumps but I think there were six ales from the festival with the usual suspects.
Love_good_ale - 21 Apr 2009 23:56
This has got to be one of the best Spoons.
tortoise68 - 20 Apr 2009 13:40
Always call into this spoons when visiting Hereford, and enjoyed my Spinning Dog beer this visit - better than their beers at the Victory on my last visit there actually.
gillhalfpint - 8 Mar 2009 22:16
Popped in here as the first pub of the day on a Saturday afternoon before heading over to the Barrels and Victory.

Have to admit I was quite impressed by the place, it's a cut above the average Spoons in terms of décor and ambience. Very light, airy and pretty clean.

The food we ordered arrived in good time and tasted fine.

The beer range was very good and was served to an excellent standard. The staff service level was fine though obviously it wasn't as busy as it would be 6 hours further down the line.

All in all, I was quite happy there and will go back next time I'm up that way en route to the Barrels.
Quinno - 2 Mar 2009 18:24
at the end of the day (and not stickin up for staff ere), this pub gets overly busy, and not normally enough staff on at peek times, ive seen it happen in many pubs, but what ive found is that even though when this occurs, and even though you can tell that the staff are a little stressed, they seem to cope very well!!! And as for real ales, ive never seen a selection which changes soo much!!! its great to have a choice, now im a malvern lad and i try to come over once a week for their ale!!!
Great selection of ales, and staff attitude overall is very charming!!! Most dont mind a natter if they arent swamped, and the pub (when ive been in) seems to relativitly tidy! Just the usual glasses ere n there!
As with all Wetherspoons pubs, improvements could be made however nothing major here, just a bit of interior work wouldnt go a miss :-)
However great for families and for ales keep it up!
stars123 - 25 Oct 2008 00:38
Called in for breakfast on our way to the excellent Hereford beer festival. When they arrived after a long wait the egg didn't appear cooked and it was taken back and promptly exchanged. Good beer though and an 8.2% at Wetherspoons prices cannot be bad.
gillhalfpint - 9 Jul 2008 09:38
Called in for breakfast on our way to the excellent Hereford beer festival. When they arrived after a long wait the egg didn't appear cooked and it was taken back and promptly exchanged. Good beer though and an 8.2% at Wetherspoons prices cannot be bad.
gillhalfpint - 9 Jul 2008 09:38
Never had an outrageously bad experience here as described previously by some others(who might have proverbial axes to grind!). Suffers,like has been said by honest contributors,from the usual Spoons problem,of mostly not enough good staff. My most recent visit was fine. There was a good range of both cooking and guest ales and there was efficient service even though it was Hereford United's promotion celebration day and 5,000 home fans were in town.
an_ecunemical_matter - 6 May 2008 21:12
service is still as bad as ever on the couple of occasions i have visited this pub.however,as i will soon be unemployed,whilst browsing jobs in my area,i came upon wetherspoons,recruiting in this very pub.well,i now know the reason why the staff cannot be bothered.they earn national minimum wage,for the silly hours they have to work,i.e fri,sat nights.says it all dont you think?
rob3597 - 9 Jan 2008 01:51
Good Beer And Friendly Service When Visited,7/10
fat_beer_badger - 29 Jul 2007 11:51
Was very happy to have a Wetherspoons pub come to Hereford,as most i have been to around the country have been brilliant! BUT where do i start about this place?
the staff are rude,ignorant and well,just useless at doing their job.every time i used to go in there it would take an age to get served,i don't mind waiting my turn,trouble is the staff don't seem to know or care who is next.the food is not half as good as say,wetherspoons in hinkley,or birmingham or any other spoons! the quiz machine ripped us off as the touch screen didnt work!
this pub has potential,but please sort the service out!!!!

rob3597 - 21 Jul 2007 12:17
I walked out without having a drink after waiting ages to be served, only for one of the two staff on duty to then serve someone out of turn who was ordering a great long list of drinks + food. (I only wanted one pint.) Typical cavernous Wetherspoon's conversion - not the sort of pub where I feel comfortable and relaxed.
Rich66 - 26 Jun 2007 22:40
Overall, not a bad pub, drinks are cheap, lots of areas to sit and chat. However, bar staff (where are they), no atmosphere whatsoever and the ageing clientile, that usually consists of mindless pikeys that have nothing better to do than spend their dole money on getting absolutely spannered. it is amazing to think that this place was once a kwiksave though
mckln335 - 19 Jun 2007 11:24
Called in on way to the bus station and was pleasantly suprised by the amount of different beers were available making it one of the better ones for choice. Had to return a cloudy beer, but had no problem having it replaced, and the beers we drank were great.
gillhalfpint - 15 May 2007 09:27
Ok pub next to two others. Dirty tables and took an eternity to get served. Good selection of ales though. Would go back again to see if had improved.
CDAB - 15 Feb 2007 00:57
Very good value. I like no smoking policy. Light and airy. Good Wetherspoons pub. During the day not too busy.
Allan2 - 12 Jul 2006 23:27
Suffers from the usual Wetherspoons problem - the drinks are too cheap. The pricing attracts customers who are there simply to get tanked up cheaply. To maintain margins, staffing is minimal and queues at the bar are excessive (not helped by half the customers ordering 69p coffees which take time to make). A non-smoking venue, popular with families it seems. Having said all that, there were some excellent guest beers available, and they washed down a filling late breakfast on a Saturday Morning.

fromedrinker - 19 Mar 2006 11:41
tables are always covered in plates/glasses and are never wiped.

foods overpriced for what you get (sunday lunch is micro waved)

theres never enough staff on and the ones they got are [email protected]@king useless

anonymous - 11 Mar 2006 23:36
OK pub. But it's the McDonalds of the pub world. Mind you good for a cheap nihgt out. The chinese and curry nights are excellent value but the rest of the menu is hit an miss. Shame really a few years back I'd ahve rated Wetherspoons as brilliant but they have slipped lately.
smeg_head - 20 Feb 2006 01:35
Ideal pub for a cheap drink, however, like the beer, the pub is cheap. Typical wetherspoons, no atmosphere, no music, nothing to entertain you, just go in, get as wasted as poss as quick as poss and get out somewhere a bit more lively. No smoking policy is not much fun either, try having a fag in the freezing cold and rain outside
Powers - 24 Oct 2005 21:38
Average pub, cheap beers, good selection.

Too many old feckers tho.

homerj - 3 Jun 2005 17:24
Wetherspoons with a better than usual beer choice. Clean & tidy with half decent food
ahscum - 30 May 2005 11:22
Enjoyed a half of well-kept Phoenix Arizona Bitter last Saturday (2/4/05). The pub gets busy on Saturday nights and could do with more staff at the bar. Although I was served promptly some girls standing next to me were complaining, and the bar was three or four deep by the time I left.
lad_newton - 10 Apr 2005 17:13
better than average Wetherspoons with a good beer range.
Jim - 7 May 2004 18:53

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