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Good Yarn, Uxbridge

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user reviews of the Good Yarn, Uxbridge

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Service has gone downhill here, with staff that don't know what they're doing. It was busy on our Thursday evening visit. Ales were Greene King Abbot, Ruddles Best, Sharp's Doom Bar, Bell's Light Hearted Ale, Cotleigh Red Nose Reinbeer, Redemption Urban Dusk & Rock The Kasbek, Oakham Below Zero & Twickenham Naked Ladies. The cider was Old Rosie. But, it soon ran out before the barman could even get a half out of it. Black Dragon was apparently waiting to come on. But, he wouldn't change it. I chose an ale instead. But, the barman didn't reduce the price. Mind you, it was only my honesty that meant I paid at all, as he wandered off to talk to other customers without taking any payment. It took a good 5-10 minutes to get his attention again. The single barmaid didn't have the best command of the English language and had problems with drink orders and use of the till. We had the curry, which was ok. But, it's not the best value meal.
blue_scrumpy - 18 Nov 2019 17:12
Was here today following a visit to the nearby Beefeater and some shopping. Little has changed. Although it was a little quieter than normal. We managed to grab a booth in the raised seating area at the rear. Ales today were Greene King Abbot, Ruddles Best, Sharp's Doom Bar, Purity Ubu, Purple Moose Dark Side of the Moose, Peerless Full Whack, Whitstable Kentish Reserve & Upham Autumn Leaves. As usual, the cider was Black Dragon.
blue_scrumpy - 9 Sep 2018 18:55
Still one of the very few pubs in Uxbridge worth visiting. We were here on a Friday evening, when it was fairly busy with a drunk crowd at the bar. Feels fairly small for a Wetherspoon's. So you can sometimes struggle to get a table. The ale selection was Greene King Abbot, Ruddles Best, Sharps Doom Bar, Upham Fields of Gold, Ringwood Old Thumper & Loddon Forbury Lion. The cider was Gwynt y Ddraig Black Dragon. Visited just in time to use the last Wetherspoon's vouchers.
blue_scrumpy - 2 Jul 2017 13:57
Made a return visit to the Good Yarn today. I felt it had a better ale selection than on previous visits - Weltons Come On England, Binghams Admiral & Doodle Stout, Hook Norton Yeastie Boys, Greene King Abbot, Sharps Doom Bar & Ruddles Best. Cider was Black Dragon. It was fairly busy with its usual fair share of shoppers. We grabbed a booth in the family area at the rear. One of the better pubs in Uxbridge.
blue_scrumpy - 25 Jun 2016 21:02
Oh Oh!! Arsenalfan is back [and I'll bet he's never had 11 pints in his life]
alehippy - 27 Apr 2016 21:14
Today April 27th I went to the The Good Yarn for lunch and I went up to the counter and I was served by Jasmine and I ordered a ham and cheese toastie and an orange juice and I went and sat at table 27 and I watched people walk up and down the high street while I had my lunch and The Good Yarn is quite a big pub with lots of tables to choose from and you can even sit at a big round table at the back and I will return next time I go to The Good Yarn
11pints - 27 Apr 2016 17:40
Typical town centre Wetherspoons. It's long and narrow with a dining area at the rear and toilets up a flight of stairs. The clientele are the standard Spoons set. Today was my second visit where I've stopped for a drink. It was the last day of their festival. Beers on were Windsor & Eton Kohinoor, Oakleaf Liberty Boat, Mordue Lubelski, Cotleigh Kookaburra, Okells Premium Steam Beer, Biero del Bogo Tutto fa Broco & Fullers London Pride. Ciders were Sandford Orchards Strawberry Lane, Mr Whiteheads Festival Perry, Gwynt y Ddraig Dog Dancer & Westons Cider Twist Mulled Cider. Although I've often found no evidence of real ciders when trying to visit on non-festival times. Despite being a Wetherspoons, it's still probably the best option for real ales in Uxbridge.
blue_scrumpy - 11 Nov 2012 21:40
It's quite good in here. Stinks of sick though!!!
Publover88 - 10 Nov 2010 11:20
Some good beers, well served, yet again, and the breakfasts were excellent. One big plus with this Wetherspoons is the service, there always seems to be enough staff on duty, and they are really friendly and helpful.
Dylanwing - 28 Feb 2010 16:24
Handy for the tube station, and inside, it is pretty much the standard Wetherspoons decor. The beer was very well served, and the service was quick and friendly, so no complaints. Having looked in a few other local pubs, there did not seem to be much real ale, so a decent range of ber at a good price was very welcome.
Dylanwing - 23 Nov 2008 22:39
It's clean, vibrant and friendly.

Very cheap, nice selection of "different" ales and plenty of people creating a good atmosphere. Toilets are a bit annoying walking up a flight of stairs, but their kept clean every time I've been in there.

it's usually just a place where you would fill up on cheap booze before heading up the other end of the high street to Liquid night club or another pub, you can tell when it gets to about 11pm and it's a lot emptier then it was an hour ago.
dcross90 - 20 Oct 2008 14:50
This town centre pub has never been able to decide whether it is a Lloyds No1 or a Wetherspoon. It was one of Tim's first no-smoking pubs (before the laws came in), had a special food menu, and an ambiguous status in the Wether-world.

So some nights you can go in here and it will be traditional 'Wetherspoon' customers who have been in since 11am, other nights, a younger crowd of Brunel students and/or those on their way to Liquid and Envy at the other end of the high street. A rough rule is that the average age decreases as the week progresses, and the greater the chance the music will be turned on and turned up.

There is usually a good selection of real ales and good pleasant bar staff who care about serving customers and keeping real ale, but both of these valued qualities can run short all too frequently. Sometimes there will be just one person serving the whole pub, and many of the real ales will have run dry. Unfortunately, this is one of those pubs that has bought the marketing blurb about not turning the pump clips round. Those excited by a 'coming soon' label on a pump clip and vowing to come back tomorrow had better check, as sometimes this is a code for 'barrel empty'.

Whatever, I like this pub and so do friends. Those brave enough to journey through the wall of smoke just outside the doors will find a competent Wetherspoon serving decent drinks and wether-food. Thursday (curry night) through Saturday are the busiest evenings.

At the time of writing, Wetherspoons are appealing against a planning turndown for a second Wether-pub in "The Arcade" along the High Street. Although opening a second pub here (nearer to Liquid) would probably solve the Lloyds/Wetherspoon identity crisis in the Good Yarn, and Tim doesn't lose his legal battles, there is determined opposition from the present traders in the arcade.

London_OBs - 12 Jul 2008 20:58
what the hell are you talking about, who was talking about TV?. you obviously missread my comment on this place.
_GoodTime_ - 9 May 2008 15:15
Music wasn't very loud??

Time was when JDW pubs were music free. Bring back those days, & no TV so you can go to the pub on a sunday and not get sodding football on big screens, if you want to watch football, get pissed and scream at the TV stay at home!
zagreb - 13 Feb 2008 17:52
Well, went to this pub on the weekend and i was pleasently suprised...very clean, nice ale and was very lively...only downside was music wasnt very loud.

other than that a nice pub with the great prices on drinks!
_GoodTime_ - 29 Jan 2008 14:05
Came here last Tuesday for Steak night and was delighted with the live music on. Food excellent as always.Staff a delight and a great atmosphere,unlike some others in the area. I will definately be coming here every Tuesday.
PATRICE100 - 4 Oct 2007 22:02
Good prices, good food, good selection of whiskeys - only problem is the toilet attendant on busy nights - its a Wetherspoons not the Ritz
ted_savage - 17 Jul 2007 14:46
Lush Food! Used to be a great weekender pub

Now its no smoking, music isnt loud at all and its not very lively like it used to be.

My mates call this the 'good yawn'

But i have had some good nights here
mrs_newcastle - 9 Apr 2007 20:17
Nice pub with good selection of real ales and very cheap. Jazz is fantastic here on Tuesdays.
anonymous - 17 Jan 2007 20:32
Nice pub, large product range, plesant staff, love the no smoking, over all a nice experiance...........
splat - 8 Oct 2006 11:32
I like this pub alot and its atmosphere. Great value for money, and staff seem reasonable, which I regret to say is rare in any food/drink/catering chain. Good selection of booze, its rarely a case of "we dont do that stuff". Food is devine for its price.

Great hotspot for a night out in Uxbridge, but under 18s, or over 18s without ID, be prepared to be kicked out at 9.

danmantanshameboutvan - 25 Sep 2006 11:43
Nice Pint Of Hydes Here,Not a bad spoons at all especially that its non smoking. 7/10
fat_beer_badger - 12 Aug 2006 13:55
fab pub, love the non smoking and the jazz is cool too!
Nicecall - 18 Jun 2006 13:27
Wow it's another cross breed pub! Lloyds Wetherspoons Wetherlloyds... What the hell is it?? I know shit!! The only good thing about it now is that they have music but then even that is wierd coz they dunno what to play one minute is is RnB then pop but mainly Grungey EMO crap but then I guess thats coz the majority of staff are grungers which in turn probably explains some of the bad attitude.

I guess it is only good for a piss up before you head into town.
anonymous - 13 Jun 2006 13:31
Yes it is non-smoking enviroment now which is a plus, but one of the biggest problems with a lot of the Weatherspoon chain is the staffing levels. The bar will be 3 deep with just one person serving, but two other staffers are performing inventory on the chillers.
The tables are sticky, glasses stacked up waiting for collection. Sometimes you can think the table is occupied because of the amount of debris on them. They are cheap, food cheap but not cheerful, & some of the staff are great but some of them could improve their customer relations
MissElainey - 28 May 2006 15:04
Not bad but busy at weekends.This pub is now all non-smoking so you get a gathering of people puffing away out the front. Used to get a few Piss Heads in here but due to the smoking ban i think some have moved on. Cheap beer and food!
anonymous - 16 Apr 2006 04:02
Good Pub. Just a little concerned about the comments on its narrowness, since when did that affect the beer? Even better now its gone no-smoking, & still as busy as ever on saturdays
zagreb - 21 Mar 2006 17:45
So much better now it's a non-smoking pub! Clean, cheap, friendly, good food, variety of ales, beers, alcopops etc........... Excellent pub!
CharleyMouse - 12 Sep 2005 14:06
I can agree with all the comments regarding how cheap this pub is, as is the case for all Wetherspoon's, but otherwise I can't see what all the fuss is about.

It maybe that there is a new manager, because the last time I went the place was a shambles. The carpets hadn't been vacuumed, tables were not wiped, the place looked generally run down.

If there is a new regime, and things are spick and span, I'll make another call.

There are better pubs in Uxbridge, they are pricier but in life you get what you pay for.
cackgsy - 31 May 2005 13:31
Good pub. Agree with previous posts about long narrow setting but London Pride tastes really good. And its cheap as well. Plus it has gone non-smoking which is a real bonus for me as I hate coming out of pubs stinking like an ash tray.
will_beer - 31 May 2005 11:39
what a lovely pub

brummybeerboy - 4 Apr 2005 17:04
As a Wetherspoons pub, the prices are cheap and there are always good offers on. Even the food is good, especially on certain nights, Tuesday = Steak Night and Thursday = Curry Night.

The pub is long and narrow, which when busy can be cramped. Also, at closing time, the staff force punters to the front so there is a strategy used. Overall, the best pub in Uxbridge for atmosphere and value.
NC - 20 Oct 2004 13:41
brilliant pub. much better than the usual wetherspoons in country.

very cheap beers, and special offers on coctails, etc.

the bar staff are friendly and welcoming, and keep the place clean.

5 regular real-ales, plus two guest ales. usual selection of lagers and alcopops.

food to a high standard, and cheap -- try curry nights on thursday.

recommended for any night other than friday and saturday
edd - 27 Feb 2004 19:15
Positive: This is by far the cheapest pub in Uxbridge.
Positive: My son and his mates like to drink there (and I sometimes join them.)
Negative: It's a long narrow pub (previously a taylor's shop) and you get kicked out of the back area, with seats and tables, half-an-hour before closing.
It would be nice to sit and relax, where you are, until closing time....
That's why I'm usually in the Load of Hay, Villier Street.

Pete - 26 Feb 2004 00:41
the bar star are very friendly and this is one of the best pubs in uxbridge and they sell some good guest beers.
HayleySmithers - 20 Feb 2004 19:56
Cheapest pub in Uxbridge, that's pretty much the main thing going for it...
Brian Clifford - 1 Jan 2004 17:06
I brought a shirt from the taylors on this site, just before JDW converted it. Cheapest real ales in Uxbridge with regular guest beers, all of good quality. Excellent beer festivals. Used by the local young things as a pre-club meeting place at week-ends, so don't go then, if you use a pace-maker.
John - 3 Oct 2003 09:38

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