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The Thames Hotel, Maidenhead

Well considering it was April Fools Day I thought it must have been a joke when the barmaid said the price for two beers 7.40!!!
Another price rise and they can't blame the government on this one.
I guess it must be to replace last years dead plants that still sit in the planters on the road side terrace.
You can tart up the inside all you want, but the curb appeal is not there, The Thames is not to the same calibre of Boulters or Blue River totally different ambience and location. People have been going to those two places and not the Thames for years.
I went to the Thames cause I live next door, now I will never go again Two huge price rises in 6 weeks shows they have little respect for the customer.

2 Apr 2012 13:10

The Thames Hotel, Maidenhead

I was going to log in today to say how impressed I was with the finally brought up to date River Bar at the Thames Hotel, but sadly after visiting today it is logging in to say how disappointed I am.
The hotel bar has finally been brought up to present day with a very on trend makeover, and for the last 10 days I was very impressed that they did not up the prices until today when the prices have gone up. So it is the long term regulars who will be paying for this makeover.
In the last 10 days they have been pulling in a totally different "crowd" and must have seen their revenue increase and know that they would be getting some of the custom from Boulters and Riviera Hotel which appeal to a higher spending crowd.

When I looked past the new chairs and paint I found sugar packets and food on the floor, tables not wiped and chairs and tables left as the previous inhabitants had pushed them aside. If they are going to charge premium rates, I expect a more premium experience at the moment it is not much better than the Harvester down the road.

11 Feb 2012 20:18

The Bear, Maidenhead

Pub is closed and rumoured to become a new jd weatherspoon

12 Jan 2010 20:13

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