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Crown, Egham

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6 real ales - 3 coming soon - 1 as flat as a witches
numerous staff, some of which serve, some of which have no idea on customer service, "I''m not serving" - said individual was stacking clean glasses on the shelf having just swept the floor and emptied the bin by hand - hand washing deemed optional...
Thevicar - 3 Sep 2017 20:00
Looks like a gastro-pub from outside, but 5 or 6 ales on (1 or 2 of which are interesting), good food, and plenty of tables/seats - inside and outside - even on a Friday lunchtime. Worth a visit.
Trev - 6 May 2016 18:46
Decor improved.
Staff plentifully
Price HIGH
Cleanliness ok until the staff sneezed and of course another just stuffed their fingers into the freshly washed glasses.
Oh, and if I want a cold lager can I have a at least a glass that's not fresh out of the dishwasher? ??
@ no clue
Thevicar - 11 Oct 2014 00:39
Nice staff, cheap approach. Frozen food from a packet and real ale choice not great when I visited last night sadly :-( is this a chain pub? Must be.
publoiterer - 15 Feb 2014 09:30
Not too bad in here and the staff were efficient.
nickthefish - 8 Oct 2013 06:25
Popped in during recent mini-beer festival, there was a nice atmosphere, and place much busier than other locals, so landlord doing something right. Beers on offer included Adnams Gunhill, Rebellion Red, Norton Double Stout and Green King XX Mild. Many people were eating the well priced car food (though not tried myself) but still a proper pub.
spikefromsurrey - 31 Oct 2012 16:52
Really taking the biscuit with prices £4.00 for a San Mic and £4.20 for a Pironio
Thevicar - 9 Aug 2012 01:33
does milwall gary still drink here what a legend
neeeiiil - 17 Feb 2012 13:38
Reading the comment by atthebar really makes you want to use this place.
With locals like this (sad git) best avoid.
No rating given.
Guildforddrinker - 16 Oct 2011 12:02
Decent pub - standard mass pub food but that's what I expected so no complaints. Plenty of choice in terms of ales although have seen drip tray remnants being poured into glasses. Also a couple of cloudy pints. All in all a decent pub, however locals can sometimes be a little bit cocky/irritating/loud/intimidating/smelly (all of these apply at different times). Lunchtimes are better when the suits are in.
Food_Drink_Friends - 15 Oct 2011 17:12
decent enough pub,some strange customers,but then its a pub.
atthebar - 30 Jul 2011 13:16
Nice Pub, nice referb, just don;t drop you wallet outside, or it might turn up in a waste bin in HAYLING ISLAND !!!
Its a surprise when the police phone you up and your wallet's been found a couple of days later !!! in HAYLING ISLAND !!!

I wonder if anyone who works in the pub, or their Girlfriend, has relatives in HAYLING ISLAND !!!
What a co incidence that would be eh !!!

eghamlocal - 28 Jul 2011 19:31
Boo hoo
banjo11 - 7 Apr 2011 18:42
what you fucking wankers,think everybody loves this shithole....
UNBIASEDOFEGHAM - 21 Mar 2011 13:55
It looks as if britishairways is back Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Dementer - 19 Mar 2011 19:05
and now barring regular customers,for no reason at all,so what the hell is going on!!!!!!!!!!
UNBIASEDOFEGHAM - 18 Mar 2011 11:33
WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!!!...well keep the microwave jockey on a very short leash,and do not allow him to comment on a public website,and tell the people who pay all your wages to sod off.not the views of your company?i wonder ?short pints?selling from the drip tray? this the way barracuda want there pubs run????for the only decent pint in egham use the foresters or the con club...yours used to be a customer(and have gone with the rest too somewhere decent)
UNBIASEDOFEGHAM - 16 Mar 2011 18:02

firstly, can i apologise for the comments made by ben(banjo11). they were very poorly communicated and inapropriate. his heart is in the right place but his choice of words leaft alot to be besired. they are in no way the views of myself or our company. we value all our customers and edevour to provided excellent service at all times.

secondly, this is not supposed to be a forum for persueing personal vendettas or for posting falsely to make people/businesses look bad.

constructive critisism is greatly appreciated as it encourages us to improve. so please use this forum for it's intended use or feel free to contact me at the pub at any time.

many thanks
manager @ the crown egham

tee_total - 16 Mar 2011 15:47
well ben.....or johnmclean......dosent work,mr long face is back,and still the same bad service,you would have thought he would have upped the game,and sacked you and trained the staff,but there you go..sits upstairs and lets us be ripped off..go to the foresters for decent food and good beer.
UNBIASEDOFEGHAM - 11 Mar 2011 17:08
Lovely friendly pub, really nice atmosphere. Passed through Egham with my family for lunch, even though it was quite busy we were served promtly and with a smile. Food and drink was excellent and would definitely come again if i was in the area. Keep up the great work
johnmclean - 7 Mar 2011 13:05
well lillyj,you are the lucky one,go in a pub order a steak(from the microwave jockey)and get free drinks for your friends.all five of them!!!and then heard the man say that he pays 4.05 for a pint of stella at the local!he should have got some friends down and had a steak they all could have drunk for nothing...get a life and if you are going too do bogus posts get somebody that can do it in english...there you go lillyj...egham con club or the foresters,if you want a decent pint!
UNBIASEDOFEGHAM - 3 Mar 2011 18:05
frequently visit the pub 4-5 times a week. i think the staff are very king and helpful, drinks are ok priced considering i heard a man tell the barmaid they pay £4.05 for a stella at the local! had a great night last friday music was great had a steak and free drink with 5 of my friends!! really recommend this pub, but then everyone has there own opinions!!
lillyJ - 3 Mar 2011 17:11
i was in there yesterday,still the same slow service,staff chatting rather than serving,i think i will follow surreys lead and use the egham con club or the foresters.i hope matt is really proud of you for bringing his pub into disripute by your arrogant,thoughtless and banal comments.wish you well in the future microwave muppet (yes i said chef,because i am)no your not your a muppet.
UNBIASEDOFEGHAM - 1 Mar 2011 08:37
I probably visit the Crown 5 times a week having 3-4 pints each evening so probably spening about £60 per week - I and several friends spend about same amount - I am sure the Alma Mata and Foresters will be glad of our trade - so to the microwave monkey goodbye and hope Matt shares your sentiments.
surrey_drinker - 28 Feb 2011 22:20
this pub is a good pub we work hard and like to represent our company as best we can......well if this is your best.. BARRACUDA 2009 LTD,LUNAR HOUSE,GLOBE PARK,FIELDHOUSE LANE,MARLOW,SL7 1LW. 0845 3452528.
UNBIASEDOFEGHAM - 28 Feb 2011 15:23
morning advertiser (pub trade paper)10/02/2011...barracuda pub company,the managed operator led by mark mcquater has reported a loss of 18.6 million after writedowns and other charges..i wonder why,perhaps the views of its staff might have something to do with it,or at least the microwave monkey at the crown..get stuffed and sod off!!!!! yours S.
UNBIASEDOFEGHAM - 28 Feb 2011 08:05
( ive never heard of anybody being sacked for having a view they believe is correct )wake up you clown,telling customers who pay your wages to get stuffed and sod off on a public forum is NOT having a view,does your foot hurt because you have just shot yourself in it,i cant wait untill the area manager reads this.
UNBIASEDOFEGHAM - 28 Feb 2011 06:36
ok right; I was not ;drunk; this was posted in the morning, after reading these comments, I was, and still am annoyed, the staff are lovely no matter what, they are kind, they care, and people who come in get on well with them, and also Steve, I did not know this 'unbaisedofegham' was yourself, however, I am not a muppet who can use a microwave, I am a qualified chef and done my collage course's in catering, we are a volume pub, so the food, yes is pre-prepared, as are all of the volume sales pubs, however the food we have I still believe, for a volume pub ( as I said I am qualified, and have done a range of 'fresh' cooking, so to speak) is still far superior to other pubs in the same market, now if you want to send my opinions off to head office, please be my guest, I have never heard of any body being sacked for having a view they believe is correct, and will stand by them, when needs be, if you don't believe the service is good, and you find certain things negative , then why keep coming in?

This pub is a good pub, we work hard and like to represent our company as best we can, the people are good , the work we all put in is good and all in all we have a great trade, and we want to keep that upstanding.

Now the manager , he has not allowed me to comment on this and I have done this off my own back and will take what repercussions that follow ( if any, like I stated before, I have never heard of anyone being sacked or fired for an opinion)

Also, I don't take kindly to insults regarding my work load or how I do my job, i love my job, I take great pleasure and pride in making sure I have served the food to the best of my ability, I love my kitchen and how I take care of her, what or how I cook is irrelevant, the fact I care about what I send out to the public is important, I don't really care if people disagree or indeed, agree with the food they have in front of them, I know I have really tired, because on like most chefs (yes I said chef, because I am) in the volume sales side of things, I really do give a dam and wont send anything out that i am not happy with, and I have high standards in- relation to what I can achieve with the products I have at hand. I do not believe I am in-charge, I am just another employee for the company, but it is a company I like and I am proud to represent.

I am sorry if I have 'offended' anyone by my previous comment, however, I still stand by what I said and, I will continue to do so.
banjo11 - 28 Feb 2011 00:49
Would like to think he was stressed out after a busy day but moving food from freezer to microwave can hardy be exhausting - which is what the Crown food consists of. Yes I am sure Barracuda will be very interested in these comments, which will make sure they receive.
surrey_drinker - 27 Feb 2011 21:59
cant believe sod off and get stuffed..........if thats the way the way they think of us well!!!!!!my husband and i were in there lunchtime and the service was not that will not go least will now know what the so called staff think of us,i came on this site this evening to mention that the food and service was not very good,but then too read that we can sod off and get stuffed by a so called cook(i wont say chef) i will complain in writing to the head office ,why on earth has the manager allowed this person to comment on his behalf...SOD OFF AND GET take our money elsewhere
thewatchman - 27 Feb 2011 18:39
was there on the 19th..but says it all..sod off and get stuffed...well go back? i dont think the company who own this pub agree with this persons thoughts about us,the people who spend money in there pub and pay the wages??? i will not go back in there again,and ask all my friends not too use this place ever again...if i was the owner of this public house i would be ashamed of the comments made earlier by the so called chef.there is a better pub around the corner called the foresters.please use it in the future...SOD OFF AND GET STUFFED i dont think so,our money and we will spend it where we think,without your bad rating
theguv1 - 27 Feb 2011 18:14
mmmmm...get stuffed?..sod off and drink somewhere else!.. i for one have never said that the dregs of the drip trays are used to top up the pints,i just wonder if the company that pays your wages will agree that we should all sod off,when i send this to your head office, will they agree with your suggestion????? i wonder. i am just worried that matt and company have allowed you to comment in this way and to be quite honest i dont think a drunken rant has done your manager and barracuda inns any favours at all,so anybody reading this will understand if in anyway there is nothing you like about this pub.......get stuffed and sod off....banjo11...ben (i think im in charge) but not really im just a muppet who can use a
UNBIASEDOFEGHAM - 27 Feb 2011 17:17
If you are referring to my comments banjo11 about drink being served from wastage of glass under tap, I have witnessed this and complained face to face with the bar person involved and my drink was replaced - not a despicable or anonymous complaint.
Interested to know if your staff training includes how to deal with customers complaints and customer service. Telling customers to get stuffed and sod off hardly likely to be part of training. I wonder if Matt is aware of your comments on here.
The Crown is not a good pub but the best in Egham, which I will continue to use and any complaints will be directed to the staff involved.
surrey_drinker - 27 Feb 2011 11:01
righty ho, where do I start.

number one the staff are not untrained, we are a managed house so there for we have to train, so 'unbiasedofegham' with all due respect get stuffed, number two we do not use drip trays to serve customers, that's a despicable claim and one you should be ashamed off, number three; I believe I know who a few people are who come on the site also come to the crown on a daily basis , but seem to want to hide who they are, well I wish you had the minerals to say who you are, for example, my name is Ben, i'm kitchen manager at the crown, and id love it, if instead of being two-faced and bitching about the pub and people I love , you would have the nerve to do it to our faces, so I ask all of you who I believe I know, if you have a problem with the pub, come say it to me face and stop hiding behind a mask on here.
In addition to this, the bar staff who work there, are not just mindless 'untrained' students, they all try their best to make sure every customer need is satisfied, it gets busy at times and so you have to give them credit, i have worked the bar and its not easy at busy times.

so in short if you don't like it, sod off and drink somewhere else.
banjo11 - 25 Feb 2011 11:20
nice pub,nice staff,nice beer.
theguv1 - 20 Feb 2011 13:21
had a bit of a refit recently and the front is now partly hiden by some waste of space wooden contraption...
inside much remains the same.
probably the best bet in town but still very little to oppose it
Thevicar - 18 Feb 2011 16:55
seems the pub has reopened,still the same bad service,and it now also seems that some problem families ,have started to use the crown,and while i do feel sorry for there needs,i do not wish to drink with them, everybody is better off in the foresters or red lion,back in hong kong in a few weeks,at least you get good service,good drinks and a clean loo.
UNBIASEDOFEGHAM - 29 Jan 2011 18:03
now closed.
UNBIASEDOFEGHAM - 5 Dec 2010 08:25
new uniforms are nice, but dont you think the money should have been spent on staff training,last friday night slow and bad service as is normal.
UNBIASEDOFEGHAM - 27 Nov 2010 16:47
Unfortunately I have noticed this habit that pub_girl pointed out where drainage is served to next customer. Althought this should not be a practice with any customer, you would think bar staff would have common sense not to do it in front of regulars.
surrey_drinker - 29 Oct 2010 13:47
still no change since my last posting,the staff (untrained students)not there fault, are still doing what they want, up and down as they wish it ,with know thought to the customers who pay there wages want it.once again no manager in sight.chav central..
UNBIASEDOFEGHAM - 28 Oct 2010 19:43
This was my favourite pub in Egham until short time ago. My boyfriend drew my attention to the habit they have of leaving glass under draught beer tap to collect drainage then serve it to the next customer. This is very unhygeinic as the beer can run down the bar persons hand and could be laying around before next customer is served.
Since this was mentioned to me, I have noted all the bar staff adopt this practice, so it must be instructions from management to do this.
Thank goodness we still have Alma Mata as a decent pub.

pub_girl - 23 Oct 2010 18:05
mmmmmm....! tea total,carrie,stu etc. lol.
britishairways2 - 18 May 2010 06:22
first of all that was 4 years ago and if i knew about it it wouldn't really be very undercover would it! hmm. mat at the crown. p.s. this is my ONLY username!
tee_total - 15 May 2010 21:24
dear student stu, wake up and look around you and you will see what is going on around you,the so called manager didnt even realise that a undercover operation was carried out in his pub untill it was front page of the local papers,his then comment was (i didnt know)how a so called manager has not got a clue what is being sold, apart from ale etc,should hang his head in shame,and look for another job.try the foresters or perhaps not,leave it for proper people. cant wait to hear from you again. muppet.
britishairways2 - 14 May 2010 19:18
Stay on the beer B.A. - don't need druggies like you in The Crown.
student_stu - 11 May 2010 09:15
i was here last friday trying to watch and listen to the rugby,the juke box was turned up and we could not listen to the game,when myself and another customer asked for it to be turned down we were told if people want to put there money in it they should be allowed to hear it, and then to add insult to injury one of the staff took some pound coins from the till and put them in the juke box.i have watched this pub go down hill from when the previous landlady left,and i have now joined her.
UNBIASEDOFEGHAM - 28 Feb 2010 14:38
Nice busy atmosphere with a real mixture of locals from foreign students to old men mumbling to themselves over their ale. On Saturday nights the musicís good and loud, with the occasional band playing. The staff are friendly and remember what you usually drink. The food is reasonably well priced. Easily my favourite pub in Egham.
Artstudent23 - 7 Feb 2010 19:44
wow your really messed up! think you need a therapist.
flyingbum - 11 Jan 2010 09:37
Kevin will probably log in under his own name to deny it next, but will use the exact same spelling mistakes and poor grammar, as british airways, egham local and iamtheeggman etc. etc. then say what a nice guy Matt is, then log on as one of his aliases and slag everyone off again, YAWN.....
carrie1 - 10 Jan 2010 11:04
Whatever Kevin!! if you had a few more customers you wouldn't have time for all this crap!!! everyone knows it's you and they are all laughing at you, GET A LIFE!!
carrie1 - 10 Jan 2010 09:45
I think you'll find if you check th internet provider, (not the e-mail address) of several of these posters it will be the same, he thinks that by opening lots of different hotmail accounts he can't be traced, don't give him the satisfaction of replying to his nonsense, The Crown is a Friendly pub!!
carrie1 - 9 Jan 2010 14:35
Like this pub - welcoming and friendly bar staff and good range of beers. Nice mixtgure of locals and students. Also pub is big enough to get away from the sports screen if you just want quiet chat. Can't comment on ladies toilets as mentioned by previous poster but my girl friend said there was no problem with them.
student_stu - 6 Jan 2010 12:17
Yawn Yawn britishairways - you have had your say and now becoming a bore. If you so dissatisfied with the pub then have the courage to speak to Matt direct, otherwise toddle off with your new found friends in Red Lion and Foresters - I dont think they would be so desperate for customers to welcome you.
wanderin_star - 5 Jan 2010 22:00
Well that says it all about you British airways!! ' who gives a flying f**K about spelling' just shows your intelligence level!! but for your infomation it wasn't the spelling I was commenting on, but the exact same style of writing in the previous 3 posters. The Crown is a FRIENDLY pub, wherever the clients come from!!
carrie1 - 4 Jan 2010 06:57
i was here on the 31st,not a bad night,but.........yellowhouse (playing,or just trying to) and i am sure it was the same sets they used in the spring rise club about 7 years ago,have these guys got any idea about moving with the times and trying to keep up with in date music,anyway the service was as bad as normal and the toilets was as too be expected,in other words DIRTY.we left about 10.30 and went to the foresters,cant see us going back again.
iamtheeggman - 2 Jan 2010 22:34
OMG!! you sad, sad people, by the way what is a picky??
carrie1 - 26 Dec 2009 18:54
Don't worry Carrie1, even at xmas in the season of goodwill to all men, some twisted sad people can only think about sittng in front of their computer trying to bully people over the internet, and they well may be the same person trying to hide their identity.
But it is no surprise, if you know the people responcible.
Merry Xmas to your kids, and the dog !!!
eghamlocal - 25 Dec 2009 00:19
OK IIamtheegman, you seem to know my name, whats your's ?
eghamlocal - 22 Dec 2009 22:29
I'm the type of person who knows that you use a capital' I' when saying" I seemed" or" I like", unlike the previous 3 posters who all by some coincidence use a lower case i, mmmmm....
carrie1 - 18 Dec 2009 16:33
The Crown is a friendly pub, and that is the main thing in this day and age, always made to feel welcome!! all these posts are so stupid, and when someone goes on to the site time and time again, using different names, they should at least try to use spell check, and not mis-spell the same words in every post, it kind of gives you away.
carrie1 - 16 Dec 2009 19:27
im enjoying this site more and more,who is the cock steve hill??? i just cant believe what he said!!!!! to busy to replace toilet rolls!!!!!!!!,where does this idiot come from? and from what planet?,dear steve,normal people who use public houses would expect as a matter of course,soap, toilet paper, a clean toilet and something to dry your hands on.wake up to the real world steve,this is what is expected in any public house no matter how busy it is,in fact you would think that the more trade the pub had the more checks would be done.
iamtheeggman - 15 Dec 2009 20:08
dear british airways,these are the type of comments that are not needed on this site,the site is about ale and that is all,i agree that steve is a total cock,and he has done matt no favours what so ever with his silly posting,but please lets leave it at that.i have more important things to do such as running a pub and raising a family than logging on to this web site and reading what these people have to say,but after saying that i will moniter the site,and give the crown my full the cock said in a previous posting katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kevincarter - 15 Dec 2009 19:02
p.s. egman/woman we run out of loo roll as well,just screw your loaf and lion.
kevincarter - 14 Dec 2009 18:45
here we go once again,the crown is a fine pub run by a very good manager,the crown is a good pub dealing with a different people than the red lion,ie pool tables,juke box,dart board etc..i will put this on my web site as well,all you are doing is making both pubs look bad,please stop making these postings 10out of 10 for the crown.
kevincarter - 14 Dec 2009 18:35
I haven't been on here for ages and I completely agree with wandering star, a play ground is the only place for petty bitching such as this. If I were so incensed about the lack of loo roll or "bad" beer I wouldn't post an anonymous comment on a website, I would bring it the attention of the manager on duty so it can be rectified there and then. that's the way I think adults should deal with things.
I have no issues with the guys @ The Red or any other pub in Egham and would speak to them directly if I did.
If you prefer the Red Lion to the Crown there is nothing wrong with that, it's good to have a choice. But if you aren't happy with anything while you're @ The Crown please bring it to our attention immediately so we can do what we can within our power to rectify it so there will be no need for any "legitimate" complaints posted on this website.
Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you in person.
manager of The Crown.
tee_total - 11 Dec 2009 15:42
Not been on this site for ages and surprised to find the old Red Lion/Crown feud still running - must be half term time again for Egham kids. Reading through the posts I notice that iamtheeggman, a new poster on this site, is banging the drum for the Red Lion - even offering legal advice to the management. Then he/she professes to not know who Katie is (lol) - The phrase 'shooting oneself in the foot' comes to mind. May I suggest having a word with Matt or one of his excellent team about lack of loo rolls in ladies.
I support both pubs and would hate to see any more pubs in Egham close. I favour The Crown in evenings because has more atmosphere and friendlier bar staff. Afternoons may have drink in Red Lion when not working. Lets stop the silly sniping and keep comments completely pub related.
wanderin_star - 10 Dec 2009 15:03
just got to say this just for a laugh,the reason they run out of loo roll is that the beer is so horrible that it gives everbody the runs,katie!!!!!!!!!(who is katie????)
iamtheeggman - 9 Dec 2009 19:59
iamtheeggman - 9 Dec 2009 19:50
as said before click on to the user name and read previous comments (red lion better than the crown)
iamtheeggman - 9 Dec 2009 19:49
Probobly the reason they run out of loo roll is the fact that they have a lot of customers, KATIE !!!Unlike other pubs in the area I could mention that are closed every night.
eghamlocal - 6 Dec 2009 21:53
yes airways,no doubt been barred from the red lion,as you say go on to previous postings.this site should be about the pubs not personal issues,i was in the crown earlier and we all had a good time apart from the toilets which were disgusting,you would think that somebody (anybody)would make sure that there was loo roll and soap,and that was the ladies!the men i was drinking with said that there toilet was also disgusting,if anybody from the site owners read this PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE STATE OF THE TOILETS.
iamtheeggman - 4 Dec 2009 21:43
I think Matt does a fine and very difficult job, managing the needs of all kinds of customers, and it's not made any easier by the fact that its the only pub anywhere near the high street that normal people will visit.
The food is excellent, and reasonably priced, they have darts, pool, quiz nights, outdoor smoking area, the place is always clean, and the beers are 9 times out of 10 available.
It is a very very busy pub.
There are some new bar staff working who have injected some new charm into the place, and work very hard.
Fair play to their efforts.
Lots of sports, football, rugby, cricket, even racing in the afternoons, what more do you wish for ?
Great Pub.
eghamlocal - 21 Nov 2009 02:06
As a pub this please seems stuck in a rut, busy but not improving.
Staff range from the good to the bad to the darn right rude ... had the TV I was watching switched off with so much as a by your leave as the program the staff had been watching (not there to work then) had finished...
Thevicar - 6 Oct 2009 13:20
What should have been a great evening was down graded by my last pint of the evening...
It seems to be a regular situation with this pub ... you have a few pints of what you fancy but later in the evening what was a good pint becomes CRAP.
OK, I was only on the 1664 but this is not the first time this has happened, regardless of tipple...
Why should this happen?
Bog still a sh1thouse...
Music tonight ... Yellowhouse, three piece. Good first set, ok second.
There is NOTHING to match it in Egham, but is this realy a recomendation???
Thevicar - 9 Aug 2009 01:05
This pub was quite busy on a Friday evening with a mixed, although mainly young, clientele. As such it was fairly noisy, but not too unpleasant. Outdoor seating also appeared to be popular. Real ales were all fairly standard - Abbot Ale, Bombardier, Brakspear Bitter, Pedigree and Hogsback Summer Ale. The plus point for me was the Westons Old Rosie on draught. I'd probably return if ever in Egham town centre.
blue_scrumpy - 28 Jul 2009 20:55
We went here on the first hot Sunday of the year picked from this site. (The highest rated one being refurbished.) The menu and prices were good, service quick, smiley and courteous. The food was very good indeed! I had a thai prawn wrap, my partner had a burger and his daughter had the lasagne. Gorgeous crispy chips, piping hot and plentiful basic salad as an accompaniment. Very impressed given the prices!! Would definitely go back again.
degodier - 3 Jun 2009 21:07
Popped in here before going to parents evening at college next door. Service was good and I had a couple of excellent pints of the Bombardier. Good atmosphere from a mixed bag of clientele. Would return.
Wee_Paddy - 18 May 2009 12:37
Oh...i forgot to say, when you eventually get your beer it tastes like the life-time you wasted trying to get service at the bar was also the time in which every beer over fermented to near vinegar and went off. You then rush to the toilet and wouldn't want to vomit because you have to open your mouth to do so. You could catsh anything! Sorry people, this is really a bad state of affairs. I suggest its customers look around and then give their pub a friendly nudge to play catch-up with the likes of The Happy Man (CAMRA Award winner 2007), Alma Mata (which isn't even a pub these days but does much much better quality ale) or even the The Spring Rise Club (CAMRA HQ North Surrey).
billegham - 1 May 2009 01:15
I agree with the last poster. I had to pop in here with the guys because my new local doesn't show football and it was disturbing to remember that i put up with this bad service/pub for so long before i saw the light. Still heaving though - says alot about Eghamites.
billegham - 1 May 2009 01:02
If you know articmonkeys rub him or her for luck! if they had good service & friendly staff I'm amazed!!

Without a doubt it is the worst service and the most poorly presented beer I have come across in the last few years.....and it is consistent!
english_bitter - 5 Apr 2009 15:37
Noticed one toilet closed for repairs - so perhaps at last we will have decent toilet - can only hope. Still best pub in Egham for mixed varied crowd of customers.
wanderin_star - 3 Oct 2008 14:32
Have to agree with you about grubby toilets, but service good and staff friendly, will be back.
arcticmonkeys - 12 Sep 2008 15:51
Best of a bad bunch in Egham, and the only place with a decent atmosphere in town. A bit grubby around the edges (especially the loos) and service can be hit-and-miss but you can get a decent pint and its good for the footy.
steakpieandchips - 26 Aug 2008 18:24
What a friendly pub, had a great laugh with the barstaff, love the way there is always a good crowd outside when the weathers good, busiest pub in the area, well done.
bsdetector - 2 Aug 2008 21:01
Why, Malverns, didnt you post before when you thought 'this was excellent pub'. I am sure the gentleman from kitchen will have a good laugh over your description of 'gurning face'. I have seen him offered dfinks many times and he has always said 'i'll have one when I finish work'. So why shouldnt he have a drink on his day off and I have certainly never seen any staff drunk. The Red Lion has had a hard time recently please do not start on the crown. Its still the best pub in Egham and the 'gurning face' guy - wont mention his name - is great guy.
surrey_drinker - 10 Jul 2008 09:22
I have never seen anyone drunk serving behind the bar, and this is still a good place to have a drink at any time, much more friendly than The Red Lion, with a much more reasonable landlord and other customers to chat to (unlike the Red Lion, which is only busy weekday lunch times and some Saturday nights) keep supporting The Crown
freind1 - 9 Jul 2008 19:30
I'd like to say that this used to be an excellent friendly pub to have a early evening drink..... However it remains to be seen why the bar staff are allowed to get drunk whilst at work & also when they are not at work in the pub. I find it quite a contradiction in terms when the management are quick to bar anyone that isn't staff and is a obnoxious but if they work in the crown they seem to get away with murder. I will send a personal message to the manager (who NEVER seems to be there) regarding what else people have witnessed as this doesn't seem to be the place (I have however reported the incident to the brewery). I would like to add that whilst I have no proof, us customers wonder how when your eyes are rolling in your head and your face is gurning you can run a kitchen!
malverns - 9 Jul 2008 17:30
As I have been away for the last couple of weeks I have not seen any of the comments made by 'blackfingernails' but condemn any personal attacks on any fellow publicans. Just because we are in the same business doesn't mean we slag each other off. We are all just trying to do the best jobs we know how, and continually try to get better.
Personal attacks and lies don't help anyone. Why not grow up, tell us what you think face to face so we can do what we can to keep ALL our customers, new and old, happy and proud of the pub they choose to call 'theirs' THANKS MAT @ THE CROWN.
tee_total - 7 Jul 2008 13:49
Well its approx 2100 on a sunday evening and the red Lion completely empty. A very warm welcome in Crown with great diversity of customers. Well done Matt and staff at Crown - a great local pub.
surrey_drinker - 6 Jul 2008 22:12
I find this pub to have very good atmosphere with good mix of customers, students through to pensioners and good range of beers. Bar staff tend to remember drinks and usually a polite hello. There have been comments about slow service but then it does get busy sometimes.
eghammikey - 28 Jun 2008 09:56
Visited pub couple times recently, mainly due to good weather and nice to sit outside and people watch. Found service considerably improved and seem to have efficient bar staff at moment. Good beer and next day the barman remembered what I was drinking previous day and greeted with very polite hello - a small thing that can make such difference to a pub. Will visit again more frequently.
wanderin_star - 21 May 2008 12:38
Found the service to be a bit slow but fairly friendly crowd. Least its only pub in central Egham to have any atmosphere. On warm summer evening quite nice to sit outside for few beers - or the beer garden. Probably the best pub in Egham - given the limited competition.
surrey_drinker - 15 May 2008 23:20
Walked in and couple customers waiting. Barmaid did about turn and started to collect unnecessary glasses. Went to toilet - floor covered in urine - and the smell. Jeez - for sake of his profits if anything - why doesnt landlord get grip on this pub.
ds.drinker - 12 May 2008 22:50
Went in last week and the smell that hit you was awful
Agree with recent postings re speed of service with ONE exception.
No real competiton in town currently...
Thevicar - 26 Nov 2007 20:00
Went into Crown one week ago and about 4 people waiting to be served - 2 barmen but one just wandered off to do unimportant tidying up leaving customers waiting. The next customer asked the remaining barman if they did any dark beer - the response was 'ummm dunno what do u usually drink' Another visit few days later the barman picked up glass to serve me but then decided to adjust the volume on juke box and completely forgot he started to serve me. Useless staff and badly run pub. Such a shame as only Crown and Red Lion within short walking distance central Egham. Perhaps they get enough trade from students not to worry about local residents but would be nice to have decent local pub again.
anonymous - 5 Nov 2007 21:24
Have only lived in Egham for few months and have used this pub few times as always seems to have reasonable amount of customers - other pubs being very deserted mid week. But unfornutately can be very slow service. Tried Sunday roast lunch but this was terrible, beef so tough could not cut and bland vegetables. Perhaps I was unlucky but wont try food again.
wanderin_star - 6 Oct 2007 22:31
The service is terrible. Expect to wait for ages while people who arrive after you get served first. The problem is the dozy students behind the bar.Also, the toilets are usually ankle deep in urine.

anonymous - 24 Sep 2007 05:30
We have just seen these awful revues of the crown. How sad and depressing.This used to be our pub untill sept 1998.So if any of our old customers are reading this all we can say is how sad and sorry we are to hear of the state of the crown.
When we were there we took exceptional pride in the quality and range of our ales.The food was good and plentiful,the garden beautiful, the staff friendly(well most of them),the toilets clean and our customers some of the best people you could wish to meet.
ps.Some of you may remember our pub dog Benjie, well unfortunatley he died in august 1999, 1 year after retiring
RICHARD_TRISH - 10 Sep 2007 20:08
I'm afraid I'm going off The Crown. The SA landlord is a really nice bloke, but the standard of beers is rapidly going downhill and the clientele are going the same way.

SuperNev - 31 Aug 2007 13:00
just came back from H.K what a real shame,used to be the best pub in egham ,now just a pub,i will not return to,the service was just well s..t,
sorry cant think of anything else to say
anonymous - 24 Jun 2007 18:50
have got to agree with previous postings,the ale was not up to standard,staff rude,toilets (gents) dirty,what a shame!
anonymous - 22 Jun 2007 18:43
not been in since febuary,dont think i,ll go back,tried two ales both of poor quality,service still slow,will have to drink in the foresters
theguv1 - 7 Apr 2007 11:50
just came out,wished i had not gone in,tried the abbot and the l.pride,could somebody please explain to the landlord that the lines MUST be cleaned on a regular basis,complained about both ales and was told that the lager was o.k,i ask you !if i wanted FxxxxxG lager i would have asked for it,but that was not the point of the visit,ended up in the red lion,with a decent pint of l.pride,went around to the foresters and had a couple of courage best, in very good nick. lager i ask you,the crown used to be the pub in egham, but not anymore.
anonymous - 22 Mar 2007 19:01
please somebody clean the lines
anonymous - 14 Mar 2007 18:53
cant believe a pub has gone down hill so much,real ale,dont try it,nobody seems to have a clue,if you do go in drink something out of a bottle,and dont use the gents,the smell made me want too be sick,and the water??? on the floor is just unreal,do the owners realise what has happened to this pub???once the best pub in egham,now not the worst but getting there,try the foresters or the red lion.
anonymous - 10 Mar 2007 16:15
SERVICE POOR,BEER POOR,will not return,full of burberry,chavs local,used to be a nice pub,no attention to real ales,still showing banner 2005 camra pub of the year,past glories in 2005 mean nothing,the banner should be taken down,staff are not trained to pour a pint,and need to learn the words please and thank you,rather than grunt,leaves little choice in egham,new lanlord in the red lion,seems to keep a good pint,tried the spitfire was in good nick,pub clean and tidy,good service,will try the foresters when out next.
anonymous - 4 Mar 2007 18:30
not been in for a while,but still the same chav hang out,service still slow but the abbot was in very good condition
theguv1 - 23 Feb 2007 11:03
Beer good.
Service mostly good.
Too many disturbances recently for my liking.
Gents are awful, wellies required some nights
Thevicar - 15 Jul 2006 15:15
Bloke that works behind the bar looks like that guy from Outkast
anonymous - 14 Jun 2006 12:40
Nice pub, new landlord/Manager is doing really well. Good selection of ales, on a recent visit I sampled Brain's Golden Dragon - Delecious
richardhoward - 6 Feb 2006 13:58
New landlord's doing a pretty good job, beer is well kept and theres and interesting range of bottled stuff like Leffe Blonde now. Improving.
MrG - 6 Dec 2005 08:06
Great pub, great atmosphere and nice at lunch times and staurday night
anonymous - 6 Nov 2005 19:33
I quite like this place - certainly the best pub out of the limited choice that the High Street has to White Lion/Red Lion. Their are some cracking little barmaids down there, and also the infamous TankGirl behind the bar.
FreakyDancer - 21 Sep 2005 14:03
Nice traditional english pub. friendly staff and reasonable prices. food pretty good for pub standard
anonymous - 7 Sep 2005 12:59
Visited on a weekday lunchtime, quite busy mixture of people, a few guest ales on good form, still prefer the old crown 2 bars setup
anonymous - 31 Aug 2005 22:39
Very expensive and very smokey. But the beer is always excellent (Adnams and Archers). So you get what you pay for in that respect. Couple of beer festivals a year, and there's usually a nice twist to them (like the beer Olympics).

The food is diabolical though, you could have robbed a jewellers with battered fish i was served up with a few weeks back. If you're hungary, go to the Fish & Chip shop over the road or the Red Rose curry house. Though if you give up your seat, you're unlikely to get it back.

Customers are a fairly broad bunch, but beware the pinstriped estate agents that come in at 5:30 braying loudly and Royal Holloway staff members getting wasted on a Friday night.
Quinno - 22 Aug 2005 16:02
New landlord has got some real rippers behind the bar. Still a rubbish pub though.
anonymous - 23 Jun 2005 09:06
Pants, absolute pants. 23rd May went in no Stella and they wouldn't have any until after the bank holiday. Who the hell is running this place? The Keystone Cops? Its bad enough that although dire its the best pub in Egham but unfortunately is usually full of estate agents and charvers but running out of beer? For a week. Jesus, time to move house.
MrG - 24 May 2005 08:19
Went in here on Friday and was left waiting for 10 minutes as the oblivious barmaid happily served some scruffy students who had come to the bar after me. Unforgiveable. These people don't deserve your patronage.
MrG - 14 Feb 2005 10:28
Had a few short pints here myself and been short changed on more than one occasion. Usually full of estate agents and charvers.
MrG - 8 Feb 2005 08:35
Unfortunately I have had to endure this hostility (Yes I spelt that right!) on a number of occasions and I have always vowed never to go back, the food if you can get it (had run out of Eggs last time)is poorly cooked and presented, the real ale is poorly kept and often "not on" and the bar staff are amongst the most surly and un-customer friendly I have ever come across, try somewhere else, although you will find your options in Egham very limited !
paxton - 7 Feb 2005 23:23
Only place worth visiting in Egham, although Aaron is spot on with some of the barmaids.

There is a sanctuary of sloths somewhere in Surrey that must surely be missing a few residents.

Is_it - 31 Jan 2005 14:19
The Crown is the most popular pub in Egham and for good reason, not because all the others are worse. It attracts a wide section of the local community because it offers a warm welcome, a good selection of beers and good food. True, there is the odd charver but you get that most places. It holds beer festivals at least twice every year and the choice of guest ales is usually pretty good.
Si - 8 Sep 2004 13:16
The only reason this pub gets away with it is that all the other pubs in Egham are even worse. Short pints that you accept because it would waste even more time getting them topped up. The quality of the real ale depends entirely on random sampling and even more unforgiveable, the management don't even care. Popular with pikeys.
anonymous - 4 Apr 2004 23:23
Lovely pub - great selection. Try the Toffee Vodka!
Grey - 18 Mar 2004 14:33
Unfortunately the all day breakfast is gone but it was lovely. And "John Palser", I'm sure I've seen you in there on SATURDAY mornings! Nice selection of beers, a bit pricey though, nice garden, pool table, Sky, friendly locals, not sure about those barmaids though!!! ;-) Sorry chicolita!
Aaron - 9 Jan 2004 01:34
Ahh, many's the time I've spent a sunday morning at this place, out in their great beer garden getting my head together with a superior pint of John Smith's and one of the Crown's SUPERB meals (try the all day breakfast). And "Stoph" is indeed correct - the staff never seem put out by anything. A pub you'd be proud to call your local
John Palser - 14 Dec 2003 17:52
FANTASTIC lunch time pub for food and service with a smile: bar staff very friendly and curteous, excellent selection of food and obscure ales = a proper pub!- MARVELOUS!
"Stoph" - 31 Jul 2003 15:35

got anything to say about this pub?

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