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Username: Guildforddrinker

Age: 56

Sex: male

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The Jolly Farmer, Bramley

Good traditional village pub, Bramley should be proud.
Great range of beers and lagers, focusing on some local breweries I had not come across before.

15 Feb 2016 16:59

The Grantley Arms, Wonersh

Unbelievable, this place blasts on about it`s heritage (circa 1590) then does everything to get rid of the evidence. Gone the iconic Friary sign that`s hung outside this pub for over a hundred years.
Who ever decided to all these changes should be hung up by their `Gonads` from the nearest lamp post, knowing this village that would be Bramley.
This pub has been destroyed by some poncy idiot who wouldn`t know a village pub if it bit his privates.

15 Feb 2016 16:57

The Parrot Inn, Shalford

Why should you get compensation if you got what you ordered in the end ???

4 Nov 2011 16:55

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