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Nags Head, Belgravia

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user reviews of the Nags Head, Belgravia

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Bloody Hell indeed! Visited again yesterday on our regular tour and although the beer was always 10p more expensive than elsewhere in the area yesterday took the biscuit! £5.00 for ordinary Adnams! Cough splutter!! Crisps £1.50 and peanuts £1.50. It might not have been quite so bad if it was not for the attitude of the young barperson, very abrupt. We will not be darkening its doors again and I suggest a lot of ex RAF groups who meet there ought to reconsider. Only Oligarchs can frequent here now. A great shame.

wogerthewacer - 2 Feb 2017 11:13
Bloody hell!!! I didn't realise places like this still existed! Walking in is like going back in time 60 or 70 years! Upon entering I ordered a pint of Adnams Lighthouse and went and sat in the downstairs bar (via a very rickety narrow staircase) as all the seats upstairs were taken. Got told off by the landlord for putting my coat on the back of a chair and not hanging it up (yeah welcome to the pub!). After settling into my newspaper it became apparent that the couple seated on the other side of the room were pointing at the fireplace and looking a bit alarmed. I turned round to find a mouse scuttling around on the floor! This mouse was pretty brazen and not shy at all! Finished my pint of perfectly acceptable Lighthouse and onto Adnams Dry-Hopped lager. Re-located back upstairs as seats had become free and I didn't really fancy sharing my pint with the mice! Witnessed another punter being told to leave the pub in no uncertain terms for answering his phone (which was a bit harsh frankly as the guy had obviously never been to the pub before and his phone went off just as he walked in). I did notice the 'no mobile phones' sign and I'm all for not having to listen to other peoples phone conversations but it was a bit over the top frankly. Towards the end of my visit the place was swamped with a bunch of suits who were extremely loud and obviously a bit the worse for wear. As regards the beer only Adnams seemed to be available on draught which I found surprising as I was under the impression this was a free house. Both pints I had were perfectly acceptable but nothing special. Am I glad places like this still exist? Yes. Will I be hurrying back any time soon? No.
undeaded - 16 Dec 2015 15:03
Hasn't changed much since I first set foot in here 25 years ago. A very idiosyncratic landlord which gives the place real character. If you ask for chips with your food be prepared for a torrent of abuse. No mobiles allowed but I've never seen anyone using one inside the pub. Be warned it is a small pub. Highly recommended.
WaitorseBoyz - 3 Feb 2015 11:50
Got to this pub before noon on a Monday, and as usual I was the only customer. Had an excellent pint of Adnam's and a fascinating chat with the landlord, who was nursing a hangover from Sunday's exertions, which included horse racing & lots of drink. Marvellous old pub, lovely bloke. Amongst other things, I learnt he was a keen skier. We were joined by his previous day's drinking mate, a local gentleman with impeccable manners. Not sure of the no mobile rule, as the local bloke hopped on his smart phone to check something, with no reaction from the publican. Maybe its just talking on phones which is banned?
Queenslander - 4 Nov 2014 22:35
Excellent small pub in a very posh mews.Full of bric a brac and militaria.Staff friendly and good at their job.had a pint of Adnams Bitter which was nothing short of perfection.A quality pint.Plan to return witha few mates and sink a few more,Great pub

tottenhamsean - 22 May 2014 17:27
Excellent small pub in a very posh mews.Full of bric a brac and militaria.Staff friendly and good at their job.had a puint of Adanams Bitter whicjh was nothing short of perfection.A qulaity pint.Plan to return witha few mates and sink a few more,Great pub
tottenhamsean - 22 May 2014 17:26
Wow this place is really an eccentric throwback, and I mean that in a good way.

In terms of decoration etc I can only relate it to the Canny Man in Edinburgh. Decent range of beers to boot.

Yes it's quirky and yes I wouldn't pick it as my local but for a visit every now and then, just do it.
kevmac - 23 Apr 2014 23:17
Went to this pub last weekend and loved it. Reminded me of what pubs used to be like when I was a child. Found the Landlord very pleasant and at times amusing. Bar staff very civil also. Will return definitely. I like the "No Mobile Phones" sign by the bar, I wish other pubs were like it. No part of any brewery chain and a freehouse which I liked also
thaiscubadiver - 24 Mar 2014 10:38
Total Pratt Kevin supplies the comedy for a pub worse than any other I have ever entered. Worth one visit to see how bad it is, but I doubt you will want to return.
delpus - 20 Dec 2013 20:41
Last ventured in here approx 3 yrs ago and vowed to give it a wide berth. Tried again last night, Surly barmaids, no please or thank you and to top that Pints were £5. now that is taking the piss. Again at time they wanted you out NOW.
I don't think i will ever bother with this pub again until the management changes.
rpf1955 - 15 Dec 2013 18:04
A great pub, and the beer is normally good, if expensive. Previously, the staff have been friendly, although the landlord might seem a little eccentric. On my latest visit however, the barmaid was surly and not in the slightest bit welcoming. She was more interested in reading her newspaper than serving, and I have to say that I felt that I was an irritation to her peaceful morning, rather than a paying customer. Maybe this was a one-off, and don't let this discourage you - the place is well worth a visit.
nich52 - 22 May 2013 13:58
I really wanted to like this place. It's a cracking building and had decent ale. But, as reported in earlier comments, the service is really, really bad. The landlady is rude and we felt incredibly unwelcome. This awful service ruins everything. I shan't go back - unless under new management.
AnnaB - 23 May 2012 13:36
A contrast to the Wilton Arms two doors down. Whereas the Wilton has more of a standard pub feel to it ( it's owned by brewery Shepherd Neame) the Nags Head is a free house, and it shows.

It has lots of 'character' i.e. every spare inch of wall and ceiling is covered with amusing or curious objects, from model planes to organ pipes to antique hats.
I can't help but think they've gone overboard a bit though and it all feels a bit faux. Even the olde worlde cast iron ranges in the fireplace are actually gas fired with fake coals.

Nevertheless, they serve a very good pint of Adnam's , but only the Bitter and Broadside. A couple more options on the ale pumps would have been very welcome.

It's quite small inside, but that gives it a lively atmosphere and the management offer table service so you don't have to pick your way through the crowd to the bar.

Fair point about the 'No phones' sign from the previous reviewer. I didn''t notice it until I'd been in there for several minutes and it looks no different from all the other posters and signs on the walls so you could be forgiven for either not spotting it or thinking it was another of their 'charming' decorations.

Much more of a pub for the Knightsbridge types than the Wilton next door - lots of plummy accents, quilted barbour jackets, rugger shirts and bespoke suits.

roderick_alleyn - 15 Mar 2012 09:31
Have been to this pub a few times, and really enjoyed it - cosy atmosphere and well kept beers. However, was treated really rudely on this visit and won't be going back.

My mistake was to put my phone to my ear and listen to a voicemail - I was immediately shouted at across the pub and ordered out. Now, to be honest, once it was pointed out to me, there is a sign on the wall saying 'no mobile phones' (as other reviewers have pointed out on this site) - however, the pub has so many signs, photos and posters on the wall, you'd have to be some kind of poster geek to have read all the memorabilia and distilled out these instructions from the general decorations.

I actually don't mind there being a 'no phones' policy - however, there is no need for the rudeness of the bar staff or the need to embarrass a customer for an innocent mistake in front of the whole pub (especially as I only listening to a voicemail and hence not talking into the phone).

I've given the pub a 7, as everything else about this pub is near perfect. But if that is their idea of customer service....well, let's just say there are plenty of alternatives that will be getting my custom in the future.
Oktup - 19 Feb 2012 14:19
Interesting interior with masses of ephemera, and reasonable beer. However, I wouldn't recommend eating here - the food is tinned, microwaved and in very small portions. Treat it as somewhere to drink and you'll be ok.
pubcollector - 12 Feb 2012 19:07
Arguably the worst pub experience I have had in over 20 years of eating and drinking in many pubs. All I can say is I have used this pub before and always used to like the quirky charm of the place but my experience this weekend has tarnished my view and will never darken it's doors again.
Where to begin - I arrived and was waitig for two friemds to join us so I decided to go down stairs and have a beer and read of my book by the fore place as it was bitterly cold, it was empty at 12.45 and thought this would be ok. Oh no, rudely told that I could only sit there if we were going to be eating and we would have to move if someone else came - no signage to tell us. Then when my friend shows up we were again rudely told we had to hang our coats up in a very brusque manner - no signage again. We decided to have a cheese board and then found out that you have to pay an extra 1.50 for the priviledge of eating there - this was not even a service charge ( later one of the party who took our place was rudely told Oy do you want this by the land lady and he had to walk up and get it). Another couple decided to query the surcharge and were pointed to the small writing at the bottom of the menu. When our other friend arrives she sat down to warm up and was rudely told by the land lady " Hey are ordering anything this isn't a front room you know!" Upon which my friend did probnounce that she was very rude where this woman then decides to say " Well you know where you can go with that then" and anyway we did and went off the Duke of Wellington in Eaton Terrace and were served brilliantly even when they were very busy with the rugby being on. This was a master class in shere rudeness and awful service, there are many other great pubs in London - do not ever go there again
Jimbri42 - 6 Feb 2012 08:54
Worth a visit for the odd low bar, general clutter and good ale (in my opinion). The staff were very friendly to us and the no phones rule meant we had an interesting evening talking (yes, talking to strangers) with the other patrons. There's a big enough sign telling people not to use phones so I don't see how people can complain when they're remprimanded for it.
toorantom - 2 Oct 2011 15:42
Some strange comments about the pub and landlord here. He has always been friendly to me. The beer is wonderful, though not cheap. The music is good and the atmosphere is great. I can't fault the place - if you want to use your mobile, go outside or go somewhere else.
nich52 - 21 Sep 2011 14:36
Having seen some of the other reviews, personally I'm glad that mobiles are banned because in such a small pub, the last thing you want is someone else's boring conversation to intrude on your own. Is it such a hardship to go outside for a minute if you want to use the phone?---it is sheltered from the rain, after all.

In a world of too many clone pubs, it's good to find a place with its own quirky character. Whenever I go, I find some boxing poster or sporting trophy that I haven't noticed before. I don't know where the complaints about the staff come from, because I've always found them friendly and welcoming. Also if you want to hear some music you haven't heard for years, AND not too loud (anything from Tony Bennett to Bo Diddley!) this is the place. The Adnams is fine as well. Some people might find the seating a bit uncomfortable but otherwise I would strongly recommend this pub.
16jamesdoc - 7 Aug 2011 12:46
Went here recently and found the place to be ok. Service was friendly enough, but don't use your mobile or you'll be jumped on. All in all, my pint of Adnams was nothing special and the place was small and cluttered up too much for my liking. That said, the landlord Kevin Moran thanked us for our patronage on leaving. Worth a visit if in the area.
MeTheJudge1 - 2 Aug 2011 16:23
The landlord needs to step into the 21st century!

No wifi, no mobiles allowed, no laptops. Pints are watered down, the place is filthy and my 70 year old father on his first trip to London was asked to leave as they thought he was making too much noise.

A disgusting horrible pub that I would not recommend to anyone.

Also the toilets had faeceas all around the floor.

Should be shut down by Health and Safety.
makavelli - 24 Jun 2011 21:06
Clearly this quirky little pub is an acquired taste, and while it makes a welcome change to the formulaic chain pubs on every street corner it didn't do a lot for me. With random bric a brac and general clutter on every available surface and a pretty run down and shabby appearance it feels a bit like sitting for a drink in someone's attic. Plus they served up a rotten pint of Adnams that tasted like it had been stood outside for a fortnight. Unfortunately we didn't encounter any of the eccentric staff detailed below, but my two friends and I got a frosty reception from a couple of the well heeled locals. They moved away from us after a few minutes, presumably because our art collections come from Athena rather than Sothebys. Worth a visit though, if only to say you've been.
rob1981 - 24 Mar 2011 16:08
I loved my visit to this pub - OK, I've only been there once, but the barmaid was very friendly - I didn't see any of the rudeness described below. It is expensive but what do you expect in this area? The beer was worth it. Adnams Gunhill, it was superb - and I don't usually like Adnams much. The interior jumble is a bit contrived (the 'coal' stove is gas) but it makes for a nice enough atmosphere.
Too pricey to go there much, but well worth a visit.
nich52 - 9 Mar 2011 20:26
This pub cultivates rudeness.

If you like to be treated like a welcome guest and not like a naughty kid who has to stand in the corner: please go somewhere else.

I've been a frequent visitor of this pub and always used to swallow the rude behaviour of the staff because still, the pub looked so nice. But I am done with it after the last few incidents I've had to wittness: completely harmless and kind people were threatened to be thrown out of the pub for small offenses like not putting your hanger on a coat and other things. While other people, who looked so drunk they could fall from their stool, kept getting beers served. Anything for making these extra pounds. And yes, they make those pounds because the pints here might be amongst the most expensive in London.

I've given this pub too many changes but won't be blinded by it's charming looks anymore. Fortunately London has a thousand other good historical pubs to offer, with cheaper beer and CIVILIZED service.
oliveryates - 3 Mar 2011 13:14
What a find this was. Tucked away nicely from the hustle and bustle as soon as you step in you feel like you're walking back in time. Theres old music playing and old memorabilia everywhere. I reckon the landlord may have been an old war veteran. We sat downstairs where theres a big fire and again walls and ceiling covered with war memorabilia. If you get chance sit right at the back next to the big fire as theres a poem on the side of it. It sums the place up really. like stepping into another era. Found the owner friendly enough aswell. Defo my best pub in london so far
yamyampublover - 12 Feb 2011 22:05
I'm with TWG and countyjim in that I quite enjoy Kevin Moran's eccentric brusqueness, and do find it adds to the undeniable charm of the Nag's Head - my favourite pub in central London after the Harp.

And I speak as someone Kevin once ejected from the premises - for some imagined slight - before the first pint had touched my lips.

More power to him and his phone ban I say.

grovetown - 4 Feb 2011 14:47
I am bound to say I rather like "oddball owners" as they're referred to by one of the previous commentators, presumably meant purely in a derogatory sense. Whilst there should be no excuse for discourtesy or outright rudeness, especially towards new customers who won't have the benefit of knowing the form as it were, personally I can tolerate a certain amount of brusqueness and dictatorship by a licensee, if they undeniably feel part of, and even add to, the inherent character of the pub itself. And the Nag's Head does exude multitudinous character, with its walls strewn with scattergun memorabilia, pictures, and other random artefacts, and at its heart, a peculiarly low bar area, at which one can perch quite happily on a chair of ordinary height - no propensity for falling off those tower bar stools, which I daresay is a useful feature if you've over-indulged.
I think this pub is matched in its interior oddity - and by all accounts licensee off-handedness - by the Seven Stars on Carey Street near Aldwych, which is another excellent house sadly marred for some by the rather dismissive attitude of the landlady. Yet, it kind of fits with the place's Bohemian setting and frankly I think it can be worth trying to weather any apparent unpleasantness and strict house rules to get the best out of the other less-controversial delights of a truly individual pub. After all, how often do we come across such a thing, really?
Alas, I didn't meet the oddball himself on my last visit, which is a shame as I'd have liked the chance to attempt some banter with him. The ladies at the bar were pleasant enough and - to my cousin's chagrin - were enforcing the mobile phone ban with rigour. He dutifully left the premises to attend to his call, fortunately with good grace. Again, this policy is not a feature I find perturbing as it is unquestionably refreshing to have a pub environment free of the bleeping, fizzing and fussing of mobile telephones and their attendant users.
Ale-wise, one has a range of Adnams beers for delectation - I sampled a very fine pint of the Old, which is a beer one sees too little of even in the Winter months. We sat and supped very happily, drinking in not just the beer but all manner of things dotted around the cavernous parlour that one can only wonder at. A real pleasure.

I'd trade in bland and predictable for unusual and intriguing every time, even if it does mean not using my phone or getting a brusque response from a landlord! Don't ever change, folks.

TWG - 2 Feb 2011 14:58
Barry the old guy was indeed the landlord,and to be honest thats one of the reasons I like the Nags Head, the mobile phone ban.I can appreciate you were not using your phone for conversation, and it can seem rather rude the landlords manner.Even a regular myself can find his manner at times a bit brusque, but I do value his intention, it"s refreshing to drink in a pub that seems to be in a bit of a time warp, in encouraging people to interact.I hope you will give it another chance ,and they do keep some of the best guinness in London.
countyjim - 17 Jan 2011 12:41
What can I say - good beer, nutcase staff. The CAMRA good beer guide listed this place so I popped in for a quick drink to check it out. I tried the Broadside which was in good condition, but while I was drinking and reading the good beer guide comments on my phone I was berated by an old guy who I think was the landlord for using a phone in the pub. I pointed out I wasn't using it for conversation and wasn't making any noise, simply using the internet but he got even more irate and started rambling about wanting to keep the pub in the 1950's. I drank up and left.

There are plenty of other pubs in the area with good beer which don't have oddball owners to ruin the visit for you. Visit them instead.
BarrySW19 - 28 Dec 2010 02:07
I've used this website many times to find out about pubs and never posted a comment. Well after visiting the Nags Head last night I have had to now!
It is the closest I'll ever come to visiting the Fawlty Towers Hotel.
I arrived at ten to six and felt pressured to make a quick decision on what to drink by the landlady. Luckily there was only a small selection of beers and not sure of which of the ales to have I decided to play safe with a Bitburger and move on to ale once I'd got settled. Whilst waiting for my friends to arrive I arrogantly sat at the bar and read the Evening Standard (you wouldn't believe the dirty looks I got from the barmaid). Fortunately they didn't see me use my phone to read a text message (I was blissfully unaware of the no mobile rule).
There was a box of crisps in plain view behind the bar, and when my girlfriend and her friends arrived I ordered more drinks and 2 packs of crisps. The landlady didn't hear me order the crisps as she was busy shouting at someone behind me for some sort of misdemeanor. I asked again and she went to get them before realising the error of her ways "We don't sell crisps!" she told me before yelling at the other barmaid "HIDE THE CRISPS!"
The pub got very busy very quickly , and it's easy to see why with such entertainment on show.
A gentleman in the rear of the pub was quietly talking on his phone, not causing anyone any problem: he was about a yard and a half away from me and I hadn't realised. The barmaid started to shout until the whole pub was quiet enough for her to relay him the message that he must leave immediately. I think the irony of her disturbing everyone in the pub to eject someone that was quietly talking on their phone in the corner was lost on her.
The same gentleman came back in and later ridiculously ordered a cup of coffee for his female friend along with his pint and other drinks. The barmaid made the coffee and as she was serving it to him the landlady saw what was going on "WE DON'T SERVE HOT DRINKS AT THIS TIME" she shouted. "WELL, YOU'VE MADE IT NOW, YOU MAY AS WELL SERVE HIM IT".
One of our party of nine had foolishly driven and after his first alcoholic drink wanted a glass of water before we all left to go to a carol service at St. Paul's church. Another reviewer has explained what happens when you ask for tap water.

Hilarious. I will be back for more - I've almost got enough material for the first episode of a sitcom.
Spoik11 - 17 Dec 2010 10:13
Quirky pub untouched by time tiny but on three levels, stuffed with memorabilia, found the staff friendly and the beer good. Well work tracking down (not easy to find)
mozzzzzz - 29 Nov 2010 22:27
Glad to hear that certain people object to the mobile phone policy etc - that's exactly becasue you're the sort of inconsiderate goon the landlord wishes to discourage.
Poacherjake - 23 Nov 2010 11:53
Very nice - went on Sunday for the first time - very small place - we sat next to the bar but I got the impression you could up the stairs to the right of the bar - also a couple come out from the left of the bar so not sure - but lovely place - its more a place to go if your a chatty person - not really somewhere you would go to have a few pints - its very much a be nice and have one and on to the next.......but I liked it - barmaid mentioned in other reviews was friendly and the landlord was nice too, said hello and goodbye when we left. Not too much of a lager selection that I could see other than Bitburger - but the surroundings made up for it!
adamwalsh - 9 Aug 2010 21:11
Best pub in Belgravia by far,full of curios and bric-a-brac. I have never found the landlord or barstaff to be rude,quite the opposite in fact. The only downside in my view is lack of beer choice,Adnams not being my favorite,well kept all the same. As for the mobile phone ban,if you cant spend a couple of hours without one, what a sad way to live.
willothewisp - 29 May 2010 07:23
I loved the irish landlady, she was lovely. Her husband, sometimes grumpy, was interesting to talk to however it seemed like he owned the place. Great little pub, interesting staff, great conversation and lovely beer. Strongly recommend.
okthatsit - 28 May 2010 22:20
A curate's egg of a place. It is one of the smallest pubs in London and entering it is like travelling back in time as it overflows with extraordinary and fascinating bric-a-brac. The downside is, because of the small size, the landlord feels it is necessary to apply a number of rules to ensure that there is best use of the space available. This includes an obsession with putting coats on the coat rack and an intense dislike of bags being brought into his pub - that is in addition to the ban on mobile phone use.

The sad thing is, from a customer's viewpoint, the pub seems to be run in an eccentric manner as the landlord's fiefdom. I have witnessed the rules being enforced in a far from curteous manner with customers being ejected in a brusque fashion. I have even seen tables being removed from underneath customers' glasses!

In short, you will like the Nag's Head for its interior and well kept beer. However I would advise you to keep away if you like your landlords to be affable and to value your custom. There are plenty of other pubs nearby and I'm sure the landlord wouldn't mind in the least. p.s. The gents toilet had an out of order sign on my last visit; I wonder if it has been repaired yet?

Beerygeeger - 3 May 2010 20:29
A cosy mews pub tucked away around the back of Knightsbridge. Limited selection of ales, but the Adnams bitter and Broadside were kept well. Open woodburners add a nice feel to the place.
plymouthpirate - 21 Mar 2010 13:42
just got around to posting this. I have used this pub many times and taken friends and work collegues here. Went in with some friends on a Friday night some time last year.The women behind the bar were surly and did not seem to want to be there. At last orders it was made apparent that we had to leave NOW. Will give this pub a wide berth from now on.
rpf1955 - 19 Mar 2010 20:22
Adnams was OK -- not great, just OK. A perculiar mix of customers -- not the friendliest of places -- would not go out of my way to re-visit!
dikh - 25 Feb 2010 16:44
Can't believe the children are crying about not being allowed to use their mobile phones. Grow up for Cliff's sake.

They have this rule in a few Cambridge pubs also and I totally agree with it.
Pat_Bateman - 29 Jan 2010 16:10
Excellent little mews pub,lots of curios/bricabrac on shelves and scatterd about.The beer is adnams ,not my favorite but ok. I would be quite happy to spend an afternoons drinking here apart from the limited beer choice.I will certainly pay another visit soon.
Picasso09 - 6 Jan 2010 23:06
A little old fashioned, no juke box, no mobiles. But best Adnams and when you talk to the landlord Kevin you understand why it's so well kept.
wa11ace - 2 Jan 2010 19:29
No mobiles rules tend to suggest ageing landlords who can afford to be arseholes as they are just covering costs and not having to show a return. The landlord was particularly rude to my friend when his phone went off. Indeed afterwards having created a confrontation he was like a cat on a hot tin roof kicking out the rhythm to songs on the bar and tapping his ring on the bar (I refuse to compare any human to a simian) - really a bar full of people shouting "I'm in the pub" into a 6ft mobile could not be more annoying.

The shame was my man suggested the Adnams was good and since I've never had a good pint of Adnams and would like to go back and try one for posterity but will not now.

Worse aside from looking down his nose at us he was slurping the suited boors who made enough noise themselves.

The beer seeing it was Adnams I had a flat dead pint of Bitburger than I had to force down.

Strictly for fans of this kind of pub.
bedfont - 29 Nov 2009 21:49
The pub has a no-mobile phone policy which was displayed on a board outside which was obscured by (guess what) people standing outside using their mobile phones. This ridiculous 'rule' might have been popular in the early 90s when people shouted like Dom Joly into their brick phones but is worse than anachronistic now -- especially given that people tend to text more than speak and no-one needs to shout. In fact there's far more volume created by the sort of suited Hooray Henries after a few pints who seemed to be filling the pub. The Grenadier nearby has a similarly bone headed policy. However, they are at least polite in their enforcement of the rule. The landlord in this pub was exceptionally rude when a mobile phone rang -- does he really expect people to turn their phones OFF in his pub over and above not making calls?

I won't be rushing back to this place. When good pubs are going to the wall all over the country it's infuriating to see petty house rules implemented with relished rudeness.

Shame as the Adnams' wasn't bad.
charlie_m - 28 Nov 2009 13:14
Great little place & a good find (if you can find it). No nonsense, quirky, odd & wonderfully charming at the same time. It is like Worzel Gummage wearing a Savile Row suit. It has a small selection of ales & cider, which are both fine, but the atmosphere and honest bartending make up for it - despite the area nether are that pretentious.
Moose82 - 19 Nov 2009 11:28
Although this is a gorgeous little place with lots of character, the woman behind the bar who served us was so unbelievably rude that I will never go back or recommend this place to anyone. We were a group of five, and though the rest of my party had ordered drinks, all I wanted was tap water.
When I asked for this I was told in an extremely aggressive manner "You can't order tap water in here. Tap water doesn't pay the rent. If you want tap water you can get it at home."
The place went silent, you could have heard a pin drop - no one could quite believe what they'd heard.
Maybe the reason they're so desperate for my bottled water money to pay their rent is that with this kind of customer service, the place is probably in danger of going under. Deservedly so, I'm sorry to say.
Wren - 22 Oct 2009 17:49
Visited Friday night with friends from US, very busy but managed to get a table after a while. The food was good and thank goodness there were english speaking bar staff!! The lanlord gave our friends a postcard and took the time to speak to them about the Nags Head, they were very impressed. A great location and a pub that is still a pub!!!!
walkalot - 1 Sep 2009 14:58
Tiny, quirky and packed with bric-a-brac like old arcade machines.

I'm not quite sure how to describe this place but it's special and worth visiting
murgatroyd - 4 Aug 2009 21:47
An odd little place with split levels, enter to the main room, wooden floors, two fireplaces containing unusually small coal burning ranges, a very low bar such that normal size stools are sufficient to sit at it. Decor is generally military, shields, pics of guardsmen, model planes fly above the bar, but also cartoons, caricatures, photos of celeb drinkers, horsebrasses etc. Additionally old gaming machines feature, such as the still picture box (3d) and a penny machine to win Spangles.......bloody hell I remember them! The upper lobby next to the toilets has a further two old fruit machines.
Down a flight to another rear area, more nik naks including a set of ice skates with wooden blades.
Beer wise pretty average, Adnams Broadside and Bitter, the bitter was tired and past its best.
In summary, well worth a look for its curiosity value, maybe my beer today was an unlucky one.
Maldenman - 31 Jul 2009 22:37
Small, Knightsbridge mews pub, certainly one of London's smallest.

It's a fine, old fashioned characterful pub with a fine fireplace, wood pannelled walls, some old penny arcade machines and several model airplanes hanging down from the ceiling. There's plenty of other interesting ephemera on the walls and ceiling as well.

There's an unusually low bar counter with correspondingly small bar stools to match.

It's free of normal pub embellishments such as TV's, modern fruit machines etc. Allow your mobile phone to ring in here at your peril, especially if the long standing guv'nor of 25 plus years, Kevin Moran, is behind the bar.

There's a basement bar downstairs, which fits in quite well with the character of the main ground floor bar.

The pub's name reflects the fact that stables used to be nearby, where the local nobility in days long gone used to house their horses and carriages.

The pub is in virtually every pub and tourist guide going, so, rather like at the Grenadier, on which I've recently posted, you may find yourself sharing the pub with tourists from the nearby hotels.

Beers on here are Adnams Broadside and Bitter at prices of 3.60p and 3.40p respectively. Yes, its expensive, but if you're in the area and haven't been before, this is one to definitely seek out
JohnBonser - 15 Jun 2009 13:37
Well worth a visit - just for Kevin the landlord. What a throwback. Loads of memorabilia everywhere; old fun fair bagatelle, military plaques, newspaper cuttings and lots of photographs. Quirky ain't the word!
ed_hodge - 20 Apr 2009 21:03
Landlord a unique character who runs a small pub very well. Adnams Broadside and Best Bitter are the best kept beer I have tasted in a long while. The secret to this is to keep it well but also to buy in small size barrels, so it never has time to go off.

Very touristy at times and the pub would seem to be in a number of guide books.

Food traditional british, good value for the area.

Nice fireplace to sit next to in the winter.
wa11ace - 10 Apr 2009 12:46
Worth going to if you are in the area. We went late sunday so probably had an unusual time in the pub. Beer very basic; Adnams(okay), plus carlesberg(aaargh!) and "a german lager". Landlord had personality, a rare thing these days. He described the sky sports pub up the road as "Pretty good if you like watching television. And chips." Bar maid nice and genuine. Lots of old pub clutter and cute downstairs bar. Locals were american trillionaires (probably), shame about the smell of bleach while we were there.
Green_0nions - 23 Mar 2009 15:47
Interesting place - full of memorabilia, but also some distinct curiosities seated at the bar. Didn't much care for the spooky old landlord pacing around in a rather disconcerting way either. Still, the Adnams Broadside was fine, and I can't help but admire the 'no mobiles' rule. A very mixed bag...
rpadam - 16 Mar 2009 22:32
Wonderful traditional pub, with just about every inch of wall and ceiling covered in paintings, photos, nick-nacks - making it a fascinating place to visit. Small bar area with seating and down narrow stairs to a second room at lower level. Five hand pulls, two serving Adnams - the Broadside was excellent, and service friendly and efficient. Food menu looked good, though did not try any. No TV, no Juke Box no gaming machines - no mobile phones - just a marvellous traditional pub with good beer (though small selection) and great atmosphere. Definately one of my favourite London pubs.

Oct 2008
FrostyJW - 22 Oct 2008 11:38
This really is a locals kind of pub. The landlord can be terse with others not respecting his space/pub. But easy answer - be friendly!

Has 3 real ales on normally, of which an Adnams is normally at least 1. Note these also tend to be served in the correct glasses. Small detail...

The inside is very stripped boards, minimalist, which does mean it can be cold at times. The secret to this, is to get there for the sunshine and stand outside with the flowers. Just note the boards 'requesting' no mobiles.

Food good quality, just depends on the quantity you may wish for. If you are undecided, try the Wilton at the same time - 100 yards up the road.
zakman - 17 Oct 2008 12:03
Expensive beer, rude staff, conceited up-their-own-arse locals clogging the bar. I was quite taken with the place on my first visit years ago, I must have been too drunk to see it for what it is; never again.
trainman - 12 Oct 2008 09:24
I really enjoy this pub as a novelty on a bit of a crawl, or to take visiting friends and family. Not sure I'd want to make it the end of the night destination pub but preserving such environments I believe is pretty special and important.

I wish I had a local like it, I would certainly spend more time there.
Apunter - 12 Oct 2008 03:19
another belgravia pub located a little off the beaten track,amongst well-heeled mews, cosy lower bar area, some impressive paintings of fish, good quality Adnams fare
virginiaplain - 17 Aug 2008 14:56
Beer improved, but the service was grumpy, verging on the downright rude.

An enigma - a one and a half stop place that really should be indispensable, but tries its damndest not to be.
Quinno - 25 Jun 2008 12:20
A pint at the Nag's Head is well worth a few extra pence. Pubs like these used to be fairly common in London, but is now a rarity. A boozer with a lot of character - and characters. One of my favourite pubs in London!
Bard - 29 May 2008 23:07
No one should be surprised for the price of a pint in the Nags Head. Its not unusual to pay 3.30 or 3.40 in many other pubs in this area.
I will gladly give 10 or 20 p more to be in the Nags Head instead. At any time. Here there is atmosphere and something you cant buy for money.

belgravegent - 24 May 2008 11:46
This has been one of my favourite pubs in London for some years and I go there whenever I'm in the area but I went in the other night and was charged 5 for a pint and a half of ordinary. What's going on? Is this greed or necessity?
Even more grotesque is that the pub has been renamed 'Kevin Moran'. I believe he's the landlord. How incredibly arrogant and self-aggrandising is that?
Another pub spoilt...
Moderate_Nige - 21 Apr 2008 17:16
Called in here recently on a quiet Monday afternoon. Not cheap but worth the extra if it's an occasional visit. Good pint of Adnams. Pub split over 3 levels with an abundance of fascinating memorabelia around the walls. The main bar is very low but fortunately so are the bar stools! Apparently the cider's worth visiting for. No nobs in today but the photos suggest some well known regulars.
sussexred - 26 Mar 2008 22:51
my favorite pub in london. head here whenever i can. Kevin the landlord will not be to everyones taste but i like him and you got to give respect for his principles on mobile phones. the beer can be pricey but its belgravia not balham. all in all a good pub with a good character running it.pubs like this are few and far between these days.
chasepaige - 11 Feb 2008 18:32
Dropped in for re-visit a few weeks back.

I still love the interior, but the price of my pint was shocking and it wasn't exactly nectar either. I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume the rent for the place is sky-high given where it's sited.

Only three other people there, not a great return for a Saturday afternoon.
Quinno - 3 Feb 2008 20:37
Have been drinking in this pub on and off for about ten years. It's a lovely old-fashioned bona fide boozer...BUT...went here on Saturday for a drink and couldn't believe the prices. 3.50 for a pint of Adnams Broadside is taking the piss, even in Belgravia. Another formerly great pub is struck off my list.
holbornboy - 31 Dec 2007 11:23
Shocking prices ! 3.50 for a pint of Adnams Regatta.Shall never return,pity 'cos I've always liked this pub but not at these prices.
Miles007 - 14 Sep 2007 10:35
Agree with last post, it is a strange little boozer.
Not unpleasant, just different.
I always feel i've walked into someone's house during a familly get together
tottenhamsean - 3 Aug 2007 11:15
strange little boozer, ok for a one off visit not the sort of place I make as a local, moody eastern european bar staff and some of the strangest music i've heard in a long time : Ronnie Hilton's greatest hits, who was a singer from the 50's. I'm sure that people warm to the quirkey design of this pub but it dosent do it for me.
theregent - 30 Jul 2007 17:45
Yes, 3.50 for Adnams Regatta.

Plus last orders and time called about 5 minutes early (at 11pm, Friday night).

Plus the downstairs bar closed "for cleaning" before closing time, and people with cloths and cleaning agents around the place at 11pm!
loopzilla - 14 Jul 2007 13:17
Gradually becoming one of my less favourite pubs due mainly to a pint of Adnams having reached 3.50. The pub itself is great but.......
realmeerkat - 30 Jun 2007 21:59
This is indeed a very fine pub. Quiet and dignified in the daytime, and lovely people at night. The landlord is entertaining and keep a sharp eye on your mobile! Lots of lovely pictures and drawings of Alec Guinness and James Mason. Beautiful poems on the wall.
It seems that London and the roaring Knightsbridge are far far away here in this lovely gem in a hidden village.
belgravegent - 25 May 2007 14:33
After a visit to Harrods, that crass tourist trap cunningly disguised as a department store, even the most ardent materialist might need a stiff drink. Just around the corner is The Nag's Head, one of London's better known pubs. Nestled in a mews street which looks for all the world like a village lane, and a stone's throw from Knightsbridge, is The Nag's Head. In it's 150 year history the pub has only had five or six landlords, with the current incumbent Kevin in situ for well over two decades. I visited with Jon on Monday after a visit to the V&A, a magnificent museum that never fails to impress.

The eclectic collection of bric-a-brac, the cosy interior with two open fires and the celebrated guv'nor have all resulted in this place winning plaudits left right and centre. Certainly, it's a nice place to sit and have a drink, the easy listening / country background music creating a relaxing ambience. The beer selection, sadly, leaves a lot to be desired. Cask ales on offer are Adnams Bitter and Adnams Broadside, increasingly common and totally unexciting beers. Two distinctly sulphurous pints set us back 3.30 each. That's the most expensive pint of session bitter I've ever forked out for. The fact it wasn't in anything approaching good condition made the whole experience a bit too much like daylight robbery.

If you feel the need to raise an overpriced, eggy pint to the nearby temples of consumer extravagance, a quick visit here might be a welcome diversion. I doubt I'll be back again though - this is one for the tourists only.

anonymous - 7 Mar 2007 18:03
Visited about one o'clock last Monday afternoon. Very quiet so got a seat near the fire. Mr. M was on very friendly form chatting to all his guests especially an american gentleman who was lapping the place up. Top hour, beer was fine and my wife really enjoyed the draught cider (Aspall's ?). Was as good an hour as I've ever spent on licensed premises. One of my favourite pubs!
Boothers - 8 Feb 2007 11:47
Unbelievable timewarp of a pub that sems stuck in the 1940's and is no worse for it. Incredible and fascinating array of old nick-nacks and artefacts, including a rather incongruous model of a 1970's jet airliner (a Tristar?) hanging from the ceiling along with a P51 Mustang and several biplanes. Cosy and unpretentious in appearance. Ales are Adnams Bitter & Broadside, the latter being ridiculously overpriced @3.30 a pint, but the overall experience makes it worth a visit.
Rich66 - 4 Feb 2007 22:20
First came here about 10 years and felt like I had done a Nicholas Lyndhurst and gone back in time. I don't think it has changed one jot since then. Whether you love it or hate it, there is nowhere else quite like the Nag's Head. Personally I don't mind being regaled by Kevin M's stories of "when Richard Harris used to come in....", and I have not seen him force his stories or opinions on anyone.
RexRattus - 12 Jan 2007 00:10
I'm w/caz. I've visited the Nag's Head 5-6 times over the past ten years. On the last couple of visits, have spent some time speaking w/the landlord Kevin. He absolutely runs a tight ship: no cell phones, loves to needle unwitting patrons ordering "fizzy wizzies", takes pride in his cask management skills. Most recently visited in mid-Nov; had a couple of pints of Broadside and a lovely bangers and mash meal in the timeless little back room behind the bar. This place is a gem and Kevin is a throwback to be cherished. It blows my mind some of the comments I see on this review board regarding the man; I don't doubt that Kevin can be insulting, but I respectfully suggest that there is alterior motive here. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the Nag's Head is top 10 all time, all world.
chipawayboy - 30 Dec 2006 14:08
kevin the landlord used to run the man in the moon pub in chelsea in the 70s which was a brilliant pub, his son was pogo patterson in grange hill, expect to find a lot of famous people sipping in the bar

kevin is a unique and eccentric character they certainly dont make them like kevin anymore and he runs a tight ship good pub good company
cazpumpkin - 28 Dec 2006 10:53
Pleasantly surpirsed by this pub. Very friendly bar staff and good food.
WaitorseBoyz - 5 Dec 2006 13:18
Promising pub at first glance. Nice oldy worly feel as if you were in the country. HOWEVER, after we'd finished our first pint, and were deciding what to have next, the bar maid came round and told us to buy another drink or give up the table. We wanted another drink so we got one (regret that now). After our next drink, when we sat there finishing our conversation without a drink for a couple of minutes, a different barmaid hollored from behind the bar to three new people that had come in, "you will be able to have that table as they don't have a drink and are therefore leaving"!!!! I have never been treated so rudely in any pub in my life. And we were about to go to the bar - give us a chance!! On top of this at 3.60 a pint, it's the most expensive beer I've ever had, and I've been out all over London.
Tracy551162 - 1 Dec 2006 12:07
Great little pub hidden down a mews. This place feels more like a little country pub untouched by the ravages of time, than a London boozer. Very nice beer on tap. The landlord seemed very friendly, and treated us like we were regulars. The pub has a "no mobile phone" rule which is strictly enforced - excellent! Definitely one worth seeking out.
Crow_Valley - 7 Nov 2006 22:57
A good pub worth at least one visit despite the utterly belligerent landlord's relentless efforts to convince you he's the richest/most well connected luvvie in the entire world, and the often mind-numbing conversations between him and the drunk suit at the bar who would like to make it clear that he's considerably richer than you too.
Go once and enjoy a unique boozer, great beer and (maybe) an interesting chat with a stranger, but be warned, the sheen wears off quickly.

pascal - 7 Nov 2006 16:01
Hard one to find the first time. Very charming older pub hidden back in the mews with good Adnams on. Friendly bar maids too. There was a treasure hunt going on while we were there which was pretty funny to observe. Got to watch the cell phone enforcement in effect... very nice...
surfadelic23 - 6 Nov 2006 16:29
A real blast from the past this one, but many things combine to make this one of my favourite pubs in London. Varied beers and lagers on tap, a proper towel in the on which to dry your hands, a landlord who'll welcome you like a regular even if you've never been in before, curious artefacts from a by-gone era and music which will surely take you there if you close your eyes. I've found no-where else like this in London and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.
kingston_toon - 3 Oct 2006 16:00
Excellent pub, good Adnams. Landlord was a gent when I was there. No mobiles rule is strictly enforced to the benefit of everyone in my opinion.
Mr_Flash - 2 Oct 2006 13:52
To Mr Anonymous, i couldnt give a toss what coniwots or anyone else saw there!! I didn't see it so how do i know its not a load of crap!?
I had a great time and thats all I was trying to say.
I wasn't trying to move anything on, if I saw someone bullying a foreign barmaid I'd call him a c+nt to his face. Which by the way I would also call you.
belgraviabarons - 28 Sep 2006 12:47
Can't comment on the Landlord. All I can say is that the service was excellent when I was there. A great pub. No mobiles allowed as I found out when I tried to use mine. I like that. Great Nic-Nacs round the pub. Just a great pub.
TheHorsesMouth - 26 Sep 2006 15:48
At long last our search is over!
We have found the best pub in London! What a wonderful place, like an aladdins cave of history and memorabilia. A good old fashioned pub in the heart of london. This is a wonderful place with wonderful staff, the landlord is indeed quite unique!!
I can't speak highly enough about this place. It's very low key and peaceful, a great place to hide and get away from it all. it takes you to a time before mobiles, ipods and indeed probably a time before the wheel was invented! But that's the beauty of it, this pub is timeless. Long may it remain so!! 10 out of 10.
belgraviabarons - 22 Sep 2006 13:00
"It's about two years sinse my last visit to the Nags Head so I'm not qualified to comment in a realistic way ..."

So how qualified are you to comment or leave a rating then?

Seeing is believing, but band wagon-jumping is not.
Quinno - 17 Sep 2006 00:45
It is a great pub; And, fair enough, the beer is good. But I bet if you saw what we did last night, those pints of well-kept Adnams would be leaving a nasty taste in your mouth today.
anonymous - 13 Sep 2006 13:59
Cracking pub though, if a bit small. Adnams was great last time I was in there.
MrLash - 13 Sep 2006 12:41
I'll second that - totally unnecessary. So much for Abraham Lincoln and his Gettysburg Address!
5thearlofwimbourne - 13 Sep 2006 12:33
The last time I'm ever going here; and I suggest any BITE readers with an ounce of humanity follow my lead.

Witnessed the most shameful bullying of a foreign barmaid by the foul, wizzened old soak of a landlord last night. It was a disgrace. Poor girl was working like a slave, trying her best to juggle everything, smiling and looking great, while that old b*stard stumbled around barking at her in front of all his customers.

"dunno why she's gone to change that barrel", he grumbled at us. Erm, because it had run out of beer you f*cking [email protected]

I hope the drunken f*cker falls down his stairs and breaks his miserable neck. Get it into your heads landlords - girls from Poland/Bulgaria/Romania are not slaves; they're human beings. I for one ain't going to drink in a pub that pays young girls a couple of quid an hour, then treats them like they're working in the cotton fields.
anonymous - 13 Sep 2006 12:15
What a wonderful place to sink a couple. Timewarp factor of about 1936, the place has a great ambience about it, and you'd be hard-pressed to remember that you're in central London after 15 minutes on a Saturday afternoon. Even the till is ancient, and there are a couple of ancient (but working) one arm bandits on the way to the bogs. Staff are friendly folk.

Only small drawback is the limited ale range (Adnams Broadside and Bitter, kept well). I'd love to get my hands on this pub, rip out the Stella and Guiness and stick a few extra ale lines in, it'd give places like the Wenlock a run for their money, without a doubt.

But still, this a must-visit on a London crawl without a doubt, simply for the aesthetics.
Quinno - 12 Sep 2006 19:37
A must visit pub.
It reminds you of what pubs were like before pubco's got their plundering hands on them.
call in here on your way to or from The Star.
tomas.aquinas - 8 Sep 2006 17:27
This is a top notch, authentic, old man's pub in the heart of London. Despite being a minute's walk from busy Knightsbridge, it is in a quiet cobbled mews making you think you were in a village in the country. However, don't bother with the food, especially in the evening. It is very poor value for money (8.50 for a reheated, small portion of not very nice chilli con carne).

smd100 - 30 Aug 2006 23:43
A nice pub which is in a sidestreet (the pubs around here all are, because the wellheeled locals a couple of hundred years ago realised their servants and stable-lads (hence the horse-related names of a few pubs around here) would slip off for a pint or two but didn't want them doing it on the main drag, so to speak). As such it is less likely to be affected by corporate makeovers and persist as an excellent local, which it is.
beeronaut - 20 Aug 2006 10:00
For me, the best pub in Belgravia.

Yes, there are plenty of other excellent mews pubs nearby, but this place has also got 'character'.

The staff were very chatty; 'no mobiles' policy inside and out was great.

I good place to take non-London pub goers, just to surprise them with a friendly little pub in the heart of the richest area of the UK.
markbernard - 31 Jul 2006 18:35
This pub is truly amazing, the more so considering it's survived in the middle of Knightsbridge. Located in a pleasant back street, there are a couple of tables out front for warm weather drinking. The inside is more like a tiny country inn, untouched by the modern city around it.

Good ales, and a decent range of sandwiches and food.
OldRogue - 19 Jul 2006 16:40
I first visited here on a weekday afternoon, and they have some fabulous cider! Friendly staff and great pub lunch - and what atmosphere. I will be back frequently. A much needed respite from the headache also known as Knightsbridge.
priestpen - 12 Jul 2006 20:33
I'm glad I fond this pub before and after seeing Roger Waters at Hyde Park. A proper pub, it gave the impression it hadn't changed for decades. It was pretty hot inside, but the solution was simple - take your chair out into the middle of the road
Sandalf - 4 Jul 2006 00:59
Great little place. Another visit confirmed this. Good Adnams brews. No mobiles here. Decent staff. I'm sure there were a couple of changes since my last visit but this could be my memory letting me down. I seem to remember a funny handpump and something in the backroom, which wasn't there! Anyone?
mitomighty - 23 Jun 2006 20:21
A delightful little boozer.
mad_mullah - 18 Jun 2006 23:12
Anyone who wants to preserve this beautiful little piece of history needs to misapporpriate the sandwich sign on Knightsbridge.

We visited The Nag's Head in a mews off Knightsbridge on a gray, wet day last month. There was a small fire upstairs and down. Yes, you need to be able to climb up the steps to the front door and down the steps to the lower room where food is usually laid out rather that hidden in the kitchen.

You expect a fine beer in a pub as graceful and friendly as this one and you have a choice of several. My wife had the shepherd's pie and I had bangers and mash. We sat at the only table available. She would rather have had a chair than the stool.

The Nag's head is small and quiet, its patrons focused enough on their conversation to justify the tab on their business expense reports. Great music from what is obviously a well-kept treasury of oldies, real oldies.

Honestly, I still have a warm memory of this pub weeks later.
mhollowa - 12 May 2006 19:43
Great pint of Adnams Broadside and good cider as well (NOT Strongbow!) Interesting curios inside. Not particularly disabled friendly though.

A gem of a pub - not one I would like to get too well known!
SteveH - 24 Apr 2006 08:59
Whilst the interior was remarkably interesting, the quality of the beer and service was far from what I'd been led to expect. All the ales tasted as though they were off, and the Dutch stand-in bar manager didn't seem to know what he was doing. Perhaps I just went on a particularly bad day.
norgor - 28 Mar 2006 18:30
forget top 10 in London; this is 10 ten all time, all world. Amazing pub and amazing barstaff. Visited Monday w/a friend and as we sipped our Broadsides, a group of 20 something office workers came in looking for lagers.....bartender immediately and sarcastically gave them a run-down of the "fizzy whizzies" he had on tap...actually shamed a couple of them into ordering the real thing.....and oh is the Adnams well kept. Learned that the management orders the smallest casks possible from Adnams....each is fully consumed within a day or so. Visit the Star Tavern if in the area...a little harder to find...but provides a good Fullers book end to a mini Belgravia crawl.
chipawayboy - 20 Jan 2006 04:04
love it, this is everything a proper pub should be.... Wooden tables and chairs worn upholstry a knowledgable landlord and bitter on tap...

We live no where near this pub but will make a detour to go and disappear from London for a while
anonymous - 22 Dec 2005 17:08
a prince amongst paupers this one.... almost unique in it's appeal. was there again this saturday and enjoyed every minute. can't recommend highly enough.... although don't all go at once, it's tiny. kieran lasted 1 hour befoore bolting for the Wilton Arms' fruit machine.
shw500 - 12 Dec 2005 10:55
Excellent. Loved it. Will make a visit whenever i'm in the area!!
mitomighty - 10 Dec 2005 13:03
absolutely top draw - when i finally buy that 8m council flat conversion this will be my local

wicked layout, lovely hum of conversation, nice folk behind the bar..... as you exit the pub you're expecting tractors, country lanes and a hunt whistling past, which is no mean feat slap bang in the middle of london

no fruities for kieran as well - bonus
steveo500 - 17 Nov 2005 10:06
Fcking brilliant historic place this, tiny but unbelievably quaint. If you walk in here and get a seat (of which, there are about 25 in total), then you are sorted. Popped in for an exploratory one last night, but have already got it pencilled in for an all day session some time afore xmas. Tudor beams, roaring fire and quality/simple food prepared in front of you at the bar.....geezer ordered gammon sandwiches last night and a massive joint appeared outa nowhere and was despatched with aplomb by cleaver behind the bar. Like i say, quality place, but get here early if you wanna get a seat, i for one, shall be banging on the door at 11am on my next visit,'ll probably be easier to park the Horse and Carriage at that time as well.
kmcs - 17 Nov 2005 09:49
a nice little pub that offers something differant worth a visit, i once saw kane athay in here drinking a pint
anonymous - 23 Sep 2005 12:56
A strange pub full of posh drunks in an unusual setting, worth checking out.
vera_shaw - 22 Sep 2005 17:12
Splendid place - Belgravia is full of decent pubs, but this one is up there with the best of them and is a "must visit" pub. On the several occasions that I've been there, the Adnams has been superb and the locals friendly. Please keep up the mobile phone ban. P S - Where or what is Royston Vasey ( posting of 20 May ) ?
JohnBonser - 25 Jul 2005 13:11
It's a fab pub. Full stop. Full of drunks and me and Mike. Perfect.
anonymous - 18 Jul 2005 09:01
Fantastic, idiosyncratic boozer. A real hidden gem in this otherwise snooty part of London and one that I can highly recommend visiting. Excellent, well kept beer.
MarcDickson - 23 Jun 2005 07:22
Supposedly one of the smallest pubs in london - no mobile phones (makes it a good place to talk to real people rather than listening to someone elses answer machine messages!), VERY cozy, nicely decorated, good beer (Normally a couple of Adnams, eg Bitter/Broadside), mostly friendly service and best when it is quiet: ie before the suits finish work - especially during the summer after 6pm the seats can be limited and outside on the street (Kinnerton Street) seems to be the place to drink then.
Chats - 21 Jun 2005 16:05
On our first visit to this place we where accosted by the landlord as we stepped through the front door and ordered not to use our mobiles. Sat in the back bar and had to move as the ceiling was dripping water on us. Staff where intolerable and the whole place belongs in Royston Vasey
lupus - 20 May 2005 08:56
Its rating may include the views of those who, as I did, tracked it down on a Saturday at lunchtime. Two dour barmaids, whose only sign of animation was when they were conversing between themselves in a language other than English. Lunch apparently being offered (there's a suggestion - surely untrue - that they bang an extra thirty bob onto the prices at weekends) but no sign of life in the kitchen, leading to a perception, right or wrong, that microwave was going to be the method of choice. Adnam's Broadside so bad, whether by keeping or by pouring, that if it was your first pint of the stuff you would never venture a second. An impression of a place resting on its laurels, and I will grant that it did seem to have some to rest on. The mobile ban is a plus, but to what effect if they don't enforce it?
joegreen - 22 Apr 2005 14:11
How this marvellous pub has only managed it's current rating (6.5 by 17 punters) is totally beyond me. Wonderful place. Used to confuse me that the pub sign outside whilst showing a horse's head displayed the name The Kevin Moran but I believe that was/is the Landlord's name.
Boothers - 30 Mar 2005 08:27
Once a year I fly 4000 miles across the pond just so I may have the honor of sitting in this wondrous pub. I dream of moving to the neighborhood just so I can proudly proclaim that this is my local.
anonymous - 30 Mar 2005 02:49
Marvellous pub. The Adnams was on top form - you dont mind paying a bit extra for good beer quality and the brilliant atmosphere.
Shame about the inconsiderate Chelsea Sloane type who chose to ignore the very welcome mobile phone ban - I nearly poured my beer over her.
John - 8 Nov 2004 10:54
My ex girlfriend rates this pub highly and rightly so. A perfect afternoon was spent in this pub which is rather reluctant to come kicking and screaming from the post-war era. The decor has a very country feel to it and is an oasis in the otherwise snobbish, chainstore feel of Knightsbridge. The bar staff were surly, but not rude (hint: don't ask for the cigarette machine. They have them behind the bar) and have a fabulous Mobile Phone ban.

An excellent pub. One you pop in for quickie and could end up staying all day.

Highly recommended.
Wayne_Jordan - 2 Nov 2004 16:54
If anyone knows of a more perfect pub in London than this one, please let me know. It seems unlikely.
Hockers - 29 Sep 2004 16:38
My favourite drinking hideaway. Don't be afraid to go on your own, all the locals are great to chat to and your conversation will be as varied as the memorabilia.
Nicholas - 12 Aug 2004 13:14
This is just the best pub in SW1. The lunches are fantastic- go for the cold platter- choose from a fab range of cold meats and pies and salads.

The beer is the best I have come across in London, Bombadier Broadside being my favourite.
Adam - 6 Aug 2004 15:04
Excellent mews pub. Front bar stools are for height-challenged punters. The decor found in the back bar consists of a mishmash of old items one might find cleaning out an attic. On a slow day, with a pint in hand, you can idle aways some time examing this collection.
Bob F. - 2 Dec 2003 20:58
I went in for a quick pint but couldn't bring myself to leave. Excellent boozer with lots of locals.
Jeff - 17 Nov 2003 23:06
Great old pub. Size deceiving. Best of the week's crawls.
Bruce - 17 Nov 2003 19:38
I used to work here - great drinks and yes, great locals and atmosphere .. just don't eat the food!!!

tracei - 30 Jul 2003 14:18
Great local. Small, low bar. Even I had to stoop down to reach it properly, and I'm short. Interesting locals. Great book collection. Definitely the best one on our pub crawl around Victoria and Belgravia.
Cazzer - 25 Jul 2003 15:14

got anything to say about this pub?

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