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Acorn 20, Kingston Upon Thames

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user reviews of Acorn 20, Kingston Upon Thames

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Now closed and boarded. The shops next to it have been boarded for ages so the whole block may be redeveloped.
ScotchDrinker - 24 May 2017 22:07
This seems to have closed a few months ago and is currently shut. On the few times I passed it late at night, old bill were in attendance...
ScotchDrinker - 10 May 2017 12:14
I met some friends here last week and thought it was bloody brilliant. I'd never been here before and a friend suggested it as a place to meet up bfore we moved on. We ended up staying most of the night. I'm definitely gonna go again. Highly recommended!
weasellip - 6 Feb 2012 00:51
PAUL the manager of the liveliest most entertaining nightspot in Kingston has continuously done a fantastic job at making people feel welcome and at home in his pub.

Although quite young this tall, dark and handsome man has done very well for himself and currently holds the Gold medal for worlds best bar manager after being submitted to the world championships by his regular customers.

He must have a little bit of wizard blood in him because with some kind of magic touch he will wizz you up a cocktail that will put any sane human under his spell!

Women take one step into is pub and immediately fall in Lust with this man.

Although very funny and charming Paul is also very laid back. In fact if he was any more laid back he would be upside down.

Not to be messed with if any trouble goes down Paul will sort it out! - hence why Acorn 20 has such a good vibe because Paul will turf the riff raff out

Paul Lehane manager of Acorn 20, Style icon to the stars..... not to be missed!

So ladies and gents get yourself down to Acorn 20 ASAP with staff like this you will want to skip the queue to be let in!
Vijay4cat - 30 Jun 2011 16:42
Paul- Something NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not likely. After what I saw you do. That poor donkey will never walk straight again.
No wonder the RSPCA are trying to get you out of the country.
Seriously you can not use animals to get over your addiction to little boys.
Vijay4cat - 30 Jun 2011 16:12
Kirsten Dunst- AKA Ella
This sexy superstar is sorely missed!
Currently in Dubai corrupting the natives, her absence has resulted in the acorn turning into a sausage fest.
The regulars at acorn 20 are not happy with this and so have staged a protest!
The plan as it stands is to call imigration and inform them of her illegal activities... Mainly the sex on the beach with current beau Luccus who enjoys treating his gal to a pearl necklace every other night.
So do not fear she will be deported and back with us at the acorn shortly!
Vijay4cat - 30 Jun 2011 14:58
Gorgeous George- one time member of boy band A1, this tattooed hunk carries a lot of junk in his trunk.
Although previously the facial expressions that most people would classify as a smile had been considered extinct on the creature George, he has since been spotted cracking a smile.
This change in behaviour could be put down to him acquiring a hot girlfriend.
George is clearly the most dedicated worker at the Acorn....whenever there is puke to be cleaned up he's there in a jiffy (with a bottle of jiff)
Although he looks indestructible we know the chink in his Armour! Simply reach behind his neck and gently tickle, this beast will turn to putty in your hands.

Favourite Pastime: to be the little spoon to Pauls big spoon.

N.B George is in Girl Sams wank bank.
Vijay4cat - 30 Jun 2011 14:46
Meeoooooww! this hot piece of pussy is on FIRE behind the bar!
Her sexy accent makes you tingle in all the right places.
Pint sized just don't ask her to pour you one as she can not see around her floatation devices.
Loveable and bouncy she oozes charisma and charm, just the sort of girl you want on your arm.
If rough and wild is you thing, this kinky feline loves a Donkey punch and Dirty Sanchez during sexy time after playing your Rusty Trumbone.
As Cat comes from New Zealand she is looking for an individual who is an expert in Motorboating.

P.S Property of Vijay, Hands off!

Vijay4cat - 30 Jun 2011 14:19
Marital status: Single
Occupation: Manager at Acorn 20
Interested in: Men/ Women (but only post op)
Desired age: 13- 39
Six foot
Deep Blue eyes
Good fashion sense
Owns a Uniform.... of the PVC kind

Likes: Walks in the park,cleavland steamer, Eiffel tower, Werthers originals, Rusty trombone, golden showers, Women that can not handle their drink, felching and teabagging old ladies.

Dislikes: skateboarding, wearing underpants, Noel Edmonds.

Ladies (or gents) if your looking for a good time please call: 07791785353, for the best 2 minutes of your life.

Vijay4cat - 30 Jun 2011 13:50
Princess Humperdink- AKA Rory AKA the worlds only Sexy Ginger:

Pleasure to be served by this cheeky chappy who has always got a glint in his eye. It is such a shame that he will be leaving his treasured position as Acorn 20 bar man to serve his country.
However luckily for him with that lush ginger head he will never have to go through the standard Army initiation of getting bummed in the showers.

Vijay4cat - 30 Jun 2011 12:17
Simply Scrumptious Sam! Always smiling sweetly this little gem seems so innocent and is always a gent to the end, however, there is a certain secret admirer who has a message for you; "I would like to lather you up in chocolate body paint and then slowly and erotically lick it off you. When the pleasure gets too much and you beg me to stop I would slap your arse and call you my bitch. I would also love to rim you slowly for hours... Im sure you'd love it too."
Just thought I would pass on the message Sam, no one should stand in the way of true love.
Vijay4cat - 30 Jun 2011 11:59
Right where can I start? This regular haunt of mine has some lovely jubley ladies maskerading as barmaids! I must admit my particular favorite has got to be the charming Kat.
Great cheap booze and a fantastic happy hour.
Something for the ladies comes in the shape of the dishy manager Paul with his magic fingered touch when it comes to making cocktails but personally I dont think he's got anything on me.
The only reason this Pub doesn't get a ten out of ten is because the staff tried to poison me last week in the shape of an A BOMB! I warn you this drink is not for the faint hearted.
P.S The self proclaimed Georgeous George needs to smile once and a while.... your scaring the customers away!
Alot of very attractive people visit the acorn I was eavsdropping and beleive they all work for a company called Sony.

Vijay4cat - 9 Jun 2011 16:29
Went in here with a mate the other week at about 8pm and had a couple of beers. Went for a bite to eat and came back at 10.45pm and the brain donors behind the bar had decided that they were closed! Obviously not closed enough for them to be enjoying shooters with their friends, but closed enough for returning customers willing to spend the cash that pays their wages! This place seems to have a serious management problem during quiet weeknights if staff are allowed to turn business away. We weren�t drunk, were smartly dressed and the pub was very quiet. I did kind of get the feeling that decent folk aren�t welcome though. Such a shame.
steveo - 14 Jun 2010 16:56
Thought that I would give this ago last night (Wednesday) but found it dead and with a poor selection of beers (no real ale) so we moved on elsewhere.
Matthew_of_Ham - 19 Feb 2009 15:16
I like the bar ,but sadly Saterday night there was a small group of stuck up girls,with obviously flase chests having a go at any guys that dared to look at them.

But usually a top bar....
onehunglow - 10 Sep 2008 18:49
Went there last night what a brilliant party atmosphere! If you want a good night out this is the place to go, you can have a drink a dance and feel safe.
cazza - 17 Aug 2008 13:49
excellent night had by all.. great and friendly bar staff.. good music and even better atmosphere..

they have a nintendo WII for customers to play for free and a good smoking area... drinks allowed to be taken out.. at last no longer have to down your drinks before having a fag..

i thought the tv screens were a great idea... playing all the old skool films.. and to make it more worth while they operate happy hour on a daily basis ( well actually happy 3 hours...)

i also thought the doorstaff were very friendly.. they only searched a friend of mine as he was carrying a large holdall (gym stuff etc...)

thank god someone has finally done something in kingston worth venturing out to... and a hell of alot better than the old artful dodger.. ok they dont have any real ales but not a great loss...

heavybulider - 16 Aug 2008 20:42
There is a note in the window to teh affect that they resever teh right to perform body searches. Well, so long as she is fit. Personaly I'll give it a miss. No rating on this occasion.
Magellan - 16 Aug 2008 12:34
The head bar girl "Katie" Soooooo cute.....
beerinspector - 8 Aug 2008 20:10
OK, The former Artful Dodger has been gutted and sanitised.

The good stuff, Opened out lay out, smokers corner retained, toilets upgraded.

Gone, pool tables, real ale.

DJ muzak all night long. Too loud to talk over, not loud enough to dance to.
Food, it is good but they keep themselves to finger food.

If you like bars, its worth visiting, if you like pubs, its not for you.

Needs about 12 months to 'mature' as it still feels like a show home!

I've given it a bang in the middle 5
jon.paul - 22 Mar 2008 19:45

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