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Username: Vijay4cat

Age: 157

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Acorn 20, Kingston Upon Thames

PAUL the manager of the liveliest most entertaining nightspot in Kingston has continuously done a fantastic job at making people feel welcome and at home in his pub.

Although quite young this tall, dark and handsome man has done very well for himself and currently holds the Gold medal for worlds best bar manager after being submitted to the world championships by his regular customers.

He must have a little bit of wizard blood in him because with some kind of magic touch he will wizz you up a cocktail that will put any sane human under his spell!

Women take one step into is pub and immediately fall in Lust with this man.

Although very funny and charming Paul is also very laid back. In fact if he was any more laid back he would be upside down.

Not to be messed with if any trouble goes down Paul will sort it out! - hence why Acorn 20 has such a good vibe because Paul will turf the riff raff out

Paul Lehane manager of Acorn 20, Style icon to the stars..... not to be missed!

So ladies and gents get yourself down to Acorn 20 ASAP with staff like this you will want to skip the queue to be let in!

30 Jun 2011 16:42

Acorn 20, Kingston Upon Thames

Paul- Something NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not likely. After what I saw you do. That poor donkey will never walk straight again.
No wonder the RSPCA are trying to get you out of the country.
Seriously you can not use animals to get over your addiction to little boys.

30 Jun 2011 16:12

Acorn 20, Kingston Upon Thames

Kirsten Dunst- AKA Ella
This sexy superstar is sorely missed!
Currently in Dubai corrupting the natives, her absence has resulted in the acorn turning into a sausage fest.
The regulars at acorn 20 are not happy with this and so have staged a protest!
The plan as it stands is to call imigration and inform them of her illegal activities... Mainly the sex on the beach with current beau Luccus who enjoys treating his gal to a pearl necklace every other night.
So do not fear she will be deported and back with us at the acorn shortly!

30 Jun 2011 14:58

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