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Cherub Inn, Dartmouth

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user reviews of the Cherub Inn, Dartmouth

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Not the oldest pub in the town but it is the oldest house and its Tudor history does give it an undeniably cosy ambience (although we probably wouldn't have stayed if we hadn't found a table). The 5 ales on sale on Friday were Black Tor Pride of Dartmouth, St Austell Proper Job & Cheeky Cherub, Exmoor Hound Dog and Exeter Tomahawk.
paul_d102 - 27 May 2019 22:02
Still a great pub. Good pint of County from Exeter.
Only thing spoiling it, was the constant foul mouth of a cook(?) at the bar, constantly swearing. Don't think I would like to try any of his food, as he looked in need of a good wash.
captaineric - 3 May 2019 11:08
It's ok but surely not in the top 20 in the country
KevW - 16 Nov 2016 08:34
Winter opening hours 12noon
f6c - 13 Nov 2016 21:14
The Cherub claims to be the oldest pub in Dartmouth. It is a small, single room with a low, beamed ceiling, a large fireplace and horsebrasses everywhere.
Five handpumps serving Brains Opening Ceremony, Keltek Lance, Exeter Ferryman and beers from St Austell and Exmoor. Three keg beers, two from St Austell - Mena Dhu and Korev and one from Sharps - Wolf Rock.
I went for the Opening Ceremony, it was as flat as a pancake. The barman who served me was indifferent to the point of rudeness. I won't be rushing back.
holbornboy - 15 Sep 2016 21:58
Great pint Dartmouth Jail
f6c - 7 Dec 2014 19:53
Popped in for a quick pint and loved the pokey interior. I was itching to explore upstairs, but didn't bother in the end. Will definitely re-visit if I'm ever in Dartmouth again.
simonali68 - 4 Oct 2014 20:19
6 different ales on the wicket - 2 from Sharp's, Liberation (CI), and 3 I can't remember. Looks inviting from the outside and certainly lives up to expectations. Comfy, quirky, and highly recommended.
markopolo - 23 Aug 2014 09:08
Lovely little pub. Original old beams, low ceilings, and not a level floor or a straight line in the whole building! Luvvit. Smallish ground floor bar area, seating 25 people at a push. Small restaurant above, and toilets above that, via windy staircase (mind your head)! Had a luvly pint of 'Proper Job', a zesty, fruity ale. Just the job on a hot afternoon. I recommend this hostelry, if you're in the Dartmouth area. 8/10 TJ
TeeJay - 6 Aug 2014 17:17
The best pub in Dartmouth? It's not for me to say, but yes.
wizzard - 4 Jun 2014 14:16
A most interesting building, worth seeing in its own right. 6 different ales to choose from, and the two that I tried were well kept. I had intended to eat there, but changed my mind. This pub is best left to the locals. I felt more like an irritation than a valued customer.
donaldson - 20 Mar 2014 21:04
Me and my girlfriend visit this pub several times a year whilst in devon and its a lovelly place to go for a few beers friendly people and the beer is always spot on
Boster - 16 Feb 2014 19:05
What a shame that every time I use this site, I'm bombarded with adverts ! I don't want to go South Africa & my health insurance is adequate thank you very much.
Hopefully a better (and more up to date) pub website exists, cos I ain't using this one any more.
The Baron
Baronloft - 17 Nov 2013 18:33
Called in for a pint during half term. Pub was busy with folks doing the food festival but what a cracking pint I had. "Proper Job"

Well worth a visit.
LickeyEndBooze - 10 Nov 2013 18:57
"Do not trust anything on this site, and cross-check your research using other web sites and as many other sources of information as possible"


Fortunately, last poster, most people who use this site are blog-savvy, were not born yeaterday and do just that.

There's quite a lot of knocking by rival pubs going on. The general give-away is it's by one-hit or one-location posters, so check their profiles.

All in all there's more truth than lies here though, I'd say, subject to the above.
eddybeer - 23 Oct 2013 10:37
Beer In The Evening will ruin your pub business. How? It allows ANYBODY to write ANYTHING about ANY PUB without checking up on anything - you, the pub, or anyone else's opinion.

Not only this, but - landlords take note - requests for removal of defamatory or damaging content will NOT be honoured, which means that one person's unsubstantiated review can result in a permanent black mark against your venue - your business, your livelihood, your life.

Beer in the Evening exists only to make money out of pubs which are, as a whole, struggling anyway. The fees asked are outragiously high compared to any other site on the web. How can these people claim to care about pubs in the UK when they are a) fleecing them for lots of money on an uncontrolled web site and b) allowing any old Tom, Dick or Harry to post unsubstansiated "reviews"?

I have been following BITE for several years and can prove that they are unresponsive when it comes to clearing the name of a pub that may have had a bad reputation in the past, but which has subsequently worked hard, with new management and new staff, to overcome all previous difficulties.

Do not trust anything on this site, and cross-check your research using other web sites and as many other sources of information as possible. BITE is not here to help anyone except themselves.
Qazwsxedc999 - 23 Oct 2013 04:33
Beautiful old building that still manages to be a proper pub in the downstairs bar - I second the other recent comments.
Heatonian - 10 Sep 2013 22:53
Yes, yes, yes, & yes. Pretty much ticked all the boxes for my perfect proper pub. Every beer we tried in here was in perfect nick, grumpy in a friendly way bar/cellarman, mixed bag of characterful, interesting and friendly locals, a very good Argentinian Shiraz, and unexpectedly fantastic food. By far the best pub we found in the Dartmouth area, and was responsible for at least two taxi trips back to Bow Bridge, having to leave our cycles here after staying way longer than intended. Will definitely be visiting again.
SJerry - 14 Jul 2013 13:05
**UPDATE** The Cherub will be hosting a mini beer festival between July 1st & 13th, featuring local ales from the St Austell range, Skinners, Otter, South Hams Brewery and Blue Monkey with live music on the evening of 13th. Highly recommended!
loftmagus57 - 26 Jun 2013 07:41
really enjoyed the atmosphere, ale was very good, lunch very good too and not overpriced, friendly locals and nice ambience - and no kids which made a nice change. Its too small a pub for families and there are plenty suitable for that around Dartmouth. Nice to be in a drinkers pub where adults can relax. I don't think the landlord should be given a hard time for running his pub this way and yes I have kids and look for the right sort of pub at those times.
odbod - 20 Nov 2012 11:57
The last couple of years have seen The Cherub gradually regain its deserved place among Dartmouth's hostelries. An excellent range of beers includes (on handpump) Ale, Best, and Bright from the Otter Brewery; St. Austell's Proper Job, HSD and Tribute; and from polypins on the bar, recent guest ales have included Skinner'sPorthleven, Betty Stogs and Heligan Honey. Press Gang rough cider from Skinners has also been a recent visitor, and even the keg cider and lager are from smaller outlets in Devon and Cornwall. Offerings from the kitchen continue to delight locals and tourists alike, and I have never experienced anything less than a warm and friendly welcome here. Thoroughly recommended.
loftmagus57 - 27 Sep 2012 09:25
great little pub with great beer
f6c - 16 Oct 2011 22:57
A great olde worldy pub down the back streets of Dartmouth.
It is small inside so getting a good seat can be difficult. We went there out of season and it was quiet I hate to think how busy and cramped it would get in the height of the season. Still a great pub though 9/10
montie49 - 20 Aug 2011 09:07
Might sell good beer but not too child friendly. Was going to try it out on a rainy Wednesday night last week with the kids but got that unwelcome feeling from the landlord - he was quite pleasant with it though if you get my drift. Didn't experience the place propely but will give 5/10 fo what I saw ' hearrd from the landlord! Pubs need to be child friendly - especially when you're on holiday, I don't care what you say (especially when it's raining)!
adf - 9 Aug 2011 01:02
I visited this pub twice, once in Sept 2010 and now in Jan 2011, and this pub has maintained it high standards. There were 4 ales on offer, DOOMBAR, OTTER ALE, OTTER BEST and PROPER JOB. I'm not one for the weaker ales, so tried, PROPER JOB, 4.5%, which is a lovely ale. The staff and manager are very nice, always open for a chat, 'locals' also happy to chat to the 'outsiders'. The food is of a high standard and reasonably priced. The pub is old and it shows, but that is the charm of this pub. Don't have too much too drink if you want to use the toilets, the stairs to the toilets can be difficult. NICE PUB.
johnny283 - 13 Jan 2011 17:45
Had a pint of otter best I have ever tasted. Well done.
f6c - 24 Oct 2010 17:13
A real cosy feel to this pub. The sort of pub i would like to be in with the rain lashing against the windows.
It is however very small we visited on a saturday lucnchtime in October and only just got a seat. There is a restuarant upstairs which the sign said you could go in though.
Food did look like rather mean portions for the prices.

Would visit again if in the area
fj54lcu - 18 Oct 2010 18:48
Visited this pub for the first time last week. It's a cracker. Excellent ale and reasonably priced food. All served by very friendly and attentive staff. The place was absolutly buzzing. A real gem of a pub.
beehave - 17 Aug 2010 20:02
Oh dear dear what has happened here? we frequently use this place when we are down on holiday and cannot express enough our disapointment at how poor this place is now. We travel down from our other home in norwich 3 or 4 times a year and ate here every night of our last stay only 3 months ago. Then it was amazing, the place was buzzing and the food and the service was fantastic. Now! the place looks to have changed hands and the food and the service was just so poor. Gone the wonderful forgien waiter and gone the chef by all accounts. We will now use the floating bridge for our evening meals. On the upside the doom bar is still bloody good
stevetheman - 29 Jun 2010 22:04
Very busy due to Dartmouth Music Festival. Mainly I think for foodies with a restaurant above a tiny bar in an Elizabethan house. Beer was good.
simontheeditor - 9 May 2010 23:24
AMAZING!!! I wrote a review on this place yestaerday and took it down as I said the Chef was greek and I was Only assuming. So this is the revised one. SORRY FOR ASSUMING. His food was definatly greek. My wife and I had 2 meals here and it was the most amazing Greek style lamb chops we ever had. We were getting rather sloshed on there wonderful local ales and had to eat here as the couple next to us were raving about this greek lamb. We sent a rather drunken note to the kitchen to say how amazing it was. The next night we had to eat again but this time a more formal sit down meal in there little restaurant. Wonderful it was. Suet pud and again the greek lamb. AMAZING. thanks again for the lovely food and ale. WELL DONE. sorry for assuming that you were greek but we've been to greece many times and just assumed as english dont tend to cook like this. Plus someone at the bar said it was foreign people running it.
We will be back
kaiserchief - 14 Apr 2010 10:39
We asked the poor cold chap on the ferry where the best pub for lunch and local ale was. He told us to go the Cherub but expect to pay high prices. He wasnt wrong, In both cases. Cracking pub but very expensive. That apart, they had 6 ales on. (all local) doom bar(sharps), Sharps' xmas beer, Dartmoor bitter(weak) and proper job (st austell) and something from teignworthy. Wonderful lunch by the fireplace. The place was heaving so people seem to be sitting ontop of each other. The loo's were 3 flights up a rickety narrow staircase. Well worth hunting out as its a beauty of a pub and a must for ale drinkers (BITE USERS)
kingofthepub - 30 Dec 2009 14:15
We have been holidaying in the Devon area for years and we decided to take a 2 week break in the south hams area (totnes) for a change. We are huge pub goers and have taken in almost 3 or 4 a day, eating at many of them. We came to the cherub for lunch early on in our break and had been itching to go back, but we like to visit places only once a holiday. This time was different. We took our friends there for a meal on saturday night (12th dec). What a place! My wife had lemon sole and couldnt stop talking about how well it was cooked. My friends were saying this place has new owners. We sought to seek them out and were greated by 2 of the youngest owner/managers i've seen. I told them what a wonderful pub they have and that I will be letting BITE website know. We sat and had a drink with the chef/manager afterwards and couldnt believe how unaware he was as to how good his food was and seemed a little short of confidence. I never got his or his wifes name but if you ever get to see this, WELL DONE you made our holiday, and thank your staff for making us so welcome.
bobbeer100 - 14 Dec 2009 18:07
amazing little pub, though it was hard to find. cracking beer, local beers from the devon amd cornwall area. I tried the doom bar (sharps), and also had some of there otter ale. Very good. My friend was on the proper job. A golden ale from cornwall. Not my cup of tea but then i like my ale dark. We also had lunch there and this was excellent. Potted Crab from the dartmouth area. It seems this pub is all about locals and local Food & Drink. Though even as tourist i was made to feel very welcome from the customers and bar staff. Cracking pub off the beaten track. Will be back.
bobbeer100 - 2 Dec 2009 18:12
Our week long stay in dartmouth has resulted in a fair few pub visits and some good some bad. This Pub though has left my partner and I talking of how we can relocate to Dartmouth. We have eaten here twice now and both times its been wonderful. Some of the locals were saying it has new owners. We never met them but its a job well done. This though had nothing to do with the wonderfully strong pussers rum ale they had on as a Guest!!!!! We'll be back in December and look forward 10/10 ale and Food. Its a Shame some of the other pubs around here couldnt sort themselves out. Dartmouth as a whole though is fantastic.
tomtom79 - 4 Nov 2009 14:24
We were in this wonderful pub 31st oct. Haloween. I agree with all of these reviews. Top Top pub. Went through there whole range of beers. Starting with there guest for the day Witch Otter (strong) then onto there regulars, doom bar, dartmoor, proper job and 2 others slip my mind. Yes the otter was strong. Whilst enjoying our evening we kept hearing other customers rave about the food so we found ourselves eating bouliabasse and potted crab with real ales to wash it down. As near to the perfect pub experience. We only wish we lived in dartmouth as this would be our local. Well Done
tomtom79 - 1 Nov 2009 17:35
Definitely the best pub I experienced during my visit to Dartmouth. A grade II listed building allegedly dating from 1380 and still retaining some of its original features, including some old ships timbers.
Small but perfectly formed one bar pub with a restaurant accessible by a tricky spiral staircase as mentioned below. Oak beamed period featured bar with wooden floor set around a large stone fireplace.
The six handpumps during my visit were Otter Amber, Sharps Doombar, Dartmoor Best Bitter, St Austells Proper job, and then nice to see real cider in the shape of Addlestones Cider. And what I guess was the guest beer was surprisingly The Physics from Brew Dog of Frazerburg, those brewing nutters in Scotland who brew Britains strongest beer at 18%. I steered clear of The Physics at 5% but the other beers I tried were well kept.
So in conclusion , an excellent pub, well worth hunting out.

Gann - 30 Oct 2009 19:22
I agree with the last review. Excellent pub with friendly staff, good choice of beer, we had St Austell Proper Job which was excellent. Can get busy at lunchtime though!
Roberttherailway - 1 Sep 2009 18:43
Have visited Dartmouth one or two times a year for several years and have only now discovered this lovely pub. Small but perfectly formed. Olde Worlde outside and inside with plenty of character and atmosphere. 6 real ales were available, 4 from local (West Country) brewers such as Otter and 2 guests. Lovely hanging basket display outside.Probably Dartmouths "must visit" pub.
tarkatherotter - 27 Jul 2009 19:26
This pub is simply excellent, several decent ales always on and pipes taste clean. Friendly bar staff and very patient locals. Always busy but turnover with the restaurant is fast and so seats pop up readily.
dan88 - 5 Jan 2009 21:40
Very attractive medieval building, with cosy but small bar, serving at least 3 real ales on hand pull, usually from local brewers - Sharps or Summerskills for example. Beers always in good condition, though a little pricey, and often the pub so busy you can hardly get in, with the bar being small. Great character and atmosphere, especially if during the quieter months - and as some else commented, the steep narrow wooden stairs up to the toilets/ dining rooms can present a challenge!! Very popular with tourists, so during summer months you may have difficulty in even getting in! Highly recommended.
FrostyJW - 10 Oct 2008 09:58
We always visit The Cherub when in Dartmouth. One of the best pubs in the South West. Great atmosphere and very friendly. Good to see it in the 2009 Good Beer Guide. Keep up the good work.
rossniven21 - 9 Oct 2008 18:12
A real find. Hidden away in the less touristy part of Dartmouth. Have only visited to eat in the upstairs restaurant, but the ever helpful staff will bring a pint to your table. The food is excellent and well thought out. Beer is good and reasonably priced for Dartmouth.
However beware of having too meny pints with your meal as the gents is up another flight of the spiral staircase!
captaineric - 15 Apr 2008 21:19
It is a very good pub and a delightful building, but the oft-repeated claims of being Dartmouth's oldest building should be taken with a pinch of salt as there are a number of houses around the town of similar age and one or two which may well be considerably older. In fact, The Cherub as you see it today is the result of an extensive and imaginative bit of restoration work about 40 years ago - mischievous locals will tell you they 'remember Fred Mullett building it in the Sixties'!
Mrs_Ethel_Fronge - 23 Jan 2008 01:46
Old English style pub. Timber beamed with open fireplace. originally dated around 1305.
Claimed to be one of the oldest buildings in Dartmouth.
Lovely building. Meals on offer, with small restaurant upstairs.
4 nicely kept regional cask ales and 1 cask cider offered.
2.50/pint. perfick!

reynard - 23 Jul 2007 18:03
Super boozer, in a lovely location. Good ales, and a welcoming atmosphere, real wood fires too. Will definitely return there one day. A real one off.
trottis - 19 Jul 2007 14:46
Excellent character pub with well kept real ales. Supports local micros - try the South Hams brewery bitter, its a good light session beer. Very pleasant atmosphere with locals in a "holiday" town. Restaurant upstairs is v pleasant.
GrahamH - 21 May 2007 18:43
Absolutely brilliant place, really tasty well made food and a great range of well kept ales, plus wonderfully preserved interior. Ditto the last 2 reviews really.

My tip is to get the chair at the end of the long table that backs on to the bar - then you literally just stand up each time you want to order and you're at the bar without moving your feet. Genius.
OldRogue - 26 Sep 2006 14:01
A quaint and cosy pub with oodles of character, serving real ales in tip-top condition. A visit to the gents can be character-forming after a couple of pints - it's up *steep* stairs..
Alph_river - 28 Aug 2006 23:39
A true gem, but a very small bar. Food available on three floors and is generally both good quality and good value for money.

A CAMRA pub and in the best tradition of CAMRA pubs; in fact this pub is the reason why I finally decided to join CAMRA.

You'll find a selection of St. Austell Ales. Doombar is always on, also their Special. The pub has it's own Ale (Cherub) a favourite with many of the regulars (not to my taste). Sadly not made in Dartmouth.

If you're a Cider drinker there's good news for you also. The Cherub features Addlestones (known as addlepate in the pub) cloudy. At least one clear Cider, and ofter another choice.

Like your beer from a Tap? Or (to quote the Wychwood Hob Goblin) 'fraid of tasting something? There's a popular selection of "manufactured" beer for you.

Also - check out the fair selection of Single Malt Whiskies.

Atmosphere is friendly, during weekends there are generally more visitors than locals.

BTW, not sure that this is the oldest building in Dartmouth. It is the oldest building serving as a Pub. The oldest Pub in Dartmouth is the Seven Stars; but that's another tale.
lurgy - 26 Jun 2006 09:04
Real Ale
The Cherub Inn is dartmouth oldest building and dates from around 1380.
bar meals are available every lunchtime & in the Evening, up stairs Restaurant open in the evening
ckhinton - 5 Sep 2005 20:20

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