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Codsall Station, Codsall

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user reviews of the Codsall Station, Codsall

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My first stop in Codsall was the Codsall Station, another Holden's pub. Their Black Country Bitter, Special & Golden Glow are dispensed along with 3 guests. On Saturday, these were Wood's Born & Bred, Hopback Mayfly & Abbeydale Deception. Indoors, there are a couple of rooms in the old station waiting rooms, with plenty of railway memorabilia. At the rear is a fairly large patio area. Both overlook the railway line itself. This was make a good start or end to a short crawl through Codsall.
blue_scrumpy - 24 Jun 2019 19:20
Two visits in the last month as on business nearby. The first coincided with one of their twice yearly beer festivals which was clearly a success. The second was a fairly quiet night and the Holden's Mild had made a reappearance. Good beer, comfortable surroundings and the train service has been improved, what isn't there to like?
ellisref - 25 May 2019 10:19
Was surprised to find that I hadn’t reported on this excellent converted station building before, but that just gave me an excuse for another visit ! It’s been about 6 months since my last visit, and I didn’t notice much change, but there was a sign saying “under new management”.

As others have commented, it is decorated with all manner of railway memorabilia. There is also the most realistic fake coal fire I’ve ever seen.

I couldn’t fault the service which was very pleasant and efficient. There were 6 beers on tap, 4 from Holdens and two guests. Unfortunately they don’t appear to do the Holdens Mild any more (it used to be gorgeous), Instead I had the Holdens XB, which was very nice.

The menu is one thing which does seem to have changed. It appears to be more restricted now and consists mainly of burgers, sandwiches, and a few “classics”. There is also a specials board – if you can find it ! Strangely, yesterday all 3 specials contained chilli ! I had the stir-fry beef chilli – which turned out to be more like a beef curry. Very nice – but rather hot !

There are also pre-prepared baps available on the bar counter. Note that lunchtime food now stops at 2pm.

8/10 – a really great place to visit on a brisk winter lunchtime.

Martinsh - 29 Jan 2017 23:28
Estaff llent condition beer, good food, great staff and reasonable prices - what more could you want.

This building used to be the Codsall station, but it is now a great little pub, full of railway memorabilia, with a cosy atmosphere. The beer is predominantly Holdens, but there are several guest ales. Holden's Black Country Bitter and Holden's Golden Glow both in superb condition. Highly recommended!
justaquick1 - 24 Mar 2015 22:47
Still a great pub servng excellent Holden's beers plus 1 or 2 guests all at reasonable prices.

Now open all day from 1130 (1200 Sunday).
cheshirecat - 19 Sep 2014 15:26
Great little pub crammed with railway memorabilia, not too dissimilar to the Great Western in Wolverhampton. Good family pub, friendly staff, good service and top quality real Ale, ie: Holdens. Also ideal to have a family meal.
martwolves - 23 Nov 2012 17:11
Pleasant conversion of former station bulding in to a pub. Had a nice pint of Holden's Special while waiting on a train.
anonymous - 26 Aug 2012 11:23
Definitely worth jumping off one train and waiting for the next (or one after!) Excellent interior, small range of well kept micro brews, lovely staff. I'm not sure how big Codsall is but it was packed on the Friday evening we visited. Will definitely be going back in next time I'm passing.
jarofporter - 14 Mar 2012 16:27
What a fantastic place for a Sunday afternoon drink or a pre dinner drink on a Satruday evening . I went th with my niece and Nephew when I was visiting from Australia in February. The atmosphere is fantastic full of lovely local people. It has a warm and cosy atmosphere not found in Australian pubs.

It is facinating to watch the trains pull into the station as you sit sipping your drink. I have been there twice when vitining my relatives and on both occassiobns have absolutely loved it. I would certainly be there every week if I lived close by. Would recommend it to everyone whether for drinks, celebrations or for lunch. I would certainly give it 8 out of ten. The reason not 10 out of ten is it needs more seating but being what it is it is impossible to do this.

Keep up the good work I shall visit again next time.
Tericious - 23 Oct 2010 03:31
I went in on a Thursday lunchtime to meet an old school friend (I went to Codsall High). When I was living nearby (Perton) this place was just a station. Now it is an excellent pub. The ales were great (despite the sparkler ('southerners' preference, sorry!)) and the mixed grill really really was superb.

In the grill I was genuinely impressed by the steak and the sausage - the sausage was better than the pricey ones I get from my local butcher, very impressive. The steak was so much better quality than the usual bit of leather in a mixed grill. The chips, I admit, were ordinary and the landlord was outside having a fag both times I wanted a new pint but apart from that, this is a fantastic pub.

I'm glad it wasn't open when I was in sixth form otherwise my beer belly would have appeared fifteen years earlier!
Killian42 - 8 Oct 2010 20:19
Visited on a busy early Thursday evening. Pub is on Shrewsbury bound Platform. A nice converted railway building, seemed very friendly. Special was a very good pint. There were 2 guest beers in addition to the Holdens range. Great Faggots.
brisk - 6 May 2010 13:08
Have been on a Friday lunchtime from work a few times now.
Drank Stairway to Heaven first time which was pure nectar - one of the best pints ive ever had and I know about beer being a long time life member of Camra.
Have been in a couple of times since and the beer and food and service have all been perfect. I love this pub - must be one of the best in the country.
beerychris - 14 Mar 2010 10:40
I only stop at this pub when passing through on my way to and from North Wales, so I can't pretend to be a regular. However, I've been in twice recently and find previous comments about unfriendly service, mediocre beer etc very surprising. Each time I was in, the bar staff were very friendly and the beer (Holden's Black Country) was spot on.
mousefan - 27 Jan 2010 21:31
The exterior can be seen in the picture above, just need to add there is a beer patio as well.

The interior is open plan; with a smaller lounge, with a nice fireplace and bench seats and GWR carpet; a general bar and a dining area. The decor was plain wall, earthy red, with lots of railway memorabilia as you would expect. It is done out very nicely. I love the place.

My first visit for a year or so and dableywolf and TheCasualDoctor have highlighted the concerns i felt after this visit

The beer; apart from tap tosh this place had Holdens bitter, Golden Glow and Special - No MILD (where has it gone? - swop the bitters, leave the MILD on) the Special was at best mediocre. There was also two guests, Fat Cat Brewery's Marmalade Cat and Cannonball Express i think it was called. However, i didnt try anything else after the Special wasnt that good.

The other point was the, at best, functional service from the chap behind the bar. Not the most welcoming visit i have had. This pub should be scoring in the 8-10 range for many people, alas, painfully, it scores a lot lower
Archivist - 12 Aug 2009 12:00
excellent pub friendly staff well kept beer and a good chose of guest ales they have a new chef and menu who is very good.Straight of the train no problem love all the rail way stuff excellent
jurrassic - 11 Apr 2009 16:12
My previous review extols the virtues of this fine hostelry, but the level of service at this lovely pub is giving cause for concern among my fellow beerhunters lately. The Golden Glow, usually faultless, was distinctly average. The food, if a recent hot pork bap is anything to go by, was frankly awful, and I worry when opening a box of crisps appears to be more important than serving customers.Get it sorted. This is a fantastic little pub in really unusual setting. It deserves better in our opinion.Currently 5/10.
dableywolf - 1 Mar 2009 21:15
I would go here more often if I didn't have such a cracking local round the corner. The beer here is great. Its a clean pub, pleasant atmosphere, the staff are friendly. The only problem with this place is if you don't live in Codsall then someone has got to drive to it.
nipples - 31 Dec 2008 19:07
Around 12 months ago i would have given this place a 9 out of 10 but each time i go in the beer seems to be slowly deteriating.I absolutely love Holdens normally but tried a couple of pints of mild and they were flat and smelt of vinegar.Went on to the Murphys which was fine.It's a shame as the pub is really nice and brilliantly situated and i find the staff to be very friendly and welcoming so i don't like to run it down but it's such a shame when it could be class with better kept beer.
TheCasualDoctor - 11 Aug 2008 19:16
57evie - The Station doesn't serve Calsberg. Also, if it was flat, why didnt you take it back?
wolfman1 - 17 Jul 2008 19:51
57evie - you do sound a bit of a mug mate, why go to a real ale pub and drink carslberg?

I found the three holden beers I tried all top drawer, just a shame its abit out of my way.
bobhopeless - 2 Jul 2008 16:11
I was really dissapointed having read all the comments, its a nice looking place but the staff were quite rude and not very helpful.

The quality of beer was dissapointing i opted for a flat and lifeless carlsberg and my colleague had a badly poured murphys.

Good location and nice building thats all i can say unfortunately wont be going back

57evie - 2 Jul 2008 12:33
Marvellous hostelry. Catch the train along the main Wolverhampton/Shrewsbury line and off you get straight from platform to pub! Railway memorabilia abounds in this converted station waiting room. Holden's beers, very well kept, Budvar and frequently changing guest ales.The Golden Glow is the nectar of the Gods.Reasonable food compliments the excellent beers.Don't miss the Holden's Old Ale in the Winter months, or the Summer beer festival.Use your mobile for text alerts to time the arrival of your train to the sinking of the final pint! Bostin'!
dableywolf - 26 Jun 2008 20:59
I love this place. Its just up fromn my parents and we often end up in there in the evening. Wish it were my local.
westie2 - 17 Jun 2008 19:38
GReat as it was a former station Ticket office/Waiting room etc,i believe the architect had his hands tied quite a lot when designing this remodelling into a Public House,he still made a grand job of it though.
It's just a pity due to sometimes awkward parking (or lack of space to use)etc , i just wonder that if it had a bigger extension (instead of the pitiful one)on the building the site would then have matched the beers quality,nice for a quite daily pint etc ,can be a bit squashed sometimes in the evening,but its definately worth a punt,or maybe i mean pint!
taximodernist - 15 Jun 2008 22:24
1st class pub. Recommend if you like real ale, Recommended if you are a Railway enthusiast. Perfect use for an old station building. Easy to reach by train! 3 Holdens beers on offer which were all in excellant condition. The were a couple of guest 1 mild included but can't remember the names.
littlebrother - 10 Jun 2008 10:10
Wonderful place just don't miss your train!
robertallen - 4 Jun 2008 14:03
To pints of holdens and a packet of crisps. 9/10
theboltonwonderer - 15 May 2008 16:36
This is an excellant place. The is a mean pint of golden glow. 9/10
tributedrinker - 13 May 2008 12:14
What a fantastic use for a railway station. Goting here is no problem. Fantastic Railway memorabilia is displayed everywhere. oh and the beer is 1st class aswell. 9/10
leamingtonspadrinker - 13 May 2008 11:23
This is definitely one for the Railway enthusiasts. This station building dating from 1849 is now a fully fledged pub cum railway museum not unlike the Buffet Bar at Stalybridge. The interior is packed full of railway memorabilia, signs, maps, name plates, signs, clocks and even coal shovels. 3 Ales from the Holden range (Ordinary Bitter, Special and Golden Glow when I was there) are supplemented by 2 guest beers (upcoming guest beers are indicated on a blackboard at the side of the bar). Occasional beer festivals are also held. The food is reasonably priced but fairly basic with special deals for pensioners at certain off peak times. The carpeted dining room is opposite the main bar with its welcoming fireplace. A corridor runs behind the bar with a snug alcove and ends up in a rear conservatory in what was presumably the old waiting room. This is turn leads to an open terrace on the platform with a few canopies. Several certificates are displayed for the various awards that have been won. A really interesting and unusual pub even if you are not particularly railway orientated.
RogerB - 10 Apr 2008 16:09
my first time at codsall station and was really looking forward to it, i am a lover of Holdens beer and had some wonderful pints all around this area,but was let down by the beer i had here,the pub it self is very nice and the girls are even nicer but a few things worried me one was seeing a lager glass topped up with the drip tray and served to a customer will be a long time before i go back.
fishinbeer - 16 Jan 2008 13:56
Have been to this pub many times but was dissapointed in the beer it was all right. My main worry was that at the end of the night the slop trays then by then glasses was topped up and servered to the unsupecting punters at 2.40 a pint. This is a terrible action to take although I have rated the location and beer dispence a 6, for hygine and my revist I rate 2.
beerdowner - 15 Jan 2008 15:10
Brilliant pub with a fine selection of real ales. Good crisps too - Tyrells all the way from Herefordshire. But girls, watch out for the local character called Bonko - he's only four feet tall with weird staring eyes. Drinks lager then falls over.
Lordsnooty - 30 Jun 2007 16:19
Good selection of real ales, Holdens MILD and a pair of cracking barmaids make this a must place to visit. Lots of railway memorabilia and occassional trains wizzing past add to the novelty. Fairly busy with an outdoor area for the kids. - 17 Jun 2006 23:50
Proper old school pub...Fantastic real ales (CAMRA area winner 5 times), decent lagers, friendly and efficient staff. Friendly clientele. No gamblers, pool tables or Sky Sports make this a great pub for conversationalists. The annual beer festival is worth checking out, too!
anonymous - 10 Aug 2005 13:39

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