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Hope, Wandsworth Common

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user reviews of the Hope, Wandsworth Common

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I've never been there before
cellarbuoy - 26 Jul 2014 17:34
Not been here for a while, used to be a Firkin. Also used to have an impossible pub quiz!
zabadak - 26 Jul 2014 16:28
Not a bad spot at all. For respite from the road go around the side where there's a few tables facing the side road. Nice selection of ales when I've been in, although a weird queuing system seemed to be in operation like a post office.....
TommyRogers1979 - 26 Jul 2014 11:45
I think The Hope has upped its game recently, which it seriously needed to do.

I'd all but given up on it, but the last couple of visits the staff were much more on the ball, more efficient, more sociable, more knowledgeable and helpful. Pub was cleaner and tidier. Excellent pints of things I've now forgotten - they're still serving a ever changing selection of good beer.

6/10, because I'm still wary of a return to its former, weaker form.
aljwoods - 24 Oct 2012 16:04
This is my local and to be honest its fairly dissapointing. Nice enough inside, but go for a drink outside, and with all the traffic, you might as well sit on Shepherds Bush roundabout.

Food is very rarely above average and often below. Often only have one or two real ales on, and sometimes they run out. If you are in the area, well worth the 5min walk to the Nightingale.
WillfromWandsworth - 18 Sep 2012 16:55
I wasn't expecting too much from the Hope. But it provided the break I needed from the multitude of Youngs pubs in this area of London. It's a large wedge-shaped pub surrounded by Wandsworth Common and ideally located for the station of the same name, where there are regular trains to/from Victoria and Clapham Junction. It was busy on my Monday evening visit, with a quiz night in progress. The clientele seemed fairly upper class. Those not testing their general knowledge had occupied outdoor seating around the exterior of the pub. But what surprised me most was the beer range - Sunny Republic Beach Blonde, Purity Pure Gold, Ilkley Mary Jane & Downton Chocolate Orange Delight. There was also a real cider - Addlestones. I'm happy that I can still discover pubs in London that exceed my expectations.
blue_scrumpy - 13 Sep 2012 21:22
Had a pleasant couple of pints here on Monday afternoon- some interesting beers on, but I thought the Hawkshead Windermere Pale Ale, though good, was a bit steep at £3.85 (for a 3.7%-er).
jagsfan - 23 Aug 2012 13:38
Please note I just got shortchanged. A pint of Fruili was £4.55 and when I gave £20 I received £4.45. I challenged the barmen and he gave £10. Once again I had to ask the barmen to give £1 for the rest of the change and I received it then he just served to another customer without any response. Watch it.
timunator - 8 Jun 2012 18:33
Enjoyed a couple of very pleasant pints on Friday lunchtime following a stroll through the suburbs of SW London. Sat outside watched the world go by.

The pub appeared clean and tidy. Prices not to bad considering the location.

The staff, although a little brash, were attentive.
ericstadd - 31 Mar 2012 08:39
The Hope seems popular - but it's hard to see why exactly. On a recent visit (en route to the excellent Chez Bruce nearby) we were charged over £6 a glass for a fairly indifferent rose - not properly cold either. When we queried the price, the staff weren't exactly rude but certainly offhand. We were told that the house rose - which we'd not been offered - would have been cheaper but still over £5. This makes the Hope pricey even by central London standards. I doubt very much that I will bother going back.
HenryIrving - 15 Jan 2012 18:04
This Mitchells & Butlers house must be fairly near the bottom of that particular chain. It's got all the aspirations of the standard gastropub but fails to deliver on every count. The food is abysmal; worse than burger van standard, the drinks are overpriced and often badly kept and the outside seating area is little more than a traffic island (if you're extra lucky you get to sit next to the drains!). The speed of the service must break some sort of record for its slowness. Its continuing survival can only be down to the lack of competition in the immediate area.

The only thing going for it is its position on Wandsworth common but by the time you've bought your drinks and wandered far enough on to the common to get away from the pub you'll have realised it would have been cheaper (and quicker) to get them from the offy just down the road instead.
rebwoac - 16 Mar 2011 17:11
I thought this place was a bit average. The real ale choice is uninspired and forced me to look at the interesting range of keg beers. I tried the Blue Moon Witbier from Colerado complete with a slice of orange. Not bad but at £4.10 a pint, it is a bit of an indulgence. Nice view of the common from the gents.
GazzaTheBeerMan - 15 Mar 2011 16:08
Not too bad and not brilliant either.
Some of the staff can be friendly when in a good is just ok...
Avoid Sundays, its packed with pseudo posh families, screaming children, prams and annoying, young and show offy estate agents celebrating their sunday off...
Not bad during the early afternoons during the week.
GVF - 1 Mar 2011 18:36
Had been to this pub a couple of times for a drink in the past year and because the menu looked interesting we decided to go back today for lunch. Wish we hadn’t bothered what a disappointment! Sausage and mash in a pub seems to be one of those dishes which is either done extremely well or really badly with no in between. Unfortunately the Hope does it really badly (sausages baked in the oven for what must have been several hours as they were rock hard and congealed mash like wall paper paste) along with bad service and filthy wine glasses. It may be Valentine’s day but the pub was dead so no excuses! Won’t be eating in there again.
lala1 - 14 Feb 2011 17:35
One of the better pubs in the area. Flanked on both sides by Wandsworth Common it is in a fantastic area, particularly in summer when the outside seating overlooks the common.

The beer front is fairly refreshing for a pub situated in the (ex) heartland of Young’s, where the brewery's tied houses still dominate. Over Christmas a number of beers from microbreweries around the country were on offer, the pick of the bunch being Saltaire Brewery’s moreish Triple Chocoholic. Meantime Pale Ale and Pilsner Urquell are also pleasing to see as regular keg fixtures.

The Hope has gone through a number of changes throughout its history but it appears to have hit a winning formula, serving up good beer at sensible prices. I think it should be applauded for that.
Misk. - 14 Jan 2011 22:13
The Hope shouldn't be a particularly nice boozer, given the area I'd expect it be to Clapham rugby shirt territory. Yet it's actually a very good place to go because (i) the beer's good, (ii) the food is good and reasonably priced for the area (good weekday offers), and (iii) the staff are friendly and have been here a long time, which might reflect the fact that the manager/owner seems to treat them well.

Just a shame it's not a bit bigger. And the quiz night is hit and miss.
getdown - 9 Feb 2010 10:29
Former Faith and Firkin, full of fecund fathered families, foaming flagons, food fine.
rainlight - 5 Dec 2009 15:23
I think its great. Servoliscious
fromage - 12 Oct 2009 19:58
Great pub with a good range of beers, lagers and types of wine. Decent food too and a great location. Highly recommended.
tate - 11 Oct 2009 15:28
I love this pub. Firstly, they have a great selection of beers - including my favourite, Pilsner Urquell - at fair prices. It caters to a wide range of people and has lovely decor. There's a lovely outdoor area for summer, and it's cozy in winter. The roasts on sunday are delicious. The food went downhill a bit this year..but I think it's getting better. Some staff are better than others. A couple of them are great - remembering the drink orders of regulars and making friendly conversation. They also have board games, and dog biscuits for dogs.
kakenny - 6 Aug 2009 09:52
Was in here last night on St Georges Day. Service seems to have improved considerably since I was last in. Menu has been revamped but I had already eaten so did not try myself.

HENDO - 24 Apr 2009 12:07
Another M&B pub (one of 3,000) which offers a good range of beers but sadly never has enough staff working. Don't want to be too negative as they really do offer great beer but because it is a chain pub the consistency will never be maintained.

Worth a visit for the range of beers alone but be prepared to wait.
stedrinker - 13 Apr 2009 11:42
hi, i read all the reviews about my beloved hubby alan and i ran it for a few years in the 90`s (ITS HAYDAY ) we loved every second.......
i hope it comes back to those times soon, for WE HAD THE BEST STAFF IN LONDON!"!"!" and thats no lie.....
sorry to be the bearer of bad news, ...would love to hear from anyone who remembers us...yvette palfreyman

yvette456 - 18 Feb 2009 23:09
Had to comment to the last listing, as a regular i find the comments to be absurd , there has been no staff turnover of staff for at least the last 5 months as i am in there 3 or 4 times a week and see the same staff all the time , as a member of the beer accadamy i have never tasted a better quality of beer it is excellence and over a year ago the hope had problems with service times i agree , but now it has never been better its greatly improved , i think the person who wrote the review should visit more often he would be quietly surprised

What i truly love about the Hope its a real community pub and has a great atmosphere
roylaires - 9 Jan 2009 23:00
I think the Hope looks quite nice since the refurb, and the outside space is pleasant in the summer, but the decor was never the problem - service and beer quality are what needs sorting out. I drink in here maybe once a month because it's half-way between a number of friend's places and convenient for the station, and every time I come away disappointed. Takes ages to get served even when it's quiet and the beer always tastes funny to me, like there's something wrong with the pipes. I get the feeling there's a huge turnover in staff so it never has the chance to improve.

With it's position on the common, it could be one of the best pubs in London, but I just find myself wishing it was still a Firkin - at least there were no delusions of grandeur.
jonnymusic - 2 Jan 2009 18:15
This could be a fab pub - but the arrogance takes the edge off it.

Arrived for lunch on wet and windy Sunday at just before 12, walked in to an empty, but otherwise normal pub, only to be told by a bloke who had been hanging around outside the pub smoking moment earlier that the pub was not open for another 4 minutes (exact words) and that we must wait outside - in the rain.

Food itself was fine - nothing particularly special. There was a blackboard special offering mulled wine - but even 3 hours after opening they were unable to serve it because it "hadn't warmed up yet"

I think the whole staff attitude thing is nicely summed up by the leaflet describing the planned new years eve party. Apparently the bar will close at midnight for five minutes 'to allow the staff team to celebrate'. FFS.

Nice location & environment - but one to avoid until they get their act together. If only they had some decent local competition - then they'd soon wake up & smell the coffee.
ptofp - 31 Oct 2008 11:07
Just want to give my opinion about the Hopepub,is great fantastic I move to Trinity Road beginning of the year, and been going to the Hope pub since and all I have to say is the pub got everything to have a good time great selection of beer wine and the food is great and good value, can believe this pub as so nasty comments about it I reckon that must be all old staff that been working there before, because now I have to say for a big chain like M&B is unbelievable and is amazingly a well run pub you have to go for yourselves an see it, is really worth the time well done to the Manager and all is team, on Saturday was my sister 30 birthday and we all went there and had a good time, I only got nice things to say about it, Big tank you to every one in there special to guy call Rui who done table service for us all night
roylaires - 12 Oct 2008 19:57
I worked at The Hope in summer 02 and christmas 02/03 just after the pub was rebranded. Summer 02 and the start of 03 were fantastic under Dan Fox who was a brilliant manager specialising in rescuing poorly run pubs. The bar and kitchen staff all got on, regular drinks after work and basically crazily good fun. Predictably Dan was posted to another pub (The Jolly Gardeners in Putney, another complete success under his management)and the Hope started going downhill quickly and has been ever since. I'll admit its been a year since I last visted, but the heart and soul of the place was just lacking and the staff had absolutely no banter whatsoever. Disappointing because it had such great potential.
guykeating - 9 Jul 2008 12:05
Re the below comment, John has certainly not wasted his time on this pub... he's spent the last two years down the road on Battersea Rise looking after The Goat (formerly O'Neils)!

During that time The Hope fell to bits; the gents were nasty, paper was peeling off the ceiling above the staircase to the bar. I don't go in often anymore, but when I did go in on a regular basis (a few times a month) I would still not be able to recognise any of the bar staff. The women can't reach the pumps because their flab is hanging out and the blokes cannot serve you quick enough because they all wear their jeans round their ankles.

The makeover before this summer though has brought with it a grandfather clock and some curtains inside (why?) and, dare I say it, an improvement to the outside with big plants breaking up the space.

The Hope now has it's own website, with a good sprinkling of appalling grammar. If it wasn't for its location, I think JD Wetherspoon would have snapped up this site by now.

Maybe you should go and make up you own mind about this place. Oh, and as the "A sign" used to say outside, "We serve food dialy".

A pint in here is not worth £2.60.
toomuchgastro - 2 Jun 2008 22:48
Visited this pub last week, and was very very disappointed. We read the reviews on this website before we went and thought we would give it a try. If this manager 'john' has done amazing things for the pub recently, I would have hated to go there before. The service was the worst i have ever experience and the staff were constantly rude. Their answer to a 15 min wait for a beer, was that they were busy, the pub was pathetically quiet. I now know why. John should not waste his time on this pub and should probably quit his job if this is the best he can do. I have lost 2 hours of my life to a crap pub with average food. Very unhappy.
OwenandRenee - 11 May 2008 12:13
I have been here many times for lunch and dinner over the past few months and every time my food is excellent. It's good value, wine list is good and reasonable, staff are friendly, atmosphere is nice. I'd recommend it to anyone.
CZoe77 - 22 Feb 2008 13:16
John turned this pub around?! Did his magic at the Goat?!! Now look, while I will concede that the Hope has improved since his return, this has to be tempered by the fact that it could hardly have got any worse. Moreover, I remember very well when John was last in charge, and if you scroll down through the comments you will notice that during his tenure the complaints remained the same, and arguably got worse. So no, he did not turn this pub around. The Goat is regularly packed, agreed, but have you seen the competition around there?! I sincerely hope that John lives up to your billing as the public house Messiah, but i'm not holding my breath i'm afraid.
womble54321 - 25 Jan 2008 14:27
have to say, the comments on this site need updating. John is back and with a vengance. John turned this pub around a few years ago. Then left us to do his magic at the Goat in Clapham. Magic applied there and now he is back at The Hope. Staff are on top of things again. Food is excellent. Guest ales change frequently and are always interesting. Wine list is excellent. So please give it another go - it's worth it.
muffett - 13 Dec 2007 09:46
I think it's only fair to say that since my comments in April, and since the new manager took over after the summer, this pub has improved immeasurably. On recent weekly visits the clientele has grown up, thanks to the new over-21s policy, the bar staff have been polite and efficient (and adult!), the toilets have been partially done up and there's already a huge improvement, and the quiz is decent again. I can see from recent posts that not everybody has had a good experience here, but I think credit is due for the improvements that have already been made.
shrops14 - 11 Dec 2007 15:25
Bar staff comprehensively incompetent.

London Pride a very odd straw colour.

One to strenuously avoid, this.
Mr_Lash - 26 Nov 2007 12:02
This pub is appalling. Popped in for a quick livener the other day - barman had no clue what white wines he had, I asked for a small glass and was served a large one...just a ghastly experience.
anonymous - 25 Nov 2007 10:33
went to this pub for lunch on nov 13th. big sign on the wall saying 'under new management, we promise you a warm welcome, table service...'. well it was bitterly cold outside and there was no heating on so it was bitterly cold inside too. despite being the only two people in there we waited at the table for 20mins listening to the staff chatting to each other before i gave up on table service and ordered at the bar. the food was terrible and wasn't even as described on the menu (the 'garlic mushrooms with rustic bread to mop up' were completely garlic-less, didn't come with rustic bread, and there was nothing to mop up - it was just a bowl of fried, unplesantly chewy mushrooms).
so no warm welcome, no table service, food not as described... terrible.
anonymous - 20 Nov 2007 13:03
Asnootyfox is wrong - this place was originally the Hope, and then the Faith and Firkin, then the Hope again, nothing more. But, and some of you may have read previous comments, I make the occasional trip back to see if the place has improved. Unfortunately not. It's almost becoming a dive. What I don't get is that the staffing issue has been mentioned regularly here, and i know for a fact that employees of Mitchells & Butlers read these reviews - in which case, take note: the bar staff are absolutely terrible. I actually don't blame them necessarily. For me it's a management issue - they don't seem to be enjoying serving. When i worked here we stayed behind, had a few drinks, and actually enjoyed working with each other. The problem, as far as i'm aware is that there is none of this camaraderie, which shows in the 15 minute, 3 deep wait for a drink. Sort it out. Quick.
womble54321 - 15 Nov 2007 01:26
This used to be one of my favourite pubs in the area. HOWEVER, the pub has changed hands AGAIN. Recent experiences have been really poor. On one visit for food our starters and main course food all arrived together, with the staff not knowing what's wrong with that! We gave them the benefit of the doubt and opted for food and drinks at the next pub quiz. Big mistake...
* pub quiz starts an hour late and the hostess with the mostess knows nothing about the answers if challenged
* chef didn't know what the day's fresh veg were (are you cooking them? are they in fact fresh?!)
* when the food did arrive both steaks were completely cold, and as for the veg, well, we never got to find out - they never showed
* when we complained to the bar manager she said 'well sorry, we're busy and it's just the way it is tonight'. What great service!

They are also grossly understaffed so it's difficult to get served at the best of times.

Used to be so lovely, well managed and just generally top. It's amazing how quickly bad management can reverse that. Steer clear!
Richwan - 27 Sep 2007 21:20

Nice views over the common. Trouble with this place is it's been revamped and changed name and/or ownership so many times it doesn't know what the hell it is anymore. It's been The Faith, The Hope, The Hope and Faith and the Faith and Hope - and that's in the last 5 years I've known it!

Food was excellent (but pricey) last time I went but that was six months ago so it could have all changed by now - such is the nature of the place.

Not a good selection of beers though unless you're into white Barvarian beer at £4 a go.
asnootyfox - 25 Aug 2007 08:51
Another pub neglected by the corporate landlords relying on its location to make some serious money - and it does I am sure. If only the staff could serve more efficiently and more friendly and not keep me waiting for 15 mins whilsy pretty young lasses get a look in before me. One guy wouldn't take someones bank card because it had a crack in it (it worked of course). The other girl couldn't tell me nor cared what they sold. The place needs a major revamp.
Tarquintoo - 13 Jul 2007 12:32
"you lot with credit cards are a pain!" said the barman before pouring me the wrong pint, I ordered a Paulaner, he poured a stella or something and swore blind it's a paulaner - don't need that really.

The pub's not clean and I'd never chance eating there and they're short staffed usually causing kerfuffle at the bar!

Apart from that - good beer and top location. hoping for a fix up when the smoking ban comes in - maybe that'll change things for the better.
anonymous - 16 Jun 2007 12:32
Agree with Fingle regarding the hideous acoustics.Walked passed the place today at 11.00 am.Very loud music blasting out.So loud,it is distorting. They must be really hacking off the neighbours. They may well get a visit from the Council about this
anonymous - 9 Jun 2007 11:21
This place is just getting worse and worse.
Paper peeling off the walls, hideous loud echoey acoustics due to lack of soft furnishings (and customers if they arent careful), tiny bar (why isnt the whole thing used), chairs and stools stacked in the disabled lift, I can go on.

There is a vivid sense of this place being unloved and cynically used to pay someones wages. I doubt the owner goes here much unless its to colect the loot.

Such a shame, as the location is great and the area is crying out for good proper pubs
fingle - 4 Jun 2007 14:51
I actually got a job at the hope rencently in this pub, and being an enthusiastic member of staff, who would do anything for the customers, didn't seem to sit well. Although I always got to work on time, did my best serving as well as waitressing, I was treated very badly. The staff were rude and lazy. I worked my behind off clearing tables, taking orders and mastering the till while the staff just sat around drinking tea and socialising. The food is nothing special, and if you belive the customer is always right, drink in another pub. DO NOT WORK AT THE HOPE!!! when I started, there was only 4 members of staff, now I see why.

anonymous - 23 May 2007 14:06
Phenomenally cheap? A real pub? Have you seen the menu/wine list?! Try the Nightingale, that's a real pub. And can I just point out that this place has been in a rapid state of decline for well over the year that you have been going, so the comments below are largely based on comparatives from when the staff did a decent job.
womble54321 - 3 May 2007 09:53
I can't believe what a bunch of miserable people have posted such rubbish comments about this great fun pub, and before you say anything - NO I don't work there or have friends working there. I live round the corner and go in probably twice a week, and have done for nearly a year now. I never have a problem with being served quickly and efficiently and the staff are generally very friendly. I think the prices are phenomenally cheap considering the area and it is a perfect little local REAL PUB. None of the fancy rubbish bar/gastropub which seem to have infested our high streets, this a real good old fashioned pub.
maxdurrant - 25 Apr 2007 21:47
Just wanted to echo what shrops 14 had to say about the quiz night - I used to come to the Hope regularly for the quiz. I went back for the first time since before Christmas when the quiz took a break a few weeks ago.

I've rarely, if ever, experienced quite such an excruciating evening in a pub. The 'quizmaster' couldn't have been much more than 12 and seemed to have avoided even a nodding acquaintance with hot water. He was clearly drunk, and became progressively more so as the evening continued. A thirsty young man, it would appear - every third question or so was punctuated by him whining demands in an increasingly belligerent manner that the quizmaster be bought a drink, as thus far no one had done so. I would have said this was fortunate - as anything purchased could only have been done with the intention of ramming it down his throat, pint pot and all.

Having got his lackeys to do the hard work and mark the quiz he was affronted to find out that participants actually wanted to have the answers. Be careful what you wish for. Five questions into round one and everyone in the room regretted it. Is the young man in question a media studies student? He certainly loves the sound of his own voice, preferably at a high rate of decibels. Jesus, the angels, and the poor buggers stuck in the pub wept.

This really was the icing on the cake. The service at the Hope has been pretty appalling for a long time - bar work isn't brain surgery - I've done enough of it in my time - however given the great inconvenience you are clearly putting the staff to it would seem to be just slightly less complicated than renegotiating the anti-ballistic missile treaty.

Although I do have to applaud them on the fact that they're clearly all computer literate, judging by the laudatory posts below - well done! I didn't think any of you would have been able to locate the power button on the hard drive, given the difficulty pulling a pint causes you.

The ladies sound in better order than the gents thankfully, but that's really not saying much. They're still pretty dreadful.

Overall, it's just such a shame. The pub has been spiralling down the drain for some time. And it has so much potential, ideally placed as it is next to the common.

As for opening hours - they flirted with late opening for about three weeks. There was more than enough custom to justify continuing - I think they just couldn't be arsed. I've been in the Hope when for absolutely no good reason the staff have decided to close early - with a pub full of punters. There's nothing I like more than attempting to have a quiet drink while all around you chairs are being stacked on tables and the staff have abandoned the bar completely to concentrate on wiping down tables - well before 10 at night.
spangle - 18 Apr 2007 11:00
I agree with the majority of the comments below - what could be a really great pub is ruined by the majority of the bar staff: mostly incredibly slow and incompetent, and appear to spend most of their time chatting to each other and generally acting as if they are there to enjoy themselves rather than serve any drinks.

I've been going to the Hope for a couple of years now (quite often going to the quiz on a Monday night), and it's definitely gone downhill in respect of bar staff, reaching a nadir a few weeks ago when I took part in what is without a doubt the worst pub quiz I have ever come across. The 'quiz master' acted like a 13-year-old throughout, including constantly asking competitors to buy him a drink, although he had obviously had a few too many already - in fact one of his colleagues admitted that he was drunk before the start of the quiz. The whole thing was excruciatingly embarrassing, and one of my friends commented that it was what it would be like if there had been a pub quiz in Lord of the Flies.

Also, the state of the lavatories, as commented on below, is atrocious and gets worse.

I'd be interested to know whether the manager or landlord spends much time there in the evenings and is aware of what's happening to this pub.
shrops14 - 10 Apr 2007 13:50
1. The only thing the staff work hard at is how to be useless behind the bar (although I will concede that they appear to have employed 1 or 2 useful barmen).
2. Tips are given based on performance of service received by the customer, NOT as supplementary income because they aren’t paid enough. Incidentally, I have been to plenty of pubs where the lack of tips didn’t affect the attitude and aptitude of the staff, and I never expected tips when I worked in the Hope. Which moves us on to point 3:
3. If you really did give each bar member 5 quid, then either you are extremely rich and don’t know what to do with your money, or you are incredibly misguided. Or both.

Your post smacks of someone who either works in this pub or who has friends who do. The service is appalling, and anyone who has been to a pub other than a Wetherspoons will agree, which is what makes your comments all the more unbelievable that they are objective.

womble54321 - 9 Mar 2007 10:56
I think that this pub is fantastic, the bar staff are great. there was an amazing team over christmas and since i have been in over the past few weeks i have seen regular faces of young and happy bar staff. the little australian girl has a very vibrant face while the two gingerish men are always very pleasant. on monday night the one with the beard did a very good job of the quiz. the pretty brunette girl is always smiley and is very nice to talk to. the chef is a character and the tall brown haired young boy is a great asset to working behind the bar. i think the staff should get more tips though because i have spoken to a few of them and they sometimes get 50p a night and they all do work pretty hard. i tipped a fiver each last time i was in and all of their moods definately soared. so give a bit more to recieve a bit more.
anonymous - 8 Mar 2007 10:12
Agreed. There was a time when this was the classy pub you need for that swift pint before heading to Chez Bruce. Now it is a shithole.
anonymous - 20 Feb 2007 13:50
This is my local pub, and I have seen lots of change here. However, I want to express my concern for the pub in its current state. I last visited a couple of weeks ago and was appalled at its appearance, and feel ashamed to now call it my local. Here are some points:

1. There is paper hanging from the ceiling above the stairs near the bar.
2. There is graffiti in the men's toilets.
3. There is often a bucket under one of the urinals.
4. The soap dispensers are now non existant, and so now is the soap.
5. The bar staff changes so regularly that nothing is done about the toilets even if you tell a member of staff.

I appreciate that this is a very oddly shaped building, being on an apex, but does the seating arrangement have to change so much?

The serving time is often a joke, especially nearer to last orders. The Hope did enter into the later licence laws, but soon withdrew that idea. Does the kitchen really have to stick out onto the bar area? When it was the old Hope, they were capable of serving food with the kitchen out of sight, allowing for a decent sized bar.

The bar staff know nothing about keeping an eye out for who's been waiting the longest, and if you're lucky, you'll be served by someone who doesn't look hungover and whose trousers aren't sitting around their ankles. Come on, we don't want to see your boxers thank you.

Overall, don't go to this pub... go to The Goat on Battersea Rise instead. Although you'll be boosting the profits of the same company (Mitchells & Butlers), you might be served by the only good barman the Hope ever had. Still, at least he had the right idea and went elsewhere!
toomuchgastro - 20 Feb 2007 11:41
I was also thinking of the other beers they sell like; edise weisse, paulaner, sleemans, Bellevue, Fruli...

Im not much of an Ale / whisky drinker, so couldn't comment on that

Nice to have these drinks available close by, never had a problem there, and am looking forward spending time there in the summer!

leep - 24 Jan 2007 13:10
Presumably "continental" beers include the Grolsch, Staropramen and Stella.....

I also have to take issue with SneakyT. I have been in several times, and if what you say is true, then I actually feel sorry for the staff - they must have permanent "off days". I'm a reasonably regular customer in this pub, and came in for birthday drinks with a large group, just before xmas. I ordered a whisky and water, and got a Famous Grouse with water full to the brim. When I took my whisky-flavoured water back to the bar, I was informed that I would have to buy another because any mistakes would be taken out of that member of barstaff's wages. There are 2 points to note here: 1. I couldn't care less if you are deducted £2 in wages for being a moron, and 2. I know for a fact that this is a lie - I have good friends higher up in Mitchells and Butlers.

Management has apparently changed...yet again. I hope they sort this place out this time.
womble54321 - 20 Jan 2007 20:37
Continental beers at The Hope? What are they, pray tell?

Alph_river - 4 Jan 2007 00:14
This is a great pub.

I haved only lived in the area for a few months, but always avoided the place assuming it would be a bit scummy, being so close to the wrong I was!! I love the 60/70's decor, the beers are fantastic (if like me you like continental beers), the atmosphere is very relaxed, and I cant wait for the summer, as I imagine with the common close by, this will be a great place to spend a sunny afternoon!
leep - 3 Jan 2007 14:19
I went to the Hope several times about a year ago and found that there was generally an excellent selection of ale, usually about 5 or 6 on, including a couple of unusuals. Reviews here seem to indicate a serious decline on the beer front, and my recent experience echoed this. I was faced with a choice of Broadside or a past-its-best Youngs Ordinary. Being forced into drinking Broadside is something which I would never complain about, but somehow I was hoping for better. Allegedy a gastropub, I was expecting some decent grub at least, but what I saw and tasted of the food was frankly dreadful. You'd struggle to find a worse pub roast, even though the Hope charges a tenner. A paltry amount of fatty meat, potatoes almost the same colour as when they went in the oven, I could go on. On a positive note, which isn't easy, the wine list looks pretty good.
ChrisF - 13 Nov 2006 12:23
Really gone down hill recently - shame because has so much potential.....but when it regularly takes over 20 minutes to get served by clueless bar staff, there are better places to go.
teens - 2 Nov 2006 12:46
SneakyT has only reviewed one pub - this one.

I must take issue with her (or his) assertion that The Hope boasts "...a huge selection of beer..." On three separate occasions over the last few months a group of us have travelled (..." from far and wide...") to Wandsworth for the express purpose of drinking at The Hope, drawn by its reputation for cask beer.

On all three occasions we were sadly disappointed: there was only one beer available the first time we visited which ran out after a couple of pints were drawn. There was no-one (apparently) who knew how to change the barrel, and we were told there was no likelihood of any more coming on that evening, so we drank up and wandered across to The County Arms which did have well-kept Youngs beers.

The second time a coupl of months later there was no beer at all! So.. Over to The County Arms again...

The third time, another couple of months later - no beer on, and none coming on, so...

The Hope's hard-won reputation for stocking a range of interesting beer has been well and truly defenestrated as far as the C.R.A.P.S are concerned. Sadly, discerning drinkers all, we will be reluctantly avoiding The Hope unless some consistency returns.

SneakyT wrote of the staff: "Generally they are fantastic and as with all pubs they will have there (sic) off days."

All very well, having fantastic staff, but they should have their fantasies and "off days" at home, and not while serving the public. And training someone in basic cellar management would ensure the vaunted beers can be served satisfactorily...

Alph_river - 19 Oct 2006 22:24
'there is something very unpretentious to the place'

Yes darling, absolutely.
mitomighty - 13 Oct 2006 22:32
I love this pub, It is the perfect place to nurse a sore head on a Saturday afternoon and complete with all required for the start of any daytime drinking session - a huge selection of beer, a fair selection of wine, champagne and even a cheeky prosecco.

The food is maintained at a very high standard although the menu could be a little more diverse. I love the open plan kitchen, which allows a slight snifter of the eagerly awaited.

I thought the comments below about the staff were quite amusing, I know we have our favourites! Generally they are fantastic and as with all pubs they will have there off days. Sara likes to occasionally come across as a bit of a battle axe but we all know she’s a softie really!

Decor inside is a little interesting with copper chain mail curtains and a subtle 60/70's feel but with the leather sofas, large comfy chairs and wooden tables there is something very unpretentious to the place. Having said that - WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIX THE LEAKY CEILING?

Located between the station and the Common, The Hope makes for the perfect start/end to any pub crawl and my only issue is that they still close at 11pm on the weekends.

Worth a trip from far and wide...

SneakyT - 10 Oct 2006 15:49
The beer was again pretty good on my recent visit and a reasonable selection of lagers too. A good thing about it is it is in Wandsworth Common, a bad thing about it is it is in Wandsworth Common.
mitomighty - 3 Oct 2006 17:30
A reasonable pint but too trendy for me. I was also told they'd closed when attempting to order another round at 11pm, even though there had been no bell or no last orders called and another staff member was still in the process of serving someone else. I'm not likely to be back unless I've just missed a train at Wandsworth Common station, which is conveniently adjacent.
Rich66 - 25 Sep 2006 22:34
Hopeless. On the last 3 visits here there has been no beer, and according to the less-than-interested staff, no early prospect of having any. We went elsewhere nearby and found proper beer served by professional staff. Pity, it could be a good pub.
Alph_river - 25 Sep 2006 09:14
Nice over all pub, but terrible bar service. Surly staff who don't seem to know what is going on, who they should serve next and generally look like they would rather be somewhere else.

I have witnessed on several occasions staff telling one patron the kitchen is closed, only to take a food order from someone else. Still trying to figure out the logic.

Otherwise it has a good atmosphere and in a great location.
djm - 4 Aug 2006 11:58
The bar is too small for the size of the pub.When there is a rush on,it can be 2 or 3 deep waiting to get served
JCA - 23 Jul 2006 14:33
Appalling service on a hot Sunday last week. The couple of staff on duty just couldn't cope - long queues at the bar, all glasses hot straight from the washer, grumpy staff attitude. All in all an awful experience - never again.
ianfreeman - 6 Jul 2006 10:48
Not a bad boozer, but is frequented by people with too much money and too little sense. Food looks over priced but the beer is good.
JockStrap - 31 May 2006 09:02
No, he left ages ago and manages the White Hart in Crystal palace somewhere. I would write another review of this place, but quite frankly nothing has changed since my previous criticisms. If anything it's getting worse. Roll on that lottery win I'm still waiting for...
womble54321 - 19 May 2006 15:39
Is Dan Fox still the manager here?
anonymous - 19 May 2006 13:31
Wasn't it a crappy firkin pub before. Beers were good last time I was here. Food was cack, service average. I'm glad you can't reserve a table - It's a PUB!!
mitomighty - 19 May 2006 13:21
New management took over about 4 months ago (according to their staff). I agree - it takes an age to be served, and the food is terrible. Also annoying that you can't reserve a table there . . .
sarah1979 - 19 May 2006 13:10
Have always liked this pub and visit fairly regularly but been a little bit disappointed on recent visits. Is this down to new management? The food is okay if not a little overpriced and agree with previous comments on the service being average - always takes forever to get served. However they have a good range of beers and a decent wine list to get stuck into.
big_dog - 18 Apr 2006 10:45
What hss happened! This used to be a wonderful pub a few years ago :-( It was my local and I loved it. I went there last week with a group of friends and EVERYTHING has gone downhill. Rude, surly and unfriendly staff, poor and over-priced food. What a shame. Still better than some of the places on offer round-about but still.

pinball42 - 4 Apr 2006 12:26
I have to agree with womble, this place used to be a supberb place to drink, supberb staff, fab drinks range and decently priced.
The only thing left from those three is the decent prices.
Where have the old staff gone, the current crop suck! Who trains these monkeys?? Just because they can stand up straight doesn't mean they should be working behind a bar!! They're rude, dull and know notghing about what they're selling! It's a pity there's nowhere else to drink in wandsworth common.
rabidbarfly - 19 Mar 2006 03:58
Used to be the chef here in 2002-03, as it was changed from a rough pub into a trendy bar at the begining of the summer 02 this was the place to be and was for the whole year, but then management changed, beers changed and quality of food changed. still a lovely bar to visit now and again. but would love to bring back that summer.
benappetit - 9 Mar 2006 11:30
My far from learned brother has missed the point - the fact that I worked here 2 years ago with a brilliant group of dynamic and friendly staff is precisely why I am in a perfect position to criticise the current crop!!
womble54321 - 23 Feb 2006 16:50
I think Womble has a valid point. However, I would trace it's decline to it's sale to Firkin almost 10 years ago. After 175 yrs as The Hope, it was sold and made into a chain pub. It's subsequent sale to Six Continents hasn't actually changed it again that much - still lacking in a homely atmosphere and has overpriced food.
I agree with regard to the summer, when it's superb location has now been overshadowed by it's pricing and clientele...
It might somewhat diminish Womble's credibility when it comes to criticising the barstaff if one observes that he worked in the pub 2 years ago. Having said that, the boy has managed to be consistently on one side of the bar or the other for about 5 years, which takes an unhealthy dedication...
(Admittedly, both me & Womble's other elder brother worked there 10 years ago).
Dr_Will - 23 Feb 2006 16:32
Great food, friendly staff, sundays are a bit of a mess but that's really down to the size of the kitchen
rabidbarfly - 5 Jan 2006 13:26
I've seen this pub change so many times over the past 10 years...this time it's for the better in my opinion if you want a decent ale, good wine selection and even good range of spirits. The food is ok but a little pricey for pub food, but then there isn't that much competition in Wandsworth Common. The food service was slow, especially between courses, and trying to eat can be a little crampt. The decor seems to be reminants of its 5 past lives....still its far better than when it used to be a Firkin pub.....

Go for ales....
Flawed - 22 Dec 2005 10:07
Foods not bad but a bit pricey for what you get. Good ales, 6 different gins and a half decent wine list make it worth while.
pezza132 - 15 Dec 2005 13:16
It's changed for the better but the decent beer selection and real ale nights aren't enough to take the taste of watching Wimbledon get relegated in there all those years ago out of my system. Come on the AFC. Crowd is .. what you might expect in Wandsworth Common. Food is ok but overpriced and didn't rate the roast. Go for the ale nothing else.
mitomighty - 29 Nov 2005 15:35
The Hope - Where shall i start? The unhelpful staff? The hour and a half wait for food - And when it cam was cold. Complained to the staff who did sweet f.a Really poor. Not the ticket.
Monkey_Byrne - 3 Oct 2005 16:37
Great beers!!! A real variety! However a shit atmosphere and staff that never seem to know what they are doing means a lower score. It's a real shame - I've seen this place change so many times I think everyone's confused. Unfortunately it's one of the few affording places to eat in the area which the chef seems to have capitalised on meaning dull, uninventive, over priced food. A real shame as the beers are excellent.
Flawed - 20 Sep 2005 14:53
This used to be a fantastic pub about 2 years ago, but changes in management have resulted in a decline in standards behind the bar. In the summer especially, but generally every day, you sometimes have to wait for 10-15 mins to get served. This is down to the ineptitude and general laziness of the bar staff, not because it is overly busy. Moreover, tables are often overladen with empty glasses/plates/full ashtrays which is, quite frankly, disgusting. If someone was actually employed to collect glasses then we wouldn't be forced to be served with plastics.

The end result is an average pub with very mediocre staff who don't appear to a)enjoy what they are doing, or b)have a clue what they are doing! I hope and pray that I win the lottery so I can buy this place and restore it to its original splendour.
womble54321 - 18 Jul 2005 15:15
If I was going to rate The Hope simply for its drinks I'd give the place a 9, maybe even a 9 and a half. That's how impressed I am with their selection and quality. There's normally always one of Wychwood's seasonal beers on tap, plus at least another 3 ales which are vary rarely seen in this area of London (Deep in Young's heartland), which are all kept to perfection.
However the actual atmosphere never fails to disappoint me. It's always impossible to get a seat indoors, and while I normally wouldn't complain about such an issue as you can't blame a pub for it's own success, I feel it has a much to do with the unexplainable layout inside the pub. Also, for a pub that seem to pride it's self so much on good ale, it come across inside as more like a wine bar, than a real pub. In the summer the outside also becomes packed with the local idiots out to have a day in the sun by Wandsworth Common, who not only makes the place unbearably full, but also are some of the rudest people I've ever had the misfortune to drink with in a pub.
And don't get me started on those cushion thing you're supposed to sit on.

anonymous - 29 Mar 2005 17:22
Have to share this. I met my husband at The Hope in 1987. We were 16 & 17 (so they actually served children back then) :o). Have some fantastic memories of being drunk every night, and taking our drinks across the road to sit on the common. Now we have four children, and occasionally go back to this lovely pub. Fantastic memories.
Julie & Matthew - 31 Aug 2004 12:57
Not cheap, but then again where is in this part of the world. decent range of beers and mainly young crowd. The outside seating area is constrained by the layout of the surrounding roads (go and you'll see what I mean) but nevertheless could do with some tarting up.
burnsy - 23 Jul 2004 16:14
They don't allow children, and you don't find this out until it's raining outside and they ask you to leave. I found no signs anywhere saying they don't accept children.

The prices on the wall are different to the prices you get charged.

I certainly wont be rushing back there.
Marton sadler - 21 Jun 2004 11:07
Really nice on sunday afternoons, very ambient feel - nice beer and food and ideal for swingers who like to use the nearby common for ad-hoc fun...
Magic - 7 Apr 2004 16:56
quality star wars game mind you
giles - 26 Nov 2003 17:03
lovely pub and was made to feel very welcome here- nice to sit outside on the picnic benches when the weather is good
tom - 29 Jul 2003 16:43
Pretty good atmosphere - great for drinking in the sunshine and food is fine. Great for a quiet pint, not great for a booze up.
drinks boy - 21 Jul 2003 13:56
Used to be the faith and firkin which showed sky football on the big screen, got re-firbished and re-launched as this God-awful cafe bar complete with designer sofas, makes you feel out of place if you are not eating, bar staff are bad. Not to be confused with the old original Hope from years ago.
casualdrinker - 14 Jul 2003 15:18
refurbed firkin that is a 100% improvement. half decent food, friendly staff, poor selection of bitter
Richard - 30 Apr 2003 16:49

got anything to say about this pub?

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