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Duchess , Battersea

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user reviews of Duchess , Battersea

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Damaged in last nights storm.
wirraldrinker - 28 Mar 2016 13:51
This pub has had a recent refurb and is absolutely lovely now. Very comfortably and beautiful Victorian furniture.
We tried two pale ales - both absolutely excellent.
We didn't have food this time, but I'd imagine it'd be good.
Rather neat TVs fitting above the picture rail, so you can watch football or not notice it at all.
AbeC - 6 Apr 2015 17:32
Very swanky but welcoming pub with fantastic real ales, 7/10
fat_beer_badger - 23 Feb 2012 21:29
Amazing! Amazing that all the positive reviews on here, each one of which mentions the terrace etc, are all by the same person. Owner or manager presumably. No other reviews posted about any other pub, just this one. check reviews below the five listed to see what customers think.
camraman123 - 23 Feb 2011 18:55
Just held a party in the room upstairs with the terrace overlooking Battersea Power station. We had about 60+ people which filled up the terrace but there was plenty of room inside. Andy and his team were helpful at all times in the run up to the party which meant we didn't worry about things not working out on the night. We had a barbecue served by a chef in a proper chefs outfit who looked excellent and served up great sausages on good plates with elegant looking condiments. The room and terrace have their own bar which was busy all night but never overrun. We brought our own decks and just plugged them into their PA system and it was fine - decent volume. The party was a great success for us and everyone had a good time. This is the kind of good local venue that deserves to do well because it works hard to be different. Can't reccommend it enough
sw4reviewer - 4 Jul 2010 20:39
came here for the second time last week as a mate of mine was showing some work in art exhbition here. Great night. They had art all over the walls, a dj and spoken word. Great to see someone trying to do something different in a pub.

Was surprised by the review below as the staff have been a good laugh and very helpful on my 2 visits here...although check out this guys other reviews...seems to be a running theme in there!
clarticus - 31 Mar 2010 08:46

The Pub itself Smells Funny - Like Damp/Sewage/Dirty Toilets!! URGH!!

Its very untidy inside & Looks unclean - with Tables needing Clearing & Dirty Glasses on the bar (Although the Pub itself was Dead - only 5 customers in there drinking) - the staff look Miserable & seem very Lazy - I went in the pub to meet some mates - They offered to buy me a Drink & I refused to stay, I'd be too frightened to drink or eat anything from there!! & I Certainly will never go back!!
Jedi_Clem - 22 Mar 2010 16:40
We had our wedding party for 130 people at the Duchess last weekend. We hired the whole pub out and Andy and his team did us proud and really looked after us - the pub looked amazing, the food was good and the staff were marvelous. We have had loads of messages from our guests to say what a fantastic evening they all had. The team at the Duchess put on a great party for us and we had a night to remember! Highly recommended as a party venue.
Antillmob - 7 Dec 2009 12:19
I absolutely love this pub, fantastic food, great decor and lovely staff... very child friendly too.... and definately the best view of the power station from the splendid terrace.
kat2kats - 20 Oct 2009 20:41
Went to my mates 30th here last Saturday and had a great time. It was in the pubs upstairs room with an amazing view of battersea power station. The room was packed and the girl behind the bar had her work cut out but did brilliantly considering, as i found out later, it was her first shift.

My mate didn't put food on so we ordered from the pubs menu when we got there. Had the best tasting beef burger I'd had in ages!

I was DJing and the sound system cut out a couple of times but the guy behind the bar downstairs sorted it straight away.

Over all had a great night and was well impressed with what was our first, but definetly not our last, visit.
clarticus - 15 Oct 2009 14:19
I recently had my birthday party at the Duchess, Battersea. I would like to comment that our experience was a wonderful one and my 30th birthday was one that will be remembered for all the right reasons. The staff; they were courteous, helpful and professional. We had jugs of pimms and canapes as a welcome followed by a great dj and a steak and seafood barbie-que on the balcony.
This venue is a hidden treat for south London, "bang slap" opposite the relic power station the pub is styled accordingly with an interesting and intricate decor layered to complete a unique pub experience, It has excelled its self far away from the typical uninspired high street pubs we have been accustomed to. This pub has the style and the substance over the rest and has become my not so local local, Its worth the journey!

cosmic - 14 Oct 2009 13:46
I visited the pub a couple of weeks ago and was very disappointed. The glasses, knives and forks were dirty and the staff lazy.

The wine glasses still had lipstick on them. When I pointed this out to the bartender she searched and could not find a clean glass. We ordered food and the knives and forks were also dirty. Once eaten, the empty food plates sat with us until we left. Nobody bothered to take them away even though there was nothing else for the staff to do (very quiet). The staff seem lazy, could not be bothered to clean the cutlery or remove plates.

I have been there a few times before and have always recommended to others. I will not be doing recommending it to anyone. The quality of the food has deteriorated and service is non existent.

Durb - 5 Oct 2009 18:32
I LOVE this pub. Great staff and atmosphere, always have a fun time. Went to a party there recently and loved the private room and bar, the decor is amazing, and the view from the terrace is fab!
Elsiemary - 2 Oct 2009 14:11
went last week and had a great time!
Fab garden at the back, funky decor inside and amazing first floor terrace overlooking the power station . Will be back!
benjammingo - 1 Oct 2009 16:35
lovely! Everyone was very welcoming when we visited on a Sunday lunch for jazz as a friend of ours was singing. Top roast, plenty for the kids to do with games and table footie. Found ourselves there two weeks later for a work party and again, really cool. Drank far too many shots to remember the whole evening, but the room upstairs was a great find. Had to go downstairs for certain drinks as the private bar is very very tiny and only has limited drinks. Barman a laugh though, witty guy...
cranford - 30 Sep 2009 19:26
Just had my 30th here and I can't think of a better place! I came last year for my bother in laws leaving do and loved the venue, coolest looking place south of the river, quirky and fun and with no ridiculous costs for having your own party. Private terrace is a blessing, for the first time, smokers and non-smokers can unite! Lovely barmaid, only 3 drafts upstairs (no ale) and ran out of baileys but altogether a friendly little hotspot that's original and funky. We'll be back!!
yeppy - 25 Sep 2009 14:40
Nice decor and location, however service is painfully slow and not very friendly, empty plates and dirty glasses everywhere, security is extremely poor with some rough locals trying to impose their presence on 'new faces' and the staff seeming to care more about not upsetting the unfriendly locals.

we hired the function room upstairs and the party was self contained until a local was allowed upstairs to gate crash the party. we asked him to leave very politely and he turned aggressive.

we then asked the management of the pub to ask the gate crasher to leave and nothing was done. the gate crasher turned aggressive and again we asked the pub to remove the gate crasher, the pub then left it to a barmaid to try and calm the situation down.

the evening ended with the police being called (by us as the management were no where to be seen).
partyparty - 4 Sep 2009 18:11
my sister hired the private upstairs room in this pub for her 30th birthday. When we arrived the room wasn't ready at the time it should have been, it was messy from a previous party there was no staff up there the private bar wasn't open we had to go back downstairs for the first round which took forever when we finally got drinks some were wrong some were flat, no apologies for the delays, when the private bar did open - no clean glasses then no ice, no champagne doing well so far not. The food was poor, We asked for the manager and was told by the bar maid he was too busy to see us. We carried on regardless, having a great time dancing until the gatecrashers arrived, politely one of the girls told the guy it was a private party, his reply was abusive so we asked the barmaid to ask him to leave, he wasn't very nice too her either, one of our party went downstairs and was assaulted by the same man, he then got his friends and thats when the nightmare really began, my brother in law was assaulted we were all trapped upstairs, we had to call the police ourselves as the bar staff ignored the situation, apparently this guy is a regular - nice! i have never experienced any thing so awful my sisters birthday was ruined. in my opinion the staff had no regard for our safety the management extremely poor. Don't party here.
sarah09 - 1 Sep 2009 22:02
This place is a Joke

A friend of mine hired out this venue for her birthday, she booked it almost 3 months ago and it was a nightmare from the start.

They firstly told her that they would be able to get her a late licence, but did explain that if they couldn't then she could have the room from 5pm. My friend was happy with this paid her deposit and was told she had to pay the rest on the day of her party. We discovered that the bar was not able to get the late licence (If you ask me they never even tried) and to top it of found out that the manager hired the room out before her party. This other event was to finish at 4.30 and hers was meant to start at 5 – a half hour window to clear, clear and revive the venue for our party. When she questioned this, the managers reaction was “it won’t be a problem - we have enough staff and we will be able to turn the room around in no time”.

When we got there at 5pm the sign for that room still had the old party's name on it they were massively understaffed for the size of the venue. The room up stairs had not been cleaned, there was glass all over the floor, fag butts all over the terrace, the upstairs bar was not open and no member of staff even came up to talk to us. When I finally found someone to talk to on my friends behalf, all I was told was that they were busy.

The upstairs bar was not opened to an hour after our party started and due to a so called celebrity party they were having downstairs it took us over half an hour to get a drink from the down stairs bar while we waited for the upstairs bar to open. When this bar opened there was no ice and only one member of staff to look after us all (despite all this, she was very helpful).

Our room was not cleaned, only the empty glasses were cleared, so we had to stay in that room all night long with broken glass on the floor.

As the night went on, and as they had no security at all in the bar and a manager who truly does not know how to run a bar, we repeatedly had people coming upstairs trying to join the party and sitting out on the terrace. We had to keep kindly asking people to leave as it was a private party - surely not our responsibility considering my friend had paid to hire out that room. Just as the party was getting into full swing, everyone was really having a great time, we had trouble from a bunch of local's, that apparently drink in that pub all the time, who decided to gate crash our party. One guy bottled one of the guys we were with (our DJ) and punched another in the face, entirely unprovoked and purely for the reason that they couldn’t join our ‘private’ party. Something you don't expect on a night out and something you most definitely don't expect if you pay to hire a venue.

The most upsetting thing was the staff didn't phone the police or do anything at all to control the situation or even help. It was some of the guests that were upstairs who had to phone the police. The impression that the manager portrayed was that he wanted us out of his pub as quickly as possible, and wanted absolutely nothing to do with the ‘situation’. Now bearing in mind the situation was caused by a number of his regulars you would imagine that he would have been slightly more concerned about trying to resolve the situation.

This bar is more trouble then what its worth. Understaffed, bad food and a lack of good management (scratch that – appalling management). The only good thing going for it is it interior design!!!! I certainly would not recommend this venue to anybody and suggest that its only decent asset, the barmaid who served us, would move onto another establishment where her efforts would be appreciated.

littlemiss001 - 1 Sep 2009 15:28
What a shame this pub has so much going for it , but the lack of staff poor managment and the complete neglect for customers own safety has let this pub down . we was there for a private party and the room was not ready when we arrived , we waited over 20 minutes to get a drink . there was dirty glasses everywhere , and the big problem was the GATE CRASHERS that was able to come upstairs and cause trouble . i could go on but feel this is enough . i will not be going back
nic2208 - 1 Sep 2009 11:35
Lovely little pub but could really do better.
Been here twice now and both times the lack of bar staff has let it down. Unfortunate. I always go to a pub to enjoy my friends company not stand at the bar for 10 minutes every hour or so
RHB - 19 Oct 2008 14:15
This is a lovely pub with an amazing view of my favourite London Landmark.I don't want to sound pompous but they've done wonders with the interior design without it being so trendy as to make it exclusive. They cater for all types in here. The foods good without being expensive and the spirit menu is rediculously extensive. Only critisism- Josh get some decent beer, i can't cope with that Greene King muck. Otherwise yo the man!
daveE - 31 Aug 2008 21:36
This is one of the best pubs I have been to in a long time. Great staff, great beer, great food and great punters..... What more could you wish for? You have to try the Pub-Quiz on Tuesdays! it's the best thing since....Well since the Pub Quiz Began. A must if you're in the area.
Otty - 22 Nov 2007 14:48
This has to be one of the most successful refurbs I've ever seen. From a dull and grubby pub for old boys to go to avoid their wives, to an interesting and stylish pub and venue with great music at the open mic I went to on thursday. Comfy sofas, friendly staff, and a good choice of beer. If this is what a castrated boozer looks like then may many more get the chop!
raggyfiddle - 9 Aug 2007 14:26
Very cool new venue for music and chilling out, big garden and the best view of Battersea Power Station from upstairs terrace. Don't do food, but apparently it's coming, Abbot on draft, amazing change around for this now friendly local. 9/10.
yeppy - 20 Jul 2007 13:58

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