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George and Dragon, Thames Ditton

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user reviews of the George and Dragon, Thames Ditton

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With football in the area on a Tuesday night a few of us met at this very charming and ideally located Shepherd and Neame pub.

The weather was pleasant so we sat outside in the shade along with several; groups of locals, the pub was busy but most of the punters were in fact sat outside.

I only ventured in once and that was to get a round of drinks. On the bar was 2 banks of 4 hand pumps, offering a total of 4 different ales all from the Shepherd and Neame stable. The several pints of Spitfire Gold I had was on good form.

Internally the decoration is very homely and gives the feel of someone’s front room. A nice pub with good service and ales, therefore worthy of a visit.
lezford - 27 Oct 2016 14:30
Recently stayed near Thames Ditton and had two nights out here, along with Sunday lunch.

The first night on a Tuesday resembled some of the earlier comments on here, with clicky locals at the bar, however a return on a Friday night found it busy, lively with chatter and steamed up windows, a good old fashioned boozer.

The Sunday lunch was lovely, however the pub was packed on arrival. We waited a while for a table, enjoying Whitstable Ale or two, and it was well worth the wait. Lovely roast beef lunch on a Sunday, with the crown thinning out to a nice Sunday session crowd. The staff were great throughout bringing drinks to our table rather than waiting at the bar. There were five in a our group and all left well oiled and full up.

I would recommend this pub.
pumpermuncher - 12 Jan 2015 20:09
Don't bother ordering food. Probably the most disappointing pub lunch I have ever had (and I've had a lot). Didn't taste terribe but the presentation was slap dash at best. We ordered sausage and chips for my 4 year old daughter and were presented with 4 cooked cocktail sausages and about 10 chips.

There were 3 barmaids when we went on, 2 were lovely but the other had a face like a slapped arse.

I agree with the comments regarding the locals, not welcoming at all.

It's a shame because the pub is in a lovely location and would be cosy if it weren't for the unwelcoming atmosphere.

I wouldn't go back.
emmak123 - 21 Feb 2012 11:09
A good pub. Shepherd Neame serving Spitfire and Masterbrew (I think).

Asahi beer on tap which is always good. The food is reasonable and the service is pretty good. I can see where Pompeyron is going as some of the regulars propping up the bar can be a bit unfriendly but on the whole the rest of the punters seem pretty decent and up for a laugh.

Good place to watch the Cricket on the outside telly.


fullersfan - 29 Aug 2011 23:25
Got potential, Oranjeboom and Holsten Export on tap which are not easily found. However I also found the staff and locals unwelcoming. If you dare speak to the landlord he answers as if you've just asked for his takings. The punters in there seem to look at you as if your an alien which you could understand if they were nutters but they aint. Will probably go back as I like a good pub crawl but wont go out of my way to pop in. "Attitude" seems to be a good description
pompeyron - 15 Nov 2010 14:11
Have to agree with the last comment. The landlord of this pub is the worst thing about it. He is rude, small minded and totally unwelcoming. That said, he is not always around and the other staff are generally efficient and friendly. Bar tends to be dominated by loud locals. Comes into its own on rugby days and if you are into Premier league footy - not everyone's bag. Still, it serves a good pint.
Jack_Boc - 15 Sep 2010 22:11
We were having a get-together with friends and were looking for a venue for Sunday lunch and drinks. Called up a couple of days beforehand and asked to reserve enough room for twenty people, possibly more and with kids. Was told that this was no problem and booked for 12pm.

When we all arrived, the landlady became quite stressed at us standing around talking with drinks - as you do in a pub in my experience - and demanded we all sit down. And not even at tables of our own choice. Rather perturbed already at the rather unfriendly welcome, we were further dismayed when friends turned up with a pram to be asked by the landlady "where do you think you are going to put that?". Lunch itself was quite acceptable, the rest of the staff were friendly enough and the bar service good.

Unfortunately the stressed-out landlady and her resultant outbursts soured the visit and didn't leave our friends with a very good impression. We were at least able to make the best of a bad situation and jokingly wave our fingers at our friends telling them to behave themselves. Would not recommend this place for groups as a result.
ThanksForAsking - 12 May 2010 20:12
Welcoming pub with plenty of bar staff and a great village pub feeling. We never had to wait long to be served for beer, food took rather longer than I would expect. The Spitfire was excellent while the Master Brew fine but nothing special, and what a shame that the best cider on offer was Strongbow when there's so much better out there. What made the evening special was the Spring Grove Morris Men Dancers celebrating St George's Day, it created a great atmosphere both inside and out, we'll definitely be going back.
CreativeSpirit - 25 Apr 2010 19:58

Pub is badly designed, walk straight in fron the street to on top of the bar, which is two steps from the front door. Creating a "bung up" of people around the door who get the hump if you say excuse me. Also makes the pub look far busier than it actually is.

Its quite expensive, but then this is Thames Ditton, but even so a pint costs more here than any other Shepherd Neame pub within a few miles.

The televisions are on constantly and quite loud. All the chairs and tables have been shoved up against the wall to make way for the televisions, which are tuned to sport regardless. And annoying if your trying to eat

Food is massively overpriced for what it is - basic pub food.

Seen the landlord be rude to people, he doesn't know, after they've paid their money. Telling where they can or can't sit, or in one case waiting till a family had ordered and paid for their food before telling them they can't sit in a certain part of the pub, (but not doing anything before they'd paid when they were sitting in the same bit.)

But at least the bar staff in general are friendly and quick.
jackgavin - 26 Feb 2010 08:29
Does anyone remember this pub in the late 80's / early 90's when it was run by John Bourke? It was great then, but sadly not so good nowadays.
BillJ - 3 Dec 2009 23:25
And incidentally, I didn't need to request a top up once. I will say that this establishment is firmly a neighbourhood drinkers pub without seeming like an overly "local" joint. Friendly enough.
ifyouaskedmeonafriday - 27 Aug 2009 06:26
Cased the joint out over a quiet lunchtime, and later went there for the Tuesday evening jazz, very pleasant. This is about as close as you get to a traditional pub in the midst of suburbia, tucked away as it is at one end of the Thames Ditton village. Efficient, brisk service from young female staff, good selection of Shepherd Neame ales including Master Brew, the ubiquitous Spitfire and the rather excellent Whitstable Bay. Large customer car park, a couple of patio areas, and 3 interior areas make this a pub suitable for almost any occasion.
ifyouaskedmeonafriday - 27 Aug 2009 06:23
A fairly large and comfortable pub, seemingly popular with diners and the well heeled locals. Enter to the bar in front of you, the pub is generally carpetted, leather sofas and armchairs plus more traditional small tables and chairs, wooden wainscotting to the walls. A rear dining area has wooden floors.
Sport is big here, Sky Sports showing old cricket reruns this afternoon, but posters advertise Prem league plus rugby fixtures. Decor includes Rugger shirts and England 66 stuff including the red shirt and Nobby dancing. Prints and maps of the local area complete the scene.
Very "villagey" feel and a good local support evident but there is money around here. Sheps beers, well kept but I did need to request a topper for a very short pulled pint of Spitfire. Marked glasses used.
Maldenman - 23 Mar 2009 20:19
Nice Pub in a very nice town. But I agree TOO MUCH SPORT. We stumbled upon it on the day of the England - Scotland Rugby match. Whoops. Won't do that again.
RBKData - 21 Mar 2009 19:27
We have been Tuesday jazz regulars at this pub since December and have thoroughly enjoyed every evening. The music is great and the audience is quiet and appreciative during every number. The friendly landlord, Joe McCann, has even come to the microphone, which does not happen in any of our other pub jazz venues. He employs some very pretty girls behind the bar who are welcoming and eager to serve the great range of Shepherd Neame real ales. One of the girls on duty this week is so pretty that I must downgrade previous 10/10 ratings to 9 to make room for her as the only 10. It is harder to rate the pub until we have eaten there (no food on Tuesday evening) but we will give it 9 for now.
pburton - 15 Jan 2009 07:59
this could be a great pub the staff are very good and the landlord knows his stuff. but too much sport! 4 wide screen tvs is too much do we really needed them all on all the time! and the food is bad! and yes i agree about the regulars!
loveapub - 4 Dec 2008 17:09
The G&D is close to being a great pub, the staff are very efficient, the layout and beers are good but the atmosphere is spoiled by a very cliquey bunch of regulars and a short-tempered, unwelcoming landlord. If you're drinking in Thames Ditton The Albany might be a more corporate experience but you won't feel like you're imposing on anyone!
simeonides - 24 Nov 2008 13:26
I have been to the george and dragon, recently, I was served by a very pleasant, young lady with long dark hair, who had served me before and was quick to serve, the food I had was hot and good. The male bar staff, do not seem to be as quick of the mark as the girls, who seem to be, cleaning, picking up glasses etc. The other people in the pub seem to be regulars and like the football. I go to a pub to drink and socialise.
armando - 6 Nov 2008 22:19
I have to say that I was tremendously looking forth to drinking in this establishment, but when I arrived I was somewhat disheartened. I was welcomed by a wondrous sight of many ales, however all with ridiculous price tags. I must say, for the Thames Ditton area, the prices are sky high, and with no justification. The barmen are rude, if not somewhat understanding that the drinks are rather pricey to say the least, and even when I asked how mich the nuts were, he replied '£1...sorry'. Says it all. The jazz on tuesday evenings is however fantastic, highly recommended, just maybe have a few beforehand to lessen the drinking there.
hughbertesq - 14 Oct 2008 02:06
Bring back John Bourke! Anyone remember him? It was a great pub in those days. I seem to recall that JB owned it, but he sold up and retired in the mid-nineties. What a shame.

BillJ - 6 Oct 2008 21:35
Cliquish with scant welcome but at least it's not Greene King like everything round about(it's Shepherd Neame). Nice enough pub, busy with Thames Ditton hearties (cricket, residents' assoc, knitting circle). Not much management soul but at least it's not bow-tied antipodeans.
jathomson - 1 Apr 2008 19:15
The beer is good, the staff average, the food is store brought in and microwaved. I don't know Thames Ditton well, but this seems the best of a poor bunch.
billyspleen - 12 Feb 2008 09:06
very basic .no fresh food very local if they dont know you not welcome in pub . sad looking barman average
anonymous - 1 Dec 2007 19:41
best pub in thames ditton? dont know about that, you seen the red lion, and the old harrow is catching up(even if slowly),even the crown. far to regular in here overrated and the manager thinks he runs the world not a village pub,very clique, guess it was the manager who put up the last review, allready has the staff doing it by the looks of it
anonymous - 18 Oct 2007 19:43
Easily the best pub in Thames Ditton. I'm a Kentish lad and not massively enamoured with Sheps beer, partly because they are so frequently badly kept and served. The George and Dragon really look after their beer though. It's the best Sheps you'll get. Indeed, the Kent's Best - a mildy reworked version of the old and under-promoted Best - is excellent. A great pub with atmosphere and not dominated by cliques.
CJG - 26 May 2007 20:19
3 ales, Master brew, Kents Best and Spitfire, with a changing seasonal ale (bishops finger, early bird, whitstable bay and late red) All Shepard Neame beer.
Holsten Export (soon to be Carlsberg) and Oranjeboom are the draught lagers. Guinness (regular and cold) and Strongbow also on draught.
Plenty of bottle beers, and soft drinks avaible, full shelves of spirits, and 4 white, and 4 red wines by the glass, and more by the bottle.
3 TVs showing largely rugby and football. Mainly a rugby pub, but all big football games are shown.
Lunches served everyday 12 - 2.30 pm, with evening meals available from 6 - 8.45pm (weds - sat).
good sunday lunches also available.
Any more questions, message me
(full time member of bar staff you see)
dfect - 27 Apr 2007 14:52
Popped in the other Friday night not having been in here for a long time. Packed with locals having a pint after a long week - the small of beer, fags and cigars. Great pint of MasterBrew meant I had three and wandered off home with the wife a happy chap. Plenty of seats but the regulars tend to stand and so you have to fight your way through them, but there's nothing wrong with standing anyway. It's also a rugby pub if the fact they had a macth between the Borders and the Ospreys on the tele, which is another plus point in my book. I'll go back more often now as any pub where the emphasis is on drinking and chat - with rugby in the background - is OK in my book.

barlick - 25 Apr 2007 13:02
Nice cosy pub with excellent food and welcoming, friendly staff. Shame about the landlord's attitude - the way he speaks to his staff explains why you'll always see new faces behind the bar.
anonymous - 19 Mar 2007 16:30
I think it's OK - more rugby oriented than football but nice and comfy, pleasant atmosphere, Spitfire top notch this afternoon. Food reasonably priced for where we are, no gastropub nonsense. Certainly worth a look when you're passing
nickdavies - 13 Jan 2007 20:12
Fairly expensive, and not much on tap, but this place is ok - quite cosy, areas with big screens if you want the footy or quieter seats if you don't, and generally treading the right line between too busy and too quiet. I wouldn't take a detour to go there, but it's a sound place.
misterrich - 26 Aug 2006 21:58
Busy pub, popular with locals. Good beer. Shows Rugby and Football. Worth a visit. Landlord runs a tight ship so don't cross him.
Jack_Boc - 5 May 2006 23:16
Great pub. Very friendly with good food and warm atmosphere. Live Jazz on Tuesday night (I think). Good beer on tap including Spitfire and Oranjeboom lager, which you don't get much of in these parts. Worth a visit or three.
chris.west - 16 Dec 2005 13:35
No Master Brew on last night which was a pity and the Summer bitter ran out but it has been very hot weatherwise recently.Spitfire excellent and I will be back to have a few pints of my favourite bitter (Master Brew)next week. Good sized car-park,pleasant staff, good amount of outside seating, didnt see a juke-box (or any females) and I liked this pub...
Earlhamcourt - 2 Sep 2005 09:11
Excellent local, which I always visit when in Thames Ditton - for the friendly atmosphere and excellent Shepherd Neame beer.
Martin - 9 Mar 2004 12:37
A no frills pub for regulars. Not worth a special visit. If in Thames Ditton, try one of the other pubs.
anonymous - 5 Jan 2004 17:32
Cracking pub. I have never even heard a squeek about rugby there though, which is a shame because I myself enjoy talking about it very much. Offers everything a good local pub should.
Chris - 1 Dec 2003 10:57
Very good pub. Serves a decent pint of Spitfire and generally has a good boozer atmosphere.

No pikies, which is nice.
michael - 20 Oct 2003 12:40
On a typical English summer's day, there's nothing better than driving to the G&D in my Bentley so that I discuss the merits of the England Rugger team with my good chums - Tarquin and Rupert.
Angus - 24 Apr 2003 15:53
Me too, can't footballing pleb types.
anonymous - 24 Apr 2003 11:24
Great, I like Rugby and Toff's

Mike - 24 Apr 2003 09:31
full of toffs who bang on about rubgy
jim - 23 Apr 2003 14:44
The bar staff are very friendly it is the most welcoming pub in the area. I already feel like I am familt there.
Christina - 18 Mar 2003 17:33
Very welcoming pub, with friendly bar staff and locals. The food is good and the Guinness is superb. Nice comfy leather sofas and open fire for the winter!
Angus - 18 Mar 2003 14:12
Very Nice Local Pub
Mike - 18 Mar 2003 13:50

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