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The Dolphin Inn, Hastings

Yes, it's not a bad pub at all. But the trouble with Hastings is that it still displays (though it's getting better) the awful legacy of the old days when it was a GLC 'overspill town' for the scum of London who couldn't be housed there due to a shortage of housing stock in the old GLC area. The result was that the scum were 'relocated' to Hastings, much to the delight of the guest-house landladies, of course, whose cash flow rapidly improved thanks to all-year-round occupancy but, sadly, to the detriment of Hastings. Fortunately, some thirty years or so on, things are slowly improving as the 'dregs' are either 'popping off' or moving away, to be replaced by respectable people. So, the thuggish tattooed half-wits that hung around the pubs spending all their dole money on booze are slowly disappearing. Nevertheless, as some of the comments prove, there are still traces of the f****ng this and f****ing that brigade who spoil it for everyone else. Enjoy the beer and the food, but don't forget your earplugs!

21 Sep 2010 21:24

The Half Moon, Windlesham

Look - of course the food's not brilliant; they don't employ professional chefs, just local woman (and the odd guy) earning pin-money who have basic skills only. That's one of the reasons the quality of the food and the service go rapidly downhill when it's busy. If you want a first-class meal, go to a restaurant with a good reputation - it will cost a bit more, but you'll get better food. The owners are charming people, which is a plus-point, but value for money is more important. Sadly, it is over-priced, but then it's Windlesham, so what do you expect?

21 Sep 2010 20:26

The Greyhound, Weston Green

Anyone remember the Welsh Landlord from the mid-90's? I think his name was Geoff (or Jeff). Nice guy, I wonder what happened to him.

3 Dec 2009 23:32

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