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Spring Grove, Kingston Upon Thames

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user reviews of the Spring Grove, Kingston Upon Thames

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The Spring Grove is a Youngs pub situated in a residential area to the south of the centre in Kingston. I entered with quite a low expectation. But I was actually reasonably impressed. Youngs Bitter, Special & London Gold were the permanent beers. But they had 3 guests too - Wimbledon Phoenix Smoked Porter, Sharps Coaster & Trumans Hoptoberfest. The interior is large, with a front bar area and 2 large rooms devoted to diners. Toilets are upstairs. The hand driers in the gents are quite unique. My Porter was nice enough. But drinks prices are on the high side. You'll pay 60p more for a pint here than in the town centre. So I wasn't surprised to see it virtually empty.
blue_scrumpy - 6 Nov 2016 15:59
It's gone a bit dove-grey and minimalist recently although I like the collage with its picture of vanished Kingston riverside on one wall. The beer was ok but it is a bit pricey nowadays. However the pub has not been that much changed about in its latest incarnation and it is still very serviceable.
rainlight - 22 Oct 2015 08:02
Pleasant enough busy studenty/post grad pub. Beer is not cheap and quality is mediocre. Could be a great pub but burdened with Youngs beers and lackluster cellar keeping.
Charnelhouses - 16 Apr 2014 14:05
Consistently good service, albeit at a slightly higher cost, from a multi-cultural staff, serving multi-cultural University types. The young Welsh lady is charmingly polite and brightens my day.
arkaye - 11 Jul 2012 15:16
Worth a visit if you fancy a pint the staff mainly students are always friendly enough and the boss always keen to please.
tipsysteve - 5 Nov 2011 17:05
Good beer quality. Nice pub. Busy with Kingston Uni types. Efficient, numerous, pleasant bar staff.
wade_ - 16 Apr 2011 11:16
Whilst I like this pub in general, I found it very expensive and the dukebox is a p1ss take with �1 a song. Havent been here for a few months so I can only hope they've reviewed that and changed it
pompeyron - 23 Nov 2010 10:05
Came in here for the first time tonight as it's my mate's new local. Really nice pub with friendly staff. The food was good as was the Bombardier (if you like the stuff). This place has quite a community feel without being too cliquey. Would definitely go back.
thehonesttruth - 10 Jun 2010 23:10
The guest beer seems to have disappeared, but both the Youngs Special and Bombardier were well kept and fresh. The good beer and friendly staff have kept this as my favourite Youngs Pub; and the music, singing and dancing from the Spring Grove Morris Men made a great evening.
CreativeSpirit - 8 Jun 2010 12:46
shame they got rid of the kids climbing frame
baz66 - 20 Apr 2010 13:07
The pub looks pleasently unchanged by the re-decoration and has lost none of it's charm. Friendly staff served a pint of Kew Gold on draught and we sat in the large garden. It is just me or is the bottled Kew Gold always better than the draught? The bitter was much better, so it's not how the beer is kept.

There's always a friendly crowd here, I hope it survives the recession.

The garden had the Spring Grove Morris Men dancing, and most of the pub came out to watch. I've a got a picture of one of them playing a Serpent, a weird medieval instrument.
CreativeSpirit - 22 Jul 2009 10:27
Nice back street community pub, as Rex states below deceptively large inside. The drinking area is now all one space but clearly once was three perhaps four rooms; having said that the columns and piers still give a feel of separate areas. Recently revamped but in a fairly traditional style and not "gastro'd" like some Youngs places. Pool table and a dartboard still, I like it but it would be better if the beer wasn't Youngs/Wells. No guest/Deuchars spotted.
Maldenman - 28 May 2009 19:31
Good traditional old boozer. Nice atmosphere and good sports coverege. It's had a bit of a lick over in the last few weeks which I think looks good buy why didn't it extend to decorating the bogs!!!! The gents are a right sh** hole, I know it's supposed to be but I'd rather slash up a tree, than get swine fever in the toilets!!!! Big oversight, but the new landlors only seems interested in getting his mates down there. The beer has improved slightly nowadays
smeegles - 8 May 2009 14:15
They had Young�s Bitter, Special, Bombardier and Deuchars IPA on. This pub is larger than it looks from the outside, and it has clearly been extended to the right at some stage. It�s quite nice inside, with some interesting carved wooden adornments to the shelving, plus some screening between the two original bars is still in place. The Young�s Bitter was PK. The service was a bit distracted, but was alright. I didn�t eat, but the menu looked pretty basic, and reasonably priced. It�s an OK pub � not really worth going out of your way to visit, but OK to stop off for a pint.
RexRattus - 24 Mar 2009 19:25
What a waste of time the new landlord is, rude, arrogant, lazy. what is he trying to do? run the pub into the ground for Youngs? even the beer is crap now, oh yes, another big price increase by Youngs just before the Budget.
jackuk - 23 Mar 2009 15:07
If Paul has gone then good rittens to the biggest piece I've ever worked for. That man had major mental issues that were obviously seeded from his father playing with him. My wife and I were travellers from oz. We have worked at a number of pubs through the UK, being commended, promoted and appreciated. He was the only manager that didnt have a clue. He screwed his good locals and by treating them like shit and putting them in a corner. And then shouted his mates every night. He even wanted me to sell punters his spills from his ales. The man needs some professional help.
themonkeyworks - 23 Mar 2009 01:12
This pub has really gone down hill, used to drink in here alot with my mates but now wouldnt even think about going here its a waste of time and money.
The new landlord is rude and the staff are not up to it, this pub used to be friendly and you were always greated with a smile from the old landlord but how times have changed.
thefish82 - 17 Dec 2008 09:29
Still a good local pub, as yet unruined by Youngs apparent fear of the 'p' word since they got rid of the brewing arm. It also, as well as the usual Bombardier, Ordinary and Special, sells Deuchars IPA at the moment, which was a plus. Nice to sit outside on a quiet evening and marvel at the timewarped shop frontages opposite. Who ever thought 'Wavy Line' was a good name for a company?
rainlight - 12 Jun 2008 22:00
After the disapointment of the Crickiters it was nice to finish the pubcrawl in a relaxed pub with no hint of hassle. Beer decent.
loveleedshatebates - 27 Apr 2008 09:11
Spend a lot of time at this pub, staff friendly real ale spot on great variety of sport shown, glad they have chased out all the moaners and all of the last landlords cronies. Love the place, good on Youngs, fun pubs are hard to find.
brad23 - 10 Feb 2008 16:15
After taking over from possibly the worst Landlord in the world, Paul, who ripped off and scared off punters anything had to be an improvement from that numpty. Tim (Shrek!), a little scary yes, but a bloody nice bloke has done well, ok some of the regular bar staff have gone and a fair few of the new ones were planks but not anymore. Top service, i.e pint being poured upon entry, good jukebox, pool etc etc. Needs a refurb but it always has done, new big screen that isn't like watching a match in Siberia. Things are definitely on the up.
bangeroo - 7 Feb 2008 16:02
This pub has turned into right dive. Planks of wood for bar staff, Shrek running the place badly, chef quit, assistant manager quit, carol gone. Awful pub now.
laura23 - 15 Dec 2007 14:58
This used to be a great pub, now it's a morgue
John_KTSY - 3 Dec 2007 14:37
Since the new landlord has taken over (Treck) 3fights
and an empty pub. how can Youngs employ someone like this. The old cheff has been sacked, thats good news.
the spring Grove was my local not any more.
Nokia - 17 Nov 2007 16:48
LOVE it; bottled bitter for 2.50 & great for the kids - 10/10
baz66 - 1 Oct 2007 10:56
Used to drink in the Grove and the Antelope and started drinking here 6 months ago when a friend moved into the street. Great for pool and jukebox up to date. Nice to be smoke free now, especially when eating as it was pretty bad before. New landlord is an improvement as are the new staff, Tim (landlord) has even taken an interest in our interests and me and my mates are even going on the next golf society day!
ftorres - 23 Aug 2007 21:48
Seems the new Landlord is a bit handy with his fists, beware.
anonymous - 21 Aug 2007 09:30
New Guvnor, and staff. staff great especially Abi. Tim a bit daunting, the pub has changed from a friendly local to a not so friendly pub.
anonymous - 15 Aug 2007 11:38
Glad this pub is getting new management. Paul Adams was very rude to customers and staff and always drunk. I study at the University and this pub is reall nice. Especially the log fires during the winter, mmmmm cosy!
laura23 - 18 Jul 2007 22:24
Brilliant pub, Best in the area. You just have to accept the Adams's for who thay are, Real characters. Sad to say they will be leaving us on 9 July. They will be missed by lots of the locals.
John_KTSY - 5 Jul 2007 13:23
Great pub. Really good food and friendly staff. The Adams family running the place is not good.
anonymous - 13 Jun 2007 16:42
Love this place. It was my local for years. I have moved a couple of miles way now, but still come back when I am in the area.

Beer, atmosphere and garden are all excellent, food average.
anonymous - 20 Mar 2007 12:54
Great big Newfoundland woofer to play with. Your hand will stink but hard to resist.
BuzzAldrinsBalls - 1 Mar 2007 16:38
Come 1 July it'll be allright then. Once you get south of the railway in Kingston it's just this place and the Bricklayers I reckon.
beeronaut - 31 Jan 2007 13:15
Friendly staff and a fair pint of Winter Warmer keep me coming back at quiet times. However the pub seems to be divided into 'smoking' and 'extra smoking' sections, so I clear off when it gets busy.
arkaye - 31 Jan 2007 12:54
Excellent "old style" Young's pub. Friendly atmosphere, and the lovely Winter Warmer. What could be better on a cold Sunday night.
hotrods - 20 Nov 2006 06:33
Somebody needs to look at the air conditioning because I reckon it blows out more tobacco smoke than it sucks up. Horrible when it's packed!!! Other than that pub is ok, good bar staff at the moment but that's not always the case. Nice traditional boozer, could do with a few more guest ales now and again and I've heard the lager is a bit on the ropey side.....
anonymous - 15 Nov 2006 17:45
This was my local before I moved (and gutted I can't find something similar!) Very friendly landlord and staff. Well priced drinks and no-frills grub that are tasty. A comment from my Chinese friends was that they didn't feel uncomfortable in the pub, as they may do in other 'local' pubs. Jukebox is pretty current, the pool isn't too competitive and the boardgames was a welcome distraction at times! :)

Great pub, highly recommended.
andy_t - 10 Sep 2006 17:07
Gets my vote. Good cheap beer. Great beer garden & friendly staff. 9/10
Ziggy66 - 2 Aug 2006 21:45
Nice Youngs pub retaining some original features. Situated midway between Surbiton and Kingston in the back streets. Its a one bar pub, but with distinct areas. Seems to be trying to cater for everyone - and on the basis of my visit yesterday lunchtime- seems to be succeeding quite well
JohnBonser - 10 Jul 2006 10:29
Plus points - the Youngs special was very nice. Three of us agreed on that.
Minus points - the barman looked utterly non-plussed when asked for a bottle of pale ale. Same reaction when asked for a bottle of mild ("Are they drinks?" oh dear...). My pal was not pleased with chocolate stout only being offered ice cold. But it was busy for a weeknight and maybe it was the barman's first night behind the bar and he was feeling flustered and accidently put all the stout in the fridge.

I'd like to go back to see if it is a 6.8 but for now it's just a 5.
BettyPage - 12 Mar 2006 18:23
Good beer and pleasant staff; frequented on Monday nights over winter by your local Morris dancers, the Spring Grove Morris Men (who usually come to drink, not to dance!). Come and say hello, if you see us in there!

Unlike many Young's pubs, they make a point of stocking the seasonal ale - and decline to sell it until the barrel has settled down and is ready to be tapped. The landlord is obviously conscientious and the beer is served in excellent condition. Food is not particularly exciting, but satisfactory.
magick - 10 Feb 2006 12:59
Nice big Youngs pub with friendly staff and a trad rambling interior decor. The usual choice of Young's ales + the same kinds of lager you can get in any old beerhouse. Sunday lunches good at �8 for roast. Somehow the southern part of Kingston seems to have got all the good pubs and left us in the middle bit with nothing so good ....
beeronaut - 13 Nov 2005 18:19
Agree entirely with the last comment, but would also like to add that the plasma screen is a joke!!!! I went down there for a night out with friends to watch a big football match and the screen went off half way through the game, what's all that about??? Sort it out someone, naff
anonymous - 10 May 2005 13:18
This is without doubt a very good pub to drink in, but why o why is the draft lager so awful.

It's warm, it's flat, tastes like a mouldy cat!!!!

At nearly �3.00 a pint it needs to be sorted out or I reckon a lot of punters will be drinking elsewhere soon.
anonymous - 9 May 2005 14:41
Hey all,

Anyone know what happened to Spring Grove's former staff and management? I worked at this pub in 1998 with Eoin, Jamie, etc. Dave and Lisa were management at the time. Fun. I miss them.

Go Liverpool! (I kid)

ryanmearlcrane - 4 May 2005 19:47
Great place for after work drinking and the lunchs. Nice friendly staff.
andrewjames2004 - 30 Dec 2004 18:56
Great new plasma screen but they should have put it in the regs bar, it's wasted in that part of the pub, mind you so am I most of the time!!!!! Top boozer
Milky Milky - 16 Aug 2004 12:17
Spacious Youngs pub in residential area - took my mate who claimed to know it 2 days (and many pints) to find. Looks to cater for everyone including board games for the bored
lout_from_the_lane - 17 Mar 2004 13:35
The foods improved, so this is now the top pub in Kingston.
After 10 years as my local, I shall be sorry to leave it.
Andrew Davis - 26 Oct 2003 18:23
New management from 19/3/03. Mr & Mrs Addams ex County Arms SW18.
County Arms user - 19 May 2003 00:12
It's my local and I'd love to bring kids to the Sunday Lunch I've heard so much about. When will you sort this out???? Good wine list, traditional British pub.
resident of area - 6 Mar 2003 11:53
Sort the big screen out someone!!? It snows at every Premiership match on that one...
Mark - 4 Feb 2003 16:11
Great Pub does a brilliant Sunday roast
Kevin - 30 Jan 2003 12:18
Great entertainment any night of the week ,raffle prize abit naff (bath matt ).
I will if you - 25 Jan 2003 00:08
The service has gone down just lately. I wonder why?
Kenton - 22 Jan 2003 00:38
Someone fix the lights!!!! They keep going off at about 11.10!!! I burnt my leg and spilt my pint down my new trousers last week...
Wheezer - 21 Jan 2003 17:47
Top pub this one. Beers good food is even better and the landlord does a great Elvis impression, but I don't know how he gets his belly in those tight pants...someone said he wears a basque to keep it in - Ahh Ha Ha!
Olive - 21 Jan 2003 17:43
it's a lovely boozer, but them damn dogs keep licking me.....and they stink!!!!
anonymous - 20 Jan 2003 16:40
This is a magic boozer
Abdul Rashid - 16 Jan 2003 10:21
what an absolutely superb pub. possibly the finest landlord in bloomfield road!seriously though this place is the dogs - fantastic winter warmer this year.
the wanderer - 4 Jan 2003 19:55
Just glad to see "Fat-Hacket" has got 'im-self a proper job at last!!!!. Don't know wot Andrew Davis is going on about, he should have tasted Dave's culinary exploits at "Joe's"!!!
Totally agree with the "Bard of Kingston Town" in his "Poetic" comments (but ole' Noel always was very appreciative of a free wine sampling night!!!!
I just hope Chris and all of the regulars appreciate Daves commitment, cos evcen on his day off he locks himself up in the afforementioned "Millionaire" machine & raises funds for the "Charolambus Retirement Fund"!!!!!
I gave it a 10/10.
An regulars who read this before "Fat-Hacket"- mine hoste, tell him to log in & check out "beerintheevening"'s top 40.
And at No. One..............
The "Theatres" finest!!! - 17 Nov 2002 18:42
If only they did proper food, I would never leave!
andrew davis - 14 Oct 2002 11:18
This is a fine pub at the heart of a small community. Just what a pub that looks after its local people should be really, run by people who care for the people around them. Like a village pub in this busy town, a place with a real identity and soul. This is no plastic theme bar, but a proper pub run by people who give a damn about the local folk who pay their wages.
Noel 'Erogenous' Jones - 19 Aug 2002 01:12
Nice of a weekday lunchtime, relaxing.
Warren Stevenson - 25 Jun 2002 18:53
Excellent, pinball, jukebox with all kinds of music - old and new - millionaire machine, pool, trivial pursuit, darts and it's never too crowded.
Chris - [email protected] - 27 Mar 2002 11:52

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