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The Spring Grove, Kingston Upon Thames

Consistently good service, albeit at a slightly higher cost, from a multi-cultural staff, serving multi-cultural University types. The young Welsh lady is charmingly polite and brightens my day.

11 Jul 2012 15:16

The Worcester Park, Worcester Park

Someone who thinks the upholstery in this pub has been used by 'incontinent' clients, clearly has a destructive agenda and should be ignored as having an incontinent mind. I've been at the pub recently, and the landlord was most helpful in getting drinks and Wifi. I'm not sure kids should be running around, but there we go.

I also deplore the sale of this pub, but would like to report facts as I see them.

11 Jul 2012 14:46

Gamecock, Worcester Park

I know it's quite possible to walk into this pub at about 1 pm on a wednesday and for there to be nobody at the bar. It's possible to go behind the bar, call out for service, even have the locals help you in getting service by banging glass on brass. I know it's possible.

I could have helped myself to a few pints. But no, dear reader, I didn't steal any beer. I don't mean to be harsh about this place. Maybe it's better on the occasions I don't visit. My visit before this latest had me depressed, and this one had me just Buddha-like, or stoic, or in some way accepting of the fact that nobody seems to run this pub.

Here's the clincher: I left this pub having taken no beer, and that's a terribly bad thing as far as I'm concerned. I could only remedy things by stealing, and... well, I could have left some money, because there was a guy fixing the pool table and I'm sure he would've fully understood if I'd poured myself a pint and left the money because it was all just ridiculous.

No beer, no marks. Sorry.

16 Feb 2011 13:33

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