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Grapes, Limehouse

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A natural starting point for a Regents Canal pub walk and still probably the best pub on the river in east London. The outside deck overlooking the Thames is an atmospheric spot and the dark brown interior is reminiscent of below quarters on a ship. Ales were decent enough if unexciting while roast lamb was accompanied by cut above the average vegetables. A little drafty and it does get busy.
BoehmBawerk - 31 Dec 2018 16:37
Atmospheric, historic boozer with place to mellow and watch the Thames at the back - as long as you get there before the tourists and curious. Decent quality ale from a small brewery.
alebarry - 23 Mar 2018 09:28
What an absolute cracker this historic pub overlooking the Thames is. There has been a pub here for over 500 years and in the 29 years I’ve been drinking I’ve never ever been here, what a travesty that is!

5 ales on the bar, I cannot remember what they all were but the couple of pints of Brentwood Breweries Golden Galaxy @ 4.0% I had were excellent. If I remember correctly it was £3.90 a pint, not bad for this area.

Extremely busy inside, the upstairs dining room was closed and food had stopped being served so it was drinks and board games all around inside. The clientele was 25 +, with a mix of groups and couples.

Lovely balcony area overlooking the Thames and the Anthony Gormley sculpture that is dedicated to a former neighbour of the pub (nice touch).

We had a couple of pints out on the balcony watching the traffic on the river go past. Cannot believe I have never been here before, it’s an excellent and warrants another visit and maybe food as menu seems pretty evenly priced for the standard of food on offer.

Great way to finish a Saturday off.
lezford - 9 Oct 2016 18:17
Visited on Sunday afternoon absolutely miserable barmaid. Only one cask ale available. Draft cider went off during visit. Nice looking pub but wouldn't be in a rush to go back unless they sort out their stock and educate their staff in warm welcome.
Karlos43 - 3 Nov 2015 12:18
Just remembered I owe this place a slating. Organised a training day with my team so that I could drag them from Waterloo to this pub afterwards, citing it's ambience and proximity to the river. On arrival I looked at the selection of four real ales. I was disappointed that my preferred option was off so elected another. I was told that they had no real ales, but was offered a bottle of Black Sheep from the fridge. I apologised profusely to all. I still enjoy the small balcony out back, and it was a nice day, so no complaint there. One of our group was late so we felt obliged to have another. This time Miss Disinterested told me they had run out of all ales, even bottled! Had a Guinness and left. Ian McKellen; if this is your plaything, please do not ruin it for those who used to enjoy it or live nearby.
ramsrob - 24 Sep 2015 13:37
Absolutely brilliant! Great beer and lunch which was surprisingly good value. Would happily visit again and recommend to anyone.
mjbea1 - 31 Mar 2015 19:30
Been here several times over the years as it is on the Thames path. Made a special visit last night after reading about it in the paper. Nice to see Timothy Taylor Landlord on and had a great meal. Well priced and delicious, even if they did bring the starter and main at same time. Perils of eating alone. Check out the river views from the non smoking terrace if you go. A classic pub.
Mappiman - 4 Dec 2014 21:32
Have failed to have lunch here twice on weekdays as it was full, but took the wife on a Saturday and can now understand why I was unlucky before. Beautiful mussels for a fiver in posh Narrow St - with spring themed beer - we'll be back. Proper pub feel, but a shame these days to close in the afternoon. Didn't like the look of the fish and chips, though. We should all support pubs like this lest they be distant memories...
The_Snark - 31 Mar 2012 23:31
Unfortunately the fish and chips served in the bar has nose dived. Its now a thin cheap tasteless fish, with a thick batter not properly crisped up. I won't be eating here again.
Texas68 - 6 Dec 2011 10:22
I love this pub and can't rate it highly enough.


I've been in the past 2 Saturday afternoons, and on both occasions, there's only been one person serving .

One person, pulling pints, dishing out food and collecting glasses.

I had to wait ages to get served this week.

Ian McKellen is a millionaire and can surely afford an extra barman.
Pat_Bateman - 21 Nov 2011 11:14
Good idea to drift down here away from Canary Wharf plasticity. We received almost friendly service and well-kept beer. I tried Marstons Pedigree and Timothy Taylor. Adnams was not available on this visit. I liked the staircase rising in the middle if the pub. Small, cosy place that is worth a visit. The wind was a bit too chilly for sitting out at the back overlooking the Thames. The river air there smells as if it might serve to cure your whooping cough!
There is a rewarding pub crawl to be done beside the river to St. Katharines Docks.
Mona_Growser - 23 Sep 2011 17:11
The grapes is changing!! Landlady is leaving. She kept one of London's finest. Fish n chips and other food great too. Let's make sure new landlord doesn't "do it up"- ie destroy its character.
Pgs - 11 Sep 2011 21:52
Great little pub
walkalot - 10 Jul 2011 18:35
Like the small outside seating area, saw a cormorant catch an eel, wrestle with it and then swallow it whole
baggydave - 5 Apr 2011 10:46
It's also got an award winning little restaurant upstairs, with another little wooden balcony.

Looks cosy and nice, but I've not eaten there yet.

Superb pub.

Pat_Bateman - 18 Feb 2011 15:55
A true london Pub , spit and sawdust type , but clean and very welcoming very intresting history on the walls, fish and chips seem to be the going thing and very nice indeed, staff very friendly, but does get busy so sitting can be a problem if you dont get there early enough to eat , well worth the visit
diamedes - 18 Feb 2011 15:36
A very lovely little boozer this. If you get there at a quietish time, and the weather is fine, then check out the nice (but small) balcony out the back, overlooking the Thames.

The ale is well-kept and they obviously pride themselves on this. The bar food is limited in range, but of high quality and pretty generous portions. The ambience is excellent, as its the kind of boozer that attracts the less pretentious visitor but you do find a nice range of folk in there.

We also found the service in there to be excellent.

It is dog friendly.
Hotfoot - 17 Sep 2010 10:12
This is a simply outsanding little pub.

Nice old fashioned pub feel to it, with a wooden decking area out the back overlooking The Thames.

Staff are really friendly and have a lovely Alsation dog.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, they also have my favourite Addlestones Cider on draught.

I used to live 10 minutes walk away and now cannot believe that I only visited this pub once in 2 years.

Well worth seeking out on a Thames walk.
Pat_Bateman - 2 Aug 2010 10:06
Nice, old fashioned pub backing onto the river. Fairly small but there is an upstairs resteraunt and a terrace.

3 regular beers (Landlord, Pedigree and Adnams Bitter) plus a guest (Bays Gold yesterday) at 3 or 3.10. Quality was OK rather than great. Service was friendly and efficient.

Last orders were called just before 3pm. I assume that this is normal (at least mid-week) but no hours were on display so can't say for sure.
cheshirecat - 29 Jul 2010 09:11
Great pub. Loads more character than the faceless chain places a little further down on the wharf. Does a good Sunday roast although you've got to turn up early to get your order in before the food runs out!

Decent selection of beer, kept in reasonable condition.
Timberwolf - 27 Jul 2010 17:19
What a superb little pub. Four excellent ales and reasonably priced as well. No music or TV makes this a place to chat. The food looked good and it has its own little restaurant upstairs. A lovely little outside area overlooking the river as well. Well worth the 10 minute walk from Limehouse station
SomersetChris - 4 Jun 2010 00:22
interesting place - went today especially - bit of a hassle to get to - tube to Canary Wharf, then DLR to Limehouse I think it was - then 10 minute walk - but very nice - didnt go outside - bit chilly, but it was very quiet there - no music and only 3 or 4 people in the whole place - felt a bit like you had to whisper.....maybe be better in the evening or the summer when its a bit fuller and warmer!! but beer was good and one lonely barman was friendly enough.
adamwalsh - 7 May 2010 22:04
By far the best pub in the area (it doesn't say much in Limehouse...) that is resting on its laurels: the Grapes can turn sour when the wrong staff are behind the bar as some other reviews attest.

It is a shame because this pub is lovely, has a rich history and a perfect location by the river.

Signs and notices throughout the place give an indication that punters are seen as a necessary nuisance rather than truly welcome.

The draughts are well kept and there is a nice selection of drinks. The bar food is good but limited with half the menu (sandwiches) not available in the evening when the fish restaurant upstairs is open.

All in all a business run reluctantly that can afford to offend its customers because it has enough appeal for new visitors.
How much longer though?
nparrini - 2 May 2010 14:06

Situated on the bank, of the river Thames. Pleasant wooden decked drinking area to the area affording wonderful views to watch the hustle and bustle
of river life.

A genuine interior that has not been subject to being continually overhauled.Prints of old London and Dickensian characters.I finally get to have a drink with my hero Mr Sam Weller !

4 real ales on. Timothy Taylor and Adnams usually , the latter in excellent condition and very good value at 3.00 for the metropolis. Two other guest ales
, but not usually micro, more likely to be Black sheep or Wells.

A good Public House worth seeking if in the area or for any fine sunny day. I will be returning.

Polypinmath - 30 Apr 2010 10:40
The one thing about this pub that disappointed me - after reading some very favourable reviews - was the trumped up little waitress who deemed it necessary to shout at me and my girlfriend for smoking outside. When we agreed to stub out she then stared at us while we walked in, like some overbearing mother! Anyway, just hope you get her on a good day otherwise she's a moody little trout.

Everything else is great! The bar staff are fantastic, the feel of the place is perfect for a pub of that size, and they do a lovely Sunday roast. The beer is kept very well and, while it has that "classy" pub vibe, I didn't feel any snobbery directed at me.

Perhaps not a pub to go out of your way for, but worth a visit if you're close by.
chris_g - 25 Jan 2010 16:50
Ive visited this pub numerous times over the past few years and while nothing remarkable, the dark interior and dcor do create a cosy atmosphere. The small area out the back also offers great views over the Thames.

The service was quick as the pub was relatively quiet, however, the barmaid serving could be described as unfriendly and aloof at best.

We had the intention to eat but the bar menu was extremely limited (four mains if I remember) and the restaurant menu was exclusively fish (The Italian La Figa just up the road is great if you fancy something substantial).

The Adnams was good and well priced.

So, a nice cosy historic pub for a quick pint if passing but dont expect service with a smile or extensive bar food menu.

Arpa - 24 Dec 2009 10:16
Great view of the river, good atmosphere. If you a vegetarian be warned that everything on the menu has meat or fish.
vodkadrinker - 6 Dec 2009 00:43
I am somewhat puzzled by the glowing comments made about this pub in the past. The pub is architecturally and decoratively from the standard Victorian/Georgian London Pub family with a stained, polished bar and the usual assortment of ales and lagers arranged around a horseshoe bar in a small form factor opening onto a terrace on the Thames.

Unfortunately the decor and apparent ambience is not matched by the service from the bar staff under the management of the redoubtable landlady Barbara. I was told that the arrangement of newspapers, flyers, glass collection area and drip trays was in a fixed arrangement causing only 10% of the entire bar area to be available for putting down your pint and/or handbag without either getting them soaked in previously poured drink or moved by the bar staff so as to not cause the tourist paraphernalia to have to be moved out of place.

After making a complaint to the bar man about the shoddy service, surly attitude, lack of drinking space and the prolonged absence of the landlady in person to discuss problems ("Don't bother phoning next week, she won't be in for a while"), I left my unfinished, warm and slightly off pint of Guinness on the bar to follow my friend who had left half of her white wine spritzer (thats with Soda Mr Barman by the way) on the bar after being told to move her handbag off the bar and onto the wet drip tray to the bar up the road. When we got there we were told that a lot of people come into that bar with complaints about the Grapes attitude to paying customers. For me the pub barely gets a mark out of ten at all.
cliffpatte - 30 Sep 2009 15:05
Great little pub, still as it should be not tarted up. 3 real ales on all in good condition. Food was OK a bit expensive for what was served but acceptable.
Randyray - 24 Jul 2009 11:06
Tiny ancient boozer; all dark wood, uneven floors and low ceilings.

Very good Adnams on the pumps. Tiny jetty out the back where you can stand over a bend in the Thames with Docklands to the East and the Tower of London and then the London Eye just visible to the West. Unfortunately you can't smoke out there which is the only advantage that the Narrow down the road has.

Shame about the tourists.

Go on a summer's evening at high tide.

glennquagmire - 11 Jul 2009 19:16
Famous old riverside pub in Limehouse on the north side of the Thames. The history books tell us that there's been an inn on the site since the 16th Century and that the present building dates back to around 1720.

It's a longish narrow single bar featuring wood pannelling and a fine collection of old prints and pictures on the walls. You'll notice a splendid painting - "Saturday night at the Grapes" - definitely no chavs or scumbags in sight.

Of particular interest to BITE followers is a plaque on the wall in recognition of the fact that a rival pub review website - which will remain nameless here - has awarded the pub First Place in its London Pub Competition 2004 - 2008.

There's no TV, background music, fruit machines etc to disturb the fine atmosphere. The pub is very much on the tourist circuit, a good number of whom come for the fish and chips at lunch in the popular upstairs restaurant.

At the rear of the pub up several steps is a small wooden balcony on stilts affording fine views of the river and the opposite bank. My red forehead bore testament to the fact that it's a bit of a suntrap on sunny afternoons.

Real ales on during my recent Saturday afternoon visit were Adnams Bitter, Pedigree and TT Landlord at prices of 2.80p, 2.90p and 3.00p respectively, which, given the pub's fame, might be considered to be very reasonable by London standards. Both the Adnams and TT Landlord were in good nick.

I've always liked this pub and think it's well worth finding - but note that I think it still closes on weekday afternoons.
JohnBonser - 9 Jul 2009 13:33
Pleasant barman,who made a mistake of pulling me up a pint in a mug rather than a straight glass,(I don't look or sound like a Northerner). Dark,narrow tourist and drinkers trap as no real competion near by. It must be hell being a beer drinker around here. If your visiting the area, best to bring a carry out.
Princemonolulu - 19 Jun 2009 07:14
Lovely little pub full of character and good selection of real ales.
Floyd - 22 Feb 2009 17:44
The best pub on this historic stretch of the river. It's hard to enjoy the dinky garden without getting a splashing but that's all part of the fun. The no nonsense food and good beers add to a super atmosphere
BoehmBawerk - 28 Dec 2008 21:39
Spent an hour or so here last night after having a long forgettable lunch down the road at the Narrow.
Tiny little traditional pub with limited seating/standing space.
All dark wood and low door frames lending a cosy atmosphere particularly when it's cold and damp outside.
Young Asian girl behind the bar was very friendly but the landlord could have been a little more so.
Overall very pleasant with an olde worldly charm.
ganger - 17 Nov 2008 10:14
At a quiet late lunchtime, on a very chilly Tuesday afternoon this week, it was a friendly welcome, warm in the sun, and the Adnams Bitter was good.
zorrodp - 31 Oct 2008 14:05
Good pub, great beers, would have had food in here but was put off by some customers talking very loudly about lefty stuff....very annoying!
mrBean - 7 Sep 2008 23:09
I really like this pub. Going into this pub feels a bit like stepping back into Dickensian London, but without the whores, cutthroats and other diverse miscreants that infested this part of the world. Plenty of dark wood all over the place, solid wood furniture in fact not much in the way of luxury to be had here.

They had Pedigree, Adnams Bitter, TT Landlord and another guest beer. The Landlord was excellent. Definitely worth a visit if you like a traditional pub.

RexRattus - 1 Sep 2008 20:45
Very small but great little pub.
The inside is fairly small with a tiny terrace overlooking the Thames.
A good choice of hand pumped ales to choose from.
Staff very friendly.
This pub specialises in fish so if your a fish lover you will have plenty of choice from the menu.
The pub seems to have some odd opening hours so it may be worth checking before you visit.
CambridgeBlue - 31 Aug 2008 16:02
After enjoying the great bar food on many an occassion we finally ate in the restaurant - which serves fish only. Starters were superb (lobster bisque and potted shrimp) and mains were very good but rather excessive in size and price. Annoying that if you have a fillet you have to pay 2.50 just for a sauce and the vegetable portions are a rip-off. We also ordered two portions of chips and thought we'd been served one. Just as well as they were very poor - probably been refried several times. The scallops were huge but wrapped in thick bacon rather than pancetta. Wine was excellent. Friendly service became frosty the minute the waiter didn't think we'd given a large enough tip. Lovely to eat by the river as the sun set but in future we will stick to the bar - the fish and chips and fishcakes are normally excellent (and reasonable value).
gunnerbean - 24 Jun 2008 12:05
Everything a pub should be.
Good selection of ales on handpump ( all very drinkable ).Pleasant staff. No music. No machines.
Takes me back to when I were a lad.
Proper pub. Don't go there.
foghorn - 5 May 2008 19:24
Good Sunday lunch - but get there early to get a table. Very good Fish Restaurant upstairs with warm, friendly and smiley service and portions to ensure you undo a belt notch!

You'd be silly not to stop by this cracking little gem in a sea of sadly lacking pubs in an area that really should try harder!
JCRussell - 11 Apr 2008 15:53
Popped in earlier this week, and had a couple of pints of the Brakspear Oxford Gold - very nice!

Upon opening the door, I was greeted by a bluddy huge dog (either an alsation or a german shepherd - not sure which?) who was actually friendly! He must be the pubs dog as he appeared to have the run of the place.

Good range of beers and friendly service, and off of the tourist track.
Paulaner - 14 Mar 2008 00:37
First in Weds 17:30 and liked the look of it straight away. Pride, Pedigree, TT Landlord, Brakspear Oxford Gold, drank a few of the latter which was very good. Not a big selection of wines but the friendly barman poured a taster of the couple of reds before choosing. The whole has a nice lived-in woody feel, narrowish bar space widens either end with tables & seating and there is the much mentioned deck to the rear over the river, although those suits who used it that night mustve been frozen, maybe had some top level secret takeover to discuss, haha. Little dog at table next to ours, so it seems they are allowed which I like. Loos are upstairs which gave me a chance to spot the little restaurant, and very nice it looked too it seems to have a good rep especially for fish, maybe Ill check that out some time. Busy when we left, but nowhere near as rammed as the post-work Canary Wharf hell-holes.
trainman - 7 Mar 2008 13:23
Great pub, the food is wonderful (prices are on par with the quality of the food - which is great).

Not sure if they have American owners but there is certainly a great service ethic from all of the staff that we come across.

It is a small place, but even if you have standing room its fun to look across the water.
Teskea - 30 Jan 2008 09:32
Great pub with three real ales when I went. Can catch the sunset on the small deck out of the back which, I would add, is 'non smoking'. Food must be OK as Delia Smith was having her lunch in there yesterday. Maybe Gordon Ramset kicked her out of his restaurant a few doors down!
beckettsmuse - 25 Jan 2008 13:57
CLOSED at 15:10 last Thurs, making my trip in the rain somewhat maddening. Odd that they bother to close for a coupla hours round here, but I'll be back to check it out when open.
trainman - 13 Jan 2008 13:13
Maidenman is spot on with his review. The Grapes is a fantastic old pub in an area that time either forgot or demolished. My favourite feature in this pub is the old painting on the wall, which is a picture of the interior of the pub. I'm no art collector, so can't tell you exactly how old it is, but the picture looks like it's about a century old, and yet the interior looks in the painting looks exactly the same (minus the mutton-chops and top hats of the clientelle). Secretly, I was kind of hoping for a Twighlight Zone moment, seeing myself in the painting, looking at the painting in the painting, and so on, but sadly not.....

The pub also doesn't allow people to use their mobile phones in the pub, which prevents the workers of nearby Canary Wharf using the place as a 2nd office with taps. Wonderful policy.

topdog_andy - 24 Nov 2007 16:43
So much better than I expected following the walk from Westferry DLR past dodgy looking 60's estates and bland recent "regeneration"

Great river views from the small deck at the back, even if it seems London was only developed after 1986, where has all the history gone? No smoking outside as well as in, suits me if not all.

Marstons Ped, Adnams Bitter, TT's Landlord and my choice Otter Ale on yesterday, OA a bit heavy and rich for a lunchtime I might add. A sign at the bar encourages customers to vote for their choice of guest ale, an excellent idea.

Upstairs is a restaurant, and perhaps the finest pub toilets I've seen in ages, loads of original green Victorian tiling and mahogany. All assuming you get upstairs without knocking yourself out on the seriously short of headroom steep staircase, although to be fair, warning signs are there.

In short, great little pub worthy of the journey.

Maldenman - 24 Nov 2007 15:47
Very cosy small pub with a great location by the Thames (although there's not much room on the balcony) - beers were very well kept with five on offer. Definitely the best pub on the north bank of the river for a very long way.
pubcollector - 17 Jun 2007 23:19
Had a lovely friday evening drink in the sunshine here last night after a day at Canary Wharf. What a refreshing alternative to the dross on offer at that location! It's a great little pub... unspoiled yet tidy, with a very friendly and slightly eccentric crowd of locals gathered and happy to chat. Tim Taylor Landlord and Adnams Bitter were both in pretty decent shape, and a quick drink turned into a long session on the balcony watching the sun go down and the tide go out. Splendid and highly recommended.
ormondroyd - 6 Apr 2007 08:00
A wonderful little pub (although my one criticism is that it's maybe too little: hard to get a seat most of the time) with a small but good menu.

The restaurant upstairs is some of the best fish i've ever had would recommend booking though.
Sophiegray - 6 Mar 2007 15:35
A good little boozer with a great view of the river. Have been back to this place and not been disappointed. Fish and chips were good, for pub fish and chips. Well worth a visit.
jackthelad - 9 Sep 2006 20:27
My current local, and what a local! The great thing about the grapes is that it rarely attracts the suits and tourists that frequent the more obvious places on the river. Good beer though the staff are a bit slow. Great little balcony out the back that sits over the river and with a gentle breeze it's a great place to watch the tide come in.

Restaurant upstairs specialises in sea food and the battered plaice I had is the BEST I have ever had. Be warned though, it's expensive. Downstairs does pub grub at normal prices.
demonboy - 29 Jun 2006 13:44
yes a real East London gem, it's a real find so close to Canary Wharf. small but perfectly formed, it pays to get their early for a sunday roast. Not only are the beers good, but they have a decent wine list as well. All too often a rarity!

A place to visit again and again

marty71 - 14 Jun 2006 14:45
The location is everything with this pub. Other than that it's just a fair-to-middling boozer that sells a so-so range of ales, expensive fish and boasts a Dickens connection.
Ianah - 5 Jun 2006 11:29
Got to admit, I can easily walk past this place. The beer's nice, I've heard the food upstairs is excellent, the customers are a decent bunch and the place definitely has character (dented slightly by the barman's "Porn Flakes" tshirt). I reckon it's just not lively enough - busy, sure, but people go there for a civil chat with their friends, not for a laugh or for any banter. Don't let me stop you though, you can see from the other reviews that those who like it love it.
anonymous - 27 Apr 2006 23:14
lotsa peeps act like this pub is an excuse for living in docklands. it isn't.
anonymous - 12 Apr 2006 08:58
Oh yes. What a gem of a pub. A delicious pint of Marstons Pedigree, and a great view of the river from the little balcony at the back. One of Londons best and most historic boozers.
misterwoppit - 6 Apr 2006 12:03
What a historical little place.
Good beer (Adnams), reasonably priced. Just over a fiver for me and a vino for the missus.
Brilliant food, (grilled salmon and haddock), combined with a river-side view made last night an extremely pleasant experience.
cockneystu - 5 Apr 2006 10:19
Amen to all of that, Moncrief. In years to come, whens the Robins, Ruperts and Penelope have moved out to the suburbs, having had their fill of 'urban edge', and the only pubs in East London not converted to fried-chicken shops (Rose and Punchbowl, RIP) are Wetherspoon's serving the remaining few old-timers, people may finally realise what is being lost from London. For this reason, it's worth saving the Grapes and it's fish for a special occasion, and giving your regular custom to the other superb pubs in the area. While they're still there.
pablos13 - 27 Feb 2006 21:55
Pablo: I'm Not knocking the grapes as being a good pub- Far from it; It was always a busy little pub even back in the late sixties- early seventies, But what I'm trying to say is, That the east end is slowly losing the battle to hold on to the remaining few good locals that still exist in the immediate and surrounding areas.
The grapes; Was popularised even more so, When; Dr David owen and Janet street porter moved in next door some years back.
And now may i add, That the new no smoking policy coming in to affect in 2007, Will be the ruination of those last few pubs that still remain; The introduction of food(gastro pubs) was largely due to the bill going through, So the wine drinking, tree hugging, sandal wearing idiots,(of whom have never been in a real pub in there life) have got there little way again. a pub is for beer, restaurants are for food.What next? i ask. Believe me when i say; "the rot has truly set in" This government are slowly eating away everything that democracy stands for, and we like good citizens stand by and let them do it. Congestion charge, Parking fines, speed cameras,increased poll tax,fuel costs, just about anything and everything they can throw at us, just bring it on and we'll pay it. Oh i nearly forgot to add red light ken livingstone to the governments list of things bestowed upon us..I sense a revolt.
moncrief - 24 Feb 2006 10:05
Well said moncrief (see below), the east end's got a lot going for it that's rapidly being sanitised and destroyed (Shadwell publess? unthinkable a decade ago, and Mile End/Bow swiftly seeing pubs become bars). Having said that, the Grapes IS worth a visit for a drink or the fish (best I've had in ages), just make sure you stop off at one of the less famous boozers beforehand, as they've got a lot to offer.
pablos13 - 23 Feb 2006 19:05
Fantastic pub. I've got a few mates who live in the area and I always make sure we go in The Grapes for a couple when I come to the area!
murfman - 2 Feb 2006 15:55
Great boozer. Perfect for a lazy summers day boozing by the river. Well kept beer. Cracking upstairs fish restaurant never fails to disappoint.
anonymous - 24 Jan 2006 15:56
Is'nt it strange; no other pubs apart from the narrow sreet yuppie bars are really reviewed in the limehouse section, if is good enough for tristrum and julianna it's good enough for me type of attitude, Did you lot know, that this area was once known as the !Dark End ! and wasn't meant to be visited after dark by any person's from the west side, Let alone drink in the local hostelries through fear of being pressed, mugged,or even worse murdered.
So do me a favour, have a look around, There's more to the east end than canary wharf and narrow street.
moncrief - 6 Jan 2006 11:23
Been once for lunch, didn't have any beer though as was there on business with soul destroyers so had to force down wine. Food was excellent. Look forward to returning to try the beers.
anonymous - 4 Jan 2006 14:50
Update to my previous comment - they now serve an excellent pint of Timothy Taylor alongside the Guinness. Very well done indeed.
tim_eyles - 4 Nov 2005 17:18
A splendid boozer, set in a wonderful old Thames side house that is quite literaly out of Dickens - 'Our Mutual Friend', one could almost imagine Gaffer Hexham or Rogue Riderhood sitting by the fire nursing a pint of porter!! Excellent fish menu - very good fish and chips and Arnold Bennett omlette, along with a very pleasant couple of pints of Bass were enjoyed. The really attentive bar maid was very helpful and friendly. There was a very silly but lovely dog in residence too! On a warm day sitting on the front terrace over the river with a good pint is highly recomended!
Zim - 18 Apr 2005 11:09
A very regular haunt of mine as I only live across the road and I consider it one of the finest pubs in London - it's a lovely atmospheric old boozer, the food is fantastic (only if you like fish though - and when it's this good I most certainly do) and both the staff and the locals are extremely friendly. See you at the bar - mine's a Guinness.
tim_eyles - 1 Feb 2005 00:12
My favourite pub. Excellent atmosphere and beer. Food upstairs is limited to fish which I don't eat, but that's no hardship as this residential street has at least four other places to eat. Excellent little waterside balcony which is a great place to monopolise on a lazy Saturday. They have games like Scrabble for when your parents are visiting. Stairs test your abilities, especially after a few. Interesting locals from barges on the nearby Basin.

ooooooooo - 24 Jan 2005 11:18
Marvellously traditional pub.
Now that The Barley Mow down the road has gone and been replaced by a charmless gastro pub ( The Narrow Boat ), this is more than ever before the best pub in the area.
I agree that the Adnams is spot on, but it's not the best in London in my book. Try the Nags Head in Belgravia, where I think it's even better

John - 10 Nov 2004 14:23
best chips in london stella pretty good too
derson - 10 Sep 2004 12:21
"a bar to soften the human breast"
This is the Pub that Charles Dickens (1812-70) wrote about in "Our Mutual Friend " changing the name to The Six Jolly Fellowship Porters Tavern. He knew it well as he visited this it as a child with his Godfather Christopher Huffam (who made him stand on a table in the pub and sing.)
In latter life he must have been a regular as talking with the local port workers in the pub probably gave him the material he needed for the book. This historic pub is now a listed building.
rupert waters - 25 Aug 2004 10:56
The pub is just as it was when I last visited! Went for 1st time in a year in Feb 2004. I now recommend the fishcakes here, and the Adnams is absolutely exquisite, possibly the best Adnams in London. It is a must, and the riverside views offered from and around the pub are breathtaking.

Shame I can't afford to live round there :-( it would be my local!

lad_newton - 2 Mar 2004 17:09
A great Dockland pub. The beer is generally very good - one of the few Adnams pubs outside of Suffolk. For a bite to eat downstairs, their fish'n'chips is unbeatable, and the bangers'n'mash aint far behind. Lovely place to spend an evening, although the seating is very limited, and the stairs are positively leathal after a few pints!

Nick - 10 Feb 2004 21:51
Even though I live next to the Narrow Street I consider this pub to be my local. Relaxed atmosphere, good service, great food (especially good value if you eat downstairs). Even has chess and draughts for a relaxing evening in.

Go along for a chilled evening with friends or top seafood upstairs
Max - 2 Dec 2003 10:54
Seafood Pub Of The Year nationwide, winner 2001/2, runner-up 2002/3
runner-up 2003/4.
Finalist for best pub in "Class" Bar Awards 2003.

A real pub! Great bar food and speciality fish restaurant upstairs with spectacular views of Thames. Well kept cellar & superb wine list. Loads of history - step back in time - enjoy!!
Barbara - 18 Nov 2003 12:12
A pub where the locals united to eject the 1 arm bandit imposed by the owners can't be bad, and gets my vote. Worth a visit and I live in West Ealing!
Owen - 14 May 2003 12:37
This is an absolute gem this pub. The beer (mainly Adnams) is very well kept but just on the pricy side. The quality of the food on my last visit was absolutely spot-on. It is, however, quite a walk from Limehouse DLR station, but WELL worth finding. Go there, and dress reasonably smart.
Lee - [email protected] - 21 Feb 2003 17:54
flowing with the thames past the oldest pubs in london (captain kid, prospect of whitby) on the wapping way, you'll eventually come to narrow street in limehouse. a quiet backwater with converted wharves nestled between champagne council blocks, the street boasts some great hidden gems for those clientele who prefer the traditional pub feel. the flagship has to be 'the grapes', a tar's watering hole since 1593, and some might say only the punters have changed (perhaps contentiously). great cosy pub, type of place for chess and crossword, exceptionally cheap for the area and the crowd is as welcoming as you'll find outside of a blue oyster. there are some real characters for regulars, and the banter is always great, whether you’re a yokel yupie or a migrate norvener as myself. it is out of the way somewhat, but this really is a must for anyone in the limehouse vicinity- whether as a starter for ten or evenin’ down the boozer. Do it!
paddy - 7 Dec 2002 17:41

got anything to say about this pub?

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